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Lost Vegas (Hour 1)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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December 9, 2022 7:11 pm

Lost Vegas (Hour 1)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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December 9, 2022 7:11 pm

Is there any justification to bringing Josh McDaniels back for the 2023 season? l Which teams have a lot on the line in Week 14? l Could Matthew Stafford retire after this season?

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Need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family? Well, Rocket can, and producing this extravaganza for the next four hours is no other than Hot Take Kiki. This dumb producer, Hot Take Kiki. So we gotta get into the game from last night. I did not think we'd be leading the show talking about the abysmal LA Rams and just the putrid Las Vegas Raiders, but here we are, where it looked like it was gonna be a game that really didn't give you many reactions, the Rams weren't able to really score, the Raiders were gonna be able to find a way to win, but it wasn't gonna be pretty, but you take a win, especially when you're a team that was 5-7 looking to get to 6-7. And with four minutes to go, even with how dreadful the Raiders have been this year, in a 16-3 game, Kiki, I have a confession to make, I thought the game was over. And you thought the game was over, and the whole world thought the game was over.

Because no one thought that Baker Mayfield was gonna turn into Tom Brady like what Tom Brady did for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week against the New Orleans Saints. Same thing, 16-3, pretty much a little under four minutes to go, and you get two touchdown drives. But what happened last night is just embarrassing if you're a fan of the Oakland Raiders. They're 0-4 this season when leading by double digits at halftime, and they're the first team since at least 1930, according to Josh Dubow, to lose four times in a season when leading by double digits at the half. They suck. They are awful.

They are horrible. And you know what, Josh McDaniels, I know you're not gonna get fired at the end of the year because the Raiders are a poverty franchise, but it's time to go back home to Bill Belichick. It's time to go back to New England and suck on the teat of Bill Belichick and be his offensive coordinator again. Because as a head coach, and I wanted to see you do well, for some reason I have a soft spot for Josh McDaniels. Maybe it's because he screwed over the Indianapolis Colts, and I can't stand the Colts.

But for some reason, I thought maybe this could work in Las Vegas. With all the talent that they have, you're bringing an offensive mind. It's been over a decade since the last time he's been a head coach, and he is horrible.

That team does not respond to him. They make so many boneheaded mistakes week after week after week. If you're a Raiders fan, you can't take it anymore. And the most embarrassing part about this is that you thought maybe something was turning around.

Slow start. They were four minutes away from going six and seven. Maybe you could end the season on a positive note. But there's no chance you can now end the season on a positive note because forget the fact that you lost the game to a coach who was on ESPN one week, and then he beat you as an interim coach for the Colts and Jeff Saturday. You just lost to Baker Mayfield. Baker Mayfield to the Browns said thanks, but no thanks. You look at the Carolina Panthers, and they said thanks, but no thanks to Baker Mayfield. And then he walks into L.A. with not a great team around it.

Not the Super Bowl champion L.A. Rams that we're accustomed to, and Baker Mayfield with less than 48 hours to prepare for a game doesn't even really do that much. You know, played fine the first three quarters, pretty much three and a half quarters. He only put up three measly points. But then in the final four minutes, you couldn't stop him. And there were so many times that you had multiple opportunities to end that game. You could even go back to before the end of the first half when Derek Carr, what was he crying last night after the game again? Because I'd be crying if I made that mistake that he did throw an interception right before the end of the half. And then even on the final drive where Baker Mayfield had to go 98 yards, you take a penalty off an interception. How many things weren't going to go your way?

How many times? And let me remind you, there was no Aaron Donald to the game last night. There was no Matthew Stafford to the game last night. Because you were playing Baker Mayfield. And you let him do that to you? That's a disgrace.

That is horrible. And I didn't even put any money on this game. Imagine if I put money on this game, I'm going ballistic now.

I'd be losing my bleeping mind. And my boss, David Maranick, right before he left yesterday, he goes, seven points, the Raiders got a cover, right? And I'm like, how can you say that? I thought the Raiders would win. Don't get me wrong. But to cover by seven points? I don't care if that team's going up against the winless Detroit Lions. There's no way that the Raiders should ever, ever, ever be a seven-point favorite. It's embarrassing what occurred last night. And really what transpired in that game last night was this entire NFL season. It's so unpredictable. It's so unexpected. And you just sit there week after week saying, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

And you don't know what to make of any of it. Because I can't sit here today and tell you, wow, what a resilient job by Baker Mayfield. And now that this is going to last for a long time, and Baker's going to eventually take over for Matthew Stafford and be the next great quarterback in this league, that would just be Jack Assery to say that.

It would. But on the other side, the thing that I know is that Josh McDaniels is not a head coach. And the sucky part here, if you're a fan of the Raiders, is he's going to be back next year. There is no doubt in my mind, because of maybe the financial state of that franchise, that he's going to be back next year.

But if it's based off merit and I'm not usually this one and done type of guy, I would get rid of him right now. And I thought, and shame on me, I thought maybe the tides are starting to turn a little bit. Maybe slow start. They would finish strong, have some optimism. But what do you say to your fans after this season? At least I didn't lose the locker room.

Like if that's what you're saying, like what? How many times with a talented roster, not the greatest roster in the world, like your defense isn't good. Your offensive line isn't good, but you have Derek Carr and you have Devonta Adams and Josh Jacobs.

I know he was in and out of the game last night. But just with those three, you should be able to protect these leads. And whether it's the deficiencies on defense, whether it's Derek Carr not being a big game quarterback, whether it's Josh McDaniels just not being fit to be an NFL head coach, they mess it up week in and week out. And there is no justification to bring Josh McDaniels back next year. And I wouldn't have said that before yesterday. I would say, okay, give him another year.

See what he could do. You know, maybe you finish strong, but there's no way that you could finish strong now. You just lost to Baker bleeping Mayfield. And a few weeks ago, you lost to Jeff Saturday.

I'm trying to think which one's worse. And you know what? I think it's the Baker Mayfield one. Cause yes, Jeff Saturday, the interim coach comes on in off the desk of ESPN, at least that team, even though it's not the greatest team in the world, they knew everyone.

Like they knew one another. I'm talking about the players in that locker room. Maybe we diminish a little bit for that one week coaching. But when it comes to a guy that is operating your offense, who is your quarterback, who is giving the plays to the teammates and having to matriculate the ball down the field.

And he only had two days to get ready. I've never, in all my years of watching football, I've never seen something like that. But how many times this year, when you look at the Raiders, you say, I've never seen a team lose like that.

Few weeks ago, it was Saturday. Now it's Baker Mayfield in 48 hours of less. And he didn't play great, but in the final three minutes, he went all Tom Brady and he found the way to go win the game. Embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing. So yes, a feel good moment for Baker Mayfield last night, who Cleveland gave up on him, who it didn't work out in Carolina. And he walks right off the streets, right into LA, doesn't even start the game, gets an opportunity. And when it was 16 to three with four minutes to go, we all thought the fat lady was singing.

Everyone said, turn out the lights, the party's over. But Baker Mayfield found the way last night. So good for Baker, but that's not the story tonight. The big story is the incompetence, just the failure of the Las Vegas Raiders, a team last year that had all this horrible things happen. And they were able to persevere with the locker room with Rich Versace and Derek Carr and get to ten and seven. Were they as good as what their record stated as they were? Probably not. But when you add Devante Adams this year, you bring in an offensive mind of Josh McDaniels, you would have thought that this team would have made the playoffs. I thought they were going to make the playoffs.

But how many times this year are they going to start off strong, have a lead, and then choke? And if you're Mark Davis, Mark, you want to call the show today? 855-2124, CBS 855-212-4227. I won't make you wait, Mark.

You want to call the show today, it will take two minutes of your time. I have one simple question for you. Why are you going to keep Josh McDaniels as the coach? I want to hear what you think he does well and how you could justify it. And if he says anything other than, well, I owe him a lot of money, then he's lying to you. Liar, liar, pants on fire. That's what Mark Davis would do if he called into the show and he was like, oh, he has the team prepared each and every week. You know, he's someone that I trust, someone that shows that we're moving in the right direction. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Bold bleep. That's what that would be. Mark, the only reason you know it and I know it, the only reason you're keeping Josh McDaniels is because you owe him a lot of cash. And you had to settle with Gruden and you don't want to be paying pretty much what would be three coaches in the span of a year because you'd have to bring in somebody else.

They almost, not almost, they would have just been better. Not that Rich Passaccia is Lombardi, but they would have just been better if they would have just kept Passaccia. And last year I said it, you have to bring in a big name. You have to bring in someone that could captivate the fan base because even though you may not have thought that Passaccia was working long term, he was working in the short term. And when you make that move to move on from Passaccia, who helped guided you to the playoffs last year, and you bring in McDaniels and it's been this bad and it has bottomed out this quickly, Mark Davis, you look like a fool. You look like a clown and you look like, guess what, an incompetent owner. And the only reason why you're bringing McDaniels back is because you're cheap or you don't have any money.

That's why. That's the only reason why you would bring back Josh McDaniels. And once again, this is coming from someone, it may not sound like in the last 13 minutes, that believed in Josh McDaniels, that wanted to see Josh McDaniels succeed, didn't hate the hire. But don't be stubborn. That's one quality I love about myself. When I'm wrong about something, I'm able to realize I'm wrong about something quickly.

And then you make a different plan. Mark, it's time to make a different plan because this one isn't working with Josh McDaniels as your head coach. It's the same bullcrap week in and week out and Raiders fans that spend so much money to watch your garbage team that are so passionate.

We do remote Super Bowl draft. You always see Raiders fans all the time. Thousands of Raiders fans. They deserve better. They deserve better than Josh McDaniels, who he should just be the offensive coordinator for the Patriots and shouldn't be a head coach again. It's time to end the Josh McDaniels experiment with Las Vegas. It's not going to get better. And guess what, even if it gets a little bit better, it's not going to be enough when you're going to want to say, wow, I got to have this guy as my head coach.

It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Will Josh McDaniels be back next year? Should he? Absolutely not. But because Mark Davis doesn't have the cash, it means he's going to be back next year. We talk about this all the time.

I get on hickey all the time for separating what will happen and what should happen. What should happen is Josh McDaniels should be sent back to New England fired. What will happen, unfortunately for Raiders fans, is that Josh McDaniels is going to be your head football coach next year. Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio. You can pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later. There's a lot to listen to. So get started and download the free Odyssey app today. The listening you love is on the free Odyssey app, your trusted local radio stations coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand.

Best of all.. You can completely customize your listening experience follow topics You care about like leagues and teams pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later There's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today You're listening to the Zach Gelb show And you can think of all the auto parts where your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly auto parts hickey, by the way You need to send me your mailing address because I have to send you a check for something You have any idea what I have to send you a check for no, sir. I think it's a little rent I think I own a little real estate in your head if I'm if I'm gonna be honest with you You know you owe real estate in my head. Yeah, I said I think you're getting a little bit sensitive these days with the whole hot take hickey nickname and how often I've been Exposing that you've been wrong because they thought you were very quick to rush to Twitter after the disaster embarrassing horrific Performance by the Las Vegas Raiders last night to pull up an old tweet Just to show everyone that you got something right when Josh McDaniels was hired You were trashing the hire of the Raiders and you went back into an old tweet and you quote tweeted that and you wrote where Hickey was right, so I think you just get a little bit annoyed with me I'm a little bit in your head over how often I point out that You said Utah was going to the college football playoff how you pointed out that Oklahoma was going to the college football playoff How you said that the Denver Broncos were gonna be Super Bowl champions this year and Russell Wilson was gonna win the Super Bowl MVP in the league MVP and Nathaniel Hackett was gonna be a better coach than Bill Belichick this year all those things that you said and I'm sure there's many others that I'm just forgetting off the Right off the tip of the tongue, but I think you got a little bit sensitive to that and you need to show everyone Hey, I could get things right. So I will send you a rent check of about $23 and 36 cents That that I will be sending you for some of the real estate that I do own in your head I wouldn't say that I mean I just was more just showing like hey look people were you know Some people were on it early on some people on it, you know when it's already too late. It's just obvious Oh, he's not a good coach always do is hey remind everyone.

I mean, he's tired. This is not someone who's now trying to pretend Oh, yeah, I saw this coming. I did there. There's a receipt right there.

That was January 30 That was let me take a 22 lap. I finally got one right? Well, finally, but yeah, I mean, I'm not gonna lie I'm not you know afraid to wallow in my wrong predictions.

Yeah, I get things, right? I don't think it's wrong to take a victory lap and just say hey look for things like Joshua Daniels. I was right I don't know you sometimes I a little bit when you're wrong. I have to sometimes bring up There's all it takes to expose you a little bit just from time to time There's some takes where I will expose myself in quotes We you know all call making the college world playoff then a week later or not even hours later after the show is hosting They were there's like 55 nothing to TCU Now this one that's for sure also today we went to the Heisman Trophy media availability and I thought it was hilarious because Hickey went on this whole rant last year how Stetson Bennett Should not come back to Georgia because he doesn't think he's that good and what would it you thought it was a disservice to the Team if he came back, what was your whole argument? If I was him you leave on top like if I was I would have left your national shaping your estate here And you were also doubting if you could replicate his success Well in just Georgia too late So like it was like a 2019 LSU team where they were just low to a talent most of them went to the NFL draft It's hard to replicate success like that two years in a row so if I was him again I would have walked away I would have been the hero and I would have lived my life as Stetson Bennett the national champ Instead of maybe risking I don't know what ending that's not so poetic and not so perfect That's all now tell everyone the question you asked Stetson Bennett today And how you asked the question said you received a lot of criticism for your decision to come back, which is not false I was by far far from the only person who criticized him, so what do you have to say to the you know?

Is this like you know vindication for you that you did there? Criticize this and you were one of the a lot of people now You were very lucky because the way this was set up the for media The four tables that were set up for the Heisman Trophy finalists. They were separated so you had Caleb Williams You had CJ Stroud at different tables you had Max Duggan at a different table And then you had Stetson Bennett at a different table I wished I could have been there when you were asking the question because I think at the time I was talking to Caleb Williams, and we'll play that audio later because he's basically just said yeah Patrick Mahomes is a special player But there's nothing that he's doing that he can't do we'll play that later on in the show From the USC quarterback in the Heisman Trophy favorite But I would have loved just to have been able to make eye contact with you when you said that to Stetson Bennett I don't think as Ross Tucker would said had the Cajones to then interrupt sets and better be like oh, yeah That guy over there was one of the people that said you shouldn't come back But I would have just loved to have been in like right by that table When you were saying that the Stetson Bennett because I think you would have gave me like a little smirk of oh Yeah, you like the way that I worded that question.

No. I have no problem admitting I just felt weird like I don't want to make myself the story like oh look at me like I said this like What do you say to that with? Here an answer hickey goes hey Stetson you don't really know me, but I didn't think you should come back from college Do you feel some validation on coming back and now being better this year by being a Heisman Trophy final? So that would have been awesome if you would have asked it that way and I think he would have respected you a little bit More that room was very interesting tonight Max Duggan looked like he just got some Starbucks and walked right in and you would have no clue that he was a Heisman Trophy Finalist and there was very few people that wanted to talk to Max Duggan.

I was like a social butterfly I was going from table to table. I started with Caleb Williams then went to Max Duggan then went over to Stetson Bennett Then wrapped up with CJ Stroud, but no and I know TCU. It's not the biggest school in the world So maybe there wasn't a lot of media They're covering it just for the TCU side but this guy I think is gonna finish second in the Heisman Trophy hickey and like no one wanted to talk to Max Duggan today and Stetson Bennett, I've never had a chance to talk to him until until today He really thinks before he speaks like you could tell he really thinks and processes the question and then gives you a thorough answer Yeah, I was shocked when it comes to Max Duggan I think he's the second most intriguing person there behind Caleb Williams in terms of the story his story getting benched coming off the bench Why didn't transfer TCU having this magical run, you know the improbable?

Run the disrespect card. There's a lot of different things you talk to him about and the exit No one was there for whatever reason and sets a bend. It's interesting because I mean he's older obviously I think he's like 24. So he's not exactly like a classic teenage our college age kid Yeah, he's more mature than I am.

That's for sure at 28. He's a deep thinker He's someone who right is not just on a wins the ready to throw an answer out there just for the hell of it He really thinks and gives you you know is is calculated we'll say not honest but calculated thoughts CJ Stroud, by the way I was very intrigued to talk to him just because I wanted to hear he was gonna address the NFL future and we'll play that Audio later, but he said he has not made up a decision yet And then I asked him well if a GM came to you and said why should I take you with the first overall pick? What would you say and he had a pretty good answer? So we'll play all that stuff later on in the show But really you were more you were more intrigued to talk to to max Duggan after Caleb Williams.

I'm assuming. Oh, yeah I think there's so much to talk to him about I guess Because of the star power, you know dug in I think had a better season than Stroud But in terms of the star power and what the future is going to be I just think that CJ Stroud You know he's gonna be a first-round pick He's gonna go in the top 10 picks of the NFL draft this year Where I don't know what the NFL future is a max Duggan But I'll tell you this if I'm in the third fourth round and max Duggan still available hickey I would take a chance on him that that guy just seems like he has everything In in front of him he seems like someone that just has it and even though if it may not be The flashiest play in the world and your prototypical quarterback I would not bet against him with the with the year that he just had he's a gamer. He's tough He's smart like said he's a lot of things that you want in a quarterback, okay? We have five NFL matchups for this weekend hickey you give me the matchups that we're gonna talk about to do our early preview of Week 14 and I will give you between the teams Who has the most to prove for this weekend in week 14 of the NFL go ahead the Lions our home Favorites that's right favorites and this one in December They are taking on the Vikings who has more to prove by the way was that actual Dan Campbell audio today That wasn't like some fake tweet that I saw where Dan Campbell cuz yeah I don't know how we're favorites in this game that wasn't a fake account From what I've seen that was real. I was a real authentic reaction that was real and spectacular from Dan Campbell that was who has more to prove I Let me ask you this I know my answer on this But I'm just curious what another voice would say and your opinion is more to prove the Lions of the Vikings So the line I think it's the Vikings Because I understand what you're probably gonna tell me This would be a respect game for the Lions It would show you that they're really moving in the right direction, and it could keep alive their playoff chances But for Minnesota you've had this marvelous season you're looking to clinch the division you're sitting in there and People with only two losses and you got blown out Obviously by the Eagles you got blown out by the Cowboys people are still doubting you if you lose this game I Think a lot the people that are on the the Vikings bandwagon still they start to jump off and everyone jumps off That's why to me. There's more to prove here even though you should beat this team I think if you lose that everyone just goes up, okay. This was the fraudulent, Minnesota Vikings This would be a game not that it's the end-all be-all But it would show me that maybe things are a little bit different for the Minnesota Vikings Because if you lose this game, it's like okay.

That's your typical letdown performance from one Kirk Cousins What about a great Sunday night affair to a tongue of our lower taking on Justin Herbert who has more to prove? Dolphins or Chargers it's the Chargers Mike Williams expected to play getting healthy this has been a team that's six and six if they fall below 500 yikes with the talent that they have and This is a Dolphins team that yeah, they need a win after what happened last week but This is a bigger story if the Chargers lose because then it just pretty much seal signs and delivers That Brandon Sele is going to be sent packing at the end of the year I think the Chargers have more to prove because how many times have the Chargers been in one of these games they have a Lead and they don't find the way to finish like what's up with the AFC West? Outside of the Chiefs whenever the Chargers have a lead they choke it up whenever the Raiders have a lead They choke it up and the Broncos don't even know how to gain a they can't get one So they don't know about blowing leads.

That's for sure. You would agree though charges more to prove in this one No dolphins Wow. Yeah, I'm already out in the Chargers So they to me are like not, you know, even a real threat But you don't think they could compete for a wild-court spot when they're going to get a playoff content They'll probably make the playoffs but for me you look at the dolphins like this is a team that again I think is a a chance to still become a Super Bowl contender. You got to win a game like this I think there's only three Super Bowl contenders in the air right now. I would agree I think the dolphins have a chance to work their way in the last month I can't see a month from now how we're talking about who's gonna get to the Super Bowl and it's anyone out of the AFC but Buffalo Kansas City and the Cincinnati Bengals No offense when the next two are they in the conversation beat the Chargers beat the bills. I So yeah, then they beat the bills twice sure, but I would look at them and I just I can't envision This Dolphins team in the Super Bowl this year.

I've given them credit. I've given them their respect I just can't see that team I just it does not process in my mind that they're gonna be a Super Bowl team this year and playing in Super Bowl Sunday when I'm in In Glendale, Arizona for the Super Bowl. All right Let's go to the Bay Area Brock Purdy making his first career start taking on Tom Brady who's returning home to the area He did grow up and it was more to prove Buccaneers or 49ers You think Brady starts looking for a house there to rent for next year because he's gonna be the next 49ers quarterback It'd be a good time to scout out some some area right you think I could just live with his folks But they still live in the Bay Area.

That's true writer his sisters. That's true It's you know, then it's not like to worry about time to study Not like Tom has to bring the whole family out there now since Giselle left him and you know The two kids I think are with Giselle right now Even though I read online today that any time Tom wants to see the kids you can't anytime Giselle obviously wants to see the kids They they're not gonna prevent anyone from from seeing mom or dad when it comes to the kids Bucks and 49ers the Bucks have more to prove The 49ers they are the more well-rounded team They are the better team on paper, but Brock Purdy still your quarterback for the Bucks I want to see if they could beat one of these teams that are better than them They're all fence Alliance not good in Tampa and you're going up against a good pass rush We'll see if Nick Bose is gonna play in this game I saw him pop up on the injury report, but I think the Bucks have more to prove here How about an NFC East battle Eagles and Giants who has more to prove? It's the Giants I feel as if the momentum and they're lucky they tied last week is starting a shift on the Giants No one's giving you a chance in this game. They're up to six and a half seven point a dog at home Philadelphia is the favorite six and a half seven points.

I think no one's giving you a shot Philadelphia's a more well-rounded team I want to see if the Giants can give you a close effort and maybe pull this game out this week and Finally, let's go from the NFC East to the AFC East Jets and Bills rematch from a few weeks ago Where the Jets did win who has more to prove for your bills or New York? It's the bills Because they are looking for home field advantage. They control their own destiny and you just said it They lost to the Jets the last time these teams played now Zach Wilson not playing this time around even though that was one of his Ironically better games or his best game of the season now, it's Mike White So there's an upgrade at quarterback for the JTS Jets Jets Jets, but the bills have more to prove here, especially coming off Now officially, no, he wouldn't have played anyway because he was on on IR But now knowing that Von Miller is done so for the season it is the Zach Yelp show on CBS Sports Radio Something that's not being talked about enough when it comes to the NFL and a player who's banged up We will get to that on the other side The listening you love is on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and Millions of podcasts on demand best of all, you can completely customize your listening experience Follow topics you care about like leagues and teams Pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later There's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today The listening you love is on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations Coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all You can completely customize your listening experience Follow topics you care about like leagues and teams Pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later There's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today The listening you love is on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations Coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all You can completely customize your listening experience Follow topics you care about like leagues and teams Pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later There's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today You're listening to the Zach Gelb show Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio coming up in a few moments I will get to a player that is banged up right now and maybe his career could be over in the NFL but Hickey as I continue to look at this NFL season Devante Adams numbers are really good But you're on a dreadful Raiders team and for the last few years bare minimum You knew you'd be in the divisional round weekend of the playoffs most of the times in the NFC title game You look at the Green Bay Packers. I know Rodgers is banged up, but without Devante Adams That offense has been really rough to watch I know the last few weeks Christian Watson has been sizzling hot ever since coming on this show He has eight touchdowns. So he's been wonderful to watch But every time I see the Packers lose and then I see Devante Adams play. I Only have one thought that goes through my brain Devante Adams should still be a member of the Green Bay Packers and I just wonder how differently this NFL season would have played out if Devante Adams didn't get traded and didn't go and Get dealt from the Packers to the Raiders because if Devante Adams is in the NFC with the Green Bay Packers I Think the Packers are gonna be a playoff team and I know they've had injuries on the offensive line. I Know Rodgers is dealing with multiple injuries but if you could have Devante Adams and You were still able to go get Christian Watson in the draft and then Allen Lazard your third wide receiver Hickey That's a pretty damn good wide receiving core Yeah, and if Romeo Dobbs if he was like a fourth wide receiver not asking to be a number one number two wide receiver like He was earlier in the year and you still got old man Randall Cobb there Yeah, you got a nice little deep wide receiving room when you look at the Green Bay Packers and they would have been a playoff Team this year if Devante Adams was still there without a doubt without a doubt You're 100% right because we've been talking about the biggest issue is not being on the same page there and Rogers and young receivers Devante is there now. They may not be a Super Bowl team, but bare minimum playoff team without a doubt But I don't think it's a stretch to say they would have been a Super Bowl team I know they had shortcomings in the postseason the last three years But with how open this is in the NFC like we asked for it the other day Who are the three teams you feel most confident about in the NFC? Your answers were Tampa who's six and six You gave the 49ers who have Brock Purdy as the quarterback and then the other team you gave was the Philadelphia Eagles only has one loss my three teams It was the Eagles one the Cowboys two and I can't even remember who I who I said three you Put the Vikings in there probably but like see that's the point. I Can't even remember who I said yesterday now Sometimes I don't remember any for breakfast But I can't even remember who I said the other day that would be the third team in the NFC So with how open this is I don't and usually you don't make a case that one player makes a difference in a team sport but that would have made a Knew mental difference this year for the Green Bay Packers and I go back to it Since they didn't take care of that contract because they had to deal with the Rogers and all that nonsense was going on last two years and We know eventually the Packers gave Davante Adams a better offer them with the Raiders hat and he was leaving money on the table To go to Las Vegas and there's personal things that he wanted to get done as well But I really do think that if they would have took care of him when he was asking to get taken care of Then he would have signed the contract instead you let that just Linger and he got frustrated and then he felt like he was unwanted and then when you wanted to get a deal done Those emotions.

Yeah, they could be solved by a contract and some people just take the money. Okay, it was rough negotiations But I eventually got what I wanted but then other people maybe start to think oh, what would life be like elsewhere and for Davante Adams he thought about Moving closer to his family, right teaming back up with Derek Carr so many is a close relationship with back from their days at Fresno State and He talked himself into that being a bitter a better situation than the Green Bay Packers But I just wonder and maybe doesn't care because he got the money You know, he's got enough money, even though he would have made more in Green Bay Maybe he doesn't care because of the proximity to him being home But I wonder if we had Davante Adams sitting to my right Right now and we were able to inject him with some truth serum And if I asked them do you miss the Green Bay Packers? Do you wish he was still in the Green Bay Packers? I just wonder what the genuine truth would be Hickey Yeah, I wonder because you do see frustration So it's not like he's just mailing it in that all I got paid and all I'm playing, you know with my college teammate I'm playing closer to home.

So the wins and losses are relevant. He's always frustrated He's very upset and he's done thing out of character not making excuses Remember when he shoved that right the the cameraman? Yes, like everyone talks about how great of a guy Davante Adams is It was like wow, that's something I usually don't see right in Green Bay You've never seen we know of anything close to the you know behavior like that It's a yeah, I think it's hard to say for him to say yeah I'll sign up for if you were able to say hey look this is what's gonna happen so far you blow Four double-digit, you know halftime leads and you're right now out of the playoff push and your season's basically over Is this really what you want to sign up for? I'm with I think it's a hard time saying absolutely And it's still stunning how Rogers couldn't get him to stay. I Know he was frustrated with the organization But it's still wild that Rogers with how tight they were and I don't know what that relationship still still is now Because they're not teammates But it's just kind of crazy to me that the great Aaron Rodgers couldn't find a way To get Davante Adams to to stay and convince him. Hey, you should stay along here in Green Bay I guess goes to show you how annoyed you know, the least avant-garde was with everything that Aaron Rodgers pulling the last Year and a half and and also if I'm Davante Adams like I get why he left for two years you're trying to get a deal done and It's not like you're Joe Schmo, you're maybe the best wide receiver in the sport and You're just asking to be recognized asked to be rewarded your plays doing enough of the talking You would have thought that would have been taken care of and hey We all know Rogers is the king of that organization and he had his pending contract issue But and there's gonna be more attention to Aaron Rodgers But you clearly didn't pay enough attention to at least make Davante Adams feel like okay, you know, we're good You got you guys got my back and that's the the problem here by the by the Green Bay Packers Gotta be able to multitask, right and Brian Gudekunz couldn't do that a television on one guy and one guy only number 12 now getting to this Matthew Stafford injury, isn't this one of the more I Don't know if I've underreported is the right word, but just not talked about story enough like we know he was in concussion protocol back-to-back weeks two separate times and Then it comes out that he has a spinal cord injury and a spinal cord contusion Which you hear that and you're like, oh the head injuries were even speculating. Maybe there's gonna be talks of retirement He's won a Super Bowl. He's got all his money I know he's still rather young for for what now we look at the NFL quarterback position with how many guys have played late into their 30s or even into their early 40s or their mid 40s, but when you hear a spinal cord contusion and I know sometimes you weigh The competitive nature and you can't get into these guys brains because they're wired differently and and they're just sick So B's that time but if I'm at the Stafford and we're talking about a spinal cord injury And I was also in concussion protocol twice this year and I look at it right now. I've been a number one overall pick I've made all the money I've won a Super Bowl I'm sure there's maybe that desire to get into the Hall of Fame and he probably doesn't think this way That he won't be a Hall of Famer, but the odds of him being a Hall of Famer are not great If I'm him after all these injuries the state of the Rams franchise right now Who knows how much longer Aaron Donald's gonna be there? Who knows how much longer Sean McVay is gonna be there the offensive line has problems Cooper Cup Now coming off an injury as well. If I'm Stafford, it seems like everything's lining up Now I'm not gonna say that Oh Baker Mayfield's gonna be the next guy off of one just ridiculous and wild final four minutes But maybe there's more to just put it in a claim low-risk high-reward on Baker. Maybe they're starting to get that sense That let's get a look at Baker because maybe Matthew Stafford's not going to be there and I would not be shocked for one second if we get a breaking news alert Sometime in the offseason that because of the spinal cord injury That that Matthew Stafford wants to walk away that wouldn't surprise me hickey for one Iota of a second whatsoever At this point I would agree with you remember told us a few weeks ago And I said, oh he's definitely come back like I know concussions are serious But I just didn't think it would be enough for him to kind of miss the you know The or end his career but but spinal cord contusion totally different and when you add in knee I mean the neck surgery or whatever to fix this right? Yeah, I think and you're right too outside of Ross Tucker I'm not today when I was really talk about the seriousness of this injury and how it could really end his career on top of The four hundred other injuries injuries he suffered that his entire career They still been playing through guys beat up and you know what? I think you're right at one point Just kind of saying enough's enough You got the ring Maybe now time to take care of myself and if you don't get into the Hall of Fame You don't get into the Hall of Fame and and I thought it was a long shot last year We have those conversations that he was going to get in the Hall of Fame I thought he had to go play another three four great years and With the way that his career has been it was heads a very very very good career Probably under appreciate it because he played in Detroit and he didn't have a Hall of Fame resume yet And if that's it You're just gonna keep on playing to play in the Hall of Fame and you're not gonna be able to be a hundred percent Well, if you're not a hundred percent, what are the odds that you get into the Hall of Fame probably slim to maybe none So you won a Super Bowl you have all the money of a beautiful family have a wife. I Don't tell someone when I walk away But I would not fault Matthew Starkey walks away for a single second and I kind of expect him to this offseason the listening you love It's on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations coverage of your favorite teams Live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all You can completely customize your listening experience Follow topics you care about like leagues and teams pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch Up later. There's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today The listening you love is on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations Coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all You can completely customize your listening experience Follow topics you care about like leagues and teams Pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later There's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today The listening you love is on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations Coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all You can completely customize your listening experience follow topics you care about like leagues and teams Pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later There's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today
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