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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCASTL: Hour 2

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March 27, 2023 6:07 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCASTL: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 27, 2023 6:07 am

Every single #1 seed was a disappointment | UConn and Kansas State go down to the wire; with a controversial ending | LeBron says he heals faster than the average human.


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That's slash positive. We all love Cinderella's, but when was the last time there were three Cinderella's at the ball? That's a little odd.

What do you do if you've got three Cinderella's to choose from and only one glass slipper? Couple of dances left. Final Four takes place next Saturday and this is in Houston, so they have more time off between this weekend's games and then a full week until we get to the national semifinals on Saturday in Houston. The last time the Final Four was in Houston, I was there and it turned into one of the best games I've ever seen in person. Definitely the best ending I've ever seen in person with North Carolina and then Villanova hitting the buzzer beater, Chris Jenkins. So that was the last time they were in Houston. Final Four on Saturday and then the national championship game on Monday and we will be into April.

Saturday April 1st, Monday April 3rd. But yeah, what do you do if you've got three Cinderella's? Kind of hard to pick an underdog, the underdog when you have the split loyalties among three underdogs.

And here's what's funny. The only non underdog is actually dogs, the Huskies. I mean, I feel like if you're going to be the Huskies, you should be the underdogs.

But no, actually the others, you've got three underdogs and then some actual dogs. We got gold Jimmy! See what I'm saying? Was that like too far to go? Did I have to, was that this, did that joke or whatever that was, that witty observation take too long to get to? It landed. It landed. We landed the plane.

Smooth. Also Jay, where's my soda? Our soda. Where's our soda? I thought you were supposed to have a soda. I'm supposed to have a soda. The one time Jay goes to get gas on a Sunday, because he always goes to get gas on a Sunday, that he doesn't go inside and get, I mean the gas station convenience store worker, convenience store clerk must have wondered what happened that you did not come inside to say hello to him. Probably thought I was sick or something.

I was telling him to pull up and then not go in. Are you broke? Is that what happened? You're broke? You have no money?

No, that's always the case. You're working radio, don't say I didn't warn you. But no, no I just, I don't know, I just came back, went in quick in and out. Now I really want some snacks and a soda. Well I have snacks and we have a box full of candy on top of the locker. That also led into my decision. I was like, well we do have a bunch of goods like. But you said you were gonna get a soda.

I did and I want it. Well too late for that because the convenience store is not readily accessible. Also Jay couldn't get into the building for a good like 15 minutes tonight. We'll have to explain what's going on downstairs that we have to use a loading dock and Jay didn't know where he was going and which is I mean thank goodness he told me because I wouldn't have known either and so thank you for that.

But Jay walked around an entire city block in New York City. First of all it was essentially midnight eastern time and that's scary. You don't, I mean there's some scary peeps out walking around and so I'm, I'm very relieved that you're safe but also that would have, I would have been petrified. I would have had my mace like out not just like in my hand in my bag but like out and pointed just in case. So I did actually pass a couple people and it was in the back of our building. They're doing like scaffolding work or something on in there. Did you hear cat calls?

No I didn't luckily but but there was like you know it's a tight narrow walkway to get through and I had to pass like two different groups of people and I was like this is it, I'm getting jumped, this is it, this is it. Yeah you definitely look like you're carrying a ton of cash on you. You got cash and bling.

I got my Yeti cooler, my Yeti water bottle. Right but you, that actually you could hit someone in the head with that, it would leave a dent. Good point. So don't, that can be a weapon but your phone is I don't know about 17 years old. It's like the first cell phone you ever got so no one's stealing that. No one wants your ranger's hat so I wouldn't worry about that either.

No it's old school rangers, it's not even like a new school hat. That's what makes it cool. Yes that's what I meant to say, absolutely. That's what I tell myself.

That is accurate. So Jay didn't get jumped and then he warned me so I didn't walk around the entire building because I'm notorious for going to, for going to the wrong side of an arena and when I'm trying to find the media entrance is my first time there and going having to walk all the way around like it happens to me every single time. The number of arenas that I have circumvented, yep that's the thing. We just need more signs like everything could be so simple if they just had a sign out front saying hey building's under construction go to the side.

Yeah they probably don't want a lot of people just wandering into the loading dock. I mean yeah I guess that's a good point but I will say though in walking around the building the place where we did actually have to go in would have been the last place where I actually would have went in not without knowing. It was next to the bicycle rack. That's how you find it next to the bicycle rack and the funny thing is you had a security guard who was out waving for you.

Yeah. Now I'm walking down the street eyeing some some sketch people on the other side and I don't see any security guard so it's as I'm walking past he's sitting like way back in his little booth and like waving from inside so if I had it turned and looked in the door I never would have seen him. I could still be outside wandering. How long would I have to be outside wandering before you would sound the alarm and come get me or look for me or worry? Like how long would it have been? There'd be a time. Like how long?

I'm asking let's go. How long until you would declare me missing or under duress? Maybe like eight to twelve minutes.

Wow. I mean I could get lost and not be here in eight to twelve minutes. It took me about that to like do a couple laps to figure out what was going on. A couple laps you went around the building twice?

I did like a you know a little one and a quarter. Oh my gosh. Because I'm saying that one entrance where it actually was like I didn't want to go in there. I was like. You've been out there much longer you would have gotten hypothermia or something. I'm just kidding.

No it's actually temps are in the 50s so it's pretty nice. You were not. Stop it. Don't need to play this up and now get the sympathy vote or something like that. It's cold out there. That doesn't excuse the fact that there's no soda okay. You caught me.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. So as I say when there are three Cinderella's it's kind of hard to pick one. We all love a good underdog story but I feel as though we're gonna have split loyalties here and that is because when it comes to the one seeds simply nothing and I mean nothing went according to plan. 6.40 to play here in the second half. Quinterly. Little hesitation.

Little shake and bake. Spinning move and Menzies swats it away. It is rejected for the fifth time. Quinterly in the paint. Has it blocked away again by Johnson. Saved by San Diego State. Three seconds to play. Lets it fly.

No good. Rebound taken down by Parsons. That'll do it for the first time in NCAA history. Not only are the San Diego State Aztecs going to the Elite Eight but the Mountain West will be represented in the Elite Eight.

They knock off the number one overall seed the Alabama Crimson Tide 71-64. Feeds over to Walker. Anthony Walker with eight to shoot. Step back three for Walker and he hits. Three made threes all year. Miller off the inbound swings the pass around Poplar left corner.

Three is good. Look up Poplar was 0 for 4 before that three and an 11 nothing Miami run and the Hurricanes blowing up Houston's plans. 70 to 53 Miami by 17. As lopsided as the second half of Yukon Gonzaga that's how lopsided Miami against Houston once the Canes got rolling and there is a theme here right Miami is second half team and against the Houston Cougars which is one of the best defensive teams in the country. The Canes found that groove they were aggressive they were attacking again keep in mind these are some veteran players they're not all they're not all players that have come up through Miami with Jim LarriƱaga but they are veterans they've got a bunch of transfers on that team that brought in experience from other places. Those Canes shot 52% from the floor against Houston which is supposed to be one of the best defenses in the country right and it is just not this weekend. The calls there with Tom McCarthy and Kevin Coogler on the Westwood One NCAA radio network for Kelvin Sampson and the Cougars they were one of the top teams in the entire country most of the season but man what a I mean I'll just say it what a rotten egg against Miami. Obviously they were the better team tonight I'm part of my team for a lot of things unfortunately you know it's one off night you go home and at this in this tournament you know we we just never could get a foothold you know we kept climbing and we get ahead of them and then we just couldn't put stops together but you know we've we've hung our hats all year on unscripted points tonight was just we just couldn't get anything going. You can hear the dejection in the voice of Kelvin Sampson a real good team they fought through a lot of injuries including one to Marcus Sasser to even get to this point but it ended abruptly against a much hotter Miami team.

It was an amazing run um came up short but you know the time that we got to spin spin you know throughout these months um it was you know I couldn't ask for nothing better and then just coming back to this program coaching style you know it was just amazing you know I'd rather I picked that choice 10 out of 10 every time so it was a great run for sure. So the Houston Cougars do not make it to the Elite Eight. Alabama also a one seed that falls short of even getting to the final eight teams. Stunning that for the first time since they started seeding this tournament none of the top seeds in any of the regions even make it to the Elite Eight. It's been a rollercoaster ride of a season for Nate Oates and Alabama. If you consider what that coach has dealt with and he hasn't always handled it with grace or with class he's had some major flubs but I believe that the challenge of trying to lead through a murder a murder investigation that takes one of your players and then involves your star player in a way that for weeks it became less about basketball and more about this player and whether or not he should even be on the roster when it becomes a national story again not for what you're doing on the court but because you're defending the way that you have navigated an uncertain and very difficult very emotional situation for them to become a one seed for the Crimson Tide to keep going I think is a credit to Nate Oates again I'm not saying he handled everything correctly he did not he had some major flubs but I dare say many human beings even the best of leaders would find themselves on shaky footing and shaky ground trying to navigate a situation like this where one of your former players is accused of capital murder and the other one is identified in court as the guy who drove the gun to the scene so for Nate Oates and for Alabama it ends in the Sweet 16 and I will say this they did well to focus on basketball as much as that's not what Alabama has been about well what's the narrative around Alabama has been about for the last month or so we had an unbelievable year everybody's really disappointed in the loss you know it ended too soon San Diego State's a very good team when you get to the Sweet 16 you know all the teams are good at this point you know they're tough physical veteran group it's a huge accomplishment to get to the Sweet 16 I think it was a pretty successful season made it to Sweet 16 it's probably one of the biggest tournaments I've ever played in in my life I think we really really just came to have fun really and just compete at a high level that is the voice of Brandon Miller of course the star freshman who was also involved in the mess in Tuscaloosa in which a young woman lost her life be interesting to see what happens moving forward Miller was projected to be one of the top prospects for the NBA will they ask hard questions will they hold him to a different standard will they put his feet to the fire I think for Nate Oates it's been a season of learning probably an uncomfortable season in many ways a season in which he was in the spotlight for sticking his foot in his mouth and coming across tone deaf and maybe even in sense actually not maybe insensitive at times yet I dare say that as much as that and I'm not overlooking what happened in a young woman lost her life that that matters far more but in context of coaching I dare say these are lessons he will not forget right he's going to be a different man a different coach moving forward like it or not this season had to leave a scar again not comparing this to the young woman her family she had a daughter the two things are are not comparable I'm just referring specifically to basketball and to Nate Oates and his growth whether he wanted you or not his growth and his development as a leader and a coach and I hope that these tough lessons stick with him yes tough lessons stick with him you can find me on twitter a law radio I love this tweet you stuck the dog landing yes also get this producer jay this could be fake okay I'll just readily admit I could be getting duped Troy sends a tweet with a photo he's sitting poolside and he says I'm listening Monday afternoon in Vietnam okay but that but it could okay this could be a pool in Florida let's be fair he he could have just said that he was listening poolside in Vietnam and this could be an old photo because I'm not one of those NCIS people or crime scene investigators who can triangulate the photo and where it came from and all that stuff so I'm not going to do that however if you are actually listening in Vietnam Troy we're happy to keep you company and thank you for taking us with you on I don't know if it's a vacation or you live there I've not ever heard from this guy before I don't think but wow we definitely have listeners internationally we've heard from places as far away as Tokyo as far away as Australia we definitely hear from a lot and sometimes it's not until they get back but we hear from a lot of American men service men and women who are stationed overseas so we definitely get listeners we have listeners across the pond regularly in Great Britain and the British Isles which is awesome so there are expats all over the world but this is a new one Vietnam that's a new one that's pretty cool I believe them that is pretty cool I like it all right what haven't we gotten to Creighton San Diego State we'll do that next man we've talked about the Houston shooting woes against Miami we've mentioned Gonzaga that second half against Connecticut it was hurting me to watch Creighton shoot in the second half of that game against San Diego State on Sunday but still it went down to the 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Marabello to the right baseline under the basket kicks out for Shireman for three way down town it's good splash city 22-16 great 8.40 to play first half that's his first bucket from beyond the arc the inbounds goes to Seiko as San Diego State gets the ball back a rope dribbles a few times hands it off to Tramell Tramell curls off the high screen throws up a one-hander it's good and it's now a tie game at 28 it's an 8-0 run bounce pass back door for Shireman off the glass no good Johnson with the rebound it's going to be four on four for a minute here comes Tramell up the floor Tramell to the free throw line assessing pull up one-hander it's good San Diego State up by 146.45 Tramell from the high post right side this is After Hours with Amy Lawrence Tom McCarthy on the NCAA Westwood One I think I got that backwards Tom McCarthy on the Westwood One they're very specific about how we have to say this even though Westwood One is our broadcast partner oh no we have to under penalty of death under penalty of like criminal charges we have to say it the right way Jay's nodding because he knows like for real we got emails about this every year we get emails so let me start again take two Tom McCarthy on the Westwood One NCAA radio network boom I think we're good I'm offended it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio I don't care if you say it wrong I have friends who call this the Amy Lawrence Show like what the what the that's not what the no I'm offended I would never name my show after me my apologies to all of those radio hosts out there who name their shows after themselves that's it I feel as though I'm a little bit more creative so no the Amy Lawrence Show just it's like awkward and not interested whatever Jay would you call your show the producer Jay show no no I wouldn't although actually it's not so bad but no um you can do better I could do better you could do better I just that's all I will say just as a friendly like hey I've been in this business a really long time you can do better than the producer Jay show not great no not great not creative at all it's it's like it's lazy I'll just say it's lazy yes all right so we got Tom McCarthy and his initial comments comments his initial play-by-play to let you know that Creighton was up early but in the second half could not hit the broad side of the barn oh my gosh watching Creighton shoot the basketball hurt me it was bricklaying it wasn't beautiful basketball which is fine if you're also causing your opponent to to look miserable as well but the Aztecs were able to come back and so tied at 56 oh man there is a moment that a lot of people will still be chattering about on Monday Butler looking for somebody to get open Butler no timeouts left gets it into a rope five seconds left Trammell three seconds left Trammell way away from the basket pulls up from the free throw line shot is no good whistle blows though there's a foul possibly no time left on the clock Lee Cassell blew the whistle and we may have free throws Greg McDermott just reminded his team there are no timeouts left Trammell's second shot for the lead and possibly a trip to Houston right-handed shot up and good nothing but net 57 56 San Diego state oh it's another one of those moments where it's letter of the law maybe not spirit of the law but it's a letter of the law Butler well Butler was passed the ball off to Trammell who's a senior guard okay so a veteran guard he drives into the lane he puts the shot up the ball is already up and away as Nemhard has got his I think it's left arm left hand left arm I'll have to go back and look at the perspective but he's got essentially an arm into the side of Trammell did it affect the shot didn't look like it only because Trammell had already gone up into a shooting motion and had released the ball at the same time there is a chance that Nemhard's arm into Trammell's side changed his trajectory right changed the angle of the basketball it certainly knocked him over and so there was enough there contact whether before the shot or after the shot that did not allow Trammell to come down and land safely so there was enough contact there but again it may have been after the shot was released you can go and you can check it out yourself it's it's on social he didn't hit his arm he didn't hit the ball oh here I just saw it again actually I was looking up at CBS Sports Network he's got his left hand so he's kind of off the right hip and by him I mean Nemhard the the Creighton player he's off the right hip of Trammell so Trammell has gotten by him he's gotten a step by him now Nemhard is grabbing so he's kind of off the right hip they're both facing the hoop he takes his left hand and kind of grabs Trammell's waist but it's after Trammell is already in the air it's after the shot is already away it's just Trammell did lose his balance so there's clearly contact there a lot of people people that I respect right away awful call terrible call la la la can I tell you the truth I actually thought it was the right call because again it did feel like he knocked Trammell off balance and that could have changed the trajectory of the shot there's no way to know if the shot goes down if he doesn't Charles Barkley hated the call I get it I understand it's a tough call to make in that moment but I am always of the opinion that if you would make that call anywhere else then you should make it there now here's the question because if you watch this game you know that it was relatively physical they were allowing the teams to play and to underscore that point there were only 17 free throws total in this game there weren't a lot of fouls called there were only 22 fouls called and that those obviously are not all shooting fouls so they were letting these guys play so I think Jay Wright's point on the desk after TBS CBS whichever that Jay Wright the longtime coach of Villanova his point is that you didn't call it all game long why are you calling it there but the counter to that is everyone can see it everyone can see the fact that Nembhard has got a hold of his waist and is is grabbing him there how do you not call it this is why I only reffed at the high school and youth level because I would never want to be in never want to be in that situation it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio so we we see Trammell step up to the line and make the second free throw misses the first but makes the second which means that the Aztecs are up by one there's still more drama to come Shireman on the base slide to our right he's a left-handed thrower sets up looking like a quarterback 1.2 to play throws it up for grabs Coloma has it tipped out of bounds no time left San Diego State celebrating for a moment but Lee Cassell says hold on a second hold on we're going to look to see when the ball goes out of bounds if there's any time left and who touched it last and the celebration for San Diego State on the right side lets everybody know that they are not even going to continue this ball game it is over the San Diego State Aztecs for the first time in program history will head to the final four they will take on FAU in Houston and they let everybody know that defense does travel a huge free throw from Darion Trammell in the waning seconds of this game has given San Diego State a one-point win 57-56 and they will go on to the final four and their fans are celebrating congratulations to Brian Dutcher who actually was the long-time assistant to Steve Fisher who was there at San Diego State for those of you who know your college basketball history this was an ending that really marred and I can only say that because it took forever I'm not saying it San Diego State didn't deserve it or if it was or it wasn't legit again the call was a judgment the referee made it Trammell hit one free throw and there were 1.2 seconds left on the clock so then Creighton lines up baseline right so after a made free throw you have to inbound the ball baseline and actually if you look at the video his toe is so close to being over the line that that could have been another issue but he chucks the ball down court I'm trying to think of someone who has a doesn't have a cannon for an arm it wasn't a wounded duck like a late Peyton Manning career no it wasn't quite that bad it it but it it was short shorter of what it shorter than what he wanted it to be and as he as the ball is coming down at the other end of the court two guys go up for it two guys one from each team who as it appears knock it out of bounds at the same like they both have a hand on it simultaneously have their hands on the ball and knock it out of bounds ultimately though what the referees were reviewing is not now they would have had to figure out who touched it last but the first question they had to answer on review is did the clock start and that's hard right because there's 1.2 seconds left theoretically you can in the in a tip drill so to speak so you know in the NBA they say you have to have 0.3 seconds left on the clock to even bother inbounding because you cannot get a shot off with less than 0.3 seconds even if you tip it the fact that the ball has to come has to hit your hand and then whatever motion you might use to tip it up in the air that takes longer than 0.3 seconds so scientifically they say you can't there's no way you can inbound and get a shot up in under 0.3 seconds so the whole idea here is did the clock start because these guys touched it should it have started how much time ran off the clock and did it take longer than 1.2 seconds and and it's hard because not only did the ball have to touch so the ball theoretically hitting someone's hand is when the clock starts okay but how much time did it then take from the time that it bounced off their fingertips simultaneously to get out of bounds until it lands again because the clock rolls until the ball lands again so what they determined is that it was 1.2 seconds that what was more than that there was no time left on the clock so it didn't matter who had possession because the time it took from the point at which it made contact with a fingertip multiple fingertips multiple hands both teams to the time that it traveled out of bounds and hit the court because when the ball's in the air the the clock is rolling it wouldn't stop until the ball would hit the ground so the referees first determined yes the time had expired it took a while but the time had expired that that motion of the ball hitting their hands and then flying out of bounds took the rest of the time off the clock so they didn't even really need to determine who had possession because there was no time left regardless but still it took forever and I can imagine if you're Creighton and you're Greg McDermott that this is it's frustrating because you never really had a chance because of the way that played out you win with class and you lose with class and that's what we're going to do we had opportunities defensively obviously we held them to 37 percent it's good enough we just you know we had some decent looks at the basket the second half and we're unable to knock them down all the credit goes to San Diego State and it's on us that we can't that we didn't quite get it done not quite get it done not not anyone else congratulations to coach McDermott and Creighton they got a really good team and we were separated by one point tonight and if there was time on the clock who knows what could have happened but we're grateful to be advancing it's always hard when you go against a friend because as much as I celebrate winning if you don't feel apathy for a friend you're not a true friend and so I'm grateful to win but I felt bad for Greg and his team because they're a final four team also but uh with a one and done situation the volatility of this tournament we were fortunate enough to go and I feel bad for a really good Creighton team very classy by both Greg McDermott and Brian Dutcher of San Diego State who is in his sixth year with the Aztecs and they make their first ever final four so a couple of things it was really ugly the offense was hard to come by for both teams in the second half both teams the Blue Jays only had 23 points in the second half and only shot two of 17 from beyond the arc so Creighton's offense just in the second half it's a credit to San Diego State in the defense but the Blue Jays were still in it because they were doing the same fighting scratching clawing and coach McDermott makes a great point the Blue Jays defense held the Aztecs to only 38 shooting and it was it was bad for both teams offensively so you have that's why that foul with the one free throw feels like such a big deal because the game was tied at that point but is it why they lost no absolutely not though tough for Ryan Nemhard because he's the one who got the foul called on him in those late stages the tough feeling he worked so hard all year and it comes down to a plague that planning a wedding can be intimidating but finding the perfect suit shouldn't be Indochino makes it easy to get a custom suit right from home fine-tune every detail and design a suit tailored perfectly to your body and your personality starting at just $4.99 get a wedding suit as unique as you with Indochino go to and use code podcast to get 10% off any purchase of $3.99 or more that's promo code podcast i don't know i think we could have done a little bit more to make it a game that that didn't have to go down to that but um it's a tough way to lose Darion Trammell obviously has a different perspective right because he was the one who took the shot up felt the contact and then had to head to the free throw line with the game hanging in the balance i feel like i still had a good look uh the refs made their call um but i mean they called it and i got an opportunity to knock down free throws to win the team or win the game for my team just having the utmost confidence in myself uh i feel like i've i've shot probably a thousand free throws in the last week um so at the end of the day i feel like i put in the work to be able to step up and have the confidence that i was going to make them or one make one that's what they needed to break the tie was the one so here we go san diego state miami and florida atlantic we'll get to the owls coming up soon my new favorite hashtag it's going to be my favorite hashtag i just i love the owl i'm sorry did i say hashtag i love the owl emoji it's super cute and over the weekend people were sending me photos of owls that they had they found in their yards or whatever else they'd like able to snap photos of owls that they've seen in their trees so it's pretty cool so we've got owls we've got aztecs we've got hurricanes and we've got huskies we've got three underdogs and actual dogs which i find amusing i mean uconn is the blue blood here the huskies have won five national titles in their past and that's just men's basketball forget women's basketball which is the most accomplished and successful uh college basketball program of all time so this is it's a different flavor right who do you root for is that producer j telling us who's who he's rooting for who do you root for when it's all underdogs it's all cinderella's except for uconn also my apologies to our friends to the north because as gary points out i did not mention canada it's because i don't actually think of canada as international i just kind of think of us all as as north america we've had canadian affiliates since we've been on the air 10 years ago but i did forget to mention canada he's listening from a calgary so thank you for that all right on twitter a law radio on our facebook page after hours with amy lawrence first time first time that no top seed survived to the elite eight and the first time we've ever had three schools make it to the final four for the first time in their history all at the same time it's pretty incredible now straight ahead lebron is back and kyrie's complaining oh hey what else is new you are listening to the after hours podcast so just happened to get in the game rhythm you know he's you can see him getting his rhythm his timing um his finishes all of that uh he's gonna be all right we're gonna be all right but again it was great to see him back out there this is after hours with amy lawrence lebron is back quicker than what most nba insiders and analysts and experts were expecting he made his return after 13 games on sunday night now the lakers end up losing to the chicago bulls however lebron appears to be primed and ready he's gonna have to shake off some rust he's probably gonna have to continue to get treatment but he appears to be back in the game for the rest of the regular season just to gosh a couple of weeks now and on into the playoffs should the lakers make it it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio the injury itself hadn't been disclosed until this point but lebron was ready to answer questions on sunday about exactly what he had done to himself four weeks ago i tore a tendon in my foot that's normally longer than a four-week recovery process it is when did you get a sense of you you would have a plan to get you back faster than than what the normal kind of routine is on that um when the doctors told me i was uh healing faster than anybody i've seen before with the injury oh state of day obviously um most important for me is monday morning um when i wake up tomorrow step step out of the bed and see what happens you know with that but i felt confident in the workouts that i had this week um and the day after the workouts when i woke up and i you know stepped down off the bed um and i could um possibly play today and after my workout earlier before the game i knew i could play today um just from the long week that i had but now we see what happens lebron with 19 points against the bulls along with eight rebounds three assists he didn't play his his normal slate of minutes however they're going to try to work him into this routine now because they've got to they've got to make sure that a he doesn't get injured again as much as possible but just also he's been out of basketball shape right so you can be in shape but not be in basketball shape and so it requires a different bit of cardio i felt okay um obviously you know the rhythm is the most important you know i had a couple you know drives and the ball got away from me a couple shots didn't feel as good as before obviously but you know i was out for four weeks so um between that and the wind um just got to get those things back um leading to the final stretch of the season and so lebron is back even as the lakers are now at number nine in the western conference standings but get this the warriors are sitting in the sixth spot and they're only two games back of golden state so whether you're winning a couple of games in a row or you're losing like the mavericks that will get you out to the top you can catapult up a few spots or you can plummet a couple of spots in just a you know two games the thing about lebron that i thought was so interesting if you do the reading and kind of because the torn tendon in his foot you would think would require surgery apparently there were two doctors that recommended lebron have foot surgery but there was a doctor now he would not share this doctor's name i hope that's not because he's not a real doctor just plays a doctor on tv i'm sure that's not the case the best money could buy lebron called him the lebron james of feet meaning i mean lebron thinks he's the best player in the world thinks he's you know the best ever play the game yada yada so he called this doctor who he did not name the lebron james of feet that doctor told him not to get surgery actually assured him this is according to lebron that if he would just do the rehab and follow the program that this lebron james of feet doctor told him to that he'd get back on the court look what happened it's after hours cbs sports radio
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