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Patriots QB Controversy? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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October 17, 2022 9:18 pm

Patriots QB Controversy? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 17, 2022 9:18 pm

News Brief l Calls on the NFL l QB competition in New England?

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Need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family? Well, Rocket can. Let's get to a news brief. Let's hear from a coach that's starting to get some pressure on him. Sure, first year 13-3. Second year 13-3.

Third year 13-3. The offensive genius, though, of Matt Lafleur when you don't have Aaron Rodgers playing at MVP level and you take away Devontae Adams. Uh-oh, not looking so good when you just lost back-to-back games to the Giants and then also the Jets when you had leads in those games, too. Here's Matt Lafleur on the Packers offense struggling on Sunday.

We're in a pretty bad predicament right now. We just could never get into a flow and I felt like we didn't handle any of the movement very well. And it just felt like we were calling plays in second along the whole game.

So, we got to be more disciplined, obviously. That's about as frustrating as a game as I've ever been a part of in terms from an offensive perspective. You know, it's kind of nuts, Ryan, because last week they had the lead 17-3 then 20-20 up against the Giants and then they lost the game. This week, the Jets were just better. The Jets just dominated them and then when it got to 17-10, I don't know about you, but when that game gets to 17-10, I'm thinking, okay, they're down by seven, here they go, they'll find the way to get a spark and they'll probably win the game.

And then it was just ugly. Right after they get 17-10, they allowed a touchdown drive right back. That's a rough, and I mean a rough first six weeks for the Green Bay Packers. And you look at that division, they already lost to the Vikings and not only that, the Vikings are 5-1. Even if you don't think the Vikings are the greatest 5-1 team in the world, they're already starting to dig themselves in a deep hole.

Here's what I'll say. Thank God you got the commanders this week. But you actually may be now worried that Carson Wentz is going to be out because they'll have to improve with Taylor Heinecky at quarterback, you would think.

Can't get any worse, right, for the commanders? Only up from here, so that's not a good thing if you're the Packers. This is a must-win for the Packers this week. Yes, you get to 4-3, then you play the Bills the next week, you'll get slaughtered by the Buffalo Bills. And after that you get the Lions. You should be able to take two out of these next three games, and then you quiet some of the doubters just a little bit.

It's not going to totally remove doubt, but you quiet some of the doubters. But this team has problems. The Lions aren't playing well, Rodgers looks frustrated, sometimes just looks like he doesn't care. Doesn't look like any of these wide receivers are going to blossom yet.

Watson can't get on the field defensively, they've taken a step back. There are legitimate problems with this Packers team, where before the year we knew they weren't going to be as strong as 13-3 like they were the last three years with losing Adams. But you didn't expect this team to be 3-3 after the first six weeks of the season. Like even you, you have been very, very, very pessimistic about the Green Bay Packers hot take, Hickey. You would not even have predicted they'd be 3-3 through the first six games of the season when you have the Vikings, Bears, throw out the Bucks, Patriots, Giants, and Jets on the schedule.

Not at all. I think we said, what, worst case, 4-2, but probably 5-1, like you're sitting there looking pretty good, and it's not been the case so far. Let's hear more from Matt Leflore, he's asked how the Packers can simplify the offense. Matt, were you surprised to hear how much Darren wants to simplify the offense yesterday? Uh, I don't know what that means. I'm actually going to defend Matt Leflore here. That does not sound good when your quarterback says let's simplify the offense and your coach goes, yeah, I have no clue what my quarterback is talking about.

But I don't really understand anything Roger says these days if I'm going to be transparent with you. How do they simplify the offense here, Hickey? This offense is just not good right now. I don't think there's any way you can simplify it other than maybe going out there and getting Odell Beckham Jr. or going and trading for a wide receiver. But it's not as if you look at this Packers team and say, oh, they're too complex with their approach on offense. Hey, it would help to run the football more, but you got to play in front, not from behind.

And they were playing from behind yesterday, so you got to throw the football probably more than you want. And if anything, like we know Aaron Rodgers is a different kind of quarterback, right? He has his own like nuances within the offensive.

And you give like a guy a look and that means one thing and, you know, he has his all certain small intricacies. Simplifying the offense is on him then. Because to your point, I don't know how you could simplify the play calling and the design much more. It's all around Aaron Rodgers. Can I translate that for you?

Sure. I miss Devante Adams. Get me Devante Adams back.

That's what it is. It's not like the offense got more complex. It's life is tougher in this league when you had such great synergy and such a great connection with Devante Adams and he walks out the door to the Las Vegas Raiders. How much blame is on Aaron Rodgers for this start offensively? In terms of him not playing well? Is overall in general this offense just being as bad as it has been so far?

A decent amount. And here's why. When there are tough moments, you expect your quarterback even in not the most ideal situations to lead and just find a way. I'm not asking him to be five and one. I'm not asking to be six and six and 0.

I'm asking to be four and two. And you have not seen Aaron Rodgers elevate that team. There's been a lot of years where he's elevated that team. Where you say, oh, he doesn't have a number one wide receiver or doesn't have great weapons outside of Devante Adams. Or, oh, the defense is screwing him over. And you still feel good at some point with the Packers throughout the season.

There's been a lot of excuses. Your Aaron Rodgers is going to pay $50 million a year. When you're going to pay $50 million a year, you've got to ball out.

And he's not balling out right now. He's got dominated by the Jets. The Jets have some nice pieces. Breece Hall, Garrett Wilson, you look at defensively, Quinnen Williams, Sauce Gardner. If I would have told you yesterday, Ryan, that Zach Wilson would throw for 110 yards, you would have said the Jets lost by how many? Correct, Amundo?

Yes. Zach Wilson only threw for 110 yards, only completed 10 passes yesterday. And the run game for the Jets was really good. And they allowed the special teams, Block Pond, to get all that. And Breece Hall had 116 yards. The Jets were just better. And the offense never got in any rhythm.

And isn't it crazy? Green Bay and Tampa, the first six weeks of the season, with the legendary Tom Brady and the great Aaron Rodgers, neither of those quarterbacks have been able to find their groove at all so far this season. Even the Buccaneers game for the Packers, they won 14-12. The Bucs are playing without like three wide receivers, and you still almost had to go to overtime. You won 27-10 against the Bears. No one's popping champagne over that. And you needed to grind one out against the Patriots, when at the time we look at Bailey Zappi differently, but he didn't start that game.

Brian Hoyer originally got the start, then he got knocked out of the game. Packers team, it's getting ugly. You know what, it's not getting ugly. It is ugly right now. Let's hear from Aaron Rodgers on how the offense can improve moving forward. Not attacking anything. I just think that based on how we've played the last two weeks, I think it's going to be in our best interest to simplify things for everybody.

For the line, for the backs, for the receivers, especially with Kabi's injury. Just simplify some things and maybe that'll help us get back on track. He's just speaking in generalities. Isn't that how you interpret that? Like we heard what Lafleur said about the quote that we played you, the quote by Rodgers. I think he's just giving the typical quarterback answer right there. I think now he's stuck between trying to take more shots at the rest of the team, but also biting his tongue and not making it seem like he's throwing blame on everyone else. He ended up being wrong. Remember last week, Ja'Hare Alexander said, yeah, I'll be worried if we lose to the Jets. And Rodgers was like, oh, cut that out. We can't have that negative energy.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Maybe Ja'Hare Alexander knew what was coming. Maybe he has a better pulse on the team and was just being realistic.

And Rodgers was trying to avoid some of the problems, trying to only hype up the atmosphere because he was in London last week. Come on. That's brutal.

That's pathetic. Three and three for the Packers. And lose by 17 at home. Like they didn't just lose to the Jets.

You mentioned dominant 17 points. He got embarrassed. So bad. You had Packers fans booing yesterday. I can't remember the last time I heard them booing.

It's been a very long time. To their credit, Packers have not given them many reasons to boo, but good for Packers fans. It's hard to Rodgers. Let's go to Robert Salah, says he always believed that this team could have success. I've said it before, there's faith in it. There's belief, right?

People can see things happen before it's even possible to live in faith. But unfortunately, a majority of the people in the world, including us as a team, sometimes you got to see some people need to see it happen. Sometimes a coach just has the proper pulse on his team.

That's Robert Salah. The Jets should not have a 4-2 record, but they do. And if you recall, he got dragged. It was stupid the way that it sounded, but he knew that it created a little spark with this team saying, Hey, we're keeping receipts. We see all the negative things people say and we're going to expose those receipts. And even remember Arthur Smith?

He had similar comments. You see the Falcons, they don't have talent to beat. They don't have the proper roster right now to be 3-3, but they are. And the Jets probably don't have the roster right now to be 4-2, but they are.

And when you have some young talent, and you have a coach that believes in you, and tries to ignore all the past, the same old Jets and all the problems of the Falcons in the past, it's paying off and those players are believing in their coach and they see a leader of men in the locker room. Now let's get to the Cardinals. 19-9, they lose to the Seahawks yesterday.

Now we've been very critical of this Cardinals offense. They didn't show up against the Chiefs. They had to come from behind against the Raiders. They didn't have any life against the Rams. They were terrible against the Panthers. The Eagles, they only played one half. And then yesterday against Seattle, they didn't even show up, period. Kyler Murray is not great right now.

Cliff Kingsbury, he's lucky he just signed an extension through 2027. And their offense, I'll defend Kyler a little bit. Their offense without DeAndre Hopkins is totally lost. But when you pay that quarterback that much money, he's got to step up.

But the problem is they're asking it just to be him. He had 100 rushing yards yesterday. And had him throw the football 37 times. When you ask one person in this league to win, it doesn't work. Look at the Rams, it's all Cooper, Cooper, nothing.

It's not working right now. It is a team game. And you can't just ask one individual to be your team. So Kyler Murray's good, he's not great. But Cliff Kingsbury, this dude hasn't adapted at all. You take DeAndre Hopkins off the field, and I know he comes back this week off the suspension. And Cliff Kingsbury's just a bad football coach. Kyler Murray, the last time he struggled this much.

I mean rookie year, probably, yeah. That's the last time I've f***ed up this hard. It's just tough out there right now, tough. That's what it feels like for it.

And a lot of it, like I said, is self-inflicted. Let's go to the Patriots and Browns, where I'm now happy for Zappi. Bailey Zappi, the Western Kentucky former quarterback who led the FBS last year in passing touchdowns.

And also passing yards and set an all-time record in both those categories in passing yards and passing touchdowns. Here is Bailey Zappi after, excuse me, Bailey Zappi won 24-34, 309 yards, two touchdowns in the game yesterday. And let's listen up to Bailey Zappi, who is happy that his play and practice is translating to the game. To be quite honest with you, I'm just taking advantage of my opportunity at practice and wherever it is. Taking it week by week.

And once we come back tomorrow, watch the film tomorrow, this game, and then it's really on to the Bears. Don't worry, be Zappi now. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Don't worry, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo. Be Zappi, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo.

Don't worry, be Zappi now. Remember that fish that used to sing on the wall? Have you ever seen that? Yes, I've never heard that. It used to sing one of those songs?

It's a little song I wrote. Yeah. At least that's the fish on the wall that I had in my house growing up as a kid.

How much longer till you buy another fish? Sounds like you're in love. Well, I'm in a tough place here. I have a texting relationship with Mac Jones. And Bailey Zappi joined us last year and I've exchanged some texts with Bailey Zappi.

I will just point out maybe something I observed. I did notice in the past few weeks you've changed your Twitter profile picture. No, that was the show love to my guy Dion Dawkins, who's a dear personal friend of ours. Friend of the show Dion Dawkins. No, no, that's not just a friend of the show.

That's like an actual friend in life. Is that? No, no, no, no, no.

I did that after week one. I understand. That was a loss? I mean, another big fella in the profile picture. That's what it was.

Just wondering. Here's Bill Belichick. He'll give us clarity if there's a quarterback controversy in doing this courtesy of WEI. If Mac is 100 percent healthy this week, is he starting Monday night against the Bears? Yeah, that wasn't an option yesterday. He was he wasn't active for the game.

So there's really no option to plan. Is Bailey Zappi competing to have that job? Or is it Mac Jones's job whenever it is that he becomes fully healthy to return to the field? Look, it's every player's job to be ready to go.

That's their job. So Mac wasn't active yesterday. So there's nothing really talking about. I love that the question was if Mac is healthy against the Bears, will he be starting? Oh, he wasn't healthy yesterday. So that wasn't really an option for us.

What? You know, Belichick wasn't going to answer that question. I talked to Jacoby Myers yesterday and I on football and he goes, yep. That question's for Coach Bill Belichick. Not me when I asked him if there's a quarterback controversy. Is there a quarterback controversy in New England hot take Hickey? Right now, I will say no. I don't think so either.

Three weeks from now, maybe. Do you think Mac Jones will be starting against the Bears on Monday night? He was running around in pregame and his practice this past week.

I don't. I'm still not buying his health being back. I mean, this is like a high ankle sprain.

Yeah, that's I think they're playing a little too close to the vest. Yeah, the schedule the next four weeks, Bears, Jets, Colts, Jets. The Jets are 4-2, so they play good football. The Colts have been inconsistent.

If Mac is healthy, I play him on Monday night. And then he goes lights up the Bears and you put this controversy away. Now, if he plays poorly, people might be chanting for Bailey Zabie.

And you got to remember too, because people are going to say, and we'll talk about this more later. People are going to say, oh, well Belichick in the past, Ben Stroubletso, is getting paid $100 million for Tom Brady. Belichick did not draft Stroubletso. Belichick did draft Mac Jones. So I do think when you spend the first round pick on a quarterback, that Belichick is going to eventually hand this team back over to Mac Jones.

And I like Bailey Zabie. But how much is yesterday this Browns defense just thinking up the joint as well? Let's go to Todd Bowles. He has asked if Tom Brady's special treatment is having a negative effect on the team. He works as hard as anybody. You know, special treatment, there's been a few guys that's missed some meetings and some practices for some special thing that just doesn't get publicized because they're not him. So it kind of comes with the territory. You don't worry about it too much. Is he as locked in as he's been in the past with you? Yes. Bill Belichick told Rob or Kraff, I'm not going to your wedding Friday night in New York City.

I got to prepare for the Browns. Tom Brady was at the wedding. Is that a big deal? I'm going to say no. I don't think it is either. When you play the way they have on offense, it's not just one game it's been all season.

It's not good optics, I'll say that. Can we just go back to what the problem is whenever Brady doesn't have success? Offensive line doesn't play well. And there's been no continuity on that offensive line. Got off to a rough start with all the injuries they suffered. And you don't know which receiver is going to be healthy week in and week out. And their best player on offense the first few weeks of the season has been Leonard Fortinet.

They're asking him to do so much Leonard Fortinet. It's kind of wild when you look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Patrick Mahomes says the Chiefs beat themselves yesterday. That was a great football team. I thought we played some good football. We just made too many mistakes at the end of the day. When you make mistakes against another great football team, you lose football games.

It'll be good to learn from, but right now it stinks. John Miller with the game on the line won the game. That's why he was brought into Buffalo. Sean McDermott is proud of the Bills closing out the Chiefs. It's good to see and it's not easy. I mean coming here number one against this team, we've had our battles.

And I was real proud of the guys and the way they executed in the final moments of the game there. And let's hear from Josh Allen. He has asked if Sunday's win felt like redemption. No, not for me.

I think some guys may think differently. I can't tell you. Nothing that we did last year translates to what we are going to do this year. Everything that happened in the past is where it is. All we can do is focus on the next one. And today was the next one. Going into our bye week. I don't know who we play in two weeks, but enjoy this one and turn our attention towards them. Uh-oh. Who do the Bills play in two weeks?

Bulletin, board, material right there. I don't think it matters. They think they're so good that they don't even know they're playing after the bye week. Yep.

Hahahaha. You know who it is? Is it the Packers? It's the Packers. And that Rogers smell and the Packers are so relevant right now, we don't even need to know who we play. Ah, right after the game.

Can't crush a guy for not knowing who they play in two weeks. But um, I don't think yesterday was redemption. Redemption will come in the postseason if you send the Chiefs asses back in. And finally, the Baltimore Ravens this year have three losses. In those losses, they were 35-14 in the fourth quarter against Miami. Against the Buffalo Bills, they're up 20-3. And then up against the New York Giants yesterday, they're up 20-10. They lost all three games. John Harbaugh says the Ravens just can't close out games right now.

Tough loss. Credit to the Giants for getting the job done at the end. And that's the biggest story for us is, you know, winning the game.

At the end of the game. Making the plays that need to be made and not making the errors that cost you an opportunity to win the games. At worst case, and you can make the case they should be 6-0. At worst case, they should be 5-1.

Instead, they're 3-3. And that defense, whether it is a mental block. Whether it's just the defense not being as good as it's been in years past. They can't finish games with a lead to save their life right now. And I know Lamar made some mistakes yesterday. Some of it's on Lamar as well.

But man, when you get those leads in those games, you would think your defense would be able to make a big stop in one of those spots. Zach Gilp's show, CBS Sports Radio. Fantasy Football Leagues are one on the waiver wire.

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Hickey, just real quickly. Fact or fiction? Three NFC East teams are going to make the playoffs this year.

Fact or fiction? I will still lean right now towards fiction. So who's the team that's going to get squeezed out? Eagles are definitely going to the playoffs. They're 6-0. The Giants are 5-1 right now. Their next four games are cupcake games. Even if you lose one or two, you're sitting at Thanksgiving with seven wins. You play the Jaguars, the Seahawks, the Texans, and the Lions the next four weeks. Let's just say they go 2-2, and I think the Giants are going to go 3-1 in this stretch. If they go 2-2, they have seven wins at Thanksgiving, only needing to have two more wins the rest of the season. The only way they don't make the playoffs is if Brian Deball is Cliff Kingsbury of previous years. Where you get out to these great starts, and then you choke down the stretch.

Where this year for the Cardinals, it's just been a disaster all the way throughout. I'm still right now leaning on the outs for the Giants. I'm not all the way in.

I still want to see a little bit more. I know it's 5-1. Like you mentioned, it would be very hard at this point to miss the playoffs.

Let me ask you this. I can't trust them right now. What do you think they're going to do the next four weeks?

Jaguar, Seahawks, they're in Jacksonville, they're in Seattle, they're home against the Texans, they're home against the Lions. What do you think they do the next four weeks? And they should be, with how they played so far and who they've been, they should be 3-1. What do you think they're going to do?

If they go 1-3, I would not be surprised. What? I'm just not, I'm not sold.

I'm sorry. 1-3? Because now we're starting, like, I don't want to go too far and raise expectations too high. But I do think there's a point where it's like you're talking now and you're saying win, win, win, win. I just don't think this giant team, this roster is there yet. That's not what I'm saying.

I don't think the roster is great either. All I said was if they go 2-2 in these next four games, that's seven wins. You're telling me you can't find two wins down the stretch when you play the commanders twice? You get the Cowboys are good.

We know that. You get the Eagles twice. Eagles last week of the season. Maybe that game means nothing for Philadelphia. You get the Colts or the Vikings. There's got to be two wins right there. It's a very favorable. I'm not saying you're right in what you're saying. I just, I just can't get there yet with the Giants.

I got to see a little bit more. I think the division that we used to call the NFC lease is sending three playoff teams. Eagles, Giants, Cowboys, all three going to the playoffs.

And what are all those three teams have in common? They don't have Carson Wentz as their quarterback. Now, let me give you a little fact or fiction here. The LA Rams will win the NFC West. I will still right now go fact. But you don't feel great about it. I do not feel great about it whatsoever. Seahawks 3 and 3, Rams 3 and 3, 49ers 3 and 3.

Fact or fiction? Yeah. Seahawks tie for first place after week six.

Leo, you've been very negative to Pete Carroll. You need to give me a Seahawks chant. You know how that goes? Yes.

All right. Start it off. Seahawks! Seahawks!

Seahawks! Throw the Skittles, baby! You've got to say I'm sorry to Pete Carroll.

Be like Justin Bieber. Say you're sorry. Pete, I give you a lot of credit through six weeks. Not only do you have more wins than I anticipated.

Is it too late to say sorry? Even in the losses, you are much more competitive than I ever would have imagined. I thought the Seahawks were trying to tank secretly. And here we are tied to first place after week six. So credit to them.

They have been feisty and they are offensively somehow looking better without Russell Wilson. But that's a whole other story. Fact or fiction? The Minnesota Vikings are going to win the NFC North. I will go fact.

Wow. Now, to be fair, there was criticism on both sides here. I killed you for saying that the Packers wouldn't have 10 wins this year. And then you killed me for saying that the Vikings are a lock to make the playoffs this year. Which I did say before the start of the season. And now you are in agreement that the Vikings are going to make the playoffs. And you're taking it to the step that they're going to win the NFC North. From what I've seen out to this Packers offense, which not, you know, to be fair, I pointed out some of the concerns.

Don't see it getting better any time soon. Fact or fiction? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to win the NFC South. Fact. Yeah.

They stink, but so does everyone else. So here's what we're learning. Like, let's just say, and you think it's plausible. I know that you're still a little bit out on the Giants, but you think it's plausible the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys all make the playoffs.

Definitely a possibility. All right. So that means there's one wild card spot left. That's the way that it goes. Let's just say the 49ers win the NFC West.

And yeah, I agree with you. The Bucks do win the NFC South. That means either L.A. or Green Bay is going to be the outside look at income playoff time.

That's wild. Before the season started, it was Rams, Bucks and Packers as the only three teams in the NFC that had a prayer to get to the Super Bowl. And there's a legitimate shot with how bad the Rams offensive line is, with how Stafford started to look like Detroit Stafford again. And then you take a glance at the Packers having no continuity on offense and their defense taking a step back. That one of those teams are going to miss the playoffs. Which is it a bigger disaster for Packers or Rams? Oh, well, the Rams just won a Super Bowl. They did, but to miss the playoffs after that.

It's horrible. But for Aaron Rodgers, you're looking to win that second Super Bowl. Matthew Stafford, I know that you're playing for an outside chance at the Hall of Fame, but you and your number one in L.A. won the Super Bowl. Yeah, that would be disappointing. And you're number two, but the Packers would be worse.

Would be worse. Because I guess you could say the NFC West better than what you thought. It's like the NFC North is its dominant division. The Bears stink and the Lions stink.

But the Vikings are 5-1 and they've done a remarkable job. Let's go to Scott in California next up on the Zach Gelb show. Scott, go ahead. Hey, you know what? I was calling in because I was calling in about the disrespect for the Vikings' speak. But you just filled in.

So I'm good with you now. But I've been a Vikings fan for a long time. And, yeah, we're 5-1 and some people can say that we didn't beat anybody. But we went to London and beat the Saints.

You know, we're crawling back through games. Kirk, it's, you know, I just think this is our year. If you look at the rest of our schedule, I know I have the Bills. I think I have Dallas, too. Yeah, Dallas, New England still in there. You get the Packers once again at the end of the year.

You got the Cardinals coming off the line this week. Hey, I said this before the year. Kevin O'Connell is going to bring new life to this football team. I've talked to a bunch of Vikings players, whether it was K.J.

Osborne, Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen. It's just a new culture, a new life, and nothing against Mike Zimmer. Older coach, his message was getting stale. And it's been a big-time upgrade at the head coaching position. And Mike Zimmer was a solid coach in this league, got the Vikings to an NFC title game with Case Keenum as the quarterback.

But they needed a more offensive-minded coach. And if the defense could just be serviceable with that offense, there's no reason why this team shouldn't win the NFC North. Now, can you trust Kirk Cousins week in and week out to get you to a Super Bowl?

I would probably say no. But in this year in the NFC, this thing is wide open. The only team that has been dominant this year in the NFC has been the Philadelphia Eagles. Now, I know the Giants have a 5-1, give them credit. The Vikings are 5-1, and a lot of those wins haven't been pretty, but they're wins.

And that's what matters in this league. So maybe this is the year that it all comes together for Kirk Cousins. I'm not ready to go there yet, but I am saying that I'm ready to declare the Vikings here to win the NFC North. One more before the break, let's go to David in Buffalo next up on the Zach Gelb show.

David, what's shaking, my man? Hey, Zach, appreciate you taking my call tonight, man. You know what, as a Bills fan, I'll tell you one thing. I was really impressed the way we played on both sides of the ball yesterday, hostile environment there. But I think Josh Allen yesterday proved that he's the best player in football. I know everybody has been on Mahomes for a long time, but to me, the throws he made and then the plays he made outside of the pocket yesterday, he just showed a big-time environment that he can take over a game, especially the Bills don't have much of a running game, and he's had to bend the running game. So I feel like Josh Allen right now is the guy in football.

And everybody else in the league is looking at the Bills and saying, man, we are the team to beat. Yeah, the two best quarterbacks in the game right now, especially with the lack of great football we're seeing from Brady and Rodgers, it's Mahomes or Allen. And Allen got the best of Mahomes yesterday.

He didn't cough up the game with the game on the line. Now, we all know Mahomes is great. If they meet up again in the playoffs and Mahomes wins, would I be shocked? No, but the Buffalo Bills are the best team in football right now. That's no disrespect to Philadelphia. And they are the most well-rounded team in the league.

And you hit the nail right on the head, David. The only potential flaw they have is that they're getting nothing out of Motor Singletary, Zach Moss, and then also James Cook consistently. And that's why I'd be in the market if Josh Jacobs becomes available or Christian McCaffrey as well. This is Zach Gelb's show on CBS Sports Radio.

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It will help troubleshoot the likely cause of your light for free. Restrictions apply. Get in the zone, AutoZone. Hey, got to get a pulse of hot take hickey right now. Let's start with your Colts and we'll save the best for last. When we get to the Indianapolis Colts, where are you at right now? It's been a rough season for you guys, but you are 3-2-1. You tied the Texans who stink and finally Jack Easterby is out of a job. You got blanked by the Jaguars 24-0. You somehow found a way to beat Kansas City. Then you got embarrassed by Tennessee. You embarrassed the football, but you were able to beat the Denver Broncos. Russell Wilson gave you that game. And then yesterday, typical Colts slow start. And then Matt Ryan played well and they find a way to beat a team that on paper they're better than. But with that being said, you have struggled a lot against the Jacksonville Jaguars. So you give them credit for getting that win yesterday, especially with no Jonathan Taylor and Nahim Hines.

And also Shaq Leonard out as well, the man formerly known as Darius Leonard, out once again. So at 3-2-1, Hickey, it usually doesn't take much for Hickey to start believing again. Where's your belief level at? Belief in terms of what?

Because I think it's all on a scale, all relative. Belief in a Super Bowl. Like this team, I will never get there this year.

I hope you know that. I know that you are a fanboy when it comes to the Colts. But a Super Bowl? You actually thought the Colts could go to a Super Bowl?

No, I'm just clarifying. I'm trying to decipher what kind of belief level, what are we talking about here? That they're going to win the AFC South. I mean, talk to me after Sunday. Come on, you're not better than Tennessee.

Talk to me after Sunday. If you get struck by the Tennessee Titans, then this is not... But why are you still believing?

Why are you getting set up to just get punched in the face again? The one thing I've realized with you, well, many things. But the one thing I've realized with you since working with you and knowing you for the better part of five years is you have disrespected the Tennessee Titans over and over and over and over and over again. And you always think the Colts are better than them. You embarrassed yourself nationally last year. We have the audio montage.

Do I have to go wipe off the dust of that? Where you go, listen to me, the Colts are better than the Tennessee Titans. The Colts are better than Tennessee Titans.

You're not listening to me over and over and over and over again. You said it and you got embarrassed last year. So why, why are you starting to believe in this team again? Did I say they're going to win on Sunday? Did I guarantee the Colts? Did I guarantee the Colts are going to go into Tennessee and have a better team? They're going to win.

I didn't say anything. You can't help yourself. I just said, talk to me about the division after Sunday's game. And this is a very pivotal game. Fast forward. Fast forward. Football Friday.

Hickey, do the Colts win the game this weekend against Tennessee? I will be completely honest. I'm not even like, I'm not trying to just save, save the pick. I'm just right now on a Monday. I don't know. I don't know which, I'm being honest. The fact that you're even setting yourself up to get not only slapped in the face again, but punched in the face like you're Jordan Poole and Jeramon Green is about to throw a haymaker at you.

I don't get why you do that to yourself. What I saw on Sunday from the offense is exactly what this offense should look like this season when everything goes well. Now it's against the Jaguars. Now the Jaguars have been a team that has given the Colts nightmares and that's a good defensive line. You're the only team that struggles against the Jaguars. The Jaguars are a good team. They have a good defensive line. The Colts offensive line for the first time this season actually competent. And that Ryan, when he has time to throw, what do you know? He's actually not washed up and he still can make some throws.

But again, I'm measuring myself now against a competition. They go on the road to Tennessee. I want you to win on Sunday. I want you to win on Sunday against Tennessee. I want you to win against the commanders, lose against my team, beat the Raiders.

I want you guys to go on a run because you're only hurting yourself long term. Because you guys don't have a franchise quarterback. I know you're going to tell me, oh well the Chiefs traded up for Patrick Mahomes and the Bills traded up for Josh Allen.

You didn't. Yeah, I trust those GMs a lot more than Chris Ballard. Both of those GMs, or both of those teams as you would say, were playoff teams when they made the move to get their franchise guys. Chris Ballard was in Kansas City when the move was made, or in the lead up to the move. Twice in a million.

Those are those types of moves. Let's make it three times. There's a lot of teams that would be crappy at the top. You think they're just going to say, oh hey Indianapolis, here you go. We'll gift you Bryce Young or C.J.

Stroud or Will Levis. Well, it's time for Chris Ballard or whoever's the GM. You should want to lose as many games as possible to put you in the best spot with a roster that is not actually that bad to set yourself up for the future. They're not bad enough to tank.

That's the problem. They're too good to tank. Your team stinks right now. This is the worst 3-2-1 team I've ever seen in my life. Probably the only 3-2-1 team I've ever seen in my life. Well, I was just going to say also too that we're working with a very small pool of teams that are 3-2-1 to start the year. Let's go from one team that you're delusional about to another.

Oh, well here we go. All year long, you've been crapping on Michigan and I've told you the Michigan offense is better this year than it was last year. Defensively, I'm not ready to go there yet. But Manny Diaz, I can't believe I'm saying this, up until the other day did a nice job with this Penn State defense. Now, you didn't think Michigan was going to lose the game, but you thought this was going to be a close game. And I just ask why, because since 2016, James Franklin has been an embarrassment against top 10 schools. He is O-N-10.

O-N-10! This overrated, good but not great coach, tremendous recruiter, awful coaching game, and I actually laughed because they teased you. When they took that one point lead, 14-13, a game that had no business being closed, it was two fluke-y plays, I go, I actually felt bad for Hickey.

Because I know you, you're probably on your couch. Yeah, we are, we are, here we go, we're in the game! The moment that game went to 14-13, I turned to my buddy, I was with a bunch of Michigan fans this weekend, I said, let's grab the live line number on Michigan. Michigan line 4.5 was the easiest bet I've ever won. Michigan wins 41-17, Michigan's going to be undefeated, Ohio State's going to be undefeated, they'll meet up at the end of the year. Donovan Edwards, 173 yards, Heisman hopeful, Blake Corum with 166 yards and two touchdowns. Michigan put up 418 yards and four TDs against one Manny Diaz and the Penn State Nittany Lions and the overrated coach in James Franklin.

I don't get why your school does not just start having Drew Allerby QB one, get them ready for next year right now. I don't disagree, that was, that loss was humiliating, like I am embarrassed, when you can't, when you get, like if they lose it's one thing fine. To let Michigan run for 400 yards in the ground, it's soul snatching, it sucks.

Wow, that's actually depressing, usually sometimes I enjoy dancing on your grave, you're like a sad puppy dog right now. I mean, all I did was see Blake Corum, it doesn't matter who's running the ball, everyone's falling forward, even though few times Penn State got pressure in the backfield, they're still falling forward for four yards. It doesn't, it was so frustrating. What'd you do for the game? I was at a bar in the city, Blue Haven I think it's called, usually a big Michigan bar, there's a lot of Penn State fans there, a lot of Michigan fans, a fun little atmosphere. Penn State fans got all giddy, chanted, we are, when they took that one point lead, I was wearing my Michigan polo, go Blue baby, go Blue, and Michigan wins.

Blow out. Yeah, vibes were not very high where I was. Who'd you watch the game with?

A lot of Penn State alum friends. Were you watching a game with Jay Berman? No. I saw a photo of you and Jay Berman together this week. That's old. Oh, that's an old photo? He, I mean, his camera reel is filled with photos from like, he must have the biggest storage iPhone wise I've ever had because he has photos from 30 years ago. I've seen two people go all gray now recently, Jay Berman, who looks good gray, and then did you see who is finally embracing the gray hair?

No. On CBS, Rich Gannon, totally gray. I've not seen Rich recently. The pandemic, excuse me, the pandemic has done that to a lot of people, where they were inside their house, so they didn't have to color their hair or do anything. I'm like, ah, yeah, I'm old now, it's fine. You're starting to see a lot of people go all gray now. More times than not, not every time, but more times than not, it looks better just to let the hair go naturally. Do you have some grays? I do. Yeah, so do I. I'm not going to color them. No, I think you have a nice head of hair.

Oh, thank you. I think you would actually look good gray. One day I'm sure I'll find out, but I will not be coloring my hair, I can promise you that right now. It never looks good. Do the Patriots have a quarterback competition? Yes or no right now?

Right now, no. Dallas Cowboys think it's safe to say all this Cooper Rush nonsense we could now wash away and Dak Prescott's going to be starting this week. How dumb was that? So dumb. No one actually believed it. It's just people don't know what to talk about, so they have to try to stir up some controversy because they can't be creative in any other way.

There was never going to be controversy. The moment Dakada was able to grip a football, you know he's going to be back on the field, no matter what Jerry Jones said. Know how to law offense, week six next, Zach Gelb's show, CBS Sports Radio. Check out Fantasy Football Today anywhere podcasts are found. Fantasy Football Leagues are one on the waiver wire and with trades and with savvy starter sit decisions. The Fantasy Football Today podcast will help you along the way with the best advice on how to manage your team and dominate your league with eight episodes per week. Fantasy Football Today is the only resource you'll need. Start sit, grade the trade, fantasy cops to settle your league disputes and so much more. Check out Fantasy Football Today anywhere podcasts are found. Fantasy Football Leagues are one on the waiver wire and with trades and with savvy starter sit decisions. The Fantasy Football Today podcast will help you along the way with the best advice on how to manage your team and dominate your league with eight episodes per week. Fantasy Football Today is the only resource you'll need. Start sit, grade the trade, fantasy cops to settle your league disputes and so much more. Check out Fantasy Football Today anywhere podcasts are found.
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