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Wild Card Weekend Preview (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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January 13, 2023 10:09 pm

Wild Card Weekend Preview (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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January 13, 2023 10:09 pm

1 thought on each wild card playoff game l This coach or that coach? l NFL picks/Closing Bell

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb

I'm Larry Mullins, host of the podcast, Your Weirdest Fears, the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop. I am so scared of the Grinch. He is bad vibes. We talk to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man. I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split.

I have one tattoo that covers my entire body. Listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. Yo, yo, it is the Zach Yelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio on this wild card edition of a football Friday as the playoffs are right upon us. And we have six games coming up through Monday with the Seahawks 49ers, Chargers and the Jaguars getting things started tomorrow. Then on Sunday we got a triple header, Dolphins-Bills, Giants-Vikings, Ravens-Bengals. And then on Monday night it is the Drama Dallas Chokin' Cowboys going up against the Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay at one time, Champa Bay Buccaneers. But now it's time to do as we do each and every Friday, a little one thought on each of these games upcoming in the NFL.

Hit the music. All right, we start things off, Seahawks and 49ers. The thought for me is if there is a moment where maybe Deebo Samuel or Christian McCaffrey get contained a little bit, is Brock Purdy, in a game that you don't expect him to have to go have a dominant game, can him by himself go on out there and win a tight game in the postseason, in the big spot? Or is this one of those moments where Purdy, who's been sensational and hasn't lost a game as an NFL starter, maybe folds in a spot where a lot of people think the 49ers are going to win and win big? So my thought heading into this game is just seeing what Purdy looks like, who's been awesome. He's been Purdy good. He's been rocking out with his Brock out. He has been sensational.

I don't think he'll stumble, but I just want to see if that is in the realm of possibilities. On the flip side, I feel the same exact way with Geno Smith. I mean, obviously he's been around a long time, believes a nine-year veteran, but first playoff game he's been in. So just like Brock Purdy, new to the playoff stage, he is someone that's playing for a contract. He's played better than anyone could have anticipated this year so far. And it seems like he's going to be locked into Seattle, but you have a good performance here. All of a sudden, now I think teams start reevaluating, maybe looking at Geno Smith in a different light with a different eye. Geno could do himself, I think, a lot of good here. If you play a good playoff game against what is maybe arguably the hottest and most ferocious defense, you're going to play in the NFL.

Now, let's be real. If you're Geno Smith, you take the most amount of money possible this offseason. And if somehow, some way, a Seahawks team that I think has been loose this week, I do think Pete Carroll's even trying to play a little motivation game when saying, unfortunately, we got the 49ers. You see some of the dancing heading into the locker room that the team has been doing in Seattle. I don't think Seattle's going to lose this game because they're tense and they're not ready for the moment.

If they lose this game, it's just because the 49ers have so much more talent and they're just a better team. But going back to your point on Geno Smith, do you think Geno should take the most money this offseason? Like, let's say they pull off a 24 to 20 upset and Geno Smith throws the game-winning touchdown pass to Kenneth Walker or Tyler Lockett, D.K.

Metcalf, whoever it may be. And then you start to get some crazy Geno Smith sweepstakes. Should Geno take that hometown discount, let's say, with Seattle because this is the first time he's actually had legit success in the NFL, is with the Seattle regime who believed in him, or should he just acknowledge this could be my first and only time I'm going to get a lucrative contract, so I'm just going to take the most amount of money possible?

What do you think Geno would do in that spot? I guess it depends what the gap is from Seattle to everyone else. If it's like $5 to $10 million, I'd say, all right, take the pay cut, stay with a team that you had success on.

Because again, I do think you have success, even though he's a little bit older, success will get you paid, whether it's again, maybe get you a new contract in two years from now. I mean, if like, let's just say, I don't know, it's not going to happen. Let's just say I don't think this is like $100 million.

Here you go. I don't think this is a habitual thing from Geno Smith. I don't think when he gets one contract, whatever this may be, that we're thinking about him getting another big payday down the road.

I would agree, but I mean, also the place he plays, you know, has the most success and he could line himself up for that. Let's say if the offer from Seattle is $90 million over three years. And then let's say, so $90 million over three years is $30 a year.

Let's say someone that offers in $36 a year. And then you times that by three, that'd be $108. What would you do?

$90 compared to $108? What would I do? I would rather stay, it depends on who, I guess it depends who the team is. If it's a comparable team or a better situation, I go, if the money is better and the team is better, I go there. But if it's like a worse team, I would honestly take the $90 million and stick with the Seahawks over going to a team in a worse situation for an extra $18 million. OK, what happens if the team, I'll just throw a few out there. Let's say, let's just say, and I think they would be able to attract a better quarterback than Gino.

That two out of nowhere retires this offseason. And there's more money with the Dolphins. You would think the Dolphins are a better team, right? You would go to Miami.

I would take less money to go to Miami than Seattle. OK, let me see that a team that's roster isn't as good because Miami's roster is really good. What about the Raiders? Got talent, questionable coach.

They that is true. Got Devante Adams, Josh Jacobs, maybe on a franchise tag. Darren Waller, Hunter Renfro, line sucks. And I'm not going to sit here and tell you, I think McDaniel's is wonderful now, but extra money.

And can't you talk yourself into saying maybe it's an upgrade? I don't want to get too in the weeds on this because I don't want to take away from your question, but I guess I was guaranteed. It comes to the guaranteed money because again, I think Seattle more guaranteed money in Las Vegas. That's where I was going to say, because I don't know if he'll be there for a long haul with all the turmoil going on in Vegas right now. Just because that's a coach you can't believe in an owner who doesn't really know what he's doing. I feel I still feel like Seattle again, like $90 million. I know it's a $30 million is a lot to just turn your back on.

But you're Gino. You have a lot of success in Seattle. Seems like, you know, he likes a team. The team likes him.

He fits well in that offense. I'd go where, you know, and go where you play well. What happens if Carolina or the Saints call you up and they say $115 million compared to the $90 million that you're getting? They're giving you an extra $20 million guaranteed. And like I said, it depends what Gino wants. I don't know what he wants, but if he's in for the biggest payday. Come on!

Give me an answer here! Let's go! If it's me, I'm sticking with the Seahawks. Not going to New Orleans, that's for sure.

Now, Dennis Allen. I think it's easy for Hickey to sit there on his perch and say, I'm nowhere close to making $90 million. I also agree. That's why it's tough to answer this question. I'm not on $90 million staring me in the face and I'm not turning down $15 million extra, $20 million extra by choosing one job over another.

You kind of got to where I was going at. Guaranteed money. Whoever gives me the most guaranteed money. If this is a Cinderella's about to hit midnight kind of situation, I'm taking the most guaranteed money this offseason if I'm Gino Smith. I don't care if it's from the XFL.

I don't care if it's from the CFL. Whoever's giving me the most guaranteed money. It may not be the best thing to do to extend your career because Seattle likes you. You've done a good job in Seattle. But I'm going for the most guaranteed money because even though everyone wrote him off and he didn't write back, he did write back with his play this year. And he has set himself up into this unimaginable situation where now we could actually have a seven minute conversation, Hickey, on a national radio program about should Gino take the most money or give Seattle a hometown discount? What a world we live in.

That's true. Good for Gino. Gino. Gino.

Gino. Chargers and Jaguars. It's an easy thought. Is Brandon Staley just going to get dragged through the mud during this game when Doug Peterson is the better coach? The Jaguars and Chargers have both done an exceptional job down the stretch. But if the Chargers lose this game, you know what the narrative is. He played Mike Williams when he didn't need to.

And if they lose in a close one, that cost him because it took away one of their weapons. All eyes, all thoughts are on Brandon Staley this weekend. I don't think I'm overstating it when I say this. I think Trevor Lawrence this weekend can save football in Jacksonville. That's when the team that has always talked about moving, going to London, maybe being the first team over in Europe. Jacksonville has fans.

They have a base there. Unfortunately for them, outside of 2017 for the most part, they've had no reason to go. No reason to believe in the team. And the only time outside of the Titans game this past week where they've gone out in full force was week 18. It's the Colts last year when everyone wore a clown mask to protest Trent Baalke and the owner, Shad Khan. And they won the game. The Colts were the real clowns.

Oh yeah, yeah, that's right. And I think if you have Trevor Lawrence win this game, elevate himself above Justin Herbert, I don't know if, again, I don't know if you can move the Jaguars going forward. You have a quarterback in and that's ascending to the realms eventually of Herbert or Mahomes and Allen. I think the Jaguars could be stuck in Jackson, not stuck, but stay in Jacksonville. And the fans, I think, will show out and kind of show you that Jacksonville is a football town.

First and foremost, I just needed a reason to actually believe things. And I'm not that plugged into the details of the Jaguars moving, but I always knew there was that London conversation. Have we had those talks about the Jaguars moving out of Jacksonville in the last year or two? No, but I mean, they play in London every single year and it's always kind of, you know, that's always the team again. That will continue. Are they going to move? Are they going to leave? Well, right, but part of the reason why they're in London every year is because they don't attract fans at home. And that's why I said, oh, we're going to give a home game because it's not worth it. But remember when they got to an AFC title game?

Like, what did that really do? Well, it was one year and again, Blake Bortles fizzled out the next year. Yeah.

If you have Trevor Lawrence as a guy you can believe in, and again, as a guy who looks to be ascending upwards and is going to be that franchise, almost, you know, transcendent quarterback for the next decade. I mean, you don't think fans will show up? You don't think fans will be there every every week? I do.

Oh, yeah. When you have great football, people will come. And Trevor Lawrence and Doug Peterson, they are. Lawrence looks great this year. And we know Doug Peterson has been a great coach in this league for a long time. Dolphins and Bills. I'm trying to give you a thought on this one.

And here's something that did cross my mind. Now, Damar Hamlin is out of the hospital now. I'm not saying that means he's showing up to the game this weekend. But I do wonder, and maybe it's next weekend, I don't know.

Like, I don't know all the details about Damar Hamlin. All I know is we just keep on getting encouraging news. Since this Bills-Dolphins game is just going to be a disaster in terms of if you want a good football game because the Bills are going to steamroll the Dolphins. I wonder if you get, like, an in-stadium message from Damar Hamlin. Whether it's recorded or he's just there in person in a luxury box. Like, I do not know if it is safe for him to go into a stadium right now with that many people with what he just went through and his lungs recovering and all that.

But we keep on getting encouraging news. That's something I thought of today. If Damar Hamlin, when there's a game in Buffalo, if he shows up at all, with the Bills and sits in a luxury box, and they show him on the big screen. That would be tremendous.

I know there's no roof, but the roof would come off the place. It would be absolutely unbelievable. The thing I am watching is Josh Allen's ball security expression in the red zone. He has been sloppy with the ball. Ladies, the second most interceptions in the NFL 14 this year. And a good amount of those, too many of those, have come in the red zone. We saw it even against the Patriots last week. Just an awful turnover.

It's not going to hurt him this week. But it's not something where it's like, oh, you know, the Dolphins are going to take that one red zone turnover and turn it into a touchdown. They're going to win the game. They're not winning this game. But it is something you got to watch in the playoffs when you have the Bengals looming. And then if they win that game, get past them, the Chiefs looming. Those are going to be some big time areas where you got to watch in terms of, we'll flip a game either in Buffalo's favor or the other team's favor. Josh Allen has cut down his turnovers. And that's something to start with right now in the playoffs against Miami.

Giants and Vikings. There are many ways you could go on this one. So I'm going to let you go first. I have my thought on this and I think it's a little unconventional. So I'll let you take the conventional thought first.

Go ahead. And this is a game that's on the Giants. Ah, excuse me, the Vikings defense.

I was going to say, whoa, hot take hickey. Really living up to the name. They are. They have been awful.

They are awful. This Giants offense is not very good. Credit to Daniel Jones.

And you know me, I've not been a big Dan Jones fan. Time out. You think this team is awful? The Giants. Your offense is not very good.

They're nine, seven and one though. Daniel, you got to have it. Moments has played great. And I was going to say, Dan Jones has been solid. I'm giving him credit.

This is by far the best year of his career. Your boy from Penn State is 1300 rushing yards. But outside of Saquon Barker, there's no one that you even fear. There's, there's no one that fans who don't watch the Giants over. Daniel Bellinger and Isaiah Hodgins.

What are you talking? Couldn't even name one wide receiver. That's called a pass to the Giants this season. So it's one of the wrong in the Giants. But, but I feel like you have just been just continuing to just hammer away at these Giants when, no, I'm giving credit for anything. You look at this, this roster and offense.

It's awful. It's, there's no weapons for Dan Jones to throw to this. No, there's no reason why Saquon Barker should be having as much room and rushing for as many yards as he has this year because there's no threat. Just say it. You don't think Daniel Jones is going to be good moving forward?

I wouldn't want it was my franchise quarterback, but he's been good this year. Again, that's, that's, that's not afraid to say it. Yeah. So over that conversation, Meraz called the hotline.

I think there's some, some hard feelings there on, on that one called the hotline. Yeah. Like a year ago, you guys got into a big debate over Daniel Jones. You don't remember that?

No, I do not. Really? It was me.

I remember everything. Yeah. You were, you were producing the show and you guys were going back and forth over Daniel Jones like over a year ago. Hmm. That's why I called in about the nets.

All right. But a lot of people, a lot of people have called in to trash you either way. If you're the, the Vikings defense who has been horrible this year, you want to get rid of the fraud label. You're not going to do it this week, but you better at least put up an effort against the giants where you couldn't do it. He almost blew the game a few weeks ago. You have to be able to shut down an offense that again is featuring a wide receiver, Darrius Layton, Isaiah Hodges, and Richie James. If you can't slow down that passing attack, you don't have a prayer.

Alrighty. Here's my thought. And obviously I thought you were going to take Daniel Jones, Kirk cousins, right? I thought more so Kirk cousins. Is he going to step up in a big moment and all that here is my thought.

And you heard it from Paul Allen yesterday, the play by play voice of the Minnesota Vikings. He said that Dexter Lawrence, who is great, but I didn't know that Paul was going to go here is the next Aaron Donald. If Dexter Lawrence is the next Aaron Donald, and I think Dexter Lawrence is a stud. I think he is elite.

He's phenomenal. He's a guy that could take over this game and cause havoc for Kirk cousins in the Minnesota Vikings. I think the Vikings should win this game, but if the giants win, you see what Dexter Lawrence did in the first time these two teams played when they lost by three and that's be all over the place. I think this is a big national spotlight moment for Dexter Lawrence.

And you know me, Hickey, I always support a big fella, Ravens and Bengals. I'm just curious how this is covered on the Lamar Jackson front. This has been messy.

This has been ambiguous. You had Lamar basically being the one to announce that he's out. Then John Harbaugh today is talking about HIPAA laws. Then we get this message, this post to the Washington Post from Sammy Watkins basically questioning Lamar and how Lamar should be on the field this weekend.

This is all weird. And I just want to see when those broadcasters have those meetings and those exclusive meetings that the NBC big wigs do have with the Ravens and Bengals on Saturday since the Ravens are traveling to Cincinnati. That's when that's going to go down before the game on Sunday. I am fascinated to hear what those broadcasters are told from players and from coaches in the organization about Lamar Jackson. And you could get some hints from the broadcasters because this whole situation is bizarre. You got to talk to Sammy Watkins, right?

After this, invite him in. If the Ravens have a good PR team, they would not make Sammy Watkins available. And I think Chad Steele is still there, his PR guy. He's a reputable veteran in the PR world, as they say.

Yeah, that is very true. I'm watching the Bengals offensive line, especially the right side. This is the only prayer the Ravens have of winning this game.

I think similar to the Dolphins, I don't think they're going to win this game, but going forward, this is for the Bengals, something to watch for in their next round matchup. The right side of the line is completely out. Alex Capa is out there, guard Lyle Collins towards ACL over this year. He's out as well. That's really the only area that you can point to this year that could get you nervous in the playoffs and maybe really kind of ruin what could be a Bengals repeat as AFC champions. The entire right side line is a problem being out right now. And that's something especially against a Baltimore defense that has gotten better again after the quarterback and it's gotten better in the second half of the season overall. You got to protect Joe Burrow in order to keep him upright in order to have a chance. Again, this week they should win, but against the Bills and against the Chiefs. Yeah, I remember that was a team last year that got to the Super Bowl, basically having an offensive line that was nonexistent.

But I don't think that's a formula that you could continue to repeat to keep on having that success. So we know Collins is out for the season after in December suffering that torn ACL and we'll see when Capa comes back, but it won't be this weekend like Hickey said. And finally, Monday Night Football. Cowboys and Buccaneers. Dak McCarthy.

Show me what you got. McCarthy, you get fired if you lose this game. Dak, you're making $40 million a year. You should be able to win this game with the better team. But I don't know, and I don't think the Cowboys are winning this game. So I want to see if McCarthy and Dak could prove me wrong. Mike Evans has been invisible for most of this year outside of that big game, which they clinched a division week 17 against the Panthers.

We had three touchdowns. This has to be a game where he re-emerges. He toasts the bucket on the Cowboys secondary, which is a weakness, especially a corner. That should be a mismatch that is in favor of Tampa Bay. I'm with you. I think the Buccaneers are going to win this game.

I think a large part of it is going to be that Mike Evans kind of taking over the game here and kind of, maybe not three touchdowns against the Panthers, but kind of finally reminding everyone, oh yeah, he's still a really damn good wide receiver because for 90 percent of the year, if you want to say, he's been MIA. He's been invisible. He's been missing.

All right. We'll take a time out on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. When we come on back, we'll do a little this coach or that coach and also get to our NFL picks against the spread for this upcoming Weekend of Games wild card weekend in the National Football League. I'm Larry Mullins, host of the podcast, Your Weirdest Fears, the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop. I am so scared of the Grinch. He is bad vibes. We talk to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man. I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split.

I have one tattoo that covers my entire body. Listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. You know, we always praise Deion Dawkins, but some big national praise this week from someone other than us. Kyle Brandt had him on hot take hickey and he did a feature. I guess Brandt does some podcasts and he had him on and then he individually did a highlight on Deion Dawkins, gave a lot of love to the snowman and pretty much how he is kind of, you know, you have Josh Allen, Stefan Diggs, but really the heart and soul of that Buffalo Bills organization. It was a really good piece that Kyle Brandt did and always the energy that Kyle brings and you pair him up with Deion. It made for a really good piece. And oh, by the way, did you see the Bills hype video for this weekend hot take hickey? No, I have not. Oh, two minute video with Deion Dawkins in the background going through the entire video narrating the entire thing.

You know me, I love Deion, but I'm a Patriot fan. It even got a few chills going up my spine. Wow. Yeah, it was it was some video put together. Well done. I encourage everyone to watch it.

It was a really good video. Anyway, we got a bunch of jobs open around the NFL, five of them to be exact. You got the Texans opened up. You have the Cardinals that are open.

And you know, for a while, the Broncos, the Panthers and the Colts are open up as well. So hickey has compiled a little bit of a list here where he's put some coaches that are on the market up against one another. And I will tell you if I rather have this coach or that coach, give me the coaches right now. Let's go with the two biggest names right now on the market. Sean Payton or Jim Harbaugh.

Who would you rather have? I'd rather have Sean, even though in a weird way, Harbaugh didn't win a Super Bowl, but he went further into the postseason in terms of like in a three or four year stretch, just always going to the NFC title game, three out of four years, never having really like a downward fall there. You know, I don't really count the last year and then getting to a Super Bowl.

That was really impressive. But Sean, he's just been in the NFL more recently. Hasn't been at Michigan forever.

Many years now. Harbaugh's been in Michigan. It's been a while, like six or seven, and he's won a Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, Jim hasn't, even though Jim easily could have won that game up against his brother, John. But I would lean more Sean Payton than I would Jim Harbaugh. Let's go to the defensive side of the ball. We'd rather have Dan Quinn, already head coach, as you know, of the Falcons.

Who would you rather have? First time head coach, current 49ers defensive coordinator, Tameka Rines. I think there's a limitation with Dan Quinn. Like if I'm bringing in Dan Quinn, it's solid coach, got to a Super Bowl, multiple playoff appearances, then got too many years when he should have been fired a few years earlier. He was really good at the defensive side of the ball. I know when he was the coach, Matt Ryan won an MVP on the offensive side of the ball. But then there was too many years where they kept on just bringing in offensive coordinators and they kept on having the same red zone struggles.

And the touchdown numbers for how great Julio Jones was were so low, especially, you know, all over the field, but in the red zone with how much of a target he was, they were just trying to force feed him and it just didn't work enough. I would rather go with the unknown commodity because I think there's a ceiling on Dan Quinn and I don't know what the ceiling is yet on Tameka Rines. So I would go Tameka Rines. Let's go to young offense coordinators that have not been head coaches before Lions offense coordinator Ben Johnson or Eagles offense coordinator Shane Siken. Who would you rather have?

That's a great question because it really hasn't been until this year. And I know stikin was with the Chargers, but it hasn't really been until this year where both of those guys have received a lot of praise and I'm not trying to diminish what stikin has done because Sirianni is there and I just think of Sirianni first where when I look at Ben Johnson, Dan Campbell is kind of like a guy that that delegates and he's like the leader of men that you want and sometimes things that you really want at a head coach not to get his ball, you know, not to get his nose too, you know, too jammed in on one side of the ball. That's why I look at Ben Johnson. I just think his role in the Lions organization is a little bit more important and I'm not trying to diminish stikin than what stikin does with the Eagles. So I lean a little bit more Ben Johnson because of that but that is splitting hairs.

That's a tough one because I don't know about you Hickey. It seems like we don't know enough about both of those guys for both guys that are going to be thrown right into the head coaching conversation. Obviously both have engineered offenses and I think specific offenses to like, you know, they are flexible in terms of what they did with Jared Goff of your Ben Johnson kind of elevating this offense to a top five and I see building offense around Jalen Hurts.

They've done a masterful job so far this season as well. So both deserve a lot of credit. Yeah, and let me be clear Jalen hurts and what he's done this year, there has to be some credit given to Shane stikin.

I just go to Sirianni Sirianni first. It's kind of like when Frank Reich was in Indianapolis and when you had at first the higher be made of Sirianni everyone was like, well, what did he really do? Those guys do still do do a lot on the offensive side of the ball, even though you're not thinking about them first just because of the nature of having a coach who has an offensive background and mainly being known for just one side of the ball. So we just talked about Eagles and Lions offense coordinators. How about both defensive coordinators Aaron Glenn of the Lions. Now they did finish dead last in terms of total yards, but definitely had a major improvement in the second half of the very young defense compared to the first half order that Jonathan Ganon defense coordinator of the Eagles.

This one's tough really tough. I think it's very similar to stikin and Ben Johnson. Now it's weird because am I really going to use Jonathan Ganon getting a big look by the Texans as my reason.

I don't feel good about that. I I'd flip a coin. I would lean just a little bit more Ganon because you saw that offense in Philadelphia be more consistently good this year than Detroit where they did get hot late down the stretch. How about two former head coaches Dan Quinn who we mentioned Cowboys friends coordinator or Steelers linebacker coach Brian Flores.

Fascinating question. Now Flores did more with less in Miami but never made the playoffs. Dan Quinn has been to a Super Bowl and both of them are not offensive minded coaches. I would lean slightly more Dan Quinn because what concerns me even though there were some really ugly scenarios down the stretch with Dan Quinn the offense side of the ball Brian Flores had four offensive coordinators to call offensive coordinators one year in three years that concerns me and look how much better the offense got when he left the organization now the defense has regressed in Miami let's acknowledge that so you got to give credit to Flores but I would lean more Quinn just because of that if you're going into a job I just don't know if I could trust Flores hiring the right offensive coordinator Steve Wilkes or Frank Reich Steve Wilkes Steve Wilkes has that team with not a lot of talent more prepared than any time Frank Reich had his team prepared this year as they got out scored in every first half this year two more for you again former for former head coaches Dan Quinn we mentioned a ton or Jim Harbaugh who'd rather have you said the first name is Dan Quinn Dan Quinn or Jim Harbaugh Jim Harbaugh yeah easily Jim Harbaugh all right and let's I just think there's more consistency with horrible very fair let's put Stanford guys against each other because yeah David Shaw is a surprise interview candidate or a head coaching candidate for the Broncos would you rather have David Shaw or Jim Harbaugh Jim Harbaugh is that a trick question I'm just asking I don't know yeah easily Jim Harbaugh on that one that's all we got all we got all righty let's take a break here we'll come on back we'll do the closing bell we'll also get to pick you're listening to the Zach Gelb show by the way Hickey we've talked about this before but I have not thought about it again until now and good on Ari Mirov for my sports update for bringing this up and I'll get to that in just a second but first let me tell you this NFL postseason every once in one NFL broadcast streams live for free wildcard division around the AFC NFC championship games the Pro Bowl game and Super Bowl 57 catch all the action on the Odyssey app and what's one via West one station streams or by asking Alexa to open West one sports it's all sponsored by AutoZone the free AutoZone fix find the service can help troubleshoot the likely cause of your pesky check engine life for free and get you back on the road restrictions apply get in the zone AutoZone and this is the reminder that Ari Mirov does serve up a reminder with postseason football starting if a game goes to overtime both teams are now guaranteed to get possession of the ball even if the team with the balls first scores a touchdown NFL owners approved of that change this past offseason so just something to monitor if we do get a overtime game as soon as this weekend in the wildcard round the overtime rules are a little bit different in the postseason now because of the change with all the outcry with the ending of that Bill's Chiefs game from last year in the postseason in the divisional round okay let's get to some NFL picks give me the music okay Hickey we will go through each and every game quickly 49ers and the Seahawks the spread is Seattle is a 10-point underdog I think the Niners are going to win this game but I think it's too many points I don't know if it's going to be because of a backdoor cover or Seattle just keeps it tight I do believe the Niners will win but it will not be a blowout victory of 11 points or more so give me Seattle plus the 10 points where would you go I'll take the Niners hot team the NFL now they're rolling I think they roll Seattle okay so Hickey takes the Niners minus 10 points next up it's like Hickey's pickies right now which by the way right that's right did start and Ryan Leaf was very annoyed at you and he was in the studio a few weeks back and he wasn't on our show but he was on another show at CBS Sports Radio Maggie and Perloff I wonder if Perloff took his shoes off during that segment because I saw some crazy video today of Perloff taking his foot and putting it on the desk today I don't know what the heck was going on but Hickey I guess has a pass with Ryan Leaf and when he was leaving Ryan Leaf was saying oh and you stole Hickey's pickies from us so I guess there's some bad beef but saying we have a pass makes it seem like there's some sort of beef or some sort of rivalry we were very friendly he was yelling at you he was yelling at you when he was leaving oh you stole Hickey's pickies remember who made you if he if he was yawning me I would shrivel up into a ball like an armadillo that's for sure I love you Mr Leaf you're the best please don't beat me up he's still in great shape he would we got in a fight that's bad news for me yeah he would kill you there's no doubt about that most people would kill you no offense Chargers and Jaguars I'm taking the Jags plus the point and a half this spread earlier in the week I think was as high as Chargers minus three and it's now down to one and a half I'm going to go Jacksonville I do think the Mike Williams injury is going to come back to haunt him I really wanted to take the Chargers but just the more and more I think about it I think the Jags win at home I like the Jags a lot in this game I don't know why they're still underdogs after the Mike Williams injury I think because of Herbert still that's a big loss he is a game changer and that offense is so much different when he's healthy compared to when he's not all right next up we go to Sunday the Dolphins and the Bills this number could be 40 I wouldn't care well maybe I would care 40 but I'm going to take Buffalo minus the 13 points give me the bills minus 30 and a half Jack is taking the bills okay I am with you I mean look Skylar Thompson they scored nine points last week against the Jets no touchdowns I don't see it get much better against Buffalo I'm with you all righty next up Giants and Vikings all week or most of the week I was feeling Giants plus the points that number has not moved it seems like though the public is on the Giants I'm going to take Minnesota here I just think talents going to win out it will be a close game I don't think they're going to go cover by 10 points if they'll cover by four or five maybe six seven at most but I do think they'll cover the three give me the Vikings minus three points I am with you here the Vikings that record of 11 and 0 and close skinned once Shocker Giants hater hot take Hickey no going with the Vikings minus the points because he hates the Giants I will say for the Giants this is the best matchup you've got to ask for in the first round this is by far the most winnable game that they they had on their schedule so it's out of the teams available so they got a you know this is perfect for them but I'm with you close games I will still favor the Vikings here I don't think the law of averages would get him this week in terms of finally losing one of those close games but close one I'll still take Minnesota Bengals and Ravens I may regret this but I'm I'm doing this as a spite pick Pat Boyle who's been I guess picking games against me all year on the DA show secretly I did not do well in that picks competition up against morass I lost by like two and a half games I think and I was below 500 but I still did good enough to beat Pat Boyle sources tell me Pat is in on the Ravens plus eight and a half points so I will fade Pat Boyle give me the Bengals minus eight and a half points why not you Pat I'm with you on the Bengals well I guess the argument would be Harbaugh well respected coach we'll see who plays quarterback Huntley or Brown which is a risk because there's a big difference between the two and I would say a lot of people probably just look at this and go all Bengals will easily win and usually when that happens the opposite happens and maybe that line becomes a concern Collins now done for the season Kappa out at right guard that's okay I'll still take the Bengals minus eight and a half and I feel good about it very good about it you don't say great about it and finally I'll let you go first here Cowboys Buccaneers Monday Night Football Dallas a two and a half point favorite Tampa Bay plus two and a half please I don't like this at all we are agreeing on every game but one yikes it's either going to be really good or really bad probably really bad you know my advice when Hickey and I picked the same game fate fate fate fate fate dolphins and Ravens advantage to the second round congratulations well no that's not what that means that I'm just gonna keep it close in the gambling world you gambling virgin I will go Bucks plus two and a half as well so here are the picks the only one we have a disagreement on is Seattle and 49ers I'm taking Seattle plus the 10 Hickey is going 49ers minus 10 we are both on the Jaguars plus one and a half or both on Buffalo minus 13 both on the Vikings minus three both on the Bengals minus eight and a half and both on the Buccaneers plus two and a half let's get to the closing bell another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world it's time to find out who's up and who's down let's end the day right and hit the closing bell only on the Zach Gelb show all right CJ Williams transferring from USC to Wisconsin nice little get there for Luke fickle who is now at the Badgers give Wisconsin the Badgers a stock up ever since Keith McPherson of WFAN in New York went to the Barclays Center and chanted we want Boston the Celtics have defeated the Nets six straight times the Celtics are 6-0 against the Nets ever since Keith led the we want Boston chants so give a stock up to the Boston Celtics staying in the association and staying with games that did occur last night how about Gabe Vincent of the Miami Heat 28 points as the Heat beat the Bucks 108 to 102 give a stock up to Gabe Vincent Luka Doncic 119 115 victory over the Lakers Luka 35 14 rebounds 35 points 14 rebounds and 13 assists give a stock up to Luka Doncic nice job by Dabo Sweeney I know we have not praised Dabo Sweeney a lot as of late but he made a big hire for his offensive coordinator getting Garrett Riley over from TCU who did a really good job with the Horn Frogs this past year and it's going to be a lucrative contract for one Garrett Riley so give a stock up to Clemson football getting a good offensive coordinator in there and Garrett Riley I think this is the first time all year hickey I'm about to say a positive thing about the Denver Broncos wow they're the only team right now to have an interview which can't start until the 17th two other teams got permission the Cardinals and the Texans I ultimately do think that Sean Payton is going to be coaching the Cardinals next year but for now they're the only team to have an interview schedule other teams have permission they have an interview schedule with Sean Payton I don't know what that means but it's better being the one team than the two other teams that just have permission to speak to him and don't have the interview schedule you get your first opportunity so give a stock up to the Broncos and also I think I got some few weird looks in the airport today where a lot of people like oh there's that Broncos haters at Gelb when I was walking through the airport so I guess I got to say something positive so I could survive the weekend out here in Colorado giving a stock down to Brandon Staley your stupidity last week in a meaningless game playing your starters and trying to continue to build your culture and be a tough football team and anytime you take the field you're trying to win you may win the game this weekend but it could cost you and now you don't have Mike Williams who's expected to be out for a few weeks that's a problem because that team was finally starting to get healthy with Bosa with Derwin James with Keenan Allen Justin Herbert who dealt with the injury earlier with the ribs they were starting to get healthy even Williams in our lineup and now Williams is out for this week and for a few more after that from the reports that I read today with his back injury so give a stock down to Brandon Staley and finally give a stock down to other than Aaron Rodgers maybe the biggest attention whore in the NFL these days and that is Sean McVay a few days ago all of my staff interview maybe you don't have the heart to tell me you don't want them back or you were thinking about retirement it seemed like you were about to walk away last year we dealt with this again you signed an extension we went through the song and dance again and then today oh yeah I'm coming back you got one foot in one foot out that's not the way to coach I know he's a heck of a coach I know he's well respected in this league but I'm sick of the Sean McVay nonsense I'm gonna coach I'm not gonna coach I'm gonna coach I'm not gonna coach I'm gonna coach enough already stock down big thanks to Lorenzo Neal Dennis Pitta Ryan Horvat as well hot take Kiki back in our New York City headquarters we'll be back in New York on Monday at 6 p.m. Eastern 3 Pacific enjoy the games make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram at Zach Gelb we out bye bye have a good weekend everybody I'm Larry Mullins hosts of the podcast your weirdest fears the show that explores the odd things that make your heart stop I am so scared of the Grinch he is bad vibe we talked to everyone from therapists to exterminators to lizard man I was 25 when I actually got my tongue split I have one tattoo that covers my entire body listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from some folks don't stop till they find the truth June's journey is a roaring 20s murder mystery hidden object game find your first clue by downloading June's journey today available on Android or iOS devices and on PC through Facebook games.
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