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Kansas State Advances to the Elite 8! (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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March 23, 2023 10:06 pm

Kansas State Advances to the Elite 8! (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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March 23, 2023 10:06 pm

Kansas State wins a thriller over Michigan State l Calls on college basketball head coaches l Closing Bell


We're coming down to the wire in the first Sweet 16 game in overtime.

Kansas State, Michigan State. So to set it up here, earlier at the end of regulation, Marquis Noelle jacked up a three from Steph Curry range. It went no good. Game eventually goes to overtime. And right before they get to overtime, Michigan State ties up the game. Noelle comes down the other way, misses a runner.

It does not go. You go to overtime. Michigan State was up by one. Noelle jacked up a shot once again. He's been sensational. He's got like 18 points, 18 assists. He's been phenomenal tonight in the game. It was poor shot selection though.

He jacks up a three. It was reviewed because a player at Michigan State may or may not have tipped it. I did not get a good enough look.

They showed it 3,000 times. I still couldn't tell if he got his fingertips on it, but the shot was so off. It was originally called Kansas State ball.

They elected to stick with it. Now Noelle is inbounding the ball. Nice little pass. They hit a jumper in the corner to go up by three. So this is now a 96 to 93 game in overtime between Kansas State and Michigan State. The game of the year in college basketball so far, the game of the NCAA tournament, and there is 12.5 seconds to go in this one.

So we'll keep you up to date. And with 10 or two to go between UConn and Arkansas, UConn is up 73, 248. Michigan State now has the ball, and they got stripped by Noelle. He picks it up, and it doesn't matter if he makes it or not. Oh, acrobatic play at the buzzer.

So it goes, but it's over. How about the Wildcats of Kansas State? Now it looked like Michigan State had one opportunity to jack up a shot, and they ended up passing it there.

They had maybe two looks, and then Noelle with just an incredible play. So you have a guy from New York in the NCAA tournament at Madison Square Garden. This was the same guy that dominated Kentucky. And you had, Calipari referred him as the little kid after the game. So let's see.

Okay. They got it right back up to their guard, and Noelle just stripped him. And he's dribbling this on out, and by then it's over, and he had a nice little acrobatic play, and he got it to fall. But Kansas State, and we just had their coach on the other day, Jerome Tang. This is first year on the job at Kansas State. He was an assistant with Scott Drew since Scott Drew's first year at Baylor. All those years, leaves for the Kansas State job.

Scott Drew said to us the other day, he should be the national coach of the year. The big 12, the media poll before the year, they picked Kansas State last. And now the Wildcats of Kansas State are 40 minutes away from punching their ticket to Houston for the final four in the NCAA tournament.

They will get the winner of FAU Tennessee that is now having a projected start time of 9.30 PM Eastern. That is the 13th time in school history that Kansas State is moving on to the elite eight. Find me a better story this year in college basketball than this story of Kansas State, maybe Fairleigh Dickinson, four wins a year ago. Tobin Anderson comes in, they win the first game against Texas Southern to play, and they just dominated Purdue before losing to FAU.

But you look at Kansas State, they are now dancing to the elite eight. And what Marquis Noel did tonight was sensational, and really one of the better NCAA tournament or greatest NCAA tournament efforts you will ever see. He had 20 points and 19 assists, and five steals makes the big defensive play late.

And if he's from Harlem, New York, he's 5'8", if that, I know he's listed at 5'8". So you have that story, you have the Jerome Tang story, and then also you have Keontae Johnson. Who Keontae Johnson, you may remember back in 2020 while playing for Florida, he collapsed during a game on the court. And all these years later, he has a new home, and now he's in Kansas State, is able to get back on the basketball court, and what a run this has been.

Averaged 17 and a half points per game this year, and now he is on his way to the elite eight as well. Hickey, I know this is gonna sound like a cheesy radio announcer, but this is why you gotta love March Madness. Cuz you find out about the stories of teams like this. I know Kansas State was a three going into the 20, but not a lot of people were talking about them. But you highlight the story of Keontae Johnson, you highlight the story of Marquise Noel, and then you highlight the story of Jerome Tang, who was an assistant forever. First opportunity as a head coach, and he's just absolutely dominating with this Kansas State program.

And this is like a movie, honestly, that most people, including myself, would not believe if this was made into a movie and not reality. Just cuz you, even just this game specifically, where you have Marquise Noel, you mentioned he's a New York native. He's only even, we kinda heard about a lot on the Kentucky game on Sunday.

His main motivation was to get back to be able to play in his home city in Madison Square Garden. And not only does he get that opportunity in part, a large part cuz of his play against Kentucky. Now in this game, he sets the NCAA tournament record with 19 assists. He did a tremendous job setting his teammates up all game long, and then gets the massive, I mean, you don't wanna say inbounds plays to help seal the win. And then also gets the massive steal on the defensive side of the court to prevent Michigan State from taking a game tying three, dribble out the clock. He is the hero in his homecoming. Again, it's one thing where if Disney Channel wants to make a movie about it, okay, you kinda roll your eyes and all, that's great.

Too good to be true, but okay, kids will eat it up. This is reality, and this is really, really cool to see a kid excited to come back home. And not only be a part of a win, be the reason why Kansas City now is one win away from the Final Four. And he could send the Wildcats to the Final Four on his home court in front of his family and friends, very cool. If we talk about Tobin Anderson being the coaching star of this tournament, from a playing standpoint, there has not been a better star and a better story in this NCAA tournament from a playing standpoint than Marquise Noel. Don't get me wrong, we all know how great Brandon Miller is as a player at Alabama. We all know what Drew Timmy has done at Gonzaga.

We all know what Jacquez has done with UCLA. But this story of Marquise Noel, of Marquise Noel, it is shining right now. It is an enormous story, and what makes it so cool too, and you kinda see it right with Steph Curry. How many kids think they could be Steph Curry and then just jack up threes?

And it's easy to relate to this guy, he's what, 5'7", 5'8"? And he is just playing with a tremendous amount of heart and grit. And he's also, by the way, let's not bury this, he was dealing with an ankle injury in the game tonight. There were times where he's hobbling around the court and he's limping, and early on in that second half I looked at Jackie, I said, I don't know if he's going to be able to make it through the game. Because there were times there was just plain, of being obvious, a defensive end where he's limping, extremely limping on the court. And to see what he did tonight, stealing the basketball, the no-look passes, driving to the hoop, he's just tremendous.

And it's so fun to watch him play basketball. Nothing against Tennessee, nothing against FAU. Rick Barnes has been at this for a long time, would be awesome to see him go to Final Four. Florida Atlantic with Dusty May, they beat Memphis and then they beat Fairleigh Dickinson in that bizarre 9-16 game. Right now, Hickey, I don't see how Kansas State doesn't find their way to the Final Four. I know Tennessee was awesome against Duke, and they're a physical team. You had the Dusty May comments of the Australian rugby, may have to watch a little bit of that in his preparation for Tennessee. I can't bet against, not saying to win the whole thing, because my pick was Bama, I'll stick with Bama. Mine was Bama, Texas before the tourney did start.

I don't see, regardless of who wins between FAU-Tennessee, Hickey, how you pick against Kansas State heading into this Elite Eight date coming up on Saturday night at MSG. They're a fun story. I still want to see what Tennessee has, just because I feel like the Cinderella stories, yes, sometimes they do come to fruition. But they're not a Cinderella.

They do come crashing down. I mean, we just kind of talked about the last three, like they are and they're not. So it's just, I will put them in that. I'll put them in the Cinderella category. I'm putting them in the Cinderella category. I think the best way to say it is they're disrespected.

Because before the year, if you would have told me that this was gonna happen, yeah, you say, oh, it's a movie, yeah, right? It's a Cinderella story. But heading into this tournament, you know, this team that people weren't talking about them, but just because people aren't talking about them, they're a three seed. It's like, they're the quietest three seed that I've ever seen. It's truly remarkable.

It's a great story. Tennessee had a tremendous performance against Duke. They really did. And they were just phenomenal.

You had the Oliver player who had 27 points in the game. I just can't bet against Johnson and Noel in this region right now. And it's kind of wild when you look at it because this region, before the tournament started, everyone talking about Purdue, even though Purdue couldn't stop the press to save their, or find a way to figure out the press to save their life up against Penn State in the Big 10 championship game and choke that away. People were talking about Memphis maybe going on a nice little run. Duke, everyone was all over Duke. And Duke had a dominant performance against Oral Roberts and then got dominated by Tennessee. That was a lot of noise for Tennessee before this tournament, but they are four.

Kentucky was getting hot. Michigan State always gets the benefit of the doubt because of Tom Izzo. Marquette, people are loving the story of Shaka Smart. If Kansas State's the team, and I think they will be the team, that prevails out of the east, it is wild because I wonder how many brackets actually had them go into the Final Four. Because I was talking about it before the tournament started that I was thinking about putting in my Final Four, and then I had them just go into the Elite Eight. And I ended up caving to putting Duke in.

But I really do wonder how many percentage of brackets, what are they, like 5 million brackets or something like that? I wonder how many put Kansas State in the Final Four because they are probably the number three seed that got no attention heading into this tournament. I know people are hot on Baylor, but they get a tremendous amount of respect because of what Scott Drew has built with the Baylor Bears.

Xavier, Sean Miller is back. Now you look at this really, a lot of these three seeds weren't being talked about heading into the NCAA tournament. So Gonzaga obviously always gets talked about, so they're the exception. But you look at the three seeds, the other three seeds, Kansas State, Baylor, and then you also had Xavier. It's like any of them really got national love heading into this tourney. Baylor justified, and we'll see what happens with Xavier coming up tomorrow night with their matchup up against Texas's squad led by Rodney Terry.

But even look at this region, let's just say Kansas State for argument's sake does not make it. How many people had Tennessee? No one had FAU. This is one of those regions where... Dusty Mays' family didn't even have FAU.

Probably not. If we had to put them on, see their brackets, I'm sure theirs is ripped up for a good reason. But it's been a region of chaos so far. Kansas State is playing some really, really good basketball. They've been a great story so far, and it's just a really heartwarming story to see how this game ends and who it ends with and his story not only being the smallest player on the court, but being from his hometown. And I took Kansas State, I got them at plus one and a half. When they did close, they were a one and a half point favorite, but I got them at plus one and a half. I also took them on the money line.

I think they were like plus 110 or something like that earlier in the week when I did get them. But heading into overtime, I didn't feel good. The fact that they had to go into overtime, I was not feeling good about it, but they found a way even when Michigan State took a lead briefly in overtime to get the game back. And that's just the Kansas State team that the story just continues to get on better and better and better. And it would be very fitting if they do advance to Houston for the final four and we'll see if that happens coming up on Saturday.

Zach Yelp shows CBS Sports Radio. So here's where we're at right now. Yukon, Arkansas, the only enemy for Yukon right now is the clock. If this was a boxing match, if this was a UFC fight, the white towel would have been thrown in a little bit earlier. What are you smiling about there, Hickey?

No, just that analogy, right? The beat down. You were like falling over there. I was like, is everything okay? What the heck is happening?

The hot day, Hickey. But yeah, the only enemy right now, the only opponent for Yukon is the clock. It is 75 to 54. Yukon, first two games of the tournament, they did not play well in the first half. And in the second half, they went on these just enormous runs. That enormous run did come right out of the gate this time where they have 46 to 29 at half. And in the second half, it hasn't been that much better for Arkansas outside of a little 7-0 run at one point.

So Yukon's up 77 to 54. Florida Atlantic, Tennessee is going to tip off at about 20 minutes or so. And then you got the big heavyweight showdown between Gonzaga and UCLA. And I wonder, if I would have said to you before the night started, Hickey, what's the game that's going to be the best game at Gonzaga-UCLA? Well, we just saw from Kansas State, Michigan State. If we see UCLA-Gonzaga even be in the same conversation as that, we've had a tremendous night of college basketball, regardless of what happens. Because Yukon, Arkansas, unless you're a Huskies fan, it has just been a boring game.

It hasn't been close. FAU, Tennessee, even if that's a blowout, with what Michigan State, Kansas State gave us and what we think Gonzaga-UCLA is going to give us, we're looking for what's going to be a tremendous night of college basketball to kick off the first part of the Sweet 16. And then tomorrow, you get four other games as well. I mean, it's tough to beat the game of the year, but man, if we come close, except with any of these two other games at night, this is going to be a blast. And then coming up tomorrow, you get San Diego State, Alabama, Miami-Houston, which is supposed to be an exceptional game. Princeton-Crayton, I think that's a tough matchup for Princeton, even though we talked about the size for Arizona, the starting five for Crayton, just a big lineup as well. And then Xavier, Texas, I feel like that's not getting a ton of big buzz, but I think that's going to be a really good game as well between those two teams coming up tomorrow. I'm with you.

I'm excited for that one. All right, we'll take a time out. So here's where we're currently at. Kansas State, congratulations to the Wildcats of K-State. They beat Michigan State in overtime, 98-93. And UConn is just pouring it on Arkansas. It's now 81-56 with 438 to go in that one.

So I got a parlay that's alive here, Hickey. I got Kansas State. I had them on the money line. I had UConn on the spread. That's easily going to hit.

Knock on wood, knock on wood, knock on wood, but this would be like the worst bad beat ever. And then I have Tennessee just money line. So it's Dusty May who I do like. I'm a fan of Dusty May. He invited me to actually have coffee with him next time in Boca Raton. Yeah, how are you going to have coffee with Dusty if you're rooting against him tonight? Well, if I win, I'll pay for the coffee. If Tennessee wins, I'll pay for the coffee. If they lose, well, if FAU wins, I'm going to need some help here from Dusty May.

We'll see if he's even the coach next time I go down to Florida. I want to be a bad hire for your Penn State Nittany Lions. Hey, I'm open.

I'm open. If I'm Pat Kraft at Penn State, the two phone calls, I don't know if you could get them, but you are a Big 10 school. And no offense to FAU, wonderful place to live. College of Charleston, wonderful place to live.

And maybe they could end up getting bigger jobs a year from now. But my first two phone calls, if I'm Pat Kraft at Penn State, he just lost Michael Shrewsbury to Notre Dame, which no one could fault him for doing that. My first two phone calls would be to Pat Kelsey and then also to Dusty May. My first phone call, Jay Wright.

What's so funny? I'll tell you that phone call's good to go. Hey, Jay, it's Pat Kraft over here at Penn State. Hey, Pat. Click.

Hey, at least you got an answer. You think Jay would actually entertain that? No, but you got to make the call. Actually, the phone call would probably go like this. Hey, it's Pat Kraft at Penn State. Jay, how are you? Dial tone.

I don't know. Jay looks like he's itching to get back. Jay looks happy on TV. A great game he just saw. I'm sure he's like, oh, man, I'd love to be the coach.

What are you smoking? That's not a realistic phone call. A guy gave me a realistic game.

It's not realistic. What's up, buddy? You got to make the call. Who do you want?

That is realistic. I don't know. I got to think about it. What are you going to tell me next? You got to make a phone call to Calhoun, see if he's interested?

I need now float around. Not my name, but a name that I saw floated. Greg McDermott. He just signed the contract extension. Why don't we just get every single coach that's been on the show this week and see if they want to? I don't think I would leave Creighton for Penn State.

You're the Big East. I always say I probably wouldn't, but. Yeah, I would not do that. Also, I think he just signed an extension. Now, who knows what that means? And also, I was going to say college coaches signing extensions and then leaving. Wow, I'm shocked. I've never seen that happen before. Hey, if he starts to do a press conference, never say never, but never. Then that's a whole different story.

That's true. Mike Tomlin is undefeated in that phrase, and I don't think anyone else has used it wisely. What was that for? USC. Oh, yeah, college. He got so annoyed that his name was thrown in there. All right, we'll take a break.

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Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio, a thriller and a dud. That's how you kind of describe the first two games of the Sweet 16 as what a classic that was between Michigan State and Kansas State. Kansas State in overtime gets the job done 98 to 93 and Marquis Noel just sensational in the contest with 20 points and 19 assists and had the big steal at the end of the game as they were up by three.

Michigan State with the ball. He was able to strip the ball and then had an acrobatic layup as time expired to get a five-point victory for the Wildcats of Kansas State who before the year were picked last in the Big 12. And we had Jerome Tang on the other day and he said before the year started I knew I had an NCAA tournament team. I'm not saying he thought they could go this far but he knew they had an NCAA tournament team. Remember he was with Scott Drew ever since Scott Drew's first year at Baylor so he knew that he had a team that was better than what people thought they were and also that's a heck of a coaching job obviously getting to the Elite Eight but Hickey with all the transferring that you have to deal with, keeping players, bringing in new players, how difficult that is to be able to get everyone to mesh just what appeared to be so seamlessly is extremely and I mean extremely impressive. Now I know Noel was in the program the year before he got there coming over from Little Rock but just with how you have to deal with whenever you have a coach change or not with how much just natural transferring that is that's really damn impressive what Jerome Tang has done this year but before the start of the year he kind of realized okay I have a team that yeah they're picked to finish last in the Big 12 but I believe in them and I know what they're capable of doing and you see the the success story and just what has been a great story Keontae Johnson back in 2020 unfortunately passing out during a game when he was a Florida collapsing and now he transfers into Kansas State and they wouldn't be here without him so it shows you now when you're a coach it's basically it shows the importance of coaching now more than ever in college basketball and college sports because when you're a new coach coming in you have a lot of players that are leaving and then you have to go get players to come in as well that are in the transfer portal and it's not like you're at a little school you're at a Big 12 school here in Kansas State so he is I know everyone's gonna talk about Noel tomorrow as they should he was great but Jerome Tang Scott Drew said it he should be the coach of the year there's no doubt about that first Big 12 coach in history to win three tournament games in his first year at the helm he's done like I said nothing short of a tremendous job whether it's just empowering the players because it's too even watching on the court they're not intimidated they're motivated and they're confident as hell again they're running basically where's a trick play in the last minute of overtime with a chance to go to the elite eight like they are very confident right now I think that's a large part of coaching just almost in a way taking a step back and allowing the leaders on your team to do their job see some coaches are overbearing in the face constantly you don't really allow you know the team to kind of grow and mesh together I think it's one of the things and the calling cards if you will for Kansas State as you see outside of the physicality outside of the you know their ability to hang a good number on the scoreboard offensively and just are dynamic they also are a team that is confident that is you know not afraid of the moment and they gel really really well together all right let's get to these other two games because we're just waiting for this to become a final but it's it's basically over Yukon's up 86 to 63 against Arkansas with 120 to go FAU Tennessee the physicality of Tennessee is clearly caught the eye of Dusty May I think that was actually strategically what he did was kind of raise a little bit of awareness about the physicality of Tennessee to try to get some calls now I don't know if the the FAU coach saying that he gets the clout with the official I guess it depends on the officiating crew I with what Tennessee did against Duke it was very impressive with the team that people thought Duke was even though FAU's only lost three games this year I'm gonna take Tennessee tonight I think we'll be closer than probably what people think I do think there'll be a little regression from the effort of Duke but I think we're headed on a collision course here of Tennessee and Kansas State coming up on Saturday night at the world's most famous arena you know me I love to disagree but in this case I cannot I think Rocky Top will be moving on play the song let's go I think we get the Vols tonight okay now UCLA Gonzaga so UCLA we all knew had a championship team before the start of the season when you have Hami Hachez you have Tiger Campbell and then Jalen Clark was having a sensational season and unfortunately he's out of the tourney and we knew that heading into this NCAA tournament but UCLA has the injury bug now Adim Bona and he's gonna play tonight we'll see how effective he could be but he's dominant David Singleton also dealing with an injury bug as well I look at UCLA Gonzaga it's so tough to bet against Gonzaga I know that they haven't had a championship but they've been a mainstay in this NCAA tournament Mick Cronin's done a phenomenal job with UCLA when a lot of people said oh he wasn't going to be a fit at UCLA the guy is just a tremendous coach so I would always believe in someone like Mick Cronin I do think this is a heavyweight battle you remember a few years ago when these two teams met up and how good of a game that was but I just look at UCLA I'm not gonna I'm not gonna pick against them here in this spot I think my bracket before the start of this tournament I did take Gonzaga to take down UCLA and I was just concerned about the Clark injury I know the injuries are piling up but it has not affected them yet in this tournament I'm gonna trust Jacquez and and Campbell to get the job done just two great winners I this game I believe it to be close I thought this game if it was gonna be a game that goes to overtime tonight it would be this one clearly we already had one with Michigan State and Kansas State even though Timmy scares the crap out of me since he's been at at um Gonzaga forever I'll take UCLA to just continue to fight through these injuries and get enough at the end of the day to get the job done where you at on this one so even with Kansas State before we kind of mentioned they're a three seed but no one's really talk about them so they're playing very loose and very confident I feel the same way with Gonzaga like even though they're a three seed and they've been in the rankings all season long first time since 2018 they are not a number one seed and I just feel like just feel like just dropping down even two spots has taken an immense amount of pressure and attention off of them because every single tournament whether they're undefeated or can they finally break through win a championship it's always the pressure on Gonzaga can you finally break through and they've been in two finals before with right and you don't hear anything about Gonzaga this year I love that and like I said you still have some championship experience with Mark Feu with Drew Timmy I know UCLA has a ton of experience guys are on the final 14 the last time these two teams met so it's not like they're bereft of you know big time moment experience either either will go with Gonzaga winning this game I'm with you I think it's gonna be a close game another great battle maybe not as great as you saw in the bubble a few years ago I think Gonzaga wins moves to within one win of the final four you're 100% right though when you look at the when you look at the Gonzaga basketball team I remember obviously it was 2017 within the championship game up against unc they don't win that game and then a few years ago when they were undefeated up into the final game and then Baylor just took it to them and ran them off the court in that one they ended up winning 86 to 70 but the game never felt like it was ever even that close and that was a 16 point deficit you you just look back going into this tournament you are right and maybe it's because and I think it was John Fanto who said this before the start of the tournament when he joined us maybe it was because of some of the early struggles at the beginning of the year where where people are out in Gonzaga and then it's tough to get back in you always know just how good they could be but they they lose to Texas they lose to Purdue they lose to Baylor and they start the year off five and three and they obviously regrouped and got it back together this team that's now sitting at 28 to five I think you're right being dropped down a little bit having five losses looking a little vulnerable and just consistently getting there and being in the mix and then coming up short I do think a lot of people I don't know if the right way to say it is Gonzaga fatigue but how many times do you get there and you don't get the job done I'm not saying it's the similarity to the dominance of like the Georgia football team but Georgia they go up against Alabama and they wouldn't win and they would lose in an SEC championship game they would lose in a in a national championship game and it was like almost at a point where it was like okay how many times do you keep on giving them the thought that they're going to get the job done and then they lose that year in the SEC title game to Alabama and then a few weeks later we all know what happened in the national title game where you did get Georgia getting the job done up against Alabama so like that's how kind of how the way that we felt about Georgia a few years ago it's kind of like Gonzaga light right now where they've been the talk they've been a team that many people thought okay is this the year is this year is this the year they looked a little human early on and now it's like okay until you get the job done how many times you keep on going back to the well and expecting a different outcome here right you learn how to overcome adversity and also too like if I feel like the pressure war in the last few years like you mentioned the national title game against Baylor like that they looked exhausted their national title was with the Jalen right and when you're undefeated the amount of pressure on you to kind of come through and get one finally it just I feel like you just wore them down and even last year like they made it to the sweet 16 but I think it was Memphis I'm not mistaken the round of 32 like they needed like a dramatic comeback and overtime like barely slipped by you're like oh they are one team but they look terrible they ended up losing Arkansas and right then get bounced it's just like they they just that I thought the pressure kind of got to them and now it's almost it's almost like you're reborn again like a fresh start when like I said you lose early and everyone kind of writes you off and now it's like you're just flying under the radar and no one even knows you're there let me take one before the break rich in Chicago next up on CBS sports radio rich what do you got hey I want to give you guys some inspiration about Penn State and I told your producer well that's just hickey that needs the inspiration about Penn State that's his school all right well you're talking about who would be a likely prospect that's that guy who's available and you'll cringe when I tell you but he could do the job you want a guy for four or five years that can recruit transfers and win fast Auburn's tired of Bruce Pearl you you could get Bruce Pearl why is Auburn tired of Bruce Pearl he's worn them out like he does the Tennessee and everywhere else he goes I think the Auburn fan that they haven't had a rich tradition in basketball I think they are a fool if they're annoyed with the job that that Bruce Pearl is done I get it they didn't have the best year in the world they still won an NCAA tournament game first off if I don't think Bruce Pearl is a leaving Auburn for to go to Penn State that's number one but number two the Auburn fan I don't even know if that's true if they're tired of Bruce Pearl then you guys don't appreciate what Bruce Pearl has done but I don't think Auburn is anywhere close to thinking about moving on from Bruce Pearl I don't think that's a realistic name Rich is right I think the Auburn fan hates Bruce Pearl that's stupid that firearm let's go get him out I see what you did there but like seriously that was a team that's a program that did not make the NCAA tournament since the last time making it was 2003 Bruce Pearl comes in there remember they go to a final four one year um but should have went to the national title that year against Virginia yeah they celebrated early on the campus remember that you're you're right but they have been to the NCAA tournament Bruce Pearl got there in 2015 remember they did not make the tourney last time making the tourney was in 2003 he has made it one two three four times one year there was no NCAA tournament so you can say four to six years it's really four last five years and he's got to a final four Auburn fans I know you could be delusional right when it comes to football if you don't want Bruce Pearl there as a basketball coach anymore I don't know if that's a popular opinion you you may be one of the most delusional fan bases in the country now I'm not just gonna go based off Rich in Chicago's opinion on Bruce Pearl and say that's the entire fan base but if that's true I don't know how much more you you would want out of a coach when you've been out of the tournament that long that's crazy to me and I know last year they had a dominant team in the regular season you had Smith who's a stud uh you all said Walker Kesser's a stud and they got bounced out early in the NCAA tournament good luck finding a better coach for Auburn than Bruce Pearl with the job that he's done I don't know you said all those stats all those appearances final four you know it sounds like to me under achievement Auburn should expect more want more I think uh show Bruce the door I think Rich Chicago is 100% right those fans better be sick of them and you know what just to really really punish them just ship them right off to state college that's just one way flight one way ticket thanks for making them go are you hungry in the creamery yeah I would really you know just really punish the Penn State fan too for beating you two years in a row that's that's how you get back at them are you talking about in football yes yes football you know home and home sweet that's stupid how do you punish Penn State let's just go send him Bruce Pearl here's the president it's like a Trojan horse you guys are gonna really hate this guy let me tell you I love that you use success in football to make a case for basketball even though you're marinating in sarcasm whatever you gotta do whatever you gotta do closing bell next planning a wedding can be intimidating but finding the perfect suit shouldn't be Indochino makes it easy to get a custom suit right from home fine tune every detail and design a suit tailored perfectly to your body and your personality starting at just $4.99 get a wedding suit as unique as you with Indochino go to and use code podcast to get 10% off any purchase of $3.99 or more that's promo code podcast you're listening to the Zach Gelb show another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world it's time to find out who's up and who's down let's end the day right and hit the closing bell only on the Zach Gelb show all righty let's hear the final call as Michigan State loses to Kansas State Kansas State is off to the elite eight at Madison Square Garden coming up on Saturday as Kansas State gets the job done this is Gary Cohen on the Westwood One NCAA tournament network Walker jumps it out to Houser goes right wing to Hall eight seconds out to Walker Walker tries to force one up it's stripped by Noel who gets the basketball first Noel drives in lays it up and it goes in at the buzzer and Kansas State has advanced to the elite eight that's just great so easy when it goes that way Kansas State advances to the elite eight oh wonderful picked last of the big 12 before the star of the year new coach Jerome Tang who's been an assistant at Baylor since Scott Drew first got there in 2003 the brilliance of Marquis Noel and Keontae Johnson just a great great great story give a stock up to Kansas State let's hear Ed Cooley on why he left Providence for Georgetown this courtesy of Fox Sports it was change it was change it was uh we thought about it long and hard my daughter being here was a major motive motivating thing to do as she's going to stay here when she graduates in May um I just felt it you know uh being born and raised in Rhode Island being the head coach of Providence College who I love I'll always be I'll always be a Providence person I'll always be a Friar to leave was really really hard but when I did a deep dive of what's important I've always said yes to everybody and I've always said no to Ed coach Cooley did everything but Ed needed a change and I thought Georgetown was the place for me to make that change as hard as it was because it's in conference and a lot of people look at that as villainous or betrayal I hope people give me an opportunity to serve Ed and it sounds selfish sounds real selfish but it's sometimes change is needed on both sides and I thought for me change was needed whenever you talk in the third person you lose me just be honest and say I needed a change I'm ready to move on from Providence and I think Georgetown is a better job give a stock down horrible answer by Ed Cooley so we told you about what Nick Saban said in the Tony Mitchell arrest where he said it's not just college kids being college kids or wrong place at the wrong time and that was definitely taking a little jab at Nate Oates for the way that he responded to Brandon Miller and sending a message let's listen up to Nick Saban who says his comments weren't directed at Nate Oates there's nothing to clarify you know I don't watch basketball coaches press conferences I've never watched basketball how many years have I been coaching you know never watch one never listen to what other people say that was strictly about our program and what we do nothing to do with anybody else I don't make any comments about anybody else and we hope the basketball team does really really well so what he said was so obvious and so clear but he could always have that out of I'm Nick Saban I run the football program here that's the cash cow at Alabama I don't care whatever the basketball coach says I'd ever pay attention to the basketball coach says but he knows what Nate Oates says even though it's not going to do damage necessarily to football program but it just makes Alabama look bad so you could deny it we all know what Nick Saban meant let's listen up though this is Nate Oates responding to what Nick Saban said he and I talked that night and I didn't take it that way at all got a ton of respect for coach and I said my opening press conference and I got hired at Alabama that he may be the best coach for team sports and modern sports history I mean I when I was a high school coach back in Romulus I had a whole section of Saban quotes in our practice plan I still have it I uh I probably use them a little less now that we're here and they get they get plenty of Saban quotes just in the regular media but I I've got a ton of respect for him he's been tremendously supportive of our program since he's got here I mean he says it all the time he wants the entire athletic department to do well he's been at multiple games this year he came yesterday to speak to the team and you know he was good players loved it I'm uh he and I got a great relationship and I'm he and I got a great relationship and I'm really thankful for the support that he's given us and continues to give us with the basketball program in Alabama so you have coach Saban who's basically just lying and then you have coach Oates who down deep he has to be annoyed by the comments because they were just not necessary they're unnecessary and Nate Oates knows he has no like to stand on because he did botch the situation also this is a football god in Nick Saban you know this isn't Kentucky where I understand it's a basketball school Calipari says that and then you have the coach of Kentucky uh in March Stoops flip out and we were kind of surprised by that but Kentucky football's done well and obviously Alabama could be on the verge of winning a national championship but we all know who's still king there and it's Nick Saban so I'm giving a stock down to Nate Oates for basically putting his tail in between his legs and going on a minute rant about how great Nick Saban is and then a stock down to Nick Saban which is not being truthful with what he actually said a few days ago and finally I'm giving one final stock up actually to a colleague of ours an Andrew Perloff who heard hickey's take of the Colts now should take Anthony Richardson at four and then a year from now potentially trade Richardson and draft either Caleb Williams or Drake May we're in the newsroom today Perloff's in between break on his show Maggie Perloff made the same CBS Sports Radio affiliate series 6 I'm channel 158 in the free office the app will be a company guy and he's walking past thinking he goes congratulations Ryan and Ryan's like what are you congratulating me on I thought he was gonna take a Penn State shot at you for Micah Shrewsbury leaving even though that wouldn't be worthy of congratulations but I thought he would just rub some salt in the wound and then he goes congratulations on having maybe the dumbest take you've ever had man Perloff going after you but I thought it was funny gave me a good chuckle so I'm giving a stock up to Perloff big thanks to Anthony Lima big thanks to Tobin Anderson for dropping on by and Bobby Regan we'll be back tomorrow 6 p.m eastern 3 pacific recap all these games a preview of the sweet 16 years peace planning a wedding can be intimidating but finding the perfect suit shouldn't be Indochino makes it easy to get a fully customized suit right from home with dozens of high thread count fabrics patterns and colors to choose from Indochino lets you fine tune every detail and design a suit tailored perfectly to your body and your personality set up your measurement profile on Indochino's website and choose fabric and customizations without leaving the house or book a showroom appointment and let Indochino's dedicated style guides help you and your wedding party look flawless for the big day their experts have been dressing grooms and groomsmen since 2007 and with suits starting at just $4.99 and fitted shirts at $89 Indochino is bespoke without the premium price tag get a wedding suit as unique as you with Indochino go to 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