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Ime Udoka Suspended For Season (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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September 22, 2022 10:04 pm

Ime Udoka Suspended For Season (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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September 22, 2022 10:04 pm

Did the Commanders make a mistake in trading for Carson Wentz instead of Jimmy G? l Celtics officially suspend Ime Udoka for the 2022-23 season l Closing Bell


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Try the that's try the is the ideal jawed studio sports radio W live from the log from the Iraqi boarded studios will be looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours. Rocket mortgage can help you get there. Problem solutions that fit your life well rocket dad seven, seven week three is underway between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns George Pickens just made one of those old Dell Beckham type. The catch is that you saw on Sunday night football during Odell's first Europe against Dallas Cowboys. He was about to go out of bounds and that as he was like falling down. He makes a war they had to catch the first thing that you think of is the Odell catch.

That was the closest thing I've always wanted to catch is that we seen throughout the years that catch by George Pickens was the closest thing Ryan to the Odell Beckham catch from all those years ago. It's insane because I see a lot of one had a catchers and you can kind of over the radio and in a little fainter out. This was him like falling down to go make the extension grabbed the one hand like behind your head. All that was there was crazy. It was so impressive catch of your honesty. So far this year, two weeks and this is now the third week of the intro for sale University is it so far because of the adequacy a better cut so that this year. Tough to talk to top you may have more important catches you will have more boarding. I host health brought it in terms of the athleticism and just the actual catch not taken the importance of the catch into consideration there will not be a better catch in football this season that catch and I think it's a pretty confidently.

The Browns are running a reverse then it's back to the quarterback and they just dumped it off to Kareem Hunt and that goes for first Steelers Browns 1212 remaining 1/2 number one this game all tied up at seven peace I write an article today that the Washington Cmdr. seven. Someone that said why the commanders end up with Carson once with all the people that were available on the market. Why did the commanders end up with Carson once and only end up with Carson once why they swapped usually get the lesser of the two's and then give up to third round picks are one of them is conditional. Three. That could turn into a two I never got the move that the commanders made other than our quarterback room is been awful for years and years and years went is in great but at one point he showed signs of being an MVP and is that ego may be from the coaching staff thinking even though the Eagles could endure towards the end.

And even though Frank Reich, who won a Super Bowl in Philadelphia Makar so much as a starting quarterback and I wouldn't do so in the actual Super Bowl, but once they leave Eagles to the onesie that your before tearing up his leg in the out in LA up against the Rams. If Frank Reich couldn't get successor Carson once. Why are we thinking that 1/3 time is going to be a charm now if they just signed, or if they gave up like 1/5 or sixth round pick or if it was just one third round draft pick. I guess you could talk me into it when you swap to lose you give up to threes and one of the streets could become a two I just don't think you're setting yourself up to succeed but you look at the cold flasher they gave up a conditional to the turned in 201 and we saw how quickly they wanted to move on after knowing that that was good to be a first-round pick because he played and what was it 70% of the snaps. Now I am cognizant that Jim or say was really the driving force behind Carson once longer, being in Indianapolis anymore. Now you could Sable once his play did that, I get that and you're not wrong and generously made the right move. Even though the culture looking like a successful team but you couldn't go back at it again with Carson. Once in my opinion.

So now you have Jim who makes that movement says we gotta get rid of them and I was shocked that a team after seeing bad years of football were want to give up that much for Carson once, but you gotta know that desperate teams do desperate things and the commanders are desperate team with town on that roster. They just don't have a quarterback and you see Carson once. If you have a courtly Dharma correctly. I don't think many people realistically believe that once could be a franchise guy, but to just have that guy be a guy and give up that much when there were other options available and I know it's hindsight 2020. But in a bigger mate that was good become available. The time and Rebecca Mayfield zone to blare the bigger may fill the course of months, you look around. Yeah, you didn't know necessarily all the guys over to become available, but I think was pretty clear at the end of last season that Trey Lance was he to be the starting quarterback in San Francisco. No waves can be taken off the field was because of injury.

That's where that it played out in this article to the foreground of believe Jimmy G would be traded to the commanders and that change once you bigger blow had the surgery and that was good be able to throw football until August. So for you Ryan since you are a resident Colts fan on the show. Would you agree with that sentiment that it was Jim or say. Who was the driving force with Carson.

Once no longer being there and if it was up to Frank Reich. Frank probably would've stuck around Carson for those who probably yeah there is definite without a doubt your mergers want to get out of town.

He was done. Katie or just Mr. another point a boy is not crazy. It just shows you how bad the locus of the Carlotta Panthers.

Yet this kicker that shows a 50 yard field goal in week one, we need to win that game. The next week he misses the extra point state started to come back because there was a lot of the problems with the Browns in that game, but he missed the next report that would put them up by 14 and now today I was combined today and tonight there tonight to jerk miss another extra point.

Taking is the most week by week thing.

Probably in this country is through this country when we kill of a kicker. The next week you can send them the week after that is out of a job. But to get back to the whole commanders and cold steel you're saying that yes Frank Reich probably would've go to Capt., probably through it again a second chance are you starting to regret it… You were done with Carson.

Yes gonzo not even right now and Matt Ryan Strawn three interceptions against the Jaguars and your teams 011 and Carson once beat the Jaguars on the make to say man maybe we should have Carson back, no, no, aggressive fire, like many ice do you like but nothing right now but I'm hoping I think is better than what is shown so far that was often slight socks done right now Michael Pittman out with an injury. Do you think I have any shot this week to be considered. No relevant confidence. I've been brutal picking games I get your confidence like a brutal picking which means I don't get it. You don't lay the points as we got 5 1/2 with Kansas City if Patrick Holmes can't beat the Colts by seven points. I don't want to hear all the Mia Coppola's that people been issuing last two weeks with with with the ICANN city cheese with a set of the off-season what they say.

The first two weeks of the season I you cannot lose the Colts not this the gotta have a game for the McCann city Chiefs use it.

Actually it's it it's interesting you can't lose it. You can't look a little like there's good teams.

Good teams win games great teams cover the Chiefs are grating.

They got a cover this week.

I gotta know what your only optimism but only optimism is that everyone is on the Chiefs. You know sometimes when you get everyone on where the Chiefs are all the Chiefs given the Colts and no chance.

Maybe in that group. I give Nicholson no chance. Maybe we not overlook the Colts, but they they surprises so you want to know what I was screwed last week when I said that I take the Colts -3 1/2 up against the Jaguars. I saw the graphic from Indianapolis radio station that it was all cold cold cold cold cold cold cold cold Colts in the moment I said that I got that one. The penalties expose but this week if it's all cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap Chiefs. I will not have any skepticism about the cancer to choose what miscue the only way the Chiefs lose this game as of the homes gets her only way yeah bad football team or say almost serve some veteran with a real shame. Hate to see that. Oh, I will go down to Annapolis. That would be really backward and eat a good meal at St. Elmo's beat the living Scott out of the chef afterwards appeasing to sabotage me. I need I need one week this week, it just has to happen.

I need a win. So whatever it takes in these all in right it does matter enough to to get it done. Some nozzles get done but if your optimism is all everyone is on the Kent city Chiefs really have no optimism yeah exactly having their others are 14 point that works 3117.

I've never rooted for your productions, be more right.

I hope this prediction is gauche and I must do the right thing.

Would you rather have Jimmy G who are not a big fan of the course of months. Yes, if you're the commanders. Yes. Now if Jimmy G was on the commanders and I think where I think Jimmy Jesus, an above-average quarterback Jimmy G could win games. I don't think you ever look at Jimmy G is a top 10 quarterback. I don't think Jimmy G's a great quarterback everything to me she's a very very very good quarterback. If Jimmy G was on the commanders this year and let's say Carson want to store Indianapolis torturing you each and every Sunday, which lets be robust medical spring in a quarterback. They just get tortured once Peyton Manning is left like you Hadlock look look like he was to be great injuries. Philip Rivers is better than advertise, but you know it was a one year and that was it. Then Carson once disaster. Matt Ryan so far ugly if the commanders at Jimmy G.

How would we talk about the commanders right is a plastic I grew that I would pick them as were my walker teams. I probably picked them as the 17 to get into the postseason, and I probably would put them in from the Dallas Cowboys. I like the commanders roster scary. Terry's great you have John Dotson who had been a big fan of. I like her to Samuel what healthy defensively you're getting Chase Young back at some point the defense at under ratably the defense has not been as good as we thought it was going to be the last two years and I'm surprised they brought Jack del Rio back this off-season.

This is a major year for Jack del Rio and so far the returns for this commanders defense have been ugly, very ugly, like Jacksonville did a nice job on your then last week you down to a 22 nothing start right out of the gate when I thought the commands good with last week. I never think Carson went to when I put the ring with last week and that defense got shredded early on against Sharon golf. I don't say Brown is a stud. But this commanders defense were we thought it was good to be remember that year with a 1 W seven and nine and and one that division units release of done that defense is regressed last year and it's not look like it's getting any better this year, but if you put a more competent quarterback at that on the team in a conference that is not great this year. Ryan, I do think they could go win nine games this year.

10 games this year. If Jimmy G was the quarterback of the Washington commanders and alga chin.

I like it very I think they're better than the Cowboys fed Jimmy G. Yeah, expressing out the back and try to not knowing when Zach is good to come back writable to get to be earlier than when first reported, but yeah, it's that's I know the injuries top because he couldn't throw all off-season was kinda tough to commit but it's like man commanders menu did after rush into? That's the thing today rush into is really no reason just thinking about right now. Go back to the Colts and all the problems that your team is head trying to find the quarterback postpaid a minute would you be okay and your big Carson once got the time Philip Rivers wanted to play another year. Would you be okay given Philip Rivers. Another because I think he wanted to play with the Colts and want to bring them back which was, I get it he's older you want running Super Bowl with Philip Rivers but Philip Rivers had a better year in Indianapolis and a lot of people thought hindsight.

Yes I would like Silvers to be back in 2021. Whatever loneliness I was happy you retired one done.

I was kind don't Silvers have a Carson lots night as I say hindsight Jill Locascio last year when all yeah no or love to have Philip Rivers back if that's regarding if Carson once is my question at the end of this are the commanders is that they are the commanders good to move on after one year after this year will they say yeah that's it turned out the lights of parties over just like in the Annapolis that now we know Dan Snyder is a crazy owner and I don't mean that in the good way, but Rob Rivera does seem to be like Amanda patients. I don't think anyone went into this you're having high expectations for the Washington commanders, or even thought the commands were to be a playoff team, Carson once a quarterback.

So the entity is Carson once week one next year. Is he starting for the Washington commanders Massena on to say yes that I don't think will be good this year but I think yes, with the caveat, I do think they will draft some of the first trimester and then Carson once missed the rabbit ears will be thrown out there. Once again, but she thought I was good tell you Carson once is good to be back and it was good to be he was due to start 17 games.

It was all good to be great though. Maybe a nice warm great story. No, Carson once is good to show once again. What happens when people doubt Carson once as was that a true busty rushing touchdown yet that it was look at that MICU wheels and now it's 13 all pending extra point them to be 1413 but I do think that the quarterback in the first round and then Carson probably starts at the first four, five, six games of the year and then gets her place. That's what I think happens we may be down, I don't. Was he touched before he falls. Yeah, he was touched. I think that's good to be down at that half yard line, you get a better look at that. That's just it.

I think it's the balls on the lining is in its bang bang Danielle down to the elbow. It I saw the neon yellow hit although he puts his hand down the right. I don't know yeah all that's close. I think it sounds downright as the ball was over, the one I did rotor touch, so I thought at first that left hand was was an elbow to the left hand that was down. His elbow never had and then when you get to the right side of the body. The ball is right there.

The question just becomes when that need to set the graph so will see this touchdown will stand 1313 for now with 350 to go in the first half between the Steelers and the quick brown Terry got here is the angle is that need dad and who will yeah that reply think he's out, that's really close all their basic outs that are good to sit accounts thought to get your point is good be good. It is up and it's Steelers 14 Browns 13 more points than you would've thought in the first athletic said 1310 five that are selling them were great at predicting games are on the show look at us right now but give online site… It is looking for cloud data or Web help. There's no tech shortage in the round room is a talent community offering highly skilled ready-to-wear talent when you need it.

Talent is trained to Silicon Valley standards vetted through a rigorous data-driven process and individually notched to fit your needs. Find top-tier tech talent fast just like the kind of people who develop this cool streaming after on right now is listening to the second Guild show all fired up for this Michigan Wolverines season. I think Michigan's good to be undefeated before that game against Ohio State. I think Ohio State is good to be undefeated before that game in the horseshoe up against Michigan. The game on Thanksgiving weekend hot day kinky. Would you agree with that Ohio State undefeated going into the machine game and missing undefeated going into the house, take I would not agree that no so who is the loss, for Michigan galas to Michigan State and I'm not sold right now they beat both Penn State and Iowa really I will see from Iowa's offense stinks I get it. It's not very good. Now, what makes you think that I don't harbor has struggled up against Michigan State, Michigan State just lost the Washington who I like Michael panics. I know it's a sensitive subject for you because he beat Penn State and I like came to borders but on the show before, but if Michigan State couldn't beat Washington what makes you think that there to go into the big house and beat Michigan other than the fact you're just a Michigan April Michigan status is plenty times but not very good and is beat Michigan search now you have to be going in 2028 okay five 2020. Whatever. But I Michigan sinking was was not very good. They went to Michigan won the game, so it's not per se. You have to have a good Michigan State team in order to be Michigan. They just can't be emphasis and laughter. Michigan was dominating until Kenneth Walker just said yet checkmate game. Is Ohio State good to be undefeated before that Michigan yes okay I think it will disrespectful to Wolverines really touches me on believe in JJ McCarthy. I think JJ McKay think they're better quarterback this year. Do they lose Hutchinson in a job. Yes, but the speed on this offense this year is his electric and even urban Meyer has noticed that speed urban Meyer did not give complement their insane Michigan yes cupcake games.

The first three games of the season.

He's been very complementary. Urban Meyer already about this Michigan office.

Let's say I mean I'm not taking anything for that on the first three weeks, they played little sister.

The poor JV football team. I think I like directional South Carolina you like so way. I know they've shot say Hawaii and you can't do show some of the many of the learners football. You will notice teams in college football. Let's see like it but there was test the odds that Ohio State and also Michigan. This year the Big Ten is not good this year you disagree with that lead to know say Selena. She never else, but also to Michigan outside of last year has never shown the ability to consist of the middle tier teams. I'm not saying that it's a lot that Michigan's good beat Ohio State this year but to say that it's Ohio State and then everybody else with the way that Michigan just dominate Ohio State last year. I know they lose Hutchinson in the Jabo but they have no pass the baton to JJ McCarthy and Kate McNamara's hurt. They just think that's good to be a walk in the park for the Wolverines Wolverines are automatically going to the Big Ten championship game and they will have no competition and that it really wasn't. Would you McCarthy what is it I no idea he's a highly touted prospect's play Connecticut well he beat Hawaii okay that something was like, what is she actually good core like I've no idea. I tell you that you're ready to tell me that your hours. The next thought in the Penn State's good with the national championship in 2020 2020 24.

Yeah, that would tell me yeah but you haven't really seen him play all that much all I seen a flight he looks at you haven't seen them play that much.

She imply he is no but you have not seen and played that much you seen JJ McCarthy play more than been throughout the early euros in currency to play well this year is no development. This is just your job right to the fire. Okay I'm tired. No, I don't know to violate it is funny how would dumping a little bit on the Big Ten outside of Michigan and Ohio State and you look at the Big Ten East only one team has suffered a loss of the attorneys so far to the season that's Michigan State do not know what known in the figure workers have lost in their summer. They almost lost the temple if it wasn't for Elijah want to pick six rockers history know how states Reno, Michigan.

Serena Marilyn Serino Penn State three know, I know you know that one and Tom Allen with Indiana thresher invoicing Osco okay dog is is that they can backout only tell me everything that's that's a lot of zeros in the loss column. Now you and ask about the Big Ten.

Wes well at Northwestern wanted to row the boat with the PG reflect Minnesota through no Iowa to them on see by located doctors who are some points this year for real Wisconsin 201 Illinois 201 Purdue wanted to Nebraska Wolf 13 yeah, the difference between the East and the last tiny bit tiny bit was like because you did to two top dogs in the Big Ten East Michigan Ohio State. I wish that was the Big Ten championship pennies is to load. I wish they played on that Thanksgiving weekend and we just took the two best teams in the conference employment in the Big Ten champions. I agree and that's the direction most commons is writing so will get that were sooner and later on anyway why I'm asking you about all these opinions on Michigan football and I think this can make you want to throw up. I told you my two best friends did attend Michigan.

I've been to multiple games of the big house. I've watched so many Michigan football games. I made a purchase so I could fit in. When I go to a few Michigan bars this year. I have bought a military camo, Michigan sweatshirt your thoughts on that how they can see your vehicles. I don't know your camo friend will be received. Trust him.

A large man, you'll be able to seep out of nowhere Zach is on sale note. No one starts the play where's Waldo. When Zach killed comes walking into a small bar usually just run the other direction to go.

This large man to take up a lot of space. Anyway, enough about getting these opinions on Michigan which is just his hatred for Michigan. Let's solicit up to Blake Corum, who had five rushing touchdowns last week, which tied a school record for Michigan and I asked him he was on that Michigan team last year. The Michigan team in 2022 is better than the team that just wanted Big Ten championship in 20 better.

I really do. I think we have weapon all over the place legally. But you know… Some great players from last year but you got your thankless and often the north and Roman Wilson going crazy. No liability there talking to Monica great good at his new addition little little defense. You know they're doing the thing you know, saying that Mike Morse could think maybe Junior then you back in the car I paid nothing in the corner.

You know you guys are looking good ballplayer.

Can we look nothing directly to the field forward and not love the gods of Michigan running back Blake Corum supplies last night. Hickey that he said he thinks this team is better than last year's team just because not that he's necessarily wrong but usually write the player in the moment. That was a part of a championship team. It's also a leader, you usually expect the typical answer from the athlete of we have a lot of potential.

We can be better but we gotta prove it first about yourself that are known to measure take so she could against considering the D right now the opponents who played our no one so it's hard to kind of see exactly which warrant hasn't been any competition measure up. So far, just in the bar set so I last year and mixed cultural class in one of the four best teams in the country but he's right. This team should be right back where they were last year breaking news.

This is just officially come down we know that email joke.

It was a poorly going to get suspended for the entire season. The Celtics have not issued a statement all throughout the day. They leak this report to agent motion asking all we know is allegedly emailed Toca had a consensual relationship with a female staff member inside the Celtics organization and I opened up the show today was discussing that what the punishment is doesn't really make sense to me for of year-long suspension. When this is team issued not leak, issued if all we know so far is that he just had a consensual relationship. Inside the organization. I get it.

He is a big time job gets paid a whole lot of money and if you have someone working underneath them or underneath them in the organization that could always potentially create some problems, but it is a consensual relationship and there is nothing else that happened here then you wonder why is he being suspended for year. You can only speculate, consult truly give you much information on this and I said may be just maybe don't have any information on this to be true.

Maybe slept with someone's wife in the organization that also like someone to higher up the organization that wife also does something with the organization and maybe that's right serve to suspend the guy year but just having consensual relationship with someone else in the organization. That's a female worker that doesn't scream to me as a team, going out of their way to suspend the coach. Adjust up a team to the finals for a full season, but the Boston Celtics is now officially announce that emailed Toca has been suspended and this is all they wrote the Boston Celtics announced today that the team a suspended head coach emailed Toca for the 2022, 20, 23 season for violations of team policies, a decision about his future with the Celtics beyond this season will be made at a later date. The suspension takes effect immediately. Now when you read the last two sentence there a decision about his future with the Celtics beyond the season will be made at a later date. The suspension takes effect immediately. I think they're going to try to either do a few things here. One mutually agree to part ways. Or if emailed Toca's docket mutually agree to part ways or email joke from Chris Haynes is not willing to resign right now. Then I think ultimate.

The Boston Celtics will fire but it has to be something else of the story because it does not make sense to me why the coach is suspended entire year. It's all it was was a consensual relationship with a female member, staff member of the organization and quite frankly, the Celtics need to be a little bit. They need to provide some more clarity here and I wonder if there to hold a press conference when they say that a decision will be made a later date of his future makes me think that emailed Toca's in the NBA finals as coaches final game at the Boston Celtics.

Now what I'm sometimes confused about some things are. I'm wondering if there's something more to this story. Or maybe I'm just missing the mark here. I go to El Capitan Marco Bilotti. You know he is our wise owl here at CBS sports radio. He is our leader and is gone through a lot of rapid life that's just goes old pretty mind or older than me and older than Ryan. Year-long suspension for just having consensual relationship with a female staff member in the organization. Teams are missing something or there's different samples or look.

I would love to say that the Celtics are the first in the long line. Now that were to stop all this nonsense everybody can be held accountable and if you're in a position of power.

You cannot be doing these types of things because it can open up a can of Abbaye.

There's no way and also with that that last two sentences you hit on the head. There is no way Toca coach another game for the Celtics. It's a question of can we not have to pay him the full amount of regular training remaining on his contract. That's all that is. He's knocking resign because he docket a walk with his own which is what we wanted, so suspended because we need to stop this now but we got to figure out a way that not Pam is through the remit the entire remainder of his contract as this is just paint don't have a relationship with a subordinate in the organization. I think there's a way to work through this and not suspend the coach. That's pretty popular with your team just took you to the final. I'm just going to go on a limb and hope I'm not naïve your I think there's a way of how much crap we don't know that's going on behind the scenes and the names and I get swept under the rug that we don't know Linda can be tell-all books about you work around that and that's I just keep on going back to it and I have no proof on it. But this just screams to me that it's something personal that maybe the person that's in volunteer which, in a weird way has a relationship with someone else already that the higher up. Not only can work around it.

We would never know exactly the reason Lisa is a team suspect there was no reason for us to know this unless they wanted us to know this and they want you and I don't so obviously there's something more there.

Why do you want us to know this other than to embarrass you Toca is there something there. There's some reason as to why you want is I mean forget that the deal long aspect. We have another number for and hold it like you, we don't know everything that goes on every personal life and you know what good we should know everything's going on personal life, but this seems like there's so much more behind it and it does.

I think you hit it feels a most personal why do we want to embarrass you Toca unless the Celtics are annoyed with whatever happened in the situation and I think the Celtics grossly miscalculated with the reaction was good to be because they leak this to blows and then maybe they thought they could pressure Toca into resigning these.

Maybe that was good to be outrage here, but I don't think in 2022.

There's good to be outrage of all it is is there was a consensual relationship. There was something wrong if Toca did something wrong to the woman or something like that. Then there would've been outrage purchase a consensual relationship in the work to you. This is not 1945 anymore. There's a lot of workplaces with this relationship on consensual here it was happening then to beginnings the idea that we were to know about it and and we should know that we should know now, but it also shouldn't be happening at one of you don't go glaze over that you shouldn't be doing this if you're in a position of power. You shouldn't have those types relationship, especially when you're already married would let but again I don't know the womanist right but still if you're a position of power. You shouldn't be inside a relationship with someone that you work with. That's beneath you in on the latter inches. It opens up problems that you don't need a pure franchise but it's not something we suspend the guy for year that's for you sent down in the office and you are you serious like what you really need to prepare your training like we don't want this out. We don't want. This is the image organization, you're not doing what you should be doing.

But this is more of a sip of this more slap on the wrist.

Look at Robert Star for a meeting was going through a one-year suspension through the league. I get it for 20 years worth of things that you been doing this is just an image problem. I export to Sean Watson, suspended less games then any man that is going to. I don't think you know I know is the situation that we do. But again, this is not in the grand scheme of things. The worst thing you can do but it's not something you should be doing.

This is more up to me in a conversation starter as something where we can learn from it and move on.

And even at ways even if what to say.

Your boss went up to you and said hey stop sleeping with that girl and you said now okay boss, you know, probably you still sleep with that girl if you're successful as a coach.

9.9 times out of 10, even though your boss tells you to do something, there's a way that you still work around it.

If you are worth potentially adding to a championship for Boston, which he proved they increase their odds.

Last year that's why yeah there has to be something personal here which I don't know who the girl is, but that girl has to have a relationship with someone that's a higher up in the Celtics organization.

That's my best guess.

Yeah, I may look as if that's I'd like to think that if you have a point of ego and pride. If you talk about, you know, an owner or somebody that sit you down and say look, I told you not to do this now you flat out basically lied to my face in and told me to bear the hell you know what, I'm not standard for that good for you if you're standing on the platform.

I do believe you. I don't show me that that's the reason why you're doing this to say, but I know that we all are well skeptical of everything right will assume everybody can get away with so much proved to me that that's the reason why you're doing this that you actually standing on good morals. Allport and listen. I just don't buy it now for example, let's say if you break like Spike asking said to me hey Zach.

I don't want you talking about this and I said you know what I know it's good for ratings on to talk about something and I talked about it and then Spike didn't like it in the success of the show is there. You could probably gloss over that. But then if I got on the radio and said delete this family member of Spike Gaskins family then gets personal and then maybe make some do a move that goes you know what I don't care what your ratings are like just a cow maybe seven the higher sunset.

I don't care about the swing game you did something that personally offended me and personally hurt me. So now you're screwed because the person that is going on but again there's a line I circled clear on this right and tell her not to do things he did anyway.

If everything's there. So there is a line success will allow you to push that line should use a different talk shows there is.

I mean, you gotta be careful because there was a line to the loss. I get it. I just don't need the there's, there's more here because it's not enough like there's gotta be a long stand, actually. Here's the head coach like it's addict or something that were missing and that's fine if we don't know.

But then you should delete the information that you are delete unless it was coming from. Toca was like this is ridiculous and it came from them as possible. I don't know maybe because he realized what I'm really not doing anything that's big a deal, so maybe it could become from his side still makes more sense unless the Celtics are to become forward and let you know all the details and that's a slippery slope because the right right you can lose public opinion. If you're wrong and that's Bob ready to improve your bottom line.

The rim can match you with a top financial analyst trusted by small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. The rooms virtual financial analysts are highly trained that it through a rigorous data-driven process and matched to your needs drive business growth with a virtual financial analyst from the room right listening to on the financial podcast rolled into one. Get started today trying to try the you're listening to the second building show on Mildred today using the taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out so he bills quarterback said earlier today that he loves watching got three plays football NFL Sunday red zone with Scott Hansen. I'm glad to know that Josh Allen knows how to pick his red zone host doesn't go with the other guy that was red so that looks like the Brown's mascot brownie. The elf get a stock up to Josh Allen 15 years ago Mike Gundy had this rant where we had in society today for me.

I'm a man on flooring okay me or does everything right and heartbroken and then say that the coaches say scare you to say that we make that decision because Donovan was because his transfer so get your facts right, and I hope someday you have a child. Somebody you have okay they're supposed to be mature adult. Really not as is the kitty. Are you kidding me so I got to say makes me want that in the Dan Hawkins all go play in a Bureau's brother playing a Bureau's brother's, my or my two favorite rants of all time. When it comes to college coaches stock up to Micah 15 University JP P.

NFL side of the Baltimore Ravens give him a stock up here from Shane Beamer.

He highlights the good quarters that South Carolina has played in the most pathetic fashion possible. We had ups and downs last year but I want to say that we won the fourth quarter and 10 of 12 games. Maybe you know so we just continue to get better in orbit. The score would escape plans. That was the message in that total on on on Saturday afternoon, the coaches, and height before this year they were 76 last year. Very good season here before that he wasn't there. They were to and eight. This is wanted to and I are talking about the fourth quarter 01 just the fourth quarters after you get off to some slow start yet it's a bad job I Shane Beamer stock and that is the closing bell for today.

Before we get on out of here. We just told you about this in the last segment that the Boston Celtics of officially suspended email Toca for the entire 2022, 20, 23 season Boston Celtics announced today that the team suspended head coach. He made Toca for the 2022, 20, 23 season for violations of team policies, decision about his future with the Celtics be on this season will be made at a later date. The suspension takes effect immediately. So that's what they said.

Now the allegation or what he may have done is that a consensual relationship with someone inside the organization. Email Toca has just released a statement I will read this quickly. He says I want to apologize to our players fans entire Celtics organization my family for letting them down. I'm sorry for putting the team in this difficult situation and accept the teams decision on respect for ever and involved. I will no further comment, yet were not being told something where were just not over just a consensual relationship there's God to be something more that the transpire.

At second, Chauncey is portrayed a big thanks Don McNabb for joining us today. Big thanks hot they kinky good to have you producing this extravaganza I will be back on the football Friday. Tomorrow 6 PM Eastern free Pacific across all the local CBS sports radio affiliate Sirius XM channel 158 and that free Odyssey AppleTalk piñata right now steel is 14 rounds 13 second after looking for cloud data or Web help. There's no tech shortage in the rim to rim is a talent community offering highly skilled ready-to-wear talent when you need it. Talent is trained to Silicon Valley standards vetted through a rigorous data-driven process and individually notched to fit your needs. Find top-tier tech talent fast just like the kind of people who develop this cool streaming app you're on right now is trying to

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