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Stephon Marbury | Former NBA All-Star

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 15, 2024 4:48 pm

Stephon Marbury | Former NBA All-Star

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 15, 2024 4:48 pm

Former NBA Star Stephon Marbury joins Zach to talk about Jalen Brunson's dominance, as well as some playoff hockey.


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All righty, welcome back in. Now we're number two of our radio program. It is the Zach Gelb Show on the Infinity Sports Network. I see this guy at Madison Square Garden a ton these days. He's hanging out with John Starks and he's enjoying a lot of New York Knicks victories as the Knickerbockers are up 3-2 in the NBA Series second round up against the Indiana Pacers. Always rocking those fresh shades as well.

We'll talk about them in just a bit. And that is a man whose shoes I actually once wore as a kid growing up on Long Island going to Stephen Barry's with the Starburys and that of course is Stephon Marbury joining us right now. Steph, appreciate it. How you been my man? I'm blessed man.

I can't complain. Enjoying the playoffs here in New York. Hometown.

Homegrown. Beautiful time for basketball. Being here to see the Knicks doing what they're doing. Playing in the playoff. Fighting to try to go into the Eastern Conference Final to try to get back into the championship after so long.

So it's a beautiful thing and it's a beautiful time. The Rangers like wow I went to the Ranger game that was the best. Like that was hockey is like that's a whole other story but hockey is definitely by far the hardest sport ever to play. It's not even close. What would Stephon Marbury look like if we ever got you on the ice? Oh my god. I don't know. I just want to I just want to be able to like be on like the side and then slide in through the middle and then like man it's it's amazing because it's like watching soccer it's like watching soccer on ice and basketball at the same time and then the level of focus and commitment like somebody hits you not to hit somebody with a stick like and then I learned don't hit the goalie yeah go it's over with like all of the different things I'm like yo I love these roofs it's like gladiator style on ice with with a puck like this can you imagine swinging that thing and like that's that's crazy I would fall flat on my face I'm a huge hockey fan and in the NBA man I'm loving it we don't see any fights in the NBA anymore and hockey you touch the goalie all hell breaks loose you're right it's over with it's over my friend I brought him Jacob uh Jacob look let me tell you I brought this kid to the I brought them he he never he he never been to a ranging game and he he loved the Rangers and I didn't know that he loved hockey and he was explaining the game to me I was like oh my god I wanted somebody to teach me about the game because you know you're watching the game and you don't really know what's going on it's boring but when you know what's going on and you enter it and you learn like it was easy to learn the rules he was like it's like basketball once he said that it automatically clicked and then I started watching and everybody jumped up at the same time the congressman from I mean the government governor Christie he was it he was there Dolan every it was just it was it was incredible it was great but let me get back to the hardwood as Stefan Marbury is here with us you got to describe your emotions like we saw them last night but when you see Jalen Brunson pop off for 44 points and win game five take me through how you kind of process what you're seeing we're seeing magic we're seeing positive energy in New York being manifested Rick Brunson he played for the Knicks his son he brought him here he brought him and allowed him to go on the court running on the court shooting he's heard those loud noises those cheers when those big boys when those big shots was made at the end of games so he's familiar with that feeling he understands it he was built for it and for him to be this positive and this is so you know so deeply humble you can tell that it comes from his parents you know from being guided in a proper way and you know speaking and thinking and never making excuses or mistakes I'm never making excuses about the mistakes that he's made owning up to it in New York knowing that that's like that's that's fortune you know and being able to see him do what he did in a pivotal game it only shows that you know him being recognized as a superstar in his lead you know he earned it he earned the stripes doing it in a mecca and Madison Square got it game five a pivotal game this is the this is to have two more shots they only got one shot you know we would have been the ones going into their home court if we would lose this game last night and going into going into indie we already know it's gonna be it's gonna be hard to do that as Pacers know it's going to be hard to beat us in the Pacers and then come into the garden and beat us come on stop it whatever's going on everything gots to it gots to freeze if that happens it's a game seven indie everything out of freeze and everybody got to pay pay focus to that I'm wherever is wherever I'm at I'm like I gotta tell them like look I gotta stop this is important this is for the city I gotta go and my favorite part my favorite part about this team is just the toughness like I could watch this team play any day just because of how tough of a group they are with all these injuries too great grind like Bert I can't even say enough about him that just shows the preparation that Tibbs when you trust him trust your coach that's our leader you gotta trust his decisions right like like for so many years they trust they trusted Bill Belichick right there's a reason why they trust him they trust him because he was the leader and then he showed why consistently over and over why this is what we're building we're trying to get towards that Tibbs is the guy right Tibbs has everyone prepped and prepared focused with understanding a guy Burke he sits on the bench you think he don't want to play it's the playoffs everybody want to play this is the time to shine this is where you get paid at fine finally Burke his number gets called like that's him being prepped and ready prepared that's making sure that he's doing what he's supposed to do inside the weight room inside the conditioning to come out doing shooting drills game speed like that I know that's happening because I know that's Tibbs I was under his tutelage at one time when I was in in Boston so I got a chance to see how he operated so being able to see this guy get on the basketball court and play the way how he played with confidence shooting the three-point shot from the corner knocking it down faking ball faking shooting pull-ups like that's like you've been already on the court whooping and people say oh why wasn't he playing you can't question that this is the moment we needed him we needed him for that moment game five when everybody's hurt and people looking around and here comes Burke he says I have a cape too and it drives me bonkers Stefan Marbury I'm glad what you said about Tom Fibidoe because after game four you have so many people oh his demanding coaching style has ruined this team and has forced all these injuries and I'm watching it saying he's exceeded all expectations this guy has been so successful in New York and it's wild to me how he doesn't get more national praise I mean he's not going to get national praise until he wins and that's why it's so much push down that's why we got to keep pushing up and we keep pushing up but now more and more of New York is starting to come together see it's easy to divide us but now because the culture is changing he's bringing in that college field that Villa that that Nova Nix you know what I'm saying you start doing the Nova Nix now now you have a college field you have the chemistry with Dante with Hart and Jalen those guys have a chemistry that you just can't disconnect there's no breaking that like that formula is magical because they won at a level where you and I know college basketball is huge in America that's the that's a that's a plateau right that's a plateau for some and some become famous and live on from being college players let alone extending towards being and greatness in the NBA right so that's a that's a part that those guys are well familiar with and by them winning at that level they already understand that they understand the fanfare that comes with that the fanatics that come with that you know they felt that and that college it's even with more enthusiasm because it's of their peers you got what I'm saying opposed to NBA it's older people it's different generations but in college it's just that it's the seniors and the freshmen and that's impactful you got to go to college to feel that and understand that and a lot of guys some guys that went to the NBA they got to just understand adult life you got what I'm saying they didn't get a chance to grow and some people need that but these guys these guys they they have that and now with with with Leon and West what they're putting together they're putting together a nice nucleus and you can see it inside of the garden it has beautiful light watching this I will follow this I will pay money to be a season ticket holder to watch that type of basketball along with a mixture yes Jalen will grow he will learn more about getting up off the ball at certain situations he's still young in his career right he's growing into his superstardom yes Dante will play with more toughness last night I feel like he played a better game last night than the game that he played where he had 35 something points I feel like his his energy was it was through the roof Stefan Marbury here with us let me ask you about Dante DiVincenzo because I loved what he said after the game and he was getting into it with the Pacers and he said hey that team they're trying to be tough guys do you kind of see that when you watch Indiana they're trying to be someone they're not it doesn't matter they were on the road they were losing they got they beat us bad one one night and then we beat them in the daytime and then we beat them bad at night time and now they're frustrated and they're mad and they feel what they feel it's okay it's this is it's chatter it's basketball neither one of those guys want to get fined big big money for fighting and they don't want to get kicked out for no game so it's just like barking like you know then you put the dog right next to the other dog and then you don't hear nothing and then you put it back and then they start barking that's basically what that is it's cool let's talk basketball well how about how it's been with uh watching those games with john starks because i love it you guys have emotion just like your fans you can't even get a handshake down correctly last night you're bumping into each other just going nuts how excited you guys are okay so for me my i'm laser sharp i'm laser focused into the game every single play i'm watching me as a nick fan growing up here before this court was like i said i gotta keep saying that this court is where i dreamed about playing like along with every other kid who who learns about madison square garden once you learn about madison square garden you understand the the the beauty of it the fortune in it the positive energy that's in it because everybody that goes inside of madison square garden they want to put on their absolute best they don't want nothing else they want to destroy madison square garden so you're getting that energy from all of the people that go to perform so for me seeing this right playing there like i played high school i lost two years in high school then finally won my senior year then played college against iverson a classic didn't play there with the nicks i know the noise i understand it like i watched it bernard king worries roy sparrow like all of the players not not just pat like tucker everybody like i was one of those kids watching bernard king get busy right black and white tvs i was that kid so being there watching it and watching a guard do what it is that they're doing up close person and then i coached for four years so you know my coaching experience gave me more insight and understanding about the game so when i see that i'm like wow he's doing this with no athleticism like this is all skill based you know what i'm saying this is all work like on the ground work if he added jumping and dunking and all of that to his game it would be different but god is fair right lebron can shoot free throws sometimes he shoots airballs but you know bernson is doing the same things that lebron did and he's only six foot he's six eight 280 it's you know you see the difference like it's just different type of willpower but last guard last thing i want to ask you before we talk about the shades obviously the camel make sure you check it out do you think this is it for minnesota they were up 2-0 now they're down 3-2 in the series they're going up against joker and murray how do you kind of think this series will play on out with denver being up 3-2 well i'll tell you like this you're playing against the champs and when you're playing against the champs you can't play good games you have to play great games right you winning by 25 30 points against the champs that doesn't faze them they know what they did wrong right if they lose by that much they know what they did wrong right when they win they know what you did wrong and now right now you gotta basically knock them out so when you play against the joker a guy was one mvp three years in a row the most skilled big man to ever touch a basketball the joker i said it whenever you play against a player like that and then you have the supporting cast you have to make sure when you play against them you make no mistakes and a mistake can be getting too high right and now when you lose on your court and then you got to go back to their court when you beat them on their court you got to try to reduplicate that but the thing is they made the adjustment on your court so it's going to be a different series going to be different so we got to wait and see all righty stephan marber before we let you run i love the shades been rocking them all throughout the postseason i've been seeing your court side celebrating the nicks the floor is yours tell me about them well camilo is a new state-of-the-art glasses it's the next wave of the future these glasses when you turn them on and off they could go from light to dark you can see my eyes yeah right and now 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