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Week 4 Overreaction or Proper Reaction? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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October 4, 2022 10:12 pm

Week 4 Overreaction or Proper Reaction? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 4, 2022 10:12 pm

NFL Week 4 overreaction or proper reaction? l Barrett Sallee, CBS Sports college football reporter l Who are NFL head coaching candidates for next season?

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We're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage studios.

Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage could help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life well. Rocket can. Time to do a little overreaction or proper reaction. Hot take hickey, take it away.

It's time for overreaction or proper reaction on the Zach Gelb show only on CBS Sports Radio. That may be better than the deep voice guy. Paul Turner? Yes. I like that. I'm sorry.

Like the octave change from low to high. By the way, have you ever seen what Paul Turner looks like? I have not. Jacked. I would feel like you have to be.

Maybe. You're tall too. I think you have to be like brawny for to have that deep of voice. Can't be like small like me.

You have to be what? Like brawn. Like, you know, strength.

Oh, okay. I think I just, you know, added a Y there and just kind of, you know, made my own word. But like, you know, you got like a really big, strong, muscular, tough.

I wouldn't say that. Iron jaw. He's towering over people. Not a little guy, but you could, he's just ripped.

You look at that guy and you say, wow, he's in shape. I saw one photo of him at some WFAN event like years ago. I remember seeing a photo of him when they were celebrating maybe it was the 25th or 20th anniversary of the station. But he's been our voice voiceover guy here at CBS Sports Radio for 10 years.

As CBS Sports Radio turns 10 when the new year does start. Do you recall his jawline? I think you have to have a strong jaw. Looks like a mannequin. Yeah.

Yeah. Good jawline. But you can't be like, look at me having that deep of voice, you know. You have a certain physique. What's wrong with your jawline? No, no, no. I'm saying looking like me, like smaller stature.

Yeah. You're in shape though. You're deceivingly in shape, but not you have to be in terms of muscles for you for a voice that deep and that strong.

You have to be also physically strong. I would say why you don't think you could be a fat slob just with a good voice. Are there that many people around like that with that deep of a voice? I don't know.

Well, that's also true. I don't know any of the... Unless I saw a photo of this guy, I have no clue what any of these other voiceover people look like. Like the EA Sports guy. EA Sports. It's in the game. I'm assuming. EA Sports.

It's in the game. He probably looks a lot like... He's in good shape. I've seen, he's a big dude, a husky dude, but strong. Like Paul Turner? Turner's in better shape. Okay.

That dude may looks like he's a few needle steroids, a little bit. Oh, okay. Interesting. EA Sports.

It's in the game. Looks like a lumberjack. I can see like lumberjacks having some deep voice, like booming voice, strong voice. Your brain works in a very weird way. Just trying to just come apart.

You know, just trying to tell you what I would imagine as a strong guy with a strong voice would sound like. Compartmentalize is what you were about to say? No. Yeah.

That didn't make any sense. Yeah. That's always a word that I try to avoid saying because I just... When I'm going, it's tough to say that word.

When I say compute, not compartmentalize. Just for the record. Okay. You have Maras hanging out often? No.

You guys post artists make no sense. I'll just get back to the script here. Overreaction to proper reaction, Zach. Coming off of last night's dominating win over the Rams. Everyone in the NFC West right now is 2-2. Overreaction to proper reaction. The 49ers are the team right now to beat in the NFC West.

Overreaction. I will still give the benefit of the doubt for the entire season to the Rams even though their offensive line looks like Garbaz right now and Matthew Stafford starting to look like Detroit Matthew Stafford again and not LA Matthew Stafford. But there's just too much inconsistency with Jimmy Garoppolo. Now they have the best defense in the division. That's clear. But in terms of the offense being on par with the defense consistently or being able to hold their own for a little bit.

Yeah. This is Jimmy G. Last week's stinks. This week was okay. These next two games you're playing the Panthers and the Falcons.

You should win both and then you go on a really tough stretch the next five to six games. Four games in the Steelers season all Mitch Chubisky a quarterback. The Steelers averaged 18.5 points. We're getting us 24th in the NFL. Now that Kenny Pickett is a starter going forward Zach.

The Steelers offense will be a top 15 offense in the NFL. Overreaction to proper reaction. Overreaction. Their line stinks. Najee Harris not 100% healthy.

I like Pickens. Claypool's fine. I'm a fan of Deontay Johnson but a top 15 offense. Yeah I'm not ready to go there especially with the lack of talent up front at the offensive line position. Overreaction or proper reaction. Moving forward the Saints should make Andy Dalton right now the starter. Overreaction.

Why. What upside does Andy Dalton have. I know what you're going to say what upside does Jamis Winston have. At least we haven't seen Jamis Winston get through a full season yet with the New Orleans Saints. I can't advocate for Andy Dalton to be starting multiple games of the rest of the season and actually then ever talk about the Saints again for the rest of the year when it's October. The commanders overreaction or proper action Zach should bench Carson Wentz for either Taylor Heinecky or Sam hell.

Why do you have to ask me that. Because they're struggling. There's there's you know I can't stand once frustration in writing so is it time to make him stand giving him any praise that guy stinks. But what you have behind him.

Sam hell didn't look terrible in the preseason but that move was so dumb and Rivera knows it was dumb because he's getting frustrated with the media. He's cursing out of nowhere. I remember there's one of the nicest guys you ever meet.

I'm not saying that he can't curse here or there but he's frustrated because he knows he made a bad call when it was so obvious kind of like a drunk decision that you make that you only make it when you're drunk. And then the next day you go Why the heck did I do that. Like I had a friend by the way we wanted a pizza joint. Like what nicest kid that you'll ever meet.

Doesn't have like a malicious bone in his body. But we had one of these pizza joints in the city I think it was Joe's and we had a few drinks. And for some reason the next day he goes Yeah I stole the red pepper flakes from Joe's. The big bottle of red pepper flakes. And he goes I'm so disappointed in myself.

I would never do that if I'm sober. That's Ron Rivera. He stole the red pepper flakes.

But maybe he had a few pops and he's like ah the next day Why the heck did I do that. It was so stupid. Giving up two third round picks where one can become a two and swap and second round picks you get the lesser of the second round pick is idiotic. Carson Wentz is not a good quarterback. And it was an unnecessary move. But to go to Tineke or Howell right now. No overreaction.

All right. We are all overreaction so far to get you on a proper reaction. The Giants right now are surprising three and one to start the season overreaction Zach a proper reaction. The Giants will win eight games this season in year number one with Brian Deball and Joe Shane with a schedule that is easier than maybe most think off the top of the head. Did you hear what Boomer a size of the CBS family said today about the Giants how many games they would win the rest of the way.

No. Is he drinking the Kool-Aid. If I told you they that the answer was Boomer said the Giants would win six more games or two more games. What do you think is more likely. I would say he would buy in and say six more games. He said two more games. Two. That's what I read online today. Wow. So that means for 13.

These are go two and eleven the rest of the way. If that's what your math is. Yes. That's correct. That fact. Wow.

You know, checks out the NOCA. Uh huh. Interesting. The question was eight games for the Giants.

Yes. Then overreaction say they will go eight and nine this year. Now they already have three wins. Three and one. They'll lose to the Packers this weekend.

Then they'll lose to the Ravens. We're searching for five here. So we're over for two. We get five. Just five total. Five more. Five more. Five more. We get five.

I would then say they split against the Jaguars and Seahawks. There's one. So there's one. They beat the Texans. Two. They'll beat the Lions. That's three. Thanksgiving.

They'll lose to the Cowboys. Commanders. I have it.

Why not? There's four. Four.

One more. Eagles. No.

I already gave them one against the commanders split. Kirk Cousins. It's a one o'clock game. No. Eagles. No. Oh, wait a second.

Oh, wait a second, Jim. Week 17. You know they play week 17? No. Oh, yes, I do. You going to that game, buddy? I might.

I don't know. Give it to me. They'll beat the Colts. If they beat the Colts, fire Frank right there. I think it's on the table. I'm not going to say it's definitely going to happen, but I think that's a proper reaction if you're a Giants fan saying that you're going to win eight games now. I think it's proper.

I think it's crazy. That's five more wins on the schedule. It's October 4th. Aiden, that'd be a very successful season in year number one for the former Buffalo regime for sure here in New York.

You know what? I'm rooting for the Colts now to get hot. And then week 17, Hickey shows up. Let's go, Colts. Let's go, Colts. Let's go, Colts. Yeah.

And then you guys just get smacked 45 to 7 and you get eliminated from the playoffs. I want you to attend your own funeral this year in week 17. All right. Anyway, continue. Thank you.

You're always rooting for my I'm rooting for them to do well for the best team. Yeah. And you're the best.

Thank you, Zach. You're one. You're what?

One, one, two and one. The ties are worst. Yeah, I stupid time.

The worst part is actually might help them later in the year. It's even worse. Oh, yeah. You're delusional that you're still giving this team the benefit of the doubt. I'm just saying, are you stupid? Seriously?

I'm not going to benefit out. I think they're a good team. I think they're better. They're better than what they have played so far. They're better than the record says. OK, but when do you stop that? Because you also told me they were like the greatest team in the world last year and they missed the playoffs.

We when do we start seeing a question? You were dumb last year and now you're just being fooled once again. It means I think they're going to lose on Thursday.

So maybe that helps show you where my brain's at. OK. Oh, that's a tough game for you, actually. Yeah, the Broncos.

Well, that's a tough game for everyone. No, no, no. Rooting for you.

Oh, stop. Because you're the biggest Broncos fan in the world. And you're also the biggest Colts fan in the world.

It's a tough spot. I don't know where your loyalties lie on that one. Who are you rooting for in that game? I'm rooting for the team that is named after a horse. Who's Peyton Manning rooting for in that game? I think Denver. He's he embraces the Broncos more than the Colts. I didn't think about that. And that game is in Denver.

Yes. So when you have Matt Ryan thrown in complete passes, he's going to be chanting in calm. You can continue if we see him on the jumbotron doing that.

He's going to be firing up the crowd. Let's go. Hey, Jim, screw you.

You didn't believe in me now. How many more we got here? Few more.

We'll go very quickly, by the way. Just to get on the record, Aaron Judge has hit number 62. Oh, just happened. He has done it.

Leading off top of the first inning, hit the home run. History's made. Finally, no more ESPN cutouts for everyone in America. There's a fan in College Station right now that's jumping for joy, except you may want to cut out of the Alabama game this weekend. Well, that is, you know what? You're right. A&M fans are disappointed.

They'll be begging for the judge. Sure. Quickly, the Chiefs have dropped 41 points on the box, averaging 32.3 points per game. That second overall in the NFL last year, they averaged just 28 points per game. So, so far without a tiring kill, four more points per game the first four games of the year. Hot overreaction or proper reaction? What did you say? Hot take or burn? Is that what you do on your show?

No, I don't, but I just had the hot take out of the life in my head. Overreaction or proper reaction? The Kansas City offense is better this year than last year. I would rather have the players from last year, but that offense struggled. Early on, remember, people were doubting Kansas City. They haven't struggled yet. So, yes, I would rather still have Tyreek Hill and the Chiefs, but that's a proper reaction because they're playing better offensively this year. If that makes sense to you.

Oh, yeah. I mean, they've been unstoppable so far. Overreaction or proper reaction? Bangles, Ravens both two and two. Bangles should be the favorite to win the AFC North. Overreaction. I still don't trust that offensive line right now. I don't trust the Ravens defense, but that line concerns me and they got to get going.

They spent a lot of money. Burrows getting hit way too much. Two more quick here. Baker Mayfield at some point will be bench this season for the Panthers. Overreaction or proper reaction? Proper reaction. Sheesh. Can't argue that one.

Yeah, dude, he stinks. And finally, somehow these two teams are the same record, the Seahawks and the Broncos. Overreaction or proper reaction, Zach? The Seahawks will finish with a better record than the Broncos.

I would still say overreaction. And I will tell you, if I could have one thing that I'm rooting for the rest of the year, that's what I want to see. I want to see two things. The Colts start to go on a run and then Hickey attends his own funeral in week 17 at that Giants game and the Giants beat them. And then also, I want to see the Seahawks after all-off season long, Hickey just crushing Pete Carroll. And not only just crushing Pete Carroll, saying the Broncos are going to win it all. Oh, that would be one of the greatest shows in the history of not only our show, but CBS Sports Radio.

If we just get to play all those old hot take Hickey takes. Oh, the Broncos win Super Bowl. Oh, the Broncos would be great.

And then the Seahawks, with Geno Smith, end up being better. That would be fun. Zach Gelb's show, CBS Sports Radio. Is Jimbo Fisher on the hot seat? Who's going to be the next head coach at Wisconsin? We discuss with Barrett Salih. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show.

It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. Big weekend of college football upcoming. Another job has opened up in Wisconsin.

Not only Wisconsin, Colorado as well. So a whole lot to do in the college football landscape. We will chat right now with Barrett Salih from CBS Sports. Barrett, how you been? I'm great. How you doing? I'm doing okay.

I kind of these days, if I'm being honest with you, I have a love-hate relationship with you. I love you for your college football takes, but as a Mets fan, I have not muted you, but I really want to mute you for your Mets takes. Well, maybe they shouldn't collapse.

That's not a me problem. That's a Mets problem. You know, I'm just saying, like, it's very easy not to lose a 10 and a half game lead in the division. But, you know, families of Mets find that more challenging than other teams.

And let me just ask you this. If it was, and I'm going to make an excuse, as my team, they had no pulse, no heart, no fight up against your team in Atlanta, and you guys deserve to win the division. But you're telling me if this game that you were complaining about tonight, which really means nothing, was in Atlanta, and it was 50 degrees, and it was raining, and it was cold, that Barrett Salih would be there? I've seen tickets, so yes. I would love to see my team clench. Look, the Braves have sold out more than half their games this year, whether it be summer, winter, spring, whatever. People show up.

We all show up. So absolutely, if there was a chance for the Braves to clench today, it would be sold out. Yeah, but there's no chance for the Mets to clench. But there's no chance for the Mets to clench. They have to win out. Say that again? They have to win out. The fans should be there to support their team. Look, I'm just saying, maybe we're a better school.

Oh, come on, Atlanta! You don't even believe that. You just probably had to mute your phone. You don't actually believe that. You're laughing in the background.

I know that. Second best attendance in the National League last year, despite the fact they won't have brought 500 until August. We actually show up when games matter.

I mean, I don't know. What about when the games don't matter? Do the Braves fans show up?

Oh, absolutely, because there's a lot of good things to do with the batteries around the stadium. I show up when there's no game sometimes. Barrett Salih here with us. We will still talk to him because we like his college football takes, even though I've been very, very, very, very salty and annoyed with him on social media. And you just have the perfect time tweets, too.

It's almost as if, you know, the moment I'm on Twitter, you're like, okay, that's when I've got to send the Mets tweet out because Zach's on Twitter following me. What if I do know? That would be a little bit concerned, honestly.

I'm following a restraining order against you, maybe. All right. So when a coach gets fired, the Neymar interim coach, a lot of people go the A, it's his job to lose. But for Jim Leonard, who's had opportunities before and he knows the school better than anyone, is this actually his job to lose at Wisconsin?

Yeah, I think so. And I think that's why they made the move. I don't think there's any any secret that maybe Paul Chris and the new administration at Wisconsin were kind of at odds.

But I think when it became apparent that things were not going to be reconciled and maybe I wouldn't even say this season was lost, just the fact that it had not started out the way it had gone. They felt like it was probably going to be inevitability anyway that Paul Chris left. So might as well let Jim Leonard audition because I think what are going to get offers? I mean, there is no doubt what if he coached out that season as a coordinator at Wisconsin, he would still get power five offers, multiple power five offers.

So why not let him see what it could do at its own? At Wisconsin, since he's been there, he knows the players, all that other stuff. So if there's 100%, this is an audition, I think that it's going to be really hard for them not to keep him because I do think they're a pretty good team.

And I think that knowing his relationships that he has there in a variety of different ways, unless he completely tanks over the course of the next month and a half, then I would be shocked if he doesn't get that job full time. Is there a name or two that you would say, OK, maybe they would go elsewhere instead of Jim Leonard, even though we're in the infant stages on this? I would say that one to keep an eye on is Dave Miranda at Baylor. And I say this because, A, he has been there before as a coordinator and B, financially, the Big 12 and the future is not going to be anywhere close to what the big 10 now. But if you're in Wisconsin knowing how much money you're going to get during the new TV contract, you know you can potentially overpay by today's market value because you're going to be able to afford it in a couple of years.

So I think that's the one to keep an eye out. And that's true, really, of all the Big 12 coaches. You know, Matt Campbell might be another name they look at for that exact reason. Lance Leifold, obviously, you know, same sort of thing. So, yeah, I think if it was stopping, if it's not Jim Leonard, I would look at all of the good to decent Big 12 coaches right now, because that's the that's the conference that has good staff, but also is at the worst spot financially compared to the Big 12.

Barrett Salih here with us. Do you have a name or two that you're intrigued by for potentially Nebraska? Oh, man, I think for Nebraska, I don't know if they're willing to go Troy Calhoun, they should be willing to go Troy Calhoun, because he runs the New Age version of what Nebraska was successful with back in the day. You know, the airport is not a triple option team.

It is a spread you out, you know, multiple speed option team, which is essentially the New Age triple option, right? So if you can incorporate that into what Nebraska already has the tradition, it has the ability to go get those offensive linemen that are willing to play in those kind of systems. I think it can be successful, but Nebraska is not going to be a signal share about Nebraska. You know, like, we're old guys, right? We remember Nebraska.

These kids play now these high schoolers, they don't even remember Nebraska as a Big 12 team, much less the power, right? So you have to be different. You're not going to win these recruiting battles. You're not going to go, you know, be a superpower.

You have to be unique. And that's why I think a guy like Troy Calhoun would be a good good spot for them. Barrett Salih here with us. I don't know if this is a curveball because he said that last year was the last time he was going to flirt with the NFL, but I really don't believe him. Can we see Michigan open this offseason? I think that was it. I think last year was it right? I think that was that was Jim Harlow trying to strike all the iron thoughts, right? He's won the playoffs.

He's obviously got a little bit of a name brand recognition at the NFL level. I think it was a test to see, OK, how how desired am I really at this level? And I think he found out that he was not that desired. I mean, certainly, you know, could have had discussions, whatever. But I think that was it.

I think that that was sort of the pivot point. You go back to the NFL, pretty sick around Michigan. And I don't think he liked what he heard from the NFL. So he just sent me to the playoffs.

You know what gives him some credibility there. So make it there. So why not stick around? So, you know, I don't I used to be all aboard Michigan or a hardball leaving Michigan for the NFL.

But after all that went down last year, I think that was sort of sort of the trying to figure out exactly which way it was going to go with this future. And I think he actually made a wise decision because obviously Michigan playing pretty good football right now. What is it going to take for Jimbo Fisher to be out after this year at A&M? Because I feel like it's inevitable he'll be back next year.

The seat will just be like on fire. Five more years to buy out drops and they can afford to pay him. Yeah. He can't be fired. They expected more. I was not on board with the Jimbo hire to begin with. I was sort of of the belief that he was a pretty good coach who had a great roster.

He recruited that roster at state and had a generation quarterback. He's too stubborn. He is often too complicated. His players can't run it and he is not willing to change it. So I'm with you.

I think that, you know, next year is going to be going to be interesting, right? That would be what? You're five. So he would be owed what? 32 million. I'm not good at math. I was all but that's that's still a huge change. So I think it would be it would be multiple years of of what you're seeing now before they get rid of them.

And I guess that happened. I think this is exactly what Texas A&M is. They're an eight, four, nine and three side team at best every year.

But it's going to take a couple more years of it to get rid of it. Barrett Salih from CBS Sports wrapping up with him on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Two part question here. One, will Urban Meyer be back at a sideline next year? And two, will Deion Sanders be at a power five job next season with urban?

I think it comes down to this. Are you willing to sell your soul for wins and championships? Because you can do that. Like you'll get this and win. You'll get the championships.

But he's going to leave your program in a smoldering ash pile when he leaves. Right. So is I'm going to do that? Maybe. Maybe they are. But I think it would take that kind of a leap for Urban as for Deion.

Yeah, I think you will. I know that there is a mission at Jackson State to revitalize HBCUs and all that stuff. And that's awesome. But I also think that he wants to be a head coach at a major level. He wanted Arkansas bad. He wanted Florida State bad. I think he was probably waiting for Florida State to tank this year.

It's not happened, obviously. But yes, I think you see him at a power five job. And look, I'm in Atlanta. If he goes to Georgia Tech, it would be incredible for all parties. It ties to Atlanta, getting in the culture book happening in the world, having access to all these players.

I mean, it would be the NIL opportunities, the transfer portal opportunities. It would be awesome. And I think ultimately he Georgia Tech. Well, I think we'll ask him. I think it's two things with him. One, do you want to take that challenge? And two, do you want to curse against your rival?

I'm sorry, you're all moderate. I don't know if he's wanting to do either one of those things. Wrap it up with Barrett Salih.

Just a few quick pointers before we let you run. What do you think the chances are that Bryce Young plays this weekend? Has there been any intel there or has it just been, hey, Saban's not telling anyone until kickoff? Saban's not telling anyone. I would say he probably isn't for two reasons.

One, it's not something you want to mess around with. And two, I don't think Nick feels threatened by A&M at all. If I had to guess, it would be Jalen Miller. How much of a believer are you in potentially Oklahoma State making the college football playoff this year? Ooh, now that they beat Baylor, pretty, pretty high on them. The problem is the Big 12, man, it's just, there are nine teams that can win that conference.

You know, it's like, you got to avoid those landmines. Spencer Sanders has been awesome. And Mike Dunne was right. He does not get enough credit. Spencer Sanders does not get enough credit. So, you know, they were literally an instant away from it last year.

I can say that. We'd have to swing in their favor. The landscape would have to swing in their favor.

But it can happen for sure. And then finally, in the Pac-12, which has now been a really good conference this year, do you take USC or the field to win the Pac-12 this year? USC, 100 percent. You know, their defense is horrific, but they force turnovers, right? You're going to give up 500 yards, but you're going to get four turnovers, and you're going to be fine. So, winning the Pac-12, the way that team has come together, the way that offense clicks, I would say, yeah, USC over the field. Although, man, I'm interested to see what happens with UCLA and Utah this week.

That might change my decision depending on which way that one goes. He's Barrett Salih. Barrett, I would say good luck to your baseball team, but I wouldn't mean it. So, just keep putting out good content on the college football side, and I'll keep on following you. Thank you.

I appreciate it. I don't think we need luck. I would love to see you guys get sweet in the NLDS.

That would be great. There's Barrett Salih joining us on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. I like that guy, but geez, he's an SOB when it comes to his Atlanta Braves.

It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. So, last night, a lot of people praising D'Amico Ryans for the job that he has done as the defensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers. And many people are saying, hey, he'll probably be an NFL head coach next year. Now, if you recall, he was a candidate for the Vikings' job, and I thought this was an interesting factoid that they gave on the broadcast last night. And it's nice when you have a really good broadcast crew once again for Monday Night Football because then you get information like this. And the factoid that they gave last night was that D'Amico Ryans has said that he was actually relieved that he didn't get the Vikings' job last year because he didn't feel like he was ready for it yet and he wanted to go back to San Francisco and then wait another year before probably, paraphrasing a little bit, then probably pounce another head coaching opportunity.

Like, Ry, when they said that on the broadcast last night, I go, interesting. He was interviewing for the job, but he's relieved that he didn't get the job. That is interesting, especially, too, when you always see the old saying, you never, I guess, as ready as you always think you are.

So, when you get the opportunity, you can never be ready enough, right? But now, so far, he's gone back and, like I said, through the first month doing a tremendous job and only boosting his stock. I think they used to call him Mufasa, actually. I mean, he was with the Eagles for a year. And I want to say that I forget who I was interviewing on the Eagles, but we asked about D'Amico Ryans in a press conference and then they said, oh, yeah, Mufasa. And I think that was his nickname in the NFL, but he's only 38. And you know age doesn't really matter anymore for a head coach when you look at Sean McVay.

I would have no problem, I tweeted that last night, I'll say it here. I'd have no problem naming D'Amico Ryans my head coach because he's played in the NFL. He clearly knows how to relate to the men in that locker room. He's always been a leader throughout his NFL career and he's done a kick-ass job with the 49ers, especially with what they were able to do to the LA Rams last night. I would be very surprised next year, that's the way that I would say it, if someone doesn't hire him.

And last year, there was 10 jobs that ended up opening up and we thought at most maybe four or five. If you look at the potential jobs that will be open this year, probably none in the AFC East unless the things go really south for Robert Salah. But I would assume that he'll be back for year three. AFC West, potentially the Chargers, potentially the Broncos. AFC North, no jobs opening up there unless Deshaun Watson turns on Stefanski. AFC South, Colts will be open. I would think the Texans bring back Lovey Smith for year two. NFC East, you probably think Ron Rivera is back next year. I would think so. I would as well. Now the Cowboys, I would still lean, even though McCarthy's done a good job in the absence of Dak, I would still lean more that McCarthy's out than he is coming back next year.

Yourself? Yes. Yeah, I'd probably say out. It's about the playoffs for him. It's not about, you know, waiting 10 years.

So that's four jobs. NFC West, nothing's opening up in the NFC West. I know where you want to go on this one. You could say it. You could say it. Unless Pete Carroll retires.

Oh, that's not where I thought you were going. I thought your boy, Cliff, who just signed an extension. Well, I mean, if we go by what the Twitter public is saying, they finished in last place this year. It's not happening. They just signed an extension. There's no way you're going to fire the guy. NFC North.

All those jobs not opening up. NFC South Carolina probably will be open. Can the Saints go one and done with Dennis Allen?

They're one in three right now. And it's not like they hired him in terms of they had a big, expansive search that Dennis Allen's our guy. It was after the cycle was over, basically. Sean Payton retired. It's like, all right, Dennis Allen, we're going to bump him up.

So it's not exactly like it was a handpicked selection. Do we know what his contract is? I can look. I've not seen anything. Three.

Oh, no, that was in twenty nineteen. I'm just trying to look real quickly. Dennis Allen contract head coach. Let's just see if anything pops up.

Yeah, I don't see I don't know what he you'd probably assume. Maybe they don't add any years. I was just given more money.

You think they'd add years? Oh, I would think so. I'm Dennis Allen's agent.

Where else were you going to go there? Yes, I don't know what it is, but let's say there's about five or six jobs opening up. D'Amico Ryan's is going to be head coach next year. You would agree with that? Yes. Sean Payton is going to be a coach next year somewhere.

Yes. Eric the enemy. To be head coach of college. You don't think he'll be a head coach in the NFL? For me, that ship has sailed. I think he's deserving of being a head coach in the NFL.

Agreed. But since he hasn't got one yet. Makes me think that he's not going to get one in the NFL. Dan Quinn, with the way that defense is playing, did a good job in Atlanta, I know had an ugly ending. I would think Dan Quinn's getting a job this offseason. He was a finalist in Denver, right? He finished second to Hackett, I believe.

You know what? I don't know how much of it was the agent just being a really good agent or they're actually being legit interest around the NFL. I felt like every job that popped up, it was Dan Quinn, Dan Quinn, Dan Quinn, and then he removed himself from taking any jobs. So I'm still trying to decipher how much of that was we actually want Dan Quinn or Dan Quinn's agent massaging the game kind of the right way. But now if you have this great defense in Dallas for two years in a row, a really good defense, you would think with that resume, that guy gets another job. Yes.

I know Barrett Solipupu this. It wouldn't shock me if hardball if hardballs in the NFL next year. And I think there's one spot that he could go to and it would not make you happy. The Colts.

Mm hmm. That's a big name for Jim. I'm talking about your owner or say some splash move a big name for him. Offensive mind, offensive mind.

I could see Jim handing the keys over to Jim. And you're shaking your head. Why would you be annoyed? The guy? Hold on.

The guy when he was an NFL head coach in four years, went to three NFC title games and was also coaching in a Super Bowl. You wouldn't like that. No, I'm not shaking my head again. And you hate Jim Harbaugh because you lose a Penn State fan. I am literally not shaking my head in disgust or no.

I'm literally shaking my head, laughing inside myself right now, thinking of Jim Harbaugh and Jimer say, given their press conferences and how out of left field, both are on different ends of the spectrum. Or I'm just like, Jimer say would show up in khaki pants. I bet you. Oh, you're right. You are. If they make that move, you are.

That's a great call. He would show up to the press conference in khaki pants. Would you be happy next year? Coaching the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Harbaugh.

Right now. Yeah, I think I'd be happy. That's not really all that convincing. What do you think the likelihood is, though, seriously, of him leaving Michigan? See, it's weird. I'm actually reversed. I think with the success he's having this year, I think it's harder to leave.

I thought they were going to have a down year. Is it, though? Because then still how close are you to Alabama or Georgia? Like, let's just say I'll even play into your argument here. And I'm more optimistic about Michigan this year than you are. But let's say Michigan runs the table in the regular season, wins the Big Ten championship, which is on the table.

Yeah. Their only really tough game here on out is Ohio State. I'm not saying that Penn State's going to be a walkover, but you don't have any opponents that you shouldn't beat until the Ohio State game. I'm not going to say you shouldn't beat Ohio State, but it is truly a flip of the coin. They'll be a favorite in every game up until them. Yes. Especially with that game being the horseshoe, too.

Right. So let's say you go undefeated and then you play either Bama or Georgia in the first round again. And you don't get blown out, but you lose by two touchdowns. Does Jim say, hmm, I just did something that no one thought I could ever do twice and no one thought I could do it once.

It is my alma mater. Yeah, that buys me another like three, four, five years. But then if I don't take that next next step, it won't be an ugly ending, but there will eventually be an ending. And then does he get those feelings again of who I basically did realistically all I could do at Michigan. And the NFL, I was so close to winning it all consistently. I think it's harder to leave because not that it gets easier, but kind of like if you look at Clemson, Clemson is a team that can never win the big game.

They finally break through. And all of a sudden the recruits started coming in and Davos Sweeney's job for like five years got easier. A little bit different because I know Michigan was in a bad spot, but turning around Michigan was a lot easier than it was turning around Clemson. And they both were down for, well, Michigan's also has more history than Clemson.

That's what I'm saying. What I'm saying is like, if you now have two years in a row where you win the big 10, you beat Ohio state and you go to the playoff recruits are going to want to play for you. And now the recruiting pitch gets easier. You should get more talent that should help close the gap to Georgia and Alabama. Kind of like, again, like what Clemson was able to do and they won two national titles coming out of almost nowhere in like five years.

I think you can do the same. I feel like it's harder to leave Michigan cause you can see that path rather than if they went eight and four this year, that's like, okay, last year was more of a one and done or one. Is there anyone else that you're buzzing on potentially for an NFL coach next year? We just went through the list, the possibilities of the D'Amico Ryans, Jim Harbaugh, Eric B enemy, Sean Pate and Dan Quinn. Anyone else that maybe says, hmm, that, that could be one.

I have an outside the box one. Ooh, let's hear it. And it's just the mold, right? Young coordinator benefiting off a successful situation, you get some credit would not surprise me if the Eagles continue. If Shane Stike and their offensive coordinator ends up getting a job, there's always one or two names, right? That kind of come out of nowhere. Sirianni Brandon Staley, right?

The comment came out of nowhere. Well, Staley that year, he started to make a case for himself. I wasn't surprised with what he did it with the, uh, with the Rams that he ended up getting a job. That wasn't surprising to me once he went through that year as the defensive coordinator with the Rams. But there's usually a, a, what the bleep hire like McDaniel, Sirianni, Dan Campbell. Yeah. But more so I'm thinking offensive mold kind of guy more so I know Campbell's a tight end. Zach Gelb shows CBS sports radio.
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