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Jets Bench Zach Wilson (Hour 1)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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November 23, 2022 7:11 pm

Jets Bench Zach Wilson (Hour 1)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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November 23, 2022 7:11 pm

Did the Jets make the right move in benching Zach Wilson? l Which teams are still alive to make the College Football Playoff? l Zach becomes an uncle!


Live from the palatial yet not overly ostentatious studios of CBS Sports Radio here in beautiful New York City sitting on top of the 10 floor 345 Hudson Street. Welcome on in to a Wednesday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all the great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates Sirius XM, channel 158 and that free Odyssey app. 855-212-4CBS number to jump on in 855-212-4227. You could always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter at Zach Gelb.

Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. We are coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life well. Rocket can fire it up to be here on a Wednesday but it's really a football Friday because we are off tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to all and then we also get the company day on Friday for Thanksgiving as well. So we will not be here Thursday and Friday and we'll be back on the Zach Gelb show on Monday at 6 p.m Eastern, 3 p.m Pacific. Hickey, are you here on Friday? Like what's your schedule? I know I won't be here Thursday, Friday and I know you won't be here Thursday.

What's the deal with Friday? Are you filling in? Are you producing? Give me your schedule.

Both. I'll be manning the ship for the Zach Gelb show as Chris Russell will fill in and I'll do my normal show 2 a.m to 6 a.m Eastern. What is this now?

Free promotion? On Saturday morning. I wasn't asking about your normal hot take Hickey hour show that happens on CBS Sports Radio from 2 to 6 a.m Eastern and the hot take Hickey hour could always be heard right at 4 a.m Eastern time or at least that's what I pretend to think that's when all the hot takes do come from one hot take Hickey. By the way, producing the extravaganza tonight is no other than hot take Hickey. This dumb producer, hot take Hickey. And that man Leroy Hoard, the former NFL running back, did play at Michigan, is going to join us at the top of the hour and we're going to have a whole lot of fun today.

So a lot of college football to preview for this weekend but we got to start in the NFL. And Hickey, you know me pretty well, working together for the last four or five years on this show full time for pretty much the last two years. I'm a man of accountability. When you do something that is right, I'm the first person to say celebrate it, throw it in everyone's face and let everyone know that you are right.

But when you're in the wrong, you need to have that same energy and simply just say, I got it wrong. I'm sorry, I need to do better. Zach Wilson in his young NFL career does not get that yet. And it's baffling to me how someone that was the number two overall pick in the draft and is now in a New York media market didn't understand that he was horrible on Sunday up against the Patriots. And it's one thing to have a bad game.

Everyone has bad games. But then afterwards, you're not an offensive lineman. You're not a running back. You're not a wide receiver.

You're not a defensive end, a linebacker, a cornerback, a kicker or punter. You are the face of the franchise. You as a franchise quarterback are supposed to be the leader of the team. And when you get the simple question of, do you feel like you let the defense down who held the Patriots at three points? You just said no.

That comes off, whether you meant it or not, as someone that is arrogant, someone that just doesn't get it, and someone that is not a leader and takes zero accountability. It is simple. I'll give you free PR advice, Zach Wilson. All you needed to do afterwards when you were asked that question, do you feel like you left the defense down? All you need to say was, absolutely, I strive to be great. Today I was not great.

It will not happen again. And I need to be better for the guys on the defensive side of the ball and the offensive side of the ball that work their ass off to get wins. And we've done a good job winning games this year, but we blew an opportunity today.

And that one's on me. If he would have done that, I think a lot of people would have ignored the poor play. And you would still realize he didn't step up.

He didn't deliver. And there's still questions if he could be the guy, but he would have been starting this week. Because the reason now why he's bench is because he didn't take that accountability and you risk losing the locker room. Because if I'm a defensive player in that locker room, and you know who was the weakest link on Sunday, and that guy's supposed to be the leader of the team, supposed to be a leader of men, and he doesn't come out and say that he felt like he let the defense down, or he feels like he did nothing wrong.

That just screams to me as someone that I would be annoyed at, and I'd be extremely agitated at. And that is what Zach Wilson did in the aftermath of the Sunday loss. He started to lose the locker room. Because I guarantee you, even before Sunday, with the poor play that he's been a part of this year, there were probably some in that locker room that already started to think just naturally, maybe he isn't the guy. Maybe he isn't the number two overall pick that a lot of people thought he was going to be at a BYU. And there's only so much you could tolerate, there's only so much bad football you could tolerate, but then when you make yourself unlikable, and when you don't hold yourself accountable, and you think your you know what doesn't stink, that's when you're gonna have a lot of guys expedite this process of giving up on Zach Wilson.

Now to the decision today by Robert Sala, I will be the first one to say I was surprised by the move. Cuz I thought when earlier in the week on Monday, Robert Sala came out and elected not to name a starting quarterback for Sunday, I thought he was sending a message. And I thought that message was to kind of wake up Zach Wilson, kind of rattle him a little bit, make him understand and be cognizant that you got to take accountability, have him be a little bit afraid, apprehensive, shaking his boots a little bit, show him I'm the head coach, I'm the boss here, you have to admit you're wrong, you need to say what you did was wrong, all that. That's what I thought it was, but knowing that he's the second overall pick, knowing that they still think he may be the guy, and they still have to give him that opportunity, I believe the perfect bounce back spot was up against the Bears this weekend, which I don't know if Justin Fields is gonna play or not. And we know Justin Fields has been tremendous on the offensive side of the ball, but defensively, that Bears defense has been garbage, especially once they traded away Roquan Smith and Robert Quinn. So you could have got the best of both worlds, I thought, that was the approach by Robert Sala, that in one part, you could rattle Zach Wilson a little bit, and in the other, you could try to end the week out on a positive note, where he plays well and learns a lesson.

But Robert Sala said, not so fast, my friend, he's not even gonna be active on Sunday. And we're going to Mike White, and Mike White's gonna be QB one for this weekend up against the Bears. And it shows me two things, one, even though the Jets are six and four, and they've had two bad losses to the Patriots, these aren't the same old Jets. Cuz the same old Jets would allow Zach Wilson to walk all over them, and they would end up getting it wrong. Robert Sala has changed the culture of the Jets, and he understands that locker room. And that locker room, he knows, is annoyed at the quarterback. And he's fearing losing the locker room. And he's evaluating it cuz sometimes, the most important player for this to go right wins out, and it's really one against 52, and you do what's in the best interest of your potential franchise quarterback. But I think Robert Sala looked at this and said, well, that guy, I don't know if he is the franchise quarterback. He's not playing well, and he's causing problems in the locker room. So I gotta side with the locker room on this one. And the other part to this whole equation and situation is now what happens and how does Zach Wilson handle it? He said all the right things today.

He came out, he said he needs to be better, he needs to handle the situation. All the backlash was deserved. But is that just in the moment because you lost your job? Or are you gonna have a chip on your shoulder, which you should have, but is that chip on your shoulder going to affect your ego and say, I'm the man, the Jets are stupid.

This is an incompetent, bad organization, they're screwing me over. And time will tell how Zach Wilson handles this. But I was surprised, but I also give credit to Robert Sala because he made this move today knowing that there was a risk. He could, if he doesn't do anything, lose the locker room. Or if he does do something, he may lose a guy that they just drafted with the second overall pick at the quarterback position two years ago. It's not even two full seasons into his career. And if Mike White plays well, how don't you play him the next week?

Cuz we've seen right in other situations, like look, on a smaller scale, the Washington commanders. Taylor Ham Heinecke is not playing this great franchise level play at the quarterback position, but he's winning games. And the locker room believes in him. Carson Wentz has more physical tools. Carson Wentz, even though I don't love him as a quarterback, when you look at him on paper, probably is a better quarterback than Taylor Ham Heinecke. But he doesn't know how to connect with the guys in the locker room, Carson Wentz.

And that's been documented in Philadelphia and Indianapolis. And he's not winning games, and he's not playing great, and he's two and four. And it just shows you a little belief when everyone can get on the same page in a 53-man sport. If you have that belief and you have that continuity, you may not win a Super Bowl because of it, but you'll win more games. And if the Jets' defensive players are really that annoyed at Zach Wilson, which I think they are, Mike White's still got to make the throws. But having everyone be on the same page may benefit the Jets. And probably the craziest part of this all, Ryan, because there's been years where the Jets have been the punchline to every joke. There's been years where we say, hey, Ringling Brother and Barnum Bailey Circus may have shut down, but the Jets are always open. The Jets are actually having a good season this year.

They're at six and four. I know Wilson missed the first few games of the season. But ever since he's returned, he has not played great football. Maybe other than that Buffalo game, there's not a lot of moments that you latch onto and go, wow, he's the guy. And when you're not providing those moments and you factor that in with your acting petulant off the field and not taking accountability, that's how you lose your job. Because the Jets want to give Zach Wilson every opportunity. But when you don't take accountability and you start to cause a divide in the locker room, you had no other choice. So I'm surprised by it.

But I also commend Robert Salah. I didn't think he'd be willing to go to this level. But now there's a big time message to Zach Wilson. And we'll see when Zach Wilson or if Zach Wilson gets an opportunity to get his job back, how he's going to handle this. Cuz if the Jets start running off a few wins with Mike White, I don't care about the feelings of Zach Wilson.

I don't care if you use the second overall pick to go get Zach Wilson. You gotta do what's in the best interest of the football team. Sometime that doesn't happen when you're talking about the franchise quarterback. But today, Robert Salah, Woody Johnson, Joe Douglas said, we're gonna do what's in the best interest of the football team, regardless of how much capital and how much of an investment we've already made in Zach Wilson. So Hickey, give me your thoughts on this because I was surprised by it today cuz it was a move that a lot of people said was obvious. But sometimes in the NFL, what's obvious doesn't end up happening.

So the right move is absolutely a great move because Zach Wilson was 0 for 2 in terms of deserving a start. He didn't have the locker room. Like I said, he threw him under the bus or really did not take accountability is maybe the better way to say it. After his awful performance against the Patriots and basically saying like it wasn't my fault or I wasn't the reason why I lost the game. Awful doesn't do justice. Putrid, embarrassing, laughable performance.

Absolutely. So not only did he not have the proper leadership from the position you absolutely need the most leadership from, his also play didn't warrant him playing. Like it's one thing if you are a bad leader and we have seen quarterbacks get away with it because they're so good. And Hickey knows what he's talking about because he has dealt with a lot of bad quarterback play with his team. Carson Wentz has not been, let's say, called the best leader.

I think Aaron Rogers this season especially, his leadership is coming to question. But when you're good enough and you make the throws on Sunday, that kind of goes away and people like to forget, okay, fine, whatever he says during the week, but he can make throws on Sunday. Zach Wilson was not doing that either.

Even though the Jets are six and four, he's not the reason why they're six and four. The one game, the best game of the year he had, you mentioned the Bills game. That was more him getting out of the way. Like it's not like he won the game. He managed the game.

300 yards, right, and three touchdowns. Kind of get out of the way, didn't turn the ball over and the Bills had a really bad game. So his play didn't warrant him starting. His attitude and leadership didn't warrant him starting. The writing was on the wall.

Good for Robert Salah for, like I said, making a tougher move considering how fast it is for a 2021 number two overall pick. But it was either your risk alienating Zach Wilson and upsetting him or upsetting the other 52 guys in the locker room. Now, will you agree with this statement that I made earlier? If after the game, he just owned it and said, I was horrible, I need to be better and I will be better in the future.

Do you think he's starting on Sunday against the Chicago Bears? Yes. Okay, so we're in agreement there. And that's to me when Zach Wilson puts his head on the pillow tonight and he looks up at the ceiling. I hope he's saying, man, I bleeped up. Not blaming it on someone else. All I had to do was give the easy answer of I let the defense down and I will be better and I'll put in the work moving forward to change this outcome.

Stop right there, like that's all he had to do. And I hope that motivates him and I hope that this is a learning lesson for him. And if it isn't, then he's not gonna be the guy for the Jets moving forward.

You're at a crossroads right now. If you're Zach Wilson, you were the number two overall pick. Now you got that first contract, right? You're looking for that second really big contract. And if you win in New York, you'll be a legend forever.

But if you don't handle this the right way, you will quickly get run out of town. And this is a moment where Zach Wilson needs to grow up and needs to be a perfect leader moving forward or he will not be in the long term future of the New York Jets. It is the Zach Yelp Show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll take a break. Do you think the Jets got it right today by telling Zach Wilson, we're not starting you, we're not even making you active for Sunday up against the Bears?

855-212-4CBS. New college football playoff rankings did come out last night. Who's gonna be in? Who's gonna be out after this weekend?

We'll discuss. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. Well, that all sounded great until Tennessee decided to get smacked by South Carolina over the weekend. It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio.

You can think of O'Reilly Auto Parts while your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Last night, college football playoff rankings did come out. Georgia won Ohio State 2, Michigan 3, TCU 4, LSU 5, USC 6, Alabama 7, and then Clemson in at 8.

And that's kind of where we're gonna draw the line in the sand right now. Hickey, did anything surprise you from last night when looking back at the college football playoff rankings? Yeah, I don't understand why Clemson's behind Alabama, that's for sure. Two-loss Alabama team that does not have an impressive resume versus, listen, Clemson's not much better, but at least they beat the teams they've played.

But if that's what we're arguing here, nothing really major surprise. Because do you think Clemson has a big chance to make the college football playoff? The only way I think they have a shot, and I guess it's realistic, in some capacity, but maybe a stretch. Georgia we know is in, the winner of Ohio State, Michigan is in. You're gonna need TCU and USC maybe to go down or just one of them, I guess? Just one? I think Clemson's getting in. Do you? Look at it.

Look at the path. Georgia's in assuming they could beat LSU, which obviously you're gonna need, which most likely happen. And lastly, to be clear, just real quickly, we said there was a door open for Clemson.

Yeah. That was our big reaction on Monday, but is that a, see, here's the thing though. When you have times in college football with these rankings, like for example, if USC wins out, they're gonna get in. Right now they're ranked at six. I think the college football playoff committee with their rankings, they leave a door open and then they try to create some drama.

And that's why I think whether you like it or not, and you could argue that that's not how it should be done. That's why I think they put Clemson at eight. I got to think if Clemson wins out, they'll have a better chance to get in than if Alabama doesn't lose another game, which there's only like one more game left in their season anyway this weekend. But I would think that the odds of Clemson getting in would then jump Alabama's. We've got to remember this weekend's ranking.

You give them a chance? What? Alabama getting in. No, that's not what I just said. No, I'm just making sure because you're saying they jump ahead of Alabama.

But I will tell you, I had a buddy in town last night who also works at another radio network. And I was just getting his thoughts of the college football playoff because I hear your thoughts all the time. I know what my thoughts are.

I know what the thoughts are of everyone pretty much in this office. And he brought up Alabama. He goes, I still think there's a chance that they could get in.

That's what my buddy said. I just thought it was interesting. He lives in Texas. I thought it was interesting that there are a lot of people that still think Alabama can get in. The road for Alabama to get in would probably be this hickey. First off, they have to beat Auburn.

We know that. But after that, for them to get in, I would say, you know Georgia, you know Ohio State, Michigan's in. TCU would have to lose. LSU would have to not win the SEC championship. USC would have to lose. And then I guess that's all hell breaking loose and that would open up the door for Alabama to get in.

Now I'm with you. I've watched Alabama all throughout the year. Other than Bryce Young, this is not a great Alabama team.

I know Will Anderson Jr. is a very good player too. But this is not your normal Alabama team. And they lost to Tennessee. They lost to LSU. They did not play great against A&M.

They did not play great against Texas when Quinn Ewers got hurt. I guess there's a path still open is the way to say it if all hell breaks loose. But for every one of those scenarios to go down, I don't think it's very likely.

I mean, I'm just trying to think. I guess the only way they get in is if Ohio State, let's say throttles Michigan, like 40 to nothing, blows them out of the water. You have TCU lose probably twice.

You lose this weekend and next week. I think one lost TCU would get in over Alabama. I think what the committee's been saying all throughout the year with how much in the last few weeks it had to make them really climb up. I think TCU is gonna have to be undefeated to get in. If it's up to me, I think TCU right now on paper obviously has a better resume than Alabama. But I think if TCU has one loss, they're gonna be out. When it comes to just again, strictly Alabama versus TCU, I think TCU would have to have two losses in order for them or to get jumped by Alabama. Okay, we'll agree to disagree.

I disagree with that. USC needs to lose one more game. You need Clemson to lose another game.

You need then probably hell to open up. Let's say Ohio State slams Michigan. Let's say Quorum isn't healthy, gives it a go, but then he has to leave the game. So Georgia, Ohio stayed in. TCU with the loss. LSU doesn't win the SEC Championship. Let's say USC doesn't win the Pac-12 Championship. And then Clemson will win the ACC. So Clemson will probably get in and then maybe Alabama ends up being your fourth. Now, I don't think Alabama should get in. I don't think all those things are going to happen. But there is a path, I guess, still open for Alabama if all hell breaks loose.

Like right now, if I had to ask you for your four teams, let's take it through this way. We all know Georgia's in, regardless if they win the SEC Championship or not, right? You could agree with that. We could agree on that.

Yes. Let's say they lose the next game. Let's say they lose the next two games. Ohio State and Michigan. Who wins? I would go Ohio State. Wow. After the last three weeks, you've been Mr. Michigan, Michigan, Michigan. Don't like the Blake Quorum injury.

Not at all. And I saw that he was doing a turkey drive through his NIL deal a few days ago, or yesterday, and he said that he was going to play. I was reading that online. Now, Harbaugh did not say if he was going to play or not, so maybe there's some games there. But how effective is he going to be? I think this is going to be a coin flip of the game. Because of the uncertainty with Blake Quorum, I would lean Ohio State right now. So that means Georgia and Ohio State are in. Is TCU going to run the table in their next two games? Yes.

Okay, so then they're in. Is LSU going to be your SEC Champion? No.

I would agree with that. Is USC going to run the table? No. Wow.

So you think they're going to lose this weekend to Notre Dame or in the Pac-12 Champions? Yes. Okay. So if that's the case, you're then going Clemson wins out and gets in? Yes.

Okay. Here's my four in the way that I think it's going to go. I think Georgia is going to win. Right now, I would lean Ohio State getting in over Michigan. I do think TCU runs the table. And where we disagree, after winning that game last weekend against UCLA, and I thought USC was going to lose going in, I think USC is going to have, even though their defense concerns me now, their defense made a nice play at the end of the game, but it was a 48 to 45 game. But with USC winning last week, I think they have enough offense and Caleb Williams right now is the favorite to win the Heisman. I think they will beat Notre Dame. And then my question is, do they survive in the Pac-12 Championship? I think the Pac-12 Championship for me is more a concern for USC than Notre Dame. I'll say they win the next two and then USC does get in. So I think your college football playoff right now on this Wednesday is going to be Georgia, Ohio State, TCU, and USC.

That's the four that I'm going to roll with. But Clemson, no, there's a door open. You're not wrong on that. Do I think that they're going to, is there a, put it this way, is there a desire for you to see Clemson in the college football playoff this year? Desire?

No. Because there's a difference on who you think will get in and who you want to get in. Yeah, I think they're very good, but the path is open right now because everyone else is losing. So we already know they're in the ACC title game and UNC knew that heading into last weekend, UNC lost to Georgia Tech. That was a terrible performance by UNC.

Now Drake May is not even going to be a Heisman finalist. The team though that had a big time statement last week against Tennessee was South Carolina. South Carolina plays Clemson. I look at Clemson this year as not being this great team. They have a really good defense offensively. I like the running back, but the quarterback, D.G.

Ungolalay, I can't really trust. Why do you think Clemson beat South Carolina this weekend? Just wondering. South Carolina just kind of everything go right last week. Like they're not a very good team.

And sure, like it's when everything clicks, they could put up 62 points like they did now. Clemson's defense is 10 times better than Tennessee's. And South Carolina has shown you this year through 10 games before last week, they're inconsistent at best. Like Spencer Riley had eight touchdown passes coming into that game. They threw six.

I don't think you're going to get anywhere near a repeat performance. I think that offense is going to be anywhere near as deadly. And again, Clemson's defense is really damn good, unlike Tennessee. What would be the order of your four teams? What would be the matchup? Georgia would be playing. Georgia, Ohio State, TCU, Clemson. Georgia, Ohio State, TCU and Clemson. I think Georgia would blow out Clemson.

That would cause a few problems for Stetson Bennett, but I think D.G. Ungolalay would just get eaten alive against that Georgia defense. And then in TCU, the two, three matchups really going to be the good matchup this year. But for me, mine would be Georgia one, Ohio State two. I think TCU will be undefeated. So there'll be three and then I'll put USC in at four. I would think Georgia, USC has potential to be a better matchup than Georgia and Clemson. But if you don't believe USC is running the table, then I'm not going to have you put them in as your college football playoff because one more loss they would be out. And I think Ohio State or Michigan against TCU would be a fun two, three game as well.

Especially if it's Ohio State high powered offense versus high powered offense. I'm not asking for much. Can we just get one good semifinal game this year?

I'm just asking for one. If we get two, I'll be like a fat kid jumping up and down in a candy store. This is why I hate this talk of college football playoff expansion because imagine if we need to see 12 teams this year. Some of these teams, they've already shot themselves in the foot. And every year we have to beg to just see or hope for two potential matchups when you get into the college football playoff. There's no, imagine this year if we had, I know you're pro expansion.

I know you have dug your heels in so deep about this, Hickey. Imagine having to watch some of these other teams once the top four does come out at the end of the year. Because some of these teams have clearly displayed the last few weeks that they just don't belong. I mean, if you want to watch good games, though, expanded play will give you better games than what we've seen in a four team playoff.

Well, you're playing, it's not pointless, it's meaningful. If it's a playoff game, it's meaningful. Like Penn State right now, they're 11. You watch more Penn State football than anybody. They would play LSU. Does Penn State go into that college football playoff and go, oh wow, we got a chance.

As a Penn State fan, do you think they would have a chance? No, I mean, I think Georgia is the best team in the country, but it's like you win a playoff game, you get hot at the right time. What I don't understand is we don't do this in literally any other sport about teams only having a chance to win a championship. But the playoff formats are all the same except for college football and everyone freaks out.

God forbid we allow a team that is not championship worthy to compete for a championship. It's the fewest amount of weeks, though, because you're working with the college schedule as well. So you don't have 17, 18 games where there's going to be more deserving teams get in. That's what makes the regular season so awesome and so important. And a team like USC, if they want to get in, they got to win out.

They allowed one Mulligan where they lost the game by one point. You look at LSU, if LSU wins an SEC championship game and doesn't get in, they're bitching at the end of the season. Well, don't lose early on in the season of Florida State and then get blown out by Tennessee. Tennessee had a shot, then they lost, they lost to Florida State.

They lost to game, so they're not deserving. It usually evens out where the teams that you think are really good either show that they are and they get into the top four or their warts get exposed and they don't find a way to make the college football playoff. My thing about going to 12 and I'll wave the white flag. I know where it's going to 12. I know that expansion is coming, but to go to 12 is for one thing and one thing only. It's cuz of money.

It does not improve the quality in the sport. And if they're going to expand, I would go to eight. But there is no way whatsoever I would want to see them go to 12. But I already know that that's happening and the absolute latest that's going to happen is 2026. Listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today. Football season is here. The new Odyssey app lets you stay connected to your NFL team, your station, your shows, follow your favorite stations and come back again and again. Get real time updates on everything you care about.

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It is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Hickey, I have a big time problem. I have all the food for Thanksgiving in my fridge and I was staring at it all day. Do you know how much mental toughness intestinal fortitude it took for me not to start putting my fingers in the cake, start picking at all the meats and the cheeses and the lasagna that's been sitting in the fridge for the last 24 hours. And I just can't wait for Thanksgiving to be here tomorrow because it is not good for my mental health to have all that food in the fridge knowing that I can't touch it.

Because if I touch that food, then I could ruin Thanksgiving. It's like a dog. You know, when you hold a piece of food or like a dog tree in front of his face, they don't eat it for a while. It's tough. It's tough. So I'm glad you got through. Do you know that when you put food in front of them and go, don't eat it, the dog actually listens like my dog. May she rest in peace that I had grown up as a kid. If you put food on the floor, you can say, I don't touch the food.

It's running over and saying, bleep you. You'll still give me another treat later. I'll meet in the food.

Selfie gave you a lot of credit. I don't know if I'd be that strong. We're in touch with Turkey. I know there's no Turkey in your, in your fridge, but icebox cake. Are you also anti Turkey? Yeah, I like Turkey. Oh, not a Turkey guy. That's the first good food take I've ever heard you. I don't know about that. No, it's true.

Your food takes have been horrible. I would disagree. You dated a girl that used to make charcuterie boards for a living and you never even liked the board she was making. Yeah, it's a good thing.

I put her out of business myself if that was the case. No, no, no. But that is a poor reflection on your taste buds.

A brutal reflection on your taste buds. By the way, I'm probably burying the lead here since I mentioned my family. My sister gave birth this morning, so I am now an uncle. Congratulations to Erica and JD. They had a healthy baby girl in the early hours of the morning.

I think the baby was born 4.44 AM Eastern and it's a healthy baby girl named Raquel. So we are very, very happy on the Gelb-Spurgle whole front as that's my brother-in-law's last name. Oh, is that a new word for no, no, no. This is like a new word for family. I never heard of.

And I think it's actually spiritual. I always mess up. Oh, gee, the last name. I always mess up.

I just can't get his last name right. I don't know why. Spergel Spergel. Congratulations. That's why I say it quickly.

Now, I mean, that's also Barry, the bigger lead weekly. Whoa. Oh, man.

You just put me in a tough spot. You don't have to comment. Congratulations. It's a happy day. It's a great day.

It's a great day. So the baby was supposed to be born in the 17th or not. That was the due date. Right. Right. It's give or take. Right.

A little bit. And obviously, you know, rooting for a little maybe even a 15th. Yeah, I was rooting for anywhere between the 14th to the 17th because my sister and and her husband, my brother-in-law, they moved out to Colorado right when the pandemic started. They have a nice house, you know, living out there.

All great. My mom and my dad have been out there. So that is kind of basically made me an orphan for Thanksgiving a little bit in my inner circle. And then I have to tell my grandma and my grandpa who already like just canceled Thanksgiving. My aunt and my uncle and my other end of my uncle, they were like, oh, yeah, we're not going to do it. I was like, no, no, no, no, no.

I was like, of course, I'll put on the headgear. Not so fast, my friends. We are doing Thanksgiving. But my dad bought two plane tickets. And if the baby was born on the 17th or earlier, he would have came come back.

The fact that it was born after the 17th, he will be in Colorado for Thanksgiving. And can I be honest with you? Can I just. Oh, sure. Peel back the curtain a little bit.

This is a trust tree here. You would think my mom and my dad would be in like the greatest mood today, right? First time grandparents.

My mom goes to me. Your father's a little crabby today. And I go, oh, I know why he's crabby.

He wanted to come back for Thanksgiving. They clearly he's thrilled. He's, you know, big time smile.

I FaceTime with everyone today. Got to see the baby. Beautiful baby. But I think that he wanted the best of both worlds. First time grandfather. But I think he wanted the baby before the 17th. To try in an effort to bail your father out here.

Now that he needs my help. Well, Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday in our family. Was he just tired? And you said there's so Colorado time is like two forty five. So they my dad and mom were staying at my sister's house. My sister went into the hospital yesterday, early in the morning.

Like I'm talking on Tuesday, early morning. And then the baby did not come until four forty four a.m. Eastern. So they were they did not go to the hospital till this afternoon. They weren't allowed until this afternoon. OK, so they weren't up all night waiting patiently. OK. Yeah.

No, that could be a reason for crabbiness. No, no, no. My dad being crabby. Give me another day that ends and why. All right. I hope he's not listening.

Mr. Gale, hopefully you're out enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather. Yeah. And you're a beautiful new granddaughter. Yeah. Well, for sure.

Well, the baby's still in the hospital. Yeah. You got to have some time. I'm trying to help here.

Just anything. But listen, right now, last five minutes to make even more crabby. This is that Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. So once again, congratulations to Erica and JD. And I am an uncle as we have baby Raquel now into the family. I got to spoil the baby, right? Well, here's the difficult thing. And we'll we'll blow off the news brief.

We'll do it later on the show. So my sister and her husband now living in Colorado, I would love to hear your thoughts on this real quickly. He grew up as a New York sports fan. Now, I've always made jokes, even said to me, you better not send a Patriot shirt because I'm throwing in the trash.

So I know that I'm not going to win that battle. The baby's not going to become a Patriot fan. But if you're living in Colorado and if that's where they they bought a house, so that's where they plan to live the rest of their life like that, I don't know. But would you raise your kids as Colorado sports fans? Broncos, avalanche nuggets. If, let's say, the baby wanted to become a sports fan, would you raise them as Colorado sports fans because that is what is now home? Or do you go what is by your roots of whatever your dad or mom in this case were fans of? I would go roots. So if I was living in Colorado right now, I would say Mets.

I would say Rangers, Knicks, Colts, Penn State. Let's go and fight my damnedest to fight off the Broncos and the Rockies. I don't think you have to really be worried about the Broncos because Russell Wilson's there for the next seven years, the formative years of life.

So the early where you make an impression in the sports world. And I don't think he's going to have turn around and be this great quarterback again. I don't think Broncos country will be getting another fan. But now the avalanche coming off the Stanley Cup going to be great again. Nuggets have been really good and we'll see how how much longer. Right.

Nicole Yoko just playing an elite level. You got to think for at least five more years. Bare minimum of he being this great dominant force. That's a tough one because you want to be able to like it is cool in hockey. When my dad, my uncle and yours truly are able to bond over one team in the Rangers and then my other uncle, my cousin, we bond over the Patriots. So it's good to have that family just bonding where you all share the same team. And then like you're having conversations about that.

But then the geography of it. If let's just say those teams continue to be good or even not like I don't know about you, do you love going to games when your team's not playing in it? And then if that's your backyard and the Broncos have a big game and you're a football fan and let's just say your team stinks, it kind of stinks that you didn't pick the hometown team.

Yeah, but also rolls reverse, too. Like you mentioned, you know, Russell Wilson just doesn't turn around. The Broncos stink. And let's say, you know, selfishly for me, the Colts turn around. It's a lot easier to root for the Colts, even though you're in Denver compared to rooting for the Broncos who stink. I have a bone to pick with you.

Why? Why you're already talking about the Colts trading for for Trey Lantz or Zach Wilson today, I love how quickly you were able to move on from the crappy quarterback situations that you approve of. And then it's on to the next. You are the guy that dates a lot of girls.

And once the girl breaks up with you, forget about it on to the next. There's no pity party. There's no few days of being upset about what do you want me to do?

What do you want to do? You want to mourn in Matt Ryan's downfall? The biggest advocate for Carson Wentz. Then you wanted Baker Mayfield. Then you were OK with Matt Ryan. And now you know that you need a quarterback. I thought you were all on board for being horrible and trying to trade up in the draft.

Even if you're not that bad. Oh, you have other teams. The Chiefs traded up. The Bills traded up.

So even if our record's not that bad, we could still trade up. That's what I thought you were. And now all of a sudden it's, oh, yeah, let's go get another team's garbage and Zach Wilson or Trey Lantz.

First of all, all I did was ask a question. I am extremely anti Zach Wilson. I want nothing to do with what's over. Trey Lantz, I'm all in on. Honestly, if you're not going to get Bryce Young and that chip, you're moving on. I moved on from Bryce Young.

It has a fantasy for like a half second. Can I get an apology? Can you take some accountability? When I told you there was no chance the Colts were getting Sam Ellinger. I was an idiot and a moron and a dope. First, I don't even know if we had this conversation. Second of all, when the tank conversation was on, they had Sam Ellinger playing and he was terrible. So I thought there's a chance they're not going to win another game. And I went back to Matt Ryan. Now you're four, six and one.

You are the culture in the worst spot possible in the middle. So I have unfortunately have waved goodbye to Bryce Young and unfortunately we'll see that dream vanish. So I don't like any of these other quarterbacks right now. Heading hooker towards ACL. Who the hell knows what's going to happen there? I'm in on Trey Lantz. I'm in. Sue me.

I'm not in on Zach Wilson. I move on fast. What do you know? It's going to hold on to no hope. You know what's going to happen?

I'm not doing that. It's the guy that you criticize. It's the guy that you don't want. That ends up going to be the stone.

You dare. And you know who's going to be the next quarterback for the show. Number one overall.

The male don't have to worry about that. Put the mail in the coffee from Penn State. Now at Kentucky, next Colts quarterback, your guy, our guy.

That's what it's going to be. Will Levis. Come on, great guy. He's a tremendous guest for Levis. I do know will Levis keep it at that.

Why not? He's a Penn Stater was a Penn Stater, and I enjoy his time there, but he is a battering ram. Nothing more. You know, the guy that you don't want, even if it's not Levis, there's going to be a quarterback. You're like, oh, this sucks. Well, maybe not because you are sometimes like a sick of fan for the team. And then they do.

I love, I love, I love. But the one time you actually have an ounce of criticism of the quarterback that they bring in, that's going to end up being the guy for the Indianapolis Colts. Zach Yelpster, CBS Sports Ready.

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