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Nathaniel Can't Hackett (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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September 13, 2022 7:06 pm

Nathaniel Can't Hackett (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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September 13, 2022 7:06 pm

Nathaniel Hackett's decision making costs the Broncos l Do you have an issue with Seahawks fans booing Russell Wilson? l First year head coaches have a solid debut

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Live from the police show, yet not overly ostentatious, studios of CBS Sports Radio here in beautiful New York City, sitting on top of the 10th floor, 345 Hudson Street. Welcome on in to a Tuesday edition of the Zach Gilb show across all the great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, channel 158, and that free Odyssey app. 855-212-4CBS. I'm gonna jump on in. 855-212-4227. You can always get at me.

On Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good ol' cesspool of Twitter at ZachGild. That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. We are coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage could help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life well.

Rocket can. Not one, not two, but three awesome guests for you today. Joining us at the top of the hour, and he'll be all over this Seahawks Broncos game. He was the guest of honor last night at the 12th man. Former Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright will stop by the Zach Gilb show.

Tyler Palumbus, who is a former Denver Broncos offensive lineman, won Super Bowl 50 with the franchise. That is radio out in Denver, will stop by at 8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific. And then the final hour of the show will be joined by the head football coach of the 12th ranked BYU Cougars, a friend of the show in Kalani Satake.

But first up, producing this extravaganza for the next four hours is no other than Até Keke. I don't try to be a talk show host that says, no way, I can't see in any fashion this team winning the game. But that's the way that I felt about the Seattle Seahawks last night. When you have Russell Wilson, I'm not even that big on the Broncos this year. I predicted before the start of the season the Denver Broncos would be a respectable team, but they would be on the outside look at income playoff time. But when you have Russell Wilson as your quarterback, with Javonte Williams as your running back, enough at the wide receiving position led by Jerry Judy, and you have a very good defense, I don't care if you have a rookie head coach. I thought for sure with 100% certainty that even if it was sloppy or if it was the prettiest football game you've ever seen, that the Denver Broncos were going to find a way to grind out a victory last night. And I'm stunned as we sit here today on a Tuesday that Seattle won the football game. First up, give an enormous amount of credit to Pete Carroll. Geno Smith, I didn't know that Geno Smith was capable of the first half that he put up, let alone to go out there and then win the game and survive the game in the second half. And I'm not ready to throw a bunch of flowers at Geno Smith and tell you he's going to be wonderful for the Seahawks this year, like some people are getting caught up in the moment. But what Pete Carroll did last night was impressive, and what Geno Smith did last night was impressive as well.

Sure. Denver, you can make a case, choke that game away, we'll get into the clock management, the situation at the end of the game, let's also not overlook the fact that the Broncos were inside the red zone twice and fumbled the football at the goal line. Two times. Like one time, okay. When you do that twice, it's inexcusable. If it happens once, it's the NFL.

Two times? I couldn't believe that. But it's pretty damn cool in sports when no one gives a team a chance to win a game. And I know it's only week one, but that was a big time Monday Night Football game. It had a big time feel too. Not only with Russ returning to Seattle, a surprisingly hostile environment, we always know the 12th man is unbelievable, but I didn't expect that bad reaction, a negative reaction prior to the game towards Russell Wilson. And it had a big time feel because of the broadcasters too, which doesn't matter, I know we sometimes try to undersell that, but Aikman and Buck calling that game, I had no interest in the Manning cast last night until afterwards, when the Manning broadcast did go viral, because Peyton was annoyed and Eli was annoyed and Shannon Sharpe was annoyed with Nathaniel Hackett's decision making. But that was an enormous game. And to see a team in Seattle who has been clowned all offseason long, probably still won't be a good team this year, make a statement in week one and take down the Denver Broncos, it is impressive. So I wanted to give credit to Seattle right out of the gate, because now we'll shift the conversation. Nathaniel Hackett and Russell Wilson should both be embarrassed with what transpired last night. Nathaniel Hackett, I don't care what you say today, you were an absolute bozo for wasting all that time to go kick a 64 yard field goal. And that's coming from the biggest Brandon McManus fan on the planet. I know how good of a leg Brandon McManus has. He's a college buddy of mine from Temple University.

He's a friend. And still, I thought the decision, this is not me second guessing, in the moment was a dumb decision. You just paid Russell Wilson $240 something million. There's a little over a minute to go in the game.

You have three timeouts, you're facing a fourth and five, and you elect to attempt a 64 yard field goal. And let me also remind you, this game wasn't that mile high in Denver. This was in Seattle. Even if it was in Denver, I wouldn't be on board with the decision. But that was a dumb moment from a rookie head coach. And when you bring in a rookie head coach in a tough division, that was a big reason why I was out on the Broncos this year and said the Broncos are going to be a year away. But I don't want to let Russell Wilson off the hook here, either. That's his organization. The Broncos are his team.

Yeah, sure. Nathaniel Hackett is the coach, but Russell Wilson runs that organization. And after you had the big play to make it manageable on fourth and five, how Russell Wilson, a top 10 quarterback, a veteran quarterback, the face of that franchise now allowed the clock to tick down and didn't take a time out and say, coach, what the bleep are we doing? That's inconceivable to me. If that was a rookie quarterback, if that was a quarterback that didn't have a ton of experience.

OK, I get it. But that's your team. That's your franchise, Russell Wilson. And in a huge game for you going up against your old team, you lost the game and you didn't even have an opportunity at the end to go convert a fourth down and move the ball down the field and either put the ball in the end zone or get yourself in better field goal range. Russell Wilson in that spot, being a veteran savvy quarterback, has to tell the rookie coach, what are you doing?

We're taking a time out and we're going for this. And wasn't this all about let Russ Cook? Why Russell Wilson had to leave the Seattle Seahawks because Pete Carroll was holding him back and his new coach and the greatest irony maybe of them all didn't let Russ Cook at the end of the game. He let Brandon McManus kick a 64 yard field goal. Which it had the distance.

It was just wide to the left, even if that kick went in. It was not a good decision by Nathaniel Hackett. There were some bad week one performances. Indianapolis in pathetic fashion, tying the Houston Texans, the 49ers somehow losing to the Bears. Tennessee up 13 to nothing, losing to the Giants. But to me, out of all the week one upsets, nothing tops the Broncos losing to Geno Smith and the Seattle Seahawks. That is the worst loss of week one. And every game this season matters for Denver because you're in a gauntlet of an AFC West. The Chiefs aren't slowing down. The Chargers didn't even play their best brands of football.

The Raiders, I know they just lost to the Chargers, but Carr threw three interceptions and they were still in the game at the end. And now Denver, in what was supposed to be an easy and I mean an easy win to kick off their season, lost the game. It was embarrassing. It was pathetic last night. Now, after one game, is their season over? Absolutely not. Will they win some games this year?

Yes. But last night, Nathaniel Hackett looked lost. And for Russell Wilson, that's supposed to be your safety blanket.

That's supposed to be your leader. For Russ to not realize in the moment, yo, coach, we got to take a time out. Why are we letting all this clock tick on down? We're taking a field goal here? What? No. Time out. Let's have a conversation about this. Let me remind you whose team this is.

Let me go for it. Because 10 times out of 10 with a minute left. I would rather have Russell Wilson go for it on fourth and five. And try to get five yards, then kick a 64 yard field goal. It would be different. If, let's say, you had no time outs. It would be different if, let's say, there was five seconds left. And you had to run out the field goal kicker and get the kick off because even if you completed a pass out of bounds, you know, maybe the clock would run out or your risk falling in bounds and you don't even get a field goal attempt off. But you had over a minute.

A minute. And in that spot, you thought, yeah, let's waste the entire play clock and allow Brandon McManus to kick a 64 yard field goal. That's bonkers to me. And it shows maybe a flaw with the Daniel Hackett that he doesn't know how to adjust.

And he doesn't know how to maybe even think on the fly. Because I heard him speak after the game, oh, the target line was 46 yards. We had to get to the 46 yard line for McManus.

That could be the target line. That could be where you need to get to if you needed to kick the football. But you didn't need to kick the football there. If you're telling me there's 10 seconds left, we need to get to the 46 yard line and we're at the 46 yard line, kick the field goal. OK, I can live and die with that. But when you have over a minute to improve your field goal position.

That doesn't make any sense. And that's the wild part. You had a guy in Russell Wilson that you bring in after all the crap that they had at the quarterback position. Brock Osweiler, Joe Flacco, Paxton Lynch, Trevor Simeon, Drew Locke, Teddy Bridgewater, whoever the quarterback was.

You now have a top 10 quarterback and in a league that is based off high octane offense, in a league that's now based off aggressiveness, going for it. You said, hmm, let's send the kicker out there to attempt a 64 yard field goal. That is jackassery. That is mystifying.

And it's just plain out stupid. Now, Hickey, I hate to get on you right out of the gate, but that's your guy, Nathaniel Hackett, who you thought was going to be a top three coach of the year candidate. You've been the one that has said the Denver Broncos are going to a Super Bowl. They're going to win the Super Bowl this year.

Those are the takes from hot take Hickey death taxes and the hot take Hickey mush. After one week, woof. What do you have to say for your boy, Nathaniel Hackett? Can you justify that? Am I am I crazy? Am I wrong?

Is all of America wrong? Or did you see it the way everyone else did that in a big spot? Nathaniel Hackett just projectile vomited. It was idiotic.

There's no way you could defend what he did. That was you had one eleven on the clock with one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. And you decide, let's go for a 64 yarder with a kicker that Brendan Maness has a very strong leg. Absolutely.

Yeah. Don't this, my friend. But he's not missed. He's not made a sick a field goal from 62 yards or further in his career. He's now over six. Let's just play the numbers there, Zach.

What do you think is more likely? Fourth and five, 64 yard field goal. I think the numbers say fourth and five.

I think it's like 48, 49 percent if you go for it on fourth and five. With your great quarterback at Russell Wilson. I don't know what you're thinking.

Why are you playing scary? And that's the other thing. The numbers tell you to go for it in that spot. This is not an antiquated coach and Mike McCarthy. The numbers tell you to go for it.

Unless it's ESPN. What do you see in the ESPN analytics from last night from Ed Warder? He says that according to ESPN's analytics, the Broncos had a 30 percent chance win percentage of go if they kick the field goal. Twenty nine percent.

They went for it. OK, that's one stat. I saw another stat that said on fourth. And there's no way what the what this success rate is there compared to kicking a 64 yard field goal. You know, it's night and day. Yeah, it's obvious. Belichek says stats are for losers. OK, it's obvious.

And it's one thing if numbers tell you something and in one way they could tell you one thing, another way they could tell you another thing. But everyone's gut in this spot, everyone's brain in that spot when they're watching that game is saying, what are they doing? Why are they wasting this time? I thought they were wasting the time and they were still going to go for it on fourth and five. And I go, wow, this coach is really lost. And then he runs out the field goal kicker. And you know what?

It's really bad. And I saw that clip afterwards. Peyton Manning, who is now Mr. Denver Bronco, doesn't even acknowledge his old football team pretty much. He's saying, call the time out, call the time out, call the time out. And what Peyton was doing in that moment reflected what everyone else was thinking. That was bad. Now, Nathaniel Hackett, I think this is a little bit misleading.

I saw Schefter put it out there that he walked back to comments today. I got to play this for you because this, even though he says, yeah, we should have gone for it, it doesn't really sound the way that you would think when you read the quote. So this is Nathaniel Hackett from literally 30 minutes ago saying that he should have gone for it on fourth and five. But hear the tone of it. You know, looking back at it, we definitely should have gone for it.

Just not, you know, one of those things. You look back at it and you say, of course we should go for it. We missed the field goal. But in that situation, we had a plan. I mean, we had a plan.

We knew that 46 was the mark. We were third and 15, I think, third and 13. I'm more upset about that play before it, to lose yards, to be able to, you know, getting that there would have definitely been better to be able to call that same play and get extra yards.

But he dumps it out to Javonte. Javonte makes a move, goes a lot farther than I think we had anticipated. We were expecting to go for it on fourth down. And then you hit the mark.

Hickey, I listened to that. That was a lot of, OK, I know I have to say we should have gone for it, but then you're focusing on other things. That's a lot of wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah from the head football coach. That's one of those I definitely should have gone for it because the other option failed. If I know the field goal is not going to work, then, yeah, I definitely should have gone for it. Not like, oh, if I had the choice to field goal or go for it.

We got to the 46 yard line, Mark. Yeah, you're right. That's 100 percent misleading.

And there's almost sarcasm. So usually you're the king of hot takes on this show. Can I give you a hot take right out of the gate? If I was running the Denver Broncos, you want to hear what my hot take is right out of the gate? You want to fire him. I would fire him right now. Say goodbye to Nathaniel Hackett and call up Sean Payton and say, Coach, whatever you want, come run this team, come run this organization. We got a quarterback in Russell Wilson and we need a professional, effective, efficient head coach. Because Nathaniel Hackett, woof. Sean Haynes says no. I like being at home. Nathaniel Hackett, you're still the coach.

I would make sure that I'm getting Sean before I get rid of Nathaniel Hackett. By the way, you OK today? You sound really upset. You sound somber. I know you're coach of the year candidate at Daniel Hackett ended up being a buffoon last night. Were you up late sobbing?

You don't sound too good. Penn State's best football players on the bench. The Colts tied one of the worst teams in the NFL, the Texans and my Super Bowl pick in in the Broncos. My MVP and Russell Wilson just totally crapped the bed coach of the year and coach of the year candidate.

Nathaniel Hackett really screwed me. You sound like Collinsworth on Sunday Night Football. I am very run down from a terrible weekend of football.

Man, I got to stay six feet away from you at all times. You do not sound too good today. It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll take a time out. When we come on back, I was surprised by many things last night.

But there was one thing that I still can't comprehend. We'll get to that on the other side. Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio. I do not mind later on also hearing the Seattle version of it and the Denver version of it. More particularly, the Denver version of it.

Because if I'm doing the game last night, I know you work for the Broncos when you're calling the game to the Broncos. I am not holding back. I would be ripping Nathaniel Hackett to shred. So let me know if you could find that. Oh, you have it right now? We have Harlan? We have Harlan only right now. You want him or you want me to wait for all three?

Yeah, let's wait for all three and we could break those down later on in the program. I was stunned last night. Absolutely stunned by the reaction that Russell Wilson received. KJ Wright, former Seahawks linebacker is going to join us coming up at the top of the hour. He raised that 12th man flag last night that they do right before the Seahawks games. And he got a tribute video.

Got a nice introduction. Big standing ovation. I would have thought, and everyone gets a tribute video.

I usually hate the tribute videos because there's so many people that are insignificant to a franchise that get tribute videos. You know, remember when Jason Vargas pitched for the Mets? He stunk.

He got a tribute video or a tribute post. So I thought for sure Russell Wilson, who was there for a decade, got the two Super Bowls, won a Super Bowl, is a franchise legend in Seattle. Or so I thought you would have easily right. Ryan thought that he would have got a tribute video last night, but that wasn't the case.

And I don't think it's maybe I miscalculated this because I did miscalculate this. I was wrong. I thought for sure he was going to get a tribute video. And I thought for sure he would get a standing ovation last night before the game. And then once the game gets underway, BOOOOO WILSON YOU SUCK! All that stuff. Now I went to it, like went through it last year when Brady returned to Foxboro.

I know it's different. Brady won six championships with the franchise and he's the greatest player in Patriots history. But I said before the game, tribute video, deafening standing ovation, you know, make that be an eight minute standing ovation. And then once the game gets underway, I root for the Patriots, not the Buccaneers that night. And you boo Tom Brady when he's on the field because you want to make it loud and you want to make it a raucous environment. Well, we know Seattle is always a raucous environment. So, you know, during the game it was going to be just ridiculous and it was going to be so loud because that probably is Seattle Super Bowl last night.

Heading into the season the way that it's perceived and the players were P.O. with the way that we were all talking about it. And they shut us up because I don't know other than crazy enough that this happened on Monday Night Football with how many moments of just craziness that we've got from Booger McFarland. But Booger was the only guy last night that picked Seattle and he was confident in the Seattle pick. So I give him credit. But I was stunned last night that there was no tribute video and how annoyed the Seahawks fans were. And yeah, sure, the guy requested out.

The guy didn't want to be there anymore. But the guy won a championship for you. Your only championship.

Went to another Super Bowl. And you look at Russell Wilson. There's a difference in not wanting to cheer someone because it's on a different, you know, the player now is on a different team. And still being able to show your respect for what he did for your franchise. The signs though last night, 12 is better than three.

Talking about 12 being greater than three, the 12th man compared to an individual in Russell Wilson. Or the one fan, and this was showed on ESPN last night, I saw it in the pregame, that bought a number three Broncos jersey and instead of the nameplate reading Wilson on the back, it was just Boo. Hickey, it was crazy how Russell Wilson, just before the game started, did not get a positive reaction from Seattle Seahawks fans. I was stunned by that.

I am as well. And even more surprising than the fans booing, which we're both in agreement on, I was shocked by his reaction. And no tribute video from the team you'd figure, I mean, you can't just forget all the great memories you had and the great play Russell Wilson had as a Seahawks for the last, you know, nine years and just pretend it didn't happen because you're upset about the exit and if you feel he ditched your whatever. Still owe him a thank you. Like you said, you could cheer him once. Okay, nice, you know, thanks for the memories then just boo him all you want afterwards. That was, I couldn't believe it.

Now, I guess time heals all wounds. And the guy still won a Super Bowl when Russell Wilson walks away. And I don't know if it's like let's say within the next 10 years whenever he retires, and Seattle has to eventually honor him. It's, it's almost like I wonder then how fans are gonna remember Russell Wilson in Seattle, six to 10 years from now, because last night in the moment. And once again there's a difference before the game and then during the game. During the game you should be rooting for Russell Wilson, during the game you shouldn't be cheering for Russell Wilson, you should be booing Russell Wilson during the game, you play for the Broncos. But to not even cheer him before the game.

I'll say it once again, I was stunned by it. And I'm not chastising the Seattle Seahawks fan base, everyone's an individual, you get to make a decision, but that was really personal last night. It's one thing when you have 20% of the crowd booing and you go okay it's some drunks it's some dopes.

It was the overwhelming majority that were booing. And you know I got to give credit to? Someone that you trashed the entire offseason, Pete Carroll. Pete Carroll, in the long term, I don't think this works out, let me be abundantly clear, but Pete Carroll leading up to this week, played it the right way. He was asked a layup question, should the 12th man cheer Russell Wilson and he goes oh I'll leave that up to the 12th man.

That was in an indirect way but basically in a direct way. Telling those fans, I'm not going to tell you what to do, everyone knows what I should say, but I'm not going to say it. So I'm going to make it look like I'm really PO'd and you guys take care of business and you cause hell for Russell Wilson. That was a brilliant, brilliant call leading up to this game, how Pete Carroll did handle that Ryan. I'll give him credit if that's actually the case and he sort of indirectly galvanized the Seahawks fan base then I will give credit where it belongs. Pete Carroll was able to make Russ the bad guy without making himself look like the bad guy. And that wasn't just a week one game for Pete Carroll. The way that Pete Carroll was celebrating on the sideline and the way that Pete Carroll was all animated during the game, I know he's a very animated coach to begin with. I would have thought that was an NFC title game or dare I say it, even a Super Bowl. That game meant a lot to Pete Carroll and Nathaniel Hackett who was the jackass of the night.

At the end of the game, once you make the idiotic decision and then you're using all your timeouts then. I loved how Pete, I was watching on SVP post game last night. I love how Pete Carroll handled that in the post game. He goes, we basically won the game three times at the end with all the times you'd take the kneel downs and then the coach would call a timeout and then the celebration and the applause from the crowd just kept on getting louder and louder and louder.

That was awesome. You know, Pete Carroll should have found the way to make it work with Russell Wilson. I'm actually happy that Pete Carroll got a good moment last night. Speaking of the timeouts at the end. Look, I think even worse than maybe the decision to take the 64-yard field goal. Pono Gregciano calling timeouts and you're taking a knee.

And that is not a good luck for a coach that I have big expectations for, that's for sure. And then I don't know if he's yelling to put more time back on the clock. I don't know what he's doing, what he's yelling at, if he forgot how many timeouts he had. He did not look ready for the moment. But I mean, my goodness, the game is over. Don't make it any worse than it has to be and he did that. On a scale of one to ten.

One, no concern, ten concern. How concerned are you with Nathaniel Hackett? Because last night was as bad as a debut as it could go down. The team did not look prepared. The team was sloppy. The team was fumbling the ball. Turnovers in the red zone. And with the game on the line, there was just get to the 46-yard line and not even use your cabeza.

And let the clock tick down and then call your timeout and kick a field goal. That was as sloppy and clumsy of a debut from a coach that I've ever seen. Concern right now is like out of two. Wow, you have no concern really.

Basically none. I mean, it's week one. Look, you're talking about your concern about the new-look team coming together. One game.

You feel good about that guy in that AFC West this year? Well, I'm not playing this game. I'm just going to say two things. One, I hope it's a learning, it better be a learning lesson. Yeah, I don't know. One time, I'm not giving them a pass, but one time it happens, fine, learn from it.

Number two. Well, Russ needs to learn from it. Russ needs to learn that the coach, he's got training wheels on. And the running backs. Russ, call a timeout and say, let's go for it.

I'm the $240 million man. You're some coach, and if I want out of town, I can get out of town tomorrow. Be the aggressors, learn from that, and also running backs. I mean, can we hold onto the ball? Yeah, that's true. Melvin Gordon, Javonte Williams.

Can we fall forward in the end zone with the ball in hand? I also learned a good lesson last night, and it was from better preparation. I went with two survivor picks this year. I do a survivor pool, I did two buy-ins. Because I did pick the Broncos last night, and after week one, I was gone.

If I didn't have that second survival pool, I would have been out by week one if I didn't have two entries into a survivor pool. Look how many teams went down. A lot of people were on the Colts this weekend.

Ty, they're out. A lot of people were on the 49ers this weekend, lost to the Bears, out. A lot of people on Tennessee this weekend, lost to the Giants, out. And a lot of people were on Denver, it was an easy layup victory, should have been up against Seattle, out. Thank God for the Baltimore Ravens.

I would have had no survival pool after one week. So we'll see how we'll mess it up probably next week. This is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Were you surprised by the Seahawks fans' reaction booing Russell Wilson before the game started? And the Seahawks not giving Russell Wilson a tribute video, 8-5-5-2-1-2, for CBS, 8-5-5-2-1-2, 42-27. Not a good debut for Nathaniel Hackett, but the majority of new coaches in the NFL had a pretty strong showing on Sunday.

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Viator, one site, over 300,000 experiences you'll remember. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. So, Hickster, if you were in the stadium last night, let's say you grew up a Seattle Seahawks fan, maybe we just have completely missed the boat on this. But let's say Russell Wilson's running out on the field. You're four or five beers in, or whatever your alcoholic drink of choice is, or maybe you could be sober, whatever floats your boat. You see Russell Wilson and whoever the backup quarterback is to the Denver Broncos run out onto the field in pregame warm-ups.

You're sitting 300 level at the 12th man. What's your reaction? Boo! And very high-pitched booing.

What the heck was that? Was that a cow dying? That's my boo. Boo! That's how you boo? Yeah, how else do you boo? You sound like a cow that's about to be on its last breath.

Don't try to sound like Mr. Tough Guy. Boo! Hey, Wilson, you suck! Boo! That's how you boo.

Now, to be clear, and maybe I'm just normal? If Russell Wilson got put on the field last night, before the game starts, and I see him running out and everyone's booing, I'm looking around like, what's wrong with you people? Yeah, that's our former guy! Thanks for the memories, Russ! And then once the game starts, I won't sound like a dead cow like Kiki. He's the 12th man, baby! Russ, you got nothing tonight!

Boo! That's how I would approach it during the game. But before the game, I would have a weird feeling just going through my body if I heard people booing Russell Wilson before the game. Yeah, you wish he was still on your team, but to boo him before the game? Russ knew it was going to be a rough night when that happened. And then after the game, he was classy about it. He took the high road in Russell Wilson fashion, but I would have been pissed last night if I was Russ. Speaking of after the game, I'm glad you brought that up.

Double whammy, too, because he lost. Yes, you can't wear the great mint suit after the game. We talked about him walking in, it's a mint green suit, it looked very good coming into the game. That's you, I don't think you could wear that even before the game.

Fine, we agree to disagree on that. Russell Wilson tries too hard. You certainly cannot wear that after the game, after a loss. Yeah, wear like a Broncos t-shirt and some shorts. I go shirtless, I don't care. I mean, you can't wear, he looks like a clown, I'm sorry. Talking about the losses, he's sitting there and talking about, I agree with Nathaniel Hackett and his buttoned up suit. Looks like he's about to go to a prom. Jeez, come on.

855-212-4CBS. Kevin in Seattle, next up on the Zach Geld show. Kevin, what do you got for me today?

Gentlemen, thank you so much for this. I grew up a Chicago Bears fan, I am a current Bears season ticket holder living in Seattle. We got here right when Russell got here, this was 2012, and I am still shocked at what happened last night. You guys haven't had a quarterback in forever in Chicago, so if you had one tenth of the success of Russell Wilson, you would love it.

Totally. Look at the old press conference from Jim McMahon when he came to the Bears. He was drinking beer in the press conference. I mean, this dude comes in, he's first class.

My neighbor worked with him at the Children's Hospital and he'd go there on Tuesdays. I mean, from day one he was class, and that's the response they give? That, in my opinion, shows it's just trash. Total trash. Yeah, thanks for the phone call, Kevin.

Great stuff. So, Russell Wilson, I think everyone acknowledges is a very classy human being. I could understand Seahawks fans, let me be clear here, being annoyed that he didn't want this football team anymore and he wanted out. But with all that being said, still, to boo the guy before the game, that's where I have the problem.

But you could be extremely classy and then when you talk about it in football terms and do all the right things off the field and be a great quarterback on the field. But if you don't want to be a part of that franchise anymore, I could understand to some extent fans not being happy about it. I don't think anyone should be happy that Geno Smith is now your quarterback in Seattle. I don't care how well you thought he played last night, but I still think you need to show your respect and cheer the guy before the game.

So, that's where we could leave that conversation. So, a terrible debut for Nathaniel Hackett. Hickey, this is a guy that you had top three coach of the year, in your top three coach of the year candidates, and I laughed at you and told you that was a bad decision from the start.

Once again, you didn't listen to me and didn't take my wise advice. After week one, for all the ten new coaches, and I know some guys are repeats like Josh McDaniels not getting a second opportunity, Todd Bowles getting a second opportunity, but for all the coaches that are in new places, all ten of them. Todd Bowles, Brian Debo, Kevin O'Connell, Matt Eberfluse, Mike McDaniel, Lovey Smith, Dennis Allen, Josh McDaniels, Doug Peterson, Nathaniel Hackett. Was Nathaniel Hackett the guy that gets the worst grade after week one?

For me, it's an easy yes. He gets an F. He failed. He was horrible.

Me and you rarely agree, and I actually like the disagreements, but I can't BS you. I can't sit here and make a case for Josh McDaniels. I can't make a case for Lovey Smith tying the Colts and you should have won the game. That's a good job still by Lovey Smith. Now, the way that it did go down when you blow a 20-3 lead is not good, but if I would have told you before the game, and I know you have to look at the context through the game, but if I would have told you before the game that the Colts would have tied with the Texans, you would have said, OK, Lovey Smith, coach of the year, let's go.

Right. Or Doug Peterson allowing Carson Wentz to throw two touchdowns on the fourth quarter to beat you. Bad job. But nothing, nothing compares to what Nathaniel Hackett did yesterday. So Hickey sends me some show topics before our Tuesday extravaganza, and he said, Did anyone have a worse debut than Nathaniel Hackett? He then writes in parentheses, I'm not even going to BS you on this one, Zach.

Dot, dot, dot. No. You went from coach of the year, Nathaniel Hackett, to now he's the worst coach out of all these new coaches after one week. Well, after one week, yes. And what do you want me to say?

You really want me to dig in there and say, oh, like make something up? You did last year with the Colts. You did last year with Carson Wentz. Maybe this is a new hot take kicking. I just hope he learned from it. That's my only hope in terms of keeping the faith alive.

Yeah, I would not hold your breath on that one, because if you do, you may pass out. I give you all the new head coaches this year. Todd Bowles. I was really impressed with his defense. His defense was a storyline of the game. Todd Bowles, you just have to focus on the defense.

Tom Brady, take care of the offense. That defense looked like it was back to the Super Bowl caliber defense from two years ago, not the defense that threw up on themselves in the playoffs last year. Brian Dabel, so impressive. They were down 13-0 to a much better team.

You come back and you have some cojones at the end going for two. Kevin O'Connell, A plus start. That offense had life.

Justin Jefferson, two touchdowns. Defense did a heck of a job and you beat the snot out of the Green Bay Packers. Matt Eberfluss, a guy that just called in saying he was a Bears fan. I've been trashing your team all offseason.

I still don't think you have a good team. But to beat the 49ers, especially when you're down 10-0, I know it was in a monsoon. Great start for Matt Eberfluss. Mike McDaniel, media darling. Mike showed some big time cojones on that fourth and seven call. He was not afraid of Belichick. Neither were the Dolphins.

Lovey Smith, bad way how you tied, but it still was a tie. No one thought you were even going to come close to that game up against the Colts. Dennis Allen, terrible start. They're down 26-10, but they won the game.

So it ends up being a positive debut. I'm still not a believer in him. Josh McDaniel, his team lost. They got to get those turnovers out of the way with Derek Carr. Still made it a game though late. Doug Peterson, back and forth game. I don't think your team is that good. The commanders have a better team than you. But once when Wentz gave you those interceptions late, you got to find a way to win the game.

And then finally, Nathaniel Hackett. Just embarrassing. Terrible.

And I also put a lot of that on Russ too. I said it in the open, I'll say it again. 1-11. Three timeouts. 64-yard field goal after all that time tick away. Russell Wilson, when he knows his young coach is not made for this moment right now, is not ready for this moment right now, and is allowing that clock to tick on down, he's got to call timeout and say, yo, I just signed a $240-something million contract. Coach, we're going for this. Or at least reconsider.

And then if you're going to tell me we're still going to go for it, I tried, there's nothing I can do. But how both those guys thought that was the right decision. You think if we shot Russell Wilson up with true serum, he would actually agree with that decision while it was happening? No way. So how does he not evoke and show some emotion there and tell the coach, yo, we're not doing this.

This is my team. Apparently, today's press conference with Nathaniel Hackett said Russell Wilson did put up sort of a stand. Okay. But obviously that didn't go very far because the decision was still made to kick a field goal. Okay. That's fair. So I guess he tried, we'll say.

Well that's what they say in the aftermath. Who knows how much that is, just a coach trying to help out Russ there. If I'm rusting, I'm saying bleep that everyone, screw the coach. We'll fire them tomorrow and bring in Sean Payton. We're running up the line of scrimmage, head up, hike, first down.

And maybe you would have won the game. KJ Wright will join us next at Kelp Show, CBS Sports Radio. We'll be right back. One site, over 300,000 experiences you'll remember.
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