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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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April 23, 2024 5:34 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 23, 2024 5:34 am

Auston Matthews finally nets goal #70... sort of | Is Zach Wilson a real option at QB for the Denver Broncos? | Is LeBron James right in his criticism of the NBA's replay center?

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Had one of my students comment about my radio show during class on Monday and it's not a comment I haven't heard before though I haven't heard it in quite a while and he's from Detroit so excited about the NFL draft heading to his city and he's much more chill much more laid back and he said to me so I was kind of surprised when I listened to your radio show now some of the students had listened to the show beforehand or knew of me beforehand I actually had one student say that he to do some research on me before he decided to take the class he listened to part of my radio show which is funny but anyway this this student says I was a little surprised because I thought at night you gotta be a little more chill like laid back calmer I think is what he was trying to say quieter people are trying to sleep in my head I'm thinking well that's their problem if you want to sleep don't be listening to our show and then I remember how often we've caught people falling asleep on the phones and we have a whole montage of snoring which is amazing that we try it out every now and then so whatever it is that you need if you can fall asleep to the show and what you need is sleep some people fall asleep with the tv on I can't do that but some people do so I'm sure after a while maybe it's something that you can kind of assimilate into your nighttime routine but I would think that more people who are awake either late night on the west coast or working overnights a working graveyard shift maybe studying I've got a student in here with me just finished up a project whatever it is driving overnight or now it's four o'clock on the east coast and four o'clock in the eastern time zone you've got people who are waking up to start their morning routine and missed what happened late last night so probably didn't see the end of nuggets Lakers and we just love how the audience turns over but I kind of believe that all of the segments of our audience except for maybe a handful of people who really do want to sleep it should probably change to a different show or a different opportunity I kind of feel like most of you are looking for the energy so that's good I like it we definitely bring the energy and there's no I think in this case there's no excuse for not having energy after what we saw on the the court and the ice and here I thought I don't I don't know that I thought it would be the top story but I at least thought that it would be part of the show and we can't spend a whole lot of time on it but the fact that Zach Wilson is no longer a jet I thought that would resonate a little more and at least be one of the top three stories but Zach Wilson true to form in his NFL career has been shoved to the side and there are far bigger storylines now yeah you have to try to mess up sports radio on a night like this you really can't mess it up unless you have no idea what happened so to see Jamal Murray break out of a shooting slump with a buzzer beater that doesn't go in until after the buzzer sounds like that's the part that's so incredible right he shoots it buzzer sounds ball goes through the hoop crowd goes wild I mean this is classic it's so classic those moments iconic moments that we remember in sports and to see the Knicks who do what very few teams have done over the past several decades which is complete a comeback after they're down five points in the final 30 seconds of a game and the way that it transpired because they needed not just a Brunson bouncer off the rim but they needed a turnover deep in the backcourt they needed not just a offensive rebound but a guy who had just missed to take another shot and have it be true and then the defense on the other end as well there was a block shot on Tyrese Maxey that preserved that lead but to score the final eight points in 30 seconds it's Reggie Miller-esque if you don't know what I'm talking about it's you want to talk about legendary make sure you google Reggie Miller Knicks game and you'll see exactly what we're talking about and then the Hurricanes and in every way we could kind of flip the question on its head we're asking you the craziest comeback and how would you rank these and I'm still deciding I actually think the Knicks for me is number one I'm gonna go canes number two because of the bang-bang portion of that and I know that the Jamal Murray moment is probably the most dramatic moment of the night because it was by definition a buzzer beater and it was and it was classic but they did have an entire second half and the Lakers were slowly they were slowly coming apart they were slowly disintegrating that lead was disintegrating and I think it's even more devastating for the Lakers than maybe the the Sixers the Allard has got to be pretty devastated but the fact that the Lakers could see it coming and and they could hear the Nuggets reeling them in and those old kind of ghosts and demons and really the Nuggets have their number what do the Lakers have to do in the name of sports what do the Lakers have to do to beat the defending champions this maybe had was because of the the buzzer beater was a you know one that people will go back to but this collapsed by the Lakers started early in the second half and so Jamal was really the the capper and the punch to the to the gut or the little Lakers if you will but now they've lost 10 straight to Denver and so this one's so demoralizing because it doesn't seem to matter what they do or how far they're ahead they cannot beat the defending champion so rank those comebacks for me I'm going Knicks because of the dramatic 30 seconds yeah that's that's from the category of you can't make this stuff up for the hurricanes I'll go number two just because they scored five goals in a row and that's I don't want to say it's unheard of in hockey that's certainly not true but in the in playoff hockey that's fairly that that's fairly it's not just impressive but it's you've got goalies on both ends right who are among the best at what they do and to see something like that happen and to have it happen so late in the game too where they're really running on fumes at that point and five goals five unanswered goals that stands out as well so I'll go Knicks canes and then nuggets though I do love this for Jamal I love the fact that Jamal and Jalen Brunson too we talked about it but for Jamal he'd not shot uh he'd not shot well he was frustrated he had six points going into the fourth quarter so the nuggets were coming back without him if you will uh and and then he makes the contributions late right so every time the Lakers get a lead there's Jamal Murray like a a little brother annoying little brother that won't go away and then little brother uh grows up and beats big brother um and and I'm kind of thinking like LeBron James is the big brother right LeBron James it's a future hall of famer and he had Jamal's number earlier in this game a couple of blocked shots against Jamal Murray and Jamal just keeps coming uh and it's it's funny it actually I would say is uh something I can relate to because when I was ninth grade or so I had a growth spurt and I was already 5'10 at you know ninth grade so I was taller than almost everybody in my class including most of the guys my little brother so by I mean he's 15 months younger at the time he's my little brother he was shorter than me shorter than me shorter than me until he got to be a sophomore started growing and then by junior year he's 6'4 and all of a sudden all of this time I spent pushing my little brother around came back to bite me in the ass so my little brother became much bigger than me and no longer could I do that so boy paybacks were a you know what with my brother for all for all of the the pain and suffering and harm that I inflicted on him when I was bullying him and bossing him around when we were younger and when he was smaller so yeah a little bit like that Jamal Murray I mean he he's he's now a an NBA champion but he went through some injuries and some you know nearly two years away from the game and not able to participate with his teammates and LeBron James is he's outgoing but he's still as I don't want to say as good as he's been but he's still terrific and is preserved his career by the attention he pays to his fitness and his health and his and his body and his mental of course and in this game it's you know he's still getting the best of Jamal until Jamal rises up in that fourth quarter and yeah it was it was awesome to see him and to hear what his coach and his teammates had to say about him afterwards like that's Jamal we still have confidence in Jamal no matter how bad it may look on the outside no matter what people might say about Jamal we know what he's capable of and so that was a common theme post game so I'll go Knicks, Canes, Nuggets what say you you can find us on Twitter at Amy after hours and I know Jay is doing some extensive retweeting and then you can also find that question on our Facebook page and our phone number eight five five two one two four two two seven that's eight five five two one two four CBS I have a really funny story to tell you guys and I've been waiting just because we were talking about those crazy comebacks but Jay what do you think is it possible now I don't know that they'll get as many votes but is it possible that the the Toronto Maple Leafs against the Bruins should qualify as a crazy comeback or are we just labeling it comeback not crazy? Probably just a comeback when compared to the other ones that happened tonight I'd say. Okay but here's the here's the personal narrative about the Maple Leafs rally past the Bruins I'm in my hotel room after I taught class so I'm here at Syracuse University and the hotel is just kitty corner off the corner of campus in fact it's great because I walk all of like maybe 300 yards from the hotel to come over to Newhouse where I teach and also where I'm hosting my show right now here on the Infinity Sports Network and so I get back to my hotel room well I stop at you know downstairs and order food and I get upstairs and I'm settling in I've got my laptop open I've got my food and I'm sitting on the bed not laying down but I'm sitting on the bed and I've got everything I need and I'm propped up on a couple of pillows and I'm up against the the middle one is the middle wall I'm up against the wall in my hotel room the tv is out in front of me and and it's clear as I am watching Maple Leafs Bruins and also Knicks and Sixers but Maple Leafs Bruins and going back and forth between those two games it's clear that I'm sharing a wall in my hotel room with a Bruins fan on the other side and I can't hear his tv I don't know if he can hear my tv but I can hear him in every big moment of that game especially late not I didn't try to think when I first turned it on I think it was in early second period when I get back from class and so they're already into the game and it take me it takes me a minute to figure out what's happening but I keep hearing these groans on the other side of the hotel room wall and while I'm going back and forth between the two games I'm not really tracking like when he's groaning but I keep hearing these yeah these like ah noises from the other side of the wall it became very evident to me as I'm watching Maple Leafs Bruins and he's reacting in real time that he is watching the same game on the other side of this wall between our hotel rooms and he's clearly a Bruins fan so so we'll play this moment right as the as the Bruins have a lead and they cough up the lead and then as the Maple Leafs take their lead it becomes pretty clear that this guy is in agony off the boards it comes up on the wing a long lead pass for Matthews Matthews is in alone scores holy macadam big pappy has given the Leafs the lead 754 to go what a play and Matthews has goal number 70 kind of it's not the regular season but it does count as as a goal on the radio okay so in the second period is when I start to match up the groans of my compadre on the other side of the wall with with what's happening in this game so when John Tavares scores it was a power play goal for the Leafs late in the second period it ties the game and I hear that's the first time I really heard the uh so as I'm watching into the third period there's moments of hear the reaction but when Austin Matthews gets that goal what was it about eight minutes to go I think in the third period somewhere in there uh Austin Matthew gets that goal and on the other side now I realize that's the timing matches up I hear that from the other side of the wall and then so I'm this at this point where I'm also having to watch the Knicks and I don't have a DVR in the hotel room so I have to go back and forth go back and forth and if I miss something then I have to catch it on on either Twitter or go back and watch it on YouTube and so so I'm kind of flipping back and forth and I hear you know him reacting a little bit it's not quite as dramatic as with the with the Matthews goal and so I finish up with Knicks and Sixers and watch those final nutty 30 seconds I'm probably doing the same thing reacting though not the groaning and then I get back to the Maple Leafs Bruins final seconds the game is over he reacts to a couple late attempts by the Bruins and then as the final buzzer sounds and the Maple Leafs are celebrating and I'm watching it I'm hearing him on the other side of the wall like it's probably the longest and loudest groan of the whole night so yeah it took me a minute but once I matched up the groans with the Maple Leaf success it became very apparent that there was a Bruins fan in the hotel there at in Syracuse so hockey fans well just sports fans in general sometimes it really affects our mood does it not I hope the poor guy was able to sleep because I'm not sure after all of that maybe though he wore himself out with the I mean loud enough that I could hear it in my hotel room and now I'm wondering so I had a one phone call with my husband wondering could he hear me as clearly as I could hear him though I wasn't on the phone going ah not tonight anyway it's after hours with Amy Lawrence I'm here in Syracuse and it's one of those nights that you love to be a sports dog radio host so one of those perfect nights where it's not that you don't have to prepare but your preparation is really about watching games and just reacting to what we saw and so whether we should include the Maple Leafs comeback it it wasn't quite as dramatic though great for Austin Matthews and of course for him he he admitted that he was not well he admitted that he was upset about the fact that he didn't get number 70 during the regular season he wasn't going to play like it didn't matter he wasn't going to play cool he he was bummed he was disappointed and you remember in the last regular season game Jay and I talked about it he had 12 shots if if that wasn't a season high it was pretty darn close so is it worth it to wait until the playoffs I don't know how to answer that honestly it's you know it's an important time of year for for us for our team and you know these moments obviously are emotional I mean a lot so I'm really happy about the win and obviously going home split one one you know you gotta continue to stay focused oh gosh how many times have you heard or will you hear the adage about playoffs over the next 24 hours well the series doesn't start until you get a team win on the road or all we had to do was win one that's the whole point you just win one and you you grab the home ice advantage so you're probably going to hear those cliches a bunch coming up on Tuesday so yeah Maple Leafs do have a comeback though it's maybe not quite as dramatic but still for Austin Matthews 70th goal whether it counts as number 70 it certainly doesn't in the regular season but they needed him in this moment and it was a pretty wild celebration for the Maple Leafs but doing it in hostile territory and boy do I love this Maple Leafs Bruins rivalry and the history that they have it's a lot of fun to watch these two teams go back and forth I don't know I guess you could ask Bruins fans or New Englanders if it's more delicious than Montreal Boston I think I might nod Montreal Boston but still any of the Canadian teams against the Bruins and then the Canadians the Canadian teams it's funny how the nation of Canada comes together this time of the year we don't care who it is we just need a Canadian team to get back to the Stanley Cup final and win the Cup for the first time in eons what was the craziest comeback of the night and how would you rank Knicks Nuggets Canes and their success in a variety of ways oh yeah that was amazing as well too is that no not one of these comebacks looked the same so find us on twitter after hours amy after hours whoopsie i'm doing pretty well here uh by the way producer j i as part of the assignment for my students for this third class that we had on monday night they had to listen to one of my segments i didn't care what segment it was but they had to listen to one and and from that segment or from the part of the show they listened to determine a few of my qualities as a host and it was really about identifying who they want to be as hosts so i wanted them to do it first with an established host and then they could figure out what they want to sound like in their style and their voice so that was kind of the idea well a bunch of them happened to listen to one of our recent shows where i accidentally dropped the former name or at least part of the former name of this network and boy did they all enjoy pointing it out the fact that i made that mistake and had to correct myself i was like i'm thinking to myself oh just wait just wait until you sit in the studio and do four hours of live radio per night and see how far you get down the road without making a mistake saying the same name for 12 years right after saying the same name for the better part of 12 years exactly so yeah it was kind of funny that they enjoyed pointing out a mistake i feel like if they listen more often they would recognize that that is a uh that's probably something we do really well on this show because there goes the perfect show right the same eclipse of the heart but you hear that one i don't know if anyone heard about the soleus eclipse of the heart i mean that was brilliant so right thank you j i appreciate that i made j laugh uh which isn't that hard to do but he's still excited about the soleus eclipse of the heart i'm still excited about dropping the word soleus although it's kind of lost some of its luster with jana still dealing with his soleus strain or whatever it is so on twitter at amy after hours on our facebook page how do you rank these crazy monday night comebacks boy manic monday it was perfect if you're a sports fan well if you're not a Sixers fan or a Lakers fan or an aisles fan so so take those three fan bases out of it call from mom answer it call silenced instacart knows nothing gets between you and the game that's why they make ordering from your couch easy stock up today and get all your groceries for the week delivered in as fast as 30 minutes without missing a minute of the game you have 47 new voicemails download the app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last minimum ten dollars per order additional terms apply doors take us to summers away or winter adventures and afternoon getaways your dedicated fidelity advisor can help you open those doors by working with you on a comprehensive plan to help you reach your wealth's full potential because doors were meant to be opened visit slash wealth investment minimum supply fidelity brokerage services llc member nyse s i p c okay picture this it's friday afternoon when a thought hits you i can spend another weekend doing the same old whatever or i can hop into my all-new hunday santa fe and hit the road with available h-track all-wheel drive and three-row seating my whole family can head deep into the wild conquer the weekend in the all-new hunday santa fe visit or call 5 6 2 3 1 4 4 6 0 3 for more details hunday there's joy in every journey somebody's got to be on the wrong end of it it's after hours with amy lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast if we don't trade him we're going to keep him so it's possible that he could he could do it here there was it probably better from it from his standpoint it's probably better if he changes faces this is after hours with amy lawrence woody johnson on zack wilson it's probably better if he changes places and teams and locker rooms and uniforms and cities man there was a time during the last nfl season where every other word out of the average radio host and average tv host average nfl analyst mouth was zack wilson oh my gosh it's um it's amazing because he did so little in his time in new york and yet he was a major talking point for multiple seasons i thought that the jets would get rid of him last year in the off season they didn't they bring in aaron rogers they were never never wanting zack wilson to see the field in 2023 but you know four plays in and so zack wilson ends up spending another season there it didn't go any better than the year before although at least his teammates weren't wearing t-shirts that were designed to support his backup qb in the locker room at least there there wasn't that component of it um and and zack did come back in and later in the season get another chance to start and he he tried hard i'll give him that he said i thought the right things in 23 where he had screwed up in 22 and so i i feel like he grew as a leader as a man i'm not sure he grew as a football player as a quarterback and and that's partly due to the jets it's not entirely partly due to the jets it's not entirely on zack wilson sometimes it our development hit well we'll just we'll keep it to the nfl quarterbacks development can be stunted by being in the wrong place with the wrong people and so you could point to the coaching staff and the limitations you could point to a team that was built entirely for aaron rogers and was never supposed to be a team around zack wilson's skill set limited as they are and so they're this is kind of the perfect storm that went so horribly wrong for zack wilson and the jets end up pulling the trigger they trade him away to the denver broncos and gosh that's the other piece of this that i just i don't get but they end up trading him and ian rapoport giving us kind of an idea of what this means for the two different franchises the former number two overall pick obviously went to the new york jets we are here talking about the quarterbacks talking about teams believing they are selecting their franchise quarterback the jets were here three years ago this is exactly where the jets were thinking that they were taking the byu passer so talented going to be their answer for the next 15 years obviously that did not work out they have aaron rogers now they are fine but they officially moved on today from zack wilson sending him to denver giving him that fresh start with coach sean payton the deal includes a late round pick swap so six for seven and the jets are paying about half of zack wilson's salary i think most important for them they are moving on and the broncos have maybe another interesting option at some point in the quarterback room i'm not sure i agree with that but they do get him for cheap i mean as you hear ian say on nfl network the jets are picking up half his salary which isn't a ton anyway because he's still under his rookie deal but for the jets maybe it's a year too late right maybe they get more i don't know if they get more from last year maybe they were hoping that after a year of learning behind aaron rogers he might be a more viable commodity but yeah they're just giving him away at this point to the bronco so that's the jet side of things they've got tyrod taylor who's not super durable but they're hoping he doesn't play either that aaron rogers will make it all the way through the 24 season now from the broncos perspective i'm not sure they know what they're doing and i definitely don't know what they're doing with their quarterback room there have been misfires and miscalculations and just poor decisions poor moves made since payton manning retired it's just been a revolving door at quarterback and constant change equals constant losing in sports so i don't know what this means really i'm not sure that they expect wilson to be there very long and you hear ian kind of hedges bet about whether or not this is an option for the broncos maybe it's maybe an option but the broncos they divest themselves of russell wilson they do have the number 12 pick in the first round they're looking to select a quarterback maybe it's not there maybe it's somewhere else they have jarrett stidham on the roster he started the last two games of the season and now they have zack wilson i don't i don't know what are the chances that stidham or wilson is even with the team a year from now who knows so that revolving door continues in denver and they're still looking for the answer after payton manning's retirement which happened following super bowl 50 50 that was a lot of years ago haven't made the playoffs since speaking of super bowl matt ryan was in one he was an mvp that year and in it was following the 15 season in 2016 of course the 28-3 collapse against the patriots ryan stuck around for a couple more years he was there in atlanta then we saw him go to the indianapolis colts where he ends up getting benched he didn't officially retire until monday but he finally does retire a falcon and it was good to hear from him they had a nice ceremony and also a press conference for matt i wanted nothing else you know as a kid other than to play professional sports and in april of 2008 you gave me that opportunity and i know draft picks are never you know an easy decision there's lots of options there's lots of ways you can go um you know but for me it was a responsibility every day to make sure you guys were right and i tried to do that the best that i could uh for the 14 seasons here so thank you for the confidence then thank you for the confidence you know through those 14 years and thank you for the friendship you know that continues on uh i'll certainly always be pulling for atlanta and the falcons 15 seasons in his career four pro bowls and the mvp not to mention the super bowl appearance that at the time was the first ever game that went into overtime but also just a collapse that people are still talking about like it was yesterday and having been there you want to talk about stunning whoa i'll never forget the experience of watching that play out between the patriots and the falcons it's after hours with amy lawrence so matt first announces his retirement i remember he was working in media this past year but officially announces his retirement to with a love letter to atlanta that he put out there on social media so 16 years after he's drafted and he talks about his childhood dream and then he's honored to retire as a falcon and i love the kind of the perspective on his journey big picture right a lot of guys when they retire they just aren't ready to to have that perspective about the journey as opposed to where they are right now but matt because he's been out of the game for a year does have that perspective uh and and of course they'll they'll honor um they'll honor him in atlanta and actually arthur blank released a statement saying that he believes ryan should be in the hall of fame i'm not sure about that but uh you know blank able to revel in this moment this reunion with matt ryan and ryan certainly uh deserves the respect and i think the support of the fans whenever that day comes because there are a lot of pretty incredible years dedicated years in which he was a stalwart for them right he was steady eddie you may not have thought he he may not have thought that he was one of those quarterbacks like a josh allen who comes up with those incredible moments that cause your mouth to drop open but he was steady for them and and that was what they needed and for years he made them relevant to um the fans of atlanta um i want to say thank you you know i think for the 14 years that that i was the quarterback here i felt the passion and the energy all the time and uh it wasn't all smooth sailing you know there were ups and downs and i'm sure lots of frustration and lots of you know enjoyable times as well um but i never took it lightly you know i i kind of understood the the position and the responsibility um you know that that that i had and i tried to do it as best as i could uh every day to come out and and to be the best version of myself uh and and try and be the best quarterback i could be for this organization for this city and what did that look like right what did the falcons get from matt ryan over his time as their starter sometimes it's you can do all that stuff and it's still gonna hurt um and and so i'm proud of that um i look back at it now and i'm kind of like how did you do like what were what were you doing you know like but uh but i loved it and and i loved every minute of that and and partly i think as athletes what makes you feel so alive too uh is is knowing that you you can grind through things and you can go out there and you can get it done um so i am proud of that you know i feel like you know the organization paid me a great contract and it was my responsibility to be able to show up and earn it you know every week and i i took that seriously so able to be out there week in and week out despite the actual physical pain is what he's referring to um he was durable i think of actually when i hear him talk about his durability uh and that being a key to his success i think about kirk cousins and how many hits he takes and i know he missed a second half of last season because the achilles so that's one that you can't just play through but the number of aches and pains that he's played through and and that toughness another guy that was in the nfc north for years matthew stafford and how he would play on one leg and we do see a lot of quarterbacks do that i mean patrick mahomes another guy who's known for his toughness and led the chiefs to a super bowl while he's on one leg for heaven's sakes uh in the 20 well end of 2022 into the 23 super bowl so yeah these guys take their licks and they they keep on they keep on kicking that's my loose interpretation of the cliche that we hear in sports and in life but for for matt ryan that was one of his strengths is that he was on the field and sometimes that's that's really the key if you just be on the field you can make a difference you may not be the most dramatic have the biggest arm though he did have a really good arm but just to be in the arena is half the battle so you look at his tenure as a starter in atlanta uh 2008 was his rookie year 16 game started in 9 14 in 10 16 11 16 12 16 13 he played all 16 games in 2014 another pro ball season all 16 games so in the course of his time in atlanta i mean i could continue giving you the number 16 but through his time in atlanta in those 14 seasons he missed a grand total of three games that's amazing props to matt ryan for that because it is not easy to do when guys are coming at you and their entire goal is to take you out or to tackle you and to make it hurt but his his durability his tenure actually from 2008 to 21 so they made the transition from 16 to 17 regular season games you include that as well so go from 8 to 21 and he misses a grand total of three starts three games wow that's amazing and even in indianapolis he was healthy they just benched him because they well they benched him because they had an offensive line that was going to get him killed so yeah that's that's something that definitely if matt ryan gets into the hall of fame will be one of the reasons why so farewell to matt not a surprise but still now official and farewell in new york to zack wilson i kind of wonder uh just because our our headquarters are located in new york city and when i do drive home on mornings after the show i'll spend a little time listening to our new york affiliate uh boomer and geo so boomer asias and the former nfl mvp i wonder how much they're even going to acknowledge the zack wilson considering the nick's crazy comeback and they've got nick's fever right now i'm not in new york city to be able to listen so somebody's jay you're gonna have to let me know how they start and if they even mention zack wilson because i kind of feel like they're going to be heavy nicks it's after hours with amy lawrence rank these crazy comebacks from monday night on our twitter this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law selling a 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the lakers radio network and while we're going to get to the nuggets and jamal murray's buzzer beater and it's certainly the defending champions getting a game like this and a comeback like this a 20-point comeback in the second half it's a massive confidence boost for a team that's already on the throne and here come the lakers with what they think is their best shot and what's that saying if you come at the king you best not miss well they they thought they had it they thought they had the king exactly where they wanted him and instead it blows up in their face and turns into an even bigger mess for the lakers and the way that the nuggets were able to make the defensive adjustment at halftime that's huge right and so now the lakers have lost 10 in a row to denver and it's worse than it's ever been it's after hours with amy lawrence on infinity sports network i'm here on the campus of syracuse university it's been quite the juggling act for me from class uh and and all the creative elements that i talked about with my students on monday evening and then to see them all play out and to use them now on our show tonight uh where comebacks crazy comebacks are the story from a manic monday on twitter a law radio also on our facebook page after hours with amy lawrence now what you're going to hear a lot on tuesday is lebron james and the final comments that he made in his post-game press conference so he had a lot to say about the comeback about the lakers about this hurt how this hurt but what you'll hear over and over replayed are his comments about the officiating and the in what in his opinion the major mistakes that have been made delo clearly gets hit in the face on the drive what the do we have a replay center this is it's gonna go that doesn't it doesn't make sense to me it makes no sense to me it bothers me sorry to ask you a question but that's your is it like and then i just saw what happened with the uh sixers nick came to him what are we what are we doing and then he gets up and he walks out so he's incensed about the fact that there is replay that's an option and even after the replay center goes and looks at this one particular moment he also cites a moment that he believes applies in the nicks and sixers that it's still not right and the nba still messes up um even though they've got the mechanism built into the replay center even though they've got the mechanism built in that would allow them to get it right and and i i suppose you could read into him acknowledging the fact that you know the game is happening at a extremely fast and physical pace and it's an option for the officials to check themselves right it's checks and balances that if a team wants to have a second look um it's crazy now the teams have access to replay technology as well um so they can get a second look or you know a player can say no this is worth it um and instead of the nba getting it right this replay center kind of doubles down and lebron's asking what's the point of it anyway and d'angelo russell while he doesn't say it like lebron does with the interjections interjections of the words we can't play on the radio d'angelo tweets that's a foul we all saw it on national television and so lebron saying it and voicing his displeasure in a way it's probably going to earn him a fine he also went after the officials while he was still out there in the arena um but the you know the lakers felt like they missed out on some free throws and as uh as delo is driving to the hoop he gets hit in the face and how does that not become a moment where the lakers are able to kind of stop the bleeding if you will and use that to their advantage and and being aggressive and feeling like they got the call it's subjective replay didn't the officials didn't agree and you're going to hear a lot about that but let's not make any mistake about this point that's not why the lakers lost they were down or they were up 20 in the second half and they lost to a team they had no business losing to at that point we'll talk about that after the top of the hour it's after hours with amy lawrence this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law you could spend the weekend doing the same old whatever or you could conquer the weekend in the all-new hunday santa fe visit hunday for more details hunday there's joy in every journey here's why april chose to vaccinate her child i think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated and now has a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children talk to your pediatrician or visit brought to you by murk
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