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Aaron Rodgers Beefing With Matt LaFleur? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 27, 2023 10:03 pm

Aaron Rodgers Beefing With Matt LaFleur? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 27, 2023 10:03 pm

Onsides/Offsides l Zach breaks some news about Aaron Rodgers ditching Matt LaFleur in meetings the past few years l Calls on the Panthers draft


Alrighty, Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio, hour number four of our radio program. We'll get to your calls in just a bit. 855-212-4, CBS 855-212-4227.

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Get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Hot take hickey? Let's get to it. Well, Zach Lamar Jackson today made it public that earlier this month he formerly requested a trade away from the Ravens, deciding that Baltimore isn't interested in meeting his value. Now head coach John Harbaugh was speaking, or subsequently speaking, when Jackson tweeted this saying that his approach for this season is that Lamar will still be the Ravens quarterback and even went as far as to say that he expects the former MVP winner to be in Baltimore in 2023.

Onsides or offsides? John Harbaugh is right and the Ravens won't trade Lamar this offseason. Here's where I'm stuck on this. I do think that Lamar is eventually going to get traded. I've now said for a while it's not a matter of if Lamar Jackson gets traded just when. The thing that complicates it for me this offseason is we don't know when teams are going to start to talk to Lamar. I would think maybe by the draft is probably my best guess and then the other challenging part here is what happens if the Ravens look at the offer and they're like oh it's actually a fair deal we'll accept it. I do think though Lamar requesting the trade and then making it known today even though he requested the trade back on March 2nd and not necessarily by what Harbaugh said but just how he said it. I get this vibe that it's not Harbaugh who doesn't want him. It's more so a fight with Bashadi, with Da Costa and Lamar and I think because of how close Lamar is to the situation because he doesn't have an agent that makes this very messy where I don't even think Lamar would want to deal from the Ravens at this point.

It's just when is a team going to enter those conversations. I think this is as 50-50 as it could be in terms of Lamar either getting traded this offseason or next offseason. Right now I'm going to lean that it's this offseason because there's just so many signs that Lamar is frustrated but even though Lamar's frustrated even though Lamar may want out heck he all it takes is for the Ravens to match the contract.

So I'm gonna say right now that when you ask me is John Harbaugh right and the Ravens won't trade Lamar this offseason I'm leaning it's more likely gets traded than than not get traded and I think it's so close so I will go offsides on that. All right little college basketball here Zach because just like we all thought just as all our brackets had the final four set of FAU, San Diego State, UConn, and Miami all four teams headed down to Houston to chase that national title. Now all four teams have reasons as to why they are not Cinderella stories but instead just damn good basketball teams. FAU has the most wins in college basketball this season at 35. Miami their road is arguably the hardest they've taken down the highest possible seed they could have played in each round. A 12 seed, a four seed, a one seed, a two seed while San Diego State is taking down the title favorites in number one overall seed Alabama and UConn.

They have just obliterated their four opponents so far averaging 22.5 points per game that's their average margin of victory. Onsides or offsides Zach of the four schools left FAU is the most improbable team to make it to the final four. Oh yeah easily they're a nine seed the other two are there's two fives and a four so yeah they're the most improbable. I thought you were gonna ask me when you're reading that question are they the most improbable team ever to make a final four which my answer that would be no like just for starters George Mason back in 2006 entering that Torney hickey they were 20 and 13. Like think about that for for a second and that's just that's wild when you look back at at what they what they accomplished that year or excuse me my bad they were 23 and 7 entering that tournament which is just that's crazy they seem to only have three losses three losses and they and they uh and and they're in the final four now who was picking them as a nine and then also just for starters VCU too and they got to the final four there's a bunch of others as well but just in terms of answering this question of the four schools left FAU is the most improbable team to make it to a final four uh this year yeah I like the other one would be San Diego State do you think San Diego State's more improbable than FAU? I mean look just again FAU has 35 wins so it's not like a surprise they're winning games also look at their road the road is really not that difficult like the best thing they beat was Kansas state a three seed all three of their other teams have been a higher seed at least one of them so it's not like they had to slay Goliath of Alabama or took down Purdue or Kansas like San Diego State beat number one Alabama UConn I mean they had to play Gonzaga they smoked him but still Gonzaga was a two seed and Miami just took down number two Texas and number one Houston in back-to-back weeks so it's like all no one saw any of these four schools coming for the most part right it's all a surprise no one unless you did congratulations to you you are you have more force than anyone could imagine or just lucky but no one had any of these four teams in the final four so all their roads are improbable I would show all their runs are improbable especially you look at FAU it's I don't think it's so you look at it through the journey of the tourney and based on the quality of opponents I looked at it more so if you would have told me before the start of the tournament that UConn would be in the final four Miami would be in the final four San Diego State would be the final four and Florida Atlantic would be in the final four who's the most improbable team I would have said obviously Florida Atlantic because they're the the ninth seed seed sure but also road matters you know who you're playing when you're playing them all right next question that's why all right so let's go back to the biggest story of the day that's Lamar Jackson requesting a trade and now that that is official speculation on who could trade for Lamar has started to ramp up now according to DraftKings the Colts right now are the favorites to land Lamar Jackson followed by the Patriots Falcons Lions and Buccaneers to round out the top five betting favorites to trade for Lamar Jackson onsides or offsides if traded the Colts will be the team to trade for Lamar Jackson yeah I think so I think your organization is desperate they clearly need a quarterback and also you're going to be sitting there at four with Stroud and Young off the board Anthony Richardson is a project Will Levis is a project I think you could go get Lamar and you know for the most part what you have in Lamar what Lamar can be in this league it may not like you talk about here's the other thing because I know you've been against Lamar if you draft Anthony Richardson and you draft Will Levis and do me a favor when you answer this question forget your idea about taking a quarterback now and then being bad next year and drafting Caleb Williams let's just say that's not on the table when are you playing Richardson or when are you playing Will Levis if you're all about putting the young quarterback with enough around him to put him in a spot to succeed where you don't ruin his career because that to me is the tough part on that one I mean realistically you don't play until 2024 kind of do what the 49ers tried to do with Trey Lance and you set him for a whole year let him learn get another off season another off season workouts another training came under their belt one year said one year yep you want to go week 18 maybe but I don't mean at that point just and this is for a developmental player too both of them well yeah Levis and Richardson are the two projects you would say compared to Stratton and Bryce Young and we don't even know if you'll feel comfortable thinking they're ready in a year from now that's why I think Lamar is right there I know there's an injury concern with the way the last two years ended but I know what that guy can be and what that guy has shown to be so far in the NFL and you just got to give him a contract and two first round picks like two first round picks for Lamar is not much because you just saw what Russell Wilson went for in a deal and what Deshaun Watson went for in a deal and you could get Lamar who's young for two first round picks and I got to give him a contract I'd do that I would do that rather than wait for like two years for Richardson and Levis just to be ready and then you're talking about maybe then three years potentially if let's just say you sit him one year then the first year there's some ups and downs and it's like okay then you're going to year number three of that rookie deal where you maybe fully go in and say okay we may have our guy I would just go with Lamar and run the risk on the health part of it so you asked me if traded the Colts will be the team to treat for Lamar Jackson I will say yes on sides speaking of needing a quarterback let's stay on that theme if that happens that Lamar gets traded to the Colts this off season I know you're against the move now but if let's just say we get the breaking news alert this off season I don't know like when you're on the air let's say it's 2 30 in the morning right in the middle of the night this breaks Lamar Jackson agreed to a deal with the Colts then the Ravens leaked they're not going to match it Lamar is headed to Indianapolis in the middle of the night for two first round picks you're on CBS Sports Radio the hot take hickey reaction is I have to see the contract if it's four or five years I say a mistake I say a contract that they will come to regret and I don't think it's going to work out because I can't trust Lamar to stay healthy or play well in the playoffs too many questions for me right now to make this move give the draft capital give the big time contract limit your options of getting better players around them which is another reason why I'm not very I don't feel good about this Colts roster and offensively last year they gave you no reason to feel good about any player on the roster maybe that's not a Jonathan Taylor so now you're going to take away two big assets and draft picks first round picks away from building that offense up take away almost any and every cap flexibility you have going forward here of putting pieces around Lamar Jackson I just don't be the Ravens 2.0 where even if he stays healthy let's say there's not enough support around him to get to a Super Bowl caliber level but can't you question that the Ravens didn't even though they tailored the offense to him they never got him a true number one wide receiver you know I we've been saying that I totally agree but Michael Pittman would be even though Michael Pittman's not this great receiver still got a lot to prove he'd be maybe the best receiver Lamar's played with I think you're right about that now can he elevate himself which is scary that's a question mark and again you just limit your flexibility salary cap wise when you're paying Lamar a big-time deal to get him maybe not even a number one but maybe a 1a to pair with Michael Pittman Jr. but like this is where you just lose me in your argument it's you're hoping Anthony Richardson develops into something you're hoping Will Levis develops into something I wouldn't you rather just hope that Lamar stays healthy because you know when he's healthy he's a really great quarterback in this league right but then also I mean it's the same thing it's a hope so you're hoping with a player but at least on a cheap rookie deal versus hoping a player stays healthy on a super expensive deal you give up assets for him and there's no guarantee he's like again the trend is going to be he's injured not to mention again the playoff play scares me I that to me is a big deal he has not looked good in the playoffs whatsoever you're going to need him to play great in the playoffs especially in this loaded AFC I'm not going to give you this massive mega deal and if you can't show me you can play well in the postseason it's just stunning to me I can't get over with how with some of the quarterbacks you've embraced it's stunning to me why why you wouldn't be more in for Lamar I thought you would definitely be in for Lamar again if you want to go short-term deal three years 150 million fully guaranteed kind of do with the Vikings it with Kirk Cousins I'm in I would rather do a short-term big money deal just because again I just want flexibility in case things go south where I'm not another five-year but why pit of misery let me ask you this it's five years two hundred and thirty five million dollars let's just say buck 90 of it is fully guaranteed but the the fifth year you structure it where it where it's most of the money goes the first three years what do you even take that I mean the Ravens reportedly structured the deal where it was especially front heavy guarantee-wise they didn't guarantee the last and he said no 190 fully a fully guaranteed the Ravens reported 133 that's a big jump how about 200 there's you do all that and if he stinks or if he's hurt or can't play on the playoffs you are stuck but it's just what he has this year guess what the Browns are stuck and there goes that you know next five-year gap we have now nothing but right now at least you were building a younger roster for Deshaun Watson I am yeah I'm saying if he doesn't turn it around I think that Sean Watson is a good quarterback if he stinks pulls a Russell Wilson 2.0 basically and can't live up to the contractor just lost it after sitting out for a year the Browns are stuck now there's no complicated exit plan with what happened off the field but in terms of the player I'll take the risk that he'll be able to turn it around or he'll be able to be the the guy on the field that we've seen for most of his career let's ask you this are the cult the cult straight today tomorrow for Lamar Jackson are they a Super Bowl contender this year no are they a Super Bowl contender next year I got to see how they shape the roster that's my concern but I know that they have a good quarterback you are going all in now I don't think the roster right now is where it needs to be to go all in for a Super Bowl push so that's another I don't want to waste or tighten up the roster take a home run swing and your rest of the team's not even ready to take the swing you don't have noticed a deal you're very picky very picky hickeys pickies when it comes to when his team should strike for a quarterback well because I've gone all in in past I'm trying to learn my experiences I was all over 2020 I was all in or not even all that I was actually skeptical of field where it was ironically that was the best one of the three so far but I was going for it I was in on Matt Ryan going for the division that's a lie you were not you were not in on Carson Wentz of Virginia and then when it got announced you were like yeah this is awesome I was in on Frank Wright turning him around and this is why I think and I was in on the Colts going for it if the if the Colts train for Lamar you'll say right now nah nah nah nah nah and then you'll get fired up about it if it's a three-year deal I'm in it's not going to be a three-year then exactly then I'm just but I'm just telling you how I will be all in is if it's a short turn deal where there's you know a get out of jail free card if you want let's go Lamar get a deal done with the Colts and then I'll have to root for that disgusting football team just to see Hickey all of a sudden try to scramble when his team starts actually that's the best case scenario that's if I'm sitting here in November the Colts are like 10 and 2 I listen I would love that you're already talking about that well I'm sorry you're talking about how great Lamar Jackson is and how this team would turn around how the Colts need to do it if they get him and things go well they're gonna be depressed that they're 10 and 2 and I was wrong about not wanting Lamar Jackson I hope I'm wrong I would think that Lamar Jackson and Jonathan Taylor together running that offense would be able to put up some points I hope I hope so with the guy that you think is the greatest whisperer that's ever uh touched the offensive side of the ball and Shane Steichen man oh he's wonderful Philip Rivers Jalen Hurts yeah he's really good job at developing quarterbacks okay am I wrong all right let's Justin Herbert no credit to sir I don't give him play hard who's there for his rookie year you don't give rookie of the year you don't give Sirianni any credit I do I'm not saying he deserves all of it okay but Shane Seichen was there the two years that Jalen Hurts developed and you see his jump from year one and year two 2021 to 2022 I would definitely say Shane Seichen has something to do with that that's for sure so I feel good about that Shane Steichen should be uh thanking the the Chargers medical staff because Herbert wouldn't even get on the field that's not his fault if it wasn't for the fact that they punctured yell at him and his conservative uh approach in terms of this offensive genius yeah but if they if they had coaches we're not playing uh Justin Herbert we got to go with Terai Taylor because we promised him this off season he's gonna be our star we got to deliver on that promise because god forbid you go back on the promise as you're paying a guy whatever it was five million dollars whatever he was getting I mean come on yeah we'll see how great Shane Steichen is with whoever you're rolling at a quarterback this year let's see if it's not Lamar well if it's Anthony Richardson hopefully they win three games and hopefully we're talking about Caleb Williams in 2024 let's go who's starting for the Colts tomorrow if it uh Gardner Minshew right yeah Gardner Minshew he will be the week one starter no doubt about it let's see how Shane Steichen looks without that roster in in Philadelphia with Gardner Minshew well I'm telling you next year it's gonna be bad it's already gonna be bad that is for sure so the Colts obviously do not have a quarterback technically right now neither do the New York Jets because they are still awaiting the official trade for Aaron Rodgers it's been almost two weeks since the quarterback publicly said he intends to play for New York back on the Pat McAfee show and despite right now the current stalemate in negotiations NFL Networks Mike Garofalo reported that the Jets plan A at quarterback is of course Aaron Rodgers and that they don't have a plan B onsides or offsides Zach the Jets should call the Ravens about a potential trade for Lamar Jackson no you're already past that it's way too late because if someone else outbids you for Lamar or if the Ravens match you're going to annoy Aaron Rodgers and then maybe Aaron Rodgers rethinks about playing free then walks away and retires or tries to get a deal done with another team I don't think that even though this deal is basically we know what the outcome is going to be we just don't know how we're going to get there yet I don't think at this late in the game you could do anything where you run the risk of losing Rodgers if you don't get Lamar Jackson so I would say offsides on the outside and finally it was a disastrous weekend for the Dallas Mavericks that we agree on yes oh boy lost two games in a row to the Charlotte Hornets who are the second worst team right now in the Eastern Conference the Mavs are just 36 and 39 which is 11th right now in the West there are seven games remaining now they are beating right now the Pacers so they will go to 37 and 39 with six games left again still right now out of the playoff picture looking in and over the weekend Luca Doncic mentioned that playing basketball the joy that he has playing the game has recently disappeared onsides or offsides the Mavericks will miss out on the playoffs and we're including the play-in as the playoffs so they'll be 11 or worse it's good that you put that in there because I don't consider the play-in part of the playoffs but you're right I I don't think they're they're going to make the playoffs so you have Luca saying that and then you have just Kyrie Irving who goes everywhere and gets along with nobody I can't trust that that team which is crazy because they made the Western Conference Finals last year are going to be in the post it's just in the playing tournament just in the plane right forget just the playoffs that's ugly making the play-in tournament that's ugly right now that's like the Colts QB situation ugly very much so I don't know what else you want me to say there I mean I got nothing to say it's terrible let's go to Tim in Portland next up on the Zach Gelb show Tim go ahead Zach oh come on Zach how are you doing good Tim what do you got uh I wanted to go rapid fire with you today I got a couple of things because as usual it's a great show thank but uh there would be SDSU San Diego State game um you had made the uh comparison with the Super Bowl call I thought the same thing when I saw the play but um I think in the Super Bowl the the file just it was inconsequential it was an overthrow in the San Diego State game I thought that the guy actually got a piece of him and uh it was it's one of those things as a defender you can try to be slick and get away with that but pretty pretty tough uh to pull off with the last second type situation anyway the real reason I called is um and I call not to admonish Zach I'm a huge fan but uh the pronunciation pronunciation of uh Lauren Yaga's last name keeps getting butchered and I'm a I'm a child of the 70s and I remember growing up and hearing Roberto Clemente for years be referred to as Bobby Clemente and it's it I know nobody means to do anything nobody well actually so so I actually know of the way that you say it's pronounced because uh let's just call him coach L to make this easier did an interview with Amy Lawrence and explained the correct pronunciation on his name but I I think when his ancestors came here I may be wrong on the entire story and recalling it everyone then just started saying Larry uh Larry there you go and now since you bring it up I'm not going to be able to pronounce his name at all because I'm going to be thinking about what you're saying well I I actually remember I heard the uh after our story here heard the interview with Jim and basically when he went to Catholic school he's Cuban he's Cuban when he went to Catholic school the nuns began to just kind of butcher it and it's one of those things again I know nobody means any disrespect but in trying to unify this country right now I mean we the least we could do is you know well Tim I hate to break it to you I don't think us saying Jim Lara Nega's name correctly or not correctly what everyone calls him Lara Nega is going to unify this country I'm just gonna Hickey I'm just gonna go on a limb anything you hear on this radio show is not going to unify the country and if those are your expectations when you tune into this show your expectations are way too big I was going to say have you thought that I think you got bigger offices to run for than just right now hosting a show five days a week and I don't get into those political circles uh real quickly in New Jersey go ahead John hey it's John your former intern from New Jersey what's going on brother well I'm on cloud nine all day as an Aztec fan and I have to like last call or disagree uh with your assessment on the call at the end of the game I think it was the correct call because you know what John after all I taught you you're calling into this show to tell me that I'm wrong oh you know it it's fine like as I said earlier if you want to tell me it's a foul okay but with the way that that was officiated throughout the first 39 minutes of the game John like I have no problem with San Diego State winning I don't have a problem whatsoever but it did that would not have been called the foul through the first 39 minutes of a game it felt like I think the reason it was called too was the defender was beaten on the play and made it made the foul from behind and affected the shot and again like the last caller said as an Eagles fan I don't like this comparison to the Super Bowl because that ball was well over the receiver's head but that's a whole nother thing uh again it seems like John as much as I like you and I gotta run because I'm up against a break depending on what teams you root for that's where you make the exception like San Diego State I had no problem Eagles I had a problem with it big time problem by the way I haven't called the in a while because it's the odyssey app why does that come up as next to his name just wondering oh yeah uh that is from the da show they like to identify where listeners are calling from so he probably listens on the app hickey takes a shot at the da show that's what I just heard no no they're the ones who put where you're listening from and john is a caller who does call oh yeah obviously been listening for a long time never updated so I was a very good intern except I felt bad he became an intern and then I left the company like three months afterwards in New Jersey definitely not for his uh for his fault that's for sure and let's just say like leading up to that I was in and out of the office uh a lot you know some days I'd show up some days I wouldn't as things were happening behind the scenes all right let's take a break Zach helps our CBS sports radio planning a wedding can be intimidating but finding the perfect suit shouldn't be Indochino makes it easy to get a fully customized suit right from home with dozens of high thread count fabrics patterns and colors to choose from Indochino lets you fine tune every detail and design a suit tailored perfectly to your body and your personality set up your measurement profile on Indochino's website and choose fabric and customizations without leaving the house or book a showroom appointment and let Indochino's dedicated style guides help you and your wedding party look flawless for the big day their experts have been dressing grooms and groomsmen since 2007 and with suits starting at just 4.99 and fitted shirts at 89 Indochino is bespoke without the premium price tag get a wedding suit as unique as you with Indochino go to and use code podcast to get 10% off any purchase of 3.99 or more that's promo code podcast you're listening to the Zach Gelb show you know as we got out of the off season thereafter the season and we had a good conversation um and then you know we're gonna have some follow-up conversations and our inability to reach him or for him to respond in any way I think at that point then we just kind of had to we had to I had to do my job and kind of reach out and understanding that a trade could be possible and see who was interested but that shopping was never really part of that it's spilling the tea season that's what it is when it comes to the divorce of Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers so you have obviously Rogers going on McAfee and Rogers basically saying I wasn't coming back either way when AJ Hawke asked him that question and then Brian Goudekunz basically says I tried to reach out to Rogers he never returned our phone calls this off season so eventually had to operate what was in the best interest of the football team now what is compelling to me is we've heard from Rogers we have heard from Brian Goudekunz and tomorrow the NFC coaches are scheduled to speak today the AFC coaches tomorrow the NFC coaches and I'm just wondering what tea Matt Lafleur is going to spill tomorrow because I've been told and I do think there's a lot that's going to come out about Rogers relationship with the Packers but I was told the last few years that Rogers and Lafleur would have game plan meetings obviously common practice to give Rogers more say and there would be multiple times where Rogers would show up and then there would be a lot of other times where Rogers would just leave Matt Lafleur hanging in the meeting room and then Matt Lafleur would eventually realize oh he's not showing up and he would keep Lafleur guessing so this was very ugly we know this divorce and there's a lot of information that we don't know and I could guarantee you one of the Packers local beat writers at some point this offseason will have some story that will come out that will detail it all but think about that it's kind of crazy that this relationship lasted as long as it did with Lafleur Gudekunz and Rogers and that even got a contract extension last offseason and it was coming off back-to-back MVPs but that's a very unhealthy relationship even though you heard at times that the relationship between Gudekunz and Rogers was improving with what went on this offseason you know that it wasn't in that good of a spot but really that relationship between Rogers and Lafleur where you have meetings where they're giving you more say and sometimes you show up and other times yeah I'm just gonna leave them there keep them guessing that's just not a good look for Aaron Rogers so Hickey I think it's clear we all knew this was ugly but now since the divorce papers are written up and they're just waiting for the final signatures aka the Jets and Packers to figure out what the compensation is you know everyone's gonna eventually start running their mouths and it's already started hearing you say that not exactly the most surprising thing in the world considering it's Aaron Rogers he does what he wants he does not respect authority whatsoever he is a guy that whether it's out of pettiness whether it's to remind Lafleur that I'm the man here you're not and send that message by leaving them high and dry for game planning meetings and they talked about on the record that they don't exactly mesh scheme wise so not exactly crazy to think but again the New York Jets I hope they're ready yeah and you better hope by the way that he wins because to your point you wonder how the relationship lasts for so long it lasts as long because Aaron Rogers won MVPs they won games yep so Matt Lafleur is not gonna say anything Aaron Rogers could do whatever he wants because he says well look at me and look at what I'm doing on the field and the Packers are not going to trade a guy in you know with a resurgence a renaissance I hope I hope Robert Sala is ready hope Nate Hackett is maybe used to being left unread maybe he knows and is not going to go to the meeting because he knows Aaron Rogers is not going to show up well Hackett is is the whisperer according to Aaron Rogers one of the best football minds he's ever been around you're right maybe he will show up to the meeting because he has probably more respect for Nate Hackett than he does for Matt Lafleur holy cow when you start calling Nate Hackett by the way I think I've heard Aaron Rogers say once or twice recently and also just keeping it short you know I'm like what do you got a texting relationship with this guy Nate Hackett well he's my guy you know this time last year singing his praise up being a top three coach of the year candidate so you know I know him unfortunately more than I should yeah you fell for the Nate bait that's what happened that's good I did you did and this is the thing that makes me just wonder here with the relationship about Rogers and the Jets like Rogers is going to the Jets and he knows that he's kind of the judge jury and executioner like how the Nets set the side for Kevin Durant that's what the Jets are going to do for Aaron Rogers you can talk about this wish list or not blah blah blah and basically just destroy all the media while admitting the whole thing is true the thing is you know I'm not going to go into the thing is in football it's tougher because you're building a 53-man roster and Rogers the GM even though right you could all agree that there could have been an upgrade in talent in Green Bay but some of the guys that he wanted to keep in Green Bay like what do they do after Green Bay not much so here's the thing that I'm compelled to see how it goes down Marco right now they're in the honeymoon stage they're Rogers what do you want this yep that this good will get you everything you want what happens when eventually Rogers gets told the uh the word no for the Jets yeah I don't think he's going to hear that word I don't ever get to a point no because it's too late this is something two three-year commitment yeah it's too short when they get to the point where it's going to be no and we can't do this then you're gone so it doesn't really it's not going to get to that I don't think it's going to get to a head in that regard it should have gotten to a head with Green Bay but both sides are children so that's why I never actually reached that point and now we're going to get it after it's already done because again both sides are children because they could have did this and they could have salvaged this a long time ago but neither one of them wanted to because neither one of them were had the stones to do it basically so now Rogers goes to the Jets gets whatever he wants the Jets have no recourse because they're going to have to make the deal with the devil and when they get to the point where they can't handle it anymore they're going to walk away they're not going to tell him no because they're not going to have the stones to do it so it's basically Rogers is going to get what he wants his entire career he's my life coach it's really it's nice and simple Marco Bellotti life coach look I get the idea of the Packers like we can't battle Rogers we need him we need him we need him well guess what when you need him and you let him do whatever the hell he wants then swallow it after he leaves don't start bashing him when he's gone when he's out the door you wanted to be a child and you wanted to be afraid and you never wanted to stood up and really actually confront him then when he's gone don't bash him after he's gone because now you look just as bad as he did he acted like a child now you're acting like a child after he's gone and you know what this all is right now this is a battle of trying to win the the public opinion right to try to make yourself look good and like Gudekun today saying oh we tried to call Rogers um okay that's fine you knew he wasn't going to call you back and also you both knew you were moving on at the end of the year it's all semantics now stop honestly all of it's garbage you want to win the public opinion you know what say Aaron Rogers is a great Green Bay Packer for the for the time that he was here we appreciate everything and we're moving on and that's it you want to look good in the public stop pointing fingers because that's how we do it and everything that we do we all say that we don't want somebody to point the finger we all want somebody to take responsibility bottom line no one does so why don't you just stand up actually have a spine take responsibility for everything that happened say it was a tremendous run we had a hall of famer for the long period of time it just didn't work out we wish him the best we're moving on and it's as simple as that but because you can't handle it and you want to be petty and you want to take say we had to swallow it for so long you know what I'm getting back at him you didn't have the stones to stand up when you had the chance now let it go I think we have a new drop by the way can we cut the Marco Baletti line of him screaming stop pointing fingers I feel like we could use that a lot in life around here it it's so again it's so stupid and everybody knows it and we all see through it and then we want it we want to hear it we want but give me the we want the dirt because it's fun for us and that's true spell the tea baby for everybody I get it but at some point don't you look at it and you go I don't want to be involved in this drama we had it for 20 years with far we had it for 20 years with Rogers we're not walking away from it do we need to eventually move on do we need to continue the toxic environment that we have so that Jordan love starts with all this nonsense he already saw it for too many years so bizarre to me I've never seen anything like this where you know the relationship's over you know the team he's going to they still have to figure out what the trade's going to be and then both sides are the jets are talking to have Rogers is there because they know what's happening and the Packers are already talking like they moved on but yet right now technically Rogers is still on the Packers and the Jets don't have their quarterback which is still the idea that both of them think they have some sort of leverage nothing neither one of them have any leverage and as soon as they actually realize that and they could figure that out and move on then we all can go on with our lives the only leverage the Jets have is if they are willing to give a fully guaranteed contract to Lamar Jackson that they know the Ravens won't match but by the slight chance the Ravens end up saying you know what bleep it we can't lose Lamar we'll just pay him a match in the deal then you're going to annoy Rogers because you were flirting with which is why they can't go down they can't do it and they already said that today Joe Douglas already said that today that would be in bad faith they know they can't do that you got it you got a guy that's got it was Charmin soft as it is you're gonna you're gonna go into Lamar Jackson now and really piss him off like it can't work so neither side has any leverage at all and at some point they're gonna have to get into a room and figure this out now the Packers want to say well the Jets have no choice you really want Aaron Rodgers in your building you're already you can't wait to bash him he's out he's not even gone yet get rid of the guy you need to do it they need to do it stop arguing over stupidity come to an agreement and get this over with but neither side will and I feel like we're going to be talking about this in June and into July and Rodgers is the only one that wins because then he doesn't have to show up to voluntary this or voluntary that probably because I'm technically not on the team so you can't can't get mad at me that I'm not showing up to throw with the receivers that are in their second year I don't care because I'm not technically on the team some cave that's it join the it's as simple as that because you know he doesn't want to be there for any of that stuff so when it's mandatory and he has to be there maybe then this deal will get done and in the meantime we all dance and we all listen and we all watch but it's all garbage you think they've already sent in the playbook the Jets I don't think so because I don't think he needs it because I don't think he cares okay it's Nathaniel Hackett's offense right is that basically the concept of why he's there then I don't think the Jets are worried because he knows it I don't think Hackett's worried about it because he remembers and I think Rodgers is not going to want to listen to anything anyway so give me the stuff that I liked from the years we were together everything that I didn't like don't bother with it you're listening to the Zach Gelb show the Zach Gelb show CBS sports radio hickey you know it's kind of wild we got the NFL draft coming up one month from today that yeah I was just gonna say that one month from today the NFL draft is coming up on April 27th is the first round I believe the plan is for us to be in Kansas City they're just crossing some t's and dotting some i's around here but I am optimistic that we will be at the draft once again I would say it's like a 93 chance right now from what management tells me that we're going to the draft but it's maybe like the Rodgers and the Packers situation with the Jets you're pretty sure a deal is going to get done yeah you're very confident deal is going to get done just when are you going to be informed that the deal is going to get done and hopefully they tell us before the Wednesday of the 26th oh by the way uh flights in the morning we'll see on Kansas City just like the Jets will probably Packers probably trade Rodgers like night before week one all I could say is we're a lot more professional around here than the uh Jets and the Packers are going to be in handling this or let me say the Packers and Rodgers will be in handling this situation I don't think you've ghosted our our bosses so I think yes we are much classier that is for sure not showing up for the Thursday meeting not going to tell you though maybe I'll show up maybe I won't spike will be like all right you're fired let's go to Brian and Charlotte next up go ahead Bri hey what's up man how you doing doing great what do you got for me hey so uh I'm from Charlotte and I listen to Mac and Bone all the time and I know yeah yeah yeah great guys man they're they're hell of a radio show uh just like you guys are and I was wondering do you have a troll speech prepared for when the Panthers like inevitably blow it and pick Anthony Richardson or Will Levis and I'll leave you with that let me ask you this Brian just real quickly why would I be why would I be trolling just wondering uh not maybe I didn't use the right phrase I just know that you guys kind of like have some like banter and go oh yeah and like I enjoy it a lot when I'm like I do landscape and I listen to y'all's like podcasts all the time and like your features one of my favorite parts and I appreciate that well thank you so I feel like you always got like the barrels loaded for them like in jest but um I just wanted to know I feel like you would take pleasure in seeing them suffer so um well here's the thing and it's a fascinating question and really thank you for the call Brian and all the times you listen to this show and then also one of our great affiliates WFNZ I actually want to see Mac be happy you know Mac and Bone they are good sports fans and they deserve a winner and they have the number one overall pick they should take Bryce Young now if they take CJ Strout okay but I like Bryce Young better if it's Anthony Richardson or Will Levis I think I would just feel sad for them because you can't trade up to one and draft Anthony Richardson or Will Levis hickey now here we go absolutely welcome it in I'm hickey I still want Bryce Young on the Colts I'm still thinking there's a chance there's no chance because the Texans are going to take a minute to you have it's Strout or Young either one the Panthers cross those two quarterbacks off the board that said but I hate if they go uh Richardson no Strout or Young don't be dumb it's that simple Strout or Young don't be dumb that's all you gotta say Panthers fans all right well we'll talk to you tomorrow everybody it's that kelp show bye bye peace planning a wedding can be intimidating but finding the perfect suit shouldn't be Indochino makes it easy to get a fully customized suit right from home with dozens of high thread count fabrics patterns and colors to choose from Indochino lets you fine tune every detail and design a suit 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