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The Revolution Is Here

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 29, 2020 4:10 pm

The Revolution Is Here

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Friends wake up. The revolution is here stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown with friends. I think of the words in Isaiah raise your voice like a trumpet. It's been how I've been feeling day in day out in these critical times. I know that there are things that are very clear to me that I need to make clear to everyone.

Things that God is burden me with that I need to share with others. And as I share them. I know many of you will say yes we see we feel the same thing a massive cultural revolution is at hand in front of our eyes. We either wake up and respond properly or we only have to worry about apologizing to our grandchildren must apologize to our children as of tomorrow. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 this is Michael Brown. I am delighted to be with you. I do have a certain right at certain times to say I told you so.

Normally in my life. It's others who have said to me I told you so. And, most prominently, my bride of 44 years who will say we need to do with a certain way, don't do it that way told you so a few years ago Nancy came to me and said you need to write an article and write about all the things that you predicted would happen with LGBT Q plus activism, but of the terms were at that moment. He said you need to write an article about all the things you said were going to happen that have happened in people that listen to and you warned and they didn't take you seriously and and you need to write an article. Singer told us about coming from my wife that is a lot.

In other words, for her to say hey you were accurate on the source of advance. She doesn't just throw those words around lightly and I looked at her with spouse and I really wrote that article actually wrote it recently with a list and said okay.

Do I have your attention, we said this and this and this and this and this.

Were going to happen.

We laid it out in advance. Now, these things have happened. Do we have your attention, I'm telling you what's coming next and said they still many did not take seriously what we said was coming next and those things happen as well and I wasn't the only one sound of the alarm raising my voice sharing these things. It was self-evident to to many many others. It was self-evident others before I ever saw been stung by comments of Francis Schaeffer, 1968 where he so clearly saw what was coming next down the pike and and now I and others. We are raising our voices saying to to each of you listening to each of you watching friends. We've got a wake up. We cannot downplay the significance of this moment and every day it gets more blatant and every day it gets closer to knocking on your door and my door. Whoever we are, we wherever we live the cancel culture.

Democracy is coming your way a few years ago, Southern Baptist leader Al Mohler made the comment about same-sex quote marriage that the knock was going to come at your door notes if you thought why just avoid this. I'll just gonna sit this one out to controversial whatever I say is going look bad if if if if if I stand against what I believe is is a wrong direction in society. It's going to make me look like a hateful person is just best if I say nothing and sit this one out.

Dr. Melissa good luck you be able to do that. The knock is gonna come to your door where you you stand and and in fact, that that's what's been happening increasingly, not just in spiritual circles, but in secular circles. I have a friend who had a high level computer job computer programming job. Whatever he was doing at Bank of America in Charlotte North Carolina through the headquarters are. And he said he said Mike I see it coming, that the the noose is getting tighter.

So to say and and by the way, was that white Americans esteems minority for the record, okay, but he said II see it coming in and what it was, was first. There'd be things in approach diversity and so on and so forth and try to get everyone to take a public stand and and say we are pro-LGBT Q activism and saw he said what they did is they added an ally list so every person in the company had to respond released everyone working in Charlotte and that in that building. Everyone had to response from the company will either an and you SRU and LGBT Q ally do you stand for transgender activism to stand for redefining marriage do you stand for all of these things and so you had to answer yes or no and if you did not answer the yes everyone that will pull up your name in the company would see you don't have the name you don't have that affiliation, and he said not to the point where they squeezed them out squeezed out of his job that he's going to ministry he's he's not crying over spilled milk. But he's a casualty of the cancel culture before it was even as prominent as it is now, and friends.

What you must do please him all of you who are concerned about racial inequality.

All of you who are concerned about the sin of racism, all of you who are concerned about any things in our system itself. Systemic systematic inequality, injustice, any of you who are concerned with that must must separate that from this ugly movement sweeping the nation from this destructive movement sweeping the nation from this Marxist driven iconoclastic movement sweeping the nation from this movement were one of the key leaders back of matter movement leaders Patrice colors said the video 2015.

We are we are trained Marxist activists we studied under Bill Iyer to see whose daughters, Bill, Iris or Bill Ayers was one of the weatherman underground leaders in China in the 60s blowing up buildings and in antiwar protests.

Some of the most disruptive and destructive radicals of the 60s. Many want to become a college professor and a mentor, a professor brought of a president Barack Obama look it up. This is not hidden information. Now she's a year we were mentored the pulling down of the statutes that the that the rewriting of history writing a history that is not satisfactory whenever it is and you can form your out friends that straight out of Marxist playbooks and you don't need to be a prophet or rocket scientist to see this limit. Let me draw your attention to something headline today, right, check, check this out this is on abolish Amazon DC protesters set up guillotine outside of Jeff businesses house famously liberal Jeff Beezus, the one who donated large sum of money to support the same-sex marriage movement. If he is us. Now the enemy according to a number of videos posted to social media protesters in DC placed a model guillotine in front of Amazon CEO Jeff Beezus is Washington complex, a flyer for the event stated in the abuse and profiteering. Abolish the police, prisons, Amazon number videos have been posted to social media that appear to show protesters placing a model guillotine from Amazon CEO Jeff Beezus of Washington complex along the guillotine is assigned reading support are poor communities, not our wealthy men. So all the wealthy elite, the celebrities getting behind the BLM movement, which once more we separate from importance and that black guys do matter.

Write all those getting behind this their country next the coming few next, especially if your wife wake up to read when I say they I mean the mobs on a black or white. This is a mob here, look at this. Drew Hernandez the house to the Webster lives matter posted videos to twitter that show protesters gathering near the guillotine and and I'm looking I'm looking at it. A picture of this video actually in another video posted by Hernandez protesters can be seen giving a speech sitting when they become threatened and we have no voice, the knives come out while standing before the gate.

The knives come out friends if this is what they're saying to Jeff Beezus who is not a professing Christian who is not a professing Bible believer who is totally quote Wolk in terms of LGBT activism issues. If they're coming for Jeff, Beezus, if they've got the guillotine there if they were saying in the place was called. Chaz then called chop in Seattle what what you do, chop, chop, go back to the French Revolution guillotine using people beaten up on the streets you seen the Lieut. seen the vandalism you see in the writing. You seen all this happening friends this. This is the reality right now.

Violent, angry mobs being provoked by professional agitators join with people who were generally concerned about racism and here's here's the genius of all this I who in the world with the conscience is is not going to be grieved by the death of George Ford who is not going to want to hear black American friends who say look, we been trying to tell you the stuff for years we been trying to tell you the systems against us for years who is not going to want to lend a sympathetic ear I mean, obviously, some people disabled or more. These narratives are or I don't I don't to school along with some of the systemic injustice. Okay, I understand people you have questions or pushback but but this is such an opportune moment and then you join this with an anti-tromp movement here that they politically. This is it a promotional clip just get the vote out. Our vote matters, but it's basically an ad for the Democratic Party is one of the BLM leaders has said we must get tromp out all right. Let's let's watch this until black people are free. No one is fully free because the issues that affect black people.

The most effective everyone.

Everyone can you imagine an America will no police brutality on mashing nonviolent mass incarceration contains a racist immigration policy voter suppression are mental degradation and justice.

It's time to vote for in America. Our lives are valued until the police are held accountable and we have access to quality healthcare we can driving school in our modern city. It's time to vote for in America without a way to lower the numerical oppression of white supremacy. Can you imagine an America where oppression and fear are dissolved. The most powerful voters in this country so we will not be distracted by the noise in here, going to some. Those who choose representative vote out to you. We are going to show up and find by all means get on vote. You absolutely. By all means get on vote that something every American should do. But when you watch the clip when when you put two and two together is not just say we are standing for racial equality is also Stanford transacted as a host of other causes fine. Go ahead and this is now coming your way you submit or else friends.

Revolution is here for cleansing plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown while misted Supreme Court. Another disappointing ruling and once again a major disappointment from Chief Justice John Roberts of course was appointed by Pres. George W Bush of here is that the situation there was a bill passed in Louisiana. That said, if you were going to perform an abortion.

You must be able to it as a doctor you must be able to admit the patient to a hospital within 30 miles so you you must have paperwork you must have the licensing in order to do that obvious it's a pro-life bill, but it simply safe. You going to do this you have to have safety procedures in mind while a similar bill in Texas was shot down by the Supreme Court in 2016.

At that time John Roberts voted for the bill say this bill is good. It's fine if you go forward, but he was overruled. It was a 54 vote the other way while now the Louisiana bill almost identical comes back around. It was protested federal court upheld it made its way to the Supreme Court. Okay, now you can fix it. Now you can make things right was John Roberts to I still agree with the bill, but because we have precedent on the negative side with the liberals and go five for the other one. I mean I understand there is a legal precedent. I understand the power precedent Supreme Court but when you voted for something the first time around and said yes this is good, and the court makes what you believe is a wrong decision.

Now you have the opportunity to make a right decision within the Supreme Court undo wrong decisions I had about slavery and things like that are or he or he or black human beings being less than other human beings didn't fix other things from the past so sadly John Roberts disappoints once again in another reminder that yes while we continue to work with the courts and yes will realize that 99% of cases ever make it to the Supreme Court. Major cases that need to be decided. Enter site and other federal courts ribs and the importance of having good justices in our courts understand that change is not can come from the top down is going to come from the bottom up, it's going to come to God's people getting involved and how many of us that say abortion is wrong actually get involved to do something other than maybe voting every two or four years. If we get involved things would change virtually over night but we still want to see right justices appointed Buck up, I asked one day I'll interrupt myself midsentence to say this.

I asked all couple years ago maybe please call in a micro debate you on the can argue with you I may ask a question for follow-up. But please explain to me how you can be a born-again Christian Bible loving Christian Jesus exalted Christian, a pro-life Christian profamily, Christian Pro Marjorie solid Bible believer on these basic values and vote Democrat. Now I can understand some it's unalike either party either candid on the can vote us and so calm and I can argue with you. My point is that the debate I want understand number one caller said on pro-life. I am pro-marriage.

I oppose homosexual activism. I oppose abortion but honorably, the courts can change this and I'll think it matters who we get in or not and Reagan didn't change abortion, ultimately right and instill a board of the Vermillion babies here and Reagan and and George H.

W. Bush didn't change in George W. Bush and change in a Clinton that now comp hasn't changed it right you know that the update until today so I'm a can of vote for that on the vote for the other issues I think that we can affect the I understand the counter arguments to which got a think Robbie Ray was 1973 how long it would waiting just one more justice now.

The flipside, the flipside is if you frequently had been elected, what would Supreme Court look like now if Joe Biden selects what would Supreme Court look like, and in the years ahead, and how radically will it still thinks Americans also be considerations those racial considerations as well, but more pressing more pressing to me at this moment is the issue of revolution in our society. Look at this been my theme for 20 years revolution not hate filled, not violent nocturnal overthrow the government. But overthrowing a sinful status quo with the power of the gospel with righteous living with truly living out the gospel in the fullness of love and in the fullness of the spirit. Whatever the consequence, whatever the cost is been my theme at a certain level.

It's been a few my whole life before articulated around the theme of revolution, not rebellion but obedience to God that causes us to go against the tide of the society friends you will never change the direction of the society by swimming with the tide. While we describe the Inc. be like a rebuttal should be like everybody else. You go in the direction everybody else be culturally sensitive yes use language. People understand. Yes, convey things in terms that people can relate to. Yes, but we are swimming against the tide. We are in the world that we are not of the world the same world that hated Jesus will hate us fact. Truth Bible history reality. So we are counterculture believers and I've been saying for years that there is a cultural revolution at hand been saying for years. Wake up to what's happening in the world around us. If there's not a Jesus people revolution and a great awakening then we are going to see society continue to shift and dangerously wrong areas. We predict years ago what was happening with LGBT activism said early on those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet. Now you got something bigger. Now you can something larger. You don't just have big business behind us. You don't just have the secular media behind this.

You will just have the power of social media. You also have the physical power of the crowd and the physical power of a violent crowd. That's the reality. That's what we have in front of us right now. It is the ultimate cancel culture.

One wrong word. One wrong tweet you are out your discredited you are disqualified. Hang your head in shame and do penance by getting out of the way. If you have money turning over them, and that's where we'll go.

This is another do with race.

This is demonic. Let's fight the race issues in a righteous way.

Let's not let that out of our site, but use this opportune moment to talk to issues we should've talked through before and understand things that we need to understand better. Amen. Absolutely.

I'll keep saying that but what were dealing with is not black versus white. It's not a race issue. It's a demonic issue. It is an issue of chaos and anarchy in destruction and lawlessness. I'm looking at a will to do it limply clip that I got another headline.

Let's look at clip number two. This is some of what is going on in America right before our eyes, this is some of the mentality were dealing with souls. The officer actually plowing through this group of protesters who see him actually starting surroundings and a little bit trying to get them off of his vehicle after they got on top of that. Then after that, he just started to push on the gas even more ramming through the VC.

Some of them even falling off a lot of those. After the police officers I'm looking at that. That looks to me to be a manly way crowd. If I can see right in and this is not my opinion here. This is not because they are so burdened about the killing of George Floyd it's because this is an opportunity take things out of the cops look in the 60s. I'm not proud of this but in the 60s. This is the ideology we held to the cops were pigs and and and all cops were evil and part of it was. They represented authority. That's what you have to understand, yes, let's deal with police brutality.

Absolutely let's let's not sweep it under the carpet where it exists. Let's deal with it and I appreciate present trump in this regard, pushing for police reform immediately and and and putting forth some things by Executive Order. I appreciate that. Let's let's address that. Let's not let that out of our site, let's also call this for what it is.

This is an attack on authority and and it's here when you defund the police and the mob comes to your town who you gonna call Krieger call one more clip again.

I just want you to hear and see some of what is going on. Clip number three among the signs and scans here in this day of action. Another prominent message for all black lines reminder the movement commitment to all the mean longtime community fair and tired and frustrated with LGBT Q women started the movement before finally recognizing the urgency here to black LGBT Q voices leading the way. This moment of time. It's about unearthing the stories and making sure that everyone understands and knows that our communities have always been women fighting for the same rights for all black people.

Last summer, pride Toronto members voted against allowing uniformed officers to participate in this month. Vancouver's pride society moved to do the same thing. We see the kind of marrying of not only black activism but LGBT Q activism. It kinda came together and encouraged pride. Society is nationwide to finally to finally pull the plug and finally make that decision matter I is an interesting, that was Canadian broadcasting identical things are happening in America is just happened. It just happened that the black lives matter movement. Some of this joined together with the trans lives matter movement galas matter movement.

LGBT Q activism just happened. No friends.

This is why we are shouting at the top of our lungs.

Separate the truth that black lives matter from the BLM movement.

You do not want to be part of this movement. Separate yourself from it.

Otherwise, if you are a conservative Christian in the midst of it. It's coming against you.

Next I am warning as loudly as I can stand for justice stand against racism proclaimed that black guys do matter. Yes, make that known heartfelt in every way. You know how and separate yourself BLM it will soon turn and devour you cc everything file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown but going on the world around us is just so critical that if I'm to serve you at all. If I'm to be faithful to God and loyal to his calling to serve you on the radio. I've got to address these key issues if you listen regularly for student today. You heard me introduced as what your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. We've been talking about this friends for years I've been writing about this and preaching about this long before I was on radio, but on radio now over 12 years daily talk radio.

One of the great privileges of my life to do this by his grace. One of the more more and reach more and more people, especially with so many means available through Internet and TV with her video feed and so on. If you were just beginning. In terms of who were supposed to reach and impact for the glory of God. But this theme of gospel baseball cultural revolution has been burning in me for years and and I want to take it back to 1999 I was at a big rally with colleagues of mine called awake America were in New Jersey we may be had 9000 people in the crowd. Tremendous spiritual environment was in the midst of the season. The browser revival in our team would go out on the road I would do teaching in the day. My colleague Steve Hill would preach an evangelistic message at night tremendous worship and prayer and and massive repentance coming up timeout literally thousands of people running to the altar to repent and get right with God. I witness to it so it over and over and over and over again, and this particular night I had gotten up to speak briefly before the main message from Steve Hill. I would do that in the Monday night meeting.

Just a brief word of exhortation, encouragement, and then say we have a full-time school of ministry you can be trained in our school. Check it out at this particular night I had talked about how this group is come out of the closet.

This group is come out of the closet homosexual activists of come out of the closet. It's time we come out of the closet by which I meant come out of the closet of our personal security of the safety of our reputation and and take the gospel to the streets and be bold open witnesses of Jesus with its on the streets communities whatever platform you have be an open unashamed witness of the gospel. I got back to my hotel room that night and I really don't put the TV on at all. Maybe if I just unwind a little bit or have a meal put on sports event.

But know that I don't watch TV in a hotel. This particular night I just flipped this on the public broadcasting and a documentary is just starting that moment and it got my attention and and it was about the rise of religious fundamentalism worldwide beginning in the late 1970s and focus lot in Iran with Ayatollah Khomeini. Ayatollah Khomeini sees me and and it it focused on things happening in America with kind of like that the conservative evangelicals behind the. The election of of Ronald Reagan and is fascinating as it is called God fights back.

It's, it's quite a fascinating video to watch and very unnerving in certain ways.

When you see the dedication of the Islamic radicals versus the dedication of the Christians.

It's enough course Islamic radicals in the killing people but they're also limited die for their cause. That was on second thought to them so in any case. In any case, I'm watching this and here's a rally for Ronald Reagan and he gets up and says I know that you can endorse me in Christian leaders. But I'm here and I want you know I endorse you and there were key Christians that had worked together in the best of people or nation take to get Reagan to run for office and tented to get elected in many ways he degrades at present, although he really ended up having us close ties with some of his evangelical severed once he was in DC trump is very different. By the way, and trump of course very different person Rick but trumpets kept the doors wide open to the evangelicals that helped get him elected. In any case, I'm watching us and it's it's a big convention center similar to where I just was in a crowd of thousands similar to arch as well as in the speaker gets up and this is the communist of come out of the closet. The homosexuals in front of the closet time we come out of the closet is almost identical to what I said I didn't say communists whatever rights it, but almost identical to what I had just said.

He said, but it was 20 years earlier if it was 20 years earlier and we had only gone backwards inside. It's kind of like you're watching this fitness motivational video and you Journal yet this is it on to start doing this video and lose all kinds wait and then a year later you find it pretty and started against it while you are 10 pounds heavier than a year later, and rose woe, where hundreds of working memory have to adjust my diet and not the students workout videos all those a more fundamental change needs, that's what struck me that night.

Now my message was more about get out preach the gospel. This message is more about get out and vote. Okay, but I'm thinking 20 years is gone by an Americas in a more or worse moral and spiritual condition on all that matters that were most important to us.

We seem to have gone back word back words, what in the world had been so I I was stunned out was moved I was grieved and suddenly it struck me when you revolution nasty revolution of church more the same so they can produce more the same must immobilize the body and must be get away from our spectator.

Christianity must make some fundamental changes things are looking to get worse.

Wake up and then a revolution of the church must lead to a revolution in society, by which I mean a mass awakening that revolution of hatred or violence or intimidation or anger but better revolution based on principles of the gospel based on loving neighbor is self based on the fullness of the spirit based on the statements of the word of God based on us being changed and we go out through the gospel and change the world around us. Otherwise were sunk. This became a consuming message. I wrote the book revolution in the revolution of the church, by the way were just just so happened now in the midst of all this I get asked Dr. Brown. Can you put up put out an updated edition of the revolution book and answers yes coming your way. September October talk about for such a time as this. So I in the midst of this, I'm watching all these things.

I'm shouting there plenty things. I don't know there plenty of things I don't see there plenty of things in the body where others are wiser than me and more spiritual than me and have more insight than the plenty plenty plenty plenty of people understand things of the Lord better than I do plenty of people have more cultural insight than I do plenty of people are stronger in prayer and that there are not condescending. Certain things I do know this earns exam burden about the certain things that are clear and in the upheaval that's been under the surface and growing and growing and growing and growing.

It's it's now just out there. It is sweeping our country and it's not going to stop and if it succeeds in pushing trump out you have to vote your conscience.

Of course I'm a tell you how to vote. But one of the agendas of black is not a moving one reason for the extreme protest now is targeted to get comp out read my recent article why the riots now targets again trump out as I can stop if Joe Biden gets in. It's only going to accelerate because there is a cultural revolution at foot and ultimately it is antichrist. Ultimately, it will swallow you up and devour you, so I have a question here. I request. Generally speaking, black Americans are more conservative in terms of morality and family values than white Americans.

Generally speaking, right. So for example when Pres. Obama was running for office in 2008. He knew in order to have support from the larger African-American community. He needed to publicly say that he was against same-sex quote marriage any citizen Christian that's is mute now.

It was documented that years earlier running for Sen. he had said clearly. He wanted to redefine marriage would fight for the and according to his campaign director David Axelrod that was always his conviction for years he believed in same-sex quote marriage and wanted to redefine it. But in order to get elected. He knew we had to speak to from enough politicians lie all the time.

Ugly Donald Trump lies yes. Do I believe Barack Obama lied. Yes, I believe politicians lie not all politicians all the time. The politicians lie in those change something to get elected. That happens all the time. Sadly okay, so she knew in order to get elected that that was important. So what happens in California. California. He is a very very strong turnout across the nation strong turnout. Historic blackcurrant you can understand this is a major moment the opportunity to elect the first black president. A major moment in American history. I just wish you been someone other than Barack Obama. So I could've had the privilege of voting for him right. I couldn't conviction but but the point is historic black turnout for good reason. Understandably and get California at that time was having a referendum on on whether or not same-sex quote marriage should be legal or not and overwhelmingly black Americans voted against it. They voted against same-sex marriage overwhelmingly in California. They helped defeat that Bill proposition eight. They helped defeat it. And they also voted for Barack Obama. This is very common that even homosexual activism that is been more white than black historic. One reason is, generally speaking, this woman all this is seen in polls. Generally speaking, black Americans are more conservative in terms of family values.

Moral values than white Americans. In terms of what they would profess and hold to write. How then is it that the black lives matter movement is a pronouncedly decidedly loudly pro-gay, pro-queer pro trans that the gym marches it today or last 24 hours with it was a black lives matter of BLM trans movement March was conflict with cops in New York City. How that happened. It happened because the thing got hijacked. It got hijacked, which is why I'm shouting out again. Yes everyone proclaimed black lives matter, proclaim it and live it and separate yourself from the BLM. This is Marxist ideologically driven cultural come your way.

Switching subjects we come back without's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown fire ever brand-new article upon the stream. Christ not trump is the solid rock on which we stand. My articles go out to his syndicated list every day.

Normally over the weekend I'll write an article that just appears on the stream.

Every so often will just postpone on her own website.

Otherwise our articles go out to a number of different sites and it's just automatic thing there sent out in their posted here and there, someone posted article because it doesn't quite fit with their agenda or their weather go on a particular day, but otherwise and sent him and the get posted with interesting as I've been getting. Thank youse for this. From the editors of these different sites. There is no you these government and post them. I'm getting a number of thank youse today for writing this Christ not trump is a solid rock on which we stand, and Coulter, 2015 on Bill Marshall when she was asked out of the declared Republican candidates who is the most likely to win the presidential election. She said Donald Trump, and the audience how than the people in the plot forward lot of people on the panel with what making faces in 2016. She wrote in Trump we trust, and now she is one of his worst critics. I'm in the name she's call them any repeat in the article I'm some of the defective Manor near but some are just too ugly to stew to insulting to others. I didn't do that. So this what happens when you put your trust in person I'm given the person is that person gets elected to office, and you think they are going to be the ones to do it.

Of course she thinks he didn't do enough to stop illegal immigration and she's upset with him for trashing Jeff sessions, whom she likes, and so on.

The social vote for him in 2020 remedy criticisms are harsh.

She once wrote in Trump which is our unassailable title thinking nope nope I will vote for Trump but I do not put my trust in Donald Trump and whoever you vote for. Don't put that kind of trust in person the eye. I close this article by quoting from the old hymn factor. The skill scroll down to to the end. Get the words exactly right. My hope is built not to look this is about the gospel is about salvation but I want to sit on a larger level when it comes to the nation's in the nation changed in positive ways. My hope is built on nothing less then Jesus Christ my righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus name on Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand all other ground is sinking sand friends. That's one of the reasons I wrote the book evangelicals at the crossroads we passed the contest, you can order on the website. If you want to get a special offer for signed, numbered first printing of special collectors edition with free book with that. Go to my website Esther to you can just go to Amazon today becomes out July 13. So go ahead and preorder now you can with the paperback or the Kindle version evangelicals at the crossroads will be passed to trump test seat listen.

The elections are very important, absolutely, very important. No question about but there's something far more important in the elections.

That's the conduct of the people of God. Picture this picture this.

You are an athlete, you are now on international TV in the biggest game of the year and you win your team wins, but in the midst of it.

You have a complete meltdown, you end up getting into a violent fistfight to me.

You are the reason your team wins now you get into violent fistfight you are kicked out of the game you on a tirade afterwards right and and and and it's captured on video. The whole thing is captured on video that's going to be remembered a lot longer that will be remembered for the years to come. The moment your name comes up that's what's can be remembered, so more important than winning and losing is your conduct in the midst of it. Now that's interesting that you nice guys finish last stuff we can stand what we can stem we can speak we can do what is right, absolutely.

But please hear me, the most important thing is our witness as believers. The most important thing is that we pass the test of how we conduct ourselves that we keep the cross before the flag so in evangelicals at the crossroads friends I lay out the case against Trump as clearly as I can. I read a lot of books bashing trump from conservative evangelicals from nonbelievers from every viewpoint I interacted with strong never trump us and I do my best to present their arguments strongly and clearly so your argument that's your position and then I give an honest evangelical response point for point weighing out the issues trying to show another side and I have mentioned this the other day and editor was reading the book and never trump or any said you got to get this out. It's gonna convince millions of people like me need to vote for trumped up was not my intent, and even laying the arguments out like that is much as to lay them out. Honestly, to help you understand where we are at the crossroads friends and then to give us a 10 point strategy and I'll break some of the downs we get closer to the book release to give us a 10 point strategy to live of of how to conduct ourselves of how to be involved in politics without selling our soul preceded the table and I think whatever your background, especially if you're a believer with your pro trump anti-Trump in between. I think the book will be tremendously hot gate, the way to go to navigate how to live, to navigate. What matters most in the days ahead and into give you a clear perspective of some of what's up what were facing with the elections hate having said all that, and your friends. I'm just giving you the raw reality.

Okay I I am.

I am just sharing truth with you.

Okay, I'm just pouring my heart and be honest and let the chips fall where they may friends. I hope you and since not political, spiritual's is not political. To me this is spiritual. If you can stand with us.

We could reach even more people. I know many of you when I read an article you shared immediately. I been a guest on radio shows they sell.

Dr. Brown great to have Jan we talk about your articles almost every day this, the we get the material for shows I hear from pastors who thanked me for getting the message out sing great this this gives me clarity in terms of how I want addressing so by God's grace Miller able to serve others, but we have opportunities to amplify this message even more for me thousand people. SP2 could be 10,000 Furby 10,000 300,000 Furby hundred thousand removed from the million could be 5 million we have doors open before us and with your help we can reach more people if you ever came in visit operations that you do so much with so few. Yes, because books are dedicated and poor themselves in.

This is where you can stand with us in these critical times.

We are a nonprofit ministry. Everything that comes in, goes back out to change laws if you're watching on Facebook right now we only started doing this last week and we so appreciate your support. There's a donate button right there, click on that and your gift of any such just say hey we stand with you. Dr. Brown even dollar gift to be attend all gift if you hundred dollars gift ritualist he were standing with you holding your hands up.

Remember in Exodus 17 as Josh was fighting the Amalekites would attack the Israelites and and when Moses withhold the rod up that they would they would win and then when he is starting a tidy drop it, they would lose so that Erin herb peroxide on the rock and and then one got on either side and held his hands up with the staff and then Joshua prevailed. That's what I'm saying when you grab me by the right hand, the other by the left-hand hold my hands up so many of you pray for us. Thank you that you can help with your financial contribution.

So click on donate on Facebook if you watch on YouTube right in the bottom of the screen see that $.

Click on that the bottom of the chat box, click on that. Your YouTube gifts will help us reach many, many more people and listen on radio but podcast maybe destroying us on the edify podcast maybe listen on the charisma podcasts may be the sum on iTunes rod and lots of different platforms stand with us by going to a website asked Dr. Brown a SK your and click on donate your one-time gift helps us tremendously or she become a torch for a monthly support of one dollar or more per day qualifies you to be a torchbearer and then we pour back into you just go to the website. Click on donate monthly and then look at all the ways we pour back into you with special content and access to online classes and other things like that friends I want you to Sherry I'm not discouraged. I am not in the least bit discouraged fact we're here for such a time as this.

I I met a neighbor moved into our neighborhood met them for the first time the husband and wife. The couple met for the first time. Oh, I guess that two weeks ago asked what kind of businesses in Europe sharing the gospel minor my background ministry and what kind of businesses in while they do medical supplies, but they do hand sanitizers and face necessary. Click edit. What a time for your company. Is it all really suddenly millions of dollars in skin pouring in the but we been given away stuff given away. We just enjoying doing that helping schools and others is giving stuff away soon enough you need anything you I was young under you were doing. This is a live there for a while because the remit was a new doing this some months back when you couldn't get master hand sanitizers.

In any case, yes I live this moment to help serve you friends down buildings.

The time

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