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REShow: Dan Campbell - Hour 3

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April 13, 2023 3:43 pm

REShow: Dan Campbell - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 13, 2023 3:43 pm

Rich and the guys react to Odell Beckham Jr’s introductory press conference with the Ravens and debate of the WR’s signing is enough to convince Lamar Jackson to remain in Baltimore. 

Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell tells Rich that Detroit would consider drafting a QB with the 6th pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, why the team traded former 3rd overall pick Jeff Okudah to the Atlanta Falcons, and how he’s embracing the expectations to win the NFC North this season.

The guys react to Masters champion Jon Rahm already putting together his menu for next year’s Champions Dinner at Augusta National.

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It's Rich Eisen.

Yes indeed it is. It is our number three of The Rich Eisen Show. We are on the air live on the Roku channel every day between 12 and 3 Eastern Time. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more. We're on every day and if you miss anything you got our podcast version of this show. The Rich Eisen Show podcast can be acquired wherever you get your podcast thanks to the Cumulus Podcast Network. There's also the Rich Eisen Show collection page as well. It's part of our Roku channel relationship and partnership.

It's a video on demand service. We also place much of the show on our YouTube page slash Rich Eisen Show. We also re-air on channel 210 on the Roku channel as soon as we're done. It re-airs throughout the day till we come back on the air the very next day and we love everything about our relationship with the Roku channel. Couldn't be more thrilled that we helped plant the flag for our new partner first ever Emmy Award nomination for the Roku channel. Thanks to the first two our colleagues well yeah I'm my I was just talking about us you know. You know you don't leave yourself out.

I appreciate that but Miami Real also has a lot to do personally with with what I do up the street at NFL Network as well because two weeks from today I'll be sitting on that draft set once again for NFL Network but I am thrilled that again the Roku channel's first ever sports Emmy nomination is you know where they reached out to us and they say we believe in you and I say I believe in you as well and we struck a deal and here we are. An inch to grow an inch right? I don't know. Is that what it is?

That was the thing too when you're a kid. Okay I imagine this man gives out two for flinching. Absolutely. He was a stand by me rule right here. Absolutely. I would think and I don't know if he'd be giving that to me if I'd be flinching and because I chose his lines to win the division and this is the same guy who made a March prediction last year for a division winner and it was uh what's the words for spectacularly bad.

I mean you know it happens. The Raiders did not win the AFC West the team that did won the Super Bowl so congratulations to whoever is going to win this division you're going to win the Super Bowl. Anyway Dan Campbell's about to join us and there's a lot to talk about. They traded away their third overall selection from a couple drafts ago for a fifth round pick in Jeff Acuda Atlanta and Hendon Hooker stopped by for a visit so that was a top 30 visit for Detroit. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial. Odell Beckham spoke today and we'll get to those sound bites in a second. Nathan in Los Angeles been hanging on for a while. What's up Nathan? Hey Rich good to talk to you guys again.

Same to you. What's going on? What's on your mind? I was reacting and responding to your comment earlier about the Angels attendance. Yeah again that Otani made his first home start of the year and they were somewhat attendance challenged in a way that I don't know if that would happen for Otani and other places so go for it Nathan.

What do you think? Well I'll say this as you guys know I'm from the east but I live in LA now so I'm kind of in the same boat as you guys. Now I will acknowledge that they do get fairly consistent attendance numbers at both stadiums throughout the year. There are times when you're going to see like five to eight thousand at some Cincinnati Reds game maybe in June.

Both of these teams do manage to manage to get around 20k pretty consistent. Who are you talking about it's the two teams the Angels and the Dodgers? Yeah oh the Dodgers somewhere I mean I've the Dodgers get double that the Dodgers are very well attended games.

Trust me it takes me a hell of a lot longer to get into that stadium so but go ahead Nathan. They're winning right now and that's what a point I'm going to make about LA. LA I have consistently seen the least dedicated and most self-serving fan base I think I've ever witnessed. Wow. Wow. They only go to games and only cheer for teams who are winning who are representing at that moment the image that LA people insist on taking for themselves at all times which is winning championships glory etc.

Yes. The minute you're not doing any of those things they will not show up they will not concern themselves with what you're doing they will not come and they won't even really cheer they might they might barely speak up. No I hear you and thanks for the call Nathan I greatly appreciate what you're saying. Look I know the Angels aren't a winner but they do have you want to talk about a draw two of the best players in baseball including one who I said based on the way Otani's been playing and the way that he pitches the way that he throws and the way that he is so remarkable at both that by the end of his prime we might be talking about him as the best player of our generation and the generation of anybody who's alive to have a generation I'm serious he's going to get a 600 million dollar contract because he's a 300 million dollar pitcher and he's the 300 million dollar hitter in the same body for the same team so I again I'm I come from the east coast and I come from an upbringing where Ron Guidry would light up Yankee Stadium and then Dwight Gooden lit up Shea Stadium in a way that Tom Seaver lit up Shea Stadium and whenever those guys pitched that was it that was the that was the when Dwight Gooden pitched in Shea Stadium it was the end all be all you had to go didn't matter who was even if the opponent wasn't a draw that would draw you in because they were probably going to strike out 16 times so the reason why I bring it up because I just wonder will this matter at all no time when he goes to Yankee Stadium and he feels that pulse if he does pitch in New York City in in Citi Field will he feel that pulse he's going to feel it Monday it's marathon Monday it's by the way you said as you pointed out Chris off the earth it's the 10th anniversary of the bombing right yeah awful but it's going to be a moving day and that crowd is going to show up and it is going to be loud and it is going to be wild and it is going to be raucous and it is going to be an event in Boston and that's Otani's next start and does will he pause and look around and go this has some juice to it and this makes me all fired up it certainly do did look to me like he met the moment in the world baseball classic now that obviously is for for baseball and country and country men and country women that's a different obviously emotion you get but doesn't matter because he's going to see that in various places he's around you know he didn't probably feel it in Oakland but he's going to feel it does it matter and I would I would you know I'm if I have a night free again I'm not a die-hard angel fan and it it is a schlep to get the hell down there but I'd love to go bring my kids to watch and pitch that's for sure and I'm not showing up for anybody else like that 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial let's get to this let's get to this is Dan Campbell's going to be joining us in about 12 minutes time Odell Beckham Jr introduced as a Baltimore Raven who'd have thunk it who would have thunk it man even the Ravens even Derek DaCosta admitted they were an underdog in the race for his services but as Albert Breer pointed out he remembered that buy it now button that you had on the old eBay to pass the the bidding process well they certainly hit the buy it now button 18 million dollar contract 15 of it guaranteed 3 million of it filled with apparently very reachable incentives and then there's the whole question of why would he do this other than the money I forget just place the money aside if he's not a mercenary straight up why would he go to a place where receivers don't have thousand yard seasons where they've not had a Pro Bowl receiver drafted they're the only franchise to not draft a Pro Bowl wide receiver the Baltimore Ravens why would you go there now they do have a new offensive coordinator and Todd Monken and of course the question is is who's going to be the quarterback is it going to be Lamar or not and the obvious question for Odell did you receive any assurances that from Lamar that he'd be showing up if you signed in Baltimore before you signed you didn't get any assurances from Lamar that you guys would be playing together this year I didn't get any assurances for anything you know life's uncertain I think that you know we don't we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow the next day you know we only know what's happened in the past so to me it just was excited about the possibility of that you know my thoughts would be that he would be here I know that you know these two want him to be here and you know at the end of the day that's that's going to be up to them was that D.R. Rosen in the back there didn't throw him off just joking trying to weave the story of the day and story of the day and look I told everybody when he signed I said it and I meant it that part of the reason why this signing so crucial for Baltimore is it gives another voice to the message they have been trying to say to Lamar for weeks now come back come in let's deal with it or we'll figure it out and that voice that's been telling him about it was the owner we assume coach general manager now it's Odell giving voice to that a different voice in the room and one that Lamar might listen to more despite the business deal he's trying to arrange and sure enough that actually happened for real during the press conference I mean if you look at the other situations I was going into the everything was uncertain you know and like I said life's uncertain obviously I would assume that it's going to work out you know I have that faith and that hope and Lamar I know if you're watching you know you know I would love to love to get to work with you I'll talk to these guys over here and you know hopefully that gets done you know I think when you when you think about the Ravens you definitely think about Lamar and I know that that's something you know I was excited about that possibility and um life's life's not certain you know just to keep it short he addressed Lamar that's what I'm talking about wow it's worth every penny especially since he's like I'll talk to them too and Lamar knows he's got his best interest in mind so I had him to Meek Mill to the list of people that are trying to you know operate on his behalf I'm serious I know I know that sounds like I'm just being facetious but that's valuable just when I thought I was out they pulled me back so Eric DaCosta was asked how you know have you spoken to Lamar since the trade request that Lamar let everyone know existed the minute Harbaugh's butt hit the seat at the owner's meeting to talk to the media this is what DaCosta had to say well I have not talked to Lamar since the signing there's been interaction along the way you know Lamar is in our plans we love Lamar our feelings about Lamar have not changed one bit since the end of the season we're hopeful still that we'll get a long-term deal done he's the right player for this team to lead us to where we want to be I think the locker room knows that the organization knows that I think the fan base knows that so it's ongoing but I can't think of a situation where we wouldn't think that our best team is with Lamar Jackson on the team in September and they've been consistent about that so like I said signing Odell it gives the fan base the message we get it we we we know you watched last year even when Lamar was healthy and then it got even worse when he went out wide receivers catching touchdowns was like a comet in the sky it just didn't happen it was rare to see and fans are like what are we doing when are we going to get somebody who we know and Patriots fans you you went through that a lot even with Brady there like it's it's a lot of you know hello my name is hello my name is name tags that fans had to learn who these guys were and trust the process and Rache Caldwell of the world you know and then Randy Moss boom hey all of a sudden Brady's throwing 50 touchdown passes in a season I mean and that's not an exaggeration that's the number literally happened he hit so Ravens fans feel that they're heard and now you got a guy not named Beshati DaCosta or Harbaugh telling Lamar come on I got your best interest in mind come on and his name's Odell Beckham and the rest of the wide receiver group in the NFL who might be like I'm not going to Baltimore oh wait who went there yeah check those boxes and I understand contracts expensive he hasn't played he also said that his knee was shot when he came to Los Angeles so I guess it was like a ticking bomb that went off unfortunately for him in the Super Bowl but at least it went off when it did because he was already in the Super Bowl and was on road to being the MVP of that damn thing before it gave way so I know there's lots of questions about it and then contractually it's something that you know boy the front office has lost their minds to do it but it's more than just a contract signing and you heard it today he addressed Lamar through the camera if DaCosta or Harbaugh had done that and be like I don't know it was Odell who did it got it 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show Dan Campbell's coming up from the Detroit Lions it's his birthday hey I have a I have a line in mind I'll see how it goes before I unveil it just go spring it I don't know if I'm gonna say it or not but I got one in mind I'm letting workshop it on you guys and I'm not gonna Dan Campbell coming up waiting on the head coach of the Detroit Lions Dan Campbell gonna join us in the meantime let's go to the phone lines Randy in Wisconsin you're here on the Rich Eisen Show what's up Randy hi Rich how are you doing what's going on uh pretty good long time listener like your show great show thanks Randy thank you I just wanted to touch a little bit more on Roger Steele and and I think Chris nailed it earlier when he said that you were pretty excited to start with now it's kind of faded down I I don't remember when you either first realized that he was you're probably going to go you know you're getting it or not well let me let me let me just say this let me just say yeah I hear you let me just say this I was I was concerned that you know whether it would work out in New York or not at first but let me just ask you this real quick before I hop on the phone line with the head coach of the Lions I'm told is just about to join us um as a Packer fan are you sitting out there saying you demand the proper um compensation or or are you ready to move on with Rogers well a little bit of both I think uh I think I'm ready to move on but I do think that I'll hold out for the proper price um okay um a little bit of like I I guess it'd be kind of like what Macchi already said that if they don't get what they want you know just you know set on it and he'll retire a Packer and I'm okay with that thanks for the call Randy I appreciate it I'm sorry I appreciate your thoughts I don't mean to cut you off right there I thought he was done with this thought I really did you weren't trying to tell twofold I was not trying to do that but we do have an hc on the phone line joining us to hear uh from the Detroit Lions the head coach of the team Dan Campbell uh here on the Rich has a show how are you coach good rich how are you doing I am fine uh is there truth to this rumor I know it's it's rumor season but I think you can confirm this one is it your birthday today for real uh it is okay yes it is so you do realize that you have the most valuable gift on your birthday right right now calling my show oh I got you thank you man I appreciate it this is the highlight of my day right now I appreciate that I appreciate that I appreciate that um you know uh it's it's you know it costs me nothing um but uh it's still heartfelt nonetheless I feel it thank you what are you doing what is like what does a birthday two weeks before the draft look like for the head coach of the Detroit Lions well it doesn't feel like a birthday uh just yet it will maybe on draft night um but everything is you know we were uh you know we're we're doing cut ups offense defense special teams and you know um and then also back there with Brad working on the draft you know going through some of these guys trying to find the right the right fit for us and so it's you know uh like every other team is doing man they're just trying to get prepared trying to get better trying to upgrade is your board set uh no not quite I mean we we've got some pretty good ideas but that's we're still in the middle of the process man we're still vetting guys and I mean this thing goes all the way up until uh the first night of the draft I mean that that's how it goes man it just the work never stops and and Brad and his group man are doing an unbelievable job I mean the amount of hours and legwork that go into this type of operation I'm not sure everybody quite understands man and uh and so it's a it's a special group and they're a bunch of grinders now so it's good okay and so uh how how um how much is the board a guide or it's that's it that's the gospel once two weeks from tonight and you're on the board at six and the phone's ringing and and Brad's like yeah the deal is not good enough for us we're gonna pick and then you go and you choose whoever's on the board that's the highest how does that work for you Dale I think we I think we're we're uh man I think you find the guys that you really believe in and you believe fit you um and and uh that you can see them having a home here with us and once you've targeted those guys I think you you do what you feel like you need to to get them on your team or to acquire them now with that you also like any other team does you go through all the scenarios right you do the mock drafts you start going this happens here's a trade here's a you put yourself in that mode I mean that's what Brad does you put yourself there all right are we willing to take this trade to give up this player that we really love is it worth that you know um and so I think you just you have a pretty good um a pretty good idea you do have a game plan but you're also ready to to adjust if need be Dan Campbell head coach of the Detroit Lions here on the Rich Eisen show look I know we're talking two weeks before draft and you know you're you're kind enough to call in and specifics might be sparse so I'll ask questions and you're you know with some generalities to it and you can uh answer obviously as you see fit uh first I love specific generality by the way that was the name of my house band in high school um so really no no I'm just kidding uh so so um so let's just throw it out here when when you and I last spoke on NFL Network live television in the booth of the combine you said when you saw Aiden Hutchinson you had a man crush on him obviously you drafted him do you have a man crush on anybody in this year's draft have you have you developed one you have oh yeah oh yes okay yes I do all right yeah I've got more than one oh okay uh let's talk in specific generalities then in this front um like what what what does because I know I know what Aiden uh is like and who he is can you can you put uh any sort of uh meat on the bones as to what what a Dan Campbell man crush would would would mean or do look I don't think it would surprise anybody and I think any coach would love these players right it's just look there's plenty of them out there you just got to find the guys that you feel like fit you but I mean it's a it's no secret guys you feel like by the way they play they love the game uh it means something to them uh they're snap to whistle uh they endear themselves to their teammates um and they're productive you know and and they play on offense they play on defense they play on special teams does that does that that's the generality no I get it no I it can be anybody I understand that so when you you have it uh at hello on a on a film session or or you have it as soon as they leave the room after you've met them no I think it's all it's all encompassing but I would say this it always starts with the tape always and uh because if if it's not on the tape it's hard to talk yourself into uh or or to talk me or Brad into saying that uh that you're a player or that you believe in these things when it's not on the tape so it's always the tape and then you uh you want to know if it's validated by the way that they present themselves and the way they talk or or football just all-encompassing uh I would say but it's hard to hide uh what you are on the tape and then when it comes to uh visits and who visits obviously we in the media read so much into it but uh the fact that Hendon Hooker was uh with you guys this very week obviously when a quarterback is involved it it gives people pause and I know it's a sensitive subject matter obviously when there's somebody that you currently have who was so terrific last year and who you believe in what's your concept on on a quarterback going either sixth or um ninth 18th overall if they drop what's your your ideas on that Dan Campbell yeah look I I uh I'm going to give you a specific generality um it would I I would say this man and I've said it before I'll say it again I love golf we love golf and and he is our quarterback uh nothing's going to change that um but we're always looking to upgrade the roster at any position and so if the right guy presents himself um if the right guy presents himself at one of our picks and we feel like it's the right thing to do we'll do it so we're keeping all our options open and obviously you have the sixth overall pick because of a quarterback trade that you did uh make for golf and you're sitting there at six what's your sense of trading out of that knowing that you don't really ever want to draft six uh anymore or you want to use that because you don't intend to be as high anymore what's your philosophy on that Dan Campbell yeah no I I think there again it's it's just like I said before we are in the process of I mean we're still we are still vetting guys we're still uh you know we want to verify the mental on a number of guys uh just football intelligence things of that nature and and so once we get it down to where we want it then then we'll really start deep diving those conversations I mean I look for me I'm open to do whatever and so is Brad I mean we we are very flexible um but uh we're not going to just go back to go back either you know um and there again if it's somebody we really love sitting at six then we're probably going to make our selection but until we we put ourselves in that in that you know in that moment and go through those scenarios all our mock drafts all the all the things that come up and you know it's it's kind of a moot point so uh has your phone has Brad's phone rang for for the pick have you heard about that people talk to Brad about that one oh he doesn't talk to you about that Dan or you just what what happened what happened okay good all right so that's that's the non-specific generality that I just got from you right there okay very good all right uh the trade of Jeff Acuda kind of caught a lot of people by surprise uh again um he was drafted in 2020 uh third overall now he's he's been sent to Atlanta for a fifth round pick why why did that happen in your estimation coach yeah look we we we knew we wanted to upgrade the secondary and uh we've been pleased with the the uh you know the upgrades that we've made man bringing in uh Sutton and uh and Mosley and then you know getting CJ Johnson uh from Philadelphia we feel like we really beefed up that area and we still got Jerry Jacobs we got Will Harris back and so we've got a group and we just felt like you know what um we we felt pretty good with the additions that we made and we really felt like man at this time this is probably the best thing for for us and for Jeff you know new changes scenery um and give him a fresh start you know we felt really good about our guys and uh and look I man I appreciate Jeff man Jeff was he was a pro he came to work he bust his ass man he worked at it and you know he was coming off an injury last year and we just felt like you know what this is the right thing to do right now and in terms of free agency it's a little puzzle piece Dan Campbell obviously uh Jamal Williams his 17 touchdowns he is not retained but boy did you go ahead and get yourself a big time back in my estimation and David Montgomery and I'm wondering did those things happen where you're you're standing there twice twice a year watching him go he becomes available and the this is how he winds up on your team yeah let me say this yes sir let me say this first about Jamal all right one of the you know we this has been a you know two-year process man going into year three and and we we've had to we've had to overcome a lot here um you know a lot of different situation scenarios and and Jamal is a big part of the way we finished you know he he's a big part of us getting up and getting on our feet you know I mean he was very much a part of this program and I'll always wish him the best of luck and I appreciate the hell out of him but but back to what you were saying about Montgomery you know yes that that that was a a big reason why when you faced the guy you know really I faced him you know five times in the last three years even when I was at New Orleans we faced him for a year and he was always a pain in the ass man he was a player I always worried about for us defensively because he's just he's steady he's consistent he's versatile he's tough he's smart uh he can he can help you in the pass game he can run choice routes he's got patience as a runner he's got good vision he's got good hands and so man just knowing that all right it's not going to work out with Jamal to be able to acquire him that was uh I mean we're pretty excited over here is it fair to say you also look at you got a first round selection at six you got uh it won at 18 that you're adding a third in Jamison Williams next year in a way coach yeah you could say that because really we we you know we didn't get him till by the time he started to hit his stride you know it was late in the year you know coming off the ACL so um to be able to get him and get it he was not able to go through any OTAs any you know any of the off season or training camp and half the year so now to get him back in the building and from the get-go here to be able to get the reps um yeah I do feel like that man you that's a great way to put it rich okay yeah by the way that's another birthday gift you can use that thank you for that you got wrote it down gift wrap yeah you got a third round uh third first round pick uh and my pleasure on your birthday um and because you know and I've done this show eight years NFL Network 20 I don't ask this of a Detroit Lions head coach so much but this is legit how do you handle the expectation level there's a lot of it the way you finished the way that you could have made the playoffs for sure there was a lot that went down in the final week of the season that did not go your way that you know and quite honestly should have uh based out of your control with what happened in Seattle but put it all together how do you handle the expectation level uh that that the Lions are loaded for if you will bear in this division yeah look I I think we embrace it I think we embrace it and I think we take this challenge on head on because I think we're in position now to where um we have the ability to swing with the big boys in this league you know if we want to now it can't be lip service we got to go back to work you got to start over everything over and get back to where you were uh where we were those last 10 games and then beyond that so we get to get back to that rhythm our work ethic our details our urgency and then we got it we got to raise it another level from there and I feel confident that we can do that but but we can't just say it man we got to do it um but I think that's another reason why we acquire the players that we do man they're cut the right way and they believe the right thing so um and it's a group that the core of this group has had to overcome a lot in the last two years man they know what it what it's like uh to be in the in the you know to be in the dumpster fire and to get out of it so I think that'll serve us well coach I appreciate the time um so last couple for you on your birthday uh does anybody dare give you a birthday punch anybody uh not not yet but I mean the day's not over yet we'll see no just in theory you know didn't would anybody dare do that do you think well if they did I don't think it'd be a hard one it'd be more of a little love tapping the shoulder okay something like that I guess if somebody just laid me one right in the jaw I guess it's possible you know you never know got it all right and and uh I I will dare to ask this question would is there anybody in your life that has the ability to give you a birthday cake made out of a kneecap so you could take a bite out of it is that possible coach that would do that I would take that from anybody I'm good like that I'm a good sport okay you know like here's a birthday cake put a candle right in the middle of the kneecap you take a bite out of it I think that should happen do you think uh maybe I'll do that and I'll send you a photo I would do that yes see now that's a gift to me it shouldn't I don't you know don't worry this is a one-way street it's it's gifts to you and I appreciate you taking the time on your birthday let's chat post draft if you don't mind thanks again sounds good rich take care of yourself you right back at you that's Dan Campbell Detroit Lions head coach and the the technology and cakes now rich I don't know if you've seen this you could pretty much make a cake out of anything make it out of a kneecap some Detroit area bakery should get on this ASAP rock yeah like now we've got a couple hours left yeah give it from get it over to the office yeah Chris get from the mid quad to the mid calf big old knee now I could task one of my producers with doing that it's all two phones not here uh looking directly at you you could call uh Allen Park Michigan go you put Allen Park Michigan bakeries we could call them up say we want a cake make it look like a kneecap send it over to Detroit you know he's burning the midnight oil tonight right it's two weeks of the draft it's two weeks of the draft they do it gourmet cake delivery done let's do it overnight it's not gonna get there today hold on let's keep going 10 best cake delivery near down Allen Park Michigan that's where they are I understand anybody out there the 10 best bakeries in Allen Park is where they go they could see let's google it well number one's in Hungarian strudel shops fine they make it I don't care what the kneecaps made out of I don't know if they make sure from the Rich Eisen show happy birthday this place is open till 11. See no one working they brought me you know what else is around there Tim Hortons who the hell is Tim Hortons for those who may not know that's what Will Ferrell said he would say he said multiple times during a broadcast what for a Canadian hockey broadcast he showed up as as anchorman who the hell is oh he's curling that's right he called a curling contest as Ron Burgundy who the hell is Tim Hortons something as unique as a knee though is going to take weeks of prep don't back out of it do you think it's a good idea let's make it happen I'm telling you it's going to take weeks to get this you got to put in your order we'll call up we'll call up somebody they can do it let's do it you can't make a knee in one day I mean Rome was built the day or room was wasn't built it was not okay got it let's take a break I thought you said oh my gosh this is terrible let's take a break right here oh speaking of food oh you brought some no Jon Rahm is already talking about his dinner next year no way yes that's next this is the Rich Eisen show fun show uh let's sneak in this phone call before we uh close up shop right here Tom in Brea California what's up Tom hey rich guys what's going on on the Emmy nod I think that's just fantastic I appreciate you saying thank you thank you so much appreciate that the only negative I say is that you've lowered my work productivity by about 30 percent okay because I keep listening to you so much that's a good thing I own the company so I don't have to hey all right atta boy that's a flex right there atta boy Tom you flex it what's on your mind I I want to comment about LA being or Southern California being um you know low productivity fans that uh we don't show up as much and I think there's a good reason for it people in LA have got too much stuff to do we're not like Cleveland where when the football season is over all you have to do is wait for the next football season that's why it took 20 years to get an NFL team here we did we don't like watching bad football bad sports we have too much stuff to do no and and I hear you Tom and I I I will I would push back uh again on the notion nationally and I get that all the time when uh mad dog Russo has me on he holds me to account for you know the the bad LA sports fan this that the other thing I mean the LA kings are are there's a rabid fan base for the LA kings you got Jason Feller wearing the king's hat on today and it's hockey and it's supposed that's supposed to be you know the last sport that fans in Los Angeles are supposed to be into I I don't know what it is why uh angels fans didn't show up there I I just know that the places where Otani would go elsewhere I don't think there would ever be half a stadium for it I I don't know and I don't mean a cast with a broad brush I'm just pointing that one out that's all I I would and I would totally agree with you with that and and the idea I guess the push that I'm trying to break is is that in other towns there's not a lot of stuff to do I hear you I agree with California we have so many things we can you know snow ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon we've just got tons of stuff that we're doing and we're just very busy people here Tom it sounds like basically what you're saying um is there's lots to do and based on what you said to start this uh conversation you take the afternoon off a lot Tom that's what it sounds like well that could be but that was just my you know I just told me nuts about how the NFL for years could not get a football team here and they couldn't understand it they're saying this is the biggest tv market you know in the country and no we can't get a football team we can't get anyone to build a stadium well it's because California's or southern California especially we have too much stuff to do we'd rather just watch the game on tv because I can watch the game at halftime move along come back pop open a beer and watch the second half Tom thanks for the call be well call us more often that's Tom and Brea California and uh everybody's got a point I don't I haven't felt my phone buzz yet see if that's smith at home who is the resident die-hard Los Angeles sports fan of the Rich Eisen show you're there as well Jason thank you uh to see if uh if he agrees that Tom can call back again yeah I got a question Nathan in LA is definitely not on Sean's Christmas card list what do you got you were doing a read not long ago yes just curious what would have happened if I hit this right in the middle of it I don't know if our sponsor would appreciate it um throwing you off though did Scotty Barnes say that he admitted that that that DR DeRozan did affect their free throw shooting last night Scotty Barnes said look we went 18 of 36 so it had to have had some effect all right come on I can't believe it I I I won't believe it no nope they're professional basketball players a nine-year-old shrieking as they're at the free throw line should not be the reason why look we're showing a screen grab right here 50 of her streaking while Freddie Van Vliet is at the line Toronto's up 11 with 52.3 seconds to go in the game with the shrieking in the third quarter through 52.3 to go in the third quarter this game is three-fourths over and they're up 11 she shrieked from the from jump they blew it in the fourth quarter I'm sorry that's it hey there's a lot of foul shots okay let's talk about something more important and that's from this I don't think there is anything yes like food is pretty good it also involves John Romm who I do I'm a fan of his man I like the way he plays golf I like the fact that he didn't take the live money I like the fact that he's you know he's won his second green jacket and he's calling out Zach Ertz second major second major partner he's where he wins his first green jacket and he uh uh he's calling out Zach Ertz protecting him about how great the the first green looks how wide open it is how inviting it is and he four putts it guy plays golf with JJ Watts that's fun it's fun it's fun he's having fun it's great it's not so damn serious so as you know the winner of the Masters gets to pick the the Masters champions dinner menu the following year and he has already from the podium uh at uh the um this week the RBC Heritage and Hilton Ed and in his press conference today he started talking about it I think this is the part of the way that I've given the most amount of thought already I don't know exactly uh chef Jose Andres is a really good friend of mine so I'll be working with him I also want to talk to Ollie because we're from the same part of Spain to see what he did in his dinner see if I can go a different route but I think I have one of the appetizers down which would be jamon the Spanish ham the dessert which I won't be which I won't be disclosing and and the wine everything in between is still up in the air but those three things I have I think I have down for now Spanish ham chef Jose Andres I mean sign me up um why's the why's the dessert a secret and the wine just tell us kind of what it's kind of let's see I'm gonna google most famous Spanish dessert the the the wine doesn't have to be from Spain I'd imagine it and only he means Ola Thabel right Jose Maria Ola Thabel you have to say it the Castilian way right by the way to sound really fancy Spanish flan caramel pudding made from a simple mixture of milk sugar and eggs you said Spanish flan is it flan or is it flan that's fine he's got to really pronunciate it because there's another Spanish no I'm not very wordable I don't know anything about Spain that's funny I don't mean to be too fly for all you guys that'd be a different dessert maybe that's why it's a secret right can't wait to see that champions photo next year it'll take a lot to fill you know Jay Feli is done over there he can no longer operate the board I have no idea what's happening yeah but it is cry for the best this looks delicious by the way it says it's the king of all Spanish desserts this is why we're nominated this moment anyone could talk about a draft for three months rich it's these kind of moments are moments this Henry Winkler asking about Patrick you got something could be crema catalano I literally thought like some breaking news rich we going out the door it's like no he's he's still googling Spanish desserts let me tell you something you're not gonna hear Aaron Rodgers's jet for a minute thank you churro con chocolate churro Rioja Grand Reserve is the number one Spanish one thanks to Albert Breer and Dan Campbell who's gonna get a cake in the shape of a kneecap from the Rich Eisen show with a bite out of it
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