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Breaking the Ice (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 15, 2024 5:26 pm

Breaking the Ice (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 15, 2024 5:26 pm

Zach sits down with Former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are heating up. A Winkler Wednesday.

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
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Alrighty, welcome back in. Now we're number two of our radio program and this is Zach Gelb Show on the Infinity Sports Network. I see this guy at Madison Square Garden a ton these days. He's hanging out with John Starks and he's enjoying a lot of New York Knicks victories as the Knickerbockers are up 3-2 in the NBA Series second round up against the Indiana Pacers. Always rocking those fresh shades as well.

We'll talk about them in just a bit. And that is a man whose shoes I actually once wore as a kid. Growing up on Long Island, going to Stephen Barry's with the Starburys.

And that, of course, is Stephon Marbury joining us right now. Steph, appreciate it. How you been, my man? I'm blessed, man.

I can't complain. Enjoying the playoffs here in New York. Hometown.

Homegrown. Beautiful time for basketball. Being here to see the Knicks doing what they're doing. Playing in the playoffs. Fighting to try to go into the Eastern Conference Final to try to get back into the championship after so long.

So it's a beautiful thing and it's a beautiful time. The Rangers. Like, wow, I went to the Ranger game. That was the best. Like, that was hockey. Like, that's a whole nother story.

But hockey is definitely by far the hardest sport ever to play. It's not even close. What would Stephon Marbury look like if we ever got you on the ice? Oh, my God.

I don't know. I just want to I just want to be able to, like, be on the side and then slide in through the middle. And then, like, man, it's amazing. It's like watching soccer. It's like watching soccer on ice and basketball at the same time. And then the level of focus and commitment, like somebody hit you not to hit somebody with a stick. Like, and then I learned don't hit the goalie.

Yeah, go this over with, like all of the different things. I'm like, yo, I love these rules. It's like gladiator style on ice with with a pup like this. Can you imagine swinging that thing? And I guess that's crazy.

I would fall flat on my face. I'm a huge hockey fan. And in the NBA, man, I'm loving it. We don't see any fights in the NBA anymore. And hockey, you touch the goalie.

All hell breaks loose. Over with. It's over my friend. I brought him Jacob Jacob. Look, let me tell you, I brought this kid to I brought them. He never he never been to a ranging game. He loved the Rangers, and I didn't know that he loved hockey. And he was explaining the game to me. I was like, Oh, my God, I wanted somebody to teach me about the game because, you know, you watching the game and you don't really know what's going on.

It's boring. But when you know what's going on and you into it and you learn like it was easy to learn the rules, he was like, it's like basketball. Once he said that, it automatically clicked. And then I started watching and everybody jumped up at the same time.

The congressman from the government, Governor Christie, he was it. He was there, Dolan. It was just it was it was incredible. It was great. But let me get back to the hardware to step on Marbury's with us. You got to describe your emotions like we saw them last night.

But when you see Jalen Brunson pop off for 44 points and win Game five. Take me through how you kind of process what you're seeing. We're seeing magic.

We're seeing positive energy in New York being manifested. Rick Brunson, he played for the Knicks, his son. He brought him here.

He brought him and allow him to go on a court running on the court shooting. He's heard those loud noises, those tears when those big shots was made at the end of game. So he's familiar with that feeling. He understands that he was built for it. And for him to be this positive and this is so, you know, so deeply humble, you can tell that it comes from his parents, you know, from being guided in a proper way and, you know, speaking and thinking and never making excuses or mistakes. I'm never making excuses about the mistakes that he's made, owning up to it in New York, knowing that that's like death.

That's fortune. You know, being able to see him do what he did in a pivotal game only shows that, you know, him being recognized as a superstar in his lead. You know, he earned it.

He earned the stripes doing it in a Mecca and Madison Square Garden. Game five, a pivotal game. This is to have two more shots. They only got one shot. You know, we would have been the ones going into their home court. If we were lose this game last night and going into going into the end, we already know it's going to be it's going to be hard to do that as Pacers know is going to be hard to beat us in the Pacers and then come into the garden and beat us. Come on, stop it. What else is going on? Everything gots to, it gots to freeze.

If that happens, it's a game seven ending. Everything got to freeze and everybody got to pay focus to that. Wherever I'm at, I got to tell them like, look, I got to stop. This is important.

This is for the city. I got to go. My favorite part about this team is just the toughness. Like, I could watch this team play any day just because of how tough of a group they are with all these injuries, too.

Great grind. Like, Bird, I can't even say enough about him. That just shows the preparation that Tibbs, when you trust him, trust your coach. That's our leader. You got to trust his decisions, right? Like for so many years, they trusted Bill Belichick, right? There's a reason why they trust him.

They trust him because he was the leader and then he showed why consistently over and over. Why? This is what we're building.

We're trying to get towards that. Tibbs is the guy, right? Tibbs has everyone prepped and prepared, focused with understanding.

A guy, Bird, he sits on the bench. You think he don't want to play? It's the playoffs. Everybody want to play. This is the time to shine.

This is where you get paid at. Finally, Bird, his number gets called. Like, that's him being prepped and ready, prepared. That's making sure that he's doing what he's supposed to do inside the weight room, inside the conditioning. To come out doing shooting drills, game speed.

I know that's happening because I know that's Tibbs. I was under his tutelage at one time when I was in Boston, so I got a chance to see how he operated. So being able to see this guy get on the basketball court and play the way how he played with confidence, shooting a three-point shot from the corner, knocking it down, faking, ball faking, shooting pull-ups. Like, that's like you've been already on the court hooping. And people say, oh, why wasn't he playing?

You can't question that. This is the moment we needed him. We needed him for that moment, game five, when everybody's hurting, people looking around, and here comes Bird.

He says, I have a cake, too. And it drives me bonkers, Stefan Marberd. I'm glad what you said about Tom Fibidoe, because after game four, you have so many people.

Oh, his demanding coaching style has ruined this team and has forced all these injuries. And I'm watching it saying, he's exceeded all expectations. This guy has been so successful in New York, and it's wild to me how he doesn't get more national praise.

I mean, he's not going to get national praise until he wins. And that's why there's so much push down. That's why we got to keep pushing up. And we keep pushing up, but now more and more of New York is starting to come together.

See, it's easy to divide us. But now, because the coach is changing, he's bringing in that college field, that Nova Nix. You know what I'm saying?

You start doing the Nova Nix now, and now you have a college field. You have the chemistry with Dante, with Hart and Jalen. Those guys have a chemistry that you just can't disconnect.

There's no breaking that. Like, that formula is magical because they won at a level where you and I know college basketball is huge in America. That's a plateau, right?

That's a plateau for some, and some become famous and live on from being college players, let alone extending towards being in greatness in the NBA. Right? So that's a part that those guys are well familiar with. And by them winning at that level, they already understand that. They understand the fanfare that comes with that, the fanatics that come with that. You know, they felt that. And at college, it's even with more enthusiasm because it's of their peers.

You got what I'm saying? Opposed to NBA, it's older people, it's different generations. But in college, it's just that. It's the seniors and the freshmen.

And that's impactful. You got to go to college to feel that and understand that. And a lot of guys, some guys that went to the NBA, they got to just understand adult life. You got what I'm saying? They didn't get a chance to grow. And some people need that.

But these guys, they have that. And now with Leon and Wes, what they're putting together, they're putting together a nice nucleus. And you can see it inside of the garden. It has beautiful light watching this.

I will follow this. I will pay money to be a season ticket holder to watch that type of basketball along with a mixture. And Jaylen will grow. He will learn more about getting up off the ball at certain situations. He's still young in his career, right? He's growing into his superstardom.

Yes, Dante will play with more toughness. Last night, I feel like he played a better game last night than the game that he played when he had 35-something points. I feel like his energy was through the roof. Stephon Marbury here with us.

Let me ask you about Dante DiVincenzo. Because I loved what he said after the game. And he was getting into it with the Pacers. And he said, hey, that team, they're trying to be tough guys. Do you kind of see that when you watch Indiana? They're trying to be someone they're not?

It doesn't matter. They were on the road. They were losing. They beat us bad one night. And then we beat them in the daytime.

And then we beat them bad at nighttime. And now they're frustrated. They're mad. And they feel what they feel.

It's okay. It's chatter. It's basketball.

Neither one of those guys want to get fined big, big money for fighting. And they don't want to get kicked out for no game. So it's just like barking. Like, you know, then you put the dog right next to the other dog and then you don't hear nothing. And then you put them back and then they start barking.

That's basically what that is. It's cool. Let's talk basketball. Well, how about how it's been with watching those games with John Starks?

Because I love it. You guys have emotion just like your fans. You can't even get a handshake down correctly last night. You're bumping into each other, just going nuts how excited you guys are. Okay, so for me, I'm laser shot. I'm laser focused into the game. Every single play I'm watching. Me as a Knicks fan growing up here before this court was, like I said, I got to keep saying that this court is where I dreamed about playing, like, along with every other kid who learns about Madison Square Garden. Once you learn about Madison Square Garden, you understand the beauty of it, the fortune in it, the positive energy that's in it, because everybody that goes inside of Madison Square Garden, they want to put on their absolute best. They don't want nothing else. They want to destroy Madison Square Garden.

So you're getting that energy from all of the people that go to perform. So for me, seeing this, right, playing there, like I played high school, I lost two years in high school, then finally won my senior year, then played college against Iverson, a classic, then played there with the Knicks. I know the noise, I understand it. Like I watched it, Bernard King, Rory Sparrow, like all of the players, not just Pat, like Tucker, everybody. Like I was one of those kids watching Bernard King get busy, right?

Black and white TVs. I was that kid. So being there, watching it and watching a guard do what it is that they're doing up close person. And then I coached for four years.

So my coaching experience gave me more insight and understanding about the game. So when I see that, I'm like, wow, he's doing this with no athleticism. Like this is all skill based. You know what I'm saying?

This is all work, like on the ground work. If he added jumping and dunking and all of that to his game, it will be different. But God is fair, right? And LeBron King can shoot free throws sometimes, he shoots air balls. But you know, Brunson is doing the same things that LeBron did. And he's only six foot, he's 6'8", 280. You know, you see the difference? Like it's just different type of will power as a guard.

Last thing I want to ask you before we talk about the shades, obviously with Camelo, make sure you check it out. C-H-A-M-E-L-O dot com. Do you think this is it for Minnesota? They were up 2-0. Now they're down 3-2 in the series. They're going up against Joker and Murray. How do you kind of think this series will play on out with Denver being up 3-2?

Well, I'll tell you like this. You're playing against the champs. And when you're playing against the champs, you can't play good games.

You have to play great games. Right? You winning by 25, 30 points against the champs, that doesn't faze them. They know what they did wrong. Right? If they lose by that much, they know what they did wrong. Right? When they win, they know what you did wrong. And now, right now, you got to basically knock them out. So when you play against the Joker, a guy who's won MVP three years in a row, the most skilled big man to ever touch a basketball, the Joker. I said it.

Whenever you play against a player like that and then you have the supporting cast, you have to make sure when you play against them, you make no mistakes and a mistake can be getting too high. Right? And now. When you lose on your court and then you got to go back to the court, when you beat them on their court, you got to try to reduplicate that. But the thing is, they made the adjustment on your court. So it's going to be a different series, going to be different.

So we got to wait and see. Alrighty, Stephon Marbury, before we let you run, I love the shades. You've been rocking them all throughout the postseason. I've been seeing your court side celebrating the Knicks.

The floor is yours. Tell me about them. Well, Camilo is a new state of the art glasses. It's the next wave of the future.

These glasses, when you turn them on and off, they could go from light to dark. You can see my eyes. Yeah. Right.

And now you can't. And then you can have audio. You got Bluetooth. You can have, you know, the music playing from your phone. So you don't have to use AirPods anymore.

Right. If you've got to talk on the phone, you can talk right on the phone with your sunglasses. So if you have the beats chilling out, you don't got to go pick your phone up and put it on your phone. You can keep your phone in your bag and don't get hot anymore and then burn. And then, you know, you got to put your phone down.

Your phone is getting hot. That's done. That's over with.

Them days it's over with. All you're doing is talking to Siri. And then eventually the advance would have the technology with the inside of the glasses. But this is the first part of doing something that is revolutionary, is different. And it's something that would, you know, you know, people would gravitate towards. We have all different kinds.

We have some kinds where you can touch the glasses and have different colors. It's for girls. It's not just for men.

So you can touch the, you can touch and tap. And it'll go from pink to orange to blue. Yeah. So, you know, people can go and check it out on C-H-A-M-E-L-O.

Once again, that's He's Stefan Marbury. Stefan, this is great. Appreciate it. Thank you.

Yes. Thanks for having me. There he is. What an excellent conversation with Stefan Marbury. Really did enjoy that. That was a whole lot of fun to hear his excitement about the New York Knicks.

Okay. We'll take the time out. When we come on back, we go from the hardwood to the ice. A lot of craziness in hockey last night. We got to dissect that when we return.

You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. We'll spend a minute or two talking some playoff pucks right now. You had two great games last night. So the Florida Panthers were on their home ice. And this is for a game five. They're up 3-1 trying to eliminate the Boston Bruins. And you take a look at the ending of that game in the third period. It was just wild. You know, Pasternak, I thought definitely put the puck in the net.

I've watched it a thousand times. I would have put him up 3-1. I don't know how he didn't put that puck in. And then at the end, when the Cats are trying to get a late goal in the final seconds to extend this game and get it into overtime and just rip the hearts out of the Boston Bruins. Swamin made a great save.

I don't know. Reinhardt didn't put that puck in the net either. It was absolutely chaos. But let me take you back because I'm just a sucker for hearing the local radio calls during the playoffs. Let's go to the second period. This is 10-25 into the period. It's 1-1 game. This is the Charlie McAvoy goal, which ended up somehow, some way being the game winner with how many chances there were in the third period for the Bruins to extend their lead or the Panthers to tie it up.

But there was no luck either way. And the Bruins ended up holding on off this goal to win the game 2-1. Coyle sidesteps a check to Frederick in flight over the line right side. Right circle. Drops Coyle.

Back into the slot. McAvoy shoots. He scores!

Charlie McAvoy sizzles it home. His first in the playoffs. Bruins 2, Panthers 1. And that's the Bruins radio network. So you watch that game, and it was breathtaking.

It really was. And there is, to me, there is nothing like playoff hockey. With the atmosphere in those buildings, how close those games are, the comebacks that we have seen, you know, no series in hockey is truly over until it's over. And you saw how many chances the Panthers had last night to maybe tie it up and to end this series. And the fact that none of them went in was absolutely bonkers.

And it speaks to how good Swamin was in that. But now that series is 3-2 going back to Boston. And you've seen it now in both Eastern Conference series that are remaining. Where the Rangers were up 3-1 at home. Right? They get that goal from Jacob Truba.

I'm going nuts with all the whiskey gingers that I had at Madison Square Garden that night in the box I was in. And I'm thinking, okay, up 1-0 as you go into the third period. Game's not over, obviously. Carolina has a great team. But I'm thinking to myself, you got a short-handed goal by your captain, Jacob Truba, who has really done nothing in this postseason.

And they had a good spot. But then Carolina had a great effort in the third period. And the Rangers were just lifeless.

Really lifeless in that third. So you've now seen in both Eastern Conference series where it feels like momentum is starting to shift. But just because momentum is starting to shift doesn't mean that the Rangers and Panthers aren't going to win these series. But now you go from both of these teams, the Panthers and the Rangers being up 3-1 on their home ice, losing Game 5, and now you have to go into a road building.

Right? Boston now going back home. Panthers trying to close them out. And wouldn't it be so—because you've got to remember, last year, the Bruins were up 3-1.

That started the Panthers' great run to the Stanley Cup final. Can you imagine if the Bruins get their payback this year after being down 3—oh, Sully would be insufferable. I was texting with Sully last night during the game. I love Sully.

Because he's so emotional this time of the year. And whenever you mention a player on the other team, he just says, bleep that guy! You know, in Sully's thick Bostonian mass-hole type of accent. And last night, I texted Sully, I can't believe the Reinhardt goal didn't go in, and he's like, bleep Reinhardt!

Bleep him! How about the Sweden? How about Sweden? Sully was going bonkers last night. But in both those series, it's going to be fascinating to see what's going to happen now in Game 6. Because you go—not that you can't win a Game 7 in your own building for both those teams, but you blow a 3-1 lead.

That's tough to do. That is tough to do to then win that Game 7. I think the Panthers will find a way to close out this series in Boston.

I actually like both road teams in Game 6. Which, not to sound like McLovin and go against the grain, like Andrew Perloff does, but the Panthers, man, they're to me the best team remaining in the Stanley Cup playoffs. I think they're the best team, and no one—no one thinks the Rangers are going to win Game 6.

No one does. No one thinks the Rangers are going into Carolina, and they're going to find a way to take the hurricane. Just listening by all the analysis, how the Rangers went up 3-0 in this series, right? They're up 3-0 in this series, and a lot of people thought that the Rangers—because in Game 2 and Game 3, they didn't play great. They were outshot in both of them, and they found a way to get the overtime winners. And a lot of people think that—and even Vegas, they think Carolina's the bad—I'm talking the whole series. So, I think the Rangers win Game 6.

Get, you know, either Panarin or Zibanezet have to step up. And then, when you get into the Bruins and the end of the Panthers series, I just think the Panthers are a better team. But that becomes a fascinating spot where you had chances to eliminate those teams on your home ice, and now you've got to go into their building as the Panthers go to Boston and the Rangers go to Carolina, both teams up 3-2.

And then, you thought the Bruins and the Panthers game was nuts. The Oilers-Canucks game was bonkers last night. So, Edmonton down 2-1 in the series. Give a lot of credit to Tockett, the coach of Vancouver, coming off the TNT set.

He's done a sensational job with the Canucks. And you see Leon Drysidil and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins put the Oilers up 2-0 early, in their own building trying to tie up this series 2-2. The Canucks get two third period goals.

The second one came with 18-19 into the period. So, you're less than two minutes remaining at this point. Pull the goalie, you tie it up at 2-2.

So, what does everyone think? Oh, that game's going to go to overtime. And you have a team that gets the goal late in the third, they carry over the momentum into overtime, and then they steal one on the Oilers home ice, and they take a commanding 3-1 seriously. Well, 61 seconds later, with under a minute to go in the game, Evan Bouchard hits this goal. And Edmonton at home, you want to talk about theatrics and a building just going crazy.

On this goal, it did that. Let's listen up to Oilers radio. I couldn't believe that.

I thought that'd be a little bit more of a better call. That was the Oilers radio network? Man, play me that one more time.

Well, let me hear that one more time. We're tied at two. Tricettle behind the Vancouver net.

Send it out in front. Bouchard has shot. Score! 3-2 Edmonton! 38 seconds to play!

Really? If that was Dave Mishkin who does the lightning games, Bouchard would have to put his level on the board at the lowest rate possible, because he would have blown all of our eardrums out. I don't know if that's... Well, no, it can't be local TV at this point, because you're in the second round. That's Oilers radio. That's not something streaming or something where you can see it. That sounded more like a TV type of call.

That's crazy. And that game, I was up late watching that, obviously stuck around for the Nuggets and the Timberwolves game, so I knew last night was going to be a late night. But that call did not do that moment justice. Where Vancouver looks like they're going to stun you in your own building, get the game to overtime, where they get the goal within two minutes to go. And then 61 seconds later, with under a minute left in the game, you put that puck in the net to win the game.

3-2 and tie the series at 2-2. Man, I thought you'd hear a little bit more electricity from the announcer. A little more exuberance, if I may say so myself. Alrighty. It is a Winkler Wednesday. We'll do so on the other side. We'll connect with Bart Winkler. Let's get the latest update in though first.

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Minimum $10 per order, additional term supply. The wait is over. That's right. Season five of the Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television.

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Kick off your summer and shop in store or online at Whole Foods Market today. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. It's an epic battle for the Infinity Sports Network. Zach, lethargic, putrid, pathetic. Quitters, they're quitters.

What a joke, Bart. Something fun to talk about. That's what we do here. It's like, hey, guys, it's like we're just hanging out at a bar talking sports.

It's time for Winkler Wednesday, only on the Zach Gelb show. So this year when we were at the Final Four in Phoenix, you know, they have a bunch of radio stations out there and the national shows were yours truly, Doug Gottlieb's. And then also you had Sirius out there, too, you know, their college channel. So I was talking to Doug Gottlieb when we were out there and I guess Santa used to produce him or it was like a board up for him back in the day. And he was talking about how much he wants to coach. And we've known this before with Doug, like he's been up for jobs in the past or there's been or he's talked about how he wanted to coach in the past. And I saw that the other day that Doug Gottlieb has now been named the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay head coach. So, you know, sometimes in this radio business, like people won't say the names of other networks and technically we're up against Doug and, you know, it's viewed as competition.

And I have no problem mention another host or mention another network. So congratulations to Doug Gottlieb. So now when we talk about him becoming the next basketball coach at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and still continue to do his radio show, I think of one man and one man only. And that's Bart Winkler. That is Mr. Wisconsin, who joins us right now. Bart, how are you? You a big fan of the Gottlieb hire? I don't know. He's another another station.

Can we mention his name? I'll say this about the hire. Like for Doug.

Wow. For Doug, like you want to be a coach forever. OK, you got a university to give you a job.

Division one. You also you also got them to let you still do your radio show. For Doug and his career aspirations, nothing but kudos and congratulations.

Here comes a but I'm sensing a but somewhere. For the University of Green Bay. This is a meme hire and this makes you a meme university like this makes you look this makes you look silly and desperate. Why?

And stupid. If you're going to hire a head coach and the Horizon League, like all of these one bid leagues, this is a one bid league for the tournament. This is a tough league. This is a bus league. You know, this is not a extravagant league. And you're going to have to put in the grind. And the moment you get a guy that's relatively decent, like what happens?

Oh, a bigger school comes and plucks them from that conference now with the transfer portal. I think that the college coaches and especially the ones that I've talked to and the ones that I've seen in action, just not even the full picture. But I can't think of a job where there's not enough hours in the week and I'm not talking like 40, 50, 60, however many you work. Yeah, we're at 68 there on the clock all the time. But also to be fair, he has a Bill Rider type of shift. He does two hours, you know, our Zach, you do three. So what if I were before I've done five, I've done six, I've done seven, I've done eight, but two hours.

Yeah, on the weekends you do eight. What if though, what if Doug Gottlieb all of a sudden is 30 and five every year and goes to the conference tournament, wins it, goes to March Madness. Then it just shows everybody, it reveals the secret, how little work we have to put in to our profession. We don't want that. So all radio hosts, even though he's one of us, he could be rooting against Doug.

So the secret's not out. So here's my take on it. And I know that Bart is marinated in sarcasm today as he joins us as always, Bart Winkler. I meant every word of that. So I actually am more surprised that Fox is letting him continue to do his radio show rather than the university is. Like, no offense.

And you know me, I never looked down on the little fella. But how often are people ever talking about the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay when it comes to basketball? This will at least get people talking about them at the higher. And also it provides a major platform with a major network for those students that go there because you don't think Doug's not going to put in a kid or two on his show. Or Colin Coward isn't going to talk about Gottlieb who's been a colleague of his forever. So I'm actually surprised that Fox is allowing him to do both. I think it's more of a gain for the university than it is for Fox because it takes away from the preparation of doing the show and all that stuff.

I suppose so. I mean, it's going to take away preparation of doing the game. I saw Gottlieb talk about this and he says it's going to be a two-way street. You know, sponsors that can bring in money. Just the fact that I'm there helps both. I think from an NI Health perspective and sponsors, that's going to help the university.

I don't think if there's a recruit that's 17 years old, honestly. Is he going to get oohed and aahed because he's going on Doug Gottlieb's radio show? Do they know who Doug Gottlieb is? Maybe because he did some TV. Maybe because he did TV with, I think when he was here with us at the time, CBS. I would think Infinity would let me coach somewhere just to get exposure on my show.

They can't wait to get you out of the building. I can't even get a damn article written about me. Yeah, why have you been tweeting at all these sites to get articles written? You got press when you got hired. You know, I remember a bunch of these outlets were reaching out to me. Come on, I'm like the first Midwest guy, first Wisconsin for sure on a national platform. Let's go. Give me some press.

Not even my hometown paper called me up. Maybe you call up like Chaka Smart and you ask if you could be like a ball boy on the Marquette staff. And then you could be a ball boy during the day and then at night you could host the very successful Bo Winkler show.

I would do that. But now that I know that we can coach Division one with no prior experience. Oh, you. I've got you. Oh, OK. All right. Gee, every you coach think they can coach.

I hate to remind you. Well, you probably don't care about him anymore because no longer on your show. You were the show that had your your producer a week ago is now no longer your producer saying because he coaches JV basketball. He could coach the Lakers.

I just have to call a spade a spade here. Isn't that doesn't that suck that he left the show right before this happened? It's like he knew and he and he ducked out. But what's the name of the school that Gottlieb's coaching again? What is the University of Green Bay, Wisconsin?

Is that what it is? It's the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. Shep can't even get that job, but he thinks he's going to get the Lakers job. He can't even he's the JV coach.

You can't even get varsity. Yeah. Hey, buddy. You see, you leave Bart, then Bart goes unleashed all against you.

I'll stab you in the back over and over again. That's just too good of a joke not to make. Bart Winkler here with us. So NBA wise, let's get into what has happened with the Nuggets. I know you were pulling for the Timberwolves. This series was 2 0 in favor of Minnesota.

Now it's 3 2 and it feels like this is over and Denver will win one more game in the series. So I fancy myself as someone that knows a lot about the NBA playoffs. I just feel like I'm I feel like I'm superior at watching it, citing when the Bucks were down to out of the Suns.

And I thought they'd still win the finals and everyone thought it was over. And I was that host that ripped you for that. Well, I was talking to one of my old co-hosts the other day.

We were texting back and forth after the Timberwolves went up 2 0. And he says, Bart, I think you're right about the Timberwolves. And I go, I am right. I know playoff basketball better than anyone.

I go, I don't get a lot right. But when I'm right, I'm right. I know. I am.

I am superior. Well, they haven't won a game in that series since. So I'm maybe not as smart as I thought. Yeah, I think what one big thing that happened in that series. And I don't know that Jamal Murray should have been suspended.

I know like retroactively. He should have been. I thought he should have been suspended, but the commissioner doesn't have a spine. Well, he wasn't at that game either. He only suspends people if he's at the game. He's very reactional and very emotional. I think he's the worst commissioner we have.

Spineless silver. I'm not a fan of his him and Rob Manfred. They could go away and come back, I think, because that series started earlier. It started Saturday and then played Monday. And then remember the Knicks and Pacers played on Wednesday. And it was the only game that night.

And you thought, well, it lines up with you. But they took a three week break. So it really gave the Nuggets time to just refocus. Jokic wins the MVP in that time, which he's told to his face from Shaq, I don't think you deserve this. So we can say all we want about how Jokic just loves his horses. But I mean, when you are going on to accept the MVP and Shaquille O'Neal tells you you didn't deserve it. I mean, you're not in this league if you don't have the competitive nature to be like, all right, I got to I got to step up.

My team's got to step. And he embarrassed Gobert last night because the crazy part is Gobert in game two did not play because, you know, him and his wife or girlfriend, I don't know the relationship. They had a child and he missed the game. And Jokic, the first time ever got shut down. And then what we've seen since then, Superman put back on his cape. And last night, that's one of the great performances you'll ever see. It really is. And he embarrassed the defensive player of the year in Rudy Gobert.

Yeah, and it looks like of all the series. Well, I mean, the Celtics, if there's no Donovan Mitchell tonight, that'll probably wrap up. And then that Denver series looks like it's on its way. Nicks and Pacers, we're probably going to see the Pacers win at home and then the Knicks win at home.

I would agree. Thunder and Mavs. I don't know, but pendulum to me is swung in favor of OKC because it looked like the Mavs were going to go up 3-1. And then SGA just was brilliant and Luca Dantas couldn't hit a free throw. Well, the problem with that is that Luca's hurt playing through it.

You know what? I know he's hurt, but I said this the other day, I'll say it again. It kind of reminded me of like Urban Meyer, where anytime something wouldn't go Urban Meyer's way, he'd fall down on the sideline and it would look like he was having a heart attack. Anytime Luca did something in a negative way the other night, he's grabbing the knee. I get it. It's a legitimate knee sprain. You miss a free throw. You got to make both those free throws at the end of the game. That's the bottom line.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, if you're going to play, you got to because like Brunson's been hurt, but he was amazing last night. Yeah, I do think maybe maybe this is just because we're in the actual moment right now.

Maybe it's anecdotal. I do feel like there's more injuries this playoffs or that injuries are affecting it more. Like if you're the magic, if you're the Orlando Magic, you're like, couldn't you have at least just let us beat you then? If you're going to go to the next round and not play with Jared Allen or Donovan Mitchell, like what's the point? The Celtics are going to get to the Eastern Conference Finals. It's still losing games. They shouldn't have because they have no mental to game twos. And I don't know if they're going for that game five money or what the deal is. And what we're doing all this, we're doing all this and we're we're going to end up with Denver and Boston, just like we all thought. That's no fun.

That sucks. In all likelihood, probably. I think that'd be a very fun NBA finals. But the greatness of Nicole Jokic, that to me is like in the east, it feels like the story has been Jaylen Brunson for a while in the West.

It was Anthony Edwards. But now, since it looks like the Nuggets are going to win that series, I think there's been more national respect now on the Thunder, especially after the other night. But to see what Jokic has done, we're getting into an all time great cut. I would rarely say that someone's a top 10 player of all time after like eight or nine seasons. But to see where this guy was at and now what he is and still with how young he is, only being 29, you're going into a top 10 conference. He's better than Durant. His career right now is better than Durant's career. He's got three MVPs, a championship and a finals MVP. And his championship means more than Durant's two championships. I'm having a hard time with this because if you look at the NBA the last few years and say he's the MVP three of the last four years, I go, sure, fine. But now when you stack them against the guys that have won three and he is in a league company, I'm like, are we ready? Is this guy's a top 10 NBA player all time closing in? I know I'm having a hard time. Like I'm having a hard time accepting that, but there's nothing I can do to stop it. He's the results are the results.

And just as long as this continues, like, let's say I think you'll play more than five years, but you never know. But like right now, it already has three MVP. So you probably think bare minimum, he wins two more. And if he wins another, probably two more, his stick that he doesn't care.

I think that helps him. I think the media, I think we fall into it. Like he would, one of these MVPs he does not have if he's not a horse loving guy who hates basketball.

I think we're all falling for this trap. I think what some people say, how they call him boring is just ridiculous. Like, yeah, he may have a boring personality, but last night was really the first time you saw him take on a personality because he wanted to stick it to go bear last night. There was no games.

The game's not boring, but some people said as well as anybody. Yeah, he passes as well as anybody in the league and you know, shots on conventional, but he does anybody have a conventional shot anymore? Tyrese is bounce passing shots into the backboard and Jokic is just overhand weaving them.

The hell are we doing here? He's Bart Winkler. You can listen to him tonight and every week night on the infinity sports network from 10 p.m. To 2 a.m. Eastern time. That was good form. And you can watch bottom and YouTube when he joins us as he was just showing us his shooting. I can't I can't physically shoot at three.

I don't have enough strength to get it there. Yeah, that's that's fine. We'll teach you one day. We'll get chef to teach a chef and Gottlieb will teach you a coach up and you'll be an all-star coming on back.

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