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He Stretched Out His Hand

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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March 28, 2021 10:27 am

He Stretched Out His Hand

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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March 28, 2021 10:27 am

One of the vivid lessons we've experienced in the COVID-19 pandemic is the heartbreak of not being able to hug, shake hands, or physically connect with loved ones.  Imagine that as a permanent condition. 

This was our plight ...until Christ.

That's the message we discuss in this episode from our radio broadcast. 

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Lavin American family radio, this is Rosenberg nations show for you as a family caregiver is hope hope the caregiver is that conviction that unswerving belief that we as caregivers can live a calm or healthier there. I say the more joyful life. I am Peter Rosenberger and I'm glad to have you with us. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840. How are you doing how are you for what's going on with you.

That is the purpose of the show is to give family caregivers a place where they can speak in their own voice and speak from their own heart and understand how they as a caregiver to matter what their doing. The matter who they're taking care of the matter what's going on. You can still as a family caregiver live a healthier life. Not necessarily a happier life. Happiness is not the goal that will come and go but healthiness is is what were seeking joy different than just the absence of pain. Joy is being able to understand a greater truth in the midst of whatever numbering in 35 years of experience as a caregiver. Still, I am a caregiver to understand that concept and I promise you I'm going to get somebody at American family radio to do a disclaimer from you know they always have a disclaimer at the end of the show that says the views of this show are not serve the views of this network, yet it is always a disclaimer.

They do that all the shows I will get someone to do one for my show. This is the views of the show are not necessarily things that the host owns but he's learned the hard way at least try to keep learning, so maybe I get Pat to do that for me on after the show was over, I want to start off with a tour because I don't know if I should start off with the trivia question of the tribute song or Scripture because they're both start off with the song would dissemble different today will start off with a song I like to do things that you guys are gonna know but but there's a caveat with this. So what I want to do some ago. Step over to the caregiver keyboard. The caregiver keyboard and will play the song today than what you tell me what the song is before I do this any further. There was a there was a man called last week named Stan and I owe him I owe him a CD and somehow his address.

The producer was able to get all the stuff to me or something.

Something happened and I lost Stan called last week. Please give us a call again 888-589-8840 now if I get 100 people calling in the say there Stan that's wrong okay this is raw sophist. Did you know who you are and I would appreciate very much if you would give me a call back.

It will get all your information get that to you and apologize for that right up step over the caregiver keyboard caregiver keyboard.

Here I am now at the caregiver. Keep double-play this so this is one of my all-time favorites. I think you will be one of your stupid to tell me what it is that I want you to.

There's a caveat for you know that so 888-589-8840 if you do know that some I want you to tell me why that sounds important to you and that's going to tie in with what we have today for Scripture in its Matthew 81 through three, when he Jesus came down from the mountain.

Great crowds followed him. And behold, a leper came to him and knelt before him, saying, Lord, if you will. You can make me clean. Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him, saying, I will be calling immediately his leprosy was cleansed. If you haven't seen that series. The chosen. This is beautifully pretrade in the chosen. So if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and get it and so that's our that's our musical and typical reference this morning. Matthew 813 if you know that so 888-589-8840 888-589-8040. I am going to take a quick call here before we get that from Alexander in Texas.

Alexander good morning how you feeling, Alexander. I I can hear you now go ahead how you feel, and Alexander. I'm going pretty good man.

I'm actually like lightning.

I don't get a lot of work in the oil field and three out there and I came back out after it fell out new doubt and my mother-in-law, you know, I why is not you.

Anything that you needed help and know are living with their care. He and the biggest thing out.

I really appreciate your toilet all the time but we know living with her and trying to take care of her and I did my guy I heard the term court grant and I definitely have the you know the feeling of weight. Like with that meaning is. You know, because I got you not being then down know if you have all the different things that whenever we had you don't burn or he would come back in my God, no question your sanity like you know I never have to do that.

Why did you do that and down and whenever she seemed like you'd like, you take every colonel like you that Rachel and every time you get a chance to try to, you know or like I know live on her own.

You know, like me, my wife we have in mind and either year and 1/2 and work on have a daughter and every time we try to like move.

She she. Once I got sick with their you know like I do know I don't know how to put it where it will generally it is she impaired in any way will be. He had five you know you know how to buy it right. I got my wife is one of us and then she had like you girl this not. It is not this elite impairment on the day she did this, it sometimes it feels like it is. She impaired his sheep mentally or physically impaired if she does she have dementia.

Does she have physical disabilities is are some wrong with that. That's coming from. I got all altered and going you don't stay away from her because they ate.

They think that you like mentally unstable. You know I mean well and out but but that has she been diagnosed as such is not meant for people's opinion. There's a lot of people in politics that they are mentally unstable, but but is there an official diagnosis that she has dementia, Alzheimer's mental illness of some kind or she just being a pain all altered diagnosed, but he doesn't want to go okay right you got you have one child and one on the way correct that correct. I want to give you a phrase that a friend of mine gave me no is a complete sentence. Right now they know is a complete sentence. You don't owe her any explanation for how you live your life, you're a grown man and you have children that need you to be a grown man this woman is not diagnosed with some kind of impairment or something going on and she has other children you are not required to be in any way enslaved to her will okay no is a complete set. You can make your own romanticization with respect with audit don't have to wait Till her.

We got to go to break. I hope that helps a little bit know was a complete sentence is Peter Rosenberg. This is hope for the caregiver is Peter Rosenberg and my 3 1/2 decades as a caregiver.

I've spent my share of nights in the hospital sleeping and waiting rooms, some foldout cot shares.

Even the floor sometimes on sofas and a few times in the doghouse.

But let's still talk about that as caregivers we have to sleep at uncomfortable places but we don't have to be miserable. We use pillows for my These things are great to have a patented interlocking feel that adjusting your individual sleep needs and for caregivers. Try to sleep in all the different places we have to sleep leave me our needs get ripped up significantly. Think about how clean your pillows are in the covert world were all fanatical about clean. Can you wash your pillows with my pillows for my if we throw in the washer and dryer. We do it all the time 10 year warranty guarantee not to go flat 60 day moneyback guarantee made in the USA is a caregiver you need rest. I going to my type in the promo code caregiver you get 50% off the four pack which includes two premium pillows and to go anywhere, pillows also receive a discount on anything else on the website.

When using your promo code caregiver is my promo code caregiver a hope care of this perfect phone to combat peer 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 before I go to once again I want to circle back to Alexander's listening and I do appreciate the calling but when you're dealing with the mother-in-law who has not been diagnosed with something, but just being very difficult to live with you, not the first guy that had that experience or the first person to have that experience and it's a matter of learning boundaries and I would highly recommend you studying up on boundaries is a great book up there called boundaries and I will would recommend those things because this sounds like a woman who was used to manipulating and getting her way and doing things that she wants to do, which is pretty much the human condition where all this way but somebody has to tell her no that she has an impairment you approach it differently.

You still have boundaries but you approach it differently but if she's just being meddlesome or a pain in the rear, or any of those things then you have to have boundaries you train people on how to treat you and nobody blowback be be prepared for because she'll pitch a fit and hold her breath until she turns blue, or whatever else there will be blowback but that's what boundaries are for is to help you deal with that veteran. You just have to let her deal with her own stuff and get out of the way and protect you, your wife and your children. You can still honor you want to dishonor with you to simply say no not happen and that's the whole point of it all right. Cora North Carolina how are you feeling, Cora.

Great morning.

Thank you, Sarah looks at me, but it is some me. I love that matter fact I can go a little bit deeper with it. I knew that he had texted me. Good-natured and it changed me and I hadn't experienced before going in and out quarreling out at church and I will wake up and He Texted Me I Need and I Knew He Texted Me Half an Idea Text Me Because I Got Involved in the Word and I Remember That Song You Know This Will Be Looking for Because I Wanted Somebody to Identify the Nature of the Changed He Took You from Point a to Point B and He Touched Me. You Know That You Know All the Lyrics of the Course.

I Don't Know I've Been a Long Long Time to I Know Now He Text Me Back the Joy and All Fillets Muscle Feeling like No Something Something. Now I Know That He Touched Me, and He Made Me Home Year. That Is the Attorney and Tries Our Starting Point As Caregivers to Understand That There Is a There Is a Touch for Us Is Caregivers. I Think Sometimes Were so Busy Trying to Get Our Loved Ones to Jesus That We Don't Realize How Much We Need an Accurate and Hanging out. The Pilot Ran into until That Time Came When I Knew I Was and Then I Get Start Demonstrating without A Lot Of What I Tried to Do It. I Try to Do It on My Own Miserably, but This Is What Happens As We Understand the the Transformation That Goes on.

This Man Was a Leper. In Matthew Eight and You Couldn't Touch It. Nobody Could Touch It Was against the Wall to Touch and Carol and Jesus. Jesus This Is This Is the Whole Point of All of This in Any Know Something: I Think You Know It We Hear A Lot Of This Word Faith in Our Society.

Well, If They Would Just Do This or They Would Just Do That You Thought about Them over Here. They're Doing This and I Think That's the Wrong for Us to Use As Believers. I Don't Think There Is a Thing. The Only Person Who Could Save the Day Is Jesus Because the Rest of Us Were All Resigning Predicament, but He Became One of Us Anymore. They Know Difference Is No Different. Any of Us.

We All Are in Desperate Need of a Savior's and I Love That Part Writing We Are and Where You Now Pick It All Away Right Now.

I Can't Single on in. I Will Yell and He Did in Any Did That for You and You That for Me and I'm Very Grateful to Hear from You. This Is Our Starting Point Is Caregivers Because Once We Wrap Our Minds and Our Hearts around This Truth. It's a Game Changer. From Here on out for Us As a Caregiver, and Cora, I Want You to Know I Appreciate You Very Much Calling and Listing.

Thank You, Thank You for Calling Me on and I Want to Go to Dena in Ohio. Dena Good Morning How You Feeling Good Morning. I Love That Caregiver Lie about It. It's Going to Be Exhausted All You Noticed the Way I like My House, I Think What You're Doing You Touch Me Not Having Her on for Years and She Money You Had Mentioned Something about the Children and I Have Been to Watch Way Too Many Times.

I Think I Have in the White Hart Been so Profound to Me Was When Nicodemus Comes Canary and Found Some What Happened and She Said I Don't Know. I Was One Way and I'm Another in between with Him Not How I Feel Because He Touched Me That That's That That's the Gospel Right There.

I Was One Way in Them.

That's What Happened When the Wind When Jesus Healed the Man Who Would Been Born Blind, and That the Pharisees Called His Parents in Front of the Civil As It Is Know What Will Happen and This Will He's a Grown Man Ask Him in a Civil Know This Jesus That You Talk about. I Just Know That I Was Once Blind but Now I See He Touched Me Directly and I Think That Is the Gospels. It's Something Happened and Now I Know He Touched Me and Made Me Whole. And That's Again Our Starting Point Is Caregivers Because Once We Enter into That Place Is Going to Change Everything on No Matter Who Were Dealing with What Were Dealing with Because Were so Focused on the Reality of What the Gospel Means and so Why Are You Exhausted This Morning It at 730 in the Morning Your Time. It Was 830 or without Any Know What Time It Is Where You Are but Are You Access to the Lord All You Know Might Have Been Put out on Monday and Again Including Drug Niches, Making Lopez out His Right Right Back Where He Started Making Not so Loopy That Work Thanks to a Person's Work Think Everybody around You without You Know I Got You. Keep Me Going in There Again Tonight like I Can Have Enough to Replace the Rapture Right Now I'm Not Writing More People Need to Hear about When I Get Spam Calling Hotline.

How Can I Help You, and That's My Way of Witnessing to People I'm to Bring As Many People with I Can't and You Are Doing the Same in Each of Us Really Appreciate Thank You Very Much. I Got to Ask How We All Listing Right Now or Say Lord to Speak of the Ranch You Will Pray That on a Daily Basis You Know What He Is Coming, but until Then, We Have Recorded a Bright Hope for Tomorrow and and I'm Glad That the Song Was Able to Touch a Place in Your Heart to Remind You of This Song. You Know of All the People to Cut It. Your Elvis Cut the so Even in the Midst of All the Stuff That Elvis Went through the Fact That Think Somebody Correct Me If I'm Wrong. I Think the Only Grant Me That Elvis Got Was for This Record. He Touched Me and Which Is Surprising with All the Hits He Had. But I Think Only Dreaming It Was for This Would and Even through All the Issues That Elvis Dealt with This Song Penetrated Deep. I Know People That Used To Sing with This Song so It's One of Those Is Me.

Part of My Journey Is Understanding God's Presence in the Blessings. Thank You for Listening and Get Some Rest Hope Your Calls. 888-589-8840. Have You Ever Let the Stove on. I Will Be Honest You Know You Have Will and Smoke Fills up the Kitchen. The Smoke Detector Goes off the Dog Starts Barking, the Phone Is Ringing and There's Pandemonium Everywhere. Had You like Something to Avert with His New Invention Called Fire Avert. It Plugs into Your Stove and It Pairs with Your Smoke Detector in the Moment the Smoke Detector Goes off, It Shuts off the Heat Source to the Stove, Gas or Electric and Make Sure That It Doesn't Turn into a Fire. We Have A Lot Of Things Going on All the Time and a Kitchen Fire Is Not on the List of Things We Need to Be Stressed out about Let's Take That off the Table and What about Your Loved One Who's Living Alone. What about Families with Special Needs Child Who May Accidentally Leave Aluminum Foil on the Plate Put in the Microwave or Fork of the Plate and It Starts Looking up. These Are Things That We Can Avert with Fire Avert FIR EAV ERT Go out There and Look at It Today Was Invented by Firemen Who Got Tired of Being Called to Homes and Seen All the Damage That Could Have Been Avoided. And so We Came up with a Great Idea That Did This and Guess What It's Working and Hundreds of Thousands of Homes across the Country Are Using Fire, Avert, Let Yours Be One of the Fire FIR EAV Use the Promo Code Caregiver and Get an Even Greater Discount of the Already Low Price. It's a Great Gift to Give to Yourself to Love One to a Caregiver. You Know, Fire, Promo Code Caregiver. This Is Shown You As a Family Caregiver You Hold, That's Gracie Singing from Her CD, Resilient My Wife.

He Is That I Love That Song.

This Is a Fabulous Song Written by Martha Menisci and Gracie Does a Great Job on This on Her Record. If You Want to Get That Recorder Website.

Hope for the In Fact, If You Find This Show Meaningful to You and You Are Blessed by It Strengthens You Encourages Would You Help Us Do It Better Help Us Do More and You Glad to Help the

You Can Click on the Donate Button at Their Be a Part of What Were Doing and for Donation of Any Amount Were Gonna Send You a Copy Gracie CD and We Would Ask That We've We Have Two Program Areas One Is the Prosthetic Limb Outreach.

The Gracie Started When She Lost Her Legs and I We Got by Some Resin. This Part of the Journey of Making a Prosthetic Socket That Good That Fits onto the Amputee and It's All through Standing with, Which Is the Parent Ministry of All That We Do Here and so You Can Help Us by Some of That Ricin Whatever Tone Your Heart to Do, but We Would Ask You to Go out and Be Part of If You Find the Show Meaningful and If You Find the Show Helpful to You in Strengthening to You.

Please Be a Part of What Were Doing Good Hope for the Today and and Be a Part of This, It Will Send You Copy Gracie CD. It's a Fabulous Evening and It'll Bless You Because She Does a Great Job I Were Talking about Saul That I Played This Morning and Why This Is Important to Family Caregiver Someone Go to James in Texas, James, Good Morning. How Are You Feeling Good Morning out Here Tired That's Early in the Morning James Are You Tired It Will.

I'm on My Way to Work and I Got off about 12 Are Shipped Yesterday up and Working for the Last Few Days Will You James Song but It's Okay. What He Did It How I Feel. I Work for an Auto Auction. Okay How I Feel. My Uncle Would Say I Feel with My Fingers and Would Never Say How I Feel Great I Feel Bad That We Don't Look Back.

We Don't Look Back.

Let My Fight Someone, but I like My Fingers Will Receive His Wit on That One of the Reasons I Asked This Question of Everyone.

The Calls Because Caregivers Are Notorious for Not Speaking in Their Own Voice and so I Want to Know How They're Feeling When I Was Going on and I Don't Really Care What Comes after the Word, They Could See Him Angry. I'm Tired of Upset, Despairing or Whatever but Now We Can Have an Honest Conversation, Because Ultimately Caregivers Blow off That Question and Say Well We Had a Bad Night Are We Doing Okay Your She's Had It You Whatever and I Want Caregiver Source Speak in Their Own Voice This Last so but Your Tiredness More Mature on the Way to Work.

You've Had a Rough Week 12 Hour Shifts Are Pretty Tough, but What's Going on with You This Morning I Heard Your Song First Couple of Bars Reminded Me of so Many Times That God Had Cut. I Mean I Almost Choke up and Tear out Just Thinking of All the Different Ways in Their When Nobody Could and It Just the Hat Purchase Had No Luck. That Is the Point of That Song Is to Recognize That Something Happened and Now I Know This Is What Equips Us to Be Able to Endure These Things We Deal with As Caregivers, As Is Human Beings As It When We Look at the World in Disarray around This and All These Things We Know That We Were Once One-Way and Now for Something Different and That's the Whole Point and and so When You Choke up on That It's It's It's Worthy of Choking up All of It.

It's an Extraordinary Thing That Happened That He Who Knew No Sin Came down and Became Sin for Us and Touched Us in Our Sin, Knowing That There Is No Way We Can Do This or This. This Leper That Came out to Jesus. There Was No I Don't Nobody Keep in Touch, and He Couldn't Get near People and We've Seen Just a Taste of That through This Pandemic Where We Can Even Hug Each Other Anymore and We're Just Now Starting to Be Able to to to Hug Each Other or Shake Hands or Whatever. And Imagine Not Being Able to Do That in That You Would Stay You're More Than 6 Feet Apart from Everybody for the Rest of Your Life until You Die.

That Is the Death Sentence of a Leper in That Time and in If You If You Do See You Get a Chance to See the Chosen.

Do Yourself a Favor and Do It Because When I Got King Jesus and His Disciples Pulled out a Knife to Get the Got Estate Away and Jesus You Called Him down and He Went to and He Touched Me, Which Was Unheard of. You Know This like Walking into a Coven Ward at the Hospital and without Any Kind of Protective Gear Just Unheard of and He Touched, but This Is the Reality of What Is Done for Each of Us and You Have the Fact That You Choke up on That.

James Means That They Do Mean Something to Me and That's That's a Beautiful Thing and That's Our Starting Point As Caregivers to Know That He Did Touches and He's Willing to Touch Us and It Is As a Pastor Friend Months Is All We Need Is Knee Wheaties Is Neat and and so Many of Us Don't Think We Need Anything That We Do and You Have Said It Beautifully. The James How Much Longer Do You Get to Work Well I'm I'm Here Now Are Not Here to Open the Gate so I Got with You to Send a Letter to Does Offer 50 Minutes and Catch Your Breath a Little Bit for the Good Work about That. I Will I Will Have a Firearm Going through a Battle Right Now with My Words. I'm Having a Tremendous Issue with This and Just Keep Me in Your Prayers. Okay with You Words about What Well It Just It's That's It's Just the Angry Words and and Just Trash Talking You Know All This Stuff and Just I Don't Really Know What Comes, Just Yell MYSELF That's Not Why That's Not You Know the Way Actions Speak, Having Issues with Women and Market That Come to Try to Try Singing This Song throughout the Day Will I Sure Will. That's a Good Place to Start about That Is Were All Going to Say Things Are That We Wish We Could Take Back but If Were Filling Her Mouth Something Such As That. That's Why Love These Hymns Do This on the Show Every Week. Applying Some Kind to Him or Something Because I Want People to Have Something That Is Mulling around in Their Brain That Help Point into It in a Music Is Such a Great Way to Do That. So Try He Touched Me. Oh, He Touched Me Know the Joy That Floods My Soul Something Happened. Now I Know He Touched Me and Made Me Hope.

So Try That. Okay Yes All Right. Let's Go to Steve and Illinois Steve Good Morning, How Are You Feeling Morning Was Going Only Respond Here Song He Touched Me and Go God Touch Me and I Battled and Have Been for Many Years. Chronic Depression and a Very Very Low Point in My Life.

Many, Many Years Ago I Was down so Low That I Was Wanting to Take My Life in after Searching for A Lot Of Different Ways on That Situation I Found Myself Reaching out to the Lord and He Got Me through That Night and I've Still Will Contact Times Battle with with with with Issues with It, but There's a Song That I Listen to A Lot, He Is Faithful and When I Look Back at All Times. I Cannot Struggle in the Ensemble Points My Life. You'd Been Faithful.

He's Been There and I Just Want to Thank You for That. So That Is Song Let Me Go Back to the Subversive He Text Me.

Please See If This Resonates with You What You Built with Shackled by Heavy Burden Needs a Load of Guilt and Shame, Then the Hand of Jesus Touched Me and Now I Am No Longer the Same As That Resonate with You and You Said You Sound like You Were Shackled by a Heavy Burden and and I Will Add Is Also Been a Caregiver over the Years. It Really Didn't Have Much to Do in That Situation (My Wife a Number Years Ago Back Should Have a Stroke but the Miracle of God That She Told and She's Doing Fine. She's with Me. One of the Things Are Kind of Let Me. I I Have a Ministry I Do Hospital Patients, and That Came about One Time. As Result When We Were Playing around the Table, Some Friends of Ours. I Was Having Problems with My Own Health Problems on My Own and Know How Sometimes You Make Deals with God but I Said, Lord, If You Heal Me of This. I Will I Will I Will I Will Pray for Others and As a Result of Doing That Came about EP Yield Might My Physical Condition That I Hadn't. To This Day. One of the Things I Do an Elder in My Church at Night. I Do Hospital Visitation Is Accredited by the Covert Situation and I Miss It Dearly, but Back. I Think Sometimes When We Have Problems of Our Own. The Best Thing We Can Do Is Reach out to Others Who Have Problems. I Think the Lord Rewards Us Were Working. I'm Grateful for Your Ministry for What You Should You Receive Need A Lot Of Blushing for What You Do You Encourage A Lot Of People and I I Spread the Message of Your Song You Rub Your Showing up Just about Anybody or Listen to Steve. I Very Much Appreciate That. All I'm Doing Is Passing on What Was Given to Me and Paul Says We Comfort One Another with the Same Comfort We Ourselves Receive from the God of All Comfort and That Is the That Is the Driving Force of the Shows That I Just Simply Passing on What People Have Given to Me over My 35 Years Now Is a Caregiver Not Aggregated That Way.

The Hopefully That Makes Sense to Fellow Caregiver and I'm Convinced That the Journey Begins with the Message of This Song Because It's Very Difficult to Do What We Do As Caregivers Unless We Have an Inexhaustible Source of Grace and Mercy That Come from Way outside of Ourselves and Once We Understand What the Gospel Truly Means As Much As We Can Understand This Side of Heaven.

Then It Frees Us up That We Can Love Others without Demanding Something in Return without Being Caught up in All the Craziness That We Can Learn to Walk Homely in This, and Dare I Say It Even Joyfully, and It Doesn't Mean We Will Have Tears. Joy Doesn't Mean the Absence of Tears of Joy. It Is Something Far Greater Than This and Is That Anchoring of Us That to Get through These Things so That We We Can, in Turn, Then Go in Minister to Others Is What You've Done That. It Starts with That Encounter. Once You Had That Encounter with God, and You've Recognized What Exactly Is Transforming Your Life. I Was Once This and Now I Am This It It Is It Is You Can't Help but Share This with Other People Sustiva. Thank You for the Great Reminder and Thank You for the Work That You're Doing in and What's Coming Out Of Your Life and and Thanks for Being Part of the Show. I Really Really Do Appreciate This Is Peter Rosenberg and Mrs. Hopefully Caregiver.

This Is the Show for You As a Family Care. Healthy Caregivers Make Better Characters Is Just That Simple. So How Do We Start Being Healthy Part of It Is Understanding Where the Author of Healthiness Comes from Christ. He Touched. Oh the Joy Floods, Muscle Will Be Right Back. Eight 885-8980 Hey This Peter Rosenberg Never Helped Somebody Walk for the First Time I've Had That Privilege Many Times through Our Organization. Standing with When My Wife Gracie Gave up Both of Her Legs Follow This Horrible Rick That She Had As a Teenager and She Try to Save Them for Years and If It Just Wouldn't Work out. And Finally She Relinquished Him and Thought Wow This Is That I'm Not Heavy Legs Anymore. What Can God Do with That and Then She Had This Vision for Use in Prosthetic Limbs As a Means of Sharing the Gospel to Put Legs on Her Fellow Amputees and That's What We Been Doing Now since 2005 Was Standing with a We Work in the West African Country of Ghana and You Can Be a Part of That through Supplies through Supporting Team Members through Supporting the Work That We're Doing over There, You Can Designate a Limb.

There's All Kinds of Ways That You Can Be a Part of Giving the Gift That Keeps on Walking and Standing Would You Take a Moment Ago Understanding and See How You Can Give They Go Walking and Leaping and Praising God.

You Can Be a Part of this Peter Rosenberg. This is the show for you as a family caregiver 888-5898 40 show started off today with Matthew 81 came down from the mountain, great crowds follow, behold, a leper came to Manila, saying, Lord, if you will can make me clean. Jesus stretched out his hand and this really. We understand that particular phrase Jesus stretched out his hand. Jesus did not have to touch them to heal and you understand that right. In many cases in Scripture were physical healing happened without touching name and the leopard had went down to had to wash in the Jordan seven times the Roman centurion said look you just give the word. The man his son was at a high fever was was about it. Death lots of times when Jesus did not touch people. God did not physically touch people for them to be healed with Jesus stretched out his hand and that is so important because the man was untouchable by the law of their of the land he could not be touch can be anywhere close and we got a taste of that during covert of what it's like to not be able to touch people with this guy. There were strict laws.

I mean, you would be you would be cast out of your community touch this in Jesus touched, stretched out his hand and said I will. I do want to be clean.

Think I was going with me. Well, that's the guest that's where we come to us as caregivers today said okay if we don't understand that principal everything that we do as a caregivers going to be exponentially harder. Once we understand that Jesus himself stretched out his hand and said I will. I do want to heal you, then we can from that moment on we completely transform. We are completely transformed and so we are testimony becomes, how was once this and now I'm this it's it's could not be any more simple than that.

It's not a silly easy but it's it's not complicated and so this is what I wanted my fellow caregivers to understand this morning so I played the song he touched were here caregiver keyboard to sing it with me as a player. That's the message for us. Shirley in Mississippi, Shirley's, and she knows the song will ensure that once you tell me first on how you feeling this morning Shirley Fairman great.

Yes you are I love you. You and I love you no less than every Saturday I'm about hospice volunteer which is pretty limited now because we can't do a whole lot because we can't go.

I have one person might have had my shot. I have to have another shot 11. I'll not get 85 years old and I go by this little thing. I don't know where I heard it but it's good.

It's as if you are gay dad unite through and that the way that you might like this only because years ago when it was first came out, a friend of ours use this thing that Tom and I don't have lost track. I don't think he's probably still living but it because it talks it says what what is minute merman to me of Andre Crouch's song about you know because they've got some good ones. Yeah, I'm out of his wits, which set with some of Andre's does it remind you welcome it out through it all. I love that song. Gracie has a recording of that on her CD, resilient, and she sings it was Johnny Cantata with John Erickson to do it as a duet and when you hear Gracie and John Erickson taught to sing this mean it'll it'll take your heart out through it all through it all Shirley I tell you what I'm going to do. I love to hear your voice Shirley always recognize your voice when you: I love to hear your voice. I would put you on hold and I'm going to make sure I get your address and I will see you Gracie CD because I want you to hear Gracie and John are seeing through it all little I would let I will send it to you. Surely you are a delight and I'm glad you brought that up this morning because these the songs means of this like the fellow said a minute ago when he said, knowing that he is.

He's having problems, words, and trash talk and whatever and it if were focusing on singing these kinds of cells is mighty hard to use her words destructively in the songs means something and I love these hymns in the songs that that have been around for a while.

It's not that I just don't want to is not that I don't like other things that are coming out is just some of these things have just had the time to seize it certain I will ask you question your Mississippi when you could give or cook with an iron skillet. Yes, I have not added but yes I know about cooking but I will cook with about here in Montana. For some reason I just settable cook everything with their heavy pots so forth. But I love cook with iron skillet, but you know mother things matter skillet is it has to be seasoned to take yet the season.

You can't just throw it in the dishwasher or anything else. There's a seasoning that goes with it.

I think that's what the songs have is a have a seasoning with the move.

Over time, and there's a way that you handle the songs and and they mean something to us in the moment you hear the first couple notes it automatically just do something to your heart and and so that's what I love them and so it's it's and I'm hopefully introducing them to this audience. For those who don't know the cells and for those who do a help playing them in a way and connecting you to them in a way that maybe you haven't been connected to them in a while and so thank you for just the call.

Shirley just encouragement you are in are you going to love this. This version of Gracie singing this from her CD so if you can you hang on just a second mortgage information.

All right I this is Kathy in Texas. Kathy good morning how you feeling, Kathy, where we lost our part about whether sometimes is one but go ahead, turn your radio down okay with the car and hands it tended to on the wheel right away. I recognize that song differently.

Malik is on my med Albertine in charge. I graduate here and check out boy and all my heart and our family and when I was 12 years old I going to church and equate our song and what he thanked me song Mark and Sharon and I never think about song without thinking Batman and what they care about how God can't lie. And again. Now it like the color Light. I Would Put You in My Got an Joy with You Guy This This Exactly What I Wanted to Hear. It Is, You Know, I Could Hear the Emotion in Your Voice When You Say This Because If You've Had This Encounter with Christ When You Realize That You Were Once This and Now You're This You Can't Help but Be Emotional about You Can't Because We We Understand the Enormity of That, He Stretched out His Hand and Touch As We Were Once This Way in Now Were Not and That Is Extraordinary and and so When We Will We Recount That End. In Revelation Says They Overcame by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of Their Testimony That Means Our Encounter with Christ Our Testimony That the Were Testifying to Something. This Is What We Witness. This Is What We Experienced and so This Is How We Overcome All These Things Is Because We We Are Anchored in What Happening You Think about the Apostle Paul and What He Was and What He Became Demand That the Tremendous Transformation. I Heard a Great Quote the Other Day That That Said This to the Fact of the People That Paul Persecuted before He Came to Christ the People He Persecuted and Had Put to Death, Applauded When He Arrived in Heaven. That's the Gospel You Know Very People That He Tortured Became That Great Cloud of Witnesses That Cheered Him on As He Was Going through His Journey As a Believer Ministering to so Many People and All the Things That Happen to but I Think This Is This Is What We We Don't Understand Very Well As a Society We Can Understand until We've Had That Radical Encounter Where Where We Realize It We Were Completely Helpless.

You Know It and and All We Need Is Neat. The Only Thing We Need to Bring to Christ Is Nothing but How Many of Us Have This Leper Recognize That He Had Nothing and and and He Had No Hope Unless You Do This and This Is This Is Our Starting Point Is a Family Caregiver Is until We Understand the Inexhaustible Love of God. How Can We Extend That to Others over.

Time We May Be of Do It for a Week, Month, Year Couple Years but Eventually to Run out but He Never Does, and I Thank You Very Much Kathy for Sharing Your Story with Very Much Appreciate That This Is Hopefully Caregiver Mrs. Peter Rosenberg. This Is the Show Was a Family Caregiver Caregivers. What Better Way to Understand That the Gospel Reached into Her Own Health Made His Health. Hopefully This Is John Butler and I Produce Hope for the Caregiver with Peter Rosenberger. Some of You Know with the Remarkable Story of Peter's Wife Gracie and Recently Peter Talk to Gracie about All the Wonderful Things That Have Emerged from Her Difficult Journey. Take a Listen Gracie. When You Envision Doing a Prosthetic Limb Outreach.

Did You Ever Think That Inmates Would Help You Do That, Not in a Million Years. When You Go to the Facility Run by Core Civic and You See That Faces of These Inmates That Are Working on Prosthetic Limbs That You Have Helped Collect from All of the Country That You Put out the Plea for and Their Disassembly Sell These Legs like What You Have Your Own Prosody and Arms and Arms Everything When You See All This. What Do You Make Me Cry Because I See the Smiles on Their Faces and I Know I Know What It Is to Be Locked Someplace Where You Can't Get out without Somebody Else Allowing You to Get out Course, Being in the Hospital so Much and so Long and so That These Men Are so Glad That They Get to Be Doing As As One Man Said Something Good Family with My Hands.

Did You Know before You Became an Amputee That Parts of Prosthetic Limbs Could Be Recycled Now Had No Idea and I Thought a Peg Leg.

I Thought of Wooden Legs.

I Never Thought of Titanium and Carbon Lags and Flex the Sea Legs and All That. I Never Thought about That As You Watch These Inmates Participate in Something like This, Knowing That There There Helping Other People. Now Walk There, Providing the Means for the Supplies to Get over There. What Is It Do to You. Just on the Heart Level. I Wish I Could Explain to the World. What I See in Here and I Wish That I Could Be Able to Go and Say the This Guy Right Here Denise Go to Africa with That. I Never Not Feel That Way out Every Time You Know You Always Make Me Have To Leave. I Don't Want to Leave Them. II Feel like I'm at Home with Them and I Feel like Can We Have a Common Bond That Would've Never Expected That Only God Could Put Together. Now That You've Had Experience with It What You Think of the Faith-Based Programs. The Core Civic Offers.

I Think They're Just Absolutely Awesome and I Think Every Prison out There Should Have Faith-Based Programs like This Because the Return Rate at the Man That Are Involved in This Particular Faith-Based Program and Other Ones like It, but I Know about This One Are. It Is Just an Amazingly Low Rate Compared to Those Who Don't Happen and I Think That Says so Much That Has Anything to Do with Me Just Has Something to Do with God Using Somebody Broken to Help Other Broken People. If People Want to Donate or Use Prosthetic Limbs, Whether from a Loved One Who Passed Away or You Know Somebody Well Groomed. You've Donated Some of Your Own for Them to Do, How to How They Do That Please Go to Standing with Staining with Thanks Grace

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