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How Would Mary be Treated Today?

Words of Life / Salvation Army
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December 15, 2019 1:00 am

How Would Mary be Treated Today?

Words of Life / Salvation Army

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December 15, 2019 1:00 am

The groups’ conversations now shift and focus on Mary and Joseph. As an exercise, they discuss how Mary would be treated today if Jesus was born into our current culture. How would she be treated by the church and the rest of the world?

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From the Salvation Army you're listening to wonderful words of life will you and I and and welcome back everybody and welcome to Chris Benjamin or producer say the third times a charm and third episode in front of a microphone. Well, a newsletter editing that goes behind the stomach was doing better and prefer to be behind the scenes usually were glad that you're in front of the microphone this time because you really do bring a lot of ideas to the table that help us meet our listeners where they are today, and particularly this. The series that were doing, which is unlike anything we've done before. Where were eavesdropping around the table while people are just sharing Christmas memories are so may things happen during this holiday season that aren't always just happy things.

I love the vulnerability that everyone that agreed to be a part of the season that they allowed us to see. But today, we can shift gears a little bit and begin to discuss if Jesus had been born yet and we were in 2019, and Mary was pregnant with the Savior today in our culture how it should be treated.

And I thought this was a really neat question. That's one of our staff members came up with and this is sort of a litmus test for people to see where someone views the current state of the church and I know you are part of this discussion.

Well, I mean if you see Jesus on a street you know and you know that's him and is it someone that might be down in down the lock or maybe someone who is in between, you know, being quote unquote contributing member of society. To that homeless person on the street and how did they get there. I don't think we know, but if we believe that Jesus lives inside of us in our hearts. Then we have to believe that each person we pass could very well be Jesus, absolutely. And I love him so in Giovanni's group as they discussed Kayla. She has a tremendous heart as is everyone that you hear from Ford mission working and especially working with homeless people and people that are kind of on the edges of society and she made a really good point. Just how many times we see someone and we arty have a narrative we hear another story and we pretty charge them before we even know and would marry you pretty much treated the same way today are not coming with the church be more receptive and welcoming. It's a good question and I wonder if our listeners would respond if they were given a chance I would love to hear what you think. Please let us know what know what you think and I chime in on this discussion since an email. or give us a call at 1-800-229-9965.

Merry Christmas Christmas this Christmas, you're invited to fight for the hungry, hurting and helpless to fight struggling to keep a roof over their heads make ends meet and survive the holidays to fight for justice all year long. You're sustaining my thinking just $25 Salvation Army's ability to join the fight for good Salvation Army weather warning she was pregnant. Now, in 2019, and Utah. People came up to work, went somewhere pregnant and people who know me will you think there's a difference between houses treated before it has to be treated like I do not be wise because when Jesus came, like he show them not to be legalistic not to do certain things so if this is 2000 some years later and we've just been sentenced on doing things very politically and very like yeah like you know I think that we would probably be more harsh about it now. I think sometimes that we made our way back to Lee and I would say there's a lot of liberalism to. But I also think that you look at these traditions that we cling that we cling to some time. So now I'm anything about Mary like pregnant 14 or 15 shares her being pregnant Woodstock people well why you say you know I think this is what people struggle with Christian Mary will find more refuge I think so. Those people who really like really just had that the Lord's heart the right, but overall he likes to be sold or something like people can treat others like to see people in automatically having those like stereotypes about so I think yeah I think even be so hard on like a human like we just think we know what we know everyone story in the door and we arty have figured out mine sometime than I think enough to think about Mary and the people saw Harding going for you know what's going on what decision she made since she's the guy now only to if all of a sudden here is this this family finds themselves in the situation that Mary, Joseph, and eventually Jesus comes think it will be the same people would charge them. People will set them apart because the culture they know is the same, even though we are 2000 years. Part of the 2000 years is done it allows the first of the familiarity that we have that we know the story so well that we tend to gloss over it, really. Don't you think but imagine the crisis that you would feel you are you are full-term, expecting not. We've got to find we've got to have a place somewhere not just to lay your head, but this babies, this is happening and I don't know where someone turns if if that were happening today where you go, what we do go to Grady Hospital where some return, I'd like to idealize it and think that maybe they should be able to find salvation, but would they what what happens in a situation like still goes on, doesn't it absolutely needs a lot of pressure in the bay pregnant by with long nose like how people see these baby I don't have the money to keep this child.

I don't have the resources, not from here, you know, a lot of pressure see people exactly past and so we see that business Mary may have felt a little bit interested other traveler at that point anything people to look past her and I get, you know, our greatest desire to be now and I wonder how lonely she must've felt to have been on for people just to have been milling around are also busy at sounds familiar that nobody saw and boy that's convicting to me just for myself but we have to do stop and seep to be more intentional in getting to know people and hearing people stories change with skeptical society that is dangerous, even though we work for an organization loves the Lord. We are the Salvation Army's middle name. It's hard to think maybe I can ask that?

I don't want to be too personal. I don't want someone to go to HR because I was too personal, but at the end of the day.

It is about relationships, developing some of them just letting it happen. Take some time to think for Mary have to wonder what people that were in their community was because she hadn't been with a man, but everyone knew. Imagine the Martian Joseph, let me tell you there was this angel see I do think I do think that busyness is a tool of the on so many different levels. If I can't make them bad. Maybe I can make them busy for that matter. Let's look at the at the innkeeper from wheat we don't know Scripture doesn't tells people did he take it. I'm sure he's not just for necessarily profit but don't you suppose the just out of trying to get people that he would just sort of stuck on one court would just try to get as many just to be helpful is often portrayed as the you know the guy the door. I'm not sure that he was exactly.

But what we were already like 150% over capacity and I think busyness and and overloaded schedules tend to help bring about what you're describing where we we give ourselves a pass with well is just so much going on I can only do so much and while that's true, is there room for just that one more step even if it is, even if it is look, it's not much but I have stable I almost hate to say it but stable to keep the weather off your head cannot be of use downplay our staples. I don't think I think it is still an offering to put forward the Salvation Army's mission doing the most good means helping people with material and spiritual needs. You become a part of this mission every time you give to the Salvation Army visit Salvation Army to offer your support and we would love to hear from you. Email us at or call 1-800-229-9965 or write us at PO Box 29972, Atlanta, GA 30359 when you contact us will send you our gift for this series is totally free for listeners like you, one per household, while supplies last.

You can also subscribe to our show on iTunes or your favorite podcast store. Be sure to give us a rating to search for wonderful words of life follows on social media for the latest episode extended interviews and more. And if you don't have a church home invite you to visit your local Salvation Army worships. Glad to see this is Bernie day inviting you to join us next time. Salvation Army wonderful words of life

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