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DeAndre Hopkins Draft (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 30, 2023 10:06 pm

DeAndre Hopkins Draft (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 30, 2023 10:06 pm

What's next for the Celtics? l Draft of teams that could DeAndre Hopkins l Closing Bell


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That's right, it is the Zach Gelb Show, Coast to Coast on CBS Sports Radio. What an anticlimactic. Game seven.

Hickey, right? Like we probably should have been deserving of a great back and forth game. But really what should have been the way you feel about a game seven happened in game six. And it's tough to go back to back all time classic games, but we were on the verge of having an all time classic type of series, which I would have never have thought would have been the case when it was 3-0 Miami. And even when Boston got one, it was momentum really doesn't move until you kind of see them go to game six and then drop game six. And 3-1 then became 3-2. And then 3-2 in Miami on Saturday night. That is when momentum, we thought, shifted. Because when you had that tip and go in by Derek White, everyone thought it in America.

If you didn't even think it then on Monday, that's different. But in the moment on that Saturday night, every single person, if they're being honest with you, thought that the Boston Celtics were just destined to win this series. And then come Monday night, it was an absolute ass kicking by the Miami Heat. And it wasn't like you look at Miami and their performance meant that the game should have been a blowout.

Caleb Martin was the reason why they won that game. Why they're off to the NBA Finals and their defense was sensational. But the Boston Celtics to me, and I'm not taking anything away from Miami, but they're the bigger takeaway from today. When you go off that emotional high of a game six, where you win to save your season, and then you lose, lose game seven, not even lose game seven, but a non-competitive, it's mystifying to me. And I know everyone's going to tell me, oh, but that's what Boston's been all throughout the season.

Fine. You can tell me that. Now Boston has lacked a killer instinct, even regardless of what their record is, all throughout the season. And in the playoffs, early on against the Hawks, series should have never been six games. They should have never been down 3-2 to the Sixers. Right, they lose that game one when Embiid doesn't play, Harding goes off. And then in that third series, how they were down 3-0 just to begin with, is mind-boggling. But they still had a chance to win the series. And the moment when Tatum had his ankle rolled right early on in the in-game seven, it's almost as if all of Boston at the TD Garden just exhaled and was like, uh-oh, it's just not meant to be. Which is crazy because Boston, they have the more talented team. You have Jason Tatum, who's a stud. If he gets hurt, I'm not saying that's easy to overcome, but he still played even though he was a decoy. Jalen Brown's got to go show you why he was an All-NBA second team player this year.

And he was just abysmal in the contest last night. Hickey, I know you put up this front on Twitter last night, where you tweet out before the game, Boston's going to lose, Miami's going to win. And I expect you to echo that sentiment because you picked the heat before the series in six games. So I know you're pretty damn well. You don't go and turn against your prediction until you're proven to be raw.

And nine times out of ten, Hickey makes one of these claims and he ends up being raw. So I'll give you credit for getting Miami right and winning the series. But even though you put up that front on Monday night, you had to be really worried after Saturday that when Boston wins the game like that, like forget Monday, I'm just talking about from Saturday night. Even you had to think in the moment. Okay, maybe Boston is going to find a way to make this history.

In the moment, absolutely. It felt like destiny. It's one of those things where we'll be looking back at this 30 years from now is the game, like the tip in, I don't know what you know, there's all that, you know, every big play in history has some sort of name, the catch, Etc. The tip, I don't know, but I'm sure would have had a name sooner or later.

I don't know if it would have gone with the tip, but tip in whatever you want rise on with Derek White's name. People are more creative than I am, but it's like that that was one of those plays where it felt like Miami had no chance of being in the game. All of a sudden on the free throw line with the chance to basically win the game with three seconds left. And you're like, holy cow, they're going to steal this game. They're going to go to the finals and then you see marker smart Chuck up a shot. You're like, oh, that's not going in this game is over. And then you get that miracle where at least I don't know you for me.

Oh, no, no way late. I thought to me look late and obviously the replay is perfect timing. But in the moment like, oh, no, it's he's screaming and counting because he's desperate. He hopes to keep a season alive, but did not think he got off in time. And then you're like, oh, wow, that counted.

They just won the game. Like his history felt like it was going to be made after that night. You're exactly right. The moment when they were like, oh, wait a second. We don't know if that went in or not.

I thought for sure. It just didn't have enough time because smart shot the ball and got the ball with only three seconds left. Now they added on way more time than they should have.

When you go back and review it all that we could get into that conversation. It didn't end up impacting the series because Miami ends up winning game seven. But if the Heat would have lost last night, the Heat fan would have been bitching that there shouldn't even been that much time left. And I still don't understand how they added as much time as they did going back to that foul. That was when Jimmy Butler had the ball and he still had the ball with three seconds left.

And somehow they upped it all the way to three. But right away, like when you just for that 10 seconds had no clue what was going on. At first I thought to myself, no way that went in. But before I saw a replay and you just see how adamant Derek White was, sure like part of you goes out every play in that moment is going to try to sell it. But when you go back and watch it, White who had the best view out of anybody in the house because he has the ball, the buzzer's right in front of him and he puts it in. When you go back and watch that, he knew. The moment that went in, he knew that that basket was going to be successful.

And when it does go in and you find out that it does count. Yeah, everyone's thinking that the Boston Celtics are going to win that series. And I put this out there on Twitter, like what are some of those great plays in sports that don't get that much credit or associated with losing? And sure, White hits the shot in the moment. But Derek White, whenever you mention that shot, it's unfortunately going to be, but they ended up losing the series. I talked about the Andy Chavez catch earlier.

Yeah, great moment right there. But the Mets ended up losing that game seven with the out of your Molina home run off Aaron Heilman. You also had some people say the pool holes home run up against Brad Lidge in that game five. And we know the Cardinals ended up losing that series. You also could have talked about, I saw Mraz tweeted me this, the curse catch in the Super Bowl before the Malcolm Butler interception. Like that's a moment that's that's forgotten about.

Marcus Page, UNC. Oh, yeah, that's right. That's a great shot where it's like, holy cow, tied the game out of nowhere.

Double clutch in the air. I was actually in his Twitter profile picture when that shot happened. Did I ever tell you that?

No. So I was covering the Final Four that year in Philly. And after the game, I was talking to him in the locker room and one of those professional cameras got a shot of him.

I don't remember if he had the trophy in his hand or not, but he had the net right around his neck. And I was the reporter that was standing right next to him. And he made that his profile picture. And when he hits that shot, everyone's going to his Twitter page. You're like, oh, I was getting so many tweets from my friends and texts from my friends. You're in his profile picture.

You're in his profile picture. And then shortly after that, poof, you have O'Shefu mopping up the court. You then had, it was Archie Diacono with the pass before Jenkins for the championship. Ooh, onions!

Double sauteed! That's another great one as well. But there's these moments in sports that you always do remember, but sometimes they're associated with losing. And that Celtics shot by Derek White is always going to be talked about, right? It's going to be one of those, this is a franchise that is the definition of iconic moments. And that's always going to be a moment that's going to be talked about. But then people are going to say, yeah, but they ended up losing the series.

Like when you do like pump up kind of videos, that shot will be in there when you're doing pump up videos, but it's always going to be like, ugh, yeah, great shot, but they ended up losing that series. And that no-show by the Celtics last night, to me, is the biggest story from Game 7. And the play that's most responsible for that is Jalen Brown. Because really, you allowed Caleb Martin to go into your own building and beat the Boston Celtics and prevent the Boston Celtics from having this epic comeback. And sure, if you're a Celtics fan, you can sit there, you can bitch and complain about the Jason Tatum injury with him rolling his ankle.

But you have a better and a deeper team. And Jalen Brown, technically this year, was a top 10 player in the sport. And he had eight turnovers, canned triple to his left, which has been an issue for a while. And was just absolutely brutal, shooting a three-point shot, and any shot for that matter. And the Celtics live and die by the three. We know that. That's been evident. That's been so well-documented, this series. And you had guys like Derek White get hot, Marcus Smart get hot in 5 and 6 to allow this comeback.

But then in Game 7, no one could hit water even if they fell out of a boat. And Jalen Brown, you always hear those rumors, does he want to stay in Boston? And he doesn't help himself with the way that he answers this question because he never gives you an answer that makes you fully believe him. And you look at last night, he had an opportunity to show you that he could be a number one on a championship team. And last night he showed you why there's a reason why he's a number two, not a number one. Because with Tatum getting banged up and clearly not being able to be as effective as you would want him to be for a Game 7, you needed Jalen Brown to elevate the rest of the team.

And he couldn't do that. And it's weird now when you talk about the future of Jalen Brown because there's only a year left on the contract. And since we've seen the Celtics, since they were so good at such an early age with Tatum and Brown and they got to all those conference finals. Remember in Tatum's rookie year when he threw it down in LeBron James' face in the conference finals in that Game 7?

We've seen them in so many moments. These guys are 25 and 26 years old in Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown. Now, Tatum's not going anywhere. But the question is, does Jalen Brown get dealt this offseason? And you have to know if Jalen Brown wants to stay in Boston. If he does, he's eligible for the five-year $295 million contract. He's probably going to get that as crazy of a contract as that is. Is he worth that money?

No. But, Hickey, it's kind of like quarterbacks in the NFL. There's a lot of quarterbacks that are really, really, really, really, really good.

That get paid a lot more than what they're worth. But that's what the market dictates. And this is what the market's going to dictate for Jalen Brown. The only way he's not going to be in the Boston Celtics next year is if he does not want to be a part of the team.

And if he wants to go somewhere else to be that number one. And when you look at the potential destinations, and I've seen all right the conversation today on where Jalen Brown could potentially go, it's really not that many. Like if you want to call up the Hornets and see if you get the number two pick, and you'll get the player after Mwenbenyama, okay. But really, Portland has two avenues to go.

And I think it was Kevin O'Connor who did this out there. If Portland wants Jalen Brown, and what do they want to give up to go get Jalen Brown? Like if Dame doesn't want to leave Portland, you could give that number three overall pick, and I've seen Anthony Simons has been talked about in a potential trade, or that's been the speculation today.

And then you get a younger player and a number three overall pick. So two young players for Jalen Brown. But if Dame wants to leave, and Dame doesn't want to be a part of working with younger players again, maybe you just do Dame for Jalen Brown straight up. Maybe you have to add something if you're Portland, but Damian Lillard's a better player than Jalen Brown in my opinion.

But Dame is older and Jalen Brown is significantly younger. So I'll be fascinated to see how the Celtics do approaches this offseason. But the guy that really holds the power here is Jalen Brown, and I want to see if Jalen Brown wants to be a Boston Celtic. Because Hickey, if he can't give you that clear answer this offseason, that is your answer. If he does not want to be a Boston Celtic, whether he says that or not, like if he can't answer that question, do you want to be Boston Celtic? And if he can't say yes, then if you're Boston, you have no other choice with a year left on that deal to then trade him. Even though this team is still very young, and there's still a championship window for this team, even though you wake up today, you probably don't feel that's the case with just how underwhelming they were in this postseason. Well, I think even if he wants to be there, you still have to explore every trade possibility and see if there's one out there that works. Just because at this point, I don't think you can win a championship with Tatum and Brown as your two best players. I know they're still young, but we've gone now down this road a while.

They're both inconsistent. I think if you are the Celtics, even if you're not getting a one-for-one match of a star player back, and you can instead get two or three really, really key contributors, and maybe you get a better point guard as well. So it's like one of those things where you can use Jalen Brown, not just for a Dame trade straight up, which still would be very nice for the Celtics. But let's say you get two or three pieces that could add up to basically what he equates to as a top 20 player in the NBA. I think that's a win for Boston, something you gotta pursue. Would the number three overall pick in Simons be enough for you?

Is that the deal that you look at? Or do you maybe call up the Warriors? I've seen this has been thrown out there, and you go get Wiggins and you get Poole and then maybe Kaminga gets thrown into that deal as well. I'm still wary from the Celtics of Poole, because he's another guy that's kind of all or nothing. So at that point, I'd rather personally just keep Jalen Brown than go down the Jordan Poole rocket, at least while it's digressed a little bit or regressed.

It's only Portland. That's really the only destination. Either do the trade for Dame or you do the trade for Anthony Simons and the number three overall pick. Call the Hornets maybe LaMelo Ball?

I think that's an interesting one that's out there. If they want to give him up and go draft a point guard themselves and kind of start. I'd be surprised if the Hornets are ready to do that.

Well, they're right there. If you get Scoot Henderson, it's a guy that you know, hey, you're not going to have two point guards on the same team. Why not? In this day in the NBA, maybe you just find the way to work it out on the backcourt. If you're the Celtics, that's a trade opportunity I would look. But again, also too, we've seen some surprising trades where you don't think a guy's available to make one call. A guy of Jalen Brown's caliber is still well respected player in the NBA. He's around.

All of a sudden that could make some other guys more accessible than we thought. I think if you're a Boston, you have to at least ask around. If the no trade comes back, okay, fine. You bring it back. What are you going to do? I think you got to, whether Brown wants to, even if he says he wants to be there, still explore all trades.

And this is going to sound soft, but it's a reality of the situation. If he was miffed about the team potentially looking to trade him for Kevin Durant, how is he going to handle that when it's not looking for a player like Kevin Durant? Play better. If you're the Celtics, play better.

Don't don't give us a reason to put you on the trade block. Game seven was your chance to secure your spot here and you failed. That's that's what I tell them.

Sorry. And you could say that and that's you speaking from a fan. That's not how the NBA operates.

You know, the NBA just pats these players on the ass all the time. It's very simple. This conversation is going to go one or two ways. Jalen, do you want to be here? If he says yes, you get the deal done. Jalen, do you want to be here? If he gives you an ambiguous answer or no, then you got to trade him.

It's that simple. Ultimately, I do think he'll stay in Boston. And I do think they're going to give him this ridiculous contract. But if he gets traded, I think it's Portland. Out of all the deals you've seen rumored so far, I think it'll either be the number three pick in Hanfrey-Simons or Dame for Brown and however else you want to figure out the rest of the specifics of that deal as well. This is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. Where's DeAndre Hopkins going to land next? We'll do a little de-hop draft next.

You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. So DeAndre Hopkins, we'll see where he's going to land for this upcoming season as he is, did he officially get released yet, Hickey? Because I read some article over the weekend that he wasn't officially released and that still opens up the slim door that maybe a trade does get done. But I thought that was supposed to be finalized today, but I haven't seen anything on that. So I guess it's semantics at this point. If they have not been able to find the deal yet, even though we've seen that scenario before, when you have a player that is oh so close to getting released, they put that out there.

The next thing you know, you get some garbage pick associated with it and you find a way to work out the financials, then that could be a way that that does go down. But I'm going to assume that he's going to be a free agent. And did that become official at some point today? Four hours ago, officially official. So there you go. So we had the inevitable with DeAndre Hopkins that he was officially released today.

But I did laugh over the weekend. I think it was Mike Florio who pointed this out. Everyone said it was official on Friday. Well, it didn't pop up on however the NFL does that. And there's still a very slim chance that maybe he gets traded.

But now that is out the window with that becoming official today. So let's get a little NFL music and let's draft the potential destinations for DeAndre Hopkins on where he will land up. I'll go with the first pick here, Hickey. So nice of you to offer up the first pick and have me go here first right out of the gate. I will take the Kansas City Chiefs.

I think that gives you the best of all worlds. I don't know what the contract will be. And could other teams maybe offer you a little bit more? Sure, but you have Mahomes, you have your best chance to win a Super Bowl. And I'm sure you can make the financials work on a one-year deal for DeAndre Hopkins. So I will take the Kansas City Chiefs.

I guess this is a little bit of a risk with my first pick, but I'll go with the Bills. They've been a team that their name's been thrown around for a lot of different free agents. Now they did go after Von Miller.

So maybe this is kind of the same class, a little less money, but they have not really made a ton of aggressive kind of finishing piece moves the last two or three years. But this makes too much sense. Too much sense. I'll go with the Bills. You just think it's a risk more so because of all the Christian McCaffrey stuff? Well, I mean, I feel like we're talking about the Bills as like a landing spot for a ton of different players recently that are released that are on the trade market that and relatively decent, you know, cheap draft capital.

Got Von Miller last year. That they don't kind of go all in for yet. Brandon Beaton last year saying this is not a Super Bowl or bust year. He's kind of building the team with an eye for longevity and sustainability.

Not that this is going to cripple the cap or anything, but it just makes too much sense for Buffalo to do it. That Brandon Bean comment saying it's not Super Bowl or bust is very similar to Giannis Antetokounmpo saying that this season wasn't a failure for the Milwaukee Bucks. We all know that last year was Super Bowl or bust for the Buffalo Bills and we all know that this past year for the Milwaukee Bucks was a failure. There's just certain words that players or executives don't like to say. Championship or bust is one that executives very rarely use and for a player they usually don't like to admit when there is a failure.

I will say though, that was Jalen Brown's best moment from game seven when he admitted last night that this season was a failure because if he tried to spin this into saying all there's no failures in the NBA and Paul Dejanis, man, I that would have been the end of Jalen Brown's career in Boston because those fans would not put up with that. So I take the Chiefs, you take the Bills, we would do five picks each. My next selection, Lamar pushed for Odell Beckham. The Ravens got Odell Beckham. Lamar for weeks has been pushing for DeAndre Hopkins. Would not surprise me if Lamar gets his way in this quote unquote new era of the Baltimore Ravens when they actually start to put some bodies in the wide receiving room that you could talk yourself into. Hopkins would be the best wide receiver that Lamar's ever played with and we know they do have a phenomenal tight end in Mark Andrews. Could be a little bit of a crowded wide receiver room though because they did draft Zay Flowers as well and they're still believing in Rashad Bateman who unfortunately just has not put it all together coming out of Minnesota and winding up with the Baltimore Ravens as a first round draft pick but I'll go with the Ravens here. I'll go with a team then whose connection with the quarterback is very strong between him and DeAndre Hopkins, the Cleveland Browns. Hammond and Sean Watson had a really good thing going before that.

Did break up in Houston. Obviously now we have DeSean Watson advocating for the Browns to get Hopkins. I think it'd be a good landing spot where he could come in there, be the number one wide receiver, be on a competitive team and make a playoff push with the Browns. I'll go with the Cleveland Browns and my number two overall pick. Next one. It's ironic here. The man that's responsible for breaking up DeAndre Hopkins into Sean Watson could end up getting DeAndre Hopkins back and I'm going to go with Billy O'Brien with the New England Patriots.

And let me just say this for you, Hickey. If Bill Belichick still has his magic touch, he will find a way to get DeAndre Hopkins. Because if there's ever been anything so Patriot-like, it would be showing interest in a player, not trading anything with his old team.

He gets released, you get him on a one-year deal, and then you get finally Mac Jones, a number one wide receiver. Now, I don't think the appeal is still there with New England. I still think a lot of people in the league has respect clearly for Bill Belichick, but there's no Tom Brady there. But if you want to be a number one wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, and that's oh so important to you, New England does have a void in the number one wide receiving department on their depth chart. The difficult part there is just, where's that relationship at with Bill O'Brien and DeAndre Hopkins?

And that's one, there's been a lot reported, a lot of ugliness, and I don't know if DeAndre Hopkins, who had that facial expression interview with Bryant McFadden, didn't really look like he was all that interested in New England, but it was just a video. I'll go with the Pats. I'll say in the AFC East End, I'll go with the Jets.

They're in on Odell Beckham Jr. reportedly. I think if you are Hopkins and at least you talk about wanting to win and playing with a good quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, Jets are right now built to try to make a deep run in the playoffs. You wouldn't be the, at least you wouldn't get a lion's share of the targets because there's a lot of malice to feed there in New York. But again, you would get a lot of attention and you would definitely be a welcomed resource play with Aaron Rodgers and the Jets. I'll go New York.

I think this answer is going to surprise you. I'm actually going to stay in the Big Apple. I'm going to go with the Giants here. The Giants last year brought in Isaiah Hodgins. No one knew who the heck he was outside of Joe Shane because of their connection with Buffalo, and he put up productive numbers. Now, I don't know what Daniel Jones is still going to be as a franchise quarterback. He showed you he could be competent last year and good, but that wide receiving core right now is Isaiah Hodgins, Jalen Hyatt, Darius Sladen, and Paris Campbell, and you have Darren Waller as a tight end.

And we'll see what happens with the health of Wandell Robinson and Sterling Shepherd. That's a team that could use a number one wide receiver. DeAndre Hopkins is still that, so I'll take Big Blue with the Giants. I'll stay in the NFC East. Let's go for a team that likes the glitz, likes the glam, likes the headlines, loves their quarterback, and Di Prescott.

Maybe get him an extra weapon or two. I'll go with the Cowboys. Which that would then be a crowded wide receiving room. It would. It would. Because you have CeeDee Lamb, who's close to being a top 10 wide receiver in the league.

Like I wouldn't say it's top 10 right now, but you can make the case for it. And then they just brought it in brains and cooks and you have Michael Gallup as well. So I understand from a drama standpoint where you're going, and it would improve the wide receiving room, but with DeAndre Hopkins view that as an attractive destination with how many mouths they're already being fed in that organization. Finally. My fifth and final pick here.

Hmm. I'm going to save a team for you. And I want to see if you were if you're going to pick that team. I have two teams potentially that I just wonder if you're going to pick them. I already have my team and I bet you it's in neither team. You're thinking AFC or NFC AFC. My team is an AFC team as well. All right, we'll see.

Let's hear it. I'm going to go with the team that you could argue has a crowded wide receiver room. But if they really want to leave no stone unturned with their young quarterback, they would do this. I got the Pittsburgh Steelers as a dark horse team. Now, they have Pickens, so I think it's going to be a stud. You still have Deontay Johnson.

Well, I love Deontay Johnson, and they just brought in Allen Robinson. I'll go Pittsburgh there. Get in the AFC North kind of party where everyone's saying, maybe the Browns show interests, maybe the Ravens show interests. What about the Steelers?

Just sit in there lying and waiting to make a deal potentially. I like it. I like it. It seems like Hopkins is trying to play with a good quarterback, go to a team that's right now stable, have a good defense. This last team has a good young up-and-coming quarterback a lot of people are believing in. They are a team right now with a very good head coach. They're a team that had a lot of promise last year, looked to build on it, and their wide receiving room is interesting.

Interesting whether he could still go in there, despite there being some names, come in and still be the number one wide receiver and make a good presence. Is this a team that torments you? Yes. Team that your team can't beat?

In certain places. Yes. So you're saying Jacksonville. Jacksonville Jaguars. Now you have Calvin Ridley and you have Christian Kirk. Ridley coming off a year suspension.

Can he get back to that, you know, top and form? Just don't gamble. You're a star.

It's a question. And Zay Jones had a monster year. And Evan Ingram's back, who had a good year too, has a tight end. That would be a fun one. And they drafted our pal Brenton Strange. Brenton Strange. Who I like. That would be fun. That would be a good one.

An ATN coming out of the backfield. Hopkins wants to win. You can win Jacksonville. Now the two teams that I thought you were going to maybe go with. I thought you would consider the Detroit Lions. And then I also thought you would consider Hickey the Carolina Panthers, since you're such a big Bryce Young fan. I just don't think he would go to a place with a rookie quarterback. If anything, the one team I wish I kind of maybe did pick looking back and didn't, Denver Broncos. I think he would play for Sean Payton. I think he would believe in Russ with a wide receiving room that definitely can improve.

You know what's funny? I actually did think of Denver. The only thing, they didn't trade Jerry Judy.

And I think Jerry Judy is so overrated. Now, I know they love Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick. Those guys got to be healthy. Denver would be a good one. And you look at that, just that division. Chiefs are better, Chargers are better.

Denver's playing for third place, it feels like this year. Now, can you narrow that gap between you and the Chargers? You look at Hopkins, it's only a positive in my opinion. And not that I think he would be like this player, but Sean Payton did show you he can get Michael Thomas a lot of attention and a lot of receptions. And you know, if you're DeAndre Hopkins, again, you're not going to get that volume and catch 150 passes.

But Sean Payton showed you, if he trusts you, he'll absolutely draw plays and make sure you get the ball. It's kind of funny to say this, but I don't think people realized how good DeAndre Hopkins was last year. He missed the first six games and they didn't play towards the end of the season too. In nine games, just nine games, he had 64 receptions, 717 yards and three touchdowns. Playing with a not so good quarterback. That's impressive.

In nine games, he put up 717 yards and three touchdowns and an offense that was just brutal last year. So I elected to go Kansas City, Ravens, Pats, Giants, Steelers. Hickey goes to the Bills, Browns, Jets, Cowboys and Jaguars. Well, come on back. We'll tell you whose stock is booming, whose stock is doing. But first up, with the latest CBS Sports Radio update, wearing a very nice green shirt, if I may say so myself. Thank you. You have more fashion already than Hickey, who usually claims to be a fashionable person.

But I think today, Hickster, Emmanuel Barbari. He he has outdone you in the in the shirt department. I'm not one to toot my own horn and I like the shirt, Emmanuel. I like mine better. I think yours is better. And the amount of thought I put into putting this on is embarrassing. I appreciate the compliment.

Do me a favor. Can you just like stop being so humble all the time? Like tell Hickey, hey, you look like a slob. Shut up and actually come to work a little bit better. I like this shirt. All right, Hickey, you look like a slob. Shut up, come to work.

I like Emmanuel. I don't really change in my wardrobe either. I'm just wearing a black T-shirt today. But Hickey, you wear like the same five things all throughout. I'm actually excited that this is we're starting to turn to summer because now Hickey will actually change up the wardrobe a little bit instead of wearing the same five shirts that he wears each and every week.

Yeah, I saw a few shirts lying around. This one was at the top. Oh, yeah, that's a thought process here. That's his focuses are in other places.

That's why he's a big Superstar filling on the Yankees Radio Network pre and post as well Emmanuel Barbari. And I'm not just saying that because we share the same agent. That's a that was a genuine comment that I had a blog that I did that. I appreciate that. I was listening to you a few weeks ago on an overnight on the fan.

And then also pre and post for the for the Yankees radio network. You have a very pre and post type of voice like network field pre and post where I feel like you have to have a certain voice for pre and post and you can't be crazy like me like freaking out all the time and then getting too down in the dumps because you have to represent the team. I thought you did a very good job keeping the I guess the train from running off the tracks.

Thank you. Yeah, I feel like you got to be you got to be straightforward. Yeah, you can have a certain amount of energy.

You can't have too much energy. So I'm trying to walk that line. So thank you for thank you for noticing. Wow. So real quickly Brandon Nimmo and Nick Castellanos. No one cares about my fantasy team or both of my fantasy team Nimmo Rob Castellanos tonight of a home run right and then Castellanos Rob Nimmo of a hit as well. That's ridiculous. It's like you're going to get on the same page. Your fantasy teams conspiring against each other.

It's not good. There's gonna be problems in the clubhouse. We're going to have Castellanos and Nimmo get into a fight after. Might need to dangle one of them in a trade scene. And the trade market is open. We're wheeling and dealing.

Break them up from each other. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down.

Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell. Only on the Zach Gelb show. The Defensive Player of the Week is sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union who proudly serves the Armed Forces, DoD, Veterans and their families. Their members are the mission.

Learn more at Heat Center, bam out of bio. Was very solid on the defensive end of the floor in Game 7. Grabbing 10 rebounds and recording one block as Miami defeated the Celtics 103 to 84. The 84 points were the lowest point total of the season for Boston as they finished Game 7 shooting a dreadful 9 of 42 from 3.

Give a stock up to bam out of bio. Staying in that Game 7 have to give a stock up even though NBA on TNT didn't want any part of him in the postgame trophy presentation. 2-1 Caleb Martin who was absolutely sensational. I thought he was the Heat's best player last night. A very efficient 11 of 16 from the field. 4 of 6 from 3 had 26 points and 10 rebounds. Give Caleb Martin a stock up.

We'll keep things moving. Nick Nurse is the new head basketball coach for the Philadelphia 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Sixers, 10, 9, 8, 76ers. And Hickey, I look at this as good news for the Sixers in terms of I like the coach that they did hire, but I still don't trust Daryl Morey to turn this roster around. I do believe in the year of 2023, Nick Nurse is a better coach than Doc Rivers. But is James Harden going to be back?

And if he isn't back, who are you bringing in to replace him? So I think it's good news for the Sixers, but I still don't feel good about them in terms of where the heck are they going to go. But you look at what the Raptors have done throughout the last few years.

They have won with less where if you put Nick Nurse on that team with the Sixers the last few years, I don't know how it pans out, but I'd rather have Nick Nurse than Doc Rivers to make that a stock up. Eric Spulstra. I thought the conversation regarding Eric Spulstra would have been fascinating if he would have lost last night. Because for years people didn't want to call him great because he won with LeBron and Dwyane Wade. And the last few years people started to understand how great of a coach this guy is. But if he would have blown a 3-0 lead with only needing one more win and to be the first coach at NBA history to blow a 3-0 lead, I think there would have been a ton of criticism for Eric Spulstra and people would have wondered how great he actually is.

Instead, he's going to now that's his six NBA Finals as a head coach, give Eric Spulstra a stock up. Well, we have our NBA Finals set that will get underway on Thursday between Denver and the Miami Heat in Denver. We do have our Stanley Cup Final set as well as the Florida Panthers have been in for a long time after sweeping the Carolina Hurricanes. Vegas was up 3-0 against the Dallas Stars, then lost Game 4 and Game 5, set up a pivotal Game 6 last night in Dallas, and it was a party for the Vegas Knights, the Golden Knights. Let's hear William Carlson score his second goal of the game. This made it 5-0 in the third period. Here's the Golden Knights Radio Network. And a steal in the neutral zone, Mike Amadeo works in, right circle, tap back, score Carlson.

The steal and the strike, Amadeo to Carlson. He's got two today, 5-0 Golden Knights, two minutes into the third period. And the Golden Knights end up punching another ticket to the Stanley Cup Final. They win that series four games to two, and they defeated the Stars 6-0 in Dallas' home arena. And the Knights have been around, the Golden Knights have been around for six years. They've been to the Final Four in the sport four times, because I have to say it that way because one of those years, it was the semi-final with his realignment in the COVID season. And then they have been to now, this will be their second Stanley Cup Final. That's just insane, first six years in the NHL.

So give a stock up to the Golden Knights. Got to give a stock down to Jalen Brown. He was absolutely horrible in Game 7. Tatum rolls the ankle and you needed Brown to step up and he was just dreadful in the contest. Eight turnovers could do nothing when he had to dribble to the left and could not hit water if he fell out of a boat from three. You look back at his performance last night.

He's one of nine from three and eight of 23 from the field. He's minus 17 in the game. You need Jalen Brown to rise up. He did the opposite last night.

Give a stock down to Jalen Brown. Reggie Miller, all throughout the game, he's advocating for Caleb Martin to win the Easter Conference Finals MVP. After the game, he found out nine people have votes.

He's one of them. He ends up voting for Jimmy Butler. That makes no sense to me when you spent almost the entire game asking the question, is he playing himself into the Conference Finals MVP?

You saw a tremendous performance from Caleb Martin, a great series. So I don't get why Reggie Miller, when he made such a big stink out of that, wouldn't end up voting for Caleb Martin. Give a stock down to Reggie Miller. And finally, Bob Myers feels like it was just time to move on. Well, yeah, you felt like it was time because you didn't have the heart to end up telling guys that you're very close with in either Draymond Green or Klay Thompson that they have to move on from you if the Golden State Warriors want to continue their championship window. I get those conversations are tough, especially when you've seen these guys grow up in their professional lives and you've won four championships with them.

But let's not make no mistake about this. The reason why Bob Myers is walking away as the President and GM of the Golden State Warriors is he didn't have it in him. To just be honest with Draymond or Klay Thompson, to try to find that next great piece for Steph Curry to continue to maximize the championship window of Steph Curry. So a great career in Golden State for Bob Myers, the gymnastic one, but I don't like the explanation today.

And I don't like how he wasn't truthful. So give a stock down to Bob Myers. And that's the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll be back tomorrow on a very busy Wednesday edition of the show. Big thanks to Abby Chin today, each and every one of you for listening and participating in our radio program. Big thanks to Hot Take Kiki as well for producing this extravaganza. Be back tomorrow at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. Scott Hastings will join us as we'll preview the NBA Finals that get underway on Thursday night. We out, buh-bye. Peace!
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