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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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May 23, 2024 9:24 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 23, 2024 9:24 pm

Anthony Edwards & Wolves exhausted in Game 1 l Chris Fedor, Cavaliers reporter l Dak Prescott welcomes the pressure


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It's a convenient way to run your household, customize to your family's needs, and the easy way to raise financially smart kids. Get started with Greenlight today and get your first month free at It is the JR Sport Brief Show here on the Infinity Sports Network. Happy Thursday. I hope you're good and safe and well wherever you might be. Me, I will be here with you for the next two hours. It's a four-hour show.

I get started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. I'm hanging out with my main man. He's holding it down in New York City, super producer and host, Ryan Hickey, and much love to everybody all over the United States of America. Shout outs to all of our friends in Canada. Shout outs to everybody listening anywhere else that I'm not familiar with.

Thank you. You can always lock in on the free Odyssey app. You can tune in live and local on your affiliate, whichever it may be.

I don't know where you live. Sirius XM Channel 158 and a smart speaker if you got one. You have a smart speaker, ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network.

It'd be fun. Anyway, thank you so much. We had a guest last hour. His name is Bill Ryder. You can listen to him here on the Infinity Sports Network in the mornings.

10 a.m. Eastern, 7 a.m. Pacific. He hosts Ryder than you. Also a contributor for the NBA insider for CBS.

Thank you, Bill Ryder. Thanks to Celtics are going to win the championship. The Boston Celtics will be in action.

Game two against the Indiana Pacers up in Boston in about 10 minutes. I see the most exciting thing about the pregame. Hickey, I see Ed Sheeran is at the game. Did you see him? Oh no, I did not.

Wow. Yeah, shaking hands courtside. Ed Sheeran is everywhere. I've seen him hanging out in the subway in New York. He's hanging out at basketball games. He's just, does he have a body double or something like that? He might. Wow, that or he's, I mean, I guess kind of take the male role of Taylor Swift who was touring and going to a million Chiefs games. Maybe he's going to try to be the equivalent. What? He's going to do what now?

You know, tour, but also go to like, go to events, you know, be seen. Okay. All right.

Why not? He seems like a low key guy, right? Okay. Low key doesn't seem to, he doesn't seem to enter himself for being a global celebrity.

No, no. He seems very down to earth. Like if you saw him in your studio, you can have a conversation with him and it'd be pretty normal. Yeah.

Shout outs to Ed Sheeran. I hope he's rooting against the Pacers. That'd be nice.

Anyway. Hey, in about 20 minutes from now, we're going to have NBA reporter, Cavs reporter for Chris Fedor is going to come through and join us. You know, right before we went to break, we talked about Scotty Scheffler and seems like the police in Louisville kind of bungled things. When it comes down to his arrest, there's no body cam footage.

The police officer is being punished or has been punished for it. We talked about Tiger Woods and his health earlier in the show. We talked about JB Bickerstaff being fired by the Cleveland Cavaliers, got into Dan Campbell. He's like, man, the goal, the only goal is to win a super bowl. Well, he's going to be gambling on its way there.

So a lot of fun. And then we opened up the show by talking about like health and primarily the health of the Minnesota Timberwolves, right? Because last night, if you watch the game in the Western Conference Finals, man, Anthony Edwards was tired. He's running over to the corner. They got to stop and play. He's slow walking to the bench.

He gets the ball and he's just standing around for a bit before he does anything. Watching Anthony Edwards made me tired last night. And you know, he was tired because he sucked 19 points, no points in the third quarter. He was able to knock down some threes at the end of the game to give the wolves some life, but it wasn't enough.

They were cooked. You know what? Anthony Edwards told the truth. He says, yeah, coming off of game seven against Denver, it just it just ran us dry. Yeah, for sure. I mean, you can see it was a little a step a step behind everybody, especially myself. Kyrie got a transition layup from I think we scored and he just outran me. I was just exhausted, man.

So, yeah, for sure. But we'll be all right. Does his coach think that they'll be OK? Chris Finch, he spoke to the media today and he said, man, looking at the first game of the season.

And he said, man, looking at the film. These guys really did suck in this disappointed in your effort, your performance, your attitude, your application, your attention to detail just wasn't there. A Western Conference finals started.

I'm not sure if they got the memo they got this afternoon. So I just yeah, I mean, our approach, like it just we just played flat, you know, game plan was not on point for execution. Decision making on offense was not very good.

You know, got beat by a lot of hustle plays, transition, offensive rebounds, stuff like that just can't happen. Hickey, he actually lost the game. Talking about how his team didn't perform, he sounds happier than Joe Missoula after a victory. He does.

You're right about that. There is somehow more joy after ripping his team's effort and they're focusing game one versus Joe Missoula winning game five of the Easter Conference semis. Yeah, what a special guy Joe Missoula is. Anyway, Kyle Anderson, who plays under Chris Finch, call this guy slow-mo. He also spoke today and he's like, listen, man, it don't matter how tired we were. We got to go out there and play. Fatigue can be a factor at this point of the season. I think after the film session we had and losing game one, we'll have a lot more energy and juice game two.

Listen, I'm not judging this on anything. I'm just saying, I think the Wolves will win a second game. That's it. They're going to go back and forth and back and forth until they get to a game seven.

Problem solved. I'm still going to go with the Dallas Mavericks. I'm going to go with Kyrie. And you would think, and I guess, but you would think the younger team here led by the 22-year-old that they would be ready to roll, but hey, emotions are real. You can ask, I think most human beings, emotions are real. You come off that high and that excitement, you come crashing down, natural. Let's see what happens game two of the Western Conference Finals is tomorrow.

And speaking of like taking care of yourself and fatigue and fitness, you know, we mentioned this yesterday. Lamar Jackson is smaller. His teammates are looking at him. They're saying that he's skinny. Lamar Jackson is down to 205 pounds. He just won the MVP last year.

Okay. He might be less than 205 pounds. Two years ago, he weighed 230. He weighed 220, 225 last year. And now he weighs less than that.

And so when he was in front of the media, they asked him about it. This is what he said. I don't really know how many pounds I lost, like two something right now, but I just say it was important enough I can be able to move around a little bit extra. That's all. Just under 230. What was the main reason for, you know, just so I can be more agile, be able to move more.

He has all of these stats that basically say he was slower last year. Hickey, do you dive into like the next gen stats? Do they interest you? Not really, to be honest. The next gen stat?

He won MVP. I don't get it. Hickey, I'm allergic. I'm allergic to myself here in the studio. Oh no, are you sneezing? I'm allergic to me. Wow.

Terrible. Is there what? Pollen? No, I'm like a million stories in the sky.

There's no trees up here. I've been sneezing a lot recently. A lot of pollen here in New York City. So I wasn't sure if that's the case in Atlanta as well, because that carries with it, you know? That carries with it, you know?

Falls on your shirt, falls on your backpack, on your shoes. You can carry all that all the way up. Well, remember, Hickey, things have been alive down here for a while now, okay?

That's true. March, April, things have been in bloom. New York, are y'all still, y'all are just coming out of winter, huh? Things are just starting to rise up now.

The frost is finally gone. I don't know. I'm probably allergic to myself. That might be, might be. But anyway, Lamar Jackson has all these funky stats.

The guy just won MVP last year, his second MVP. And he's losing weight. Hickey, you gotta go. I gotta, I gotta pause. I gotta sneeze my life away. Go ahead.

Say some stuff. Well, JR is sneezing. Yes, he's losing weight. He was, his target weight is below 230, which is very unspecific in terms of what he's trying to get to. Is he going to try to go under 200? You think that you try to go over 205 or try to get a little bit bigger to keep himself healthy for the hits he's going to inevitably take, right?

That's the funky part, right? The reason why he put the weight on is because he was always hurt. Like he got a, he got a knee issue. He has an ankle issue and he puts the weight on and he's slower.

So here's some of these ridiculous next gen stats that nobody ever pays attention to unless you read them like I did. Lamar Jackson, he had four runs of 20 plus yards last season. That was the fewest of his career. I guess you'd have to watch every single Ravens game and every single Ravens play to know this, but that's a fact. Also, Jackson recorded nine runs in his first three seasons, which he ran for a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour or faster in the last three seasons.

He's only done that once. Now, I don't know what a human looks like running 20 miles per hour, but these guys got on sensors and everything that they do is tracked. Okay. When Aaron Judge and Giancarlo stance and hit home runs, a computer can tell you how fast it is.

I can only use my damn eyes. All right. I don't know if this is good or bad for Lamar Jackson, because the fact is, as the season goes on, I don't imagine that he's going to gain more weight. I can't imagine that he's going to put on more muscle mass.

If anything, as the season goes on and the grind goes on and the injuries pick up and the workouts go up and the work on Sunday and the calories get lost. Look, I'm not I'm not a doctor. Hey, what's the food doctor called, the dietitian? I'm not a dietitian. I'm not a foodologist.

I just don't know if this is good. Look, if Lamar Jackson is going to be a video game character and he's going to be out there outrunning people, this man is still only 27 years old. He is only 27 years old. So Lamar Jackson could outrace and outrun the whole world.

But the point is, don't you want to be healthy? His own head coach, John Harbaugh, he pretty much said, look, this man is a professional athlete. He knows what he's doing.

I ain't getting involved. When you look at what he did, rushing the football last year, 821 yards rushing. Five touchdowns. I take that. I know when he first came into the league, the man was out here getting a thousand, 1200 yards, and then maybe that's what he wants to get back to.

And Hickey, I guess this this might be, I guess, an offset. Derrick Henry's in the building, too, now. Derrick Henry, I mean, if you want somebody getting beat up and taking a pounding, the point of having Derrick Henry is to relieve Lamar Jackson.

So I hope this works. Given his leg issues and history, I don't know, is having extra weight, is it going to help out your legs and your strength and your sturdiness? I have no idea. But a quarterback that small, running around with his injury history, getting smaller? Little cause for concern if I'm a Ravens fan. I guess, because I'm an optimist here, to go with a positive view and maybe not to freak out that much is Lamar is one of the few guys that he does not take a lot of big hits. I can't really recall Lamar ever getting jacked up in the hole or having somebody just to level him. He does do a good job of getting down, dancing around tackles, outrunning guys, getting out of bounds. And so it's not like he's Josh Allen, where he's just kind of throwing, you know, low-leveling guys. He's just kind of throwing, you know, lowering a shoulder and trying to run over linebackers and just, you know, getting walloped. It's fun to watch. If you're a Bills fan, I don't know.

Not so much, right? Yeah, I'd be holding my breath because one of those hits eventually is going to get him. But boy, you're right. As a non-Pills fan, it is incredible to watch a quarterback go out and lay out a linebacker. But at least in Lamar's case, like, he doesn't need the muscle in theory to keep him healthy just because, like, he's not trying to bowl over safeties. He usually runs around them. And so now if you're lighter, maybe you get that speed back and you actually prevent yourself from getting hit more. Yeah, it seems like a lot of his injuries happen in the backfield, in the pocket, behind the line of scrimmage.

But it's his legs. And who knows? Look, you just mentioned one guy. Between Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen, these are the two quarterbacks at this stage of their careers where I just go, I want them to get over the hill. Can one of you guys actually go to the Super Bowl and win it?

And so I'd love to see it. But to your point, Josh Allen probably needs to call Cam Newton, ask him how his playing style worked out for him in the long run. And then Lamar Jackson, I just want to see the guy healthy for another season. I want to see another MVP type year and I want to see the Ravens. We know if he's healthy, the Ravens are going right back to the playoffs. They're going to be contenders.

But that gets boring after a while. Let's go win the Super Bowl, man. Hey, good luck with your weight loss. I also heard the man from North Carolina. What's his name? Reed? The big man? Remember him, Hickey?

Final four? Oh, oh, oh. Is that his name? DJ Burns for NC State. Yeah, they said he lost what, like 45, 50 pounds?

45 pounds in like, what, six weeks? They said no. What's this drug now? Ozempic? Ozempic. I got to Google this, man. I'm behind the times on the drugs. Oh, that's a big, yeah, that's a big one.

I'm behind the times. Anyway, it's the JR Sport Reshow here on the Infinity Sports Network. When we come back, Chris Fedor is going to join us. We're going to talk about the Cavs, get into some NBA because he covers it all with

Chris Fedor on the other side of the JR Sport Reshow. Don't move. Call from mom. Answer it.

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Hyundai, there's joy in every journey. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief. The JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Game two of the Eastern Conference Finals. It's underway in Boston right now. Indiana and Boston, they playing it close.

About 13 all. About four minutes have gone by here in the first quarter. Earlier today in other news in the NBA, we learned that the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to let JB Bickerstaff go. A lot of questions with him, Donovan Mitchell, Jared Allen, their future, their front office. To talk about what's going on in Cleveland, what's going on across the NBA, we got Chris Fedor joining us. He covers the Cavs for

You can listen to him in Cleveland on 92.3 The Fan. Hey Chris, how you doing? I'm doing good, JR. How are you? I'm excellent.

Thank you for taking the time to hop on. It's been about a week. It took about 30 minutes for the stories to come out about JB Bickerstaff. Was this pretty much a foregone conclusion before the season ended that, hey, if he didn't go real, real far, he was going to get the boot? I don't know that it was a foregone conclusion, JR. I think they wanted to evaluate everything about the organization and including everything about JB when the season ended. But I think there were plenty of signs throughout the course of the year that pointed to, was he the right guy for this step that this organization was trying to take?

Because he was brought here. He helped them rebuild the culture. He helped them put in an identity. He helped them recover from the post-LeBron James years. And that's a big reason why they tabbed him to take over for John Beeline after the disaster that was John Beeline, is because that was something that JB had been known for throughout the course of his career.

That's something that the Cavs believed he was capable of. They're in a different situation now, right? There's more pressure.

There are more expectations. They're looking to become a championship level team. And I think there were questions throughout the course of the year from players, from people inside the organization. Is he the right X's and O's guy? Is he the right tactician? Does he structure practices the right kind of way for this kind of team? Does he develop the players the way that we need Evan Mobley, Darius Garland, and some of these younger guys to develop? Does he find a way to create a level of belief from different players within the locker room? All those things were questioned throughout the course of the year. And I think when they evaluated everything, they said, if we're going to take the next step as an organization, if we're going to compete for a championship, not just get to the playoffs, but compete for a championship, we need a new direction.

Chris Fedor is here with us. We know that there's a big question mark about Donovan Mitchell and whether or not he's going to extend. Is he going to be a lame duck?

Is he going to want out? Is this move pretty much a predecessor to keeping him? Do you feel he's going to stay? I certainly think, I think this helps.

I do. I think the Cavs believe that the relationship between JB Biggers and Donovan Mitchell wasn't necessarily a positive one. And I think the confidence level from Donovan and from other players inside that locker room, that wasn't a positive either. So it's not a situation where Donovan said, JB has got to go, or I'm not possibly going to resign. But I think everything that the Cavs do this off season is going to be through the lens of what better positions us to keep Donovan Mitchell long term. And I think there was enough of a sense from the front office and the primary decision makers that keeping JB for another year probably wasn't going to put a pro on that side of the ledger. You're trying to do everything that you can to show Donovan that this is the place where he should be, where he can compete for championships and where there is no better basketball situation. And I think this obviously helps them from the category of potentially finding a better coach that could create a better rapport with Donovan and maybe a different level of belief with Donovan.

Chris Fedor is here with us from Now having said that, we see Darius Garland has had to take a step back. Jared Allen has been injured, certainly was injured at the end of the year. Who are some other players that we need to look at?

I would assume it'd be Garland, right? In terms of? In terms of is he going to want to stay? Is he content in his role?

Is he possible possibly moving elsewhere? Yeah, I think Darius is the one that stands out to me because look, as you mentioned, he is the one who has had to sacrifice so much. This was his team, right? This was his offense. He was the face of the franchise. He was the guy who earned the richest contract in franchise history from this organization.

And this is a guy who was looking to create his own signature shoe with new balance. And all of a sudden Donovan Mitchell comes in and Darius has to take a step back. His usage changes the kind of way that the Cavs used him within the offense.

That was different. The opportunities that he got off the court, those were different. The way that the leadership structure was put into place once Donovan arrived, that was different. So I totally understand why somebody within the Darius Garland camp would not be entirely thrilled with the possibility of Donovan signing an extension and Darius being for the next prime years of his career, second fiddle, Robin, whatever you want to call it, a sidekick. Because I think there's a belief within Darius's camp that he can be the man.

He can be an alpha. He was at one point viewed that way by this organization before Donovan arrived. So I think those things combined with the fact that there's stylistic conflicts in terms of how both guys play, it's probably not the best for Donovan and it's probably not the ideal situation for Darius either. In saying that, I don't think that the Cavs had the kind of season where they have to overreact or they have to panic or they have to make moves just to make moves. And if they bring back Darius because they don't get the kind of return that they would want to get to take the next step as an organization, then they're just going to hang on to him and see if a different coach can find a way to maximize the Darius Garland Donovan Mitchell combination in a way that JB Vickerstaff couldn't. NBA reporter Chris Fedor is here with us talking about a former Cavalier.

He's currently on the Dallas Mavericks, helping them out in the Western Conference Finals. That's Kyrie Irving. When you listen and watch Kyrie Irving, it seems like we got a little bit more of the Kyrie that was back in Cleveland. What are some of your observations and what have you seen and what have you heard? He's just he's just balling out right now.

No distractions. Yeah, JR, it's interesting because when Kyrie came to Cleveland a couple of months ago, there was just a different feel around him. There was a different look that he was carrying. And I actually mentioned it to him as he was walking into one of the rooms for his postgame press conference. And I said, you look like you're at peace.

That's that's the way that I phrased it. And he even mentioned that during his postgame press conference that he was at peace. I think he's comfortable in Dallas, right? I think he's comfortable with all the people that are making decisions in Dallas and the most important and influential people in Dallas. And I also think that he's comfortable with himself at this point. He's accomplished a lot throughout the course of his career. Obviously, he wants to compete for championships. He wants to continue down that road.

And he's getting an opportunity to do that in Dallas. And that obviously helps when it comes to happiness. But it does feel like he's more at peace. And he's not worried about some of the stuff that maybe early on in his career, he was worried about that that potentially sabotaged different situations or potentially drove him to decisions that necessarily weren't the best for him at that particular time, although he didn't know it at that particular time. So I just sense a Kyrie Irving that is at peace, and that has learned how to be comfortable in different environments.

And something that he always used to say, Jer, he always used to say, you have to learn how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. And I think Kyrie's been in enough of those to understand how to navigate those, that you don't ever want to say that a player has seen everything in the NBA, because then the NBA is going to throw something out at you that you don't necessarily expect. But it just feels like he has seen enough throughout the course of his career that he knows how to navigate a lot of different situations. Well, given his experiences at this point, as you just mentioned, do you feel confident that these Dallas Mavericks will get past the Wolves? Well, I also feel like Kyrie's in a position, Jer, where he doesn't have to be the sole driver, he doesn't have to be the sole creator, he doesn't have to be the table setter on the offensive end of the floor for Dallas.

Luca does that, and it's really important for Luca to do that. And in Cleveland, it was the same kind of offensive hierarchy, where LeBron was essentially the table setter, and Kyrie could just be the killer. Not necessarily Robin, because I think there were alpha tendencies that Kyrie had both on and off the floor, but the kind of guy who could just be him and do the things that make him so great, and not be a team that is looking for him to do something more than that.

You know what I mean? And I think that kind of structure offensively has really, really helped him playing alongside Luca. And I do think Dallas has a legitimate shot at this thing against Minnesota. The way that Kyrie is playing, the level that Luca is playing, and the biggest difference to me is that their defense has taken a huge step forward here in the playoffs. Having Daniel Gafford, having Derek Lively, those guys protecting the paint, finishing possessions with rebounds. PJ Washington's been a really, really good addition for them. They are a borderline top five defense so far in the playoffs, and that's not something that you think about with the Mavericks, but they have gotten themselves to that level, and that kind of defense that is complementing their explosive dynamic offense, that makes them really, really dangerous.

Chris Fedor is here with us, NBA reporter. We got the Celtics, and the Pacers going at it right now. Who do you have favored to win it all? Forget the East, forget the West.

Who do you have favored to win it all, Chris? Well, Port Zingis comes back for Boston, and he can be healthy and effective, and I think that's an important distinction, right? Because some guys can come back and do a lineup, and they're healthy enough to play, but can they be effective playing through the injury that they're dealing with?

That's a separate question entirely. If Port Zingis can be healthy and effective, and he can be some level of the guy that he was this past year for Boston, then they become a cheat code. In a seven-game series, they can do it all, offensively and defensively. They would be able to put lineups out there.

Every single lineup that they would use would have five shooters at all times. That level of spacing, that level of three-point shooting, that level of upside offensively, combined with what he does defensively, one of the elite rim protectors in the entire NBA, that takes Boston to a completely different level that we haven't seen so far in these playoffs anyway, especially when you're talking about a guy in Port Zingis who took them to a point where they were putting up numbers, advanced numbers, that made them similar to the dynastic Golden State Warriors. That's the level that Boston was playing at throughout the course of the year. Half of their games, they've led by at least 20 points or more. That's ridiculous in today's NBA.

That's a ridiculous level of consistency and dominance that they're able to reach with that guy in the lineup, and I just don't know that there's any team remaining in the playoffs that can match that in a seven-game series if he's healthy and right, and he can be effective. If that's not the case, then I think it's a little bit more open. Hey, Chris, I know you tapped in in Cleveland. Final question. It might be passe where you're at. LeBron James sitting around with a glass of wine, much to do about nothing, right?

I think LeBron is relatively happy in Los Angeles for a variety of reasons, but you never say never when it comes to LeBron, and you never say never when it comes to the NBA. I'll put it that way. Always a fact. Chris, thank you for the time. Where can people keep up with your work or written work on the radio? Fill us in, man. Yeah, you can catch me slash Cavs.

All of my content that is written appears there. I also have a podcast called the Wine and Gold Talk Podcast. We do that five days a week, even during the offseason, so anybody that has any kind of questions when it comes to the Cavs or any kind of interest when it comes to the Cavs, you can check out the Wine and Gold Talk Podcast. Also do stuff on 92.3 The Fan, and you can follow me on Twitter.

It's just my name. Nice and easy. At Chris Fedor. Hey Chris, thank you so much. I'll catch you on down the line, okay?

JR, anytime, man. No doubt about it, that Chris Fedor. You just heard it. Man of many hats.

Online, podcasts, radio, all of the good stuff. That is Chris Fedor. At Chris Fedor. F-E-D-O-R.

It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. We're going to take a break. So much talk about the contracts and Donovan Mitchell and what have you. You know, yesterday we dropped some information about Dak Prescott and his contract.

The man said he was not worried about the bread, not worried about the money. Well, how long did it take for the Dallas Cowboys to use that against him? We'll fill you in on the other side. And you know, talking about LeBron, there's been an update on Bronny James. I don't know if it's a good one.

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Kick off your summer and shop in store or online at Whole Foods Market today. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief. And we know there is plenty of nonsense out here in the world. I'm trying my best not to contribute.

I'm trying no promises, but I'm trying. Thank you so much to Chris Fedor for joining us on the other side of the break. Talking about the Cavs, talking NBA, talking LeBron as he covers it all.

Thank you to Chris Fedor. Talked about Donovan Mitchell. No idea what he's going to do with his contract. He's going to stay in Cleveland. Is he going to decide to go?

We have no idea. And it's been big news and it's going to be big news until he signs a contract, whether it's with his current team or elsewhere. It's with Dak Prescott. You know, we shared with you last night that Dak Prescott actually stood in front of the media with a microphone in his face and said that I'm not I'm not out here playing for money. And Hickey and I both said that.

What are you saying that for? The Dallas Cowboys are going to use that against you. His agent is probably looking at him and heard the quote and text him, shut up, shut up, shut up.

And Hickey, how about this? Correct me if I'm wrong. The Dallas Cowboys used and posted that quote, that audio on its own social media, put it on YouTube, didn't it? To caption Dak's press conference title yesterday on their official Dallas Cowboys YouTube page, Dak Prescott, I don't play for money.

Jerry, Jerry Jones had a good time with that. He's probably still having a good time with that. He probably lowballed him just because he said it.

He is never going to forget those words. No, he's not. He's not. And we don't know if Dak is going to get a contract before the season, during the season, after the season. Is Dak going to be a free agent? Is he going to have an opportunity to, you know, see what's out there, quote unquote, with other teams at the end of the year? I think he's going to remain a Dallas Cowboy because let's be real, if the Dallas Cowboys don't have Dak Prescott, they're cooked. I mean, Dak may love being a Dallas Cowboy. He might love the attention. He might love the sponsors that he gets.

He might love all of this. Like sometimes, you know, what do they say about the grass? It isn't always greener on the other side. I mean, outside of not winning anything, they seem like a great combination. Like, why would they want to look elsewhere for a quarterback? You know what you got in Dak. And if you're Dak, why would you leave the Cowboys? Because things won't necessarily be better.

Depends on what opportunities exist. Now, having said that, Dak says that he's looking at all of the teams that are playing in Texas right now. You got the Stars taking on the Oilers right now, 0-0. Last night, we had the Dallas Mavericks pick up a victory in Game 1 against the Minnesota Timberwolves. We know the Rangers defending World Series champs. When you think about the four sports teams in Dallas, since the year 2000, every single one of them had been to multiple conference finals appearances, except for, guess who? The Dallas Cowboys. This is the fifth appearance for the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals. This is the fifth appearance for the Dallas Stars in the Western Conference Finals. The Rangers. Yeah, they just won the World Series.

That was their third appearance. The Dallas Cowboys, man, they can't get past the divisional round. So Dak Prescott said, yeah, yeah, all this is motivation and the pressure is good. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Listen to Dak Prescott say more crazy things. Yeah, it fires you up. Yeah, 100 percent. I think any competitor should, damn sure, in my position, leader of the team, understanding what winning means here, not getting it done and then watching your brothers, you say, your brothers across the city going making things happen. I want it for them.

Trust me, I want it because it only, as I said, it only raises stakes and makes it tougher on me and I'm for that. So go win it. Go win it. Rangers did it. Other two go do it. Put more f***ing pressure on us.

Okay, all right. He knows what that roster looks like. And I know he and Ezekiel Elliott are friends. He can't, he can't be honest in the back of his head. He doesn't wake up and just go, man, we didn't get better. He has to know it.

He has to know, but he's also too smart to say anything about what he just said. Oh, yeah, you can't. You can't say the opposite. No. When you think about the professional teams here in North America, is being the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, is that the most pressure? Is it being a star on the Lakers? Is it the quarterback on the Cowboys? Is it the Yankees star? Is it some dude in Boston?

Like, it's the Cowboys. Has to be, right? No. Yeah, I think it has to be. Like I said, Dax talked about all year long, right?

His name, any time he says anything, even if it's a non-answer, is somewhat of a story. It's all over every big sports show that you watch or listen to. And there's really like, I think it's also in part because they've not won, which also adds to where like the Lakers right have won titles with Kobe, with LeBron. So there's obviously pressure, but I think it's a little relieved that there are a ton of banners hanging where you talk about, like you just said, it's been now 28 years since the Cowboys have just made the NFC division, the NFC title game.

It's tricky. I just, I look at the Cowboys and I look at Dak. I want to say, not that the fans are used to it because we know that there are a lot of fans who every year is our year, and you got to be optimistic at the beginning of the season.

And you got to look at reality. I think deep down inside and a lot of fans subconscious, they recognize that the team, this is not a championship team. Like you can scream, we're going to the Super Bowl. This is our year.

You can do that and scream it from the mountain tops. But the reality is they're not, they're on that next rung. They're a team that you say, Oh yeah, they should get to the post season. You think about their, their division with the giants and Washington, Philadelphia is better than them. They have to hope that they just get a wild card, right?

Yeah. Well, let's beat up on the Eagles enough. Maybe we can steal the NFC East, but even if they do that, it's just like, eh, no confidence.

I gotta be honest. I wouldn't be shocked if the Dallas Cowboys didn't even make the post season. And what is that going to do for Dak Prescott and his contract? Well, Jerry's going to look at him if they haven't signed a deal by now, which is why I think it's important for him to sign something now, but before the season starts, Jerry Jones is going to low ball him. And I don't know, maybe for Dak Prescott, because he's not out here playing for money.

Maybe instead of making 48 mil, 46 mil, 50 mil, maybe he'll settle for 45. It's a tough world and being a Dallas Cowboys quarterback, I, it is tough on them, but I think everybody is just so used to being, eh, doesn't matter if it was, was Tony Romo at one point in time. Yeah. Drew Bledsoe was out there, post Tom Brady's, you know, take over after he got concussed and knocked the hell out. The Dallas Cowboys, it's, it's normal to be mediocre. Good, but not good enough, good enough to go to the playoffs and get punched in the mouth by a team like the 49ers, or maybe now the Packers. I think they're all used to it. And Jerry Jones, as we all know, he's just delusional.

It's just the facts. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network, Boston and Indiana still playing it close in the Eastern Conference Finals, Boston leading 32 to 27. You want to talk about a tough place to play? Well, Boston, that's a city. They will chew you up and spit you out. Celtics better whoop the ass so the Pacers here, fans are going to be mad.

Anyway, it's the JR Sport Brief Show on the Infinity Sports Network. You want to talk about pressure? Dak Prescott feels it. Tatum and Brown feel it.

LeBron, eh, not so much. There's a woman's basketball player. Her name is Kaitlyn Clark. She is feeling the pressure. She has yet to win a game and she is still being criticized. She's trying to keep her head up and be positive. We'll talk about Kaitlyn Clark on the other side of the break. Oh, yeah, somebody else trying to stay positive. Bronnie James, the son of LeBron. He's trying to stay positive as well as these draft reports come out.

Some of them are going to be good and some of them are not so good. We'll talk about pressure on the other side of the break. Makes diamonds or burst pipes.

It's the JR Sport Brief Show on the Infinity Sports Network. Okay, picture this. It's Friday afternoon when a thought hits you. I can waste another weekend doing the same old whatever or I can conquer it. I can hop into my all-new Hyundai Santa Fe and hit the road. Any road.

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Hyundai. There's joy in every journey. The wait is over.

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