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Faith for Others to Flourish [Part 1]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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November 10, 2020 5:00 am

Faith for Others to Flourish [Part 1]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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November 10, 2020 5:00 am

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Pastor, author and Bible teacher Alan Wright when you have that faith vision, and you speak it out in accord with your faith.

There is something that changes in the cosmos. There is a power that is released. There is the opportunity of transformation that comes about and you therefore are literally blessed to be a blessing. That's pastor Ellen Wright welcome to another message of good news that will help you see your life for a whole new light. I'm being excited for you to hear today's message in a series titled the power of blessing is presented with an older church in North Carolina. If you're not able to stay with us throughout the entire program I want to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now. It can be yours for your donation this month to Alan Wright ministry as you listen to today's message go deeper as we send you today special offer. Contact us at that's or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860.

More on that later in the program right now. Let's get started with today's teaching in the series praying with our here is Alan Wright wrote a story some years ago of valedictorian. In high school class and and he really wanted to thank daughter mention God in his valedictorian address a graduation, but that officials told him you can't mention God at all for this platform is public school in so you will find though he knew hundreds of students and they have Lola conspiracy colluded ahead of time and so he got up to my front give a speech on the first day there was a sleaze and then about 200 students said in unison. God bless you. There is a blessing that is at work within you and that you have the gift others. That is something far greater than any cordial greetings to someone when you see them or some nice thing to say when they sneeze. You are authorized by God to be like God in this to have a faith vision over others lives for them to flourish and when you have that faith vision, and you speak it out in accord with your faith. There is something that changes in the cosmos. There is a power that is released.

There is opportunity of transformation that comes about and you therefore are literally blessed to be a blessing would throw me the Hebrews chapter 11 this morning to one of the most famous chapters really in the Bible is about all the heroes of faith and were to see this morning just how the blessing is actually a form of expressed faith and so will talk about faith and talk to you about the power of blessing is where in the midst of a new series that is designed to thrill our hearts and to equip us in practical ways to train our our our tongues to train our our mentality to speak, blessing, and so here's here's a good a good place to understand the essence of why it's so powerful in this Hebrews chapter 11 miscarried a few little pieces of it and then later on they come back soon. Talk about number of places he was 11 verse one now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, for the conviction, the conviction of things not seen for by the people of old received their commendation by faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible and then begins this parade of the great heroes in the Hall of Fame who have believed God.

For the most miraculous things imaginable and just jumping throughout history a few instances said verse seven by faith Noah, being worn by God concerning events as yet unseen. The talks all about Nolan are an inverse eight by faith Abraham, and it talks about Abraham and how he came up out of of roof of his homeland and just didn't know where to go one and yet God led him and then how he and Sarah trusted God to give a baby in her old age and in verse 23. Here's Moses by faith Moses tells about several of the of the miraculous things happening through Moses his wife and and it goes on and mentions in verse 30. By faith the walls of Jericho fell down talking about Josh was enormous faith.

And then in verse 32 or more shots say and instruct listing people like Gideon and Barack and Samson just thought David Samuel the prophet's even listing a verse 35 women. Some women receive their dad back by resurrection listing these incredible incredible miracles that are taking place and so interesting what you love it when all this and you got isn't really in the Bible you know how you you maybe read something hundred times and I've been that the revelation in the joy my heart about the idea of the power blessing is been something reverberating in me for over 20 years and I've talked a lot about it over the years and I thought as well familiar with Hebrews 11, but there is a hero of the faith. Here, that honestly until just very recently. I didn't know he was listed here. It's unusual.

It's at verse 20 verse 21. Rather, by faith Jacob, when dying, blessed each of the sons of Joseph bowing and worship over the head of his staff in the know that was in there right there amongst the list of all the heroes of the faith is the act of blessing blessing is is a theme that runs through the entire Bible you know that one of the great ways to read the Scripture is through the themes of Scripture and the things that you keep seeing coming back over and over and over again hello somehow just to look at the Bible in this sense of how was this big story being tied together by this one.

One. Threat here. Here's the instance of blessing from the very beginning.

You see this because God's interaction with humanity was he blessed Adam and Eve and then he said he fruitful and multiply social right. There just if God's interaction with us is prime interaction with us is to bless us to start paying attention to this note. No surprise that he blesses no who becomes the one who is used to save the world. And then he calls up Abraham and how does he build faith in Abraham. He bills faith I blessing him repeatedly and speaking a vision over Abraham's life that this fatherless man with his old wife, young child, rear bearing years are going to be parents. So what is he doing is calling them parents when not only are they not parents but in the natural. There's no way they could be parents. And then you recognize that he teaches the Hebrew patriarchs how to bless their children every Sabbath day to speak over them and he tells the priest through Aaron. Aaron all the priest when the people of God gather every time they gather the priest or lift their hands, say the Lord bless you. The Lord keep you. The Lord be kind and gracious to you as other words, put a blessing on them. The Bible says and thus you put my name on them is revealing here that when the blessing having something supernatural is taking place and then we read of the patriarchs blessing their kids and the leaders like David blessing is household and on this goes into you come to Jesus being born in Bethlehem and he is the sinless son of God.

If ever there was some by that you would say what he doesn't need to be receiving blessing from others. It would be Jesus right. But Jesus is is born and very soon a man is a prophetic figure seems to come out of nowhere named Simeon and he comes having been supernaturally really assigned to come and takes in places hand on babies and blesses him. When Jesus is going to begin his ministry's public ministry is to go into the wilderness to be tempted from for 40 days what happens is baptized and his father in heaven publicly verbally blesses him saying this is my son, in whom am well pleased. What is the father doing their Jesus has not yet begun his public ministry. He's not yet begun healing the sick are casting out demons is not yet begun his great teaching ministry he's got fed the poor.

He's not died on the cross been raised from the dead and the father is saying this is my son and am well pleased.

In other words, you see how the blessing goes first challenge right will have more teaching moment from today's important series before that to be fruitful Abraham to father to address 10 for not releasing Sam into ministry. He blessed while secret strategy to empower you to be all he mentioned to be when others affirm you because you've proven their worth while in italics accomplished a goal and prove yourself competent information is nice. It's not a strategy is to clear your wife before you have anything to prove it. Blessing is the fuel for your productivity marked the reward for it in your hearts be sealed from (because the average withholding a blessing for media ready to shatter the ceiling that keeps you from soaring Iraqi pastor and night power blessing will change your life change as you discover the ancient scale Hebrew patriarchs bless their children tune your heart to accept blessing and reject her's most evolved drinking. The unquenchable blessing of God in Jesus Christ, God's way with Karen Wright, sent a message. The labrum power blessing when you meet your gift to Alan Wright Ministries to listen to pastor messages in an attractive see with your digital download as our way of saying thanks for your partnership, six 877-544-4861 come to our website Today's teaching now continues once again is in Jesus.

Then when he ministers he bless his people. He began his ministry was here's a Beatitudes in which he talked about.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, and he described how there's an inversion of the way you would normally think of blessedness when people brought their little children to him. What he did was he laid his hands on them about this and he blessed them, and the last thing that Jesus did as he was leaving the earth in Luke 24 he lifted up his hands as he was ascending to heaven literally and he blessed the disciples Paul and Peter both pick up on this theme say if you really want to understand the gospel and what will happen is you will learn not only to bless those who treat you well, but you also learn the gigantic secret of blessing those who persecute you. This is team that runs and ties together the whole Bible. It's absolutely magnificently important. And then we come to Hebrews chapter 11 and is this famous chapter about faith is a chapter about about the great great heroes and the people that are listed here are ones that have believed for the impossible and the impossible became possible. These are the ones who we remember for being that the giants of of of of of faith vision of seeing something in and you think about what is mentioned here it starts with God himself was the greatest example of faith is God himself, because God created everything that exist out of nothing. Theologians call crotch Jo asked me hello there was nothing in God created everything.

How did he do this well learn from Hebrews that what he did was he made what was visible out of what was invisible but here's the essence of faith is seeing something you can't see with the natural eyes but this was not a surprise to God when he said, let there be light. It wasn't something new to God because God is light and he had already a vision of what could be and when he said, let there be light in the midst of speaking of that word, then light burst forth in 186,000 mi./s, and established itself as the fastest possible movement in the universe and at the same time bursting forth with stars and galaxy upon galaxy was extraordinary and this is a little solar system that we got here revolving around a medium-sized star called the sign we've learned that the earth is very small compared to the sun and the earth million of them could fit inside the sun, which is to comparative the earth were a golf ball to be like filling up a school bus with golf balls. That's how big our son is not that big I mean is bright and you get somber and you can get very close to it, but you ready for fall to arrive just because you tire to be hot. And yet it's not even that big because they have discovered the keenest majoris*the big dog star that if earth were to fit inside of it. Instead of being a million earth have to be seven quadrillion earth's which means if it earth where golf ball. You have to have enough to fill up Mount Everest.

That's how big the big dog star is burning light as config were talking about here. Hebrews 11 that that's that that's the level of stuff were talking about is the Kino. There is no light to speak out, let there be light that that's the kind of magnitude of miracle were talking and and and and then he goes talks about Noah. Noah is the big level miracle because Noah's got a believe that though there's not a cloud in the sky that is gonna rain is going so much. It is gonna flood everywhere so much that you gotta have this big boat and he's got a believe that God specifications for this boat are going to work and he's gonna be able to build it and it is will be one boat with one door and this is the one way that anybody will be saved and that he'll get all these animals and that he's got to believe it will happen, and then he gets on his boat for six months is after float on water and he's got a believe that one days will be dryland again and got a believe that God is going to use him to repopulate this earth and that God's goodness is going to continue on his big, and then he comes Abraham, Sarah, and this is big because will ever have the hundred years old when I finally have have Isaac. It is 100 and see they been childless and Sarah not been what have children so even if you come to her was for the younger one is that you have a baby it'd been a bit hard to believe but then she's just so old is just beyond.

In other words, is beyond the time that it's possible in the natural for them to have children and not only had to believe that they were to have a child. But the bigger thing they were believing it made it so miraculous her face so great is that they had a believe that God was going use their son to be the birthplace of a nation and a have some else to believe on top of that, and is it not only the birthplace of a people and nation. But that through their family. The whole world would be blessed, this is big right and then he talked about Moses is in this list, and several things about Moses but not least of which Moses had to believe what God said if you and the people will put blood over the doorpost in the Hebrew homes there when this destroyer comes through. You will be saved and you will be considered spotless and unharmed simply because the blood of an innocent lamb. This hard to believe but not only that they get up to a point where the Egyptian army is pressing in behind them and the big red see in front of them and they are going to be absolutely massacred and he has to have a word from God is as lift up your staff and part of the water of the Red Sea you got have some kind of faith to envision a Red Sea open up so you walk through on dryland. This is the heroes of the faith were talking about here, and then he talks about Jericho.

This is Joshua. Joshua love Joshua. He's got to envision walls coming down. I was researching again what those walls were like. According to the excavations, I probably would double walls. Some of the thickest in the ancient world and he was told to walk around the city for six days in a row and walk around it and then on the seventh day walk around it seven times on the seventh time around. I want you to blow the trumpet and thereby let a loud shout in the walls going to fall flat. That was the plan. And Joshua believed were talking about the heroes of faith here were talking about the most miraculous. Unbelievably, unimaginably great miracles that you have to have some kind eyes of faith to see he talks about Daniel and the lion's den talks about women receiving the dead back to them through resurrection. I mean, how in the world do you make a list like Hebrews chapter 11. I mean, you've got to believe for something incredible.

You got to have had a faith is remarkable. You got to have had seen something in the spirit that you were able to see beyond what any natural I could possibly see if you're going to make it in this list that some people are in this lesson. I mean, I know.

I mean, I kinda like to be in a writer. He was good you know how I got I don't have enough time to tell you about all the heroes so you know, we could be others included but seems like Elijah and Elisha should be mentioned here.

Come on Elijah, but they defeated a 450 prophets of ball mount caramel call down fire on wet, good. That was pretty good that you maybe made it didn't make the list.

What about Elisha just pray for people in the came back from the dead.

That's pretty good that Mike should've made it and I know it mentions the prophets, all should at least be mentioned by name, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Hosea at least Hosea, I mean if you are a preacher and you can believe God you're supposed to marry a prostitute and still have a preaching career you want to make it into this less making into a list like this. If Elijah and Elisha can't make it in their and then you come down here in verse 21 in your reading all the stories you know Red Sea's mouths of lions shutting up and you get Jacob leaned on his staff and blessed his grandsons that makes the list. An old man meet in his grandsons and saying God bless you and hope you have a nice life that makes the list see in order if you're in this list, it must mean that whatever you did is so exemplary of the supernatural power of the faith vision that it has world shaking power you make this list right here in the middle of a tired old man who spent most of his life deceiving, conniving and striving but near his deathbed, he spoke out a blessing over his grandson see from Manasseh, is the blessing that powerful that it should be included in the list of the Hall of Fame of faith.

Yes, that's the whole point. It is an expression of faith. When you have a vision over someone else's life for them to flourish.

Blessing is the expression with your own lips and your own actions of vision of faith for someone else to flourish, even though there is not evidence that Florida Alan Wright is encouragement for today. It's part of our teaching on the subject in the series, the power of blessing faith for others to flourish. We get more with Alan in just a moment with additional insight on this for your life in the final word before not to be fruitful before God called Abraham to father nation to address 10 for not releasing Sam into ministry.

He dressed, while secret strategy to empower you to be all he mentioned to be for me because you've proven their worth.

You did well in italics accomplished a goal I proved yourself competent information is nice. It's not the way strategy is to declare your wife before you have anything to prove it is the fuel for your productivity, not the reward for it in your hearts be sealed from Scott holding a blessing for media ready to shatter the ceiling that keeps you from soaring out around the pastor and writes the power of blessing will change your life change as you discover an ancient scale Hebrew patriarch testing.

Bless their children tune your heart to accept blessing and reject her's most evolved drinking. The unquenchable blessing of God in Jesus Christ, God's way and writes send a message CD album the power of blessing when you make your get Alan Wright Ministries to send you pastor outlines messages in an attractive CD album with your digital download as our way of saying thanks for your partnership. Call us at 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor at work Helen as we kicked off this teaching today will pick back up with it on the next program faith for others to flourish.

Now, what exactly can we expect to hear important will you know you can understand faith. If you're praying for somebody is where I have confidence that I can trust God. Maybe you're praying for somebody and that person has very little confidence right now. I got there. If trust is been rattled will blessing is like that. But instead of being a prayer that is spoken to God a blessing is a vision of faith that spoken to an individual or to group people so another words you have people in your life that you can see things that maybe they can see about themselves that are of great virtue, you have things their future.

If faith they can prosper and grow.

God can use them. And when you speak that out this joint with your faith has an amazing hour release someone into a destiny as the power blessing so much different than being controlling, manipulative, it's a releasing into God's plan.

Like by you calling or and that's the ancient biblical art. Today's good news message is a listener supported production Alan Wright Ministries

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