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NFL Draft Preview: The Overreaction Monday Podcast with Rich Eisen & Chris Brockman

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 22, 2024 5:03 pm

NFL Draft Preview: The Overreaction Monday Podcast with Rich Eisen & Chris Brockman

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 22, 2024 5:03 pm

A weekly staple on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’ since 2018, ‘Overreaction Monday’ is now also an extended podcast with Rich and Chris Brockman debating the latest in the NFL. Today’s topics:

3:15 -   Six QBs will be drafted in the 1st Round

5:55 - JJ McCarthy will be drafted higher than we all think

07:20 - The Patriots should pass on Jayden Daniels if Drake Maye goes 2nd

11:50 - The Bills should trade for Brandon Aiyuk and keep Super Bowl window open

14:05 - The Cowboys will make everyone’s “all-in” jokes look stupid next season

18:00 - The Eagles and Howie Roseman will do something mind-blowing

19:50 - A mystery team will trade up that we all didn’t see coming

22:30 - Teams are going to regret passing on Michael Penix Jr.

26:40 - The NFL should move the Draft up a month and start Free Agency in April

30:00 – Zach Wilson is taking the Broncos to the playoffs next season

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You ready? Showtime. Welcome to the latest edition of Over Reaction Monday. It's been a while for us.

Last time we did this was when we had free agency. Now it's time to preview the National Football League Draft and it's all brought to you by our friends at Game Time. The fast and easy way to buy tickets for all the sports, music, comedy, and theater events near you. Create an account, redeem the code, overreaction, you get $20 off. Download Game Time today.

Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Chris Brockman, Rich I was in back with you here. Oh man, we finally made it. On the Over Reaction Monday set and we've done many of these already. We went through an entire regular season, went through an entire post season. We had a combine Over Reaction Monday show, we had a free agency Over Reaction Monday show, and now it's time for our draft preview.

I do believe though, it is the first time and I'll describe it for those of you who may be listening wherever you get your podcasts. I think it is the first time where you and I are both wearing colors that match each end of the heat check photometer that's on the screen. I didn't even notice that, look at that. You're wearing something as close to the red overreaction.

That's fantastic. And I'm wearing something, a green sweater that's as close to the green good point part of it. You just noticed that, look at us.

As soon as we're sitting down, I'm like it looks like we're the human sort of additions to our heat check odometer. Del Tufo down his hair blonde, you can just stand right in the middle. That's right. So it's time for a draft preview edition of Over Reaction Monday. Hit it, hit it. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage. This place sucks. Over Reaction Mondays.

Here we go Christopher. Rich, happy NFL draft week. Thank you, same to you.

Great to see you. Same here. What number is this for you? 20? 21.

Oh my goodness. 21 NFL drafts. Your draft experience can now drink.

It's 18 for me hosting at the site. It's gavel to gavel as they say. Of course. Even though there is no gavel. You should bring one.

I should. And then the first two we did at NFL Network, 2004. That's the Big Ben, Eli Manning, Philip Rivers draft class. Great draft. And 2005, which was the Maurice Claret draft class.

Oh man, yeah. That put it all together. Those were, no actually I think that was also Aaron Rodgers. Oh fine, it was Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers. The man predicted that.

Yes he did. We did those from NFL Network, Los Angeles, Culver City draft studios. Okay.

Or NFL. And then 06 you were on site. At Radio City Music Hall, on site every single year with the exception of the COVID year when I was in my home office hosting the Zoom draft-a-thon for three days, which was the wildest version of the draft I've ever hosted.

That really happened. Okay. Back at it. First time though in Detroit where we're going to be doing the Rich Eisen show Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Can't wait.

Going to be so excited. What do you got over here, Chris? I got 10 topics. 10. Heading into the NFL draft. We got 10. Okay. Rapid fire.

Let's go. It's all about the QBs. It's always all about the QBs.

Yes. One, two, three, four, five, six are going to go in the first round. I'll say that's not an overreaction. I do believe we're going to see three off the board to start possibly four, which would then make Michael Pennix Jr. the fifth, we're assuming, and Bo Nix could be the fifth, which would make Pennix the sixth. And that would push them up into the first round. I cannot imagine that that would be, I cannot imagine that that wouldn't even happen potentially in the first, I thought you'd even go crazy that six quarterbacks taken in the first half of the first round. I didn't want to put a number on it just because you don't know what could happen in the first 15, first half of the first round.

That's really fun. Maybe six in the top 20. Let me give you that scenario. Four go in the first four. Yep.

Okay. The four of the first six, I guess. Four of the first six, even at that.

Yeah. Four in the first six. Nix at 11, 12, or whoever hasn't traded up, certainly if Minnesota hasn't traded up, if the Giants are the ones who trade up, then Nix and Pennix go 11, 12, or 13. You could even not even sleep on the Saints at 14, maybe even. Then you got the Colts at 15, or this is their dream scenario, as we heard from- Right.

All those guys go up and then the rest of the players get pushed down. The Friday Rich Eisen show, him saying, if you could make six go before us, six quarterbacks go before us. He said, I'll come on your show anytime. Which is two things. First of all, I'm appreciative that he thinks I could make that happen. And then secondly- Like you have frozen envelopes, like David Stern or something.

And secondly, highly offended because I thought he would come on anytime anyway. True. True.

And I think it was predicated on me doing something I can't do. Yeah. Impossible, basically. Unable to do.

Unethical. I really believe Pennix won't even be there when the Seahawks draft halfway through. Ooh, really? Right. I honestly think six quarterbacks will be taken in the first round. His hype train is really ramping up- Entirely possible it does happen in the first half of the first round. What about seven?

What if Spencer Rattler gets in there? Is he the seventh? No. Not in the first round?

He's not a first round great quarterback. Does that matter? Certainly not with all those...

Does that matter? If six quarterbacks do go, then it pushes all those offensive linemen and wide receivers and other talented players down. That's true. What else you got, Chris? Rich, this is your guy, JJ McCarthy. He is that. I think he's going to be drafted even higher than we all think. What does that mean? That means second overall. I look at these things, you don't... His odds on whether or not he's going to be the second overall pick moving rapidly. Why would that be? You tell me.

I don't think so. I love him. I love him. I hope he goes somewhere that he's happy to live in and has a stable front office and a stable coaching staff. That is all I hope for him. And if it is second, because that's not going to be an unstable situation in Washington, they just put it all together and they want to prove that they're not like the previous administration, then go for it. I'm very happy for him. New England, I don't think is going to be making any changes either.

Maybe it's third. You would be so happy. I would be so... I would be stunned, but yeah, I mean, you're going to rock and roll with him.

The guy's a winner. He is that. And he, I, I, I just think he's just in the Patriots aren't winning a lot of games. I think that he will wind up being the fourth quarterback taken. I don't know what order that would be in terms of the draft.

Yeah. It seems like four or five, six is kind of... I don't know where he would go there, but I do think in terms of the order of which quarterbacks are taken, I think he'll be the fourth one. I think just crazy things are happening. And I feel like it's not out of the possibility.

He could go two or three, even higher than we all think. What else? If Drake is speaking of the Patriots, if May goes second, let's say Washington takes May second patch should take Marvin Harrison Jr. or trade down for a whole picks punt on Daniels, take the best player, the biggest shore thing in the draft, Marvin Harrison, or take off first phone calls open, take all the picks.

What are you doing it for Jacoby reset? Why not? Jacoby can win games. Why don't you take great players and then set yourself up. Look, there's going to be four or five more quarterbacks in next year's draft. We're going to be talking about Carson back next year. What did you tell me about before this taping about the new England draft room and who's going to be in it? Who's who's putting his thumb on the scale for Jonathan Kraft is heavily involved. Well, there you go. And that's to make sure I don't know how they walk out of this draft with a quarterback.

It's that simple. There's quarterbacks every year, Marvin Harris, are there going to be a, I understand that, but Chris, take a look at any NFL team. I want good players on my favorite team.

Let me take a look at any dice rolls NFL team that builds from the outside in big mistake. That's the big mistake, Joey Harrington was there. Let's get him. Let's get him Charles Rogers. I understand that there was an injury that happened for him. You don't draft the receiver before the quarterback.

You just simply don't, you don't, you cannot do that. The Patriots future is not Jacoby. Would you agree that other than Caleb Williams, Marvin Harrison is more of a sure thing than any quarterback.

I understand that he is a sure thing, but for who, for who you, for who Chris? Bad court, good receivers have put up numbers with bad quarterbacks. That's not a thing that just doesn't happen. Someone has to catch it. Someone has to rack up the yards. And then when you find the right quarterback in the right spot, you don't want one that you want your guy, not the guy that falls to you. I don't know if you have a chargers.

I don't construct on here. So let me hit this year. The chargers are sitting here thinking Marvin Harrison jr. has a chance to drop to them. They're going to stick and stay and pick him. If Marvin Harrison jr. is gone, they're trading out for business.

I think they are because I think they, and I understand charger fans will be like, what about Malik neighbors? And I know I'm changing the subject matter here because I feel like I understand what you're saying. Go and get the shore fire or take all the draft picks because you have such a take all the draft picks and then move down and then maybe take Michael Pennix at some point. Why not? That's entirely possible.

I like that as well. Uh, I just think Jayden Daniels is a very talented quarterback. And if I asked if this tape, if this overreaction Monday was taped last Monday, you'd have been all in on him, but stuff coming out could just be a whole bunch of garbage. I know. Well, that's why we're overreacting. That's what I'm saying. We're overreaction third overall Jonathan Kraft is in that room to make sure they walk out with a young stud quarterback. That is what they have to do. You have to, you just traded away Mac Jones.

The cupboard is completely bare. Bailey Zappi ain't it. We saw that Jacoby preset ain't it. You've already been and done that. He is there to make sure you can be competitive and win football games this year because you don't want to be choosing third overall again. I totally understand that.

I totally get that. Is it possible that Gerard Mayo coaches this team up and they go on some sort of a, a playoff run for a seventh spot? I'd be surprised. It's possible. You never know.

I don't know. That's why Jacoby preset is there. Marvin Harrison Jr. is not the answer to your problems without a quarterback. If you already had the quarterback, if Matt Jones was the guy, let's say you were third overall cause Matt Jones was dynamite, but got hurt and Bailey's happy.

Wasn't it right. If Matt Jones is entering his fourth year and has proven to be the guy and actually did have an upward trajectory in his career from his first year, all the way to right now, two years ago, then Marvin Harrison Jr. is your choice, but you cannot build from the outside in, in the NFL. You simply cannot. You got to build with a quarterback and the offensive line and the defensive line. And there that's, that's, that's it there. Overreaction.

What else? Hey folks, it's time for the NFL draft, which means for me, I need a good night's sleep because if I don't have one, just not myself, you know, the deal, you know exactly how important it is to have quality sleep. It's a game changer for all of us. So sleep number helps me. My sleep number setting is 60.

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Power 2023 award information visit slash awards only at a sleep number store or sleep America starts the day with America in the morning. Hi I'm John Trout, your host for the latest news, politics, entertainment, business and weather. Our staff of correspondents provide a fast paced look at the world with specialized reports from where news happens. Concise accurate and fresh each day.

America in the morning, the podcast available wherever you listen. All right, speaking of wide receivers, a team that needs one is the Buffalo Bills. Yes, they do. You know what they should do? What should they do? Don't draft one. Okay. Trade for Brandon Aiyuk. Keep the Super Bowl window open. Well, Brandon Aiyuk, who by the way is apparently very tight with Jayden Daniels.

Oh, interesting. Yes, just keep an eye on that as to what Jayden Daniels is interested in or wants. New England trades for Brandon Aiyuk? Brandon Aiyuk would definitely be a choice sort of in the Derek Carr, Devontae Adams mode. Sure.

Sure. Brandon Aiyuk trade for him. Keep their Superbowl window open or they don't trade for Brandon Aiyuk. They keep their Superbowl window open by drafting a bunch of young, talented wide receivers. One of whom who could be an offensive rookie of the year type candidate, cause you got the quarterback to help light that tree. Or just like the New England Patriots, I mean, just like the Kansas City Chiefs, pardon me, the chiefs, they trade away Tyreek Hill, win two championships. Oh, come on. The Bills haven't won anything.

Look, here's the deal. Or hold on the Green Bay Packers, a bunch of young wide receivers that we all thought were way too young for Aaron Rogers turned out to be just perfect for Jordan Love. Why not draft more young wide receivers and go for it with Josh Allen and these guys in your Superbowl window still open.

I don't know if any of these young kids who are going to be there at the end of the first round are any good. I know Brandon Aiyuk is good. You know, he's top of the line.

You should pay him $25 million a year. Good. I know he's really good. Excuse me.

Who are you going to get at the end of the first round? That's not an answer to yes. That's not an answer to yes. Do you know Brandon Aiyuk is good or not? I think he is good. Yes.

But is he like pay him $25 million a year? He's like Al Pacino. My I see. Brandon Aiyuk is awesome. Come on.

Oh, Buffalo. What are you doing? Keep the Superbowl window open. I don't know that you just got out from under a contract for a receiver that's 20 million plus.

Why would you do it? Who is unhappy? I get it.

I understand. Brandon Aiyuk, 20 million. Guess what he's going to be? You know where Brandon Aiyuk is going to be this year?

San Francisco. I'm just saying. Bills. Make a move. They'll figure it out.

Make a move. All right, Rich. Last one before halftime. We're going to talk so much about Dallas and what they're doing, what we think Jerry Jones is doing. Here's what's going to happen. And I'm going to tell you right now, the Cowboys are going to make all of our all in jokes look stupid by crushing the draft. And they're going to win the NFC East again. First of all, the all in jokes, Jerry Jones. That's what I'm saying.

The Steven Jones, they do a great job every year. They dominate the draft and they win the division and we all laugh at them. Jerry Jones makes one comment where he probably said the wrong thing, not what he really meant. And now we're making jokes for months and months and months. Guess what?

Crush draft, win NFC East, rinse and repeat. I do not think, okay, let me take this because there's three different parts to this. Yeah. Okay.

So let me take the last two first, okay. Cowboys crushing the draft, not overreaction. Cowboys winning the NFC East again, not overreaction. Making all of our all in jokes look stupid. Total overreaction. First of all, they're not stupid. Okay.

They're highly accurate. Who in the world says I'm going all in from Texas? Texas. Okay. Hold him. Hold him.

Was created. Okay. Texas. No limit. Hold him. Right.

This guy from Texas, who's got no limit. Yes. No, no. Okay.

No limit. Says I'm going all in. Has hardly a damn move in his quiver, all free agency season. There it is right on our screen for those listening, signed four guys, including his long snapper. The only signed players new to the team, Eric Kendrick's linebacker and Royce Freeman running back. That's it.

That's it. And Jerry on his, on his Cowboys, a thon six different. This joke is not stupid people.

Four of them aren't different. They're new. They're staying with the team. This is not a dumb joke.

What's on their screen right here. This is a great joke. And we are, we have been, we don't look stupid.

And if they crushed the draft and when the NFC East again, that still doesn't mean that they don't flop on the big stage in January, does it, which means the all in jokes are not stupid. So I believe I taking it in three parts, the last two, not an overreaction first one, total overreaction. But if one part has an overreaction in it, it takes out the other two, it does come on.

It's not a clean supposition. So overall it's an overreaction with some proper reactions mixed in and overreaction Monday is brought to you by our friends at game time, which by the way is now an authorized ticket marketplace of major league baseball. And that makes getting tickets even easier and faster because the prices on the game time app actually go down the closer it gets to the first pitch last minute deals that I just mentioned the all in prices. So when you check out, there's no surprise fees views from your seat. Where is home plate?

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Our house is a mess. Come on in. I'm Amber Wollin internet comedian and host of your new favorite podcast fly on the wall. That's pretty presumptuous to assume that this is going to be their favorite podcast, by the way. And that wasp that you just heard interrupt me is my husband and cohost, Benjamin Wallin.

Listen in as we discuss relationships and keeping our sweet baby kid alive. Fly on the wall and wherever you listen, Christopher, second half hit it. Second half.

Let's go rich. If I were to ask you what team would you say over the last couple of seasons consistently has done the best job in the NFL draft? The Eagles, correct?

The Eagles and Howie Roseman. They're going to do something that's going to blow everybody's mind. Which is what? I don't know. Not take anyone from Georgia. That would blow my mind. Okay. I mean like crazy trade up.

Somehow they're in the top five and they get another player who suddenly drops to them who should have been a first overall. Or is this another way of you, um, wish casting AJ Brown is a new England patient. I am going to wish I, I, well, no, but you've been doing openly for a week. Now.

Well, look, look, when a guy changes his avatar to Tom Brady and then says, you know, I wish I would've got drafted by them in the past. I mean, yeah, I'm going to wish cast that. Did you just make that up?

Wish cast? No, I just think you're hearing all that. You're hearing it already. Howie Roseman's making phone calls, by the way, Howie Roseman calls you, hang up the phone. He is going to, he's going to get the better end of whatever deal you're going to make.

He's like Obi Wan Kenobi, right? These aren't the picks you're looking for the phone Eagles are going to do something crazy, man. They're going to, they're going to move up and get some guy. And then last Friday, we're going to be like, how did the Eagles jailing Carter, right? The year before it was AJ Brown acquiring him, how he's going to do it again. Okay.

Uh, then that's not an overreaction, but it's an overreaction. If you're saying AJ, Brown's going to be, but I mean, you said it, I didn't say better, better choices again, that yourself that's going 16, you know, in the playoffs at it and one down, one down 15 to go. What else? Eagles. Okay. Keep an eye on that. Sure. Keep an eye out for the Eagles.

How about this one? Mystery team. Every year there's mystery teams.

Somebody's back channeling, moving up, moving down. Mystery team is going to make a big trade up and we're not going to see it coming. Mystery team make a big trade up and we're not going to see it coming. So which team is that?

I don't know. Falcons taking panics that they don't trade up, but that doesn't suffice. I'm talking Colts, trade up Steelers, trade up mystery team. How about bears? Trade bears, trade, trade back up even higher bears, trade up to four to take Marvin Harrison. Now we're now we're cooking with Greece.

That's what I'm talking about. Mystery trade up to three to take Marvin Harris. Mystery team coming back up, Patriots go down to nine, get a whole, whole, I don't know how many picks.

Cause the bears only have two picks after their ninth overall. Give me some stuff next year. Next year, huh? Give me some next years. Give you some next year. Just so the bears can do well enough and you're going to get a 20th overall pick for your problems.

But then you can package those and move up package or packaging or moving futures. Mystery team. What about, what about the saints moving up for a quarterback scene that now we're talking about now, what about chiefs move up and take one of these receivers, dude, they're not going to do that.

Well, I don't know. Do you know that? I don't know that Buffalo move, moves up to take blocks hours.

That's not a surprise. They go with a double tight end. That's not a mystery team. They would have a double tight end. What do you want? A triple tight end, triple tight end.

I want a triple stamp to double stamp. Okay. You know what I mean? Mystery team. All right. I'll buy that too.

I'm just saying when there's a mystery team. I hope so. My God.

I heard it. Nothing's like that. You're on a national network on live TV and you're just, this stuff happens.

You're just trying to react to it. Well, Cardinals. I saw Cardinals GM.

I can't pronounce. Monty. Austin Ford. Monty. Austin Ford says he's going to open his phone to take calls on the fourth pick when they're on the clock, but he's going to turn his phone off before that he's just going to be straight to voicemail.

We're on the clock. Phones on sending Ryan Paul straight to voice, right? The voicemail that's absurd.

He's only going to listen to calls. That's a lie. That's a lie. That's a lie.

I mean, that's a lie. There's a lot of people tweeting it. I'm just reporting. He's going to turn his phone off, but I think I might've added that in. He's going to listen to calls for trade when they're on the clock. And as a TV man, when I have somebody else answer the phone beforehand, you got to appreciate that drama.

Hand the phone to his kid. We're here for the drama. He's making deals like money, a money hall that was let's make a deal.

I'm too young for that. What else? All right.

We talked about it earlier. Michael Pennix. Yes, indeed.

Teams are going to regret passing on this guy. That's it? That's it. What does that mean? Rookie of the year. That's what it means.

Okay. Now you're talking. Teams are going to regret passing on this guy. Where's he going?

I'm hearing Robert Griffin talk about him. Where's he going? Where's he going? Where's he going? Where's he going? Where's he going?

Robert's driving the train. I love it. I read the players' Tribune. Teams are going to regret passing on this guy. Okay. Where's he going?

That's the whole point. If you're... Hold on a second. Teams are going to regret passing on Michael Pennix Jr. Vikings. Taking the Vikings to the playoffs.

It's one thing to say Michael Pennix Jr. will be a finalist for rookie of the year. Now you're talking. Now you're talking over reaction Monday. Let's adjust. Let's make the change then. Okay. We're going to make the change.

Michael Pennix Jr. finalist for rookie of the year. Of 2024. Correct. That is regretting passing on someone. I think... No, it's not. No, no, no. It's not.

A rookie of the year finalist? No, no. No, no. Yeah, it is regret. Yeah.

Sure. That's what I'm saying. But now the specific. There it is on the screen. There we go. Look at this.

Man, we got the best team in the biz. I got to be bolder then. I got to be bolder. Who are the other two? Who are the other two? Let's go bold. Finalist, rookie of the year. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kale Williams.

Okay. Michael Pennix Jr. Marvin Harrison. Marvin Harrison. I think so too. Offensive rookie of the year, right?

Yeah. Those are the three finalists. Why? Because that would continue the tradition of Ohio state players who just lost their last game, the Michigan winning offensive rookie of the year, Garrett Wilson, CJ Stroud. And then it would be Marvin Harrison Jr. New England Patriot, Marvin Harrison Jr. That's not happening. He would never be offensive rookie of the year if New England traps him.

He would never do it. Let's focus on Michael Pennix. What is the team here? I think Vikings. Vikings stay put at 11. Take Michael Pennix.

He beats out. How about this? How about this? How about this? I'm going to buy this just because I like Michael Pennix Jr. 92.

And you do too. We want to be first. We want to be first on this.

How about this? Michael Pennix Jr. Offensive rookie of the year for the Las Vegas Raiders.

That man was born to wear the silver and black. That's what I'm saying. Devontae Adams has 19 touchdowns next year. Oh boy. That's a lot. Now that's an overreaction. 19 touchdowns is a lot of touchdowns.

That throws the prettiest ball in the draft. I understand that. All right.

Caleb Williams, Marvin Harrison, Michael Pennix Jr. finalist. But again, he's got to go to the right spot. Well, we just identified two of the good spots. I understand. We just identified that. But if he doesn't get... How about that?

If he doesn't get chosen by those two spots. We're really couching this now. Well, honestly, you're hearing Atlanta just wants to what? They just paid a bajillion dollars for Kirk Cousins. They're going to take this guy and sit him for four years? It's like what?

That catch and kill thing, right? Like just take him off the market so he can't do it for someone else. That's insane.

I don't know. Atlanta would be insane if they took him at eight. They love him. What are they doing with Kirk then? I know. I know. Kirk's in the booth on Sunday Night Baseball wearing everything Atlanta? Come on. That would be wild.

But that's what I'm saying. Where does he go? Where does he go?

Minnesota, Las Vegas. Is he offensive rookie of the year for the Giants? No.

Okay. No. Is he offensive rookie of the year for... Denver? No. Is he somebody that takes him and sits him?

No. He's got to go to his spot and start right away. And start right away. That's what I mean. And then have the ability and the weaponry around him. Thing is I like Sam Darnold, but he beats out Sam Darnold. No, he does not. He beats out AOC. I don't think he does. No.

He would beat out AOC. Yeah, I think so. I think, but Sam Darnold... And Gardner Minshew. Gardner Minshew's in Vegas, right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I don't know. It's a tough one. I'm sticking by this. I'm sticking by this. Okay. I'm sticking out of it.

Because it does involve circumstances. Right. Right. Amen.

But we like him. And so we're going to... I'm trying to be bold.

We're going to... It's a good overreaction. How does that sound? Thank you. It's a good one. It's not a bad one. It's a good one. All right.

What do you think about this one? Okay. I thought about this the other day. It was a couple of weeks ago, actually.

And I wrote it down just to bring up here. Okay. The NFL should move the draft up a month. No, it should not. And do free agency in April.

Do free agency after the draft. No. How dare you? How dare you? Why?

It would be just as big. Why? What do you mean why? What are you talking about?

Here's why I say this. We have spent the last couple of weeks just spouting nonsense. Like some of the topics and we're just guessing and it's speculation and how much... What do you care? I don't. But...

Okay. But let's just do the draft at March. The WNBA did their draft and then their season starts a month later.

Like, why can't we just do the draft at the end of March? If it's not broke. In April... It's not broken. In April is free agency.

It's not broken. Also teams... Hold on a second. This also benefits some players. You see what holes get filled in the draft and then, you know, maybe a player who's a free agent gets in a better spot.

Or a free agent doesn't get hired because they've already drafted somebody and they filled the spot in a less expensive manner. Hmm. No way. No chance.

No. Excuse me. Drafting is perfect.

As a matter of fact, I'm hearing, I'm hearing like, oh God, they should move the draft up two weeks. Why? Why? Why? Just because...

It is perfectly timed. Everybody's talking about the same stuff over and over again. Because we're...

But we've done enough talking. Like, let's just get to the drafting. That's the nature of a sport in a league that only has five months of action.

I was just trying to... Baseball. How long is baseball? March. Six months. It's very, very long.

It's April, May, June, July, August, September. Six months. It's a year. It's way long. It's over half a year.

It's too long. NBA. October. November. December. January. February. March. April. May.

June. It's over... It's two thirds of a year.

It's very long. Hockey's the same thing. The NFL makes you miss it. Less is more.

They do five months. So much talking. So what? So let's extend it. Extend the off season. Keep going. You want the draft in May?

No. Keep it where it is. It's coming with this draft. Guess what's coming? Schedule. Here.

I got the color-coded one from last year. I miss it. I miss seeing it.

I miss looking at it. We're going to have another one of these. Okay. Okay? It's coming.

Okay. It's coming. May 9th, by the way.

I strike that one. You got a date? May 9th? Schedule release? I was told to clear my schedule on May 9th.

Clear your schedule to reveal the schedule? Well, that's the idea. I mean, I can't rush the process.

Wow. The process is the process. But here we go.

I mean, as soon as the draft is over, it's April 27th, what are you rushing? That's the dumbest one you've ever had. All right. What else? Last one. Oh, okay. I'll finish up strong. Hold on a second.

I would save that judgment until you hear this one. Zach Wilson is going to take the Broncos to the playoffs this year. So, just before we sat down to record this overreaction Monday, the Jets and the Broncos struck a deal. He's wearing green in his headshot. Yeah. We haven't even fixed it yet.

There's not a new one. They're splitting his salary. Yeah. And they're swapping picks.

Yeah. A seventh goes to Denver. A little pick swap. Six goes to the Jets. It's a pick swap. It's a pick swap. Yeah. It's a pig, you know what, in New York for him. Okay. It's not great. And again, a few weeks ago when we saw this coming, and we knew he wasn't going to be a Jet.

No, definitely not. And we were talking about the last time three quarterbacks went to the top of the draft and five went in the first half of the first round. That was the year that we saw Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, Justin Fields and Mac Jones all go in the top half of the first round.

Each of the quarterbacks, not named Trevor Lawrence, was going to have a Baker Mayfield, Jared Goff-like renaissance with a new team. TJ chose Justin Fields. Justin Fields, now in Pittsburgh. And if Russ has a good year, you know he's not seeing the field? Justin Fields. Fields ain't playing.

Okay. So we chose Zach Wilson. We didn't even know where he was going. Now we know he's going to Sean Payton.

I like it even more. So I think Zach's going to have a shot to be a week one starter. I believe it. Even if they draft Bo Nix or Michael Pennix. So they have, they have Ben DiNucci and Jared Stidham right now along with Zach Wilson.

Correct. And this now means they don't have to draft one at 12 or trade more draft capital in next year's draft to move up and get the guy they want. Of course, if JJ McCarthy drops, let's just say, hold on a second. Let's say your Patriots go and draft a third straight quarterback to start. And McCarthy's sitting there at four and the Cardinals are like, okay, how lucky are we that we get to have Marvin Harrison Jr. for Carla Murray, certainly with Hollywood Brown gone and we, we, they could use him.

Salt, he's gone. That's when the Chargers sit there on draft and all the mock drafts that are out there right now that have Joe Ault going to the Chargers. He's a left tackle. He's a great left tackle. So you're drafting him to move him to the right because Rashawn Slater is your all pro left tackle. I was going to say, you're not going to move Rashawn Slater to right tackle.

No. And you're not, why are you drafting a kid who's never played right tackle and saying you're now a right tackle here just because you're a great left tackle. Yeah, that makes no sense. So they they'd want to trade out or take Malik neighbors or take Roma Dunze, which now leads what I'm saying, JJ McCarthy sitting there at six, unless somebody trades up to get JJ McCarthy at five McCarthy's now sitting there at six and the giants are like, you know what? We believe in X, Y, and Z that we've got there, you know, in New York. Good enough. Daniel Jones is coming back. You lock. It's going to be a guy. Maybe we get panics later on. I don't know, but we're, we're going to go and get another guy. We needed somebody for the line.

We needed this. All I'm saying is it trickles down and now suddenly JJ McCarthy sitting there at seven and the Titans are on the clock or eight and the Falcons are on the clock. And now they're close to 12. Now the plan is like, Hey, we got Zach Wilson and we'll deal with it because our guy's not going to be there. But now they love JJ McCarthy and all it takes is go from 12 to eight, 12 to nine, how about 12 to 10? Wouldn't that be the ultimate ironic thing is that the Broncos and the jets make this trade here and Zach's on their team and the jets are now sitting there at 10 and JJ McCarthy's on the board or panics is on the board and the Broncos only have to move two spots to go get him.

So it's tough to suppose now, right. Cause you know, free agency and all that stuff happens before the draft before the draft. So, and that's why it's perfect in the order in which it is, but I, you know, if you're asking me, is this an overreaction?

I'll say yes. Just cause the Broncos need a lot. Does this make me over react differently to the previous subject matter of switching around the off season and saying, that's not the dumbest overreaction subject you've ever come up with this is more in the realm of who the hell knows and who the hell knows sport, but it would be fun.

What for him to make the playoffs at whose expense, not the jets. I won't be fun. I would come up with a different adjective for it.

All right. Writing that one down for the preview pod of next year. In the meantime, we're going to be back at it next Monday with an overreaction Monday podcast reacting to the draft. So back to back Mondays, just like the regular season, just like the playoffs for Chris I'm rich. We're wearing the perfect color code scheme for the speedometer.

And it was pending on overreaction towards the end. That's for damn sure. We'll chat with you after Detroit. The rich eyes and show comes to you live from Detroit, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on the Roku channel, our terrestrial radio network, Sirius XM Odyssey, and our podcasts where you can listen to all three hours and what the football Susie Schuster and Amy Trask had Daniel Jeremiah on. He gives you all his thoughts on what we just discussed for the NFL draft. We've got it covered, whether it's what the football or overreaction Monday for Chris I'm rich adios. It was definitely a screwy way to grow up. I think that a lot of people never heard of who I am and then they see me joining this band and they must think this kid must have just abandoned everything or nepotism kid if it's a gift that I have an opportunity to sing in such a big band like my father and my uncle's band Sublime rolling stone music now, wherever you listen.
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