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Jaylen Brown Super Max Extension Situation (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 31, 2023 7:31 pm

Jaylen Brown Super Max Extension Situation (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 31, 2023 7:31 pm

Hour 1 of Gelb Show. Zach starts the show talking about the 5 quarterbacks going into the new NFL season who he's fascinated by. He also picks one player from each of the 4 North American Leagues of who he wants to see win a championship and why he believes Jaylen Brown will stay with the Celtics despite a poor ECF showing. Hour 1.

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855-212-4227. You can always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flighting. Or via the good ol' cesspool of Twitter, at Zach Gelb. That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. Hickey's off today, so producing this fine extravaganza for the next four hours.

There's no other than Alex Zarem. And we've got a load of guest lists for you today. Coming up, we'll chat a bunch about the Bay Area with the latest on the 49ers quarterback situation. Also, we'll talk about Bob Myers resigning as the general manager and president of the Golden State Warriors with Damon Bruce at 7.20 p.m. Eastern, 4.20 p.m. Eastern. 4.20 p.m. Pacific.

Nuggets color analyst Scott Hastings will stop by to preview the NBA Finals at 8.20 p.m. Eastern, 5.20 p.m. Pacific. And then a man that covers the NBA and also the Boston Celtics, Keith Smith, will join us at 9 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific. I want to start off with the 49ers. And I read today that Trey Lance has been getting the first team reps over Sam Darnold. And that really shouldn't be a story, but it is because of the fact that all season long, we've been hearing about Sam Darnold. And now if he ever gets to see the field with the 49ers, watch out. And Matt Mayoko, who I like a lot and covers the San Francisco 49ers, he was talking about it. This could be the most talented quarterback the 49ers have ever had.

And I'm like, what are we doing here? This is Sam stinking Darnold. We're talking about an organization that had Joe Montana and Steve Young, some of the greatest quarterbacks ever, Hall of Famers. And I was losing my mind for about a month or two with all this hogwash. And it wasn't just from people in the media, Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch going out of their way to hype up Sam Darnold.

But it should have never made any sense. But because there was so much noise about potentially Sam Darnold starting the season week one, because we don't know if Brock Purdy is going to be ready or not. And I'll have an update on Brock Purdy in just a second. It seemed like there was like a month period where it was Sam Darnold this, Sam Darnold that. And I'm sitting here and I'm saying, did anyone see him play for the Jets? Did anyone see him play for the Carolina Panthers? When he played well in that like three or four game stretch of the Carolina Panthers, he was running the football. He wasn't dicing up and carving up defense, you know, defenses with his great arm.

It was through his legs. So like give me a break with all this talk about Sam Darnold. And thankfully, even though Trey Lance probably won't start week one, right now they're giving Trey Lance the first team reps. Because I'll say this once, I'll say it again, even though I don't know how much I believed it at times this offseason. If, if, if Brock Purdy is not ready week one, 100% from a sanity standpoint and from a sane standpoint, Trey Lance should be the starter for the 49ers over Sam Darnold.

However, Brock Purdy, we were told about June 2nd was going to be his first throwing session actually happened a few days prior to that because Brock Purdy, according to John Lynch had his first throwing session and they are incredibly encouraged by that throwing session. So I think Brock Purdy this year is one of the more fascinating quarterbacks in the NFL because you have a team right now that's had a championship window. And with Jimmy Garoppolo, they got the two NFC title games, right? They got to a Super Bowl.

You look at with Brock Purdy, they got to an NFC title game last year, and he got hurt at Lincoln Financial Field. We have seen the 49ers have a good amount of success, the last few years, and I know people view success as winning a championship or not. But in terms of consistently being in the mix, the 49ers have been there a ton the last few years when they got to the Super Bowl and Garoppolo for the first three quarters outplayed Mahomes before he had the Mahomes come back down by 10 with like eight minutes to go or so or seven and a half to go in that Super Bowl right before COVID happened. We've seen Jimmy Garoppolo get to another NFC title game up against the Rams.

We've seen last year the 49ers get to another NFC title game up against the Eagles. So they are right there with a roster that keeps on getting better and better and better, except the quarterback position is the big unknown. And that's such an anomaly because in the year of 2023, you're not having a lot of teams that don't have a quarterback that end up having a ton of success like that is so tough to do. We've seen throughout the years unknowns or guys that aren't traditional starters be a part of a team that have a lot of success like Nick Foles never lit up the field when he was the starter for an entire season. But in small doses, Nick Foles had a great two game run to win the Eagles the Super Bowl. You look at Trent Dilfer with the Ravens, like no one was afraid of Trent Dilfer, but that team was so good you only needed a game manager to win that Super Bowl because of how dominant that defense was.

Right, Brad Johnson, no one was really afraid of Brad Johnson, but that defense was so dominant to win. So you could win in this league without having a great quarterback, without having a Hall of Fame quarterback. It's not easy, but you can't have many other flaws on your roster. And when you look at the construction of the 49ers, they have lethal playmakers from Christian McCaffrey to Deebo Samuel to Brandon Aiyuk. On the defensive side of the ball, it all starts with Nick Bosa. Like you have a loaded roster, and what makes the 49ers so impressive is they continue to have success where it feels like year in and year out, they're in the final four teams, and they're in the final two in the NFC, and their quarterback position has zero direction.

At first, Jimmy G is the guy, then they try to go get Kirk Cousins, then they go move mountains to go get Trey Lance, then they go back to Jimmy Garoppolo. Now, it's all of a sudden, oh, Trey Lance is on the roster, but this kid Brock Purdy had a good six or seven game run, so now he's going to be the guy. And even John Lynch reiterated today on Sirius XM that he's the leader in the clubhouse, Brock Purdy, as long as he's healthy. And even though Brock Purdy did some sensational things last year and some impressive things, I can't tell you that a man that became relevant after being Mr.

Irrelevant in the draft is definitely going to be a stud. But Kyle Shanahan is banking on the construction of the roster, which is in a great spot, and his system to make Brock Purdy his guy. The only thing I'll say, though, is whoever Kyle Shanahan says is his guy usually is only his guy for a short amount of time. And for Brock Purdy, and it looks like he's ahead of schedule, I heard John Lynch talking about maybe being ready for the start of training camp. He's already throwing the football right now, they want him to be ready, their goal is for him to be ready by week one, but they want him to be 100%. At one point this year, whether it's from game one or after a few weeks in, Brock Purdy is going to be the guy for the 49ers. The question is, though, how long can he carry that and be the number one guy on the depth chart? Because I know that story was pretty, pretty awesome last year, let me say pretty awesome.

It was great to see. But can I sit here, even though the Niners are hopeful that Brock Purdy will be ready for week one, and can I sit here with the tremendous amount of confidence that Brock Purdy over an entire 17 game regular season is going to be good enough? No, I can't tell you that, because this league is all about adjustments, and I know the 49ers are based off, once again, tremendous roster construction, and they believe in the system of Shanahan, and the system of Shanahan has been very successful.

Hasn't resulted in a Super Bowl, but it's been very successful. But after what, eight or nine games, where he played really well, 13 touchdowns, four interceptions, completed like 67-68% of his passes through for 13-1400 yards. Am I going to tell you that Brock Purdy is going to make it through this entire season? I can't sit here and tell you that.

I can't. So he is a great question this year on what Brock Purdy is going to look like. And when we get to other quarterbacks, because I'm fascinated to see what Brock Purdy is going to look like over an entire season, I have four other quarterbacks.

And actually, it's a common trend, and guys that are kind of related together, in terms of what they're going to do this year. Like I'm fascinated to see what happens with Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love. Now, a year ago, everyone would have told you, wow, the Broncos run the Russell Wilson trade.

Oh my God. What is Pete Carroll doing? He needs to retire. Geno Smith, Drew Locke, like what are they thinking? Why would you run Russell Wilson out of town? And look at we view that a year later. We view that a year later, as so far, the Seattle Seahawks winning the trade. The Seattle Seahawks maybe knowing something that a lot of us didn't know. And now there's a major question about Russell Wilson. So just because you would think, right, the Jets are going to be better than the Packers and Rodgers is going to be better than Love.

I'm just curious how that is a year from now. Like when we're sitting here at the end of the season, how are we talking about Jordan Love? How are we talking about Aaron Rodgers? Because it's going to be very tough for Aaron Rodgers to walk away from this season looking great. Like he could win a league MVP.

And if you want to say that to him looking great, fine. But for Aaron Rodgers, I think he's got to do more than just make the playoffs. And in a loaded AFC, when you have Buffalo, when you have Kansas City, Cincinnati, the Jaguars, when you have Miami, the Ravens, the Chargers, you go on and on and on. The Jets, I think, will make the playoffs. But am I going to sit here and tell you right now the Jets are going to outshine and out duel in a playoff game, Kansas City? Are they going to outshine the Cincinnati Bengals? I'm not ready to go there.

I'm not even ready to say. Like the Jets will be competitive for the division, but I would lean Buffalo right now. And for Jordan Love, even though you're replacing a Hall of Famer and you're replacing a Super Bowl champion, an absolute legend for that franchise, it's not really a high bar. Like, can they go make the playoffs? Can they go compete for that last wildcard spot in the NFC North? Sure. You know, in the NFC, sure. They can. Do I think it's likely?

No. But if you go in like eight games this year, you go eight and nine and you walk away with having enough tangible plays to believe that Jordan Love is the guy, that's a successful season for the Green Bay Packers. I'm also curious to see how much regression there's going to be this year with these two guys, if at any at all, Geno Smith and Jared Goff. Because when Geno Smith was named the starting quarterback for the Seahawks, it was someone else will eventually replace him.

He just signed a three year extension this past year. You look at Jared Goff, when he got traded for Stafford, it was a throwing salary dump. Now the Lions have a legit chance to go in the NFC North this year. So I just want to see after what was a pretty positive year last year with Geno Smith and Jared Goff, how much regression is there going to be and can they get better with the impressive play that they displayed last year? I mentioned the Russell Wilson trade earlier. I think Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson are linked together this year in terms of year one wasn't all that impressive in their new home. Now Watson was working off the suspension and a lot of rust to knock off since he hasn't been playing. Russell Wilson was just flat out horrible and he didn't get OK, serviceable until they got rid of Nathaniel Hackett. Now he has Sean Payton in. For Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson, your organizations traded a whole lot to get you in terms of draft capital and then paid you a bleep ton of money. You both have to make the playoffs this year and I don't feel great about either making the playoffs this year. And then I'm going to group these three quarterbacks together.

And my big concern for all three is just their health. Lamar Jackson got paid the last two years. He hasn't been on the field at the end of the season to a tongue of Iloa. The Dolphins have a loaded roster, one of the more talented rosters in the league. Can he get through an entire season without having a concussion? And then you look at Dak Prescott, the last two years, Dak has missed time. They've been really good in the regular season. He's been healthy for the postseason. And in the postseason, he's been absolutely dreadful when you look back at the two performances up against the San Francisco 49ers, where two years ago he couldn't snap the ball with 13 seconds to go. And this past year, their defense gave you a championship effort.

But Dak Prescott was the farthest thing from a champion in a game that was right there for the taking. So those are some quarterbacks that I'm fascinated by this year that are all question marks. Brock Purdy's a question mark. Rogers, love.

Rogers, more so just in a new home. Geno and Goff, Russ and Watson. And then the trio I just mentioned of Dak, Tua and Lamar. Who's a quarterback that you're fascinated by this year? Who's a quarterback that you're questioning heading into this season? 8-5-5, 2-1-2 for CBS.

8-5-5, 2-1-2, 42-27. We'll take a time out on the Zach Gelb show. When we return, the NBA Finals do commence tomorrow, finally, as you do have Nicole Jokic looking for his first ever championship. And then you also have Jimmy Butler looking for his first ever championship. When we look across Major League Baseball, NFL, basketball and hockey, the four major sports in the U.S., who are the active players that you would love to see who don't have a championship, win a championship. And I'll give you my four when we come on back. It is the Zach Gelb show coast to coast on Wednesday right here on CBS Sports Radio.

Alrighty, Zach Gelb show, CBS Sports Radio. So the NBA Finals do get underway coming up tomorrow as Game 1 will be in Denver, as you have the number one seed in the Western Conference. Denver Nuggets going up against the eighth seed, Miami Heat, who are actually in the second playing game, and were down late in that second playing game after dropping the first one. And we all know this historical run that they have gone on, when they did take down the Milwaukee Bucks in five games to open up the NBA postseason, the second round taking down the New York Knicks, and this pass round almost making history in the wrong way, up 3-0, then getting to a Game 7, and in Game 7, Caleb Martin was just sensational. And I thought he should have won the Eastern Conference Finals MVP, but it ended up going to Jimmy Butler. But you look at both these teams, I don't think anyone has any animosity towards any of these teams. Like, if you ask the neutral person, do you hate the Heat or do you hate the Nuggets, I don't think anyone is going to say that they hate the Heat or they hate the Nuggets. Now, maybe that's why some people are down on this NBA Finals, because I don't think it's bad to have a villain, and I truly don't believe that there's a villain in these NBA Finals, but personally, I love the storylines, and this is why I love this version of the NBA Finals, because Miami was unpredictable, and you have Jimmy Butler who is so likable, and he's really elevated his game and taken his game to the next level ever since going to Miami when he left Philadelphia, and you look at Denver, the last two years, Jamal Murray was missing for Denver. And for whatever the reasons were, people were being stupid in their analysis of the Denver Nuggets, where they were like, oh, Nicole Jokic could just win MVPs, but he can't find a way to advance far into the playoffs and go win a championship. Oh, and you take the second best player off the team, and when you look at the construction of the Denver Nuggets and how reliant they are in the big moments of Jamal Murray, in a league of dynamic duos, I'm sorry. Right now, Nicole Jokic and Michael Porter Jr. as a duo isn't going to get you into an NBA Finals.

Now, you go put Michael Porter Jr. as your third best player with Gordon, and you put Jamal Murray, who is a killer, as your second best player? Yeah, that's a team that can get to the Finals. And this is not just me telling you that now, no bleep, Sherlock, when they're in the NBA Finals.

I've been saying this since 2020. I've done sports minutes in 2020 when I said Denver is only going to get better and they're not going away. And even last year when everyone was crushing the Nuggets for their early playoff exit, I said, what are you guys not understanding? They don't have Jamal Murray. And the biggest key for Denver was getting Jamal Murray back and getting him back to bubble Jamal Murray.

And he's clearly been able to do that since recovering from the injury and getting back on the basketball court this year. So either Denver is going to get their NBA title and Nicole Jokic is going to win his first ever ring, or you could have Miami with the Heat. And this would be a big tip of the cap if they could get it done to Eric Spolstra. It adds to the greatness of Pat Riley. But for Jimmy Butler, it would be his first championship. So we're going to see a first time champion, whether it's Jimmy Butler or Nicole Jokic, whenever this NBA Finals do wrap up. So it got me thinking, when you go through the four major sports and when we get to the NBA, I'm not going to say either Nicole Jokic or Jimmy Butler because one of those guys are going to win a championship. Who is an active player? Not someone that is retired that didn't win a ring. Active players that don't have a ring that you would love to see win a championship. And I start things off with baseball.

It's clear. It's Shohei Ohtani. For a while, I probably would have said Mike Trout.

And ironically, they're on the same team. But we've been bitching about Mike Trout not being in the postseason for his entire career. He's only made the playoffs once, got swept out of the first round with the Boston Red Sox. And Ohtani goes to the same team and Ohtani does something that no one else does in the game.

That no one else does on the planet. Where he's an elite pitcher and at the dish, he's also a phenomenal hitter. The thing that we're missing with Ohtani and he's taken over the sport and he's been the face and the star of this sport is seeing him in the postseason.

Which we've never seen before. And that's even with the American League adding and the National League adding an extra playoff spot. I look at Ohtani, that's the one thing that we're missing from him is postseason success. Because he's never had the opportunity to get to the postseason. That's why I'm praying he gets traded by this deadline. And he goes to an actual contender. If they don't trade him, which I don't understand why they wouldn't at this point. Because I don't think they're going to be able to resign him, but maybe they know something that we don't. Then wherever he lands afterwards, I want to see him be a team bare minimum that's almost in the postseason like every year.

That's what I want to see. And you remember a few years ago when the Nationals went on their title run. That was even after losing Bryce Harper.

And they were close for a bunch of years. Juan Soto was so young, I think he turned 21 in the World Series. And look how many big moments early you got to see from a player of the caliber of Juan Soto. And for Major League Baseball, that is so big to take advantage of your postseason. Where say what you want about the regular season in baseball, the postseason in Major League Baseball is awesome.

And I would love to see Shohei Ohtani, the best player in the sport, the most entertaining player in the sport, get a championship. When we go to football, there's so many different ways that you could go. And I thought about Josh Allen because what I mean for the city of Buffalo. I thought of someone like a Joe Burrow, who we've seen in a Super Bowl, but didn't win it. But I'm going to go with Lamar Jackson, actually, because Lamar Jackson won a unanimous MVP a few years ago.

And for a while he kind of receives, and he still does, what was the Giannis and then the Koliokic treatment. And what I mean by that, guys that have displayed greatness in the regular season. Guys that have won an MVP and in Giannis in Joker's case too, and Lamar's only won one.

And then because they're so young, and there's really not many other boxes to check off when they have shortcomings in the postseason. You have every Tom, Dick and Harry in America saying, oh, can't get it done, can't win a Super Bowl. It's like we almost forget a guy like John Elway, who's all time great, didn't win a Super Bowl, ended up winning two Super Bowls towards the end of his career. Not everyone is able to walk in in the first four or five years of their career, win a Super Bowl. And I would love to see Lamar win a Super Bowl because there would be a giant middle finger to so many people where I think Lamar has got a lot of unfair criticism, even before his NFL career started.

You go back to the idiotic comments and suggestion by Bill Polian, oh, he needs to go try a different position. Now, just because you're a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback doesn't mean that you'll be successful in the NFL. Tim Tebow wasn't successful in the NFL, and there's a list of so many others. But with what he did in college at Louisville, Lamar Jackson was definitely deserving of an opportunity to be a starting quarterback in this league. And he ended up going 32nd overall in a draft class quarterback wise that it's actually funny when you look back at when you had Baker Mayfield go one, Sam Darnold go three. You also had Josh Allen and Josh Rosen before you had Lamar Jackson go with the final pick in the first round. Outside of Lamar, Josh Allen's the only great quarterback in that draft class. And I would rather have Josh Allen than Lamar Jackson. But Baker's been a bust, Sam Darnold's been a bust, and I guess Josh Rosen is sitting in a jacuzzi somewhere. I don't know if that's an indoor jacuzzi or an outdoor jacuzzi. May had to move that jacuzzi outdoors and actually utilize some of that house space.

I'm sure it is shrinking. But Lamar Jackson, it would be great to see him win a Super Bowl because that's the only real thing missing from his resume. And it would be a moment that you could never take away from him from a guy that all he's done is pretty much succeeded and people keep on doubting him. And don't get me wrong, health has been a problem last two years. He's not been healthy at the end of the season. That's been a problem.

Now he's paid. They've improved the wide receiving room. Let's see if they go get DeAndre Hopkins. I want to see Lamar Jackson sooner rather than later win a Super Bowl. For the NBA and take Joker, take Jimmy Butler out of it.

I think my answer is going to surprise a lot of people. Because for years and years and years, my answer to this question would have been Damian Lillard. And if you listen to this show, you know how big of a fan I am of Dame Dalla and Dame Time. The thing, though, that I'm now frustrated with Damian Lillard is for so many years we've been talking about his departure from Portland.

When is that actually going to happen and will it actually happen? And maybe it does this offseason. Because Miami's four wins away from winning a championship. Imagine they added Dame with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.

I don't know how you make the deal work, but if you could have that trio in Miami, that would be phenomenal. But until Dame leaves Portland, this is not me crapping on Portland. I love Portland. It's one of the best trips I've ever taken. I went on a phenomenal vacation that started in Seattle. We road tripped down to Portland.

We went all throughout Oregon. Portland's one of my favorite cities in America. But until Dame leaves, because he's not going to win a championship in Portland, and I respect his effort, I'm not going to sit here and tell you he's the guy that I most want to see win a championship because he needs to finally leave Portland. And he keeps on trying to give Portland the benefit of the doubt.

So the guy that I'm actually going to pick here, and I think this will surprise people, it's actually Jalen Brunson. And Jalen Brunson's stock the last two years has gone through the roof, where he was really good in that last year in Dallas, and then took it to a different level this year, being the best player on the Knicks. Like the Knicks should have no way have been in the second round before the season started.

And even Durham, I liked them up against Cleveland, but it wasn't a lot that they were going to beat Cleveland as quickly as they did. And I just love the way that Jalen Brunson plays, and he was a winner at Villanova, and he's showing you winning qualities right now in the NBA. And imagine if you could ever get the Knicks, I'm talking about really good. Like the Knicks are fine right now.

They made the playoffs to the last three years, they got to the second round, they're going to need another star to take it to that next level, but I could always root for a player like Jalen Brunson. And in hockey this is easy. Since the long quest is out of the league, because that would be my answer forever, it's the best player in the sport right now. And that's Connor McDavid. And it's crazy, and it's because of a lack of goaltending. You have Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. McDavid's the best player in the league, Draisaitl's the top five player in the league. How they can't win a championship because of how bad the goalie play is, it's crazy. So those are four players, active players that I'd love to see win a championship.

When you go sport by sport, Major League Baseball, Shohei Ohtani, National Football League, Lamar Jackson, NBA, Jalen Brunson, and then with the Pucks, I'll go with Connor McDavid. 8-5-5, 2-1-2 for CBS, 8-5-5, 2-1-2, 42-27. Let's go to Toby in Maryland next up on the Zach Gelb show. Toby, what's happening? I was just going to say, you were talking about the Ravens earlier, and I was just going to say the new joining of OBJ. I don't think the Ravens need OBJ. He's a showboater, they already have Mark Andrews, and Mark Andrews is way better than OBJ. Well, Mark Andrews is a tight end, so why wouldn't you add in Odell Beckham Jr.? That makes no sense to me, it's a completely different position. Well, Mark Andrews, as a player, he plays like a tight end, and then also like a wide receiver.

But that doesn't make sense. Having Odell Beckham, who's a wide receiver, and bringing up Mark Andrews, Mark Andrews is a tight end, so I don't get your point there. Well, I don't think he'll work well with the Ravens offense.

And that is because? He's just a showboater, he always wants the ball, and he just- Well, let me ask you this. Did he work out okay with the Los Angeles Rams? Not to my knowledge, not very well. He caught a touchdown in the Super Bowl before tearing his ACL, Toby.

So, let's study up a little bit. And I'm not even the biggest Odell Beckham Jr. supporter in the world, but if you're just going to say because the guy likes to celebrate is why you don't want him on his team, you wouldn't want Chad Ochocinco on your team back in the day? How about Terrell Owens?

Oh, God forbid Joe Horn did a cell phone celebration. Oh, can't have him on my team. Rob Gronkowski was a pretty big showboater. I don't want Rob Gronkowski. Now, Mark Andrews is their best pass-catching option, I will give you that, but your quarterback wanted Odell. Now, you could question Odell for many other reasons, his health being one of them, but I don't think there's any harm in bringing in Odell Beckham Jr. Because Rashad Bateman has been hurt. They used the number one pick on him.

Zay Flowers, they just used the number one pick on him. You needed to add to that wide receiving room. So, you could question Odell in terms of can he make it through a season? I don't think he's a great number one wide receiver anymore, but if you just call me up and say, I don't want Odell because the guy's a showboater, what the heck does that mean? What are you, Toby, the commissioner of the No Fun League? Was that a planted call from Roger Goodell? Hey, Goodell, I finally started to say some nice things about you. I called you the best commissioner in the sport. I used to own a barstool Goodell clown shirt.

I actually still own it. But I made you now the best commissioner in the sport because Rob Manfred stinks and Adam Silver has no spine. And Bateman's too.

You know, Bateman's in at two, Goodell's one, Manfred three, and then Spineless Silver four. So, Goodell, don't be planting phone calls to this show just because you don't want to see any celebrations. I love that. That was one of my favorite moments as a kid growing up watching Randy Moss celebrate, Joe Horn celebrate, Chad Ochocinco taking the pile on and putting it in the Hall of Fame jacket.

I love that stuff. But because people like to have fun and people like to celebrate their accomplishments in a vicious game. Oh, yeah, I don't want them on my team. Oh, give me a break. No one defended Cam more than me. When people would get on cam for doing the Superman celebration and then handing footballs to children. Remember, Cam has to stop celebrating, giving the football.

He was giving footballs to children. People had a problem with that. Man, people just sometimes are stupid. So I was walking down the streets today in New York. I was doing my daily stroll where after I go to the gym with about like 30 minutes left on my elliptical ride, as I try to do the elliptical Monday through Friday for an hour a day. So with about 30 minutes left on the elliptical, I order my salad from Sweet Greens.

That's what I've been doing recently for a while. And the walk to the salad isn't that far. It's probably like a half mile or something like that. And I usually have my headphones in. I'm listening to music. Just I'm a big music guy in the gym. So once you walk right out of the gym, which is in my building, walk that half mile, usually continue the tunes. But I got a phone call today to start that walk. So I took the phone call for like a minute or two.

And then right after I hung up the phone, for some reason the music didn't restart. And it was like the perfect transition because I hear this couple talking. And I think it was the husband at first who said, did you hear Al Pacino, who is 82 years old, is expecting another child?

As he has a 29, I think 29 year old girlfriend. And then the wife said to the husband, I think you're confusing Al Pacino with Robert De Niro. And Robert De Niro, I think this was earlier in the month. He's 79.

He welcomed in his seventh child. So I turned around and usually I would not impede on a conversation and I would not interrupt on this conversation. But I felt like it was so important because the couple wasn't going at it. But one said Pacino, one said De Niro.

And I go, you're actually both right. Where Robert De Niro, I guess his girlfriend had a kid earlier in the month and he's 79. I said Pacino's girlfriend, I think is like seven or eight months pregnant. And Pacino is 82 years old, which is just crazy. Like, how long can you realistically expect Al Pacino, like even if he stays alive for 10 more years, the kid's barely going to know him.

Even if he finds a way to get 18 years, that kid, 18 more years, kid's not even 20. So it's it's just crazy. When you look at Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, De Niro almost 80, Pacino a few years past 80, how they are still having children. That's just wild.

I feel like that shouldn't be allowed. Like Alex, seriously, 82 years old? Yeah, they're past their prime.

If I'm giving him 10 more years, they had put him at 92. You're not going to know that child. I have no idea how old the kid's going to be when, you know, when they're on their deathbed.

I don't know. Yeah, right. God bless Pacino and De Niro. I hope they live for another 20 years. Yeah, yeah.

But the odds are in your favor for being ever being serious here. And both your girlfriends just welcome. Well, one welcomed another child. The other one's about to welcome in another child. That's just crazy.

Man, just wild stuff. So I thought that was funny how this couple got Pacino and De Niro confused. Probably not the first time, probably not the last. But in this case, you would think only one of them maybe would. Well, you hope none of them. But you would think only one is still having children. Well, both are still having children. But by the way, I was reading this. Keith Smith's going to join us later.

We'll talk all things Boston Celtics and all things NBA as well. And Keith had some really good tweets the other day where I said this on the show yesterday. I didn't have the exact numbers in front of me because I didn't hear it anyway. But if you're familiar with the way the CBA works in the NBA, if you stay with your current team, you get more money. So I know that there was a big difference.

I didn't realize that it was this steep. So Keith Smith pointed out Boston is the only team that can offer Jalen Brown because sometimes the rights transfer. But he's no longer on his rookie deal. So Boston's the only team that can offer Jalen Brown the supermax. And the Celtics, we had this number for yesterday, can offer him a projected five years, $290.3 million.

In some places, I've seen that as high as five years, $295. Now, if another team trades for Brown or if they sign him in for agency and he still has a year left on his contract, the projection for that other team is four years, $1.84.5 million. Now, if you want to do a four-year comp versus a four-year comp, the Celtics on a four-year deal could offer him $224 million. And once again, it's that same $184.5 million for another team. If you're Jalen Brown, where, yes, you haven't won a championship in Boston, but you're still young, you're 27 years old, I think Tatum's 25, that duo together has been successful, where they're consistently in the Eastern Conference Finals. They've been to an NBA Finals. Can Jalen Brown improve as a player?

Absolutely. I like what Caleb Martin said to Dan Lebatard, that the game plan's always just have him go left, and he's not wrong. Because any time Jalen Brown tried to go left, there was a turnover and eight turnovers in the game in Game 7. And I don't know if Jalen Brown's happy in Boston. I don't know if he wants to stay there. And that's a whole different conversation.

But how bad could it be in Boston where you have a really damn good team, you guys have to get over the hump, you have to take better care of the basketball. But if I was in Jalen Brown's shoes, and I'm not, I'm just looking at that from a financial standpoint, $290.3 million over four years, compared to what any other team can give him is a four-year $184.5 million. That's a significant difference. That's not like, oh, this job's offering me $17 million a year, but the other job's offering $19 million a year. Like at that point, then, what does it matter?

And I guess you could say, at this point, what does it matter anyway? Because you're still getting $185 million, you know, bare minimum. But you look at $185 to $290, I don't know many people that would get offered that $290. And the other job would come calling and say, another team, you have to move as well, do all that stuff, $185, then you go, yeah, I'm going to pass up in the five years $290 million. If Jalen Brown doesn't want to be there, then the Celtics have to trade in this offseason. But I'm not expecting Jalen Brown to go to Brad Stevens this offseason and say, I don't want to be there.

I know he hasn't provided a lot of clarity. I know he hasn't made you feel like he necessarily definitely wants to be in Boston. But if you're going to get rid of him, it has to be this offseason because you got to know if he wants to be there or not. And if he doesn't want to be there, you can't wait until next year. You've got to do this now with the year left on the contract because you have a championship window still in Boston. Don't get me wrong.

Game seven was ugly. But it doesn't mean that's the nail in the coffin for both guys that are still way under 30 to go win a championship. And I have a tough time believing that the situation in Boston is that bad. Where, yes, for years we've been talking about Brown and Tatum being broken up.

But I have a tough time believing that situation is that bad. That Jalen Brown, who's a really smart guy, is going to look at this and go, OK, I go somewhere else four years, a buck eighty four point five million. But if I stay in Boston, I've already built my career and all I need to do now is go win a championship. Oh, yeah, they're going to pay me five years, two hundred ninety point three million. I think that's tough when you do the math to say, OK, when you look at the end result that Jalen Brown is going to request a trade this offseason or not get to a long term deal with the Boston Celtics this offseason. It is Zach Galb's show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll do the news brief next.
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