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Zion Williamson Baby Mama Drama (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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June 7, 2023 7:29 pm

Zion Williamson Baby Mama Drama (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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June 7, 2023 7:29 pm

Zach & Hickey predict the Nuggets to win Game 3 l Zion Williamson gets himself embroiled in female affairs l Who will have a better Game 3: Jamal Murray or Jimmy Butler?


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Do more with Viator. Live from the play show yet not overly ostentatious, studios of CBS Sports Radio here in Smoky, New York City sitting on top of the 10th floor of 345 Hudson Street. Welcome on in to a Wednesday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all of our local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, and that free Odyssey app. 855-212-4 CBS, the number to jump on in. 855-212-4227. You can always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexin or via the good old cesspool of Twitter at Zach Gelb.

That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. Rex Walter is going to join us coming up at an hour twenty from now, but first up, producing this extravaganza for the next four hours all the way up until 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific is no other than Hot Take Kiki. So today is a crazy day where we broadcast from in New York because of the wildfires that are going on in Canada. The smoke has come through New York City and I've never seen anything like this. Now I know we're on a bunch of affiliates in Oregon, out on the West Coast as well in California where they see a lot more of this, but in my lifetime, and I've seen photos, I remember a few years ago the wildfires in Oregon that were started because of some sort of gender reveal if memory serves me right, which I still try to wrap my head around how that actually happened, but that's what was talked about. I've never seen photos like this, but living on the East Coast, living in New York, New York City, I've never seen New York look like this because of wildfires from a different area.

So it's kind of new to us and it's very bizarre and we kind of don't know how to handle it and you kind of just follow and listen to whatever they're telling you and we've been down that road in other areas before. But when I had to go walk three blocks to my local supermarket today to go get my strawberries and blueberries and spinach because I was running low to go make a protein shake and also eventually get some stuff for the rest of the week. Just walking three blocks in New York City and I'm on elliptical for almost an hour a day. I walk to work. I walk back from work and I was huffing and puffing. It was tough to just breathe today in New York City where the air quality is just absolutely rancid. Hickey, obviously you live in New York City as well. How do you kind of describe what we've been seeing today because it is really crazy and I know that when I posted a photo of the Freedom Tower, you get people from other parts of the country that go, oh, this is like a regular summer day in California.

But where we live, I don't know about you and maybe I'm wrong on this. I've never seen anything like this. It's just one giant orange haze around like 130. I was outside walking back from the gym, put a mask on for the first time in two years. That stunk. But it was just like it was ominous. It's 130 in the afternoon. You can see the sun, but the sun is so hidden because the smoke is so thick. It's just like kind of like an orange ball that's not really, you know, it just kind of almost looks like a moon, if you will. It's very dark. It was my apartment, which gets pretty good natural light.

At 130, we shut the lights off, was pitch black. So it kind of does show just to illustrate how dark, ominous orange it was. It kind of felt like it was in a movie scene.

There's there's an orange movie scenes. The best way to describe it. There is an orange Instagram filter. It looked as if the entire city was in that orange yellowish Instagram filter today. That's the way that I would describe it.

But you're right. You know, when the pandemic started, I had all these these masks that eventually you take the mask off and you go back to to try to be a normal human being again. And I was looking for my masks today, which I didn't even know I still had a box full of mask, because when I was walking to the supermarket without a mask on, oh, I just felt absolutely horrible.

And when I had, you know, I usually walk to work today, just hopped on the subway and I ended up putting on a mask. You're right. For the first time in a long time. And it's kind of crazy. But I did find it beneficial. But, you know, I was dealing with a little bit of allergies and a cold as well. And this stuff has just been absolutely killing me the last day.

And I was probably stupid last night because I didn't realize really what was going on. I walked home 25, 30 minutes last night and I woke up this morning and I was so lightheaded from all the smoke. But when you walked outside, it was it was almost as if you remember. What was the video game Grand Theft Auto Vice City? It kind of looked like a scene from from Vice City. When you go down like an alleyway after there was just a bunch of of of a shootout or something like that. It was really crazy.

And personally, I've never seen anything like this. So I was listening to the news and I'm also not a big news person as well. But when you have no clue what's going on, I guess you got to trust somebody. And I ended up flipping on the news today and they said tomorrow it's still not going to be great. But by Friday and let's hope that the weather people are actually right here, which it's always you take them with a grain of salt because usually nine times out of 10, the weather people are wrong.

By Friday or Saturday, you should start to be in the clear and be OK. So you know what I basically take from those last five minutes? Because they say it's it's unsafe to go outside.

They say if you are outside, I think it was like for 20 to 30 minutes, they were saying in the news, it's the equivalent of smoking seven to eight cigarettes. I kind of think the company should give us raises. We're here today. We're working.

They tell us that we're not supposed to go outside. I don't know about you, Hickey, but if our bosses are listening, I think they should send us some extra dinero, send us some extra cash and we should boost the funds a little bit around here. I'm always here for that.

More cash, the better. We are we are brave today and we should be compensated for doing such brave activities. Have you ever had a cigarette, by the way? I've never had a cigarette in in my life. Have you?

No, sir. Never had a cigarette. Smoking is not for me.

Yeah, it doesn't surprise me. I didn't I didn't think of you as a as a cigarette smoker, but I'm surprised that you've never tried one cigarette in your life, especially because you are considered the belching bad boy of radio around here, from what people tell me. So I thought I could see you back maybe at Penn State walking out of a party late night after a bad Penn State game or something like that. You just smoking some heaters or something like that. So you never got the drunk urge.

I'm always have the drunk urge to eat food, never like I'm craving a cigarette, which I'll take is a good thing. More of just pounding down those fat bitch sandwiches from Are You Hungry? That's it. Pizza wings, boneless wings, of course. The reason I'm laughing is Santa's eyes just went like all the way up in the air were bulging because I said, oh, you were more of that guy that got the fat bitch sandwich from Are You Hungry? And if you don't know about Are You Hungry? That's the name of a sandwich there, which what is that? Once again, it's a chicken cutlet with french fries and mozzarella sticks, I think, as well. And a bunch of other crap on there.

Yeah, I forget exactly. But that that sums it up. Fries, mozz sticks, chicken tender on a like a hero roll, sub roll.

A bunch of marinara sauce, gravy, whatever you want to call it, depending on what your preference is there. So I hope everyone is staying safe if these wildfires are affecting you. We got a whole lot to do today on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. I have two questions for tonight's NBA Finals Game 3. And by the way, just a side note, there's too many days off in between. So you had game number two on Sunday. We've had to wait Monday. We've had to wait Tuesday. And now tonight, on Wednesday evening, we're finally going to get Game 3 of the NBA Finals now because of travel. And then you will have Game 4 coming up on Friday. But Hickey, it does seem and that's not the question I'm going to start to show off with.

I'll get to those in just a second. The momentum in this series and the juice in this series, with how many days off in between when you travel from Denver to Miami, when this wrapped up on Sunday and we don't get this till Wednesday, you almost like wake up and forget that there's an NBA Finals game on tonight because we've been waiting so long for this to happen. I know that this is par for the course with the with the NBA, but it's really obnoxious how long it is from game to game.

Yes, you're 100% right. I guess at this point, I'm just happy the Tuesday to Saturday breaks, like we saw in the first round happened a few times, are not happening here because those were just ridiculous. So I guess anything that's not that, I'm like, all right, we'll take. So yes, I'm with you Sunday to Wednesday. The longer it is, you don't really get into a rhythm. There's not like it's not like an NFL game. We're breaking down 10 different angles each day. And it's like, OK, we're ready for the game.

It's kind of like, oh, yeah, you wake up. Today's the day. The game's finally here. Let's start talking about it. It's way too much time. So one of the guys that won run one of the clusters out in Colorado actually texted me, one of our affiliates, Scott, this morning. And he goes, who do you think is going to win tonight? And this is what I said.

And I don't know if you agree or disagree with this. I told him I laid the two and a half points or I hammered the two and a half points on Denver. I took them right after the game. I saw that spread on Sunday coming off a loss there. Two and a half point favorite. I'm kind of surprised that it stayed at two and a half points.

But then I followed it up by the more and more I think about it. That could potentially be a sucker bet where Las Vegas is begging you to take Denver. We know they've shown zero respect to Miami all throughout this postseason. Two and a half points when the notion is that Denver is the much better team.

That does seem very light and maybe Vegas knows something that we don't. There was a thought maybe they were going to get Tyler Heroback for Game 3. He is ruled out for tonight. I think most people tonight, and you correct me if I'm wrong, Hickey, believe that Denver is going to win the basketball game. And I also guess the other question is, what do most people think this is going to be after four games? Because I kind of am starting to get the sense that this is going to be 2-2 heading back to Denver. So in that case, I laid the two and a half points tonight with Denver. Let Denver get the victory. Let them win by three points tonight. And then coming up on Friday for Game 4, let's go see Miami get that victory.

Whichever way you want it to go, it does matter to me, but it shouldn't matter to me. I'm just hoping that we get this to 2-2 going back to Denver for a Game 5. Look, obviously Denver is a more talented team. I think especially if you look back to game number two, how Miami won does not feel sustainable with how well they shot the ball, how well their role players played. And you look at Denver in the fourth quarter, kind of the wheels coming off, and slow out of the gate in the first quarter, slower to the gate at halftime. And still only lost by three with a chance at a pretty good look from Jamal Murray. And who only scored, by the way, 18 points. I know he hasn't gotten going really so far in the finals.

But obviously we know what he is in the playoffs as a really damn good player. Everything kind of went Miami's way in game number two. So I think we'll get, first of all, a way better effort from the Nuggets in game three. Even if they lose tonight, which I don't think they will.

Oh, come on! I was hoping you were going to say they were going to lose. No, Denver's going to win. But here's what I'll guarantee.

Oh no! This is a sucker bet! I will guarantee you, postgame, even if they lose, and the Heat will be in game three, Michael Malone will not be crushing the effort. I think we will get a spirited, kind of hair on fire effort from the Nuggets tonight.

They will win. I won't touch the gambling line. I'll let that.

If you think I'm a mush, I'll let you play into that. No, no, no, no, no! I won't guarantee a three-point win by the Nuggets.

That does nothing! I said I won't do that. I won't do it. No, but if Denver's going to win, I need Denver to win first and foremost. I need them to win by three points. You guarantee that they're going to win. The odds that they win by only two points aren't all that good. So if you think they're going to win, most likely you think they're going to cover as well. Well, in the odd sense that, you know, you get a Jimmy Butler three. Stop trying to cover your ass! And then all of a sudden cuts a four-point lead into a one-point lead with like two-tenths of a second left.

Well, you see plenty of bad beats out there. I'm not going to be responsible for that, that's for sure. Oh, you're responsible, buddy. Yes, I feel very good with the Nuggets tonight. I think they will bounce back, win Game 3.

And I think the effort will definitely be there. Now, is this an intentional mush? Because you took your glasses off while you were saying that. You took them off your face, so I don't know. That's something that you do when you're starting to do something to put that hickey hex upon everybody.

No. Because I think you would take a lot of joy in seeing me lose a game that I put a good amount of money on tonight. Denver minus two and a half.

It seems like you're intentionally mushing this on the hickey hex. Where you're going to say, guarantee you Denver is going to win. And then Miami ends up winning the game. However, Denver only wins this game by two points. I don't know when my bet of Denver minus two and a half. Well, number one, why would I want to see you lose a bet? It doesn't impact me.

It's like if it's one thing it's... I don't know if you're on my team anymore. If you lose, I win the bet. Okay, different story.

I don't know. But if you win, or if you lose the bet, I should say, I don't win anything. It doesn't impact me.

It's your money. Well, you win me being in a good mood. That's good for you if I'm in a good mood. So I'm still like, why would I want you to lose? That's ridiculous, number one. Number two... I think you enjoy that.

I think you enjoy when I'm in a bad mood. I did place a little wager before the series started. Wait, wait, wait.

Time out. You placed the wager, mister. I never bet you placed the wager. I did place a wager. Wow.

What was that? Is this serious? I'm dead serious. I'm not in five. Oh, you did.

So I do need Denver to win here. What were the odds on that? Plus what? I don't recall. I was... How do you not recall?

You never place a bet. You don't know what you... Well, usually I do when I'm in a... I'll say a banged up state. I was with my friends over the weekend and we were talking. And I was like, you know what? I think Denver's going to win in five.

They like to bet a lot. I said, you know what? I'm in the mood. This was all right.

Here and there, I'll do it. When was this? Last week. Before the series started.

Before the series started? It was better odds. Like nuggets in six.

Not great. Nuggets in seven. Wait, last weekend? Yeah, last week. Before the series started. Was it last week or was it last weekend? Last week. Oh, so you were doing a little drinking during the week last week? Went to the Mets game last Wednesday. Mets-Filies.

Tell me about this experience. You go to the Mets game Wednesday, how banged up are we talking about? Oh, nothing crazy. But just, you know, we had a few beers.

That's all. And after the game, we were posting up. When you say banged up, though, I expect Hickey to be like, were you Hickey coming out of the Rose Bowl? Like were you nine or ten beers deep?

No, no, no. It was a work night. It was a work night. It was a school night.

I don't know. You're like dancing around this. I feel as if you're leaving out an important detail. No, it was a good Mets game. They won. We had a few beers at the game. We had a few beers before the game. But nothing crazy.

And we just had the apps open. I said, you know what? We're talking playoffs. I feel good about Denver. There's like a ten dollar bet.

Nothing crazy. Oh, okay. I don't bet a lot of money in general, but I do it in small spurts. And so I'm sort of a loser if no one in the audience has picked that up. Not in my bets, but when my predictions with no money on them go wrong, I'm not exactly the happiest camper. So that's part of the reason why I don't bet a lot is because I'm already upset if I lose. And if I lose money, I'm doubly upset.

But I would like to see the Nuggets win tonight in part to keep my Nuggets in five prediction alive. Number one. And number two, again, there's no intentional mush.

It does not work. And number three, you said I took my glasses off. It's kind of like you're in a video game and all of a sudden you sit up in the chair when things get serious. They can take your glasses off.

It's like, OK, let's talk business. Let's get serious here. If I was to lie, I would not take the glasses off.

I don't think anyone would ever take the glasses off. Honestly, I think you're very dishonest human being. I can't I can't ever tell if you're telling the truth. I am. I don't know if this is a bragging. I'm a terrible liar. Terrible liar. So I don't have much of a poker face. So I will never find cards with you or anyone in the audience because I can't bluff.

But yeah, I think I'm I think I'm an open book and how I look and what I say is what you get. Any extra curricular activities going on after that Mets game that you went to last week where you had your drunk escapade? Just wondering.

You mean like smoking a cigarette or something like that? No, I was like, maybe I don't know. Maybe people compare you to Zion Williamson. You're hitting up. No, come on. Come on.

I am a buy the book kind of guy. I'm just making sure whenever that day comes where you and Lolly are expecting a child, that we don't get some other girl just coming out of the woodwork saying, hey, he was with me last week. You want to guarantee? I guarantee that Zion Williamson situation will not be happening to me whenever that day does come.

I can promise you that. So they did a gender reveal video for Zion Williamson and he actually looked like he was in good shape. And I go, oh, there's a lot of negative stuff about Zion Williamson these days. You know, good for him. He's having a kid. And then I wake up today and whoever this other girl was that I guess he's had a pretty significant relationship with, either didn't realize she was the side piece and now she does. Or maybe Zion and him, Zion and her were having an extensive relationship. And this girl that he's having the kid with was the side piece.

I still don't know. But now all the details are out from that other relationship. And there's a lot to delve into there. And I don't know if Zion is in the right or wrong, but it's kind of crappy when you're welcoming in or getting ready to welcome in a child. And you reveal that to the world that now you've got to deal with all this other stuff. Zion's agent, I'm sure, gets compensated very well, especially after he signed that extension. Not enough money to be that PR guy today trying to fight those fires. You know what? That's a lot of work to be done.

Whatever that cut is, I'll take five percent less of it and I will fight those fires from him. I have no problem doing that. What do you have to do? You don't have to really just let it be. You don't got to respond to this. It's over.

It's done. There's a lot of receipts out there. And is any media member, whenever they reconvene, which that's the other thing, guys never on the court. So who does the next time he's going to be made available to talk to the media. But is any media member in New Orleans really going to have the cojones to ask about this situation? You know, if it was like some ratty reporter from the New York Post or something like that, I would expect it.

Write some slimeball. But in New Orleans, are they really getting down like that in the media scene? I would probably say not a lot of media in general would ask about his off the field endeavors. Yeah. Yeah. But I guess embarrassing is the best way to be a sports fan to know about this today. A lot of my friends that aren't sports fans have asked me about this today because it's a very juicy story. Let's just say like because your girlfriend, Lolly, brought this up to you at all. This story yet?

No, no. Do you think she has any clue about it? Like if you text her right now, have you seen the Zion Williamson story? Do you think she has any clue about it? Probably not. She's not on a lot of social medias that would alert her of this story. Gotcha.

So probably not. But she's an outlier, I'd say. You want to hear one of the have you seen all the tweets, by the way? And there's a lot. So I've seen a good majority of them. I can't say I've seen them all because this one woman has been popping off a lot. Mariah Mills is her name. A lot of tweets.

So I can't say I kept up with all of them. Yeah. I let you spit in my mouth last week. When we bleeped, you could have told me you had another bleep pregnant. How is that going to work?

Moving us both to New Orleans? You think I would have found out and tagged Zion Williamson? Yeah. I don't know who to believe here, but if that's true, that she was moving there and I guess he was spitting in her mouth. If I got that right.

I never thought I would say that on a national radio program. But there you go. And you guys are getting set to, I guess, move in together or move close by to one another. And you didn't tell about this other girl that is carrying your child. Yeah.

Then that doesn't make Zion look good. But who knows what you're like, what's the incentive here and how much a social media cloud chasing this is as well. So a lot to do rather than put Hickey in an awkward situation here, because he's looking to avoid this thing like it's the plague. And she seems to have receipts and videos and pictures to make it look like what she's claiming of or not videos of the act, but videos of her being in New Orleans last week. Oh, gotcha.

This seems pretty for Twitter. It seems pretty believable. Gotcha. So you just went to the baseball game last week, had a few beers and placed the bet, and that was your reckless act. That's right. So that's why tonight to my issue is I'm sweating a ten dollar loss here. If the Nuggets lose game three, Zion's kind of sweat and maybe something else.

Yeah, he's got some other problems. We'll take a time out at the show. CBS Sports Radio. Experiences are what people love most about travel with Viator. You can browse and book tours and activities so incredible you want to tell your friends. They offer everything from simple tours to extreme adventures in over one hundred and ninety countries.

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Do more with Viator. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Man, these messages, these tweets from Mariah Mills, who from what we gather is the other girl that Zion Williamson was either in a relationship with or was sleeping with, the one that's not carrying the baby that was revealed last night from the gender reveal, of course. And some of these tweets are very, very juicy, to say the least. We were reading one of I read one of them right before the break. Here's the other one, Hickey, that I thought was kind of funny. I motivated you to get back in shape.

I let you bleep me all kinds of ways and fill me on your phone and you impregnate a low budget porn star DNA test or I'm done. Now, I know you could burn some calories in the bedroom, but with some of the calories Hickey that Zion Williamson had to burn, I don't think his workout plan was, OK, Mariah Mills is going to get me to lose all this weight just with some bam chicka wamp wamp time in the bedroom. I mean, it sounds like if that's where majority his off season is being spent, it makes a lot of sense why a lot of people have been talking about Zion's weight and him needing to trim down. And every time training camp comes around, it seems like either the same weight he had on was still there or maybe added an extra few pounds. And now it's starting to make sense wisely on the treadmill. Oh, that's right. That's right.

He's preoccupied with, I guess, other activities, we'll say. Now, I don't know when this was said, but she said, I told you that you were going to be the next king next to LeBron. I motivated you and you BME is the reason you gained weight. She talks about baby mama is the reason you gain weight. She's toxic. I hate this for you that honestly, Zion Williamson, you hurt me with this one.

I couldn't sleep last night. So do you think she was whispering that to him when he was in the bedroom that you're going to be better than LeBron James? You think that's what they're talking about when when they're getting it on? I could see that, you know, some athletes wanting, you know, to be told how great they are and helps performance.

Hey, you'll be better than LeBron. I guess I could see that absolutely being some, you know, different. We'll say dirty talk, but I don't think that would enhance my performance. So I'm being honest with you. I teach their own right.

Teach their own. So you're telling me that if you're in the bedroom, you want someone to be like, oh, you're you're going to be like the next Jim Rome. Hickey, is that what you're saying? For me?

No, for me, no. But I could absolutely seeing some athletes being in that mindset of that's what will get me going is not some we'll say normal banter in the bedroom. But instead, oh, tell me how great I am and I'll be, you know, I'll replace MJ and replace LeBron as the greatest player 20 years from now. So, Cee-Lo, I'm sure you're an expert on this story with Mariah Mills and Zion Williamson. I've heard about it. I'm far from an expert. Well, I'm just going to go to you because you're cracking up over there. Sure.

Why? Just as I walked in. That was the first thing you heard.

The perfect timing and the words that were coming out of your mouth as I sat down into the chair. It was it was humorous. Do you think that talk of Mariah Mills motivating Zion Williamson saying that he's going to be the next LeBron James, the next king of the NBA was set in the bedroom? First of all, do we have timing on when she allegedly said this to him? That I don't know. Because, I mean, the guys barely can get on the court. So that's true. It would it would suggest that her motivation didn't exactly do the job with the basketball world. Correct.

Wasn't that someone that's like the most loyal person that could be? We're even at let's say your worst professionally. She's still telling you that you could be great, I guess. But I mean, with the proofs in the pudding, I need to see the results here before I give any credit to Mariah Mills. Yeah. You know, that's the part of me in this story.

How much is this just clout chasing? Like there's a lot of there's a lot of videos out there that would suggest that she's not or receipts that would suggest that she's not lying here. But was this that here's my main question. Was she the side piece or was she the main girlfriend? Because this seems like she was maybe thinking she was the main girlfriend. Yeah, well. And she says that her words, not mine.

She did say that she knows what it's like to date a basketball player. So I'm assuming she's insinuating that there is some cheating that goes on. Right. So some sort of arrangement or agreement, I guess. There are some. Yeah, there's some arrangement.

That's a good way to say it. But maybe she thought she was the filet mignon here and not the pigs in the place. She might have thought that. But based on those photos I saw of Zion with the girlfriend who's now pregnant and that big gender reveal party certainly seemed like she was the main the main item. They went they went to great trouble to put on that big presentation there.

Yeah. They put a lot of thought and time into that. That thing wasn't just thrown together at the last minute. Did you see the video first of the gender reveal and then this story? Did you see this story? Then the video, the gender? I to be honest with you, I saw them simultaneously because I was I guess I'm living under a rock. I didn't know much about it until I got work, got to work today. So I actually didn't even see the video from the gender reveal.

I saw still images, I guess screenshots from the video. So what was funny, I was telling him earlier, I saw the video, I saw the post. Oh, it's nice. You know, he's having a kid, all that. And I go, oh, he actually looked like he lost some weight.

I go, what a nice moment for Zion Williamson with the last few years has just been marinated in all these injuries. But then you wake up today. Yeah. Bam. Right.

I couldn't just have his moment. And this is like the the exclusive for TMZ. This is TMZ's dream with all this stuff going on out there. Yeah. And again, the tweet here from Mariah Mills, like littered with, you know, spelling and grammatical. That's I'm a major a bit of a pet peeve with that.

That's Cielo's big take. Her grammar could be better. Oh, it's just like punctuation. It could be how serious am I supposed to tell you if you're that upset, can like we can we formulate our thoughts a little better here? I don't know. That's just me.

Maybe we'll get an Instagram live video. And that's not exclusive to Mariah Mills. I feel that way in general. Oh, so, you know, we all make the typo here or there. But she went to great trouble to put all this out of me because my grammar is not the best.

No, I'm not. I just say, you know, I'm not perfect. We all make our mistakes. Sometimes we hit send before we proofread and, you know, mistakes happen. I was filling in for Maggie and Pearl off a few weeks ago. And on their YouTube chat, I know what I'm hosting for them.

I like to interact with the people in the YouTube chat or see what they're saying, all that more direct line of communication. So I go to say, hey, folks, and it autocorrected to, hey, OK, F word. Wow. Yeah. Auto correct.

That's autocorrect. And where were you? And this was on what? Your phone. Yeah, it was on my phone.

All right. So you're dropping the F bomb a lot in your day to day conversations. That's the takeaway there that I'm really aware of. That's the thing.

Your phone suggests otherwise. That's it. Was it checks and balance now? Was that I thought it was autocorrect. Is there a chance that I typed that? I guess so.

But I don't. I mean, I think that folks versus that, you know, the second letter is different. So, yeah, that's true. And then you get an L instead of the right away. Everyone's like, wow. And the L and the C are near each other on a keyboard, on a, you know, an actual keyboard or on the phone keyboard. So and then right away it was, whoa.

Yeah. And I found the way to delete it. And then I wrote to say, folks, everybody never said that. Let's hear this is Stephen A. Smith on the Stephen A. Smith show reacting to the Zion Williamson Mariah Mills story.

I've been telling this is busless and stuff. The name Zion Williamson came up because apparently he's about to be a daddy. He's about to be a dad.

And the person who's about to make him a new father is not the person that was on social media talking about a girl by the name of Mariah Mills, calling them out by name, given vivid details of their encounters with one another. She's a porn star. Man, you only played twenty nine games last year and you missed the season before that.

What the hell is taking you so long to get healthy? Well, now I know you're young, you're not married. You can do what you want to do. It's a damn shame she putting your stuff out like that. Need to cancel her. But there's a bigger issue here. I mean, she's a porn star.

One would surmise she's kind of an expert at whatever it is she does. You know, I've been waiting for the leg injury to cure, to heal, Zion. I've been waiting for a while.

You've been waiting for a while. I mean, damn, bro. No wonder you ain't healthy. I'm talking about your legs. We need those legs spry. We need you bench pressing with your big self. We need you bent press about 400 pounds. We need you running up and down that court. He's a man child. But you can't get healthy.

Your lower extremities were compromised. That's amazing. All right. Let's get to someone that isn't a porn star. That, of course, is Crystal Pressie. Last I checked, at least. Hey, CeeLo could be a porn star.

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Do more with Viator. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio. So James Casson, who tweets the show a bunch. Good listener.

I believe that I don't know where he's at school, but he is studying broadcasting. I guess this is the influence that we have on him. Because during the break, he looked up what the fat bitch sandwich was from Are You Hungry? And it is steak, American cheese, chicken tenders, mas sticks, mayo and ketchup. And then all fat sandwiches come with fries inside the actual sandwich.

Now, James takes a shot at you and says, let me guess. Hickey doesn't get mayo or ketchup on the sandwich. That's right.

That is 100% right. He knows. Now, I would say from yesterday's conversation where I trashed you for saying that you don't like blue cheese and that you've never tried blue cheese when we were talking about wings. And if you use condiments or not with wings and you said you don't, but you then revealed that you hate blue cheese, even though you haven't tried it.

I put that out there on Twitter. The majority of people did agree with me that you were crazy. But there was a vocal minority of people that were actually coming to your defense. Now, a lot of those people that were coming to your defense, you know, I question their morals and I question their taste buds as well. But if you don't like blue cheese, that's one thing. I think it's disgraceful if you don't like blue cheese. But my biggest problem is that you've never tried blue cheese.

And it's not just wings. A bacon blue cheeseburger? You've never had a bacon blue cheeseburger with blue cheese crumbles in your life? No, and I have no inclination to try it. That's crazy to me.

That's inconceivable to me. Because you come off to me as someone, maybe I'm wrong here. Were you a big Applebee's guy when you were in high school? Did you go to Applebee's a lot? We did. Me and my friends did. We did not go to parties. We were losers and we went to Applebee's half apps.

Well, I don't think that's been a loser. I feel as if when you were in high school, the half off apps at Applebee's was a very popular thing. But there's some times where you deviate away from the half off apps or you want a burger. You never got a bacon blue cheeseburger from Applebee's. No way, because the burger itself is good. A cheeseburger is good. Peanut butter and bacon on a burger. Delicious. Oh, peanut butter on a burger. Yes. Have you ever had it?

Actually, I have. Glenn Macknell. When I was an intern at Sports Radio 94 WIP, he was doing all these different types of things with bacon. And one of them was a burger with peanut butter and bacon on it. It's delicious. It is so good. So I will have that. You can have your blue cheese. I'm leaving more blue cheese for you. So you should be thanking me that the blue cheese shortage is never going to happen because of me. You can eat in your side of the world happily.

I'll eat in my side. Well, there's shortages for everything. There was a chicken wing shortage, what, last year, two years ago? Well, they just raised the prices.

Shortages happen everywhere. Can I ask you one thing? Can you just try it? Like if I order wings one day and then also some burgers and I get blue cheese crumbles on the burgers and then also some blue cheese with wings.

I'll even order your childless boneless wings that you do. You wouldn't even try it. You just don't like it because of the way that it looks. And we've gone down this road before with you where you'll trash something, you'll say, oh, I'm not going to try it.

Then you try and you go, yeah, that was actually pretty good. That's the part that annoys me that you won't even try it. If you order it. No, I would not have it. Really?

Yes. Now you're not for the show. You're not fun.

You're boring. No blue cheese for me. More for you.

Again, I don't know. Like you should really blue about the happy because if we were ever in a situation where there is blue cheese and said, oh, actually, there's never been a news shortage. This is the only little cup of blue cheese we got here for the wings. We both order wings.

It's no problem. If there was one little cup of blue cheese left in the world. And that was it. The last one, I would give it to you. And I would demand you to eat blue cheese. Just try it. I've never really met anyone that I consider to be a sane human being.

Go. Yeah, I don't like blue cheese. I think you're insane if you don't like blue cheese. That's just me.

Well, the hickey army yesterday rallying against blue cheese. We went all four of you strong for the strong. How many burner accounts did you make yesterday to debate me on this one?

That's why I come on. Who do you think I am here? Eric Lewis. Robert Bottini.

That was Brian Colangelo's wife. There are plenty of people that have burner accounts. I've gotten figured out.

I would never go down. I think you have a burner account. I have a burner. Yeah. Why?

I don't know. Everything I say on this show gets shot down anyway. So I mean, oh, this is a very open forum. No, no. Like anything I say, oh, that's a stupid take.

That's a dumb thought. Like, I don't need to like hide behind some fake account to like put whatever I want to say out there. Have you compliments before? I'm used to it not being received well. So it's like I have to then all of a sudden defend myself on an account saying, oh, Ryan is right, by the way. It's not that you think blue cheese sucks. It's that you think it sucks. You don't like it. You've never tried it. That's my problem with you. I don't like the smell.

And I don't know how I can eat something if I don't like the smell. OK. And let me just remind everyone, we were in Kansas City. You didn't like the looks of that carrot cake cupcake. And the next thing, oh, this was unbelievable. I can't believe it.

It was phenomenal. Yes. Carrot cake is one thing.

Blue cheese is going to be another. Give me a break. Just you never know. See, this is my problem.

Just just try things like that. That infuriates me. I'm not how many things you just don't try because, oh, I don't like the look of it. Oh, I don't like the smell of it. I'm not supposed to try things that end up tasting great. I look at blue cheese like this.

Even if I liked it, do I need it in my life? No, I like wings the way they taste normally. I like burgers the way they taste normally. You never get cheese on a burger?

I do. I like cheeseburgers. OK, so blue cheese crumbles on a burger. I don't need to add that to a burger. I like it the way it is. Delicious. So it's like even if I do somehow like. Better than American, better than provolone, cheddar, blue cheese crumbles.

I don't think I need to add that to my life. OK, let me ask you two questions here outside of the food world. Does Jimmy Butler or Jamal Murray give you a great game tonight? Because so far through the first two games of the NBA Finals, Bam Adebayo has been sensational. And Nikola Jokic has been what he always has been.

That's a really great player. I know his assists weren't where they normally are, but the first two games, I can't really fault Nikola Jokic for anything. It's the other two guys, Jimmy Butler, who's the Heat star, and Jamal Murray, who is so valuable to that team as the Nuggets second player.

What type of performance are we going to see tonight? Because we haven't seen Jimmy Butler play a great game for a while in these NBA playoffs. I think we will get a similar Game 2 performance for both in Game 3 here. I do think the Heat are going to, they are taking away Jamal Murray.

Eric Spoelstra will not say it. That's what they're doing. They play really good defense. I think they'll let Nikola Jokic score 50 tonight if they could. It's going to come down to Michael Porter, Jr., Kontavious Kaldor, Pope. Those are the guys that have to make some shots in order to win.

I think they're going to say anyone but Murray tonight. So I don't think he's going to go off for 35 or 40 points. And Jimmy Butler, he's the guy who just looks like he's out of gas. Even in the Game 7 win in which he led them in points up in Boston with 28, he was like 10 for 27.

Super inefficient. He has been passive. He just, to me, looks like the tank is on empty. I think now he's going to try to rely on his teammates more to win. So I'll say for Jimmy Butler, 22 points. Jamal Murray had 18 in Game 2, so I'll say maybe the same range, 21-22. I don't think either were sitting here later tonight or early tomorrow morning saying, wow, they were great.

They took over the game. Both of them, their player props right now are 24 and a half points. Both of them. You just said you'd take the under. I would probably take the under. If I had to take the over for one, I would say Jimmy Butler. I feel more confident going over right now than Jamal Murray. I think Jamal Murray is having a big game tonight. I do. I think the matter of the shots just fall.

It's just the matter of the shots falling. Yeah, I'm going to try something here. I'm going to throw 20 bucks down. I can't. It won't let me parlay it. Yeah, it won't.

I have to do a 20 each. Yeah, I'm not going to do that. You know what? I'm going to do an individual wager on each. Screw that.

I will. I'm going to take the over for Jimmy Butler, where I don't feel very confident about that. I don't like the things I'm hearing from Jimmy Butler, but I'm very confident in Jamal Murray tonight. I think Jamal Murray is having a monster game tonight. If the Nuggets are going to win, Jamal Murray is going off tonight at least 25 points. Zach Guelph Show CBS Sports Radio.

You will hear from Rory McIlroy next. Let's walk instead of drive. Talk instead of text. Stay out late and count the stars.

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