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The AFC South Sucks (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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September 20, 2022 11:26 pm

The AFC South Sucks (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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September 20, 2022 11:26 pm

What happened to the AFC South? / Michael Carter Jr. of the New York Jets joins the show / News Brief

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Learn more at How about Detroit Lions rookie defensive lineman Aiden Hutchinson? He had three sacks on Carson Wentz as the Lions beat the commanders 36 to 27. And talking about the Lions, coming up at 8 20 p.m. Eastern, 5 20 p.m. Pacific, Alex Anzalone is going to stop by their linebacker, so he'll join us as the Lions are now one and one as they beat the commanders. They do have the Minnesota Vikings in an NFC North showdown this upcoming Sunday, 1 p.m. Eastern in Minnesota. And then coming up 20 minutes from now, we got to check in with Michael Carter from the Jets. They're running back. What a comeback that was over the weekend as the Jets were down 13 points with under a minute 30 to go.

13 points! They were down with under 90 seconds to go. Game over, right? Cleveland, you got a problem as the Cleveland Browns choke that game away. Jets win. Jets this weekend go up against Cincinnati. And if you recall last year, that was the Mike White game for the Jets, where the Jets defeated the Cincinnati Bengals. So it will be a rematch coming up this Sunday at MetLife Stadium. Jets and Bengals.

Michael Carter from the Jets gonna join us 20 minutes from now. So last night, we saw the Philadelphia Eagles dominate the Minnesota Vikings. We saw a Philadelphia Eagles team led by Jalen Hurts just be absolutely sensational. You can get in our poll question today, where's your belief level at with Jalen Hurts, at Zach Gill, at CBS Sports Radio. Is he a franchise quarterback, a good QB, or not a believer?

10.9% say not a believer. 35.6% say a franchise quarterback and 53.5% say a good QB. So that was the one of the Monday Night Football games last night, where you had two games, doubleheader, and it was just a disaster if you did not have a dog in the fight. Well if you're a fan of the Tennessee Titans, it was a disaster. If you're a fan of the Vikings, it was disaster. If you're an Eagles fan, you love it.

If you're a Bills fan, you love it. But if you're just a neutral football watcher and you were observing those games, man, neither of those games are good. You would thought when you schedule two games, alright, one, one bare minimum would be good. You give me a reason to want to watch in the fourth quarter. The only reason if you were watching the fourth quarter last night was if one of your bets, one of your prop bets didn't hit. Because I told you, take Jalen Hurts anytime touchdown, it is the easiest bet.

And it was crazy, it was plus money last night. So I cashed it on that and then I elected to parlay, I did that individually then I elected to parlay Jalen Hurts and I went a little risky at KJ Osborne anytime touchdown. Now that didn't happen, but when the Vikings were, I say this in air quotes, driving to end the game, even though the game was already over, I'm talking about the clock running out, I go okay, got a little skin in the game, actually a reason to watch the final two minutes here. And then in the Buffalo Bills game, I'm trying to think what I did. Oh I did, it was a Derrick Henry anytime touchdown and I forget what the Bills side of it was. I threw some Bills, oh it was a Josh Allen anytime rushing touchdown. And there was no reason then for me to watch the game in the fourth quarter because Josh Allen wasn't in.

See now I know what it's like. I'm sitting in the fourth quarter, I'm like Miss McDermott, who's one of the best coaches in the league, what is he doing taking Josh Allen out of the game? And I go to myself, Zach, you only put $15 down on this. It's not the end of the world, you never bet above your means, you shouldn't do that.

So $15, I could afford to lose the $15. So thank you Derrick Henry, thank you also to Jalen Hurts, he got me a little money one last night, but the parlays, the Tennessee Bills one I thought definitely would hit. Derrick Henry anytime touchdown, Josh Allen anytime touchdown, but the Bills didn't want to run the football last night with Josh Allen, nor did they need to. And then in that Eagles game when you're betting something that's plus 800 on the odds return, I knew that it was going to be literally a gamble, but one that was a long shot from happening. So the games last night, both blowouts, and I want to spend a few moments talking about the Tennessee Titans because that division stinks.

It is brutal. Now think about this, I know it's only two weeks into the season, the season's very young, but the Jacksonville Jaguars are in first place right now, they're one and one. Well which the Jaguars being one-on-one good for them, and I know they just destroyed Indianapolis.

That was an ass-kicking, 24 to nothing. I know the Colts were hurt, offensive line, wide receivers out, their top two wide receivers, you don't have Shaq Leonard for the last two games, but to not get a point, not get a field goal, a touchdown, and the Jacksonville Jaguars aren't the 85 Bears for crying out loud. They're not the the 07 Patriots, and that's what Indianapolis did. It was crazy, it was wild. So the Jaguars with Doug Peterson and Trevor Lawrence one-on-one, and you know what's not crazy to say?

They could be 2-0. Carson Wentz tried to gift wrap them that game in week one, and I know he had the two touchdowns late, but he tried to throw that game away. And then you bounce back with that performance, that was impressive by Jacksonville.

And the only, you know what's wild? The only thing that would surprise me in this division is if the Texans win the division. That would be it, because the Texas Davis Mill stinks. Nathaniel Hackett couldn't coach himself out of a paper bag, and you know with that quarterback, you're not gonna win. And in week one, I give them credit, they tied the Colts. Can the Colts still win this division? Yes, even though they have a lot of problems, especially in the offensive line, and other than Michael Pittman and Jonathan Taylor, they don't have a lot of good skill position players.

Tennessee though, I told you all offseason long, Tennessee was gonna take a step back. This Jaguars team, this Texas team, this Colts team, you know taking Jaguars out of it because they have a win, but the Titans start the year off 0-2, and it's not like they're dunzo. Even though that team does not look good, I have no confidence in Ryan Tannehill, I don't like that AJ Brown's no longer on that team, I thought that was a move that kind of said to me, hey we're not going all-in. Like you look at the Dolphins, they're all in right now to make the playoffs. You look at the Eagles, they're all in to get the best out of Jalen Hurts.

Buffalo is not gonna leave any stone unturned. They go out and get Von Miller. Tennessee's been closed the last few years, and I know we don't ever view the Titans as a great team, but they were the number one overall seed last year in the AFC, and this year they didn't make all-in moves. They made, ah we'll punt the the ball down the road for a few years. To get rid of AJ Brown, who other than Derrick Henry was your most explosive player on offense, is a joke.

Pay the guy, and instead you're going with Robert Woods and Traylon Burks, and Robert Woods is a good wide receiver in this league, but I'd much rather have AJ Brown, and I don't know what Burks is gonna be at the wide receiving position, but that Tennessee team, they cannot get off to a worse start this year. You blew a 13-0 lead to the Giants, who are now somehow 2-0. The Giants haven't beat anyone in the last four or five years, so not only do you lose that game, then you just get destroyed, annihilated, emasculated up against the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football. So the only that would surprise me are the Texans winning this division, but I'll throw the Jaguars in that conversation now, and I would still be a little bit surprised if the Jaguars win the division, just because that team doesn't have a lot of talent, but that shows you the major flaws that the Colts and the Titans have. I joked heading into the first week of the season, there was seriousness behind it, but I was kind of trying to kind of get under the skin of my producer extraordinaire, who's usually here in hot take hickey, oh you know in the division this year it's embarrassing, 9-8 wins that division, I don't even know if 9-8, if you're 9-8, you may be in the palace in that division, you may only need to get to eight wins to win that division, and it would not shock me, Carlos just threw up seven fingers with how bad it's been to the first two weeks, you get seven wins, you may win that division. Ugh, imagine in such a great AFC, where you got Buffalo, you got Miami, you got the the Ravens, the Bengals, I know the Bengals are 0-2, you then look at the AFC West with the Chiefs and the Chargers, and what's supposed to be a loaded AFC, imagine the one team that looks like they don't belong, and the one team that's like what the the redheaded stepchild, that's the team that's coming out of AFC South, I don't, I'll say right now, nine wins I'll be surprised at this point, now optically I hope it's not seven, I hope it's eight, but eight and nine is still ugly, it's still very ugly, but where are the wins coming in this division, well luckily for those teams they had to play up against one another, but they've tied this year, we saw the Colts and the Texans, the Texans are up 22-3, and they tied, the Colts had an opportunity to kick a game-winning field goal, missed, it's like hot potato in that division, here's the victory, oh I don't want it, I don't want it, I don't want it, I don't want it, that's how bad this division is, let's just look at the schedules the rest of the way, and clearly there will be some overlap because they play in the same division, so they play the you know two of the same divisions, the Jaguars play the Chargers this weekend, the Eagles, the Texans, the Colts, I can't see them beating the Chargers, I can't see them beating the Eagles, so you better go beat the Texans and the Colts, then the Giants, the Broncos, the Raiders, the Chiefs, the Ravens, the Lions, Tennessee, the Cowboys, the Jets, the Texans, and then Tennessee, so that's the Jaguar schedule, the Colts schedule, as the Indianapolis Colts are 0-2, I don't know when the Colts get away, they play Kansas City this weekend, and my home's going to a dome, hello, I think I think the line is six and a half, I should get on that now, because that's definitely gonna go up before kickoff, then after that you play Tennessee, you got the Broncos, the Colts, you have the Jaguars, Tennessee again, commanders, that's whence against his old team, Patriots, Raiders, Eagles, Steelers, Cowboys, Vikings, Chargers, Giants, Texans, oh hot take Kiki, he's screwed, he is screwed, now I'm not gonna go through everyone other schedule, but this division, seven wins you'll be in the playoff conversation in this division, eight, you're probably gonna win the division, this AFC South, it's the worst division in football, the NFC East, who we've joked last year is the NFC least, the Eagles are a damn good team, Cowboys had a, I don't, I'm not a believer in the Cowboys, the Cowboys had a gritty win with Cooper Rush against the Bengals, I don't believe in Carson Wentz, but the commanders are 1-1, the Giants are 2-0, the NFC West, all those teams are 1-1, and you have the Super Bowl champs, 49ers are good, and they'll improve with Jimmy G now in that quarterback, Cardinals, Kyle Murray had to get that game, he did, NFC North, I think the Vikings are the playoff team, we know the Packers will win that division, I'm not a believer in the Bears, the Vikings have shown some life, the South, Tom Brady plays with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and you look through all these divisions in football, AFC West, best division in football, AFC North, always solid, AFC East, you have the Bills who are the best team in the league, the Dolphins are 2-0, the Patriots made the playoffs last year, this AFC South stinks, it is the worst division in football, we're gonna have to see 7-10, 8-9 in the playoffs, PU, ugly, pathetic, the AFC South, like who do you feel good about? No one, and half the teams in that division, they're not even supposed to do anything this year, like the Texans, they'll be picking the top five, Jaguars, Doug Peterson's a good coach, you have a good quarterback in Trevor Lawrence, but that roster is not all that, and like they have a shot because of the quarterback of the coach to win that division, but the Colts in Tennessee, I think you gotta check a pulse on them if they're in the playoffs, yeah you guys are actually, are you alive? You have a heartbeat?

Do you have a pulse? But those two teams should be embarrassed, going into the year was a little bit half your division, and the Colts and the Titans could not have gotten off to worse starts, it's pathetic, this AFC South, it's brutal, and I would like to try to give you some optimism if you root for those teams, but I can't do so, I can't, and I'll be really curious this week for Tennessee, you play the Raiders, after that beat down on Monday Night Football, and the Raiders gonna be PO too because they just blew a 20-0 lead, they're 0-2, the Raiders have more offensive firepower, that's not an easy game, I know it's a home game, but if you start the year off 0-3 and you're the Tennessee Titans, woof. I had a lot of people go into my DMs this offseason when I said Tennessee wasn't gonna make the playoffs, I'm not ready to pop champagne yet, but people told me I was in it more than an adult, a lot of Commanders fans today going after me, oh Carson Wentz is unbelievable, like what? I can't tell you, I've been on like a six-hour thread, I got to find better things to do with my time, I get that, I'll be honest with myself, but Commanders fans are talking like about Carson Wentz because he has seven passing touchdowns as if he's this great quarterback, you'd be thinking they're 2-0 and beating teams by 40 points, you beat the Jaguars who play the AFC South, that division sucks, and then this past week, oh it's the offensive line, oh it's the defense, Carson Wentz is Mr. 3-0 to start that game, you're in a 22-0 hole, but since he threw passing touchdowns and made it somewhat of a game in the second half, yeah this is great, I say this all the time, the Commanders, here's the comparison that I'll make when talking about the Commanders, they've had such bad quarterback play for such a long time, it's almost as if you're a college student on a meal plan, you eat the dorm food, and the dorm food, it's not that good, and you know it's not that good, so then one day you get a little bold and you find some cash and you walk three blocks off campus, and you go like the bodega, and the bodega makes you like a gyro, and you may be stoned, you may be drunk, I don't know, but you have that gyro, you go this is the greatest thing ever, but in reality it's not, it's still crap, so that's what the Commanders are right now, excuse me, that's what Carson Wentz is, and how Commanders fans look at Carson Wentz, we've had such bad quarterback play, oh we've had the gyro, this is this is a five-star meal, this is like a filet mignon, this is like lobster mac and cheese, but it's not, so stop Commanders fans, it's week two, you lost to the Lions, okay you beat the Jaguars, whoopty-damn-doo, once again they play in the AFC South, that sucks, and Commanders fans, oh we're all excited about Carson Wentz, and I actually like the Commanders roster, but I don't like that quarterback. Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio, Michael Carter from the Jets will join us next. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. He's live, he's nationwide on CBS Sports Radio, this is the Zach Gelb Show, here's your host Zach Gelb. We continue the Zach Gelb Show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio, let's spend a few moments right now talking about the New York Jets who are one-on-one on the season, after one of the craziest comebacks I've ever seen.

They were down 13 points in Cleveland with under two minutes to go, and they find a way to win the game 31 to 30 in those final two minutes. Now joining us a second year running back for the New York Jets out of UNC, they have the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend at MetLife Stadium, Sunday one o'clock, and that's Michael Carter, who we did meet at the Super Bowl right when Barry Sanders was on set with us, and that was one of the coolest experiences probably of your life there Michael Carter, because I remember you called your dad right after on FaceTime, that was some awesome stuff, how you been? Yeah I'm good man, good to hear your voice again, yeah but no you're right. Meeting Barry Sanders was a big deal to me just because I feel like he's the pinnacle of the position, just it's exciting, but no but it's cool how you doing? I'm doing great, I'll never forget when you said to me I'm just surprised Barry Sanders knew who I was.

And I really was surprised, but I guess it's a credit to my work I've been putting in. Well that was an insane victory last weekend Michael Carter, how'd you process it now having a day or two to think about it? No it was a fun win, but you know at the same time I'm highly aware you know it's just more than one win to you know be great in this league so everybody can do it one time but can you do it again and again and again so it was fun while I lasted but you know we're on to you know next week. When you heard that after the game I'm sure you saw this stat that NFL teams won the last 2,229 consecutive games when leading by at least 13 points in the final two minutes, to see you guys break that streak which is remarkable and what does that say about the football team you guys have? Yeah man I think it just speaks on our resilience, our resiliency as a team and like I said before man we're just a group that that just fights to the end and we're gonna we're gonna you know fight for each other and you know win, lose, or draw.

We know we're gonna be a tough group and we're gonna be a tough group to beat and win, lose, or draw. Even if we lost there's gonna be a long injury report so it's um it's always fun to go out and play on Sunday with the guys. Michael Carter here with us was that the craziest comeback you've ever been a part of playing football? Oh I don't know I was thinking maybe but I did have a game where we played at UNC you know we was down by like 25, 30 halftime and we came back and won we scored like 38 straight points but I think just like the magnitude of you know we're away and it was two minutes left or less. We were down by two touchdowns.

I think there's one probably just take the cake but at the same time I was very confident in both those games and my teammates are confident also that we're gonna win the game you know our energy was great on Sunday man and a lot of credit to our my teammates and you know our fans that were at the game you know they had the house rocking too so it was fun. Michael Carter here with us from the Jets second year running back Jets had the Bengals this weekend. Before we talk about the Bengals one more on last week what was that scene like in the locker room after the game? We saw the little video of Joe Flacco going nuts but it must have been a party in that locker room. Yeah Joe Flacco was so tall and he jumped up he was jumping up and I thought he was gonna hit his head on the ceiling and he was jumping so high but nah man it was super fun. I know Zach is your quarterback but because of the injury Joe is playing is that a business mentality that you have already where you don't think about it that way but it has to be pretty surreal because you probably watched up seeing Joe Flacco play some football when you were growing up right? Yeah Joe Flacco was like a hood hero.

Yeah no Joe Flacco was super cool and you know he did a really good job in the huddle and just make sure everybody you know had to play and knows what to do before you know we get out there and spin so it's always fun playing with Joe and you know just to play with a legend like that and he'll downplay it but you know a lot of eyes he is a legend so it's just fun to play with one and learn. How is Zach Wilson progressing? Very well. He's healthy. He's been working. His mental is strong and he's gonna be ready to go when he gets back so it's just you know we're in one situation that go to that so. Do you have a feeling when he's gonna be back?

I don't know. He probably has to ask coach or his lawyers or something. Michael Carter here with us. What type of quarterback do you think Zach Wilson can be?

He can be whatever he wants to be. He's got all the talent in the world and he's got the hard work and the work ethic to match it so I do think that Scott's the one my friend and he knows that I feel that way about him. We talk a lot of times so he's on you know we're on a path you know trying to be great you know along with the rest of the guys. I do think I don't want to know there's no pressure on Zach at the end of the day. It's a team sport as much as you know people in media try to put everything on him as a quarterback but it's a team game so you know come to work every day like it does and just continue to get better. Talking to Michael Carter from the Jets what do you think the biggest difference is from last year to this year for you individually and then also the team so far? We're just a confident group man and we know that we can win any game and you know just even last week okay yeah we won and you know people can say you know what they want to say about you know the Browns clock management but we that's just a game we play man like it's a game of inches and you know we took advantage of the opportunity that we had whereas we won you know we defense played lights out and often you know we you know we weren't able to put any points on the board but you know we came back the next weekend you know we took what we had to fix in practice and you know we put points on the board so you know from last year to this year we're even even more confident group we're good I know that we can go win any game in any stadium so in individually I think you know the game's slowing down for me and just I know I really feel like you know at any point you know if things you know are going the way that you know things are kind of going my way in the game that I know I can do whatever it takes to win the game like I can do like my part in a little extra just you know to go help win a game for the team so um I feel very confident my confidence in that all-time hot and you know I'm blessed to be around man and I know I'm grateful for it also I'm happy I think that's a bigger thing.

What was your reaction when the team drafted Breece Hall in the second round this year? No you know I know Washington College is a really good player so we're just excited to go in and work so yeah things are working out. Yeah how's that relationship been so far because you guys are obviously splitting carries but how have you guys been so far as teammates?

No really well we've been doing well. He's a guy that works hard and you know I'm gonna I'm gonna always juggle guys that work hard because I'm a hard worker too so he's a cool guy got a good sense of a has a good personality and all around you. Take me through on that second and ten catch that you had and then you got the first down for 12 yards late with under a minute 30 to go you made a nice little move there just take me through that play if you don't mind. Yeah I've always wanted to do that just kind of go out of bounds a little bit try to get the first down. I saw Michael Vick do it one time. I was like hey this is probably not the best time to try it but one time I'm gonna try it so it was my mind was getting my mind was on game but you know doing the award did a good job of taking it away so I had to you know go find the stick so that was all my mind. My mind was just get the first down. It's pretty impressive the confidence to try something that you've never done before in a game there. Yeah I think that you've got to be confident in this league because you know everybody's talented but not everybody's confident as they say they are or you know as they appear to be and I think you know the more confidence you have in the game you know the better off you'll be. So you just saw growing up Michael Vick attempt that one time and that's just how you remember something like that and that comes naturally to you? Well it wasn't like oh I'm gonna try this if I get the rock.

It was more of a I didn't know that ah it works you know. Michael Carter here with us from the Jets. Jets play the Bengals this weekend. That was a successful game for you guys last year. You guys got a victory. I know Mike White was playing at quarterback and now it's gonna look like it's gonna be Joe Flacco. Is there anything to take away from that game or is it just hey it's a whole new year there's not really much you take away from that one?

I think it's a little bit of both. I think they're familiar with us and we're familiar and we played them last year. They're the same group of guys you know and they've gotten better. So it's just gonna be a matter of you know yeah we're learning from the film that last year that we played them last year with. Also you know the you know the first couple games this year and you know despite losing you know they've done some really good stuff. So it'll be an interesting matchup. It'll be a fun one.

You know their roster is extremely talented and it'll be fun to just go compete. Got a lot of respect for those guys. How do you describe your head football coach Robert Salah, Michael Carter? Yeah he's juiced up. He's a leader and someone that you know can bring people together.

So it's nothing but love for him and a lot of respect for him. You know what it's like to be a rookie going through it last year. Garrett Wilson is a first-round pick. A lot of high expectations coming out of Ohio State where he was a heck of a wide receiver. On Sunday had eight receptions, 102 yards. Got those two touchdowns.

The last one was the biggest one. What has stood out to you the most so far about Garrett Wilson? Yeah he's a good athlete man. He loves to compete. I think that's the number one thing that has still got to me is that you know he just loves to compete.

He talks a lot of trash and he backs it up. And he's been doing well. He came in and he has the right hand on the shoulders. I know it's cliche to say but he has. He's really put his head down in the work and earned a lot of respect from his teammates. We've seen receivers recently. Justin Jefferson stepped into the league right away, had an immediate big-time impact.

Last year Jamar Chase who the Bengals are gonna play you guys this weekend right away took the league by storm. Do you feel like with what he's shown the first two weeks especially on Sunday that he could be one of those guys like a Jamar Chase like a Justin Jefferson? You know I feel like it's not really my job to foresee that. I think it's also you know I don't want to put any expectations on him. It's just you know it's his life and I know he's capable of doing that but at the end of the day you know it's gonna be up to you know how life goes. But at the same time yeah he's very very capable of doing something like that.

He is. He's got all the time in the world and you know he's my dog so he's uh you know we're gonna continue to take it with us. Before we let you run do you sense a different energy with this team? I know it's only two games in. I know you guys are one-on-one and I know you want to win every game. It's a building process but I thought the Jets had a pretty positive offseason.

Do you feel that energy or do you still just say okay we're not there yet? No I do feel that and I've been feeling like that probably since the end of last season and I know we're not necessarily winning but we are playing much better football. So with the guys that we got in the offseason and the guys that we have in the building you know just getting better and better and better just improving every day.

I do think that we're at a place where you know we should be you know we should feel confident about going into each game and winning. Before we let you run I got to ask you about UNC Tar Heels. They're 3-0. They had that wild game up against App State a few weeks back. They got Notre Dame this weekend. You've been keeping tabs with your Tar Heels?

Yeah I have for sure. I got to. I love my alma mater and everybody was laughing at me about the App State game. And everybody was like maybe App State is good.

Well no I could have told you that it was good. App State is a great program and they do a lot of good things and they got a hell of a run game actually. But you know they play a lot of good football there and they got a draft pick. And actually one of the guys I played when I play App State in college plays for the Bengals. So you know we play them this week.

So it'll be funny just going up to them and you know you know joking about and then when we play and stuff like that. So here we go. Well Michael Carter always great to catch up with you. A heck of a win over the weekend and good luck the rest of the way. Thank you. Alright.

Appreciate it man. Thank you for listening to the Zach Gelb show. Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports.

Alright news brief time Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio. Two Monday Night Football games last night. The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Vikings 24 to 7. Jalen Hurts the big story from that game 26 to 31 with the passing touchdown at 333 yards. Also ran the ball 11 times for 57 yards and not one but two rushing touchdowns. Nick Sirianni the head football coach of the Eagles says that his quarterback really has the game starting to slow down for him.

He's put in so much work and of course you know it has it's slow it's slowing down but it should right for him at this point because you know he's a year further into his process and we're talking about getting better every day and he lives that he's one of our captains he's one of our leaders and he lives the the theory of getting better every day and and that's why you're seeing major improvements because of the type of person and the type of the player he is. The Eagles will win the NFC East. The Eagles will have double-digit wins this year. There's only one game the rest of the way in the schedule that you really shaking your boots about and that's the Packers but there's not a game on this Eagles schedule the rest of the way that they can't win.

Not saying they're gonna win them all but this team I thought was gonna be good before the year they may be better than what I thought. Kevin O'Connell he suffers his first loss as an NFL head coach had a great debut up against the Packers in Philadelphia not so much as quarterback Kirk Cousins Monday Night Massacre again for captain Kirk a Monday Night Football he threw three interceptions. Kevin O'Connell though he's not gonna throw his quarterback underneath the bus he says that the blame on this game goes all on his shoulders. A very very difficult night you know for our team but you got to give the Eagles a lot of credit they outplayed us and really controlled the football game really in in a lot of phases of the game but when I look back on tonight ultimately I think you know I put I put this one on me I put this one on me I don't think I did enough for our team in game. Let's get to Kirk Cousins let's hear him discuss his turnovers at the quarterback position last night.

No not a common thread just each one's different you know so you just take each one as they as they were and and you know try to improve and get better. That's kind of funny to me because clearly the question was about his Monday night struggles as he is two and ten on Monday Night Football yeah each one's different. You gotta love that. Let's go to Stefan Diggs he had three touchdowns last night he's just an absolute stud one of the better wide receivers in the league 12 for a buck 48 and three touchdowns. Here is Stefan Diggs who says when Josh Allen extends a play you know he's gonna find you.

They play a lot of zone just understand spacing to understand time and I know Josh he can extend the play it's usually when when you extend play with a quarterback like that he can he can find you and if I was gonna get you just got to catch it so really go and just do your job I'm trying to do my job to the best of my ability keep it fun he's a big kid too so being out there is easy for me. I don't know how you stop Josh Allen right now also Stefan Diggs he's like unguardable too. That Justin Jefferson Stefan Diggs trade could be one of the fairest trades I've ever seen. I know that at the time you get the proven commodity if you're Buffalo but we didn't know he was that great and he's shown you now that he's a great wide receiver and at the time the Vikings got a first-round pick and then some but that first-round pick we didn't know was gonna be Justin Jefferson. Since 2020 Justin Jefferson 211 receptions 3248 yards 19 touchdowns Stefan Diggs 250 receptions 3030 yards and 22 touchdowns extremely fair deal. Let's hear Sean McDermott the Bills head coach says it was awesome to watch Stefan Diggs and Josh Allen get to work.

Yeah I mean he was you know that last throw that Josh made and to Stefan I'm just saying go get it man go get it and he and he got it it was fun to watch I mean that was that was awesome. Josh Allen in the contest last night only had one rushing attempt for 10 yards but that's all he needed because he was 26 to 38 for 317 yards and four passing touchdowns. Bills they're 2-0 they beat the Rams 20 by 21 points they beat Tennessee 41 to 7. All the Super Bowl talks continuing. Bills linebacker Von Miller's won two Super Bowls and a Super Bowl MVP says it's too early in the season to start thinking about winning a Lombardi Trophy. You just play the game you know whatever you start thinking about Super Bowls man it's like it's like drinking from a fire hydrant man like you know you just got to take it you know one play at a dollar seven is 17 weeks and you know football is a humbling sport you know you're gonna be met with adversity at some point and we just keep preparing for the adversity.

Von Miller also says the Bills though even though he's not ready to talk Super Bowl they're a team full of killers. You know we're not playing the game to just win the game we playing the game to dominate the game and we got a team full of kill team full of killers man and it's led by you know our quarterback you know our head coach you know the leadership on this team you know from Brandon being all the way down to the janitors and the infrastructure of this team. Let's get the flip side of this massacre if you're Tennessee geez oh and two to start the year the only bright spot is the AFC South absolutely is horrible Mike Vrabel says we just got our asses kicked. We got our asses kicked plain and simple they out coached us they outplayed us and that's the definition of it and so we're gonna get back to work and we're gonna figure out a way to win a football game.

Play me that one more time that was so good I just have to hear the beginning. We got our asses kicked plain and simple they out coached us they outplayed us and that you know he comes in the Belichick school but Belichick is like you know I didn't play well you know we got dominated every fast out of the game. Vrabel just comes in hot we got our asses kicked we got destroyed we were a joke that was awesome Ryan Tannehill he got his ass kicked as well threw the ball 20 times in the game only completed 11 passes and had two interceptions he was pulled for Malik Willis who did fumble he had four carries for our 16 yards through the football four times one of four for only six yards it was a disaster of a night for Tennessee all throughout that team. Ryan Tannehill says that he still believes that this team could turn around even though they're 0-2. They believe in each other we're two games into a long season obviously not to start we want not to start we expected but a lot of football out front of us and a lot of confidence that they're gonna get this thing going in the right direction. Yeah the only confidence that you should have it's not because of your individual abilities or your team's abilities because I don't think Tennessee's that good of a team this year and they were a team that was number one overall seed last year in the AFC so it shows you how quickly it could change but that's what happens when you trade away a player like AJ Brown it just deflates that locker room but the only positive thing you have is that the Jaguars are one on one and in the lead for that division Colts they're all one-on-one and you look at this Texans team they're all one and one as well so the only saving grace is this division is just horrendous one of the worst divisions that you're ever gonna see. So there was a report today we all know Oklahoma is going to the SEC but the Bedlam series between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State once Oklahoma goes to the SEC is going to come to a close which just stinks because that's always a game you hammer the over you hammer the over you hammer the over and it's also a very fun showdown and those rivalries they start to go away and I know geography's dead in college football and college athletics but those rivalries sometimes they stay but then sometimes they go away because you're no longer in the conference so Brent Venables was asked about it the head football coach at Oklahoma about the report that the Bedlam football matchup won't continue since OU is going to the SEC. I didn't hear that so like I said I like to keep things simple be the last one to find out this way it happens at my house sometimes that's a good thing sometimes it isn't I love rivalry games for all the right reasons so that's what they've decided to do that's what they've decided to do my opinion really doesn't matter but I love rivalry games for all the reasons people have a deep genuine investment in their in their school and take incredible pride and so what that does in those environments is is really cool you know again I'm a as I've said before I'm a traditionalist at heart so I understand you know what the rivalries look like whether that's a Sunflower State showdown or that's Oklahoma State or you go down and list all the other ones that are out there but those are a great thing for college athletics yeah I don't buy that was the first time the coach heard it but I did then kind of like how he made that cheesy line oh I'm always the last one to find out it's like the same thing at home but then he talks about how much he does like rivalry games but you know your university because they're chasing the cash is now gonna put an end unfortunately to that rivalry game got a great tweet that's a news brief it's a Zach Gil show on CBS Sports Radio from Dave Abbott on Twitter he goes rainbow was channeling the you know Jim Mora he's not wrong on that one we we just got our asses kick digitally poo that's a good tweet right there in a reference to Jim Mora whose son is now the head football coach at UConn and Jim Mora son is now the head football coach at UConn we know that he's made a lot of stops NFL coach in Seattle Atlanta recently was at UCLA and I saw that he was the head coach at UConn when I saw it was Michigan beat the snot out of them so good tweet there by Dave Abbott take a break come on back when we return undefeated teams in the NFL take a look at all them looking for cloud data or web help there's no tech shortage in the room the room is a talent community offering highly skilled ready-to-work talent when you need it the rooms tech talent is trained to Silicon Valley standards vetted through a rigorous data-driven process and individually matched to fit your needs find top-tier tech talent fast just like the kind of people who develop this cool streaming app you're on right now visit try the room comm slash tech
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