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NFL Picks (Hour 4)

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September 23, 2022 10:05 pm

NFL Picks (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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September 23, 2022 10:05 pm

1 thought on each Week 3 game l NFL picks with Jersey Jerry l Closing Bell

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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We're still being charged for water that we can't use. Listen and subscribe to Beyond Black History Month on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. Looking for stories about the Black community and you don't want to wait until, oh, I don't know, February? Then check out Beyond Black History Month, the podcast that tells inclusive stories year round. Like how today's labor movement is connected to the civil rights movement and why Black neighborhoods keep getting hit with water crisis after water crisis. We're still being charged for water that we can't use.

Listen and subscribe to Beyond Black History Month on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. I think one of the types of thoughts that's on the final lateral play, they were able to get a touchdown and Cleveland goes to two and one in the season. They should be 3-0. They shouldn't have choked that 13 point lead with another 90 seconds to go up against the Jets last week, but they did. And for Cleveland it's all about that chase to when DeShawn Watson comes back in Week 13 up against the Texans in Houston and you got to get to five or six wins. six total wins by the time Watson comes back, you will have an opportunity to make the playoffs. Give you one thought about each and every game upcoming this weekend in the National Football League.

Give me some NFL music, please. Alrighty, we start things off Saints at the Panthers. Panthers 0-2. Two brutal losses.

I know the Giants are 2-0, but that game was winnable, and the first game of the season up against the Brownies were winnable. I got to see the Panthers get off to a good start. They're coming alive later on in these games, more so the first week than the last week, but these first half starts have been brutal. They had no pulse up against the Browns, and last week, knowing you need to get off to a good start in a must-win game in week two, you fumble the football twice right out of the gate. My first thought in this game, and we'll know a lot early, will the Panthers hot take Kiki have a pulse to start off the game?

That's a question I have. I'm gonna look on the other side of the ball because you look around the NFC. Cowboys right now are struggling without Dak Proskow. You just mentioned the Panthers. He might pick for the playoffs. 0-2, not great.

Way to go. And who did you pick for coach of the year? Matt Ruhl. Not good. Not good at all.

I love Ruhl. It's my guy, but I'm not looking good. Although the story writes itself if you have a nice turnaround here. I'll be the happiest person in the world if he finds a way to get himself the coach to your conversation. Not looking great like you mentioned so far, but maybe one of the teams that could benefit from that are the Saints.

One of those you have to do that. James Winston not turning the ball over like he did last week. He's been shaky so far through two weeks when you play the Falcons and the Bucs. Bring some stability this week.

Hold on. He's playing with cracked ribs though, and that Tampa defense is great. I can't kill him for last week. Still, this is a good roster. You hitched your wagons to Jamis Winston. There's no Sean Payton there to kind of coach him out of some of the bad mistakes. This team on paper should be a playoff team, and you're getting the breaks that should open the door to get a spot.

It starts with this week. And then you think, okay, Panthers defense was supposed to be good. They have not been good. No, but still tough test, but. I would not call that defense a tough test right now.

I'm sorry. They're supposed to be good. You couldn't find a way to get one turnover against Jacoby Brissett or Daniel Jones.

It's a bad job. You know Jamis could give him one this week though. Better not. So you know how I do that weekly on WFNZ? Every football Friday?

Every morning with Mack and then also Bohn? 940, right? AM?

920. Oh, excuse me. Sorry. Come on. Early bird gets the worm. Zach Gill thinking I'm sleeping in on a football Friday all the way up until 938?

You're out of your mind. Mack, you know that guy, I think it's Pinto Ron in Buffalo? Yes, who has the legendary tailgates. With the mustard and the ketchup and the mayo getting squirted all at him. I think he has like a bowling ball he drinks out of too.

There's a lot. Mack consulted Ron to try to break the curse for the Panthers, and Mack today after the show had a Carolina barbecue sauce kind of Pinto Ron in a field to try to reverse the curse. I respect that. Now, I hate to point this out to Mack. Yes, the bills are good now so that's why it's going viral. The bills were all so terrible for years when Ron did this.

He did this emotionally when they were bad. Yeah, so I hope that it's not more so of the bad than the good and it actually starts working out well for the Carolina Panthers. Texans and the Bears. I have to have a thought on this game?

Here's my thought. Justin Fields, you better go win the damn game. You're in Chicago, you kind of went after the fans and you walked it back after you guys lost to the Packers and you don't really need to say anything because no one expected you to win that game. You're going up against Davis Mills, same draft class, but he was in the second round. I know the Texans defense has been playing well, but Justin Fields has to win this game.

That's my thought. If he's a franchise quarterback, you win this game up against a team that's eh, even though your team is eh, but you find the way to get the job done. I'm interested to see, can Davis Mills continue to play well? I mean, play okay, but this Texas team has been scrappy. They tied the Colts, they almost beat the Broncos.

Again, okay, two teams that are struggling and or not very good. They didn't beat the Broncos because of Davis Mills. Well, the defense is good. It's good Broncos defense. Good Broncos defense. They made Geno Smith look like a Hall of Famer in the first half. For a half. For a half.

Then Geno came back. And Justin Simmons is hurt right now. Come on, give me a break. Davis Mills, I'm watching. You overate the Broncos. You think the Broncos are this great team. The Broncos are not this great team. Defense is good. Geno Smith.

It's one half. Geno Smith. They scored 17 points in the game. Geno Smith. They scored 17 points. Geno Smith, thank you. I'm not saying that they're bad defense, but the whole team is overrated in the Denver Broncos. So what's your thought, Davis Mills? See how he plays.

Okay. Kansas City and the Colts. I am getting down on one knee right now. The gambling gods, if you exist. I have been brutal gambling games this year.

On this show, I am 0-6. The line is Kansas City minus five and a half. The Colts suck. Frank Reich should be fired. The offensive line is horrible.

Shaq Leonard needs to go back to being Darius Leonard because Darius actually played games and Shaq Leonard won't be playing a game yet this season. If the gambling gods exist, the Kansas City Chiefs will cover. Please.

I know all the money's on Kansas City. That doesn't make me feel good, but I want Hickey coming in here on Monday. Oh, two and one.

That's what I want to see. All I can to think about that. Stupid tie.

It's the worst. I almost said oh and three. Yeah, it feels like I went three. Oh, two and one.

That's what I want to see. Come on, Andy. Come on, Patty. Let's go, Chiefs. How about those? Chiefs. Your thought? Colts love a prayer. They're gonna get smoked, so I'll say this. I will come in here happy on Monday if the offensive line actually like looks like their 20-20 self. They've stunk for the last like really the last back half of the year and into this year.

They've been terrible. If you can at least get a push up front, I don't care if you lose 31-17. If there's at least some life on the offensive line, I will feel good about myself on Monday. I think our company's learning a lesson this football season.

Don't have us do any extra work. I'm doing a weekly on WFNZ. The Panthers stink right now. I'm doing extra work picking games on the DA show. Someone that was 13 games over 500 last year is truly with having to pick an underdog each and every week.

I can't pick a game to save my life right now. Hickey starts doing a Colts podcast and the Colts can't win a game right now. I think Odyssey should take notes and make adjustments and next year not so pay us for the extra work but not actually have us do the extra work.

I was gonna say I want the extra money. I also like doing the Colts pod. I mean they suck but... Come on. We could do without the Colts podcast. Well no we can't. If the Colts are winning more games?

We definitely could do that. Why can't we do both? That's what I'm saying.

It's not mutually exclusive. Because the Colts, ever since you ran your mouth last year, the Colts just messing everything up. Ever since Christmas Day. I have not seen a win since.

Oh my heart breaks for you. Santa came too early. Bills of the Dolphins. I want to see the Dolphins keep this game within a touchdown.

I want to see if they cover the spread. I want to see if they can win the game outright. I think Buffalo is going to win. Dolphins had a great win last week but this is now another test. You've shown that you were the second best team in the AFC East. You've shown that you could be a playoff team so far. Where do you stack up against a team like Buffalo that's dominated you?

That's a thought. I want to see the Dolphins defense. They got smoked really by the Ravens although the fourth quarter played a little bit better. This is a tough task obviously but no one's really had any sort of success slowing down Buffalo. You got a blueprint of what not to do with the first two weeks. Can you do anything to slow down Josh Allen so far?

Because no one's done anything. I saw Richard Sherman last night on Amazon Video and he was saying the Dolphins cover zero defense even though he thinks there's a lot of really good players obviously in that secondary. With how much man-to-man they play it's gonna be tough this week when you go up against Diggs and you go up against Gabe Davis. He said if you play them straight up you will not win that game and those guys will eat. So I thought that was an interesting thought by Richard Sherman.

Your thoughts on that? Well it's different but that covers zero defense Gabe Lamar Jackson. Last year a lot of problems if you remember on that Thursday night game but like I said this is a little bit different team little better receivers to try to guard. Yes I'd rather have Lamar over or well sorry it's a Dolphins defense going up against Josh Allen it's about to say Tua. I'd rather have Lamar Jackson well you look at Lamar Jackson going up against that team yes Lamar's a heck of a quarterback he's won an MVP but his receivers aren't great.

No. Diggs, Davis Diggs is great. Diggs is very good yeah.

Anyway we'll keep it moving. Detroit at Minnesota. Kirk Cousins. You threw up all over yourself on Monday night football.

You got to find a way to just get it done. No interceptions that's what I want to see from Kirk Cousins. I see how for real the Lions are.

They're a spunky bunch. From one and one they beat the commanders they almost beat the Lions. Win this game you know let's make a little noise here. Sorry yes they almost beat the Eagles. Yeah we haven't had a good segment here. No. I'm saying that I almost just said Lamar is better than Josh Allen which I would not have meant but I was talking about Lamar against Tua and then you just said the Lions almost beat the Lions which they have beaten themselves probably a lot of times throughout the year so you may not be wrong on that.

True. Let's get a little spunk here. Ravens at the Patriots. I just want to be able to hope that I'll be able to watch this game in the fourth quarter.

I think the Ravens gonna win I think the Ravens gonna win big against my team. Maybe I'm a sucker I'm interested to see Lamar Jackson's health. Oh. I want to see what the deal is here.

Man that's not what I was hoping for. I just wonder you know is everything okay? I think he's fine.

We'll find out. He'll beat the Patriots just on his legs this weekend. Doesn't even need his arm this weekend. I'm telling you this is not gonna be good Sunday for the Patriots. Bengals at the Jets.

I know your line stinks. Joe Burrow you just cannot lose to Joe Flacco. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

That's a thought. Joe Burrow has to beat Joe Flacco this weekend. They have to get to one and two. With you. It's on Joe Burrow. This is his game. You're the captain of this team. This is a bad Jets team.

You have to win. Raiders at Tennessee. Derek Carr. You got more weapons this offseason. I know your offensive line's not good.

I know defensively they're not helping you out either. You're up 20-0 last week. Didn't win the game.

I know it wasn't all your fault. The week before you threw three picks up against the Chargers. Ryan Tannehill.

You are a better quarterback than him. You gotta out duel Ryan Tannehill with a struggling Raiders team and a struggling Tennessee team. I want to see if Derek Carr could rise to the top this weekend.

I want to see let's say Joshua Daniels. Can you rally the troops? A lot of hype for the Raiders in the preseason. 0-2.

You know winless team versus winless team. This is where you got to keep everyone together. Yeah. I just flipped Ticky off by the way. You did? What? How did you not see that?

I literally went like this to you while you said Josh McDaniels because I know you don't like Josh McDaniels. Oh I did not see that. I just kind of moved my eyes around.

You're looking right at me and I flipped you off and you did not see it. Interesting. Yeah. I'm just locked in. Eagles at the commanders. I want to see Carson Wentz lose by 50. I don't care if Morazz took the Eagles minus six and a half and that won't be good for this bad payoff that I had at Bob's bar in May. But I'm sick of commanders fans trying to tell me what Carson Wentz is when I know what Carson Wentz is.

That's what I want to see. My thought though on the game in terms of breaking this down. This commander's defense has struggled through the first two weeks. You're going up against a high octane offense where they could run the ball in Philadelphia with Hertz and Sanders. They have two really good wide receivers even though his production has been great so far. Devante Smith and then obviously AJ Brown. Dallas Goddard's a really good tight end.

I know Young was on the practice field but he's not gonna play for a few more weeks. I need to see a little bit life from this commander's defense or Jack Del Rio may be out of a job sooner rather than later. I'll stick on that. Well I guess when those two teams or those two sides on the same side of the ball. I don't know what I'm saying.

Eagles offense. Holy cow. Here's what you're saying.

I'm gonna stay with what you just said but go up against what the commanders are defending. Holy cow. Yes. This is a bad segment for us. I'm sorry. I'm just I'm taking you down.

It's not just you. I messed it up. I'm the captain of this ship and I started to mess it up when I started making my Lamar Jackson, comparing him to the Tua thing.

I just messed it up. It's a bad job. Sheesh.

Can Jalen Hertz just be more consistent? I only have 40 minutes of this left. You then have to go do a four-hour show starting at 2 a.m. Eastern. Yes. I think this is not good.

I do not mean this in a mean way. I think this is gonna be the worst show you've ever done coming up tonight at 2 a.m. Wow. Okay. We're setting the bar low. You just can't speak right now. There's a reason to folks to tune in. You wanna hear a train wreck?

You'll get a train wreck. Man. Beat the calls.

Holy cow. I will say Jalen Hertz, can you be more consistent throughout an entire game? That's what I'm watching. You're such a Jalen Hertz hater. I love Jalen Hertz. Jacksonville at the Chargers. I want to see what Justin Herbert actually is.

I don't know what he's gonna be with the health, with the rib injuries and all that. I think this game will be close because I don't know what we're gonna get out of Justin Herbert with the injury. Let's see what the Jags bring. Nice win of the Colts. Now can you build off of that?

You're going on the road. Tough team. Even if Herbert doesn't play, it's still a talented team all around. Can you continue to build on the momentum you have after that dominating win last week? Rams at the Cardinals. Matthew Stafford's a bad so far.

He's turned over the football. I know they got out to a good start last week but then it just stopped when they're up 28 to 3. I want to see if Stafford go play a clean game up against this Cardinals team that is not that good. Can Cliff and Kyler put together a good offensive performance because so far at eight quarters they've had two good ones.

That's it. Two and eight quarters have been good. Everything else has been bad. You need more offensive production and it starts this week. And I know it was a great comeback by the Cardinals but they could also thank Connor Renfro. I know it was a good hit and he's now out for this weekend but if he doesn't fumble that ball even with the comeback it's a good effort but you lose. Falcons at the Seahawks. Here's my thought because both these quarterbacks are uninspiring.

Both these teams are uninspiring. Drake London. I love what I'm seeing from Jake London so far. He could be Rookie of the Year. I want to see if his great play can continue.

I think it will. I think he could win the Rookie of the Year. The only reason I will be tuning into this game is to just see what Drake London does. Which by the way in my fantasy football league, which I don't know one cares about fantasy football league, we have to bid on players that are free agents. Now I'm in multiple leagues. This one that he was available in it's only eight people in the league. I do leagues with a lot more people.

These are my seven best friends growing up. So it's an 18 league. Drake London was available and I lost out on him by a dollar.

You make anonymous bids. You get a budget of $100 before the season starts. I put $13 on him. Someone put $14 on him.

Smart. That's a high bid for a good receiver. You know what I'm watching? Who wants to lose this game? This has the feelings when we look back at the end of the year of like oh yeah that's the tiebreaker back in week three for you know a top two or top three pick. These teams are gonna stink.

Who's gonna lose it up to kind of get yourself the advantage in the draft at the end of the year? Green Bay at Tampa. I'm looking at the Tampa defense here. You're going up a Green Bay offense against Green Bay offense where yes they have Rodgers. Yes they have Dillon.

Yes they have Aaron Jones. But other than that, the wide receivers there's no one to throw to. And we don't even we know Watkins out and all their other receivers are questionable. This Tampa defense has been great through the first two weeks. Now you go up against a great quarterback where the first two weeks that's not been the case.

You went up against Dak and then you also went up against Jamis last week. Now you go up against a great quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. I just want to see. I think this Tampa Bay defense is great. I want to see how great they'll be on Sunday up against Aaron Rodgers. I'm looking at Tom Brady. A lot of receivers are banged up, injured, out. Questions about you know off the field distractions. So see you know this is a chance for you to kind of put the team on your back here.

I want to see what it looks like. You doubt Brady? No I'm questioning. I'm wondering. So you doubt him?

No I'm more just I'm genuinely curious. I don't know what to expect. Go to bed. San Francisco at Denver. Here's my thought. Can Nathaniel Hackett coach himself out of a paper bag this week? And this game is at Denver. So then if you're a Broncos fan you get frustrated. Boo count on the play clock. Say he's a jackass and chant for Sean Payton to be the next head coach. And this is a Broncos must-win.

It's not too early to say it. You need to win this game. You gotta have it. Gotta have whatever. Can't lose. Gotta have it. Must win. Prime time at home.

Win the game. And then finally Monday night Dallas at the Giants. I would not have said this but since Jerry Jones put his own foot in his mouth, I want to see Cooper Rush have a monster game and then actually see if there's gonna be a quarterback competition.

There's not gonna be. There's not a quarterback controversy. When Dak is ready to be back he will be the starting quarterback but I would just want to see how Jerry Jones handles that nonsense that he started. The Giants are planning a whiteout for the stadium. Saquon Barkley has done pretty well in white out games. Let's see him you know dominate on Monday night. You're so insufferable with this Penn State stuff. Well I didn't tell the Giants to do a whiteout game.

Insufferable. Jersey Jerry joins us next for NFL picks. We'll see if I could actually get a game right this week. Looking for stories about the black community and you don't want to wait until oh I don't know February? Then check out Beyond Black History Month the podcast that tells inclusive stories year-round. Like how today's labor movement is connected to the civil rights movement and why black neighborhoods keep getting hit with water crisis after water crisis.

We're still being charged for water that we can't use. Listen and subscribe to Beyond Black History Month on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. Looking for stories about the black community and you don't want to wait until oh I don't know February? Then check out Beyond Black History Month the podcast that tells inclusive stories year-round. Like how today's labor movement is connected to the civil rights movement and why black neighborhoods keep getting hit with water crisis after water crisis. We're still being charged for water that we can't use.

Listen and subscribe to Beyond Black History Month on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. It was always Zach Gelb and Jersey Jerry but Zach just didn't know it. It was always Jersey Jerry, it was always Zach Gelb.

This has never happened before and I'm man enough to share it I don't I'm man enough. And now it's time to respect their NFL picks only on the Zach Gelb show. Well I'm just gonna be real there's nothing to respect about my picks right now. I've been brutal, I've been in a funk after being 13 games over 500 last year in this segment.

Woof. I'm having a major letdown season. I'm like the rookie quarterback that emerges in year one and then year two you just take a major step back.

But it's still early in the season. Jersey Jerry from Barstool Sports here with us. Jersey Jerry what's going on? Hey what's up Zach how's everything going man? How was your week so far? It's been all right. I actually I was listening to you last night on the Twitter stream that you were hosting.

That was like a little bit depressing man. I felt bad for you last night. Yeah listen um it's a it's a bad time to be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan right now. You know the whole city's in shambles.

Steelers Twitter is is often off the chain. You know people calling for Kenny, people calling for Kennedy they get fired, people calling for Tomlin they get fired. It's a disaster. It's a disaster to say the least you know. I think a big part of it is our fan base isn't used to going out and putting performances out like we have been you know this past pretty much year and a half.

So now it's pretty much starting to take a toll on everybody. Yeah Tomlin better start picket up against the Jets because if he doesn't that could be an ugly scene. I know they're playing the Jets but that game is in Pittsburgh. The moment Trubisky makes a mistake if he's the starter oh that could be an ugly scene next week. Yes yes you're right you're right I'm actually going to the game. Oh are you?

Yes. Wait so not only did the Steelers have to deal with their fans going crazy they have to deal with Jersey Jerry going crazy if Kenny pickets out on the field. Oh yeah I mean listen I wish Mitch the best I really do. He's putting out a solid effort to this point but I think it's very very clear Mitch is not Mitch is not winning playoff games. Mitch might not even take this team with us to the to the playoffs. No they're not a playoff team with Trubisky.

Zach they can't move the ball I mean they're averaging 22 yards per drive on offense that is that is disgusting that's disgusting. And let's be real like I think picket could give him a little jolt of energy I don't think they're a playoff team this year even with picket but there's just no upside in playing Mitch anymore so go to the kid. Yeah exactly you know my buddy bought out I bought up a good point and you know Steelers Twitter yesterday was there was a bunch of people saying Mitch isn't the problem there's no reason to put Kenny out there it's too early in the year you don't want to ruin his confidence and at the end of the day Zach this is the National Football League I don't think there is a is a right time to put a put a rookie quarterback in I mean every team could win every single Sunday you know if picket goes in there maybe you give the team a spark I think you might be right though um chances are we might not make the playoffs even with picket the way the run defense has been playing um but hey man you know I don't know what else is gonna take for this team to start putting up putting up some points. And you have a good organization you have a good coach I know the offensive coordinator has been a disaster so far but you gotta think Tomlin won't mess up picket just like how Belichick last year with the Patriots offense that wasn't great wasn't gonna mess up Mac Jones early on. Yeah yeah I mean listen I'm trying my best to trust the process and and trust Mike Tomlin.

But you're getting impatient. Yeah but you know what I am I am getting impatient because you know there's no reason by why the Pittsburgh Steelers should lose to Jacoby Brissett you know there's there's just no reason for games like that you know what I mean I understand the team could run the ball but you know what's the standard in Pittsburgh huh what's the standard nowadays well winning nine football games and not having to lose in record come on. Well we just had Ramon Foster on before you came on and I said that exact same thing I go the Steelers standard used to be winning Super Bowls and Super Bowl or bust each and every year it hasn't been that way in a while.

No it hasn't it hasn't it's been a long time since the playoff win as well. Jersey Jerry here with us from Barstool Sports all right let's get to the picks everyone's kicking my ass around here at CBS Sports Radio when it comes to picks this has been a catastrophe through the first two weeks so I started off with you Jersey Jerry give me your first pick. First pick I'm gonna go with the Washington commanders plus six and a half at home against the Eagles. Going back to the well on the commanders okay last week we both we both got burned by them so Jersey Jerry's going back to the well on the commanders my first pick this line seems fishy because it should be a lot more but I just can't have any confidence in the team they're going up against right now I know they're on the road there's a lot of road favorites this week I love the Kansas City Chiefs laying the five and a half points give me the Chiefs minus five and a half. I like it I like it my second pick Zach I'm gonna go listen I'm gonna go back to the Raiders Derek Carr, Devante Adams there's just no way this team is that bad right I mean there's just no way they're gonna go out and lose against the Titans give me give me the Raiders and if the Raiders lose that'll be three straight weeks of me taking the Raiders and and they're gonna bang me so if they do bang me then I'm done with them for the year. So Jersey Jerry taking the Raiders lay in the two points that's what I said last week with the Carolina Panthers because the first week I picked the Panthers and to pick them up against the Browns wrong then the next week I took the Panthers plus the two against the Giants guess what wrong I said last week I would not go back to the Panthers I do feel like they're gonna win this week but I'm not going to the Panthers Jersey Jerry this week I'll actually give you my other favorite before I get to my underdog I'm actually picking against my team this week.

Wow. The the Patriots their offense I like Mac Jones they got no speed around him the receivers are bad I just don't see how they're gonna outscore Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens I get I hate to say this and I will not put money on this because I will never bet against my team in terms of money but on the pick them segment of this show give me the Ravens lying the two and a half points against the New England Patriots. Yeah yeah I would have took that to Zach my last pick is gonna be actually another underdog it's gonna be the Green Bay Packers plus one against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And my final pick Jersey Jerry I can't believe I'm trusting this team they're one and one their head coach is a bozo Sean Payton should be coaching this team next year Russell Wilson has not played great I'm looking at these underdogs I don't love a lot of these underdogs this week Broncos at home I know the 49ers now of Jimmy G and Jimmy G wins a lot of games with them I'm gonna trust like hold my nose when I say this I'm going with the Broncos plus a point and a half so here are the picks Jersey Jerry taking the commanders plus six and a half the Raiders minus two the Packers plus one and then I'm going with the Chiefs laying the five and a half Ravens laying the two and a half of the Broncos plus the point and a half hey by the way I listened to your conversation which I've become a big fan of your podcast you know a big fan of you with Josh Peck that was a phenomenal conversation especially about sobriety and I thought it was really enlightening and something that people should give a listen to. Hey thanks so much Zach yeah you know I just try to put out the best you know sobriety content that I can with you know celebrities, average Joe's just try to have a wide variety on my podcast you know they don't have to be famous to come on my podcast but I think it's really good when somebody's really famous like Josh Peck, Tracy Morgan those guys that come on you know it shows people like if this if these guys can do it we can all do it you know. Yeah no it was a great message and absolutely loved it watch the entire thing Jersey Jerry joins us each and every week in football season from Barstool Sports to have a picks competition hasn't been much of a competition he's up two games on me but we'll see if I could cut the deficit down this week talk to you next Friday Jersey Jerry. Later brother. There he is Jersey Jerry from Barstool Sports all right well come on back with the closing bell we'll tell you whose stock is booming whose stock is dooming when we return but first up with the latest CBS Sports Radio update now hold on you are El Capitan here of CBS Sports Radio and I'm making sure I say this now so it gets back to the guys in the mornings because the guy over there tells the morning show everything in Pat Boyle are you teaching Pat Boyle updates right now he is training he's gonna be doing his first shift tomorrow so we're getting Pat Boyle updates here mm-hmm they should be something so he's not impressed you so far whatever you've been teaching now he's been fine I mean Boyle knows what he's doing it's just the this is the logistics he needs the nuts and bolts just to know where the stuff is but the content that'll be all Boyle I think actually Boyle will do good on updates the only concern I have about Pat is that Pat's not a guy that could keep it within the time limit like Pat's the dude that if the update is two minutes Pat's giving you 220 because he actually has good content that's the only tricky part about doing this is because look if he can hold a show for six hours he can handle a two-minute update it's a question of can you get the information in in a very short abbreviated period of time but the thing is Boyle when he probably hosts his show the thing he probably struggles with the most is at the top of the hour when the music starts to come on up he probably just keeps on talking Boyle has definitely got cut off by the music at least four or five so what you're telling me is he can't hit the post yeah Boyle can't hit the post that's all right well he's got to work on that then cuz that's basically you know other than reading the spots got hit the post in this if he was a hockey player that would be good but you want to get it in the net different yeah well I'm saying he misses the post all the time that would be good and hot yeah I guess the post in the back of it yeah you want to put it into the into the arena I'm not just saying this cuz he's sitting right next to me I actually usually when people sit next to me say bad things about them I think Boyle will actually be good on he'll be fine look I've trained Jack Stern do updates like come on Boyle would be good I trained a lot of people Boyle be fun Boyle be fun the only thing I would give advice to Boyle is do not like some other people that do updates here and I'm not saying this to you I think the world I don't care but like the Giants are playing the athletics and the score is to nothing like they just drag out whatever the last word is I would also say too and this is something I don't know if I said it to him yet but give your audience some credit they know who everybody is so you don't need the Oakland Athletics yeah we know who the A's are you know I mean like anybody that's listening right now like yeah you're not stupid you might be but you're not really stupid so I'm gonna just take for granted that you know what we're talking about and I also think I have to enforce a policy here because we're like the Yankees we have specific policies about hair when you are an update anchor you cannot have your hair bleached blonde right now yeah I'm gonna let that go I mean well yes especially cuz you look like a caveman right now well right now like it's different on a different day yeah I'm not the one to be giving you you know GQ pointers so if it was good enough for the wedding that he went to and the bride was cool with it then I'm then I'm good yeah she was already got the haircut she was okay I mean it sources tell me she was not happy with the blonde in the hair yeah again these are things that are above my head you could do what you want in that regard I'm no one to be talking about GQ is judge ever gonna hit this 61st home run yeah he'll definitely get it I don't see everybody started started talking like all the pressure it's been a day I mean we serious now he Homer two days ago well it's funny because we talked about this yesterday the Triple Crown is clearly still intact he's the leader right now and the guy like will get a base hit and everyone's like oh that's what I mean like and he's also doing I mean the Yankees need wins I get it look they're gonna win the division their magic number six coming into the game you're in a 4-4 game in the eighth inning I mean he Homer two days ago and yesterday he hit one to the track basically to the wall in center field and all the sudden the pressures getting into him like I think we're just a little bit over-the-top with expectations yeah we want to see it it was two days ago he Homer we were you Homer it's like four times a day come on it's not as easy as everybody seems to make it sound the pressure is on Aaron judge the pressure is on Pat Boyle to pay attention to a legend right now as he's texting as he's supposed to be studying you and and shadowing you right now he's already texting morass Oh Gelb just took a shot at Jack Stern you gotta get it on soundcheck coming up on Monday I know Pat Boyle these are things that are bleep stir they have nothing to do I appreciate a bleep stir I'm the same one yeah I got no problem with that either but these are things that have nothing to do with me yes mark mark that's why you're out capitan you try to get everyone along and build the relationship let's not get not today you know I'm not singing kumbaya and holding hands in the newsroom let's not make it seem like I'm doing that looking for stories about the black community and you don't want to wait until oh I don't know February then check out beyond black history month the podcast that tells inclusive stories year-round like how today's labor movement is connected to the civil rights movement and why black neighborhoods keep getting hit with water crisis after water crisis we're still being charged for water that we can't use listen and subscribe to beyond black history month on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast from you're listening to the Zach Gelb show this season for the first time you can hear every Westwood one NFL broadcast stream live for free Mondays Thursdays Sunday nights the international series holiday triple headers at every postseason game catch all the action on the Odyssey app on Westwood one sports comm via Westwood one station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports all sponsored by AutoZone free battery testing free battery charging and replacement batteries that fits your needs that's what makes AutoZone America's number one battery destination get in the zone AutoZone real quickly I just want to go through three college games for this weekend hickey Clemson against Wake Forest I know it's gonna sound weird to say there's no pressure on Wake Forest because Wake Forest can't be Clemson but this pressure all goes on the Clemson offense because I still don't know or I still don't have any confidence that this offense is any good you know they have a championship caliber defense but offensively I still feel like there's a large contingency of people that go okay when are we gonna see Kate Klubnick take over for DJ UNGA LA and I got to see if DJ could go have I don't it's weird to say a vintage DJ UNGA LA performance because he had one good game up against Notre Dame and then last year was a disaster but this is these next two weeks or so DJ's really got a ball out or else the Kate Klubnick talk's just gonna grow exponentially especially against his Wake Forest defense that's not very good not stopping anyone this season you should put up big numbers this weekend Florida and Tennessee it's weird cuz Tennessee football's playing really well right now I know you could question the quality of opponents but Josh Heiple is bringing some confidence I'm not ready to say Tennessee's back Henson Hooker is a good quarterback to show that last year showing that this year and Anthony Richardson I fell in love with this Florida team up against that Utah team with the way that Richardson play and then the defense making the stop on Cam Rising with the interception the goal line ever since this has not been great for Anthony Richardson and this Florida team Florida this week I I know the spreads weird it's Tennessee's favorite by ten points Florida Anthony Richardson's got to show me that he could be the guy that everyone proclaimed him to be after week one that's what's on the line for me this weekend in this game and he's gonna have to because I mean look there's I think four or five programs right now in Division one without a passing touchdown Florida's one of them they've not played you know they've not thrown the ball very well Tennessee can throw the ball we know that a handed hooker in this offense is very explosive Tennessee should win this game should win it handily but if they're yes well you know what the spread is funky it's ten ten and a half and she's playing really good I was a sucker I plus the points already with Florida and by the way that I pick games and you pick games who knows I was gonna say if we're both awful and we're both on opposite sides I don't know who wins well here's the bright side someone's got to win this week true that is true you can't push ten and a half now I got it at ten so I guess you could push ten but you can't push ten and a half Arkansas and Texas A&M I just think Arkansas is clearly the better team with KJ Jefferson and then Sam Pittman as the head football coach but for A&M this would be very A&M like you basically ruin your season losing to app state and then you go find a way to beat Miami and then Arkansas but there should be no excuses for Arkansas in this game they should be Texas A&M hogs will ground and pound they roll time to do a little pig silly you lead the way thanks pig silly pig silly razorbacks I like pig silly we got to get Sam Pittman on muscleman comes on all the time we got to get Sam Pittman on I got to start the segment doing the pig silly one of the best chance in college football much better than the we are Chan at Penn State come on it's more creative sure I mean sure it's more creative let's get to the closing bell another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world it's time to find out who's up and who's down let's end the day right and hit the closing bell only on the Zach Gelb show car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people out of Riley auto parts what a wonderful career for Roger Federer the 20-time career Grand Slam champion has called it a career we knew that a few weeks ago tonight was it for him let's listen up to Roger Federer it's been a wonderful day I told the guys I'm happy I'm not sad so it feels great to be here and I enjoyed tying my shoes one more time and everything was the last time and funny enough with all the matches and having the guys and being here fans family friends didn't feel the stress so much even though I did think something was gonna go pop a calf or a block a back or something in the match so I'm really I am so happy I made it through and the match was great I couldn't be happier so it's been wonderful I love Roger Federer and you know the battles all throughout the years between Federer and Nadal Nadal was sobbing when he was sitting next to Federer and then when Federer did start to speak so all the respect in the world to Rafa Nadal as well but a tremendous career obviously that's an understatement for Roger Federer give him a stock up now I could lie to you and say hey that's gonna be it we're just gonna do one for the greatness of Roger Federer today in the closing bell with a positive or negative that's not the reason I pulled the Pat Boyle here I'm running out of time the differences between Pat Boyle and yours truly I hit the post Pat would not hit the post here so that's all the time we have today on the closing bell how about that as the quickest closing bell we've ever done but it's on a Roger Federer of course big thank you to Ramon Foster for joining us big thank you to Jersey Jerry for joining us hot take Kiki good to have you back in the saddle you could listen to him tonight across many the same CBS Sports Radio affiliate series XM channel 158 and that free Odyssey app coming up at 2 a.m. Eastern if you want to give him a call 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS don't ruin his show answer his questions but call him hot take Kiki he loves loves actually hates it but he loves loves loves loves loves when you call him hot take Kiki I'll be here on Sunday for I on football for eight hours you don't want to miss that then back on Monday at 6 p.m. Eastern 3 Pacific have a great weekend we out for by piece looking for stories about the black community and you don't want to wait until oh I don't know February then check out beyond black history month the podcast that tells inclusive stories year-round like how today's labor movement is connected to the civil rights movement and why black neighborhoods keep getting hit with water crisis after water crisis we're still being charged for water that we can't use listen and subscribe to beyond black history month on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast from
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