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No Huddle Offense: Week 4 (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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October 3, 2022 9:31 pm

No Huddle Offense: Week 4 (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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October 3, 2022 9:31 pm

No Huddle Offense: Week 4 l Will the Rams finally beat the 49ers? l Who should Wisconsin hire as their next head coach?

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Fall season is here on the CF lets you stay connected to your NFL see your station your show. Follow your favorite stations and come back again and again get real-time updates on everything you care about is your show Joe back there awesome rewind feature the Odyssey and is NFL football live and on-demand wherever you are. Whenever you want. We mention it's three dome of the Odyssey out today you live from the rock aborted studios will be looking to purchase a new home refinance yours. Rocket mortgage could help you get there. Problem solutions that fit your life well rocket candidates is that guilt show on CBS sports radio and it's time for week four of no huddle offense stones sentence says less rulings will soon be using the covered police and soundbites from another National Football League's time for show across the pond Vikings and saints. No Jamison. Winston, no Alvin Camara and no Michael Thomas for the saints and the Vikings win the game like that's not surprising. What is surprising is how close this game was so well lots hit a 60 yard field goal of 151 to go in the fourth quarter that tied it up at 25 apiece. Then Greg Joseph hit his fifth field goal of the game with a 47 yard with 24 seconds to go. Then here comes the New Orleans Saints and will lots again. This time from 61 yards out. Let's listen up to Paul Allen, the Vikings radio network of those my headphones is that the like is microphone headset might fall off or are they were even in London.

I think there in London. It sounds like his life.

He was so excited as Mike Flynn offers reaching for something. Anyway, it was fired after he was. Now I was watching that game live.

I am football when the kick will not buy goal that's good to be good and I didn't see it at first hit off the left upright. I just thought it the cross, but I thought it just died and hit the crossbar. The left upright and off the crossbar double doing no good Vikings in the middle long flight back.

Regards were an actual longer flight if your losses saints who were starting handy dandy Dalton at quarterback with no Jamison Wentz and the Camaro and no Michael Thomas to the Vikings improve the broom on the saints for the one and three just in Jefferson can get hundred and 47 yards also did have a rushing touchdown Falcons in Brown's young white crew a 45 yard field goal to give the Falcons 23 to 20 leave at 228 left and then let's hear the D outfit in reception one of three life to seal the victory is less thermally Falcons radio network, 23% drop in growing that's courtesy of the Falcons radio network. The Falcons on the ground had 202 rushing yards in two rushing touchdowns. Cordell Patterson did have the scores done with an injury before the game and then afterwords we did find out that he was going on ILR and he will be designated to return at some point in the season so needing a little bit of operation Africa Darrell Pattison is been one of the great stories this year in the NFL. The cowboys and commanders see the Lamb 30 yard touchdown reception to make it 22 to 10 cowboys in the fourth quarter spread trim on the cowboys radio network is the commanders without the express got 31 on the season, but without that they are three and led by Cooper Russia 15 to 27 George 23 yards and two passing touchdowns. Sidi Lambert six catches for 97 yards and the score 2nd five, right to left of the white jersey silver helmet to France, Russia, and present the cowboys that they were done so after losing DAC 011 on the year to win these last three games.

Very impressive Seahawks alliance. See also must cover the over by themselves. They were half-point off but this was again that I did not think was good to be a high-octane offense type game. But thanks for shot Penny and Gina Smith that was here is a 41 yard touchdown run by resharpening to make it 4838 Seahawks with little over two minutes ago Steve Grable on the Seahawks radio network in the game shot Penny 70 guys hundred 51 yards and two rushing touchdowns sitting one Sherry will give 41 six look at the Seahawks now to two Gina Smith Louisiana phone completion percentage and Gina Smith 23 authority for 320 yards in this game to passing touchdowns. Also a rushing score and 49 yards on the ground. This young friend for over 230 yards on the ground and three rushing touchdowns and oh yeah by the way that Deacon Metcalf fell in that time Tyler locket fell both good as well. DT Metcalf seven for about 49 and six for 91 and oh yeah by the way, maybe the toughest performance of the weekend from DK Metcalf, Ryan. He left the game on the court when you leave the game on the court and never come back and you found out that he said to go to the bathroom.

He did have cramps like Lamar Jackson is running out field is now bring back up.

Paul Pierce wheeled off ID can make Emerson down, but he looked fine when he was getting carted off all peers look like he was in a lot of pain that he has once told us if he actually had to take a number two you don't get carried off like that, with your legs up in the air. If you had to pinch one. You would think interesting.

Thank you DK Gino's is better than your guy Russell right now not get a whole hell of a lot cheaper to cut Smith and B. Not 70 through four weeks. She's been I buy for about seven years, so you might have an MVP vote for us to have been holding off your team Tennessee Indianapolis Colts no life out of the gate. Derek Henry thought that the goal to get ready to learn. Derek Elliott is best game of the season 19 yard touchdown run is made of 14 to nothing. The first portal set up to Mike Keith on Titans radios. Derek hundred 22 cars again for hundred 14 yards and a score of five. So the background like get to your team later on, but I'll just give the listening audience ran out to get the blanket will appetizer to chew on and think about until we talk about the disgraceful Indianapolis Colts later on the program when you're down 14 to nothing from you. Still optimistic that the Colts were to come back and win the game.

You know your team tied up against the taxes this year when you were down 23 you know your football team has someone in Jacksonville like in your entire life, you beat the cheese last week of the cheese gave it again. They felt that some of the points that Frank Reich and I probably fired, so let's just try to prevent you from being fired you once go to Philly and he wants coach in Philly, so there some sympathy points given out there by when Angie read and then you lessen the loss to Tennessee for three times. So what did you think you are, back yesterday. It was well because it is you delusional know because guys are not a very good team. Such a second-half claim saying that for the last two years, but your team. The Colts lost that game yesterday Titans dinner when stop stop also not very good team at right now hold on this game. The Colts team didn't win at the Colts lost any weight from you this week. Yesterday specific rapid you guys stay on all team last year. Their bed in the swamps of Jersey Giants and a good defensive performance. Daniel Jones in the game knocked out again and then goes back in the game. He did have an 8 yard touchdown run though.

In the 2nd quart is been 14 to 6 ounces and up to Bob Poplin Giants radios. He now has a 31 football reach I densely split right down sacrum Barclays of the story 31 carries hundred 46 yards in Barclays born to 60 rushing yards in his first four games of the season is the most by a Giants play in the first four games of the season and franchise history. It was a rough start of the Philadelphia Eagles up against their old coach David Peterson making his return to South Philadelphia.

Lincoln financial Field in the rain and the Jaguars broke 14 to nothing. But then in the blink of an eye in the second quarter, the Eagles regained the lead in late in the game I'll Sanders was phenomenal all day long.

27 carries hundred 34 yards and two touchdowns. He had a 5 yard TD to make it 29 to 14 and the fourth quarter. What close enough to that. Also, Masson Reddick T for Temple you forcing a fumble from Trevor Lawrence to seal the win in that game you had to strip Saks by one Masson reticule said to fumble recoveries.

Here is Mel Reese on the Eagles radio network. Pacifica hurts this time gives off the steps but Pittsburgh, Penny Pickett got into the game. Zach Wilson, welcome back.

He had a receiving touchdown and also through for a touchdown as well is the Jets win 24 to 20. Here was the pre-salt to your touchdown run to make it 24 to 20 with 16 seconds left. Here is Bob was choosing on the Jets the Chapstick you got across the nine seconds to go. The clock has been signaling a fumble runner broke the plane of the goal line. Therefore brace all second.

Indeed, such a review. They've taken away.

Imagine if you are listening on the radio and you couldn't see it because Bob dressed like he called the way that it was officiated. But you think for a second. It's a possible that you have to wait for that review touchdown by pre-salt Zach Wilson in the fourth quarter, 10 to 1228 yards and a touchdown as the Jets are now to into look like the ravens are cruising to a victory against Buffalo. There are 22 three Lamar Jackson and John Harbaugh go for it on fourth and goal of the two did not get it in the bills move the ball down the field and end up getting a Tyler Bass 21 yard walk off field goal to secure a 23 to 20 comeback victory has John Murphy on bills radio network with three seconds left. This is zero or believable charges when 34 to 24 against the now 0203 and one Houston Texans that tie always throws me off off the neck work at 20 to touchdowns last year, non-entering this game for this season. He had three yesterday to on the ground and one through the air. Here's a 14 or touchdown reception to put the game away. 3424 to 28 left in the fourth quarter charismatic money.

Smith on the charges radio network play action roll to the right road sonnets showed service three pack scores for this afternoon, this one from 13 Friday let's go to a game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers maybe one of the worst offensive games that I've seen, probably since last week when you got to see Denver and San Francisco had to give you highlight in this game from the offense where to find markings on the ground. The 23 yard touchdown reception to make it 26 attend the fourth quarter as they bash on the Cardinals were network shotgun is very quick to write by Williams snap to Murray throw a right side so even with Dave's excited seem excited will screen their day pass was Baker Maple three total turnovers.

Bailey and quarterback, a former Houston Baptist and Western Kentucky record breaking quarterback at Western Kentucky in a single season FBS history. Most passing yards and most passing touchdowns in a single year.

This game was an overtime Packers get the ball first matrix even makes a stop patriot someone aggressive Belichick pumps the football you get the ball back down. Rogers and Rogers makes things happen in the Mason Crosby hits the game-winning 31 yard field goal in OT… And up to Packers radio Packers going 31 patriots one and three Bailey SAPI 10 to 15 for 99 yards and a score. Patriots play the Lions next week. You would assume that Bailey SAPI's get a start Raiders column DE your Broncos will thereto into writers when 3223 just taken 7 yard touchdown run to make it 32 to 23 with two left in the fourth quartiles… And up Jason Horwitz on the Raiders radio network for second cause of the center victory for the Raiders Josh Jacobs 28 carries for hundred and 44 yards to touchdowns. Also had five receptions for 31 yards. Remember his fifth year option was not picked up before the start of the season. If I am Brandon being I am picking up the phone right now and saying to Josh and Dave pay. What do we need to get you to go get Josh Jacobs to go help out our quarterback in the run game in Josh Allen. What can we give you and let's coalesce need FM graphics. Let me know what you want for Josh Jacobs. That is what I would do if I was Brandon being to dad be on the phone right now with the Las Vegas writers and then Sunday night football Brady Mahon's in Tampa. Patrick Mahon's man. 2337 249 yards three touchdowns. Most points allotted home by the Buccaneers since 20 1641 was the most allowed by the Bucks defense since 20 teen.

Let's listen up to a score that made it 38 to 17 the third quarter as Mitchell puts on the Chiefs radio network go chase a potentially jolly fortune single side against Carlton Davis in the Chiefs. If the box can use my cabins chase will use Joni fortune to go box back to back losses Green Bay last week. Now the cheese and the cheese bounce back after their loss. Somehow the Indianapolis Colts as they are now three more now.

I think Matthew quick question going back to that Viking Saints game or the audio sound horrible on the Paul Allen call, did you cut that just wondering where did one of our fine tape on Scott that one of our tape… Yeah, a program director from another station just reach out and said the audio of Paul Allen is from tick-tock that is where I guess our tabletops are cutting up the audio because that viral call.

That was awful was the way that it sounded tick-tock all that went viral. I have been given the way that it actually sounded on the Vikings radio network so they have sent me that we will cut it up and we will do the cold justice I guess and hear how it actually sounded later on in the program. So I guess we are now getting on a full audio from tick-tock. You don't want to provide that say never that take that's right kids are yes getting help from one of our affiliates. Zach Ochocinco's portrait local radio stations Range of your favorite teams from your hometown, you can completely customize your listening experience. Remind your local support template to listen to and download the free app today dive into the divider trumpet in the White House 2017 through 2021. Go inside the Trump Oval Office from the chaotic beginnings to the violent finale with unprecedented access to cabinet officers top advisors, family members and trump himself.

New York Times best-selling authors Peter Baker and Susan Glasser offer a riveting must-read portrait of America's 45th president. The divider is in stores now listening to the second film show that killed just to be a sportswriter to the ground contrite car care need to guarantee low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly auto parts. Alrighty, the Rams and the 49ers are underway.

707 to go in this first quarter. I believe the Rams are to be attempting a field goal here by Mac Gay civil see if they could take a three nothing lead. I was a little bit surprised and I ended up plus in the point and 1/2 with the Rams as that field goal is right down the pipe by Mac Gates of the Ramsey to take a three nothing lead with before. I know that home at Santa Clara in LA you know in Santa Clara I get there. Coming off the brutal performance know Trent Williams. He's hurt. Jimmy G is not like that seems like a fishy line to me. Usually I would stay away when the line is so fishy but I plus the poor and 1/2 with the Rams because the Rams there is pressure on them. In this game. Now I know that NFC West is not looking good at Seattle's play better than we had thought of doing something anyone I know we have fun with that is actually expecting Seattle to go make a playoff run this year or be a team that's good to be in contention throughout the entire season at the Cardinals they get a win yesterday but that football team is not playing well and will see what happens once the under Hopkins comes back after week six 49ers I can expect much out of them because Trey Lance now done for the year.

Jimmy G. Not really a quarterback that I have a lot of confidence in, but you have a Rams team that year there. Three and one I don't think the Rams have played Rams football yet and maybe this elbow injuries more than what we think it is an electric downplay alien surgery, but the truck downplayed the entire off-season from once we found out, but Matthew Stafford to the first three games has not played well in this team to best improve on their tour want to try to become three and one tonight I get blown out by Buffalo buffalo. You play the best game you beat the Falcons at the almost blue 23 lead in last week it was just like the survival of the fittest up against the Cardinals, yet you more than the Cardinals but the Cardinals really didn't do for the Rams anything all that impressive, and that football games of this line, it seems fishy.

It seems really funky that the 49ers are pointing to have favor because that teams are coming off the memorable performance you hope you can forget that performance against the Denver Broncos or Broncos 111 to 10, but I just think even with the line being fishy about what the Rams plus the point and 1/2 because eventually the ranches have too much talent for things that not keep on clicking like the way that it's been very underwhelming to the first three weeks of the season as well site cow Shanahan his own showing.

They had having a six and 15 or 61 against against him, but also to the thing is Alisa leg season but also your member like Jimmy G right just started lusting for the first time, you know. Off-season. I get that he's been there for a while. He still like not even like physically sounds like in total shape right if Q somehow was shoulder sore last week. He threw the ball so much so it's like that, you know, you also gotta wonder Jimmy, she's not 100% also got her the office and then also mentally when you're dealing with some pain and you're in front of that offense of line which Randy Cross said it a few weeks ago that all fence lines in trouble and then you lose your Hall of Famer, your best offense of lineman in Trent Williams with that injury. I think maybe that's why you saw some of the inexcusable decisions by Jimmy G. Last week, like, don't get me wrong, I have what when my team is interested potential. The thought was that my team going to get Jimmy grappa latch. I said no way like I want no part of that sure she's well I games in San Francisco is been NFC title game is one NC title game. He has been in a Super Bowl, but Jimmy G is not a franchise guy to me and I do believe that if there some physical pain like you alluded to like you brought up what Jimmy said and then you're in front of a line that's not good you that mentally start to freak out because you're also in physical pain and then you see things that happen that even though I don't have the utmost confidence in Jimmy G.

He still good enough or he shouldn't be running out of the back of the end zone and not even realizing opponent Dan Orlovsky. You're right your heart so I can about the injury last year to this. Also another kind of nugget in the back of your mind, so right now it's Rams three. Nothing is Jimmy G just completed a pass to Brandon I you write to the 45 yard line their own 45 so right on cue, you're taken the Rams tonight but how many points I will say Rams right 10 oh out to be like a 2010 game word still and Rams are still not feeling all great about them, but they will go to three. I will go 2717 a little you're getting in the right direction but still nowhere near what CP Gramps now to your credit, because I am never afraid even though I don't like to to bring up some of your wrong predictions are your wrong thoughts like that Daniel Hackett be the top three coach at the end of the year. These things you said not made of trust have many bad takes my name please not on the path known as a short bottom use. I really liked was the top seven coach in this league and then laughed at me in a very arrogant fashion. When I told you that you were wrong and that is overrated. What else you you that's about that other takes a big refill top of the sorry is set by my nose at Baker's at top I thought I could say quarterback and three on to a bottom one. Nothing good but not good for your boy so I keep a bring up those bad takes, but last year to your credit, you pick the Rams on the Super Bowl before the start of the season ended up in the Super Bowl you have been a big time proponent a big time supporter of Matthew Stafford, are you at all worried with the way that we see in Matthew Stafford the first three weeks and thinking maybe this elbow's you to be a long term issue this year. I did spoil. So to say no when you win a championship by stilling that you know when you climb the mountain. The first I give you that confidence that even if things are not going well, which are not right now. Early on, you will kind of see the other side and kinda persevere.

So I'm not panicking yet is the best way I would say I'm not panicking, but I am monitoring the situation.

I am looking at the situation a little bit more closely then the way that I've looked at it through the first three weeks because through the first three weeks, he's just been off. Now I know I make the cheesy joke all the time. Maybe it's because he's never gone that late into the season because he is with Detroit.

Maybe that elbow was worse than it deftly was worse in the way that they were talking about it and also let's be real numb rancher what work there anymore offense line is not been good. You have tentmakers now back in the fold, you're still working in Allen Robinson Noble Robert Woods Cooper cup so there so that's a big plus. I think that there was more with the injuries and then also it's some big pieces that were known commodities in a lie that now you're trying to work new things into the fold.

And when you don't have really a preseason when you don't really take training camp all that seriously. When you are injured. I do think that is the team that you're seeing the extension of the preseason happened in the regular season for the first three weeks of the season ever, still talking about the Rams of the winning games without looking great to three weeks from now, then I don't even know if you pull go press the panic button but it is one of those things you have one eyebrow raise really and she's not that strong, boxer struggling doctors, three mom, they know what great Rams or to the one element that great eagles look really great if for no so everything still right in front of you, but you do have an eyebrow raise right now and you do to get that magnifying glass and you do watch Matthew Stafford little bit extra closely. It is that guilt show on CBS sports radio is Jimmy grappa is matriculating the ball down the field there already at the Rams 30 is Ron Jennings just had a reception and another first down for the San Francisco $40.

I sorry got Dr. Teal's Donald's made a little sack in this game and will say to make a few more places, said the Dr. Teal's curse of the first two weeks of the season ever since he only want talk with that product that are verified national radio program, bold strategy by the four – something I've never seen operative line do not lock. There's one play where everyone went the seas part of the human rights about the bold strategy cotton. I'm just going to go out on a limb here. I don't think that was intention.

I think I'm just can assume assume you happened to you soon make an asset to you and me can assume that was a mistake in the communication or they just were a little bit afraid of you. Take everything you say you know you left that you know I'm telling the left. You block on the unit.

It's kind of crazy large man, but of all these people and FL I think I was the least afraid going up against iron Donald. I think I did the best job going up against iron Donald than anyone else. The last few years. That's where that make the case that question in the interview when we were live on the air asking the question now. He still ended up pushing back a little bit indignant answer the question. The way that I wanted to concern Donald. I think that's my grief here lies that Gelpi held his own up against iron Donald in radio and I will say little easier when it's version 3000 miles away but hey, put on the two bulletins don't look at look at you I would never knock you and you think I was using was in studio few weeks are used to produce building sale at his nurse are expected as time is on Sumi Salo or Celia know no traffic, no change in cash so show I would.

I was weak, but you week week week is that guilt show on CBS sports radio fall season is on the CF lets you stay connected to your NFL see your station your show. Follow your favorite stations and come back again and again get real-time updates on everything you care about is your show facts are awesome real life the Odyssey and is NFL football live and on-demand wherever you are. Whenever you want. We mention it's three dome of the owner CF today listening to the second building show this season for the first time you get everyone's been one of the broadcast stream live for free Mondays, Thursdays, Sunday nights international theory salvageable letters in every postseason game. That's all he actually Odyssey Apple was one via Wasserman station James Urbanski likes it open. What's once portal sponsored by AutoZone.

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Get in the zone AutoZone so here comes the 49ers three nothing Rams followed up by Jeff Wilson Junior touchdown and this is Vegas even though I plus the one half points on the Rams suck a man on my big parlay. I made a two plier anytime touchdown bed five dollars down Hickey.

I threw up big time better if you could say doing $170 Jeff Wilson Junior anytime touchdown check now to win the parlay.

This is a numbering for the rest of the night Matthew Stafford anytime touchdown now to be clear, that has to be either him running or catching a touchdown. So I need a QB sneak at the 1 yard line Matthew Stafford in for a score in LB five bucks to win a buck 70 that's a number for the rest of the skin or the Philly special resilience are the chances I showed a tendency Matthew Stafford.

I made this choking on football so I guess I'll make it here since it is the same audience. Our stringer Jeff Hathor in Pittsburgh goes well, the first touchdown for Zach Wilson this year would've been a receiving score and that I made the joke. Well, there is a lady in her 40s or 50s that ended up having that ticket somewhere and I don't know, like maybe Utah or something like that, that we may know who Zach Wilson was sleep this off-season. That was a joke that I made now to get on that all that funny.

Your brain works away. I know why I get it I get it, multiple know, I am sure Zach, do you think that story is true. Now the X was the one that said it because she was what dating Dax Millman.

I think what was the essence. I guess former best friend right now. My college roommate or something and she said will Zach sleeps with his wallet. Zach Wilson sleeps with his mom's best friend. I will people start the climb, but that that was the claimant. We just never find out who the identity was of that woman.

And if you recall Zach Wilson's mother asked to talk to and sick and was hosting like a yoga class or something was like my friends wouldn't do that, then she also had another video that was like this is not the one I know I see your comments. This is not the one that you know that this lady did not sleep with my son so most of the deceitful bit bizarre. There you think you having your mom say out know that that's not the one that is cringe city Zach Wilson some strict credit but your mom respond about him like yeah I want this story to just go I want no part of the story better takes a weird turn.

Yes, to say the least. Now, by the way on this bread tonight of the San Francisco 49ers line appointment half if the Rams cover the point and 1/2. I will go three and all my pics up against Mraz morass is two and one. So if I lose, we tied on just a game back if I win tonight and go through you know I will then even up the standings on the euro to the first four weeks of the season I was basically like to the first two weeks, the Arizona Cardinals in the first half on on Sunday were I was just trying to give morass and Mraz a big time leading up big time victory and he just didn't take advantage of it are afraid of writing likely to please. Like up like a game or two or so my deli was on two games after the first two weeks of the season and I believe his quote was we have a guy hosting ion football who can't predict football now that a sexual I will just say if if if if if if I win or if I tie up things tonight. The guy that can't pick football games will then start to look a little bit better now. We still both have a long ways to go. We both have to be picking games better, but I got off to is that of the start as I could. And last week I was to the one I'm trying to either be for you know this week or two of one depending on the outcome of this game. NDA is in a win-win situation. His DNA on his Wizard of Oz pics, which is not up against me. He has the Niners tonight so if he wins that improves his standing but if he loses, he wants a CPB dictator and Shaw morass. So he's probably watching this game with a beer's feet up in his palatial yet not overly ostentatious estate and enjoys the game either. What if I would take a guess. I bet he's probably rooting for you to be right that he takes more joy in Shawn's misery than his own joy. Now I don't know if he's actually throwing cash on these games if he is, then I would say that he's probably there for his bank account, but the answer I'm sure he can afford to lose. Point out for Shawn's misery.

I think you can pay that price, I think so as well is the site build show on CBS sports radio before nouns are up seventh grade and not only that, they do have the for possible see what those there was the second quarter is about to start Paul Chris fired from Wisconsin you would agree that Wisconsin is the best job available I think so. Georgia Tech, no thank you Arizona State. No thank you Colorado. Thank you and I would say that Wisconsin is a better job Nebraska Europe 2020.

Just stuff like so she terms of setting up to win. I mean those other four schools your Delphic closest to win easily.

You got three names of the shop as I thought of one name right away and he's having a heckuva season at Kansas Lance libel tough to win their he's undefeated to start the year. They got college game day. This weekend, and also he has Wisconsin roots.

He was on that Wisconsin staff is a GA back in the early 90s and now he's coached for years. Multiple Spencer Wisconsin Whitewater goes to Buffalo does the whole was the coach Turner Gill come from Buffalo to Kansas and so far, Kansas two and 10 first year all right five and no in your number two, is liable. The first big job that becomes available on Saturday, Kansas. Thank you. Appreciate it steppingstone job. I felt you. You felt they away we go.

If Wisconsin wants him. I think he goes to Wisconsin second, within these should be writing consideration falsify these jobs is done a great job if you can turn this around victim relevant for college again this coming town you're in the top 25. No schools to go door can't see a fit when Lance libel, and the person that it was a better than Lance agent to point you get paid by whoever it is he getting paid this off-season. So who is you have any other suggestions or your favorite coach is a good fit.

Matt Campbell got a now or never frame if you delete your favorite coach you sent.

Maddock did not think Campbell is good to be the last name I am.

You know me I'm I think that Campbell the last two years has shown that he's a little I would fair their man-made assists. That's the time to run before you get exposed more. Here's one from Bruxelles that I think way saying that Lance libel it to win./Of the year before that they had zero so it's actually a step up in your number one when you live to one's the lesson 14 games was 2009 data shows how bad Kansas is been for so long and already and yeah your two turned around and they already have more conference wins since 70 okay see you tell me Matt Campbell. You also tell me Lance libel twos and Dave Dorn is a name Bruce Feldman throughout their concerns and to sit around.

Yes, Dave Dorn's a good football coach. I don't I don't know what identified that he doesn't want to leave that case, he seems like he's very happy where he is. It would be a good hire.

But you know what you need a personality now is at football coach and he is not Mr. personality. Maybe it's different in recruiting, maybe it's different locker room, shut out twice. He is now put on the back burner of gas and it's a shame because he always has a good football team, but he wishes man was ruffles agree coach, but you and I may not be fair for me but that's… What about Bill O'Brien. I actually am intrigued by Bill O'Brien, but since you the crème de la crème job. I think you could do better than Bill O'Brien build I get to Bill O'Brien in Nebraska Georgia Tech, Wisconsin. I feel like that's the job right now. It's topic and so I think there's better options would they were sure they pursue met royalties like over the Panthers or should I will pursue.

I would say yes turned around Temple turned around Baylor.

I think Matt is a really damn good college coach.

That's the way that I would say it. I've no clue. I would assume that would be interested but let's see what happens first in Carolina but yet solid and good. Clearly filling questions about his job status. Today there one in three. And yeah, it's been a rough start for the Carolina Panthers five questions five answers next onset outside psychosis to sports radio back about local radio stations Range of your favorite teams from your hometown, you can completely cost denies your listening experience. Remind your local support to catch up later to listen to and download the free

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