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Will Trump Make Historic Gains with Black Voters?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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February 14, 2024 6:20 pm

Will Trump Make Historic Gains with Black Voters?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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February 14, 2024 6:20 pm

A mass shooter took a child hostage in at Joel Osteen's church before being shot dead — and the police's top priority is making sure they get the shooter's pronouns right. Charlie talks to Sara Gonzalez about what they're trying to cover up, and also reflects on the GOP's disappointing special election results so far in 2024. Plus, comedian Terrence Williams talks about his new pancake brand that is trying to offset the unfortunate erasure of Aunt Jemima.

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Hey everybody, it's Hannah, Charlie Kirk Show. The latest from the trans shooter at Joel Osteen's church, Sara Gonzalez, joins the program. And just a fun, light-hearted conversation, one of my favorite people, Terrence Williams. Support his pancake company. You'll see what I mean. Email us as always, freedom at and get involved with turningpointusa at

That is Email us as always, freedom at Buckle up everybody, here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. It's where I buy all of my gold.

Go to Joining us is one of my favorite people on the planet. Done some really fun stuff together and he's a great patriot and someone who I really admire, Terrence Williams. It's been too long. Terrence, welcome to the show. Man, Charlie, it has been a long time, my brother. I thought you forgot about me. It's been a long time. Charlie, I know you love me. I know you love me. I'll never forget when you went up and gave that beautiful speech at the White House and it was just one of the coolest things ever.

So Terrence, a lot happening in the world. I want you to also, you've been busy. You have like a whole new pancake empire. Tell us about it.

Yes, I do. I am the pancake king. You know, first of all, Charlie, since this is Black History Month, we need to speak on this anyway, okay? Because we are here celebrating Black History Month and we are forgetting that the racist woke left counsel Aunt Jemima.

And they ruined her legacy. They counseled this black woman, took her face off of her syrup bottle and in her pancake box, which was really terrible. So I don't see how we can celebrate Black History Month and also remove black people from food bottles.

I mean, from and remove black people from their own products. But I created Cousin Tease after they counseled Aunt Jemima and I tell you, Charlie, this is some of the best pancake mix you will ever have. I have all kind of flavors. I also have a fried chicken mix out now.

I have different syrups, jams, jellies, biscuits, waffle mix. Charlie, I mean, I am making food great again. Let's play the trailer.

Play cut 76. I stand with my brother, my favorite African-American brother, Elon Musk, because two things I don't play about is my food and my freedom. And since day one, Elon Musk has been standing up for freedom of speech. So he always had my support. So to all those advertisers who tried to blackmail him and he had to tell them to F off. Yeah, F y'all. Because guess what?

I will stand up to support Elon Musk in his fight to protect freedom of speech. Exactly. And Charlie, you know, one thing is this. A lot of people on the left say we need more black representation. So I didn't understand how they could say that and at the same time remove a black woman from a syrup bottle, remove Uncle Ben from his rice box. They removed the cream of wheat guy.

He was black. And then they say black people need more representation. But then you remove all of these faces from these food products, which doesn't make any sense to me. But this is just Charlie. I don't understand. People need better things to do than to wake up and be mad at a black woman being on a Sarah bottle.

Yeah, exactly. Charlie, like get a damn life. Let me get a damn.

You don't have any real Charlie. That's the great thing about America. Okay, a lot of people here don't have real problems. So they create problems for themselves.

Being mad at an old man on a rice box. That is the greatest thing about America. You have to create problems because this country is so great. But anyways, Charlie, that's why I created Cousin T's, you know, to fight back. This is how we fight back. And people don't have to support any of these woke food brands anymore.

They can shop at and have some great food and shop. You can shop your values. Okay, because you will never have to worry about me going woke. And it's Charlie for damn sure they're not removing my face from my box. I love it. I'm gonna go buy a whole bunch of, by the way, you got so Terrence, I got to just, you know, be really newscaster here. You have fried chicken. You have hot sauce. Yes, I do.

You got pancakes. Now, in the era of AI, Terrence, I need your help. I need your help. I need your help here because somebody sent me this video and I need you to tell me real, not real. All right, Terrence, real, not real.

Play cut 73. So I made sure you guys got your chicken, your orange soda or a Kool-Aid if that's what you're into. Oh, I'm really sorry that Jill forgot the watermelon and hot sauce. Listen, I absolutely love the blacks, especially when you people vote for me and not Trump. You know what, Charlie, I think that's real. Charlie, it's hard to tell because the Democrats are so racist. So I don't know.

Charlie, this is a tough one. I would go with real. Is it real? It's not real.

The essence is real. So it's what's funny, Terrence. I got to tell you. So I knew it was AI right away just because that was one of our producers wanted me to play this for you. He said, play the Biden fried chicken.

I said, you know, it's AI. He said, what? See, that that's how you know you got a problem, Joe Biden.

People could totally see. Because, you know what, Charlie, people listen, I expected him to say something like that. Don't forget, he told me and millions of black people that we are not black if we don't vote for him.

So, of course, I thought it was real, Charlie. The damn man said I'm not black because I didn't vote for him. How racist is that?

So even if he did not say those things, Charlie, he wanted to say those things. That's why he brought them fried chicken in the first place. So the question is, is Joe Biden using your hot sauce when he's pandering to black voters, Cousin T's? I mean, the least he could do is buy Cousin T's hot sauce. You know what, he wouldn't use it because you know what, they don't support, they care about black people, but no, they claim to care about black people, but they do not like black conservatives. They do not like black Trump supporters.

So they would never do that, Charlie. It's the greatest hot sauce in the world. Some of the greatest. And Charlie, you have hot sauce too. We have a hot sauce competition. I got some great hot sauce for the record. Charlie, I know you got some great hot sauce. I checked it out.

So, you know, I'm giving you a plug too on your own show. Is it pretty good? Terrence, is my hot sauce, is it because, I mean, you're kind of the aficionado here. Yeah, the hot sauce is pretty damn good. To be honest, before I came out with my hot sauce, I said maybe I should just team up with Charlie Kirk and just use his hot sauce.

See, I love hot sauce, but I'm not like Hillary Clinton where I keep it in my bag. I mean, we got to get that clip, by the way, because we got to get a best hit. So what I love, and Terrence, you had this amazing picture that went viral. You went to the Super Bowl party with our great president. You deserve such credit, Terrence. You stood by our president.

People have attacked you. You've been so fervent in your support, and you have such a great way about you, and it's just, you have such great life and joy. Talk about being with President Trump at the Super Bowl party. First of all, it felt good to finally be around a real leader. It felt good to be around a president who could complete a sentence. Charlie, it felt good to actually hear a president complete a sentence, an entire sentence.

And he was sharper than Joe Biden, okay? And the only thing that I did not like, Charlie, I asked President Trump this, and I guess I support Trump, so don't get me wrong, Kirk, but I have to be honest. I asked Trump a question, and I asked him, what was his secret? How in the hell are you aging backwards? And he wouldn't tell me.

That's the only thing I don't like, Charlie. He didn't tell me how he was aging backwards. This man has so much energy. I can't keep up with President Trump. I can't keep up with him. The man has so much energy, Charlie.

I totally agree. He's got the Benjamin Button thing going. He's aging in reverse. He's got the Benjamin Button thing going. And Charlie, and I talked to President Trump for a brief moment, and President Trump is ready to get back in the White House to save this country. He cares about America. We also talked about the black community. He cares about the black community. For all the people who think he is a racist, this man is totally not a racist at all. He's never been a racist, and black people, black celebrities used to love him. Al Sharpton used to kiss, excuse my language, but Al Sharpton used to kiss his ass back in the day.

I mean, let's be honest. So the man was never racist until he ran for office. That's when they started calling him that. But President Trump cares about all Americans, Charlie, and I got a lot of comments, a lot of hateful comments. And Charlie, you know, people want to talk about Trump being racist? Charlie, the comments and the messages that I received after posting that photo from white liberals saying that Trump only called me over because they thought, because they said he thought I was his soup guy or his butler.

Like saying all these racist things. Charlie, these people are disgusted and racist. That's why I'm not voting for the Democratic Party. Charlie, I can't get down with those people. I can't get down with them, Charlie.

They too foul. They straight up dirty, and they don't give a damn about this country. And I am ready for him to, being around Trump made me even more ready for him to be back in the White House, Charlie. Because this country is going into shambles, right?

I mean, this country is in shambles. quickly and in your favor. Like a preferred direct line to the IRS, they know which agents to deal with and who to avoid. It's not all bad news for you because Tax Network USA learned of a special limited time IRS offer and they're willing to waive $1 billion in penalties if you qualify. Schedule your free confidential consultation to see if you qualify for this limited time IRS penalty canceling offer. Call 1-800-245-6000. Again, call 1-800-245-6000. Schedule your free confidential consultation. Visit slash Charlie, slash Charlie.

All right, Terrence, let's go back into the archives for one of the most cringe moments in American political history, PlayCut 81. What's something that you always carry with you? Hot sauce. Really? Yeah. Really?

Are you getting in formation right now? Hot sauce. Hot sauce in my bag, swag?

Hot sauce. Really? Yes. I want you to know, people are going to see this and say, okay, she's pandering to black people.

Okay. Is it working? Is it working, Terrence? Man, that is one of the most cringe moments ever. Do you know if any Republican said that, Charlie? Like, that wasn't even trending in the news. And do you know if Trump were to say that, that he carries around hot sauce in his pocket, you know? Dude, and if someone would have asked, and if he would have asked the same exact question, are you pandering to black people?

And he responded, oh, is it working? I mean, Republicans are not even allowed to even do that at all. They would be crucified for saying what she said. These people are cringe. And that's what they think of black people, Charlie. All they want is our, listen, if we talk about hot sauce, they'll vote for us. If we talk about fried chicken, they'll vote for us. So they think we out here voting for fried chicken and hot sauce. Well, they're going to find out come November that we don't give a damn about their hot sauce and fried chicken. We care about this country. We care about being able to pay for our rent, mortgages, putting food on the table for our children. That's what people care about. And they're going to find that out, Charlie, in November that they can't win us over with hot sauce. OK, so. So, Terrence, the how how do you think Donald Trump is doing reaching out to black voters versus Joe Biden?

Are you starting to see some changes in the black community? You know what I told Trump at the Super Bowl. I told him this. I said, President Trump, I said, Joe Biden is literally campaigning for you. You don't have to do anything or say anything. He is screwing up so much that that people are starting to wake up and realize that Trump is the only option.

Trump is the only choice. And I know this, Charlie, because I have people in my family. I have people that I went to school with. You know, some of them did cut me off when I came out and supported President Trump. But and I have not been able to convince a lot of my family or a lot of friends that I went to school with to vote for President Trump, you know, because they listen. A lot of them, they just listen to CNN too much. You know, the good people, but they just listen to CNN. And now they are starting to realize, Charlie, they're not voting for Joe Biden. This go around.

And I didn't have to say anything to them. They're just tired of struggling. They are tired of paying for high gas prices. They are tired of not being able to pay for eggs and milk.

And they all say that they were making way more money when Trump was in office. And this is what it took for them to wake up. It took them. It took them having to go through basically a depression because this is what this is what it feels like to to some people. Charlie, it feels like a depression to some Americans. People literally are struggling, losing everything they have under this administration. And they can't help but think about, man, they can't help but think about the years before Joe Biden.

In the years before Joe Biden, President Trump was in office. So they're thinking we need him back in office. And I've literally heard, Charlie, some of my friends and family members say they've made a mistake that they were fooled. They were fooled. They were fooled into voting for Joe Biden.

They really thought he was going to be better. And now they see now they see not to listen to CNN and MSNBC and to do their own research and to look up what what President Trump has done for people. And and he's done. He did a lot for black people, Charlie.

And you know that, Charlie, the facts. Black unemployment was at an all time low. OK, black unemployment for teenagers. That was that that was at an all time low. Right. Black homeownership was up over 40 percent.

I believe 30 or 40. It was up there in in in that range. Black people were prospering under President Trump. And now and now and now they see that now they see that President Trump was actually doing things for the black community. So Trump Trump doesn't even have to reach out. I mean, I mean, Trump is his everything he did when he was in office. People are starting to feel that people are starting to realize that he did good.

So thank God that he actually did something when he was in office. You know, Terrence, we have your back. Great work.

Cousin teas dot com. God bless you, Terrence. Hope to see you soon.

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Prescription may be required. Joining us now is Sarah Gonzalez, host of Sarah Gonzalez Unfiltered on Blaze TV. Sarah, thank you for taking the time. We have not yet covered this story. It has not received widespread mainstream coverage. In fact, if you look at the Associated Press article, you would have no idea that a trans individual went into a church and started shooting up.

What's going on here? Walk through the facts. This is at Joel Osteen's church. Tell us about it. Yeah, so this was Lakewood Church over the weekend.

In fact, probably when most people were planning their Super Bowl parties, this was taking place at Joel Osteen's church. So over there at Lakewood, the reports were that someone was armed with a rifle, came in wearing a trench coat, and using a child basically as a human shield, came in and started shooting. Luckily, she started shooting at armed off-duty police officers who took her down very quickly. Unfortunately, we found out later that this was her biological child that she was using as a human shield who got caught up in the crossfire and was not expected to make it.

But this woman comes in and starts shooting. We don't know the facts yet. We wait for the police to come out with the facts. But we start looking after the name is released at this woman whose name is Janessa Moreno. We start looking at her history. Well, at a certain point, we find 2005, 2010, there are a lot of mugshots because this woman has a very long rap sheet. There are a lot of mugshots of Janessa Moreno looking very feminine, wearing makeup, clearly a female.

But then, Charlie, curiously, at a certain point, Janessa Moreno's last photo, last mugshot was 2022. At which point, Janessa Moreno not only no longer looks to be very female, she also goes by the name Jeffrey. Now, the problem is that when you are listening to the mainstream media, when you are even listening to the police department reporting on this, they admit that this woman went by a different name of Jeffrey, but they never address the obvious portion, which is if she's going by the name Jeffrey, and now she's all of a sudden looking much more masculine, as you can see in this picture, why are we not saying what needs to be said? Why are we not talking about the fact that this person is now going by a male name and looks to be more male and is taking on more masculine characteristics? We can't talk about that now.

We can't ask these questions. Charlie, it gets worse because we also know from all of these Harris County jail records, I mentioned her extensive rap sheet, we also noticed that there was an ICE detainer for her in 2010, so not only was she using a human shield as her child, clearly mental health issues, but she also is here from El Salvador. So she has an ICE detainer back in 2010, one of the many times that they arrested her, and was released shortly after right back into the interior of the country under Obama in 2011.

And so then I start asking the question, well, why would ICE be involved? If she was a U.S. citizen, ICE would not be involved. So then a source pulled her voting record for me in 2020. Well, it turns out this undocumented citizen, trans individual, also voted in Harris County in the 2020 general election.

So there are a lot of questions that need to be asked here. Why are we not hearing that this individual was a trans individual that shot up Joel Osteen's church? Why are we not hearing whether or not she was legally here? Why are we not hearing any?

How did she vote in the 2020 general election? They aren't asking any of these questions, and I fear, Charlie, that we are not going to get these answers on these really very important questions. A, why does this keep happening with trans individuals?

What can we be doing to stop it? And B, why are we allowing unvetted strangers into the country to do very bad things? Because I'll add to this equation, if it weren't bad enough, that this woman had Palestine written on the buttstock of her gun. And no coincidence that she used a human shield, her child as a human shield when she went into the church. So the rot gets very deep, and the questions are not being asked, and law enforcement does not have their feet to the fire to answer these questions that Americans deserve the right to know. Didn't law enforcement go through this entire investigation to try to figure out whether to call this savage a he or a she?

Tell us about that. Yes, yeah, and in fact, I think that there is a lot of confusion on social media because I'm referring to Janessa Moreno as a female. The medical examiner indicates that this was a female.

Her birth name, as far as I know, her legal name is Janessa Moreno, so I'm referring to her as a female. What law enforcement did was they went out, they did a press conference, an entire press conference, and made sure everyone knew they did a thorough investigation into which pronouns this person used. And they can tell you, although this person did happen to use a male name, their inside sources say, don't worry about it, she did use she, her pronouns, and therefore we need to rule out the idea that this person was trans. Don't ask those questions, alright Charlie, don't be asking the questions that are very clearly need to be asked this day and age. This person fully vetted from Harris County police that don't worry, she did use she, her pronouns, so we will be referring to her as a female.

Let's play cut 86. So she's utilized both male and female names, but through all of our investigation to this point, talking with individuals, interviews, documents, Houston Police Department reports, she has been identified this entire time as female, she, her, and so we are identifying her as Janessa Moreno, Hispanic female. Honestly, who is this guy? This guy's like 200 pounds overweight, first of all, and he's out there talking about pronoun selection.

This is a person who tried to shoot up a church, and by the way, this is not the first time we've seen this. We see this where mass shooters across the country who are trans, law enforcement is more interested in using the proper pronouns than actually finding justice or saying this despicable person doesn't deserve our attention. Who cares what their pronouns? You know what the pronouns are?

Savage animal. That's the pronouns. Yeah, I mean, it is really sad and I tried to point this out too when people kept saying, no, well Fox News ran with a story that this was a person who was born a male and don't misgender her, don't buy into the whole gender affirmation thing. There was so much confusion surrounding it and everyone was pointing fingers like, well, hold on, wait, you're calling her the wrong pronoun. And I said, hold on, can we just stop for a second and bask in the ridiculousness that is, why are we arguing about this? The entire point of this argument is that we have allowed the radical left to shift the narrative so far that now we're arguing over what pronoun to call this person because we can't just all admit that this is all a farce and this is all a game, this is all a delusion. We can't just admit that and start calling a spade a spade. It's just gotten so ridiculous. We can't focus on the facts of the case because we have to determine what pronoun they used.

It's ridiculous. So there are still people in the, who's in the hospital still fighting for their life because of the situation? Has Joel Osteen come out and said that the wicked trans ideology is to blame for this? No, no, he has not. I have not seen him come out and say anything other than it's unfortunate what happened.

We're thankful for our security, off duty police officers who acted so quickly, otherwise it could have been worse. And God is in control basically was his message. Unfortunately, the young child got struck by a bullet in the head and is not expected to make it. And I mean, I want to be clear here. This poor child who didn't have a chance because of his mentally ill mother, this is a seven-year-old boy, and his mentally ill mother used him as a human shield, which by the way, Charlie, don't connect the dots with the fact that she had Palestine on the butt sock of her gun and was using a child as a human shield. All right, don't worry about that fact.

We'll just leave that for another day. But this poor child had a mother who was this mentally ill and a father who apparently is a sexual offender because he's in the sex offender registry. This poor child just didn't even stand a chance. And I think that it's really sad that we cannot get it together in this country and start reforming the medical community to actually treat these mental illnesses rather than affirm a delusion. Yeah, and that's really at the core of this, which is the trans ideology is now showing to be a very violent one.

You start to input all these pharmacological agents. I mean, how many examples do we need from Nashville to the attempted shooting in Colorado Springs to this one in Houston? It is a pattern, and it's because these people have deep-seated mental problems as it is, and instead of actually giving them care and healing and proper treatment, we give them drugs that only make them more aggressive, that make them even more likely to be violent. How is this impacting female voters, if at all? Yeah, I mean, I think certainly, especially as a mom, look, you have a certain sector of female voters who are always going to vote Democrat because they are, of course, the mentally ill mothers who are transitioning their children.

So I think we have to throw those out of the equation. We're never going to reach them. They're mentally ill. They're going to do all of these horrible things, but they are only a tiny subset of women voters. And I think that suburban women are seeing not just the medical community do this to these people. They're seeing people die. They're seeing children die at the hands of this trans ideology. They're seeing even these poor, confused individuals, these children who are having their breasts cut off.

They can't grow those back, Charlie. And these mothers are looking at this and saying, not only is the medical community doing this to them, but the Biden regime is encouraging the behavior. In fact, their very own HHS assistant secretary is, of course, a trans person who wants to push this ideology onto children. So the voters who are paying attention, the voters who are awake, the mothers who are seeing what's being done to these children, I think, Charlie, are very, very awake on this matter. And they see that the Biden administration not just allows it, they enable it.

And I do think that that is going to play a big portion into when these women show up at the ballot box in November. Sarah Gonzalez, great work. Thank you so much.

Thank you. For years, I've been talking about how our nation's public schools have been captured by progressive ideologues, especially true of your Christian family. For those of you worried about the best educational path for your kids and grandkids, I want to tell you about how Turning Point Academy is working with the Herzog Foundation, how you at home can also benefit from it. They have an online publication called The Lion and also making the leap. The Herzog Foundation offers a wide range of advice and information for Christian parents to make the best education decisions for your kids. Go to Herzog Foundation dot com. That is Herzog Foundation dot com. So check it out right now. Herzog Foundation dot com. Portions of The Charlie Kirk Show are brought to in part by the Stanley M Herzog Foundation.

That is Herzog Foundation dot com. You're not going to like this segment, but it is well, you might like it. You just might not want to hear it because it's true. Last night was not enough. It was another bad night for special elections for, let's just say, Harbingers, canary in a coal mine. It's one of the reasons why we have been so adamant at, you know, great personal cost in some ways, because, you know, you go after the regime, they try to strike back about just a nice little transition of power. The RNC, we're sick of losing, nothing personal.

Go do something else. And the RNC has not left us in a good spot, but I'm really happy about what's happening there. You know, we got we got some concerns that we got to work out. But Laura Trump is terrific.

Chris LaCivita is 10 out of 10. We're going to start to see some big changes there. And I'm hopeful. I'm very, very hopeful. It's a huge, huge hopefully the RNC ends up voting for it.

It's almost almost certain that it will. But what happened last night? Well, obviously, the big news was George Santos. But it's more than that.

I want to bring you to Pennsylvania. Now, these special elections are no longer advantage Republicans. They used to be advantage Republicans. They used to be because mass mail and voting did not exist.

Covid changed everything. And either we are going to engage in this method of voting or we are going to be a permanent political party that happens to be right on all the issues. What's remarkable is that the polling shows the country's becoming center right, center right on affirmative action, center right on the border, center right on parents rights, center right on education, center right on the economy, center right on size and scope of government, center right on foreign policy. It is center left on abortion.

That is correct. It's center left on drug issues. I think that's going to change over time. But on the big major issues, it's center right. Why is it that almost every single one of these special elections disappointing? Well, let me point to you, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania House District 140, which, again, is kind of a wonky thing.

You probably weren't paying attention to this. Well, this was a Biden plus 10 seat. That the Democrat ended up winning by thirty five points. The Democrat outperformed by twenty five points. It wasn't just in Pennsylvania. It wasn't just in New York, but also Oklahoma.

That's right. Oklahoma, thirty ninth State House special election. I mind you, this is only like 5000 people that vote in these elections, but this is a Trump plus twenty six seat and Republicans won by a Republican.

Eric Harris won by five points, underperforming by 20 points. Now, these are real data points. And I want to communicate to you these special elections tend to be somewhat predictive of what's going to happen six to nine months later.

Not totally predictive, but somewhat predictive. We have a huge problem. And the problem is not Donald Trump. In fact, Donald Trump is the remedy to this.

Donald Trump is a one stop shop, one person get out the vote machine. The issue is that we have no infrastructure to support that. We still think elections are operating the way they used to.

There is no robust early voting operation bodies on the ground. It's going to require hundreds of millions of dollars to be deployed. It's going to require a complete philosophy and change. And right now, it seems as if we are comfortable still telling everyone to go vote on Election Day. Well, you see, we're losing winnable races in every part of the country. And so it's tempting to say, oh, Charlie, but it's election fraud. I'm all on board for that.

I think that mail in voting is bad for the country. But hold on a second. If if it happened in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and New York, it's a lot of different regions happening simultaneously. Scarborough and the mainstream media crowd want to blame Trump. I'm going to tell you why they're wrong.

Play cut 88. Stupid enough to believe that you can openly say we're going to let Fentanyl come across our border for the next year. We're going to let illegal immigrants come across our border for the next year because Donald Trump says, blame me and we're going to do it. And they aren't just losing because the stars are aligned against them. They're losing because of one self-inflicted Trump wound after another.

This is just the latest chapter and verse of that willing. That is a very shallow, albeit easy take. Oh, it's because of Trump. Hold on. It's because there's a lack of machinery to support this guy. We need foot soldiers and clipboards and we just the Democrats have multiple billions of dollars deployed through complex data, machinery, infrastructure. We've got to get our act together. We are running out of time. I'm not going to say we're going to lose, but these special elections better be another wake up call. We had a bad, bad fall. Remember, we've got to get our act together or else we might look like we're up in the polls and all of a sudden when all the ballots are counted, we might say, what happened?

What happened? We've got to get to work. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening and God bless.
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