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Leveraging Jerry (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 16, 2024 6:06 pm

Leveraging Jerry (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 16, 2024 6:06 pm

Does Jerry have any leverage over Dak Prescott? Pat Boyle likes tennis. Zach Gelb Show PSA.

JR Sports Brief
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief

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The all-new season of The Kardashians premieres May 23rd, streaming on Hulu. Alright, and we continue. It is hour number 3 of our radio program. It is the Zach Gelb show, coast to coast on the Infinity Sports Network. We will chat a little bit about the Dallas Cowboys coming up momentarily with their wide receiver, Brandon Cooks. Cowboys last year, as you know, another 12-win season.

They did win the NFC East, and when they got into the postseason, they had a complete no-show up against the Green Bay Packers. So, we'll connect with Brandon Cooks, hopefully coming up momentarily right here on the Zach Gelb show. Xander Schauffele is a story right now, by the way, at the PGA Championship. Had the record-breaking day, shot a 62 and is 9 under. He is through. Tony Finau still tied for second. He is 6 under. He is through as well.

Roy McElroy through. He is tied for fourth place as he is 5 under. Brooks Koepka, he is in sixth place, the three-time PGA Championship winner.

He is 4 under. And I know Scottie Scheffler, who did start his day with an eagle, he is through 6 and he is 2 under, tied for 17th. And Tiger Woods, he was 1 over to start off this tournament. There's just not been a lot of juice with this PGA Championship.

And I've never felt a major where there's just not been a lot of juice with it like this one. And there's a lot of big names, big hitters here that are participating. But maybe it's a little bit of a Tiger effect, but there's been so many tournaments throughout the years where Tiger has been there or he hasn't been there. And you know he doesn't have a chance to contend with how it's gone recently, so I don't know if the Tiger part of it is really that big of a factor.

Obviously if Tiger was going strong, but that's just not realistic anymore. So you're in one of those spots now when it comes to golf where there was a big golf wave, especially with the pandemic. And a lot of people were watching golf, a lot of people were playing golf, and people still play a ton of golf.

And the Masters always has juice and the aura at Augusta National. But now when you get to this PGA Championship, it could turn out to be a very good tournament. You're going to need a competitive leaderboard on Sunday for this to resonate a lot of juice. Like if this is one of those tournaments where going into Sunday there's not a lot of drama and it's pretty, I don't want to say clear cut because it's so tough for it to be clear cut. But you have just one person so far ahead than everybody else, I don't think that's going to benefit this tournament. I think for a lot of people you talk about the PGA Championship on Monday, you need this to be a crammed leaderboard.

And I'm not going to sit here after one round, we're not even fully through everyone's first round here. And I know Xander Scholfi is at a historical start with him shooting a 62 today, but let's be real about that too. A lot of times in golf, whoever is a leader after day one, it's tough to go wire to wire and lead all the way through.

And just because he made this big time, and Xander has been in a lot of these majors, just because he had a phenomenal start and you rather have the phenomenal start to get off to a bad start. It does not mean that this is over whatsoever with three more days of this tournament. So that's what's cooking right now with the PGA Championship and you also take a look last night in the NBA. The big storyline was just the uncertainty that we keep on seeing and how there's been no momentum between the Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder. And just when the Thunder win a Game 4 and tie the series up 2-2, they're going back to their home court. They do not win up against the Dallas Mavericks and now Dallas will go home with a 3-2 series advantage. And you just saw brilliance like early on in the series, and he didn't play a bad game last night whatsoever and Shea Gill just Alexander. But he really had that moment in Game 4. And just when people are starting to respect the Oklahoma City Thunder nationally, Luka Doncic takes that baton and now we'll see if they can close it out in Game 6. And you know the Celtics did get through last night taking care of the Cavs in five games as the Cavs were the walking wounded. And now with the Cleveland Cavaliers, all eyes are on Donovan Mitchell because Donovan Mitchell did not play with the injury.

We know he's banged up. He has one more guaranteed year left on his contract. And after that, so a year from now, there's a player option. And I heard Brian Windhorst on ESPN saying when he was in Utah, he never asked to be dealt, they just knew he wasn't going to sign once again there. So they felt like they needed to get rid of him.

And they did that. First you thought he was going to go to the Knicks, then he ends up going to the Cleveland Cavaliers as they did pony up to get that trade done. And from there, you have a scenario present itself where there's a year left on the contract with then a player option after that. If you can't get that commitment early from Donovan Mitchell and you can't figure a way to get that contract squared away quickly in this offseason, then you got to trade him. Because this is a Cavs team that's in a fine spot, but I don't believe that Mitchell will give them that long-term commitment. And you know the active, the market's going to be active for Donovan Mitchell.

It will be. The Lakers will be interested. You'll have the Sixers will be interested. You could team up Maxey and Embiid with Donovan Mitchell. I don't know how they would get that deal done.

It would be with picks. The Knicks, maybe they'll be interested in teaming up Brunson and Donovan Mitchell. You know the Nets will be interested as well. So there will be more than just a few teams that will be looking for the services of Donovan Mitchell. Teams like I said, even the Heat. Now imagine Miami, you put Jimmy, you put Bam, and you put Donovan Mitchell. We know that Heat tried to go get Damian Lillard before the deal did go down with the Milwaukee Bucks. A lot of us thought that Damian Lillard was going to wind up in Miami with Jimmy Butler and Bam out of bio, but that didn't happen. So that's five teams right there just at the top of my head.

The Sixers, the Nets, the Knicks, the Lakers, and the Heat. I would think there would be an active market for Donovan Mitchell. And you can't put yourself in a situation where you let this season play out or he's there at the start of the season without a long-term deal. Then you're going to try to trade him by the deadline, then he gets hurt, and you basically get nothing back for him. The time to trade him is this offseason. You either have to execute a long-term contract extension with him, you've got to put a deadline. Donovan, if you don't agree to a new contract, if we don't get a deal done by this date, we are going to trade you.

That's what you need to do. You need to try to work that out where the preference would be to keep Donovan Mitchell and get him another long-term extension. I just think that's unlikely. He may have never said it, but it seems like Donovan Mitchell never wanted to go to Cleveland. He wanted to go to New York, we all know that, and the Knicks didn't get a deal done for Donovan Mitchell. So now, a few years later, after he's been in Cleveland for a while, and there's not this long-term deal agreed upon with the contract coming up to an end and he's still under 30, I think Mitchell's 27, you can't get that deal done, then you've got to look to trade him away. Because the worst thing would happen is if you get through next season and you're just trusting, right? This isn't LeBron where the play, like Donovan Mitchell's a very good player.

But here's the hot take of the day. He's not LeBron. When LeBron was there, you could run that risk of getting nothing back for him if he was going to leave you at the altar. Because until LeBron says, no, I'm not coming back, you run that risk. But with Donovan Mitchell, you can't run that risk. Because if you let him walk for nothing, or in just some sign and trade that doesn't net you back as rich a return if you trade him now, that would be a bad look for that organization. And there's a lot of teams right now in the NBA where I saw Trista Crick, our pal at Beck QL, she was talking about how the Bulls want to keep DeMar DeRozan so they can continue to compete.

And at first she was like, compete for what? And we think competing means you're competing for a championship. But how us fans think that way isn't how everyone else thinks or with realistic expectations. Like the Bulls are nowhere close to competing for a championship.

There's the second hot take of the day. But to remain competitive, which very loose definition, and especially with this playing tournament, there's ways to remain competitive when you're not really competitive. It's fighting for a playoff spot. And you look at a team like Cleveland, who was the top five seed this year, you know, they lose Donovan Mitchell to take a step back, but you need to set up your foundation. You need to set up your team to remain competitive, remain in the mix of being a top eight seed, even with the extra bumper spots, as I like to call them, like when you go bowling with the bumpers.

With the ninth and the tenth seed, with the play in spots to keep you alive to consistently be a playoff team year in and year out. So that's decision making time for the Cavs. Donovan Mitchell, you don't want to say, okay, I'm going to play out this year and then we'll see.

No, no, no, that doesn't work. You got to trade him this offseason before the season starts if you can't figure out a long term deal with him. And I look at those teams, the Heat, the Lakers, the Knicks, the Nets, and the Sixers, where would I most want to see him go? You know, the Nets with Mikhail Bridges in him, okay, that'd be fun, but they're never winning a championship. Even if the Lakers end up getting him, I don't think that's a bad thing. You put Donovan Mitchell with LeBron, Anthony Davis, go make another run.

I don't think you're winning a championship though with that group. The Sixers would be fun. Now how would that work with Maxie and Mitchell? You get Embiid, you get rid of the salary of Tobias Harris, is that contract coming to an end? But I look at the Heat, I would actually like to see the Heat get Donovan Mitchell. The only tricky part there is, what's the long term commitment for Jimmy Butler? Because Butler's looking for a new extension.

He's still under contract but he'll be looking for an extension and that was a weird press conference two weeks ago when their season ended. Pat Riley told Jimmy Butler, I don't want to hear you saying what you would have done if you were healthy, you weren't healthy so shut up. And then basically saying we need to see more games, more regular season games for Jimmy Butler to figure out what long term extension that we're going to give him. You know Jimmy Butler could be a royal pain in the ass at the end.

Like he loved Tom Thibodeau in Minnesota but he was ready to fight the whole damn team. So if Jimmy feels a little uncomfortable, if Jimmy feels unwanted, he'll create issues in Miami. And it's one thing for Pat Riley to say that they're not going to trade Jimmy Butler but you're not ready to give him a new deal, which I don't think the Heat should. Because I don't think Jimmy Butler has much gas left in the tank and I don't think you go give another extension to Jimmy Butler. But if you could find a way to keep Jimmy Butler with Bam and you add Donovan Mitchell at an Easter conference or right now like look at it.

Celtics have been the team to beat, the Knicks are a good story, the Bucs you think they're going to bounce back next year if they could be healthy. I don't love Doc Rivers anymore but you got Giannis, you got Dame. You know that Heat team we've seen them get to the NBA Finals twice with Jimmy Butler being the top dog.

With it being Jimmy and Bam. But they haven't been able to get over the hump of winning four more games in the NBA Finals because that team ceiling is just getting there. You bring in Donovan Mitchell, that replaces what the team was trying to do last year even though he's not as good of a player as Damian Lillard.

But he's still pretty damn good in Donovan Mitchell. So I would not be opposed to him going to the Heat. The Knicks would be fun and you'd wonder how it worked but two great guys in the backcourt, Brunson's been in some great backcourts going back to college. I would imagine that would mean Julius Randle would be on his way out so you got to figure out what you would do in the paint down low. But I think you would do Randle and Pix to go get Donovan Mitchell and you know he wants to come to New York and play for the Knicks. So I guess my preference would be Heat 1, Knicks 2, Sixers 3, actually Lakers 3, Sixers 4 and then the Nets 5. Even though I was gassing up the Sixers first. It is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. We will take a timeout.

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Kick off your summer and shop in-store or online at Whole Foods Market today. Alrighty, this is Zach Gelb's show on the Infinity Sports Network. We were supposed to be joined by Brandon Cooks.

Now, I don't know where he is, to be clear. He's supposed to come on with us. He's scheduled everything. I'm always apprehensive when a guest no-shows to rip the guest because then they usually call like two minutes later.

But it is very on-brand for the Dallas Cowboys. Big moment, big spot and a no-show. So that's what's happening right now. But all kidding aside, if Brandon does call by some point in the next 40 minutes or so that we have left.

Yep, that's good mental math right there because it is 5.20. So 40 minutes or less with us getting off the air at 5.55 p.m. Eastern Time. We will gladly talk to him, but it's out of our control, out of our hands. The PR person was on the phone. The agent was on the phone. Brandon Cooks wasn't on the phone, so probably enjoying his offseason in all honesty. I did read a story though yesterday on and it was from our pal Matt Lombardo. He was talking about the Jared Goff contract extension and Matt, he talked to half a dozen NFL agents and league sources to lend their insight on how Jared Goff's deal impacts Dak Prescott's contract talks with the Cowboys.

One of the sources told Matt all this does is screw Dallas even more. So you have like this record-breaking deal, well not record-breaking deal, second highest average annual value contract in the league. And yeah, it just once again shows if you're a good quarterback, you get paid great quarterback money.

And Jared Goff's a good quarterback. The Lions right now are in a spot where you had to pay him that deal now because you don't want to mess anything going on with this team right now. You don't want to mess it up when you go into this season with Super Bowl expectations. So everyone now looks at what the next contract is going to be for Dak, and Dak has all the leverage. But Dak has always had the leverage in Dallas. Like think about it, the last time Dak Prescott got a big contract extension, he was coming off that terrible gruesome injury.

If that didn't disrupt his market value then, why would it do so now? But I don't view this necessarily as any point where Dallas could gain, like even if Dak regresses this year, you don't want to pay Dak, someone else will. And I've been very clear on my stance on Dak Prescott. I think at times he plays and looks like a top 10 quarterback.

I think he's just on the outside though of being a top 10 quarterback. I don't believe Dak Prescott wins a Super Bowl in this league. But I don't really think the question is do the Cowboys need Dak Prescott. It's does Dak want to stay in Dallas? Because Dak Prescott could set up his departure because he has a no tag clause in his contract. So this isn't one of those things where it turns into like the last time around where it slapped the tag, slapped the tag on Dak Prescott. And I think that's what Dak has to ask himself. And maybe it's telling behind the scenes that a deal hasn't got done.

Where I'm not saying it means that Dak does not want to be there anymore. But a lot of people thought that this deal was going to get done before free agency started. Because remember it was an enormous salary cap hit for this season. $60 million. Now they reduced it in restructuring the deal down $5 million.

But that really doesn't do much. And you know C.D. Lamb eventually has to get paid. You know Micah Parsons eventually has to get paid as well.

And also let's not be dummies here. You have a scenario in front of us where the coach is also on the last year of his contract. So you have a lame duck coach and then you have a quarterback who ultimately controls all the pieces here.

And the quarterback can find a way if he wants to go somewhere else. So that becomes a major mega storyline where when I read this that NFL agent told Matt Lombardo Dak Prescott has gained insane leverage. I think he's always had the leverage. I don't think he just gained the leverage. He's had the leverage. They already have extended him in the past. So the Cowboys want to get cute here. They got cute last time.

It didn't save them anything. So now this is not do the Cowboys want him back. This is does Dak want to be back. That's what I think the big storyline here is the big storyline is what does Dak want to do. That is what's fascinating to me here because ultimately what like the Cowboys are not going to be bad this year. Even if they someone missed the play so they could be like eight or nine wins and they'll be better than eight wins like the bare minimum nine win team. So so you could maybe trade up in the draft.

You want to try to go get your door sand or something like that. OK. I could see I don't think Trey Lance is in the long term plans. There's another hot take. There's a hat trick third hot take of the day. And then the question becomes where would Dak want to go.

Like where's the destination. I don't think you leave the Cowboys sorry to go to a team like the Raiders. But how about this one. What about Dak in Seattle. The CEO like Gino Smith.

Nice story. It's time to end the Gino Smith era in Seattle. I know they traded for Sam Howell.

I'm not going to try to sell you that. Sam Howell is going to be the stud in this league. I know at one point he was viewed as as a guy that could have been number one overall pick and he ended up going in the fifth round. So I'm not going to try to sell you on Sam Howell. But that's a Seahawks team where they've been able to keep lock it on the restructure with the new deal getting done. You have DK Metcalf. I think Jackson Smith and Jigba is going to be a stud and you have a new coach in with Mike McDonald. And you know John Schneider and Mike McDonald don't have their quarterback of the future. Dak goes to Seattle. I know he's leaving a dome.

But that makes I'd rather be right now. You ask me where are you more likely to win for the next three years. Is it Seattle or Dallas. I think it's Seattle because what's going to happen in Dallas is now you got to pay.

And I know eventually you got to get the deals done in Seattle too. But you got to give big time money to Dak. Like that's top of the line money when you are a quarterback even though he's not a top quarterback in this league. You're going to have to give top of the line wide receiver money to C.D. Lamb because he's worth it. And you know at the pass rusher position Micah Parsons going to get top of the line money too.

So those are three guys that could arguably reset the market at their positions. That's tough to build a team. So that's why I look at a situation for Dak. Yeah it's the Cowboys.

I totally get it. But would you want to leave. Would you want to leave Jerry's world. So really the ball is in the Cowboys corner. I know Jerry Jones will give some crazy press conference and he'll talk about how if you like in the forest and you split open your hand and something about a master's degree and a liberal arts degree. He's done this before we saw this last.

I'm not kidding. That's exactly what he said the last time they went through one of these dopey contract negotiations. And Jerry makes it out that he is like the end all be all right.

He is the godfather. You will find Jerry Jones is the only person. The only area that guy in the room he's the only one that knows how to get a deal done baloney Jerry Jones does not have leverage Dak Prescott has leverage and maybe a split is actually beneficial to both because for Dak you get rid of all this drama and all this nonsense which he's immune to because Jerry cares more about the drama than the wins and the losses. And then for the Cowboys it gives you a chance to reset with some good pieces. But when you have a good quarterback a lot of reasons why teams pay him great money is it ain't easy to reset because you get rid of a good quarterback you don't find that next guy. Not everyone goes from Alex Smith to Patrick Mahomes. OK. Not everyone goes from Joe Flacco to Lamar Jackson. A lot of times you see someone like Tom Brady leave a team and then it's Mac Jones and you draft another quarterback. That's a lot of times what happens. Not everyone is Rogers or Farve to Rogers and now it looks like they're getting it right with love. So that's a tough thing to do to get rid of a good quarterback.

But then if you pay him great money everyone bitches about how much money you're paying him. So this to me is not a Cowboys decision. This ultimately is a Dak decision. And they're not getting a new deal done. You know C.D. Lamb or Micah Parsons you tell me they got a new deal done before the start of the season.

I believe that. I think there is a zero percent chance that they get a long term deal done with Dak Prescott before the start of the season because it doesn't make any sense to get one done now. If you were going to get that deal done you should have got it done before the off season started because then you could have opened up a lot more salary cap space. What's the point in opening up salary cap space now. Free agencies already over the Cowboys chance to go all in already has come and gone. So yes Dak Prescott has all the leverage and the price just keeps on going up and up and up and up and up when you see a deal like Jared Goff get taken care of. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven I know this does not have to do with football we're talking about but Chris in Toronto has been holding and we will get to him right now on the Zach Gelb show Chris what's happening.

But a great show. Listen I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan and coach talk about data obviously but everything you said about that in the whole situation it couldn't be articulated any better it's so true very tough situation to be in. But listen I called to be at CH about one thing OK. And it's not about Vince Carter I know Vince Carter is a great player and he played for Toronto but why is the Brooklyn Nets retiring his jersey number like what the hell did you do for the bro.

Chris you have a bad phone line. So the Nets don't have this rich history. The Nets don't have many great players. So you have a player like Vince Carter who's going into the Hall of Fame and you want to honor him and give him a night and you'll get people in the building.

That's why they're doing it there. There isn't another guy that they could give the jersey number two that had a retirement ceremony that has more than three all star appearances and one playoff series win for you. No that's what I'd be saying.

No that's what I'd be saying. We have a new another guy that has a better pedigree than that. No that's why the Nets are the Nets.

What are you going to do. You're going to retire Kevin Durant's number for playing like 80 games for them. I have no problem them retire and Vince Carter's number and that's when I was a Nets fan like I like the Nets growing up as a kid because of Jason Kidd when they got Jason Kidd in it. Like I actually have a sign in one frame. It's a sign Jason.

It's in the shadow box. It's a sign Jason Kidd jersey with the sign Vince Carter jersey. That was a big time player for the Nets to get.

But he made the All-Star team. I think it was three times. Yeah.

Twenty twenty four. Maybe it was four. It was three or four times when he was there with the Nets.

But it's not this crazy. Like who else. The Nets were garbage for 10 years. Who are you going to put out.

Brook Lopez when he was not retired yet. But nay not Chris. Like say like I don't understand.

That is it. You know what that comes off to me. Chris in Toronto Raptors fan hates Vince Carter. So Vince Carter could literally help an old lady cross the street and Chris in Toronto would say Vince Carter is a jerk. Just that's the bottom line. But like Pat Boyle you would know this because I know you being Mr. Nick man here at the Infinity Sports Network.

And you always like to beat the snot out of all those other fan bases that tell going to your cape like you don't have a problem with the Nets retire Vince Carter's number right. Not at all. Not at all.

I didn't bat an eye at it. Yeah. Like that to me I did not have that on my bingo card today.

And that's the only reason I took the phone call. I looked to my left and I saw it's an off topic caller really upset about Vince Carter's number getting retired with the Nets. You look at his time with the Nets. So it three time All-Star. He averaged twenty four point two points per game in 0 5 0 6 twenty five point two points per game in 2006 and 2007 twenty one point three points per game in 2007 2008 and twenty point eight points per game in 2008 to 2009. And that's a player Vince Carter.

Everyone knows Vince Carter. Absolutely. Like how old do you Pat. Twenty nine. So what's the age.

You're born 94. Yeah. OK.

I don't know that. Like in our era like those early mid 2000 NBA players there are some iconic names that in the annals of NBA history like no one's saying that Vince Carter right is a top 20 player of all time. But with what he was that's what like those are one of those names if he didn't even play in New York that people would have a Vince Carter jersey. There's just like some of those names like if you're at school in New York and let's say never played in New York someone would have a Vince Carter jersey go into your school. Yeah.

Such a fun name. Absolutely. Injuries caught up to one of the best dunkers of all time. Five time All-Star. I would say first ballot Hall of Famer.

Yeah. I think he's eligible in the next what year or two. Didn't he get in this class. Is he already in the Hall of Fame. I think he's in this class. I mean he's going to be he's going to be in the Hall of Fame. Like absolutely.

And for him to play he's elected in the 2024 class. OK. That's also why they're doing this now. Yeah. That's what I thought I said to the caller Chris. But yeah that's what they're doing this now too. You're capitalizing off this. So for him to spend five years with the Nets just on the outside of the prime of his career. Yeah.

I tell you what man I think. What's his name. Buddy in Toronto Chris Chris and Toronto because of the Raptors. Well I think he's probably just still upset that his Leafs collapsed again. Oh they got it. They got to direct their anger elsewhere.

That's not nice. I will give a nice compliment though to the or a little boost of confidence because we know the Raptors fans they care more about the Maple Leafs. The bottom line is the Maple Leafs have to find a way to hire Craig Berube.

Have to. They need to get Craig Berube. That's the guy they need to hire who won a cup with the Blues after the Flyers fired him and goes to St. Louis.

I know that this ended this year. That guy needs to replace Sheldon Keith in Toronto. How do you like that take.

Craig Berube Craig Berube smoking doobies. Why does every time with you. I just I'm I'm inclined to just go Canadian bacon style. OK. First thing. Gotcha.

Find a rhyme. See. I can't do Canadian bacon because it wasn't my bit. Right. You could do it. Should we. Should we maybe like just take over it called something else.

But yeah. Take the spirit of Canadian bacon steal it. Oh we could do a Boyle's bacon. Are you in with me at all next week. I don't know. Oh you don't know. You know your schedule. No I don't even know what I'm doing outside of going to Myrtle Beach this weekend. I usually don't Myrtle Beach this weekend. Yeah I don't want to go.

What that. I don't want to go. I'm in a conundrum. I got a bachelor. I got a best one of my best friends bachelor party at Myrtle Beach.

What's the problem here. The Knicks play tomorrow night. Maybe game seven if the Knicks play game seven Sunday when you watch the game Sunday at 7 p.m. at the games at three thirty Eastern.

I'm going to have to watch. I think I'm going to have to get there for the airport. So hopefully they close out the Pacers tomorrow night. But either way I'm already catching flack from them. You know they want to they want to do some bachelor party activities tomorrow night. And I told them yes amongst some other things. I'm just trying I'm not trying to go down that road with Julie. We are in the afternoon. And I told them I am not compromising my Knicks fandom for a bachelor party. I've known you my whole life.

You're going to get upset if I'm if I don't join you until later in the night for one night. So I have this issue tonight. I a year ago one of my best friends got engaged I was going to Florida visit my grandmother the I canceled the flight. I had a year to use the credit or you lose it. It's like a three hundred and thirty dollar credit.

So two months ago I get the notification about to lose the credit. So I booked this weekend to go to Florida in 30 p.m. Eastern Time flight tonight. So I get I'll leave take the air train to JFK. I will be in the airport before seven o'clock. Yeah your Rangers.

So my Rangers apply. So I will be able to watch the first period in the airport. Now thankfully I'm flying JetBlue they have TVs on the flight.

Yes you will watch. That's a very nerve wracking thing. If you get the seat where there's a TV outage or the lady goes you know makes the announcement and then it pops up on the screen.

Oh when it's a crucial moment like like they cut out of the game a couple of games ago. So that just concerns me now the flight's not going to land till midnight. So as long as it's not 17 overtimes I should be good. But I'm a little little concerned about that. You're gonna have to do an emergency landing if they lose.

You're gonna be freaking out. No if they lose I'll be like DB Cooper I'll just jump off the plane. OK I'll hijack the plane. I'll just jump off the plane parachute out of the plane. I think the Rangers win tonight.

I am not usually Mr. You know pom pom wave in Homer enemy. I'll tell you what I think they're to lose. I think the Rangers win tonight to one big Igor Shostak in night and maybe an empty net goal at the end. I was expecting that last game and then they collapsed in the third period. It's been a big issue for them man. They've only given up one goal in the second period in the five games. They've given up eight in the third.

Yeah. You better hope they have a two goal lead or three goal lead going into the third. But if they fall behind I don't think this team.

No offense. This might be an anti Rangers fan take for a team that has breezed through the playoffs so far. They've had a history the last couple of years of being mentally weak. They get behind early.

I think they roll over. We'll see. We'll see what happens tonight. But I will say this. It screws up my Saturday too.

Yeah. Because Saturday I'm supposed to I don't know the time yet but you have that Edmonton Vancouver series which is the games guaranteed. So I think the Rangers would be seven on Saturday and then they'd have the Vancouver Edmonton game at 10. So I was just going to Joe Stone Crab on Saturday. My favorite restaurants. I'm not going to Joe's if the Rangers are on. Really. No you're not that much of a Ranger fan.

You'll go to Joe's. What are you talking about. I watch. I've been to like 13 14 games a year. I watch every game. I texted my uncle over the stupid preseason.

I'm not some fraud with you just because you get you get some free tickets from the islanders owner that all of a sudden you miss the pom poms about the islanders. Shut your mouth. It's been the last update you do on this show. Forget about Boyle's bacon.

You won't have any other updates to do ever. First of all he's not the only one here that's done Canadian bacon. All right. All right. Careful. Put you right on your heels.

Here's the thing though. No one remembers Carlos's bacon. My bacon is great. My bacon is fantastic and nice and crispy.

It was awesome. It wasn't Boyle's but sure. Need a little more sriracha on that bacon.

Got a little spice to it. So that's confusing. You took that bait though immediately. I know. Not because that's so stupid. You root for a team. I've heard of this team my entire life and you have dopes because they don't watch hockey like you for most of the regular season.

Oh you're not really a fan. Please. Shut up. I'm going to call Joe's stone crab house whatever it's called. Joe's stone crab. And what city in this. What city in Florida are you going to be in. I'm going to call. I'm going to call Joe's in Miami. Is there a large gentleman there. Tall gentleman with a Rangers jersey on perhaps you would have paying attention to the game. I'm not on the reservation list on the private list. Oh I know my guy bones.

Oh this is why you can find him on Instagram straight flexing. Yes yes. So I I know a few people that they're OK. I'll have to go on the reservation. I love your boy wants to go. I make one phone call. Get right. I'll have to make some calls and that's twelve dollar fried chicken I've ever had by the way.

Phenomenal. And then the stone crabs are just delicious and the key lime pie. Hopefully it's good enough to watch the way the tears. That's why I need the Rangers to win tonight so I could stuff my fat face on on a Saturday.

But I don't know if that's going to happen. So you and I both in pickles. Let's say they win. Next week I'm in a bachelor party. Next week I'm a bachelor. Cheers please for Gacy bachelor parties. You got to go.

It's like why we go to the park. Cheers. That's Memorial Day weekend. Yeah.

And so if they win they'll be in conference finals. Yeah yeah yeah. Where's that bachelor.

What is the Berkshires Berkshires. Where's that. I have no clue. What state.

No idea. You have no idea what state you're going to be in next weekend. It doesn't even sound American. It sounds like it's in the UK.

It sounds like a golf club. Berkshire. I think it's in let's see Berkshires. Western Massachusetts.

Oh boy. Not everyone can't be Puerto Rico and Barcelona or Orlando that I've been to recently. Here's the thing especially if Florida closes out Boston tomorrow.

Western Mass. They're going to want no part of putting a Ranger game on TV. I don't care. I'll be lame at the bachelor party and I will sit in the house and just watch it there. OK.

I have no problem being antisocial. What if the Bruins Bruins come back and win that series it's Rangers Bruins and you're in Western Mass. You maybe take a detour down or wherever to you know the garden.

Unlike some other people that worked here for the network. I got a touch of money. We will cross that bridge when we get there. Rangers win tonight. Not touching the money I've not touching the money the Rangers.

I just feel like they're going to win. Anyway I got to take a break here. Update time. Here is Pat Boyle aboard your death in the next two minutes. Hey this is Howie and this is Nick. And you're listening to the Zach Gelb show. And guess what. Zach is back.

All right. He's live. He's nationwide. This is the Zach Gelb show. We're back to get it is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. It is a Thursday. So let's get to Zach Gelb show PSA. It's a Thursday.

What do you have to say. It's the weekly Zach Gelb show PSA. So this has happened to me twice this week and I understand I live in New York City. So there's a lot of craziness and jackassery that goes on in New York City but I have been walking in public this week on the phone twice.

And both times when I'm clearly on the phone not like AirPods in when you can't see the AirPods I have the phone in my hand talking. I've been stopped by a tourist asking for directions one time where is Broadway Street and the other time. Where's the big bowl that they have that I don't know why anyone goes to see the Wall Street both makes no sense.

How many dopes line up to get a picture taken with a bowl is beyond me. But my PSA is simply this if it's not an emergency and you see that someone is on the phone having a conversation don't just interrupt that phone call and go. Sir do you know where the Broad Street ball is the Wall Street ball. Do you know where it is. I don't care even if I didn't know where it was I wasn't helping the person I'm on the phone call with someone don't interrupt someone's phone call for something that isn't an emergency.

That's my PSA for today. All right so I usually help people to like you want to write I'm not great at directions but you want directions. I will help you but now when I'm on the phone just disrespect. So mine is with a again I will not name the place but if I place a takeout order and I place the time to be let's just say 11 o'clock. Yeah this morning 11 a.m. 11 a.m. and I placed it well before probably about a half hour before I was going to pick it up I timed it out I was going to be at the place at 11 right before I get in here. I want it at 11 I don't want it 1105 I don't want it at 1110 I don't want it 1115 I definitely don't want it 1120 because it was 1120 when I finally got my food my just a simple salad it wasn't even something that was so extravagant. It was a very small order one thing I ordered it well before if I say 11 o'clock it should be around 11 o'clock. Can I just ask a question is that a little snobby stew right there? No I'm just frustrated. It's not like they delivered it at 12.

1120 and 11 is that that much of a difference? I have work to do I want to get here and do work it's one thing if I'm waiting in line for something but when I actually place the order well beforehand. Oh did you did they deliver it to you or did you have to go there? No I had to go there. Oh that's bad. Yes that's what I meant it wasn't delivery this was me picking it up. Okay I thought if it was delivery understandable you going there I would say well how about instead of them delivering it to your apartment you just walk your ass over to the place and go pick up a salad yourself.

Oh no I did. No that's annoying I'd be annoyed because you set it up in advance to pick it up at 11 then 1120 you're standing with all these people for a while it's ridiculous. Alright Carl send this over.

Alright let's make this quick. When you're parking your car turn your damn music down. If I'm walking my dog and I'm a block away and I can hear lyric for lyric what you're playing it's too damn loud. There are people sleeping at like 9 o'clock at night around my block and you just hear the reggae tone blasting. I don't need to hear what you're listening to especially when you're blasting it out of a little Honda Civic.

Turn the damn music down when you're parking your car. There we go. All righty. Fun week here on the Zach Geld show. Mark Ryan will be in for me tomorrow. There will be no YouTube stream if you consume the show via YouTube. What I was told sources tell me there'll be no YouTube stream tomorrow so you can listen Sirius XM channel 158 on your local affiliates or the always free Odyssey app YouTube will be back up and running Monday when I make my triumphant return.

Hopefully with the Rangers victory go into the conference finals coming into this studio on Monday right at 3 p.m. Eastern noon Pacific. We survived a week without Santa. We're going to survive hopefully another week without Santa next week as he is in the process of moving and got all sick too.

So that's why Santa has not been here. But anyway big thanks to Carl Surtees. Big thanks to Stu. Big thanks to each and every one of you and I will talk to you on Monday at 3 p.m. Eastern noon Pacific. All right everybody have a great rest of your week and a great weekend. We out. Bye bye. Peace.

We'll be right back. I think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated. And now has a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children. Talk to your pediatrician or visit Y vaccines dot com brought to you by Merck tired of sifting through countless supplements unsure of what's actually effective. Introducing legion the choice of over 800000 discerning fitness enthusiasts with all natural products clinically effective ingredients doses and hassle free money back guarantee you can achieve your fitness goals without the unnecessary guesswork. Say goodbye to wasted efforts and hello to results with legion. You don't need supplements to build muscle lose fat or get healthy but the right ones can help. Visit legion athletics dot com go to legion athletics dot com to get 20 percent off your order now.
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