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Sweet 16 Madness! (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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March 23, 2023 9:07 pm

Sweet 16 Madness! (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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March 23, 2023 9:07 pm

Tobin Anderson, Iona men's basketball head coach l News Brief l Michigan State & Kansas State coming down to the wire


Alrighty, welcome back in our number three of our radio program. That's right it is the Zach Gelb Show Coast to Coast on CBS Sports Radio. We were on the air for the historical upset last week on Friday where Fairleigh Dickinson became the second ever 16 seed to take down a number one seed with their victory up against the Purdue Boilermakers.

The man behind that history was Tobin Anderson who was the coach at Fairleigh Dickinson and now has a new job as the head men's basketball coach at Iona and he's kind enough to join us right now. Coach, first off thank you for just what is a wonderful memory last week. Congratulations on the new gig and how are you? Of course Zach, thanks a lot.

Appreciate it. So how has life been for you? If you take a deep breath because I know you probably haven't had time to really process a lot of this with how much it's been moving so quickly since Friday to now with the job change as well.

How has life been? It's been crazy like just just so crazy like just non-stop and I haven't had a chance to take a deep breath and hope for two maybe this weekend but it's just from going from the the high of the tournament the wins and success you know and then all of a sudden you come home and you're you know new job and you know meet the players being the people saying goodbye to your old team it's just been an incredible last you know week or so so I'm trying to try to slow down a little bit if I can but it's been it's been pretty crazy. What you guys did on that Friday night people are going to talk about forever let's just say in 10 years from now someone that didn't see your team says coach what was it like to coach that Fairleigh Dickinson team what would you tell them? Well I mean I don't think any team could play harder than we played that night like we just are more connected more focused more able to just go through the ups and downs of the game we were so locked we were so locked into what we had to do is the most impressive was us being on that biggest stage not being used to it and we acted like a team that was you know used to being there we played we played like a more veteran team a more experienced team a more um you know team ready for anything so I just thought you couldn't play any harder any tougher any more together that's what I was proud of. The last few years I was fortunate enough to be able to talk to Shaheen Holloway after his team was able to have that great upset with the 15 beat and a two same with Paul Mills at the time at Oral Roberts they always had confidence they knew they belonged clearly you guys knew you belong where does that confidence come from that your group was able to have? We just have tough kids like our point guard you saw Demetri Roberts who ended up being one of the best I think one of the best guards in the tournament so far he just has that that feel to him he's a battle burning kid from outside New York City that he thinks he belongs with anybody you know you put him in an NBA team you put him in a Knicks Lakers game tonight he'll play like he should be the starting point guard and so he didn't back down for anybody that's just the way he's been and he's our leader so when he when he brought it like we knew he could that gets across the rest of the team so yeah it's just a bunch of tough guys that could play and I think me me running my big mouth before the game and saying we had a chance to beat Purdue probably got us more excited because we knew we had to play well just because we didn't want to look like a bunch of crap but idiots you know. Well coach it's the biggest boss move in the history of the tournament you basically guaranteed the victory and then you did so when everyone thought you were crazy that was awesome. Yeah I mean I was worried about getting beat by 40 I'm like if I say that and they come out they beat us by 40 I'll be the the biggest clown of all time so it ended up but I have I have tremendous belief in our team I really did and we don't think we played so well in the first four and that kind of got us a chance to get off to a good start of the tournament and play and get some confidence and some some juice to us and that just kind of carried over to Purdue. Did you really not want that speech that you gave to your team to not get on camera just wondering? I didn't mind it you know it is what it is like you got to kind of you know I mean the most important thing was for our players to hear it you know so it was on camera off camera whatever it was I wanted our players to know we were going to that game the middle of the ring ready to fight ready to go battle and play our best and we did. Tobin Anderson here with us you talked about how dominant your guards were also down low on Edie down late in the game you guys just did not let him breathe was that the biggest approach your guards to dominate the game and then just have guys all over Edie at all times? Yeah for us to win we had to play it that way had I thought we had better guards which is something saying something crazy they have you know they have big 10 guards I thought we had better guards we had to make Edie uncomfortable which he was and just keep him you know surrounded by double teams help you know the the constant constant uh traps half traps things like that and then our bench ended up being better than their bench they were afraid to sub at one point and our guys off the bench were playing so well and I just you know it's like in most of those games they get 16 versus the one at some point the one the number one seed just kind of pulls away and puts their fists out we just kept we got down by six at one point and never went away never flinched never blinked and uh just kept coming I'm just just so built and I thought the next game against Fort Atlantic did the same thing too it's almost harder because after a win like that would have been easy for us to kind of go away go home and just celebrate the Purdue win I thought we played just as well not better than the next game and had a chance we could be playing tonight in the sweet 16 and that's a little bit that would have been great too but I just just proud of our guys and how they handle themselves I'll tell you Tobin Anderson my favorite part of the game was when you guys were up three with like 10 or 12 seconds left and they were trying to inbound the ball to Edie and then they had to settle for that jumper in the corner which was was an air ball that had to be their third or fourth look you guys just did not give them any space yeah it was crazy we just said we did a great job our guys are so locked in so so focused at a certain point we just we kind of knew we got that confidence we knew we're the better team and we played that way and they got and they got tentative it's hard being the number one seed it's tough you know you get a lot of pressure you're kind of playing for the most part of in the midwest you're playing a home game and you know the crowd had turned to us about I don't know halfway through the first half the crowd started getting into us a little bit and then we almost had our own home court advantage so it was uh it was a surreal experience and I was at that Florida Gulf Coast game against Georgetown in in Philly a few years back and to hear the entire stadium just root for FGCU when the when the crowd is chanting FDU that's just got to be a surreal moment where you pinch yourself and you're like look where I was a year ago this team had four wins and you come in and now you guys are in the verge of taking down the number one seed yeah we just I told him one time Madison tells look around and so just look around there's 20,000 people here and they're almost all for us like their whole the whole world they're all behind us that's not counting people on tv to keep people in other arenas I saw some videos of other arenas putting the game on the big screen and the other arena's chanting FDU too so it was a uh just an unbelievable experience and uh that's the beauty of this tournament is it takes a team like ours an underdog it makes us into a so big story that was great I know it's a blur but what were you thinking about Tobin Anderson when you're walking off the court oh you know a little bit everything is to go at your family obviously you basically sacrifice how great they are and make the journey from being a Division Three coach and like you know I'm walking off we've won a lot of games as you walk up the game there and don't really cares they're just like you you go back you get your you get your pizza get your subs you hop on a hop on a bus and go home no really cares so just to be in that experience to walk up that court for 20,000 people they're all going crazy and you know I was thankful I walked up with my athletic director Brad Hurlbut and to be there with him he took a chance on me hired me and who would have thought we had done this in 10 months so pretty special well the emotion you showed really did resonate with me when I think it was Jamie Urdel who asked you about your father and what this would mean if he was able to see it just tell me a little bit more about your dad who was a coach obviously and Steve yeah my dad was my obviously I was very close to him and you know a coach and I grew up I love basketball I got my basketball the whole life I can't do much else besides coach basketball so um I was in a gym I was old enough to walk like I went to every one of his practices me and him so we used to fly to our drive to clinics coaching clinics the two of us together I was probably eight or ten years old so I spent an unbelievable amount of time as I played for him obviously uh which is not easy to do sometimes playing for your father so he was my assistant coach at division three he retired and became my assistant so we we spent so much time together so much time around basketball um you know our whole life is basketball so um obviously to have that opportunity you say to yourself man I wish he was here to see this I'm not sure he could handle the whole thing he'd been going crazy but you know I know how proud he would have been and obviously I miss him all the time but you know he's he still loves his voice and his his how he handled himself and how he had coached his guys and taught his players uh still lives on with me I hear his voice all the time. Tobin Anderson wrapping up with him the star of the NCAA tournament at Fairleigh Dickinson now the new head coach at Iona um also when you look at this grind and this journey that you've been on when you got the job at Fairleigh Dickinson a year ago coach like what were you expecting to do in year one just wondering? Just try to be somewhat competitive honestly like we're just like we had a you know real and we lost two good players off the team that before they they had three or four guys that end up being pretty good division one players this year so we lost two good players so we were just hoping to get maybe get you know to 10 wins throw some fire shots at competitiveness establish a culture um a way of playing and no way in anyone's wildest dreams we think we have a chance to to go to the NCAA tournament and then go to the NCAA tournament win two games and be the number one seed and the biggest win in school history or the NCAA tournament history just that was you know we just wanted to compete so um yeah I mean I told the guys I thought this could happen I thought it would take us four or five years to make this happen we just kind of sped the process up and did it in 10 months which is pretty unheard of that that takes more than just a head coach that takes a great staff a great support staff and administration that obviously are great players a lot of people nationally just know you for these last three games what is Iona getting though in their next head basketball coach since you're replacing Rick Pitino well we had practice this morning already at 7 a.m right so so um you know I'm a hard worker I'm a grinder I'm gonna do what it takes for us for us to be successful like our players are gonna work hard but so well great staff and do it the right way you know and I'll you know nothing will change for me like I mean I mean my wife always makes fun of me you know it's not like I'm 85 like I love you know I love what I do so um we're just gonna go right back to work and try to make Iona basketball you know it already is pretty pretty good let's make it even better and do things that have not been done before what was the holy crap moment for you everyone in the sports world everyone outside of the sports world is talking for you what was the the message or the tweet that you got that you're like I can't believe this person is talking about Tobin Anderson yeah there's been so many like the the tweets the text all that kind of stuff there's one obviously Bill Belichick texted me one night was great and then I get that the funny part is like Frank Caliendo you have a guy who's been pretty white fighter you know he sent me a a direct message he wants to do a fast talking basketball coach the next thing I I couldn't stop laughing about that so I was that was uh that was pretty crazy too I know you have the Wesleyan connection is did uh did you ever have a conversation prior to a few nights ago with Belichick before that nope nope not at all nope I had not a chance that I always admired him and thought the world of him and and then yeah we heard it text me you know the night after the Purdue game was pretty was pretty awesome that's unbelievable well coach it's been surreal it's been great the only thing I want to ask you before we let you run you've been on this grind since 1996 you've done it at all different levels and now you get in the big national spotlight just if there's a a young coach that's 22, 23 just getting into this just what type of advice would you give them you know just just keep working and get yourself ready like you know my dad always told me like you know at some point you'll get a chance make sure you're ready and so I think I was definitely ready when I got my chance it took me a little bit longer to get that chance on the national stage but I was definitely ready like get yourself ready like do all you can like prepare yourself like do all the work uh find yourself with good people like keep keep working keep keep winning and like having success don't take any shortcuts because you know at some point you know if you do all the right things and work hard you will get a chance and then we get the chance you gotta take advantage though we definitely took it and I told our players that this is a great opportunity very few people have this opportunity let's go take advantage of it so I think our team did I think I did so that was special I know you're a student of the game of the game is it a little bit crazy for you when you hear that you're taking over a job that Rick Pitino just had last week yeah for sure but you know I think I think more so in my mind I don't know basketball's been so good for so long with so many different coaches so obviously Pitino's been a Hall of Fame coach but the guy before him Tim Cluse did an unbelievable job too he won with the five straight NCAA tournaments you know and Kevin Willard and Jim Valvano and Tim Wells I mean there's been so many Kevin you know all those guys have been there so I'm following a legacy of great coaches that have won for a long time so it's not you know obviously I have great respect for Coach Pitino I still a lot of things we he does we do uh defensively with the press we have tempo style but I'm taking over a program that's you know one of the most one of the best winning programs on the whole east coast and so um a lot of pride a lot a lot of uh excitement well coach we really do appreciate the time uh thanks so much congratulations thank you my pleasure great talking to you take care you're listening to the Zach Gelb show time for your daily news brief we get you caught up on the rumors reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports all righty two games right now to start the sweet 16 kansas state with 4 34 to go is up 77 to 73 marcus noel has just been unbelievable with 14 points and 14 assists as well also has three steals in this contest so we'll continue to monitor this one and tell you how it does play out but marcus noel has just been phenomenal in this game and the other game is still waiting for the second half to resume but ucon is up 46 to 29 up against arkansas and you knew it was not probably doing a pig suey right now did you see who's sitting courtside at the razorbacks game up against the huskies i did not i'll take one guess john daly that would be correct see i need a stiff drink at halftime maybe a few may need to call the hogs gotta call a lot of things right now to get some help call it call the national guard no i didn't shannon sharp do that oh yeah bring them in for arkansas they need all the help they can get right now so a few years ago if you recall i forget which tournament it was it was that i was at but i was at a golf tournament and john daly got an exception to uh an exemption from walking and he was able to use a cart and tiger woods was not happy with that um do you think when john daly goes into whatever club he's in because i'd imagine right you sit in courtside you have some fancy access to some club that's usually how these things work do you think he gets a golf cart ride or he's able to walk over on his own accord i would say he's probably able to walk to the elevator on his own accords i think he'd be doing okay okay i don't know about that i feel like daily is usually a golf cart guy and he had some great things in his golf cart he'd have like cigarettes he'd have like m&m skittles how are you gonna get a golf cart where's where's it going it's john daly are they gonna stop the game yeah okay hold on john daly needs a needs a drink so let's drive the golf cart up take them off it'd be the most entertaining part of this game so far that would be true that would absolutely be true all right let's listen up to ed cooley this was the john fanta at fox sports on why he left providence for georgetown it was changed it was changed it was uh we thought about it long and hard my daughter being here was a major motivating thing to do as she's going to stay here when she graduates in may um i just felt it you know uh being born and raised in rhode island being the head coach of providence college who i love i'll always be i'll always be a providence person i'll always be a friar to leave was really really hard but when i did a deep dive of what's important i've always said yes to everybody and i've always said no to ed coach cooley did everything but ed needed a change and i thought georgetown was the place for me to make that change as hard as it was because it's in conference and a lot of people look at that as villainous or betrayal i hope people give me an opportunity to serve ed and it sounds selfish sounds real selfish but it sometimes change is needed on both sides and i thought for me change was needed oh sorry i think he just got in my ear is he still going whenever he isn't a third person to justify a move you lose me but what he's saying is he wanted to personally do this so instead of all that other bullcrap oh coach cooley always serves everyone now i have to serve ed just say i had a great run of providence i love providence that that's home for me but i want to move on i'm starting a new chapter i want to do this for myself boom end of story end of answer it's amazing how it takes ed cooley this long to basically say i had a great run of providence but i'm ready to move on it's so this guy has turned out to be but we were talking about this on monday hickey how he's one of the coolest dudes in college basketball to now he has just botched this you want to leave that's one thing first of all i don't love leaving in conference but you leave in conference i know you're not going to look good but just be as honest as you could be and he's been dancing around the issue and whenever you go to the third person and you start talking about oh there's coach cooley and then there's ed like what are we doing here this is a disgrace i feel bad for the ex-girlfriends that he probably has in the past could you imagine how he tries to break up with them listen sweetheart you know honey boy has been doing this all for you but now i gotta be ed needs what ed wants and you are not giving it for ed so i gotta go it's not coach cooley who has a problem with you it's just ed and it probably took three weeks for that conversation to be had of oh you know dancing around the subject just rip off the band-aid no or he already made the agreement that he was going to break up with this girl didn't tell this girl and then already found his new girlfriend and held her kind of in the corner and didn't tell her that oh this was official but i'm going to be joining you officially and then wait four weeks because that's what basically it seems like happened here with providence he knew a month ago he was going to do this and then this week it all just ended up coming to fruition what a what a what a joke it really is all right let's hear the providence ad steven abuelo he says georgetown betrayed the trust of the conference the big east was built on dignity respect and camaraderie when we reconfigured in 2013 we were all in together we root for each other we're not playing for each other and i just don't think it's a good look for a fellow institution as i said is that should i be going out right now and hiring another big east coach so there's a trickle down effect uh we have way too much um you know we love the league way too much to start that type of carousel first off he's full of crap but i love it because he's speaking to his fans there he's catering to the fans that are right about this if he was at georgetown let's say and he wasn't at providence he would have been a fool to try to not pursue ed cooley the other part of this hickey uh what other coach in the big east would leave the big east uh their current school in the big east to go join providence so it's kind of like an empty threat like i wouldn't do this who's leaving the big east like is kyle neptune leaving villanova even though you have a good year one to go join providence no so it's an empty threat but if i'm a providence fan i'm like yeah i love this guy this is awesome so it's a good job by the ad you're not saying he's gonna go steal rick patino bring him back i don't think it's like rick i i do not think that's going to happen dana oatman calls out the fans for not showing up to their nit game against wisconsin what the heck we should have more people here tonight all right i mean these guys played hard okay 3300 people you know it's not good enough we you know and if it's me then get rid of me if you need somebody else to be a promoter do something but 3300 people's embarrassing it really is that sounds like a coach hickey who is ready to move on i know he's been at oregon since 2010 but it seems like dana oatman who's not getting any younger he turned 65 this summer it seems like he's ready to hang him up or go try to coach somewhere else that i mean look in the mirror like no one cares about the nit nobody cares it's almost like he's trying to make himself feel a little bit better about the down year of oh this is still an important tournament we're here at home it's not playing wisconsin you got to be here right the fans have told you it's not important no one cares about the nit and obviously no one's going to show up because they only care about winning championships at oregon and making the tournament not the nit you look at some of these ncaa tournament games they have a tough time getting fans in the building so who's going to nit well for that i mean some are very remote i get it's a home game it's different it's on your campus but let's just say so this game was last night it's a wednesday night when when you were um in college was ever a big like wednesday drink night at penn state's campus wednesday not too much but every day of the week had something every bar had something to try to get you in trivia half price happy hours you know so there was there was a bar temples campus that did one dollar bud lights on wednesday night so if temple was at the nit would i go to the nit or would i go to the one dollar beer night at the bar not even a discussion i'm going to the one dollar beer what if you're just hanging with your friends in your apartment would you hang with your friends in uh in your apartment on a wednesday or would you go to the basketball game depends which friends i'm not going to the basketball game i'll tell you that right do i like these people yes well you never know like i was in a fraternity so there's some people in the fraternity you don't like and if they were hanging out in the frat house and be like okay i'll go to the basketball game we're talking about your friends people you choose to hang out with on a regular basis i think if it was in college i would use it probably as an excuse to just you know get liquored up and go to the game and try to make a push but if my friends didn't want to go yeah i i would probably choose rather hang with my friends and go into the game it's the nit it's i think i've studied to be honest like i'm not kidding like that hold on the nit is so irrelevant stan allman and we're penn state basketball arena i i was a good student i'm sorry your communications major how much are you studying as a business minor were you really i was okay i was i didn't do much studying so access it showed i think i did pretty well for myself here i graduated in four years c's get degrees i got the degree in and out boom we're good i had one problem though one final exam i'll tell this story on the radio i took a history of radio class and there was a final and the final exam i thought it would be multiple choice like how tough can the history of radio be it was a fill-in-the-blank final and i did no studying and let's just say in the words of christopher mad dog russo i did a gummy the night before the final uh let's say that gummy took a long time to to kick in and then the partying didn't stop there and that i went to the final at seven in the morning hickey did not do well in the final i failed the final but my cutting of radio reads was good enough that i was able to uh pass the uh the class but i did i did whatever it takes whatever it takes you would study over going to the nit game yes i mean probably not but it's just more of the point of how irrelevant the nits and how little anyone should care for sitting here trying to scold a fan base for not going to a game that's truly irrelevant instead of accepting blame for not doing better this season let's hear pac-man jones on which teams yonder hopkins the one who play for this curtis the pat mackenzie show interest is heating up there's five teams on that list and we'll start with the falcons um falcons need some help they need why receives um i think that can fit um ravens i think if uh okay if lamar deal goes and get done my sources tell me that that might be a landing spot our sources is telling us it's the bills especially buffalo can't work i think it could work why why couldn't it work um i think you can go to buffalo one year deal um i don't really think it's about the money with him right now okay okay he want to get out and it's a big thing he want to win definitely want to win and get a shot so my sources tell me buffalo can work i like the raiders too hey they made a lot of plays the raiders are on the board also but i don't know i go back and look at the teams and i know d as a person i i'm leaning more toward the bills or the raven feels like buffalo bills fans have a reason to be excited but falcons but falcons fans i guess in ravens fans in raiders fans should know they're in anybody else patriots fan oh what that seems like the buffalo bills i know him and d'andrea hopkins are close but maybe you want to take it with a grain of salt when you hear the entire conversation but if those are the actual five destinations i would say that the easy choice would be buffalo last night the memphis grizzlies defeated the rockets a buck 30 to 125 john marant did make his return and john marant played in 24 minutes with six of 13 from the field was oh two from behind the arc and had 17 points five assists four rebounds and also did add in two steals this is taylor jenkins the coach of the grizzlies who gave his reaction to john marant returning to the lineup phenomenal reception um you know as he's walking to the scorers table um you know really really excited for him really excited for our fans to welcome him back um you know i thought he was great tonight you know accepting of the opportunity to come off the bench knowing how well the team was playing and uh this is just part of the process to get him back you know with the group so that's a news brief and we'll continue to monitor what happens with john marant but now he is back to playing you're listening to the zach geld show so we got a thriller at madison square garden so coming out of the michigan state timeout an 80 to 80 game with 19.7 seconds to go sparti waited waited waited waited then with six seconds left new yorker tyson walker made a layup to tie this game up at two now kansas state had timeouts and the right way did not call it they let marcus noel marques noel drive down the court he had a chance for a little runner it did not fall as he was driving towards the hoop and this game goes to overtime michigan state just took their first lead in oh in the game since 732 remaining in the in uh in regulation and now with 258 to go in overtime michigan state has the ball they are up by one 87 to 86 so this has been a great game at the garden where you have tyson walker who's a new yorker marques noel who is a new yorker as well and we're having a showdown between these two new yorkers at the world's most famous arena madison square garden as you do have kansas state with the ball and they just got a layup to then regain the lead 88 to 87 hickey this is a heavyweight fight 228 to go i talked about all week right um gonzaga ucla that comes your way later tonight at 9 40 or 9 o'clock pm eastern i've also discussed as well uh the matchup tomorrow with miami and houston this has been a game that's been talked about but it's kind of not gotten enough attention it's front and center this is the best game so far the ncaa tournament game of the year game of the year considering the circumstances how many back and forth lead changes there have been i swear in the second half every single basket that one team has made the other team has come right down and answered it it's been you know competitive throughout the entire game they're making shots they're making tough shots it's high level basketball it's been honestly everything you could ask for this is truly game of the year makings right here now you had uconn open up the half on a 16 to 4 run we've now seen the razorbacks uh of arkansas going a 7 0 run with 13 30 remaining in this one it's uconn 62 arkansas 40 so the size of uconn and the physicality uconn has just been a problem for arkansas and arkansas had no offense other than this 7 0 run right here but they got hit right in the mouth 46 to 29 in that first half so if that game becomes a game we'll keep you updated kansas state and michigan state michigan state just regained the lead and then kansas state just tied it up so we are now at 90 all with 150 to go in overtime and hickey i'm hoping this goes to double over time i hope that i even triple over time like i'm here for all the over times tonight between kansas state and michigan state and hoggard for michigan state uh did just get the layup to make it 92 to 90 so this is back and forth we've had 15 lead changes here in this one between kansas state and michigan state and did that go or do they call that off is it is it a foul on the floor on the floor all right so it's on the floor as now you're going to be getting uh it's still a two-point game in in favor michigan state with kansas state having the basketball just what a fun basketball game this is but it's just going right at one another and we'll see how these final 90 seconds do play out as as you do have i believe marques noel is going to the line oh no it's it's a it's someone else going online sorry they put the camera on noel but the first free throw is good so now it's a one-point game michigan state still up with 129 to go we can't do play by play so we're not going to do play by play we'll just react to the events after they do happen and try to keep you best up to date as this does continue to go on on down between kansas state and michigan state and now with 129 to go it is a 92 92 game and kansas state does take the time out right after making both of the free throws this has just been phenomenal um there's no other way to put it this has been a great game between these two teams and uh whoever does prevail as the winner of this game will go to the elite eight well they will play on saturday at madison square garden and they will get the winner of fau florida atlantic with dusty mays team and rick barnes squad in tennessee as rick barnes trying to get to the final four so we'll see who does prevail with fau and tennessee that game is expected to get underway at 9 p.m eastern obviously with the delay in this one uh with this game going to overtime that is going to have to be adjusted so that will get underway whenever this game does wrap up uh but you do have gonzaga ucla later tonight 9 45 p.m eastern and that game i hope it lives up to the hype because gonzaga ucla we all know what happened a few years ago uh during the first tournament after covid when they're playing in that bubble limited fans there you have the cardboard cutouts jaylen sugs makes that enormous shot at the buzzer practically a half court heave to send gonzaga to the championship game to at the time continue their perfect season hickey i was actually watching that earlier today it is so bizarre because we grew accustomed to no fans being in there where we all just at home watching games to now see it only a few years later no like basically no fans in the building limited fans are allowed in but it was mainly cardboard cutouts to see jaylen sugs on that table celebrating one of the most historic shots that you'll see in ncaa tournament history and him standing on the table with basically no fans in his sight is is it's just it was very bizarre to see play it back two years later and it was right in lucas all stadium i think they had a curtain if i'm not mistaken or if they at least they used to because all those games were in the indie area and like a bubble there it was yeah it was very bizarre thankfully hopefully those times we'll never have to see that again but it was um a shame that you couldn't have a full crowd in the air in the arena to drink that like imagine it was at lucas stadium 60 000 70 000 fans and watching that and that was the game of the year that game to uh to enjoy that buzzer bit of an insane how about that little alley-oop reverse slam by uh kiante johnson great assist by noel who has 18 assists and 18 points kansas state regains the lead and they're up 94 92 michigan state gonna have the ball after the ball did go out of bounds it's gonna stay with them with 44.8 seconds to go oh this was great wow did you see that so jerome tang and marques noel looks like they're having a conversation and disagreeing and then the next thing you know it looked like noel was looking at tang when he he threw that alley-oop to to johnson and and then the next thing you know it's a two-point lead for kansas state this noel he's been awesome he is perfecting the no look pass he's done in the first round he did against kentucky a ton and now tonight that has to be at least off the top of my head the fourth or fifth time he's had a no look pass and it almost looked like it was a scripted play where it's like we're going to pretend to yell at each other distract the defense then you get the back cut when no one's paying attention you throw right to the rim it would work to perfection like when the quarterback runs over to the sideline coach what are we doing what are we doing and they snap the ball the next thing you know the team's in the end zone that's what it looks organized cast that's some stone zone a call with one minute left in overtime in the sweet like so then call with 13 minutes in the first half we're talking about one minute left in overtime this week 16 only eight birth and lining let's call that play but you look at kansas state they have not gotten the respect that a number three seed should should get going into this tournament i think a lot of it has to do with them before the season starting off the year to be picked last in the big 12 you know people get stubborn and changing their picks but this team has just been sensational um all throughout the year and what they've been able to do uh they are earning their respect um obviously earlier on in the tournament uh when when you find the way to beat kentucky but going into this game it was just so easy i put some money on kansas state also put them in a parlay with some other things uh one of them being uconn and i forget the third leg of it i believe it was just tennessee money line so i'm rooting for kansas state to win this game but you look at all those teams that were in that bracket yeah i i put kansas state in the elite eight and and i almost put them in over duke but then like everyone's going duke and i fell into the the trap of of everyone loving duke but you see the teams that were in that region you have purdue you have duke uh tennessee kentucky uh michigan state marquette it seemed like no one hickey was taking kansas state to potentially prevail out of that east region and go to the final four and here we are they still got to hold on they still got to go win this game and then go with the next game but this this story just keeps on getting better and better it really does it you can't come a cinderella but it almost has that feel a little bit just because like you said the seed is high but and where they were before the year very low yes so uh michigan state they went to the free throw line they split so now kansas state is up by one with 30 seconds to go we'll see we're gonna get cut off here because we have a hard out here so we'll update you on the other side of how this goes down between kansas state and michigan state noel jacks up another three just like he did at the end of regulation and it's no good i don't understand that one so kansas state is up by one with 17.2 seconds to go
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