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Best In The NFC West (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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October 11, 2022 10:08 pm

Best In The NFC West (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 11, 2022 10:08 pm

News Brief l Are the 49ers favorites to win the NFC West? l Closing Bell

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We continue. This is that guilt show coast on CBS Sports Radio. Hour number four, quattro, of our radio program. And we're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life well.

Rocket can. Time to update you on the biggest stories of the day with some audio. Let's get to a News Brief.

We get you caught up on the rumors, reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. Another day and another time that we have no clue how to hit the quarterback in the NFL anymore. I don't want to get myself caught up in any controversy, which is ridiculous that it's a controversy like Troy Aikman. So I'll just say no one knows how to hit the quarterback and maybe we should just put flags on the quarterback. Because what Grady Jarrett did on Sunday, there's no other way that you should hit Tom Brady. And what happened last night with Chris Jones, that one's more egregious than the Brady one. And the Brady one was super duper egregious because Chris Jones from behind tackled Derek Carr. The ball pops out. The ball is right underneath Chris Jones's belly. He grabs it and then tries to avoid Derek Carr.

I don't know, Ryan. I've seen a lot of football. And maybe it's a heightened awareness because of the Tua injury. And you can't avoid the Tua concussion. You can't avoid a quarterback tearing their ACL.

You can put them in spots where they get hit less. But when it comes to a simple tackle, these are textbook tackles. So if you're gonna have a heightened awareness now, the last week or two because the league's getting blasted because they allowed Tua back on the field. And then allowed him to play on that Thursday night game. Alright, maybe the refs are getting told you gotta protect the quarterback a little bit more. But it's not because the quarterback wasn't protected enough in terms of the way that he got hit as to why he got injured. The reason why the injury got worse is because you allowed him to get back on the field. And if you don't believe me, ask the NFLPA.

They already said we had to get rid of the independent doctor. And then somehow he's allowed to play four days later. And yeah, the NFL, right? Their bread is buttered by the quarterback position. So I get protecting the quarterback, but to this level?

It makes no sense to me, Ryan. You have large 300-pound men that actually move quicker than what you would think they would move with their size. And they are chasing down.

That is the goal. You are chasing down the quarterback. And you have quarterbacks, even guys like Brady and Carr, who are more likely to get hit by the quarterback. And you have quarterbacks, even guys like Brady and Carr, who are more traditional pocket passing quarterbacks that still know how to move around the pocket. And you're asking those guys, the linemen, to only hit a specific area. And then you get guys like Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, the more mobile quarterbacks that can juke. And a guy could be intending to hit a guy in the ribs. And then he goes a little bit higher because the other guy is shifting his position.

You just got to use common sense here. Penalties in the NFL are when a player does something you're not supposed to do, right? Holding. You're not taught to hold. You flag when your technique slips and you hold.

That was, by the way, my favorite speech. Always the offensive line coach when you play high school football. This is where you're supposed to jam them. You're supposed to jam them in the boobs. That's what you're supposed to do.

I can't say what the person actually said on the radio. You jam them right there. You don't go outside. You jam them inside. That's always the way that the speech would go. Like you just mentioned, you're taught a certain way. And if you do it wrong, you get flagged. For Chris Jones yesterday, what are you teaching them to do in that situation? You come from behind, you get the football. What is he supposed to do? I'll tell you. You go up to the quarterback, you play patty cake with the quarterback, and you tell the quarterback while playing patty cake, hey, I'm about to take you down, but since I'm not allowed to take you down, I'm going to give you a pillow, put your head on the pillow.

I'll get you some milk, I'll get you some cookies, and then I will feed you from a distance of four feet away the milk and the cookies just so I make no contact on you. Are quarterbacks supposed to do the Brett Favre fake fall down with Michael Schranz coming around? Exactly. That's what's going to need to happen. Chris Jones says roughing the passer penalties need to be reviewable. I think now to evolve roughing the passer and protecting the quarterback is essentially what we're doing in this league. We've got to be able to look at roughing the passers in the booth. Because it's happening so fast, maybe we can change that. Because now it's getting absurd.

You know what I'm saying? Now it's called the team's games. That was a fourth down stop on Grady Jarrett. The team would have got the ball back and who knows what would have happened. But for them not to be able to look at that, when you see it on videos, when it's faster you on the field and it happened that fast, they might see something different. But when they're able to look at the video and see that it's not roughing the passers, a lot of these roughing the passers would be called back. I would agree with them. I think it should be reviewable. I think there's no harm in having some checks and balances in place. I just don't know how many of them would be called back. Because you remember the whole debacle between the Saints and the Rams. Then they made pass interference reviewable.

And a lot of those calls that were obvious, no pass interference, did not get overturned because the league's trying to save the ref until it was a crucial spot. That's the only thing. I would be more than fine. I think it's a great suggestion to put it in place. I just don't know how effective it will be. But if you get into a big playoff game where there's some bullcrap roughing the passer, in a spot like that you would hope that the league does the right thing. So I think it's worth it Ryan. I really do.

I don't just because of what you said. It's a judgement call. So now you're asking the referee to either judge his own intent. Because I think most of the time the head referee is also the one in the area that usually throws the roughing the passer call. Or you get to judge another one of your fellow referees judgement.

Those are one of those that never work out. So maybe in week 14 of the regular season they don't overturn it. But let's just say AFC Championship game. 3rd and 8th. And the 4th quarter was 6.25 to go.

It's Kansas City and Buffalo. Back to drop is Josh Allen. Josh Allen throws the football.

It's incomplete. Flag. Roughing the passer on Chris Jones.

Clearly not roughing the passer. It's officiated like last night. I would at least in that spot like to have it reviewable compared to not even having the option for the league to double down and make themselves look like a bozo once again. I would at least like to have that option there for the league to save themselves and not ruin the outcome of the game. You know what we need on that kind of note? We need a common sense ref. Someone in the booth like me and you just sits there and goes ok what do we do? Because they said technically he landed on his body weight.

Which I guess technically yesterday sure. It's impossible not to. That's just a weak call. But if you're having a referee or another head referee going back and forth.

You need someone who's removed from the situation and basically be like we're not doing this. They should have me and you sit in the booth. We get to review roughing the passer.

Any controversial penalties. They don't even need to pay us. Just get us lunch. Get us dinner. Get us some booze. And we could sit back and I think we would be more effective than maybe some of these referees in the National Football League. One of the better ideas you've had.

I love it. I'm in. Alright maybe we'll take a salary. A modest salary.

We don't have to overpay. I like these TV refs that get paid a million dollars a year. They don't even need a million. I'll take a million. You'll give Hickey like $25 an hour. We'll have my agent negotiate it. Chris Jones says he doesn't know how to hit the quarterback anymore.

There's no need for an explanation. How should I tackle? How should I not roll on him? I'm trying my best. I'm 340, 25 pounds. What do you want me to do? I'm running full speed trying to get the quarterback. I hit the ball. What do you want me to do?

I brace my hands. Is that him saying I'm actually 340 but I have a weight incentive clause in my contract so I need to be 325? Or is that the Chiefs list me at 325 but I'm actually 340? I wonder what that is.

Maybe a weight incentive. Andy Reid is confused as to why Chris Jones was called for roughing the passer. That makes all of us coach.

I thought he had the ball. That's what I thought. That's their job.

They do that. That's Andy Reid saying I have to make some comment in a negative way towards the officials but I don't want to get fined. If you're Andy Reid with all the money that you have.

And I know he has the respect and trust of that locker room. Don't you just go and you won last night so maybe it's different if you lose. But don't you just go ballistic on the zebras because then maybe down the road people remember Andy freaked out about that.

Yeah he got screwed. So then a big spot maybe the officials remember it and don't call it against Andy because everyone loves Andy Reid. I think I go berserk. If I'm an official. Actually if I'm the coach last night.

You be the member of the media hot day Kiki. And you pretend like I'm Andy Reid and I'll give you my answer on that. Zach what was your thoughts on the run from the passer call on Chris Jones? It's complete and utter bull bleep. It's terrible. It's awful. It's horrendous.

I have no clue how else. I've been around football for 40 years. I have no clue how else you're supposed to hit the quarterback. Chris Jones did nothing wrong. The league should be ashamed of themselves. This happened on Sunday.

It happened on Monday. Even if this happened the other way. Where you just look at the situation and another team got penalized.

It just doesn't make all around. It's a terrible look for the league. So screw the officials and screw the NFL.

Terrible job. You know I think we need more in the NFL. We need more baseball manager ejection.

Like just melt down. Like Andy Reid throwing his head on the field. Forget throwing it down. Throw it on the field. Go over to the ball boy. Take a few footballs. Throw them on the field. Maybe go over to Derek Carr and show the rest how the tackle went. Like tackle Derek Carr. This is what Chris Jones did.

I think we need a full explosion. It's funny. Two things in sports that we see that we very rarely see in any other sports. Managers getting ejected like you said. Like in the NBA you may get double technical here and there. But I can't remember the last time an NFL coach got ejected from a game.

Neither can I. And then also fights in hockey. Any other sport you fight you're kicked out of the game. NFL you throw punches out. Major League Baseball you throw a punch out. NBA you throw a punch you get suspended for the season. Unless if you punch your own teammate. That's true. But when it comes to hockey they encourage fighting. Good way to get in and maybe that's why players aren't punching their own teammates.

They're well behaved. I have no clue what you just said because I think you're looking at the same thing that I'm looking at. Is that why you hesitated there for a second. You watch the baseball. I do the baseball. That's I thought that was a home run.

I hit the top of the wall hit the top wall and came back in. Josh Johnson was cruising. He was pimping the home run and got thrown out of first. They're going to review that obviously. So we'll see if that's going to be a home run for the Yankees if they do. I don't think there was anyone on so they would take what a 2-1 lead if that's gone? If it's gone 2-1 lead.

If not that's a no. Anyway where were you? Andy Reid says despite Travis Kelsey scoring four TDs it was a total team effort on offense. He had 25 yards before touchdown so that's a pretty good day but kind of a weird number. Marquez had some big plays for us. Juju Skye stepped up at the end. Had some big catch and runs for us. Elgrady stepping in and doing a nice job at the guard spot for us. So all in all it was just probably a tale of halves.

We played a lot better the second half. Now real quickly I'm watching this replay. If it is a home run not only do they get a 2-1 lead but if it's not a home run Josh Donaldson as the ball then fell back into play got caught in no man's land in between first and second base he was thrown out at first base. So that would be one of the longest outs I've ever seen. I think he's out. That would like defy geometry but it just came straight down. Top of the fence. Oh did that hit that fan's hands? I don't think so. Oh this is tough.

Where's Jeffrey Meyer? Yeah. You need sure hands there. Yeah that clips no one but the top of the wall. I don't.

Wow. That hits the tippy tippy top of the wall. And this is great.

You have all of these New Yorkers. Did the ball hit here? You see the mark? The ball hit here. You think these guys are getting ejected one of these guys? If they made contact with the ball interfering with the.

No I don't think they did. Oh he thought it was a home run. Yeah. He literally celebrated the first base coach even slapped his hand and he then started turning the base and then there you go.

It's a long explanation. Yeah he's out. He's out.

So they said that it was not a home run and then he's out at first. Oh my God. What a turn of emotions. All right let's get back to the news brief Josh McDaniels. So his team scores a touchdown Devontae Adams it makes it 30 to 29 you think okay just easily kick the extra point he elected to go for two here's the coach. Felt like in that situation you know we hadn't you know we hadn't really they had kind of had a lot of momentum offensively obviously in the second half. Just you know we had a play that we felt really good about thought we would get a look that gave us a shot at it for sure and we had a chance we had a fair fight at it. You know they played it a little bit better than we did and gave ourselves an opportunity to take the lead there. I don't like the call.

I know that every single person is going to tell me hey or not every person because I think it is split. But there's going to be a lot of people that are going to say oh I like the aggressiveness with fourth third you go in the game tie up the game ended up getting a stop. And then their offense failed them on that third and one and fourth and one and ended up losing the game.

I'd rather be tied instead of losing the game in that spot but hey that's just me. Devante Adams did shove a camera guy after the game this is Devante Adams sort of giving an apology to the camera guy. Before I answer anything else I want to apologize to the guy some guy running off the field and he ran jumped in front of me. Coming off the field and I bumped into him and kind of pushed him and then he ended up on the ground so I want to say sorry to him for that because that was just frustration mixed with him. Running and literally just running in front of me and I was shouldn't have responded that way but that's how I initially responded so I want to apologize to him for that. Let's just be real. You were frustrated you were annoyed that your team lost you're used to winning with the Green Bay Packers and you shoved the camera man. Terrible move awful move. I know a lot of people are saying oh he needs to be suspended I don't think he needs to be suspended I would just find him.

That would be me. Sean Payton on if the Carolina Panthers are an attractive head coaching job this is courtesy of the herd. I think it's attractive and it's almost a unicorn. The open job with a great quarterback waiting for you to come in and be the foster parent.

Generally speaking it's somewhat broken and you brought up something that I thought was really important. The timing of function versus dysfunction and often times the better quarterbacks are going to dysfunction. That sounds as if Sean Payton knows he has to say it's an attractive job because he would know what the headline would be. Sean Payton saying the Panthers attractive job is not a juicy headline. Him saying the Carolina Panthers are a bad job or a non attractive job unattractive job.

That's a sexy headline. I think he said a lot in his words after saying it's an attractive job because remember there's all this talk to go someplace where the quarterback position is solidified. And you look at a spot that he just left in New Orleans he left once pretty much a year after Drew Brees left. He had all that uncertainty with Jameis Winston and then you knew Jameis got hurt and then it was like okay this is not going to work I just got to leave. With him talking about the uncertainty about the quarterback and how it's a unicorn to just go to a spot where the quarterback is there. I think that's Sean saying yeah thanks but no thanks Carolina. Am I wrong on that?

Not at all. Especially look I love Baker Mayfield but he stinks. What are we talking about?

What are we doing? We may have to make him like two feet higher. Two inches baby. The biggest quarterback in NFL history? Two feet would be a little bit smaller. Seven foot four. Baker Mayfield.

Yeah. Maybe he should wear implants. Get those orthotics going.

Jerry Jones on what will lead Dak Prescott to returning onto the field is courtesy of 105.3 The Fan. He's got to spin the ball. He's got to really spin the ball.

And you just think about it. Put your hand down on something like would be the equivalent of a football. Try to do that without thumb strength. Try to spin that ball. Try to direct that ball without thumb strength if you're really giving a proper throw.

Can't do it. But if you do have strength and can grip the ball then you can spin the ball. Unlike most injuries that you have to have a feel. You have to develop ability to see if the quickness is there. What's the degree of quickness back if you didn't have an injury.

All of that seems pretty simple to detect. Can he zip the ball out there and make the throw? I kind of wish that Jerry Jones just went Belichick there. When he's ready. When he can hold the football he'll play. I'm not a doctor.

But when he's ready. Okay. That's it.

Day to day. At least like Belichick is more clear. And that stuff that Jerry Jones is when he just talks for 45 seconds in a bunch of circles. That makes no sense to me.

Really doesn't. Zach Gelb's show CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. I'm ready to make a prediction change. When it comes to the NFL season. NFC West. I think the 49ers are going to win the division.

I look at that division right now. Seahawks 2 and 3. The Seahawks defense stinks. Eventually Geno Smith is going to come back down to earth.

The Cardinals. I know that they're getting DeAndre Hopkins back soon. One more week without him.

One more game without him. They're 2 and 3. They've weathered the storm I guess you could say. I just don't trust right now in their careers.

Cliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray in a big spot. The Rams. Their offensive line is horrendous. And their offense right now is all Cooper Cup. You look at the 49ers. They're not sexy.

They're not great. Their defense is phenomenal. And offensively they do just enough. As long as Jimmy G can stay healthy and protect the football.

With some of the weapons that he has at his disposal. That's a team that when it may just be the survival of the fittest in the NFC West. Because I don't think there's a great team right now in the NFC West. I think that the 49ers as long as the quarterback stays healthy. Are going to win the NFC West.

Are you ready to go there? Hot take Kiki. The leader of the Rams bandwagon a year ago. One of the few people to say the Rams are going to win the Super Bowl. And you stayed confident with that.

Anytime they looked like they were about to crash and burn. You said no no no no Rams are going to be fine. Are you ready to say the 49ers are going to win the division?

Not yet. Here's why. I want to see more consistency from Jimmy G. It's basically for the most part been a roller coaster. Good start. Bad start. Good start.

Bad start. I don't love Jimmy G but he wins games. He does. He's consistent there.

I still think he needs to play well for this team to continue to win games. And I know things look. I'm concerned about the Rams.

I'm not going to pretend here and say it's all roses and candy. It's very bad. And the run game is not existent. They can't keep Matthew Stafford upright.

I think he's already banged up as it is. You're right. I will give them a little more time to figure it out before I write them off as dead for the NFC West. 11 wins won that division last year. It was a tiebreaker. I thought the Rams were 12-5.

I'll double check. But it's either 12-5 or 11. The Rams and Cardinals had the same record. So the Rams and Cardinals had the same record. And the Rams ended up getting that home playoff game. They ended up winning the division. I just, I can't see right now with the way that the Rams are playing, the Rams getting to 11 wins.

And they, yeah, do you have the record? 12-5 for the Rams. Cardinals had 11 wins. They're 11-6. Oh really? Why did I think that was a tiebreaker?

12-11-10. Rams, Cardinals, 49ers. Those are the number of wins last year.

Gotcha. But you look at the Rams, like, they had the Panthers this weekend. If they lose to the Panthers, man, that team sucks. You have to then have the San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay, Arizona, New Orleans, Kansas City.

Then they wrap up the year, Seattle, Las Vegas, Green Bay, Denver, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Is that team right with 11? Do you think 11 is the magic number this year? In that division, I feel like if you win 11 games in the division, you should be able to win that division this year. I think 11 is a good number. I could see 10- 10 may win it.

But I would definitely say if you get to 11 this year, you're feeling extremely good about your chances. Now, for the 49ers, their schedule does pick up. The 49ers, though, let's see how many wins we give them. Do a little win-loss here. 49ers play the Falcons this week. Win.

So there you go. That would put them at four wins on the season because they're currently three and two. They play the Chiefs in week seven. I'll go loss.

I would agree. They play the Rams in week eight. Gotta say win. They've owned them.

Yeah. I mean, Jimmy G's never lost to them in the regular season. They eventually do, but I don't see that change in two weeks. So that's five wins right there. Then they have a bye week. Off the bye week, they play the Chargers. Now, offensively, I would think that the Chargers offense will put up more points than the 49ers offense. But that defense for the 49ers is that good where I could see Herbert having a mistake or two in that game. That defense is elite for the 49ers.

I think I'm going to lean San Francisco there, to be honest. So that would be six wins at the Cardinals week 11, Monday Night Football. I'll trust the Cardinals. That's a win. So seven. Saints. Win.

Eight. Miami. Where's that game? That game is in Santa Clara. I will say that's tough. I'll go win. So they already have three wins. You said Atlanta's win, that's four. So the Rams' win, that's five. So the Chargers' win, that's six. So the Cardinals' win, that's seven. That would be the Saints' eight. That would be nine wins already. Through week 13, they play the Bucs in week 14. Loss. They play the Seahawks in week 15. Should be a win. Ten.

Commanders' week 16. Oh, that's definitely a win. Carson Wentz, nine picks. Yeah, I'll have locked that in.

So that's the already 11. They play the Raiders week 17 and the Cardinals week 18. Like even if we say you have them lose to the Chargers and maybe they cough one up against the Dolphins, that team should win the division. And it's not that I'm picking them because I believe in them a ton and I think they're this great football team. But when all those teams in the NFC West have warts right now, I think the 49ers are just going to be the most consistent.

And you know, in this league, I hate to sound so cliche because I hate doing radio like that. The game is built and won in the trenches. 49ers are the best built in the trenches on both sides of the ball in that division.

Defensively, they're great. And that offensive line, even without Trent Williams and Trent Williams eventually come back, you think, has been a very good offensive line for the last few years. The Rams offensive line only has one returner, Ralph Havenstein from the Super Bowl team a year ago, has not only regressed, they have fallen flat on their face. And you don't have a mobile quarterback in Matthew Stafford. Cooper Cup is their only, like if I'm playing the Rams, I'm saying, all right, let Cooper Cup get his yards.

Because the greatest Cooper Cup is, is he going to beat you single handedly week in and week out? It's tough when you have no line and the quarterback is prone to make some mistakes. And I can't trust Cliff Kingsbury in a big spot. And the Seahawks defense is horrible. And am I really going to pitch my wagon to Geno Smith?

No. So after five weeks, going into six weeks, and I was down with the 49ers before this year because I just didn't know what to expect from Trey Lance, but Trey Lance being on the bench. I'm taking the 49ers with that division. You're still going with the Rams though?

Is that your pick still? I'm sticking with the Rams. You don't sound very confident about that. I'm sticking with the Rams. I think they got to turn it around and see, like, I'm not giving them a lot of time more, much more time here.

I'm trying, I'm trying to be, you know, a patient fan, not too reactionary. Time's ticking. Marco, who you going with in the NFC West though?

I would take the Niners. I think the Rams are still kind of in that hungover from last year. They're beat up. They're, they're old.

I think it's kind of catch up to them. I don't know if I just got more intelligent as I've gotten older, but I feel like Marco and I would used to battle in the weekend overnights. Like when you're in the week, I feel like we used to have some, some heated debates in the newsroom. And now I feel like we agree on a lot of things. I don't really remember the heated debates. So I remember one, there was one.

It was me, you and Horowitz. We're having a conversation about something about the Giants and the Patriots are brought into it. And you go, well, you're a Patriot fan, right? And I'm like, yeah. He's like, and I just remember Marco goes, well, then I can't value your opinion on that. And I was actually kind of pissed off about like, what? Because I'm a Patriot fan?

I can't have an opinion? I feel like there's got to be more to this story. I feel like you're leaving out some, some intricate details in this. I don't remember this. I try to forget the weekend overnight days, so I don't actually remember. You got to know where you come from.

All the specifics. I want to say that that strikes me as the only reason I would say something like that. That would be something where it's knowing pain. Like as a Patriot fan, you don't know pain. But I don't think it was a pain conversation. It had to be something like that. I can't imagine it would just be, I would dismiss your, your opinion on something.

That's not, that's not usually my M.O. Yeah. The only reason I don't think it was about pain was because like there's Ben Horowitz. I know the Giants are in a rough stretch, but they haven't won two Super Bowls in his lifetime. Fair, but the Giants have had some, I mean, look, as a Patriot fan, I mean, this is the leanest you've ever seen, correct? Uh, yeah. They missed the playoffs after winning the Super Bowl and Super Bowl 36, not a big deal. Right.

I had to survive Cam Newton, you know, tough times. Well, that's what I'm saying. Like you had like- Hold on, Marco.

They lost Wild Card Weekend. Yeah, that's what I mean. That's what I'm saying. In that regard, I could see myself saying like, yeah, no, I'm sorry. You get dismissed in there. But anything else, no, that's not usually the way I go about this.

I don't even think you do this for like about a month. I was down on Marco. I was like, I can't have an opinion?

I'm the host of this show and I'm not allowed to have an opinion? And I was ready to like, uh, I was mad. That's fine. I didn't realize we were about to throw down in the newsroom.

I don't remember this at all, to be fair. I was like more like F. Marco Belletti, not a fan. All right. And now every time I go to Marco in agreement and I love you.

855-2124CBS. Real quickly, Jay in Dallas next up on the Zach Gelb show. Jay, go ahead. Hey Zach, how's it going? Just a few things really quick.

The first thing I've always wondered, how did you get the Backstreet Boys to start in your intro? The second thing is what the Cowboys, what did the Cowboys need to do to get the victory over the Eagles? And then last thing really quick is I'm in the belief, and I don't know if you agree with me or not, that if that does come back, it's disaster for the Cowboys. I mean, he's always had trouble throwing that dig route and now that he has the thumb issue, I mean, it's going to be even worse in my opinion. Here's the thing, you don't have to rush him back and thanks for the phone call, Jay, you don't have to rush him back, but he is an upgrade over Cooper Rush.

He's done a very good job, not only weathering the storm, it feels like he's defeated the storm. If that makes any sense, here's the, but I don't think the Cowboys, they're in a super bowl contending conversation this year because the NFC is not that strong. They have a really good defense. They could run the football. I just think Dak's a very good quarterback, not a great quarterback. Can you win with that?

Yeah, I guess. But I do think eventually in the postseason, the Cowboys aren't going to have a great performance, they're going to lose and everyone's going to freak out. And we're going to forget about this team starting 4-1.

But I'm not operating on the belief that this team, that there's a quarterback controversy and they need to start Cooper Rush and that Dak's in jeopardy of losing his job. Now, to beat the Eagles, they start off really quick, so you have to match them quick. You just got to make that a one score game in the fourth quarter. Because the Eagles were able to pull it out last week. They do not score a lot of points in the fourth quarter this year. I think the Eagles are the more talented team. This may be the week that you wish you had Dak Prescott. Because I just don't think the Cowboys offense is going to keep up with the intensity of this Eagles offense.

But that defense is a great defense for Dallas. And finally, the way that I got the Backstreet Boys to do the intro that we play each and every day back at 9.40. I was interviewing them at Radio Row.

And I said, I would love you guys to record Zach is Back alright. And they were kind enough to record it. So, it was that simple. You have a little creative thought. You have a willing party.

Willing to help you out. And that's the way that we got the introduction. And that was in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. Wrapping up shop, it is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. Let me get to our poll question tonight.

Just to give you the final poll calculations here. Who misses who more? Is it Devante Adams or Aaron Rodgers? My answer earlier was Devante Adams. Because even though Rodgers is clearly frustrated, we know Devante Adams is as well. He just shoved the man last night.

That did nothing wrong. I have to go with Devante Adams here because Rodgers will make the playoffs. The Packers will win the playoffs. We'll see if they still win the NFC North.

I would still lean yes. Minnesota is 4-1, but they don't feel like a 4-1 team. But Green Bay is also 3-2. They don't feel like a 3-2 team.

It feels like both teams should be worse. So, we know that Minnesota already beat Green Bay once this year. They do play again obviously being in that division. But the Packers, bare minimum, are going to win 10 games and are going to make the playoffs. The Raiders at 1-4, it seems like their season is cooked.

And they're not going to make the playoffs. So, Rodgers has time to develop this chemistry to get ready in a weak NFC in the postseason because they'll be there. What is Devante Adams getting ready for for the rest of the season? And that's a guy that's used to playoffs, playoffs, playoffs, playoffs, and playing deep into the postseason even though they didn't get to a Super Bowl.

But being in conference championship games, he's not even going to come close to sniffing that with this version of the Las Vegas Raiders. So, that's why I go Devante Adams. But 56.3%, say Aaron Rodgers, 43.7% go Devante Adams on who misses who more between Rodgers and Adams. 8-5-5, 2-1-2-4 CBS.

8-5-5, 2-1-2, 42-27. Let me go to Mark in California. Yankees up 4-1 against the Guardians. And we do have Dodgers and Padres about to get underway. Go ahead, Mark.

What's going on? So, I just came on and I heard you say that the Cowboys are a Super Bowl contender in a weak NFC. No, they're not. If you expect the Rams to be under.500 for the rest of the season, the 49ers, even Arizona, I really don't.

Well, Mark, let me just ask you this. Give me your top five teams then because if you're a top five team, you should be a Super Bowl contender. The Giants are 4-1 and we're definitely... And the Giants lost to the Cowboys. Giants lost to the Cowboys, right? Eagles don't scare me in my honest opinion. That Arizona game was clearly... Did they win the game?

They did not. You're right. But, hey, Giants have four wins as well.

In the last couple of years, we would have lost that. So, I think... So, what? You don't think people are...

Hold on, Mark. I've given a lot of praise to the Giants. You could also give praise to the Cowboys. The Cowboys have a great defense as NFC. The Cowboys have a great defense. They're playing with no Dak Prescott. And you know me, I never, never, never, ever praise the Dallas Cowboys.

I call them the drama Dallas Choking Cowboys, but they're a top five team in the NFC. I think Dak Prescott's the most overrated quarterback in the National Football League. I mean, he is overrated beyond anything.

I've never seen a quarterback get paid all this money and throw for like 250 yards, no touchdowns. He's ridiculous. The guy's a very good quarterback, Mark. He's not great, but he's very good. He's... I mean, Daniel Jones is serviceable this year. He's not great, but...

Awesome. Well, what is up with your... You'd rather have Daniel Jones over Dak Prescott? Would you rather have Dak Jones? Or do you have Dak Jones?

Over who? Dak Jones or Dak Prescott. I'd rather have Dak Prescott. Ah, what? No, man, I mean... That's coming from a Patriot fan, but Matt gets to prove more.

Can he get on the field first? Right. I know. I think 49ers are better. Are you drinking right now, Mark, because of the Yankees game? So, listen, man, Cleveland's not going to win one game. They ain't going to win one game against us. I mean, everyone was sitting here saying Cleveland's better, blah, blah, blah.

All the talk of, you know, Cleveland in five. The Yankees ain't doing nothing. Remember, they don't hit home runs. And I mean, we're either kind of forever away from really not even scoring a run, being a 4-0. But still, I want to see Houston.

I want to see Houston and the Yankees. Remember, you got to be the best to beat the best. And you guys have not beat them?

We have not. And that's why I think this year might be a little different. The thing about it is Judge and Rizzo is fantastic.

What a great player he has been. I mean, every year it's 32, hitting up clutch in the playoffs. I think everyone talked about our bullpen not coming through. You know, the Yankee pitching.

I think Cole pitched great today. Yeah. Mark, I appreciate the phone call.

Thanks so much. I'm sorry. I'm a New York guy. I'm from New York.

That's too much New York for me even on a national show like this. How many times are you going to mention the Giants? And then, hey, the Yankees, we know they're the second best team in the AL.

But until they take down the Astros, I'm not going to believe that they're going to take down the Astros. Let's get to the closing bell. Another day is in the books, and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down. Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell.

Only on the Zach Gelb Show. Four touchdowns last night for Travis Kelce. Give him a stock up. You know, give him another one. And another one. And another one.

Travis Kelce in the game last night had the four touchdowns, seven receptions for 25 yards. Maybe the most bizarre stat line that you will ever see. Let's hear Jordan Alvarez walk it off, a three-run home run. The Astros were trailing in this game to the Mariners, seven to three at one point. And they find a way to win it, eight to seven on this walk-off courtesy of Robert Ford and the Astros Radio Network. The 0-1, and Alvarez belts it, deep to right field, gets it, goodbye.

Unbelievable. The Astros a walk-off win. Jordan Alvarez a walk-off three-run homer. And the Astros stunned the Mariners in game one of the division series.

Stock up to Jordan Alvarez. Castellanos getting ripped a lot in Philly this year, and deservedly so. Well, he ripped a two-run single today to make it 6-1 in the fourth here. Scott Fransky on the Phillies Radio Network.

Chavez said at the belt. He kicks the pitch. Swung on, lined to left. That's a base hit out of the reach of Swanson. One run is home.

Here comes Hoskins home. He will score. And Nick Castellanos with his third hit of the game. He's driven in two more, and the Phillies lead it 6-1.

Castellanos in that contest, as you heard, three RBIs had three hits. Phillies just hold on. Braves put up three in the ninth. But the Fightons win 7-6.

They take down the Braves in game one. Stock up to Nick Castellanos. Ben Simmons shot a basketball. Now it wasn't even close. It was wide left, but at least he shot it.

Stock up Ben Simmons. Stock down to the analytics that McDaniels and Andy Reid were losing last night. They lost me with their analytics. And finally, roughing the passer. What Chris Jones and Grady Jatt were called for is an absolute disgrace.

And the NFL should be embarrassed. Stock down. And that's the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Big thanks to all the callers. You can always follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Make sure you do that. At Zach Gelb, Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. You can also go to our podcast.

Make sure that you like it, and you subscribe to it, and you rate it. And we'll be back tomorrow at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific, right here on CBS Sports Radio. J.R. coming up next. Enjoy all the sports tonight. Talk piƱata, everybody. Bye-bye. Thank you. Peace.
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