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Best NFL Head Coach/QB Combos (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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November 16, 2022 7:30 pm

Best NFL Head Coach/QB Combos (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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November 16, 2022 7:30 pm

Concern with the Cowboys & 49ers? l How many spots in the College Football Playoff are up for grabs? l Best head coach/QB combos in the NFL right now

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What makes your skin crawl, no matter how absurd? I want to know.

Tails without fur on them, such as rats or opossums? I'm Larry Mullins, the host of a new podcast called Your Weirdest Fears. You send me your fear.

I'm just so weirded out about the texture and how they can just move around and flop. And then I go to the experts to learn how to overcome them. Listen and subscribe to Your Weirdest Fears on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. All live and on demand wherever you are, whenever you want. And did we mention it's all free?

Download the Odyssey app today. I want to start off the show with the Super Bowl hierarchy out of the contenders in the NFC. And when you look at the NFC, I feel really good about the Philadelphia Eagles, but the Eagles have showed you the last few weeks they have a problem stuffing the run. And when you have a problem stopping the run, you know, in a crucial time, in the fourth quarter of a playoff game, that could come back to bite them.

But overall, I look at the Philadelphia Eagles. They've only lost one game. They've been a great team this year with Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown, Devontae Smith.

I know Dallas Goddard just got put on IR, but he'll be back in four weeks. Defensively, they got some big names on the defensive side of the ball, led by Big Play Slay, Brandon Graham. You know the names in Philadelphia. So with what we've seen more weeks than not with Philadelphia, you could feel good about them being a Super Bowl contender as we're about to kick off Week 11 tomorrow night with Tennessee and Green Bay and Philadelphia only has one loss. The same can be said for Minnesota, where their one weakness is probably their defense. That defense has been serviceable. Zadarius Smith has been really good for them, one of the best offseason acquisitions this past year.

And then there's always that question, that ominous cloud hanging over you. Is Kirk Cousins going to be not so stellar Kirk Cousins when you get into a big spot in an imperative moment in a playoff game? Do any consistently play great back to back to back games to get you to a Super Bowl? For Minnesota, they're sitting with only one loss this late into the season. And especially with the performance that they just had up against the Buffalo Bills in that back and forth crazy game. They feel good in this year of football about Minnesota Super Bowl chances because they have so many weapons on offense. And this is a pass heavy league. When you have guys like Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, K.J.

Osborne, T.J. Hopkinson, Dalvin Cook can run the rock. You have a really good football team and a coach in Kevin O'Connell that they believe in. Now, when you assess the rest of the teams, Tampa Bay still got to show me more, but they have Tom Brady.

And whenever you have Tom Brady, you'll have a chance. The other two teams that are probably most talked about in order to get to a Super Bowl. And I'm not being disrespectful here to Seattle. I'm not being disrespectful to the Giants.

They've been really good stories. But since they have been so unexpected and we still look at the rosters the way that we do, I don't think anyone's saying, oh, the Giants, who are somehow seven and two, and Seattle, I know they just lost, but they're six and four are going to the Super Bowl. They both should be in the playoffs. They both will be in the playoffs. I can't expect anything more after that. And I don't want to say that it will hit midnight for Cinderella because that makes it seem like it's disparaging to those teams. But I just don't view them. And I can't envision a world where Brian Deball or Pete Carroll this year are coaching in the Super Bowl with Daniel Jones and Geno Smith.

Give those guys their flowers. Give those guys coach of the year votes out the wazoo. I can't think Super Bowl. So when you go through this list, the next two teams that are probably right near the tippy top are the Dallas Cowboys and then the San Francisco 49ers.

And as I sit here today, on November 16th in the year of 2022, and that's what makes this year of football so compelling. Because when I sit here today, you could make a case that the five best teams in the NFC are Philadelphia, Minnesota. Dallas, San Francisco and Tampa Bay. Three of those teams, I really don't know what to expect and can't tell you I feel great about them. And that's Tampa Bay, Dallas and San Francisco.

I want to highlight, though, Dallas and San Francisco specifically, because the other day in one of his 9000 interviews on one of five three the fan, Jerry Jones said, Dak Prescott is going to be the reason why we win a Super Bowl. It's funny that he says that. And I know the message changes constantly with Jerry Jones, not even week in and week out, not even day in and day out, minute to minute.

Because he says he says one thing a minute ago, and it will change it a minute later. But before this season started, Jerry Jones was the same man that said this team is going to run through Zeke Elliott, which is laughable because even going into this season and we're seeing it play out right in front of our eyes. You knew that Tony Pollard was a better back than Zeke, and you don't know how much Zeke has left in the tank. So maybe that was a little vote of confidence, a little boost of confidence, and that was a little bit strategically done by Jerry Jones.

But let's not kid ourselves. Even though it's backtracking and changing your narrative with what he said yesterday, Jerry Jones is right. If the Cowboys win a Super Bowl or fail to get to the Super Bowl, it's going to be because of Dak Prescott. Because you look at this team, they have a championship caliber defense. You have a head coach who has won a Super Bowl before, not viewed in the same light as he once was. And there are questions regarding him, but your quarterback, as good as he's been, and he's been good enough to get great quarterback money. Now, I don't call him a great quarterback. I just call him a very good quarterback.

He still has some untapped potential, and that untapped potential has to be proven in the postseason. Because the lasting image for me of Dak Prescott last year was him not being able to get the snap off going up against the 49ers in that playoff game. And until I see Dak, week in and week out, get the job done in the playoffs, I'm going to be skeptical. And last week, it wasn't just Dak. That was a team collapse, and the defense choked up a lead to an offense that has been anemic in the Green Bay Packers this year. A loss like that, what we saw last week from the Cowboys, makes you kind of look at them again and go, hmm, in a big moment, in a big spot, expect to be disappointed. Expect the Drama Dallas Choking Cowboys, well, to be full of drama and choking up a lead.

And that's what they did on Sunday. Now, on the flip side, the 49ers. See, like, I look at Dallas, I love their talent on defense. Offensively, I like their talent.

Like, C.D. Lamb's really good. Dak Prescott's really good.

Tony Pollard's good. But they don't have the names like the way that the 49ers do. The 49ers have an elite running back when healthy in Christian McCaffrey. The 49ers have an elite wide receiver in Deebo Samuel who could beat you with his legs and then also catching the football.

Multidimensional wide receiver, running out of the backfield, then catching passes and going. You look at Kittle. We know how good Kittle can be.

Ayuk is really coming on strong. You have a really good coach in Kyle Shanahan that's young, that's up and coming, innovative. And you have a defense that is one of the better defenses in the league. But with the 49ers, two things are a concern for me. Number one, Jimmy Garoppolo has won a lot of games in this league, but no one looks at Jimmy Garoppolo and says, aha, that's my franchise quarterback. Because if you did, Jimmy Garoppolo wouldn't have even been on this 49ers roster this year. Jimmy Garoppolo was available for trade. I know he got injured in the summer, but he was available for trade and no one traded for him. That is speaking volumes very loudly on what the rest of the league thinks of Jimmy Garoppolo.

That he's a guy, not the guy. He's a good player, not a very good player, not a great player. But he is someone that has been to a Super Bowl and has played and started in two NFC title games.

So he wins games. And in a year like this, maybe just being good gets you into the greatness category, being the team that hoists the NFC championship trophy. But with the 49ers, my brain is also being pushed in a different direction, not just because of the quarterback, but it's the way that they've been playing the last few weeks. And you see the way that they've been playing the last few weeks, it's been a little disappointing. Like they had to come from behind against the Chargers, who were down two offensive linemen, were playing three defensive linemen, had no substitutions on the defensive line.

No Mike Williams, no Keenan Allen. And the Chargers almost won that game. They beat the Rams, whoopty damn do. Everyone could beat the Rams right now. And then they lost to Kansas City and it wasn't even close and Kansas City to me is the best team in the league. They got blown out in that second half. And the week prior to that, I know they had nine injuries on defense, but they lost to an Atlanta team and that game wasn't even close.

They were down 14 multiple times in that game. So for San Francisco, I think that's the team because we've seen them consistently be there in the past that a lot of people are saying, oh, just wait, just wait, just wait, just wait. But they got to start to show me something for me to believe in them. Like the Vikings have showed me a lot this year. I believe in Minnesota. The Eagles have showed me a lot this year.

I believe in Philadelphia. The Dallas Cowboys haven't shown me enough for me to say, wow, gee golly, look at Dallas. The 49ers, I haven't seen it consistently enough, even though they have a ton of talent to say, wow, this is an unbelievable football team. And this week could be very telling for both teams because for both teams this week, you have games for the 49ers, you should win against the Cardinals. But it's not a lot because it's a divisional game and you're on the road in Arizona. And for Dallas, this is the statement week.

You're coming off a loss. You're coming off a blown lead to the Green Bay Packers. And now you're going into to play a team that's one of the hottest in the league, is a top three team in the league right now in the Minnesota Vikings. This is a big week for Dallas to show you we are a legit team. We are a great team with Dak. Because remember, they showed you a lot, Dallas, without Dak. Now with Dak, they got to show you something against one of the better teams in the NFL and show that you belong in this Super Bowl conversation. And for the 49ers, this is a big week because there's been some lethargic efforts. This Arizona team, we don't know what the health of Calamari is going to be, he missed last week, and they're not a great team.

They've been a sloppy football team. I would love to see San Francisco this week if you want me to take you seriously and really view you as a Super Bowl contender. Go beat the Arizona Cardinals 34 to 14. So I look at the Super Bowl contending conversation in the NFC. Right now, I'm only feeling good about Philly and Minnesota and the teams that are lurking to enter that Super Bowl conversation. Dallas, the 49ers, and the Buccaneers, who have not played well, but they have an easy road to get into the playoffs because the NFC South is horrible. And they have that guy Tom Brady, and last time I checked, that Tom Brady fella, even at the age of 45, freshly divorced, feeling a little bit rejuvenated, more locked in the last two weeks, is still pretty, pretty, pretty good.

It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. How many teams in the NFC do you feel good about when it comes to being a Super Bowl contender? And that you could actually envision getting to the Super Bowl this year?

I only have two. It's the Philadelphia Eagles and it's the Minnesota Vikings. We'll take a break. When we come on back, we got the latest college football playoff rankings late last night. What's going to be the final four? Who will be the last four teams in?

We'll discuss when we return. What makes your skin crawl? No matter how absurd.

I want to know. Tails without fur on them, such as rats or opossums. I'm Larry Mullins, the host of a new podcast called Your Weirdest Fears. You send me your fear.

I'm just so weirded out about the texture and how they can just move around and flop. And then I go to the experts to learn how to overcome them. Listen and subscribe to Your Weirdest Fears on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. I'm Larry Mullins, the host of a new podcast called Your Weirdest Fears. You send me your fear. I'm Larry Mullins, the host of a new podcast called Your Weirdest Fears. You send me your fear. And then I go to the experts to learn how to overcome them.

Listen and subscribe to Your Weirdest Fears on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. No surprises last night from the college football playoff committee. I know Hickey was trying to tell me maybe USC and LSU would be flip flop. But as I told you, Georgia was going to be one, Ohio State was going to be two, Michigan three, TCU four, Tennessee five, LSU six, and then USC in at number seven. We'll give you the other three to wrap out the top ten, then we won't care after the top ten, especially when Penn State's at eleven.

Just forget about the Penn State Nittany Lions. But you do have Alabama eight, Clemson nine, and the Utah Utes in at number ten. Hickey, after now seeing these college football playoff rankings for the third time, I think there are three things that are really clear. Georgia's a lock to get in, duh, obvious statement. The winner of Ohio State, Michigan is a lock to get in, duh, obvious statement. And then, even though they're ranked fifth in the country, I do think the committee is telling you, especially after the first rankings when they were one, then they fell back because they lost to Georgia. But now being in at five and staying at five, the committee is telling you that as long as Tennessee takes care of business the next two games, and they're not going to be in the SEC championship game, but that's against South Carolina and Vanderbilt and they're expected to do so, that Tennessee's going to be in the college football playoff because Ohio State or Michigan, when they play next weekend on the game with the two undefeated teams, one of those teams are going to lose. So I think right now we have an idea of three out of the four college football playoff teams, Georgia, winner of Ohio State, Michigan, and then I'm thinking Tennessee's a lock as long as they take care of business the next two games. That was my biggest takeaways from last night's rankings. Yeah, I'm with you. It's really kind of a fight for one here. Three out of the four spots are for the most part, again, barring any unforeseen upsets that would just be massive, massive upsets.

Yes, three out of the four spots simulate a lockdown. Now, there's a few other teams that you consider to get in. Clearly, TCU, and their road is very simple. They have to be undefeated, I would think. They lose their control if they drop a game. Maybe there's still a road for them to get in if they do drop a game, but if they drop a game and they don't get in, they only have themselves to blame. The loser of the Big Ten championship, or loser of the Big Ten matchup between Michigan and Ohio State, I still think could be alive if it's Ohio State losing. If it's Michigan, because of the lack of strength to schedule, I think Michigan's out. But if Ohio State doesn't have a loss going into that game next weekend, which they're not going to, against Michigan, and they lose by a field goal, they lose by a two-point conversion, something like that, I could see maybe Ohio State still being under consideration.

Remember that Notre Dame victory that they had in the beginning of the year started to look better and better and better, and they also did take down Penn State as well. After that, I'm not really giving much of a thought to a one-loss ACC champion this year in Clemson and UNC, and I know everyone's going to tell me, oh, well look how many teams are in the top 25 for the ACC. Yeah, Clemson's in at 9, you have North Carolina at 13, a bunch of other teams in the top 25. The ACC is not this great conference this year where you're really shaking your boots over anyone in the ACC. The only way I thought the ACC had a road to get to the college football playoff was having DJ Angolile and Clemson with Davos Sweeney be undefeated, and they survived that game, which they probably should have lost against Syracuse, then they got blown out by Notre Dame. I don't think there's a way unless you have all hell break loose and all chaos just get shot all around for a one-loss ACC champion to get in. Can you see the road for Clemson or UNC? What would have to happen for Clemson or UNC, who are currently ranked 9 and 13, to get into the college football playoff, Hickey? You would need probably, let's say, I mean, a two-loss Big Ten champ, like Ohio State loses this week, beats Michigan next week and loses Wisconsin somehow in the Big Ten title game. There's no road for it. Do you see you to maybe lose two games in a row? So there's no road for it.

No road. Just bury, there's no realistic road, so just bury the ACC and the winner of the ACC will get into your six bowl that we'll all pretend to care about and we probably won't actually care about as well. Now, I'd rather have Drake May and UNC win than Clemson. I'm more intrigued by Drake May, who could be a Heisman Trophy finalist and probably should be a Heisman Trophy finalist, but there's nothing really that's making me say an ACC team is going to get into the college football playoff.

And you know what? I know they're ranked 6 right now and I don't think they're going to be an SEC champion, but a two-loss LSU team, SEC champ, I don't think is getting in either. I think they would leave them out and still give the edge to Tennessee, especially when Tennessee destroyed LSU 40 to 13 earlier in this season. So LSU is kind of out of the picture as well, you would think, and that was a bad performance last week. You're up against a third string quarterback in Arkansas. I know you were just coming off a big win against Alabama and you only beat them by three points. That was a bad showing by LSU last week.

I think that eliminated them right then and there. So really, we're looking at a situation here where it's TCU, will they go undefeated, or how does the loser of the Big Ten matchup between Michigan and Ohio State looks? That's what it's coming down to. And then also USC, one loss. One loss Pac-12 champion USCs in that conversation too.

So let me throw this out there to you. I'll give you this scenario. Let's say Michigan beats Ohio State, but they beat them by seven. So Ohio State loses by seven. Then you have TCU lose in the Big 12 championship game. So not a Big 12 champion. USC, one loss Pac-12 champion. Who gets in?

Wowza. USC, Ohio State, TCU. USC is the only conference champ. All have one loss.

Honest? I would put in, oh I hate to say it, it probably has to be USC. Yeah, that's the right answer. So really what this is going to come down to, this is what we're learning here about the college football playoff committee. Georgia, in. Winner of Ohio State, Michigan, in.

Tennessee, in. Barring something unforeseen happening with Tennessee the rest of the way. Then that final spot, TCU, I guess they could lose one of these next two games. Like they're already in the Big 12 championship and then win the Big 12 championship, but then you're playing with the gambling odds. So TCU, if they go undefeated, they'll get in.

End of story, right? If TCU is undefeated, they're in. And then it will be some combination of Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, Tennessee, TCU. But if TCU loses, that opens up the door for a one loss USC team. Or maybe the loser of Ohio State, Michigan, depending on how they lose.

Now, let me be clear here. I don't think USC is going to be a one loss Pac-12 champ. They have UCLA this weekend, UCLA coming off a loss, UCLA has a very good quarterback in Dorian Thompson Robinson. That USC defense is not good.

That's going to be a shootout. Like they could lose that game like the Utah game, 43-42, wouldn't surprise me in a second. And then after that, they play Notre Dame, who's been trending in the right direction after a terrible start to the year, where they lose to Marshall. They lost to Stanford. Notre Dame in the last few weeks, they've won four games in a row.

And they'll beat Boston College this weekend. So they'll be five games in a row before they have that match up against USC. I really think what this is going to come down to, Hickey, and clearly USC is still alive because they have one loss. But if this operates the way I think it will, that USC is going to lose the game, it will get into the debate of A, is TCU undefeated?

If they are, they're in. If they're not, though, a one loss TCU team against a one loss Ohio State or Michigan team, if TCU doesn't have that Big 12 championship, then I don't think they're going to get in. I think TCU needs to go undefeated.

I really do. And it is maybe setting up for the dream scenario that I think I was the first person to ask two months ago, where we could have a legit possibility, if TCU loses, of the four teams, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan and Ohio State, all in the college football playoff. And I actually, I want to be careful how I say this, but I do lean that that would be the best for college football. But I don't want to then take away from TCU, because so far the Duggan story has been great. Didn't win the job. Then the injury happens. He's been high.

He's been hopeful. Sonny Dykes his first year. You have one of the best receivers in the country in Johnston. But if you ask me what's more intriguing, what's more sexy, Michigan, Ohio State, Georgia, Tennessee, or Georgia, Michigan, slash Ohio State, whoever wins that game, TCU and Tennessee, I like the two Big 10 teams. And I also like the two SEC teams as well.

It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We will take a break when we come on back. We've got to get into quarterback head coaching duos. A lot of teams fighting for a playoff berth. A lot of teams fighting for a chance to win that Lombardi trophy.

There's only really three coaches and quarterbacks that are duos together right now that I feel great about for the rest of the year. Wherever you are, whenever you want. And did we mention it's all free?

Download the Odyssey app today. What makes your skin crawl, no matter how absurd? I want to know. Tails without fur on them, such as rats or opossums. I'm Larry Mullins, the host of a new podcast called Your Weirdest Fears. You send me your fear.

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855-212-4CBS. Hey, this is that Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. I just saw a very funny graphic from the NFL during the break. They put 14 players on a graphic hovering outside the stadium in Glendale, Arizona, promoting the Super Bowl for this year. Hickey, I'm going to get to in just a bit these quarterback coaching duos, but I want to give you the team and I want to see if you can name who the player is that they used to promote the Super Bowl this year on the NFL's official website. So I'll start you off with an easy one, or I think it's easy. Minnesota, who do you think the player is?

Justin Jefferson. Yes. You didn't say that really convincingly. Well, I was really going to go Kirk with no shirt on in the chain, so it's kind of 50-50 there. No, it's just it's it's not an actual photo of the person. It's like a character. Right. Well, you could have, you know, a character of Kirk or the six pack and the chains and the sunglasses.

That is true. And as Ben Lieber pointed out last night, Kirk Cousins has a good body, very good body. I'm with Ben, I was shocked. I didn't think he had a I thought he would have a dad bod. I did not think Kirk Cousins would be ripped like that when you see him without a shirt on.

Seattle Seahawks. And this takes up a big portion of the graphic, isolated upper left corner. Really? Yeah, this is they have elevated this person to the same level of someone else that I'll give you on the next one.

But it's kind of funny when you put them in the same kind of graphic. It has to be Gino, right? It is Gino. You know, I have Gino pointing to on the left from the left is Gino and on the right is the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes.

Yes. Those are the two guys elevated above everyone else right now. So you got Patrick Mahomes. So Jefferson, Gino Smith, Patrick Mahomes.

How about the Dallas Cowboys? Dak Prescott. No. Micah Parsons. Yes. Tampa Bay buried.

You could barely even see this person. It's got to be Tom Brady, right? It is. Now, I don't know why. Maybe this is an outdated graphic.

It's on the NFL's website, though, right now. I don't know why they have the Rams still as a contending team, but they have a Rams player. Aaron Donald. No. Cooper Cup.

Yes. And he's also now on IR with the surgery. I was going to say basically done for the year. Unofficially. 49ers. I don't think they go Jimmy G. You are correct. This is tough. I don't think they go Nick Bosa. Nope.

I will say George Kittle. Wrong. Deebo Samuel.

Wrong. Come on. The next big name on that team.

Christian McCaffrey. Yes. So this is pretty, pretty recent. Mm hmm. Philadelphia has to be recent, like Gino Smith is having a big take up.

Well, you're saying like, you know, you had Matthew Stafford's almost like three weeks ago or two weeks ago. Philadelphia. Flexing. Flexing.

Mm hmm. Jalen Hurts. Yep.

And the other guy flexing plays for the Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen. Yes. Baltimore Ravens.

God be Lamar. Yep. This one is interesting.

The next two are very interesting. Miami Dolphins. Who do you think the Dolphins representative is on this?

Tyree Kelly. Wrong. To a wrong.

I would have thought it would have been to our Tyree kill. Clearly neither. Waddle. Yep. Interesting. Very surprised. Tennessee. The Titans. OK, that means it's clearly not Derrick Henry. You would be correct.

What do we do? I honestly, I didn't want to. Don't even give me another guess. The fact that it's not Derrick Henry. I'm going to tell you another Titans player. Is it Ryan Tannehill?

Yes. Which is crazy. How you have, Jalen models great. But Tyree kills Lita League and wide receiving yards and two has been one of the biggest stories of the year. How Jalen models the pick is crazy. And for the Titans, the first guy you think of is Derrick Henry.

And for a caricature picture, the dude looks like it would be perfect for a caricature. I get if there was like you don't want to put too many quarterbacks on and you want to diversify some of the position groups. But like it's the opposite here. Yes.

Why would you? I have a bone to pick now. How about the Chargers? You have two more Chargers. It's gotta be Justin Herbert.

Austin Eckler. Yes. And then fine.

All right. That's interesting. I'm surprised this team is on the graphic.

But they still have a chance to make the playoffs now and they'd be the seventh seed right now. The New England Patriots. Who's on the graphic. Yep.

So you have a graphic right now. If I would've told you for the year the NFL's promoting the Super Bowl. Mac Jones. Gino Smith. You'd have Christian McCaffrey in a 49ers jersey. You'd have Ryan Tannehill and Jalen waddle on the graphic as five of the 14 names.

You would have never believed that in a thousand years. No respect for the Giants, huh? Oh, that's a good one. No Saquon Barkley. They I guess they put Matthew Stafford, right?

I think the Rams are the only one we talked about that was a non playoff team right now. Interesting. Yeah. Giant. I think there's Brian Davis next locker room speech right there. And honestly, now since they're an eight seed and they're they're hovering in the playoff picture, why not Taylor him? Heinecke. He crushed him with the chains on. That's for sure.

And the six pack of Busch light next to him. So your playoff matchups, if the postseason were to start today, Eagles and Chiefs would have buys. The Dolphins would be the two going up against the Pats. Tennessee would be the three going up against the Bills. Ravens would be the four going up against the Jets and the NFC Eagles by Vikings, the two up against the 49ers. Seahawks, the three going up against the Cowboys. Buccaneers, the four going up against the Giants. I look at those matchups and even the teams that are hovering, Chargers and Bengals, commanders and Packers. We're talking about quarterback coaching duos.

There's really only three that I feel great about. And it doesn't mean necessarily that all these teams will definitely be in the Super Bowl. I think two are viewed as more serious Super Bowl contenders than the other. But yeah, all three are Super Bowl contenders.

And they're on the AFC. Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes. Josh Allen, Sean McDermott. McDermott's done a heck of a job in Buffalo.

Get in the playoffs all those times in five years. Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson. Other than that, like, don't get me wrong, two is playing great. Mike McDaniel's being a good coach. Two has never played in a playoff game before. Mike McDaniel's never been a head coach in a playoff game before. I can't trust Ryan Tannehill, even though I love Vrabel, I can't trust Ryan Tannehill in a big spot. The Jets, Rob Patel has been good, never coached in a playoff game. Zach Wilson hasn't shown me enough. The Patriots, love Belichick.

Can't tell you that if Mac Jones in a playoff game, you definitely have a conviction that he's going to win. 49ers, Shanahan, good coach. Jimmy G, it feels like he's their weak link. Dallas Cowboys, Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott.

Good conversation. Not great. I like Brian Deball, coach of the year right now. Can't tell you I'm feeling great about Daniel Jones. Brady, you feel great about. Todd Bowles.

Come on. Can't feel great about Todd Bowles. I like Geno Smith. But, am I thinking Geno Smith's winning multiple playoff games?

No. Pete Carroll, heck of a coach. O'Connell, Kirk Cousins. Kirk Cousins, can you get the job done in a big spot? O'Connell, first year as a head coach. Jalen Hurts, got in the playoffs last year. Could be in the Super Bowl this year, but got blown out of the playoffs last year. And Sirianni is still a young coach.

This is how wide open it is, Hickey. Because I was going to start this topic, oh, let's do top five quarterback coaching duos in the league. That are playing right now with what we've seen through the first 10 weeks of the season. And then I'm going through them and I go, come playoff time, you're thinking about this.

OK, who are the known commodities? Reda Mahomes. Josh Allen and Sean McDermott. There could be some skepticism on McDermott, but he's a top 10 coach. And then John Harbor and Lamar Jackson. And you'll probably have some people that will call in and will say, oh, but Lamar, he's bad and bad in the playoffs, bad in the playoffs. The guy's my unanimous MVP.

And they ask him to do everything. And that team has been just killed with injuries the last two years. Is there a quarterback coach duo that should be added to that list, Hickey? Because other than Andy Reid and Mahomes, Josh Allen, Sean McDermott and Harbaugh and Lamar, there's no one that has some track record in this league for like really more than a year that you could say, oh, yeah, tangibly, they've had elite success or great success. I think for what they've done last year, Joe Burrow, Zach Taylor would be four.

Now, a distant four. I love Joe Burrow. Zach Taylor, what he did last year was incredible. I'm not ready to put Zach Taylor in this in this great coach conversation yet.

I'm not. I think it's fair what he did. He's definitely not the reason why they lost a Super Bowl, I would say. And, you know, is he the reason why they got there?

Probably not. Well, we could also talk about how Joe Mixon wasn't on the field late in that game. And it was Samajee Piran running the football when he got stuffed by Aaron Donald. I didn't think that was the greatest running back rotation in the world. Fair.

Is Joe Mixon running through Aaron Donald in that situation? I'd probably still say no. But still, you want to go down with your best pieces. But, you know, for a nitpick in there, again, I still think that they have what they've accomplished. When you look at the rest of the league, you're right.

There's so many question marks. I would say because there's so much inexperience and uncertainty, I would put them again, distant four. But I think they are solidly in the four spot.

Like, let me just say this. If we don't get the Chiefs and the Bills going to the Super Bowl, one of those teams, this could be maybe the most intriguing postseason that we may ever see. If it's not the Chiefs or Bills going to the Super Bowl. And maybe one of the more unpredictable postseason.

Like, if I told you before the Dolphins would be in a Super Bowl, you'd be like, pump the brakes. Let's see if they make the playoffs first. Tennessee, after the Tannehill disaster last year and the last few years, I know they've been a good team, but no one's picking Tennessee to go to the Super Bowl before the start of the season. Baltimore, they were my pick.

Okay, like you could see it. But are they putting Lamar in the best position to win? That could be questioned because you don't have a number one wide receiver. The Jets, no one would think the Jets would be in the Super Bowl conversation.

I don't think they're there yet. And the Patriots are not in the Super Bowl conversation either. So if it's not the Bills and the Chiefs coming out of the AFC, man, it would be a really bad look for Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson. But then in the NFC, the way that this is shaping on out, no one could have predicted before the start of the year that the Packers and Rams both would have missed the playoffs.

And that's the direction we're trending in. I'm not going to go all delirious and nuts about the Packers. Let's see what they can do on Thursday Night Football first, so they go on a back to back game win streak there and win back to back games before you catapult them back into the conversation. But look at the NFC. Like if I would have told you before the year, Jimmy Garoppolo's in the Super Bowl, you'd have been like, oh, what happened to Trey Lance? Cowboys?

Ah, come on, everyone had Mike McCarthy fired. Giants, no one even thought they could sniff the playoffs. Bucks?

Alright, believable. Seahawks? No one thought they were going to make the playoffs.

Vikings? You thought they'd be a playoff team? No way did you think they'd be a Super Bowl team. And I was probably the most optimistic person about the Philadelphia Eagles heading into the year.

I said it at the draft when we were doing the show in Vegas, the moment when A.J. Brown got traded. Boom. That's the difference.

That's the separation. Eagles are going to win the NFC East over the Cowboys. I would have never said the Eagles would be a Super Bowl contender this year. But here we are, heading into Week 11, and the Philadelphia Eagles are a Super Bowl contender. Really, the unknown and the possibility of seeing something new and maybe narratives changing with guys that we say aren't consistent or new blood in the coaching world, that could dominate the Super Bowl this year if you don't have Andy Reid in there with Patrick Mahomes and not that Josh Allen and Sean McDermott have won a Super Bowl yet, but they were everyone's pick heading into this year. This really has the possibility to be what we've been seeing from week to week at unpredictable football season, Ryan, where there are so many more teams that no one could have seen coming advancing themselves into the conversation, and it's going to make for a heck of a final two months of the season. I think it's great.

I think the uncertainty, the parody, I think it's great for the sport, great for the fans. All right, so if I had to ask you right now, if it's not the Chiefs and the Bills and the AFC who gets in? I'm going with the Ravens. Dolphins. Okay, and the NFC. Let's say if it's not the Eagles and Vikings, who would you take? 49ers.

Okay, I think I would go Tampa Bay. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll take a break. When we come on back, we'll do a little hot seat meter. Is your coach about to get fired or are they safe?

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