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Mark Schlereth says Russ Wilson has been awful and Jerry Jeudy is not a good football player

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 11, 2024 3:18 pm

Mark Schlereth says Russ Wilson has been awful and Jerry Jeudy is not a good football player

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 11, 2024 3:18 pm

FOX Sports NFL Analyst Mark Schlereth tells Rich why the Broncos gave up on Russell Wilson as their franchise QB, why Denver is better off without WR Jerry Jeudy whom they traded to the Vikings, why signing Sam Darnold or drafting Michigan QB JJ McCarthy would be good options for Sean Payton, and if Russ or Kenny Pickett will be the Week 1 starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Rich reacts the Green Bay Packers surprising signing of former Raiders RB Josh Jacobs, to the Atlanta Falcons and Kirk Cousins agreeing to a 4-year deal, and to Saquon Barkley leaving the New York Giants to sign with NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles. 

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See terms at slash credit card. Earlier on the show, six-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. Still to come, three-time Super Bowl champion Mark Schlereth. And now, it's Rich Eisen. That's right, our number three of the Rich Eisen show is on the air. We're monitoring the situation. By the way, wouldn't that be a great name for like our house band if we had a house band? You know, monitoring the situation? Hey, everybody, come to this local bar. Me and my guys, we're performing monitoring the situation.

We're going to be doing a bunch of cover songs. I like it. You know what I mean?

Just throwing that out there. Sounds like that. Or is that a better name for like our racehorse? Too long.

No, it's not. What are you talking about? Too many syllables? Yeah, too many syllables.

And down the stretch they come. Monitoring the situation. Okay. How many was American farroa?

It's a lot. You gave it one extra syllable because it was American. American farroa. But if it's American farroa, you're the one who gave it the extra syllable. Spell your horse's name.

American farroa. Anyway, we're monitoring the situation two hours plus into NFL negotiating free agency. Some call it a frenzy. So great chat with Fletcher Cox last hour. Joining us right now to make heads or tails of the Denver Broncos and what they're up to.

And they're right in the middle of it. Sending off two offensive stars to the AFC North over the last 24 hours. Pittsburgh now home to Russell Wilson. Cleveland home to Jerry Jeudy. Mark Schlereth home to the NFL on Fox.

And a lot of Super Bowl rings. Good to see you, Mark Schlereth. How are you, sir? I'm doing great, Rich. Good to be with you, buddy.

Good to see you. Are those dog treats in that jar over your left shoulder? What do we have right there? What do we have in there? I have no idea.

Listen, man. I just live here occasionally. I don't know anything that goes on inside this house.

I have no idea. I do stuff all the time. I'm like, oh, that's great. Okay, well, you know where the helmets then behind you came from. You don't know about the books, maybe?

All right, very good. Let's get into it, man. Why is Russell Wilson no longer on the Broncos, Mark? I think that, you know, I think sometimes when you look at statistics and people will say, well, 26 touchdowns versus eight interceptions, they'll look at those things and say, well, he had a pretty good season. And ultimately, I get where people get confused about, you know, what makes a successful season. And those stats would lend itself to you believing he was successful. But when you look deeper into the way he played into just the season in general, there were so many things that were missing. And, you know, he's one of the worst quarterbacks in football when it comes to throwing people in the middle of the field intermediate routes. He threw more balls behind the line of scrimmage than any quarterback in football I think since 2005.

I mean, it just was when you dig deeper into the coaches' film, there's so many things that are inadequate. And let's not forget, this is not only the first, this is the second team that basically said, we're going to take a quarterback who's in his quarterbacking prime and we're going to eat $111 million in dead cat money because we don't want to be associated with him anymore. And that's Seattle and Denver.

So there's a lot of things that on the surface when you dig deeper that he just doesn't do very well. And ultimately that's why he is now in Pittsburgh. And there's a lot of sacks that he's taken as well. And I know like the number of times we'd see cutaways to Sean Payton after the sacks. But that said, it's just tough to wrap your head around the fact that Russell Wilson needs to compete for a job with a kid in his third year of his career who really hasn't proven much other than the fact he played well for Pittsburgh.

And by that I mean, collegiately. And then for about, what would you say, four to six weeks at the end of his rookie season and he's entering year three. It's tough to wrap your head around that, Mark.

Yeah, I understand that. And I think that people look at what happened over a decade ago with the Seattle Seahawks. Listen, in Pittsburgh, and I said this a couple months ago, when they got Arthur Smith as their offensive coordinator, that's the best landing spot for Russell Wilson. You have an elite level defense like they did in Seattle. You can create a run game like Arthur Smith did in Tennessee when Ryan Tannehill took over.

And obviously Derrick Henry was just an absolute beast, but they had a great offensive line as well. When you do all those things, I mean, in the play action game, the boot keep game, there's two types of play action. I differentiate play action. I look at the run action play action, right, which is really hard run, fake, boot keep out the backside, create a linear progression where receivers are right there, one, two, and three, in your side level. That's the run action play action. Then there's a play pass where you're keeping seven guys in protection.

You're dropping back, seven-step drop. You're about 11 yards, and you're really running two-man routes. You pose with an over, and whichever way the safety plays. If he plays the deep post, you throw the over.

If he plays the over and sucks in, you throw the post. Those are things that he can do, and he can still throw the deep ball well. But in the middle of the football field, seeing receivers in the middle of the football field, throwing with anticipation, throwing guys open, those things he never has really done well, and in the last couple of years, it's been awful. He's been flat awful there.

Mark Schlerith here on the Rich Eisen Show. Why isn't Jerry Jeudy a Bronco anymore? Because he's not a good football player. He's an exceptional athlete, and there's a big difference between being a great athlete and a good football player. When you look at Jerry Jeudy, obviously he's got a skill set, and the guy is obviously an exceptional athlete, but he doesn't get involved in the running game.

When he's not the primary target, he doesn't draw coverage, so he doesn't do some of the things that are required for you to be a good football team. And I think that's the one thing we get, because talent is easy to see. That's like the NFL draft and the combine, and you do a great job, by the way, Rich.

I watch a bunch of the combine stuff. But the problem with the combine and athletic skills is athleticism is the easiest thing in the world to see. I can see a great athlete.

I can see guys who can run and jump and do all those things. It doesn't necessarily equate to being a great football player. And then also when you talk about team, and this is what I love about the National Football League in general, is that to be a great team, you have to have guys that are willing to sacrifice for one another. And the key to winning championships is when you care more about the guys you play with than you care about yourself. That's the key to winning championships at this level, and Jerry Jeudy has not displayed that he can do any of those things. When he doesn't get the ball, he complains, he whines about it, he cries about it, and he's dropped a ton of balls over the course of his career here. He's just not a great football player. He's an exceptional athlete, and you would hope, like for me, my hope would be that being traded as a former first rounder and only getting a fifth and sixth rounder in return, that that would be something that would be a wake-up call for you.

But if you don't ever take responsibility for the fact that you really didn't produce in your first round bust in Denver, if you're not going to take responsibility for that, then my thought process is why would you ever take responsibility? If you're a victim and it's everybody else's fault, then do I think he's going to have success? No, I hope he does.

He looks at himself critically and says, man, I've got to be better at X, Y, and Z. But so far, there's nothing in his career that would tell me he would do that. In the meantime, Courtland Sutton took to, and this is a 21st century way of trying to read tea leaves, obviously, when you're looking at Instagram accounts and Twitter accounts. Instagram, he was wondering what was up with letting Jerry Judy go. And then on his Twitter account, he removes the thing that's playing with his emotions at this point. Twitter account, he removes the Broncos from there because I guess he's maybe getting rid of it. He says, what's next?

What advice would you give him knowing Sean Payton and perhaps a little insight on what the plan is there? Yeah, well, I think that ultimately when you're in a full tear-down, and I agree with the full tear-down. I mean, you've been putting Band-Aids on gaping wounds here for eight years.

So I agree with the full tear-down. And when that's the case, you've got to be ready to move on for Courtland Sutton. He's got to be ready to move on because I think it's only a matter of time before he's no longer on this roster as well. And I think one of the big problems with teams that are perennial losers, remember, the Denver Broncos were a crown jewel in the National Football League.

They were no longer relevant, and they haven't been for quite some time. And there's not one guy that's been drafted since 2015 that has ever tasted. There's not one guy on this team that was in a draft pick that's ever tasted the playoffs.

Not one. And I think one of the problems when you have losing issues within a franchise there are guys that are part of that franchise that think they are working hard, that think they're preparing, that think they're studying, that think they're really doing this, but they don't have the knowledge of what is really required to be great in this league. And so you think you're doing things, you think you're sacrificing, you think you're doing all these things, and you're really not even close. And so that's another part of the purge here that's going on that I think is imperative. I think it is time to, like I said, clean house, rip off the Band-Aids, and go in a different direction, because what they've done here in the draft picks that have been made previously, there are a couple players walking away in free agency from not having anybody from the 2018, the 2019, and the 2020 draft class on their roster.

I mean, it's pathetic. Mark Schlerath, three-time Super Bowl champion here on the Rich Eisen Show. So what do you think is Sean Payton's plan, 12th overall here, and how does it play into the quarterback plan?

What would you counsel here, Mark? Well, I think for me, I look at a guy like Sam Darnold, and if you could do a Baker Mayfield deal with a guy like Sam Darnold, he came in, and it's funny, I did the last two games in San Francisco for Fox, and talked to Sam Darnold probably for 40 minutes on the field in those two games, talked to Kyle Shanahan back-to-back weeks. Sam Darnold walked into a situation where he had to compete. There was Trey Lance, and there was also Brock Purdy there, knew that he had opportunities elsewhere for more money for a chance to start, knew that that probably wasn't going to happen.

But Kyle Shanahan said this. He went to the Jets. He was drafted to the Jets. Jeremy Bates was the offensive coordinator that was trying to run the Peyton Manning offense because of his relationship with Peyton and his time with Peyton. He goes, there's one person in the world that can run the Peyton Manning offense, and it's Peyton Manning.

He's the only one. So you take a rookie with the Jets and try to put him into that situation, and then he went to Carolina, and you run a collegiate type of offense in Carolina. He said the first time he was ever exposed to a legitimate progression offense was the last eight games or so when Steve Wilkes took over and Ben McAdoo became the offensive coordinator. So he went to San Francisco simply to say, hey, man, I need some football rehab, and I need to learn the NFL game as opposed to the college game.

So I just see the maturity there. I see a guy who's unbelievably skilled, arm talent, athleticism, all those things. I see a guy that has a chance to me to rectify kind of where he was drafted and the fact that it didn't work out in the first couple of stops. Do you go ahead and choose a quarterback 12th overall if they're sitting there, if it's McCarthy or it's Pennix, if you do the Darnold thing, Mark? Yeah, I think McCarthy for me is one of one in that he's the only guy in this draft class. College football is really hard for me to watch, and one of the things about college football is there's this static formation aspect, two-by-two formation, three-by-one, four-by-one, whatever, but it's very static. There's not a lot of motion. There's not a lot of pre-snap responsibility at the quarterback position, and then you're really eyeballing one guy, where's my best matchup?

I'm going to throw it to that guy, and if that guy doesn't get open, then I'm going to scramble around and make something big happen. It's no fault of college football and the kids that play it. It's just because of the NCAA and the lack of time you have to actually study the game, I think that's what it's morphed into.

That's what it's become. J.J. McCarthy is one of one when it comes to being on the line of scrimmage. To me, seeing different personnel groupings changing with shifts or fly motions, changing the strength, redirecting traffic, being in charge at the line of scrimmage, like an NFL quarterback is in charge of the line of scrimmage. I think that's probably why he shot up draft boards, so if he was there, it wouldn't surprise me if Sean Payton would go in that direction. But if it's the rest of the guys, I wouldn't count out them trading back in this draft. They don't have a second rounder. See if they can get back, still get a really good football player, and then try to accumulate another draft pick along the way. Based on what you just said about college football, do you think the Bears should still go for Caleb because he's so seemingly unicorn-like or stick with Justin Fields?

Mark, what do you think? I think they'll go that route, and I think that's probably the right route to go with Caleb Williams. Again, the one thing that you can really identify when you're evaluating college quarterbacks is athleticism.

Arm talent and athleticism are the two things that you can really evaluate. The rest of the time, think about it. You look at the sideline. Everybody looks at the sideline. They're lined up in a static formation, and you've got bar and rooster chicken on two. Let's go.

You look at the card, and that's what you're running. There are so many things that you have no idea what a guy can and can't do based upon the way they run offense in the college game. I think it's one of the reasons that Jim Harbaugh won a national championship.

Let's just go out and bludgeon people with 90s-style football because nobody plays it, and nobody can probably defend it. I think you probably take that formula to just about anywhere in the nation. You could have a lot of success doing that.

Before I let you go, again, I'm looking at your remarkable background. I don't see a crystal ball, but I'm going to ask you to use one, figuratively anyway. Your week one starter in Pittsburgh is going to be who, Mark? I think it'll be Russell Wilson.

You do? I just don't think there'll be a competition there, but I think Russell, and this really goes back to my belief in Arthur Schmidt and what he did in Tennessee with Ryan Tannehill, I think that's the direction they'll go, so I think Russell will win that competition. Meaning why? Because Russell is mobile? You know Tomlin, and you know whatever conversations he had with Russ over the weekend weren't wink-wink.

There's no wink-wink with Tomlin, you know what I mean? When they say there's going to be a competition, and they will, there's going to be one. Pickett is a talented, albeit inexperienced third-year player who needs to prove himself.

I think, again, it does appear to be the case. We won't have it handed to him. And we all know, as you pointed out, whatever Russ's limitations are at age 35 and to age 36 they are.

I mean, I think there's going to be a real competition, Mark. I think it's going to be real as well, but I think that Arthur Schmidt will create an offense based on the run game, based on multiple tight ends, based on heavy personnel, based on, you know, any time you get in those type of offenses, you're going to create a middle-of-the-field close to a single high-safety situation, which gives you access one-on-one to the outside. Like whether it's cover one or cover three, when you have a single safety in the middle of the football field, you've got access to the outside, meaning your one-on-one, any vertical route is going to be one-on-one because you cover one and cover three become the same thing. So there's nobody in my mind that throws a better deep ball than Russell Wilson. So in those situations, you know, if you've got an off corner, you can throw the hitch. It's an easy read.

It's easy to do. And I think Arthur Schmidt will create an offense in which Russell can survive and Russell can thrive in that style of offense. And I think he'll be better at that than Kenny Pickett will be. But, you know, I do believe I'm 100 percent with you.

There will be a legitimate competition there. Mark, appreciate the time, brother. Really. Take care, buddy. I'm going to hold you to that. I'm going to hold you to that. Thank you.

Hey, every time you call, I come on. And I do appreciate that, Mark. You're the man. You're the man. You be well. Thanks, Rich.

Take care, buddy. That's the great Mark Schlereth, NFL on Fox, three-time Super Bowl champ right here. All right, so he thinks Russ is going to win the competition. We have breaking news on the running back front and not one of those, you know, breaking news. And we'll tell you, some guy who's like a third-stringer signed somewhere. It's the real deal. And we've got overreaction Monday still to come right here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

Don't you dare move, certainly if you're a Green Bay Packer fan. And get the service you deserve with Discover. Limitations apply.

See terms at slash credit card. Welcome to Talkville, the Ultimate Smallville Rewatch Podcast. Title Transference aired October 27, 2004. Director James Marshall, writers Todd Slatkin, Darren Swimmer. I really like this episode, and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did. I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general. When you say things are good and I check them out, they are.

Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen. Originally we had our eye on like a 737, something like that. Yes. And we went out to the airplane graveyard where we could buy an old 737. And while we were looking at the 737s, I started looking across the field. You could see these MD-11s and 747s. And I sort of thought, you know, and I took to the line and said, well, hang on a second, why can't we get one of those big ones?

If we're going to do it. I love it. We actually had the unique experience of impulse buying a 747 and then getting to crash it. Before I let you go, what is your remote drop movie, Christopher, wherever you're watching television and you see a film that is a favorite of yours or you just don't mind binging it, even if it's not yours, obviously. Which one is it? Just a fan of film. I haven't heard the remote drop as a phrase. That's a fantastic one.

There you go. Yeah, I love it. And there are so many.

I think by Kubrick, you know, it's a remote drop, but some of the great comedies do. And I mean, Talladega Nights, I'm never going to be able to switch that off. Okay, now then. Really? What?

The Ballad of Ricky Bobby is a Christopher Nolan mic drop movie. Is that what you're saying? If you ain't first, you're last. You're not wrong, Christopher. You're not wrong.

You're not wrong. That's fantastic. Does Will Ferrell know this? Did you just reveal that? He does now. He does now.

Well, Christopher Nolan wasn't last last night. He was just in. Back on The Rich Eyes and Show radio network, sitting at The Rich Eyes and Show desk, furnished by Grainger. With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Aaron Jones is one of our favorite guests here. We had him in studio when he was just beginning to show up and show out for the Green Bay Packers. And he's been on multiple times over and over and over again as the two-way threat coming out of the backfield for the Green Bay Packers and to keep Rodgers happy and for them, keep them in the end zone through the running back position, too. Remember, they put his contract on the credit card in a way that they normally don't. A lot of folks wondering if Aaron Rodgers was going to stay with Green Bay after an occasionally injury-marred season, right?

But towards the end, he was a crucial aspect of the offense with Jordan Love finding all those young receivers that a lot of people started picking up like crazy on their fantasy waiver wires. And so now there's breaking news on the running back front out of Green Bay. Mike, I need that drop.

Please hit it. Breaking news. Boom! What's up, Chris Brockman?

What's up? The Green Bay Packers are signing Josh Jacobs. Whoa. Whoa.

Jeez. So the Raiders lose Josh Jacobs. I guess does that mean it's the Zamir White show now? Seems like it. Because trust me, I picked him up in fantasy towards the end of the season.

He helped me to my fantasy finals. He was a bell cow, but I don't know. Are they just going to go into the season with him as the main running back?

Maybe they will. I don't know. But do we know the terms and figures and dollars? Are we around to pry to use the Dan Patrick phrase?

We haven't been there yet. What does that mean for Aaron Jones? Does that mean he's out and it's him with A.J.

Dylan or Dylan's out, too? They're going to remake the... That's such an un-Green Bay-like move, right? Pretty shocking.

You draft and pay your own. You don't really jump out in the free agent market, but... Josh Jacobs to Green Bay. Even Ian Rappaport called the move stunning. It is.

It's so unlike Gouda Kunst. Says they have worked with Aaron Jones on a new deal, said Ian. In the market for a running back, and obviously they got one. No word if Aaron Jones is coming back. Wow. Looks like they're trying. That'd be a nice two-headed monster.

What? Jacobs and Aaron Jones? They're used to doing two running backs. That one's probably gone. I would imagine A.J. Dylan is now gone. I don't know. Or you keep Dylan as the thunder, and Josh Jacobs is... Josh Jacobs is the guy that gets stronger as you get more carries.

True, too. He's the dude that just runs you over on carry 20 through 25. Remember I came out on this show and people were saying I was crazy?

Don't answer that yet. Remember I said Josh Jacobs looked to me like Zeke? You know what I mean?

Like he had that Zeke sort of look to him? He just run you over and keep on coming at you. Wow. All right, Del Tufo, you gotta hit it. Oh, you got another one? Breaking news. Boom!

Geez, what do you got? According to Mike McCartney... Uh-oh, this is Kirk Cousins' news. Yeah, scouting director blessed to rep the people at Vanier Sports. Kirk Cousins to the Falcons. Here it is. Four-year deal. This is it. It's happened. Four-year deal for Kirk Cousins to go to the Atlanta Falcons.

Oh my goodness. I feel like this is the moment of free agency like the fugitive. We're calling up the Marshalls and leaving the phone right there because we just found a big piece.

And Kirk is the one-armed man. We're just leaving that phone right in Cousins' house off the hook so they can just GPS it and get in there because this is the big move. This is the big move of the Atlanta Falcons going ahead and getting Kirk Cousins to come to Atlanta and be the guy to try and bring Arthur Blank the Super Bowl. And I am sure it is going to be some serious ridiculous coin and Kirk Cousins is just going to further cement himself in the Sports Business Hall of Fame. And it's going to be on and cracking and all the stuff that we saw over the last couple years where we're struggling with Desmond Ritter and we're struggling with Taylor Heinecke is out the door.

And if I am Drake London or Kyle Pitts or Bijan Robinson or anybody else that's on that offense, I am doing cartwheels and Raheem Morris is probably out of his skull happy. They are high-fiving everywhere in the state of Georgia and Falcons nation and wherever Arthur Smith right now, he must be like, really? Really?

Dang. Now we're going to do it? Those receivers got to be so happy. And what does this mean for the Minnesota Vikings?

Sitting there 11th overall, all they were saying at the combine, whenever you heard this being in the ether, this does not mean they're going to lose Justin Jefferson, that Jefferson will just look around and go, I saw what happened when I didn't have cousins last year. They're still going to give him the bag. They'll probably have more money to give him the bag.

They'll give him the bag. And now they start from scratch with Kevin O'Connell. Sitting there 11th overall, do they like JJ McCarthy and Pennix? I heard they really did at the combine. Those are the ones they liked. Now you could sit there and go, well, they're not getting the other three rich sitting there at 11.

That's true. Do they make a godfather offer and go up and get one of them? I don't know. But what this also means is where the hell is Justin Fields going to wind up? Because all we were talking about at the combine was, well, Pittsburgh may take him.

Nope. Well, Atlanta, that's his hometown. Remember he was on the St. Brown pod and he's just like, you know what, that would be kind of crazy if I go there, everyone's going to want tickets and whatever. Well, I mean, they're going to have to buy a ticket to see him be the road team.

Question is, what road team? Who else is going to take him? Would New England flip a third day pick? Because at this point in time, the Bears, you could hold them to account.

You could hold them to account. Would the commanders take him? I mean, if it's a third day pick and then you have a second overall selection and you don't want, I mean, I don't know. You got a new coach, you got a new setup, you got a whole new situation. You're going to, what, turn down a rookie contract quarterback named Jayden Daniels or Drake May?

Is that what you're going to do? I doubt it. Denver, would Denver be in the market? We just had Mark Schlereth on the show and he knows what's up. He mentioned Sam Darnold is a guy to go out and get and see. He's never had a shot, a legit shot with the Jets and the Panthers being his main legit shots before he's backing up Brock Purdy, hook him up to Sean Payton and go to work. That might be more to the tune of what the Broncos would be interested in because, again, you're kind of starting from scratch there.

He's not on his rookie deal, but you could get him for a song. Justin Fields, you got to figure out within two months if you're picking up a fifth year option, which you're definitely going to do. The Raiders have the same offensive coordinator as the Bears. That ain't happening, I don't think. Maybe I shouldn't say that ain't happening, but the Buccaneers are not in the market. Where's Justin Fields going to go? This was what the Bears didn't want. The Bears wanted him to stay put in Minnesota and Atlanta to be like, oh, gosh, here we are. We'll take him. Here's a second rounder. That's not happening. And cousins goes to Atlanta. So, NFC South, you've got your defending champs, division champs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We had Jason Light on Friday celebrating the resigning of Mike Evans saying the idea is to get Baker signed over the weekend.

He did it. Baker signing gives an opportunity for him to take Antoine Winfield off of the franchise tag so they're not stuck with that big, huge ass figure, can move things around so you can sign. Lavonte David was another guy they were interested in, right? They signed their kicker, Chase McLaughlin, to a three year deal. That's another thing they wanted to do going into the season, the non-playing season here. So, they're checking all their boxes, man. Next up would be Tristan Wurfs who's playing on a fifth year option.

You want to handle him. So, they're having a very nice weekend in Tampa. Atlanta just made a huge move, right? You also have in this division the Saints who are sitting there 14th overall. I mean, what are they going to do?

Are you doing anything? Michael Thomas is going to be gone. I mean, they made their move for Derek Carr last year. Do they feel like they're...

I don't know. It seems like Atlanta just took a major step up. The Bucks have done that.

I'm sure Saints fans, I mean, don't sleep on us. And then, of course, there's Carolina where we just need to see something. They just need players.

They need to hold up a newspaper with today's date for us to see that they're around. Straight up. I mean, straight up.

No first round draft choice. I mean, coming off of that horrible season. They're digging out. They're digging out. So, Atlanta, I mean, what a move.

Arthur Blank, he's like, screw it. Let's go. Let's pay him. Do we have the numbers yet?

Haven't seen it. It's like a Powerball. Whatever it's going to be, he's hit the Powerball. You think it's 4 for 200 plus? Where every dollar's guaranteed because that's the way he does it? Pay that man his money. Maybe not. 160 guaranteed?

150 guaranteed? Let me just say one more thing about Baker Mayfield. Alright, Dana Rossini has said, look for the Vikings to go after Sam Darnold. Okay, so now he's going to go after Sam Darnold and then you got the Broncos are going to... Sam Darnold's feeling good. Yeah. Sam Darnold's going to have a comeback around again and Zach Wilson's sitting there wondering who's going to take me. Maybe the Broncos should do that. Not bad. Send him back to, you know, Mountain West country.

Man, I'm just hitting refresh. I just want to see the numbers on this. Let me just say this about Baker Mayfield.

Let me just say this about my boy. This point last year, this was the darkest moment before the dawn, right? Who's taking Baker? Who's going to want to take Baker? Who's going to take him on? Who's going to give him a shot?

And where's he going to go that's worth a damn anyway? Betting on yourself. We've done that around here quite a bit, have we not, gents?

Every single human being in this here operation has done exactly that. And I am beyond thrilled and honored to say you believed in me while I was betting on myself to bet on yourself. And that is a powerful feeling.

We feel it every day here at work. Last year, Baker Mayfield's like, I'll go to Tampa for four million bucks. I'll be the guy after the guy and the guy being Tom Brady.

I'll do it. Jason Light, the general manager, said last week, guess what? The reason why it worked here is because the chip on our shoulder about us losing Brady and everybody saying we're going to suck, it kind of matches Baker's chip on his shoulder. The chips matched.

They balanced. And Baker went and he balled out. I understand it didn't look pretty towards the end of the season, but then they made the postseason. He bounced the Eagles. He wound up retiring Kelsey and Fletcher Cox. And then he goes to Detroit and put the scare in them, too. Let's go.

That's my boy. Betting on yourself. Four million bucks he was making going into last year. Now he's got a three year deal that's worth nine figures. Fifty million of it guaranteed. Thirty million of it is for this year.

He gets 10 million next year in a. Roster bonus and then 10 million in an injury vesting bonus. So. He's kind of have to keep proving it, which for him, he's like, I got it. I got it. But I like what the Bucks are building. Certainly since Baker v. Kirk twice a year. Bucks and Falcons. Let's go. Derek Carr versus Kirk.

Which of those nice guys is going to be the biggest red ass that wins? Right. Let's go.

And then Bryce Young. Let's see. Let's see what you got.

Kid. NFC South just got much more interesting. All right. News has got to stop breaking for us to go and do overreaction Monday, right? We're going to get around it overreaction Monday on a Tuesday. I mean, all the topics are from what happened over the weekend. So so maybe we just redo it for tomorrow. We're doing the podcast on Wednesday. So we could just redo it for tomorrow.

Sorry to make you work twice. I don't want to burn through the topics for the show and the pod. OK. You know what I mean?

I want the pod to be fresh and hot. That you were even I was literally telling you to scrap it and do it something else, but. Everybody works so hard on these. All right, let's take a break. We'll do it. Let's take a break. I can feel it.

I can feel it. That's next. We can go quick. OK, very good. That's next. This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Named one of the best personal finance podcasts, the Stagging Benjamin Show with Joe and his friends makes financial literacy fun. I got an email today from the Len Penzo dot com H.R. department. I find really interesting. I'm an employee of one at this company.

So but somebody from the H.R. department sent me an email telling me that I had a raise. I just opened the attachment.

I could see how much my raise was. Make sure you click on the links that are in there, too. Oh, absolutely. I can't wait. I'm excited. Find out more by searching the Stacking Benjamins podcast wherever you listen. Be sure to follow so you never miss the next episode. And thanks for listening.

Wherever you listen. We're back here on the show. So listen, there's two things that you probably aren't think that's related.

And we'll get to what you're saying in a second, because it's related to what I'm saying right here. So word was coming out earlier in the show that the Eagles were ready to break the bank for Saquon Barkley. Connor Hughes, who works for Sportsnet New York, covers the Jets and Giants thing. He's hearing that that Saquon could go for like 12 million or something like that annually. And you know, that video of Michael Jackson, that's been a meme everywhere that I guess he he is a concert in Copenhagen years and years ago, where he dramatically, overdramatically, like melodramatically had somebody who was pointing a rifle at him, like reached out and gently lowered it to just talk about how peace is easy to achieve.

If you have, I guess, the fortitude. I forget what the message is, whatever. But buried in the comments was a Giants fan from that tweet of reversing it and basically like shoot me now.

Over the idea of the Eagles getting Saquon, he reversed the video. Take me. Take me now. That's amazing. It made me laugh so hard in the commercial break. I don't know why that one caught me. Because it's hilarious. Oh my gosh. To think of that video and then reverse it. God, if you listen to it. The Giants fan just said take me now. Oh, my God. Because Saquon becoming an eagle is, you know, something that a Giants fan would have a difficult time swallowing.

You know, as a for instance, back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm sorry, Christopher, we were going to do overreaction Monday today, but news kept breaking from Russ signing with the Steelers overnight. And then things like, you know, Josh Jacobs going from the Raiders to the Packers and Christian Wilkins going to the Raiders. And then Kirk Cousins signing with the Falcons, moving and shaking. And all this time we're like, is Saquon going to really leave the Giants? And is it possible for him to go to Philadelphia of all places or is Harry Roseman just jacking up the cost to try and stick the tab on the Giants? Because they're not going to just let him cross the Walt Whitman Bridge from New Jersey to Philadelphia, are they? Hit the drums. Chris Brockman, please tell me what's up.

What's going on? According to Adam Schefter and the man himself, Saquon Barkley, going to Philadelphia. Three years, thirty seven point seven five million dollar contract could be worth up to forty six million. Look at him in green. Twenty six million guaranteed.

Mark, I want you to have my cheese fries. Dude. Sorry, TJ. Look at Saquon Barkley.

I hate football. Back in the state of Pennsylvania. Oh, Penn State fans who are Eagles fans are losing their friggin minds right now. There's a lot of them. Oh my goodness.

Saquon tweeting out two Eagles emojis. No cap there. No blue hat. Blue hat. No blue hats there. No blue hats. Oh my goodness.

I don't mean to rub it in, Giants fans. Wow. But really?

Really? That much money is too rich for your blood. That is what you get. And they got to deal with him twice a year now?

That's too rich for your blood. Well, they had to have Daniel Jones. No, no, no. Now listen. Now listen.

I get it. The running back. Position.

Is something you could get out of college fresh out of college. And win championships right there in the state of New Jersey. Isaiah Pacheco went from Piscataway. To. The victory podium to start his career twice in a row. No running back in the history of the NFL's ever done that.

Seventh round. I get it. I get it. But I guess a game changing running back is kind of like a lawyer.

You don't want to pay him until you need him or her. Right. What happened now? The Colts at least got it right with Jonathan Taylor in the end. But what happened last year when the game was on line?

Season on line? Back up quarterback even though Gardner Minshew was a starter for three months? What happened when the Colts needed to get yards in that final drive against the Houston Texans? What'd they do? They basically rode Jonathan Taylor all the way to fourth down and then didn't have him out there? Oh my goodness.

This is the football version of effing around and finding out. Now he's in Philadelphia. I mean, and let me just say this too, because I think I saw the Tiki say it locally. I think he did. I saw that reel over the weekend of him saying, you know, everyone roots for Saquon here. And if he goes to Houston, he goes somewhere else. He winds up on somebody else's team. They'll still root for him. But in Philadelphia, it'll be sort of like, now I got to turn my back on you. And I totally understand that. But what's he supposed to do?

Not go to Philadelphia because the because he's loyal to the Giants? Wow. I'm sorry. I don't I don't mean I don't mean because dude is great.

People great in the community. And it's you know, it's totally not what the Eagles do, but the Eagles found it in their cap and plan to spend. And I don't blame them because, again, look at the San Francisco forty niners.

Look at them. Paying McCaffrey, getting McCaffrey, paying him back and rewarded. With a game changing ability. Saquon, I know has trouble staying healthy. I get it, but it's worth it.

What does this mean? You just lost Jason Kelce and Fletcher Cox. And here comes Howie Roseman, by the way, taking Bryce Huff from the Jets, paying him and taking Saquon from the Giants.

He just took two of the best from MetLife and said, I'll take him. Man, Howie Roseman just keeps doing it and doing it well. And I, I understand. The Giants will just now have to prove it. Show it.

Show it that you could just do it with some talented kid out of college. They're going to have to do it now. Oh, my gosh. Oh, Diana Racini saying the Eagles aren't done. Well, when is when are they ever done?

They're never done. They're remaking their team. You know, didn't work out last year. Now, I mean, Saquon and Jalen Hurts at the mesh point with A.J. Brown and Devante Smith and Dallas Goddard. And, you know, figuring out whoever is going to fill in for Kelce that he would choose to fill.

Best of luck. And I'm sorry, Giants fans. That is an un unkind. Turn of events. And I'm just wondering if last year, what if they paid Saquon and franchise tag Daniel Jones?

And how much more different it would be? I know you like being right, Chris. As we go out the door, what else? By the way, Action Monday, we're gonna have to do it tomorrow.

And you're gonna have to redo the picks. Of what? Throw my direction.

And we're doing the podcast version of it on Wednesday when most of this stuff will be in the barn. All right. The money for Kirk Cousins, according to Tom Pilacero. Let me guess. Let me guess. Let me guess.

Sure. You said four years, two hundred million. That's what I thought. Yeah.

And that would be fifty million per. It does start. The annual starts with five. Does not.

Does not. Four one eighty for Kirk. Fifty million dollar signing bonus. One hundred million guaranteed. Ninety million in the first two years. Another ten million in twenty twenty six.

OK. So it's kind of a two year deal. Kind of a two year hundred. Five million dollars. OK. And at age thirty five.

And we'll see what you look like at age thirty eight. Yeah. Two years, hundred million. And then we'll see what after that. The guy drafted in the same draft as RG three. By the same team.

You know, as RG three is going to play deep into his thirties with some of the. Richest contract figures year in and year out. Over and over and over again. It is an unbelievable. You know, Kaiser Sose like maneuver.

I mean, it is it is unbelievable. And now it's time to win. And he can.

This team has got the ability to win. Raheem Morris coming to town and bringing a whole new way of looking at things. And Kirk Cousins is his quarterback.

And congratulations to him. That's what you need. You need to have a quarterback who can wing it. In this quarterback driven league. Unbelievable. Has he made a billion dollars in his career? It's closing in on that. He's almost a three fifty. Which is a lot.

OK. Well, it feels like a billion. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Who's having a worse day? Vikings fans or Giants fans? Oh, Giants fans, please.

Please answer running back to your quarterback. Dude, dude, Saquon is like a heart and soul of this team that has been absolutely soulless for a decade. Plus, with the exception of that one burst of unexpected activity. And success.

Ever since, you know. Odell and the Giants went on that boat trip before going to Green Bay and losing. It was a very dark time until that one playoff season with that one playoff win with Daniel Jones and Saquon. And Saquon's like pay me like Christian McCaffrey.

And the answer was no. We'll franchise tag you and then we'll let you walk to Philadelphia? I guess going to Philadelphia makes more noise. Whereas the Vikings fans, you know, kind of enjoyed Kirk Cousins's time there and had fun with him. But I have a feeling Saquon was more plugged into the zeitgeist of the fan base maybe than Kirk. And they'll they'll figure it out from there.

And I think fans have more of a trust level in their coach in their front office than Giants fans currently do of theirs. Wow. What a day. Love it. Boom. Thank you very much. That'll wrap it up for this Monday edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

Can't wait to see what Tuesday brings. Movies, TV shows, books, podcasts and more. It's what women binge with Melissa Joan Hart and her friend Amanda Lee. We have Lauren Bosworth with The Hills. So what is like your number one question from fans? The primary question I still get asked was, is it real? In 2024 to me is a surprising question to get because I feel like everybody has been through the reality TV gauntlet at this point. What women binge wherever you listen.
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