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NFL Top 10 Mock Draft (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 19, 2024 6:04 pm

NFL Top 10 Mock Draft (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 19, 2024 6:04 pm

Zach does a mock draft for the first 10 picks l Brendan Haywood, CBS Sports CBB Analyst joins the show l More interest in Men's or Women's NCAA Tournament?

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That's slash grow. Alrighty, Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio. The Jets have made an off-season signing. We know over the weekend on Friday evening they signed Terron Smith who is still a very good player. The problem just is his availability and there is going to be a stretch this season when he's unavailable because of injuries. The Jets are also signing another player who has potential, who is a good player when healthy. The problem is we always have to say when he's healthy.

Former Chargers wide receiver, this is breaking news right now according to Ian Rappaport, Mike Williams is signing with the Jets on a one-year deal worth up to $15 million and it's another weapon for Aaron Rodgers and he visited there today. I don't know if you saw this story. There was a Jet fan who I guess is also like a social media kind of influencer. Is that the right way to say it?

Content creator? However you want to word it. He sent a pork roll to the Jets facility for Mike Williams. Like he went on Uber Eats and scheduled a pork roll delivery for Mike Williams and the Jets tweeted it out, hey we got the order. So I don't know if Mike Williams had a few bites of the pork roll, teller ham, whatever you want to call it.

But that was enough to sweeten the pot a little bit. Also a one-year deal worth up to $15 million to get Mike Williams to land with the Jets. See the Jets, Santa's not going to like this because even though he puts up this front, he is a Chiefs fan. He's still down deep as a Jet fan. You doubt me, I'm Chiefs Kingdom all the way.

Yeah until we see, like if I didn't say that right there and I had your reaction, we would hear the excitement that you had over this and that would tell me all I need to know. The Jets are making moves this year where on the surface it makes it look like they're better. Like the fact that Mike Williams is now their number two wide receiver makes them better. The fact that they got Terron Smith in their offensive line makes them better. But then what happens when Terron Smith is hurt? What happens when Mike Williams gets hurt?

Because these guys miss a lot of games. So this is a make or break year for the Jets and we know the protection and getting more weapons around Darren Rogers is so important. So yes it's better to have these guys than to not have them, but I don't think it's that far fetched six games into the season. You could be saying, holy crap, Terron Smith got hurt and now you're back to where you were a year ago. Or Mike Williams gets hurt and then it's like, oh, Allen Lazar, if he's still on this team, is back to being the second wide receiver for Aaron Rodgers. So I almost feel as if the Jets are making moves that will elicit excitement from the fan base, but there is still like a 25% of me, and I'm not a Jet fan, but 25% of me that's just really skeptical with what the Jets are doing because it's a fix.

But will it be a quick fix? And then the injuries pop up and then it's like, oh, well, what progress did you really make from one season to the next? So that's what concerns me here, Samter, with the New York Jets and what they're trying to do.

And they sit at the draft of 10 and it's like, you still have that conversation. Do you take an offensive lineman as some insurance? Because Terron Smith is not a long-term answer. And then if he gets hurt, boom, you could plug in a left tackle for the future or something like that. Yeah, I think the Jets are in an interesting position.

I mean, they might be lining themselves up. I was just looking at the Mel Kuiper mock draft. He has the Jets taking Brock Bowers 10. So I guess it kind of sets up well if the Jets covered their three areas of need on offense, tackle, tackle, wide receiver.

Again, I don't know if Terron Smith or Mike Williams can stay healthy because they never do. But if they're comfortable with that, they can go Brock Bowers with number 10. And now Aaron Rodgers has a number one wide receiver, a good number two who can stay healthy potentially. He's got two bookend tackles.

He's got a first-round pick guard, a second-round pick center coming into his second year in Tippmann. And then you've got Brock Bowers and then obviously that great run game behind it. So, you know, with Breece Hall, it's lining up. If these guys can stay healthy with that Jets defense and if Aaron Rodgers can stay healthy, health is the picture for the Jets. But with that defense and like the guys they brought in on like these short-term prove it deals, these guys who are going to want to try to stay healthy so they can get this big contract. I mean, I'm not saying it's Super Bowl, but I'm saying that the Chiefs might have, you know, my Chiefs might have a little bit of a challenge. The Jets aren't anywhere close to being the biggest contender to the Chiefs in the AFC. The Jets are the team and they do this every year and it just shows your roots and how you were raised and where your fandom is. The Jets are the car that's in the lot and it's like, oh, we got a great deal. Oh, this great old car, it looks great. And you think you're getting a great car and then you drive it away from the lot, you drive it away from the dealership and you get in your driveway for a week or two, it drives nicely, maybe even a month. And then a month later, there's a light that pops on.

And then you realize you have a faulty engine as well. If there's a way for something to go wrong, the Jets will find a way for something to go wrong. It's just the reality of the situation. You want to tell me the Jets are a playoff team? Okay. I can't even guarantee that. But the Bengals are still a much bigger threat to Kansas City than the Jets. I know you're just making that sound effect to try to get me riled up. It's not going to work today.

All right. It's not even close. The Bengals actually accomplished some things. The Jets are just selling you off hope. Heck, I still trust the Bills more than the Jets. Yeah, because that quarterback got hurt. So do the Jets. And the Bengal, why am I even arguing this with you?

Like, seriously, you know Jamar Chase. They still have T. Higgins for now. And that team, they're the only team that's actually put a dent into Kansas City when they beat them three times in a row in one of those AFC Championship games. Like the Jets right now, you can make a case they win their division. I'll still trust the Buffalo Bills more than the Jets. And I'll still trust the Miami Dolphins more than the Jets. You know me, I don't trust the Miami Dolphins all that much with the way that I opened up this show. The Miami Dolphins lost like half their defense.

And I'm all aware. And you got Chubb coming off an injury, Phillips coming off an injury. But come on, the Jets are one injury away from this offensive line going right back to where it was a year ago.

And that's being a bleep show. And every year they tell you how much they fixed the offensive line. And Joe Douglas has never fixed the offensive line. I'm not saying you shouldn't make these moves, but I'll even, the Texans, I trust more than the Jets entering this year with what CJ Shrouds done.

They got your guy, Daniel Hunter, to compliment Will Anderson Jr. as well. They traded for Joe Mixon. The Jets are a wild card team. You know, I know they could win the division maybe, but I think the Jets, they could be a wild card team.

And I think their apex is just winning a playoff game. Rogers couldn't get it done in the NFC. So now Rogers in a tougher conference is going to get it done in the AFC coming off an Achilles injury. I'm just not buying what the Jets are trying to sell. Hey, he's not running for VP. We know that for sure. His focus is fully on football at this point. He's going all in, baby. He's not going to work his butt off to come back from an Achilles injury just to kind of, you know, mess around and lollygag all over the field.

I'm not saying they're messing around. Aaron Rogers, Breece Hall, Garrett Wilson, Mike Williams, potentially Brock Bowers, Tyron Smith, Morgan Moses, Elijah Vera Tucker, Tippmann at the center, the second year, second round centers. Centers don't go in the second round unless they're really, really good.

Does that sound like a soft Gardner? And you've got Quincy Williams and Quinnen Williams. You got McDonald and you've got Jermaine Johnson.

I mean, they got talent everywhere. Can you just stop? Like, just admit it. You put up this front with the Kansas City Chiefs nonsense. You're still a Jets homer. John Franklin Myers. This is Eddie Javon Kinlaw. And you're going to slobber over Michael Clemons.

Are you going to slobber walk in? Michael Clemons walking in to training camp to report once again with the shirt off and how it's the greatest thing in the world. And most importantly, they just re-signed Thomas Morstead to punter. Stop. I mean, come on now. Stop. What do you think the Jets were going to do last year?

What did you think they were going to do? I'm just asking. How do you get into the season? I thought the Jets were 10, 10 and seven, 11 and six, depending on Aaron Rogers. And he got hurt with socks. Well, yeah.

And four plays into it. I realized the football gods hated me in the Jets, so I stopped liking them. So now the football gods, a year later, all of a sudden going to start liking you.

You know what? After what they did last year, they've been laughing at us for what? Since 1969, they've been laughing at us. And us?

I thought you were a Chiefs fan. Well, I was an us until this happened. They were laughing at us for all of my life.

And then they just, they pulled this move last year. And I feel like the football gods is like, all right, you know, now we're even. Broadway, Joe, you guaranteed a Super Bowl. We injured your star quarterback after four plays and embarrassed you on national television after you ran out with an American flag and the hope was higher than it's ever been in the Meadowlands for your gang green. We're even. Football gods were even.

Okay. I'm telling you, you actually think the Jets can get to a Super Bowl this year? If they stay healthy, you're delusional. If they stay healthy, this team rivals any team on any team on a talent level.

Oh, are you on a talent level? They don't have more talent than the 49ers. They don't have more talent than the Eagles.

They rival or at least can be in the conversation. Garrett Wilson is an all pro caliber wide receiver. Tyrant Smith was the second ranked tackle last year. Morgan Moses, 10th.

Eliza Vera Tucker was a first round guard. You don't know crap about was the second round center. Give me a future hall of Famer. Priest Hall was going to win offensive rookie of the year before we got hurt.

If they bring Brock Bowers in, he's going to be level time out time out. I'm not saying you guys are dreadful. You guys have a good team, but for you to sit up here and say they have more talent. They write, they could rival any team in the NFL from a talent standpoint. Give me a break. You look on the defense, John Franklin Myers, Jayvon Kinlaw, Quinnen Williams, Jermaine Johnson, Will McDonald, all first round picks.

Quincy Williams, CJ Mosley, all pro sauce gardener, the best corner, the top five PFF corner. Stop. Just stop. This is a good team, but they're not a top five talented roster in the NFL. I disagree.

Give me a break. I disagree. If they stay healthy, you could say you disagree. You're wrong. Okay. You just, you're flat out wrong.

I just reeled off all pro after all pro and PFF top five grades all up and down that roster. You can argue all you want. The facts speak for themselves.

Fake news, Sam. Jeez. All right. There's a different, this is my biggest, I'm not saying they're a top five team. This is my biggest, stop talking for a second.

This is my biggest flaw. People say good rosters are great rosters. Remember when the jets last year said they were going to be the 85 bears defense had that work. They were a good defense, not a great defense.

Come on. The jets have a good team on paper, but the idea that you think they're anywhere in the same class as teams like the 49ers or the Philadelphia Eagles, even the Detroit lions, that's I'm just going in the NFC. And then you have the AFC, the Bengals have a better roster. The chiefs have a better roster. I know that the chiefs don't have these great playmakers, but they have a Patrick Mahomes and their defense. That's a great defense in Kansas city that that's that defense just won them a Superbowl.

Alrighty. Well, let's, let's pump the brakes on, on the jets, a delirious talk already, but I will say, I'll give you an updated top 10 mock draft with all this stuff. Williams won to the bears. I'm going to, I think Daniel Jeremiah knows something. I don't know why I'm going to trust Daniel Jeremiah here. Drake may to the commanders to Patriots snag Jaden Daniels three. I like what Daniel Jeremiah said McCarthy going forward to the Vikings. I think there's going to be a trade there and we're going to see quarterback, quarterback, quarterback, quarterback, one, two, three, four. Then this is where we get interesting because you have a team then like the chargers who thought they were going to get the second or third wide receiver, probably the second wide receiver. Now they're sitting there at five and you could get Jim Harbaugh, the former Michigan coach drafting the Ohio state legendary wide receiver in Marvin Harrison Jr. In at number six, the giants are then there. I don't think they're taking Michael Pennick Jr. at six.

I think the Vikings jumped them to take a quarterback and then the giants ended up taking a playmaker. And I'm going to say where there's smoke, there's fire with Malik neighbors like a month ago. I think it would have been a closer conversation neighbors or a doomsday personally. I like a doomsday better, but now you have some people saying neighbors could usurp Marvin Harrison Jr.

I don't buy that. I think the giants end up taking Malik neighbors at six. Then in at number seven, I'm going to have the first offense alignment go off the board.

And that's going to be Tennessee taking Joe alt. Then you have the Falcons who have a ton of playmakers. They can land Roma dunes a in at eight bears, get the first defensive player off the board. So you get Williams and you then followed up with Dallas Turner in at nine. And then at 10, I do have the jets adding into one of the most talented rosters in the league, according to Samter getting Brock Bowers. I think the jets make the play on Brock Bowers. So Williams one to the bears commanders may Pats take Daniels McCarthy trade up to the Vikings, Marvin Harrison Jr. To the chargers in at number six, the giants get Malik neighbors, seven Tennessee takes Joe all eight. The Falcons get Roma dunes a nine, the bear select Dallas Turner, and then 10, the JTS jet, jet, jets, get Brock Bowers. Alrighty. That's the latest Zach Yelp show top 10 mock draft that we will speculate. We'll take a break. When we come on back more NCAA tournament talk, Brendan Heywood would join us next. 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end soon call five six two three one four four six zero three for details yo next round is about to start you ready yeah yeah just shopping for a car in Carvana for real yeah Carvana makes it super convenient to shop whenever wherever for real that's a ton of car options yep and these are all within my price range for really real you can afford that yeah with Carvana and boom just like that I'm getting it delivered in a couple days for really really real you just bought a car for real and you just lost my turn visit to shop for thousands of vehicles under twenty thousand dollars we continue this is at yelp show coast to coast on cbs sports radio brendan haywood is here courtesy of bet online check out bet online for the most up-to-date games lines futures and props in the upcoming ncaa men's tournament brendan will be in salt lake city for the first and second rounds of the ncaa tournament he's kind enough to join us right now on the zach yelp show on cbs sports radio brendan appreciate the time as always how you been I'm pretty good man thanks for having me well thanks so much for coming on so let me start you off with your unc tar heels number one seed where's the confidence level with your squad headed into postseason play in the big dance confidence is sky high right now I love the way this tar hill team competes I think rj davis is the best guard in the country if not the best player in the country um I know we had a disappointing loss to nc state and the acc tournament but I do think that will serve to get the guys attention instead of hearing about how great they are for the net for the last couple of days they'll have that hunger inside of them and I'm sure they're going to come out there with them playing with their hair on fire so I look at future matchups and what the committee tries to do from a storyline standpoint and if we could get an elite eight matchup with the spot to the final four on the line between unc and arizona with the caleb love connection that would really be something I think that's what everyone is hoping for if you're kind of neutral here when you take a look at that part of the bracket yeah I think everybody would love to see that matchup but I don't think it would be the storyline that people think it is caleb love and carolina they don't it wasn't a divorce that ended badly normally with a kid transfer out he doesn't like the coaching staff but caleb still has a connection to the coaching staff they actually will call they actually call each other from time to time and caleb and some of the players on that team they're still friends so then there would definitely be a a big time competition obviously he would love to have that matchup but it wouldn't be the angst and the the anger that you normally get when you have a kid transferring out of a program normally it's a messy divorce this was kind of em it's kind of the new norm now in college basketball with nil and the transfer portal the divorces don't always uh have to be messy and maybe this is just one of those situations like you're talking about brendan haywood uh here with us but on the other side you look at arizona you know we could talk about this unc arizona matchup and tommy load has done a nice job at arizona but in the march madness two years ago had the number one seed they lost in the sweet 16 last year as a two lost to princeton so what is kind of the view from afar on arizona can they meet up to these expectations now headed into march i think one of the things that people do that is a misconception the tournament they judge you off of your past all of you lost early the last two years you're going to lose this year well this year is different this year they have caleb love on the team averaging 18 points a game a guy that's been in big time games before he he's hit big time shots you saw the shots he hit two years ago in the final four against duke this guy understands what it is in those type of moments so i like this arizona ball club i like the big fella inside i think arizona's prime for a big time run and i when i pick my bracket i do have carolina going up against uh arizona in the elite eight how far do you have unc going by the way come on man championship if not i'll be ex-communicado come on now i got i got to go i got to go with my chart i got my tar heels going all the way to the end so it's it's unique with unc because we don't always get to see guys that play for three four years um i know some guys right now could be fifth year because of the whole covid year when you look back at this group especially amando baycott and everything he's been through just as this is starting to come to a close what has really stood out to you with his career for one big man to another yeah i mean baycott's been there a minute he's about to get his doctor's degree so it's one it's it's one of those ones where he he's a seasoned veteran but that's how you win now these one and done guys that's not who's winning these veteran teams that have that are a little bit older guys that have been there and been through some things those are the teams that win i think if carolina is going to make a run as much as we talk about rj davis baycott has to be strong every single night and give us that inside presence and i think he's capable of that and he can almost we've seen him do it before he had a sean mayesh type of run when they went to the final four a couple of a couple of seasons ago and i think he can tap back into that again talking to brendan haywood right now another game that you have is gonzaga and mccneese a lot of people are gonna jump on the will wade train and they're disrespecting mark view and gonzaga just because this isn't the best team that they've ever had in this ncaa tournament do you think gonzaga's get a little bit disrespected this time of the year yeah i think exactly getting disrespected and normally mark few has a team that's been flying higher on the radar and you got a couple of a couple more nba guys on the team they don't have that issue but that doesn't mean that they won't be ready they won't be prepared mark few one of the best to ever do it i like exactly to win this game just because i think the coaching staff is going to have them ready to play and i i take a look at this midwest region so you have tennessee there's always questions with rick barnes this time of the year even though dalton connect is phenomenal in the sec player of the year purdue with matt painter they usually have early exit it's uh in this ncaa tournament craden has their limitations and then there's kansas there's some health issues we'll see if two of their players are going to be made available but are people may be sleeping on kansas a little bit or is it fair to wonder just when you don't know who's going to be able to play for them well right now they're both their leading scores um are are possibly out they're saying they might get hunter dickerson back um but they're still going to be missing possibly 18 points per game from their leading score so um there's reason to have questions about kansas just because how good can a team be if they're that compromised normally if your leading score is not there you're going to struggle a little bit so i think that kansas the questions are definitely uh valid um and especially if hunter dickerson's not there because bill self's offensive has always been high low even when he was at illinois it was all about the high low offense and if the high low aspect isn't there and hunter dickerson is compromised not 100 or not playing at all that could really help kansas and samford to go in there and sneak up on them the story of this tournament is going to be who's going to be able to take down ucon if anybody at all i think they're actually better this year than they were last year as a four seed a year ago now the number one overall seed how do you think ucon is going to deal with that pressure going into this tourney with only three losses on the year listen ucon's one of the better teams in the nation the number one in offense number 11 and defense that combination right there tells you who they are excuse me and what they're all about they run excellent half court sets when they you talk about some of those weak side pin down slip screens all the things that they run uh coach hurley has those guys getting easy offense because of how fluid the the offensive execution is so i really like ucon um i'd have them in the championship games they weren't on the side of the bracket going against carolina but i understand the award this team's only lost three games all year um those games have been on the road they're a great team they have a championship dma and experience well coached um i like ucon to make it big time right i definitely have them in my final four we'll do this let's just say take ucon out of the mix and i'm going to take unc out of the mix because i know what the answer would be if i asked you if you don't have ucon win it all you're going to say unc who is that team if it's not ucon if it's not unc who's the team that you really latch on to and say okay this is the team that brendan haywood likes the most well it's going to be a team that the people are probably going to be a little bit sour on right now because of their last performance that would be the houston coups now i know they got smacked by 20 by iowa state but this is one of the best defensive teams that we have in the country kelvin samson coaches aggressive defense those guys when that defense is always going to translate um they slow that game down they're one of the slower teams when it comes to pace they're going to slow it down grind it out play that high level defense they're going to be aggressive too you're going to have to keep them off the backboard things of that nature 50 50 balls or 80 20 balls that's how kelvin samson coaches his guys go get those loose balls and then i like crier and shed this time of year you need a back quarter you need guards that can go get it on their own when things break down and i think that i like that houston has two of those guys last thing i'll ask you some people are saying they're more excited for the women's tournament than the men's tournament i'm more excited for the men's tournament but i don't say that with any disrespect right we all know how great caitlin clark is south carolina is undefeated we have the story of angel reese as well as lsu is trying to win another championship you got page buckets how about the developments and the advancements of the women's game because we're talking about it now a lot more than we have in previous years i think this is probably the first time since i've been watching college basketball that the elite upper echelon stars on the women's side not the men's stuff not the men's side you talk about caitlin clark you talk about angel reese you talk about juju wackens like the elite names on the women's side like in the men's game we have some really good teams i talk about houston but you're not going to mention a guy like lj crier in the same category as a caitlin clark or we talk about angel reese and what lsu is doing and that like the names on the women's side are bigger than the names on the men's side and that's just where it is right now that's that that signifies two things first of all men's college basketball this this year is a little bit down from an overall talent standpoint we're going to get an infusion of talent next year and then also it talks about how where the women's game has made strides and the women's game is really picking up and some of the most watched games this year have been on the women's side so i'm happy for the attention the exposure that they're getting because it's well overdue and you bring up a great point because usually in college athletics the names really resonate with coaches the women's games a game we're talking more about the players in the in the men's game there's not many players that you bring up and i would say probably the face of men's college basketball right now is danny hurley because you know he'll be a maniac on the sideline he could be polarizing uh 50 of the people love him 50 of the people hate him and most importantly he coaches at a big brand and a school that i consider a blue blood in uconn yeah and that's that's part of uh gardening attention as well when you have people with when you have those haters those people that tune in just to see you fail that's going to lift your brand up and so hurley definitely has that some people don't like me partially i like the fact that he has he's passionate he coaches with a little bit of fire um long as he keeps it under wraps to a certain degree i don't have a problem with it at all i think his guys don't have a problem with it but don't get it twisted they are one of the most prepared teams in college basketball when you talk about offensive execution and defensive efficiency you enter out on kentucky this year i want to be in because they're so fun but something in my heart is a defensive big man a team that's that bad defensively seems like they might have some long days in the tournament but they can score with anybody you know what man i'm all here for the fun let's go with let's let's go with kentucky to make a big time run as well just simply because we talk about dillingham shepherd they have two guys that are definitely going to be taken in the top 10 might be taken in the top five and they can score on anybody without immense three-point ability but their defense does scare me i mean they they might let me go out there and get get 15 to 20 on them right now and i and i don't even have a lefty what a line well you could catch him all throughout the tawny first two rounds salt lake city he'll be there brendan haywood is here courtesy of bet online check out bet online for the most up-to-date game lines futures and props in the upcoming ncaa men's tournament brendan enjoy the week coming up next week thanks so much for doing this you be well appreciate it thank you there he is brendan haywood joining us on the zack gilb show on cbs sports radio and he gets set to call his games coming up on thursday in salt lake city um let's do this i'll tell you the poll question right now and then we'll react to it on the other side you can find it at zack gilb at cbs sports radio and you can chime on in which ncaa tournament are you more interested in this year the men's or the women's 80.3 right now says the men's ncaa tournament i'll chime in give my two cents on the other side and we'll grab your phone calls as well 855-2124 cbs it is zack gilb show on cbs sports radio all righty zack gilb shows cbs sports radio we'll get into our poll question and give you a final answer on this in just a moment which ncaa tournament are you more interested in this year the men's tournament the women's tournament but matt in arizona wants to chime in first about the nfl draft and what the cardinals should do at four eight five five two one two four cbs eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven matt go ahead zack love the show man thanks for taking my call a uh big cardinals fan if you're the cardinals you can't pass up harrison if he's there with the four pick you don't have a number one wide out you don't have a number two you barely have a number three wide out going into the season you need an offensive weapon for murray and uh i know they need offensive line and they need a bunch of stuff but you gotta give him some weapons and give them a shot i think you gotta see if murray's actually your guy i don't think they should have extended them to begin with but you gotta let them sink or swim but you gotta give them a fair shot too yeah so i i'm just gonna be fascinated uh matt by what the new regime with monty asin fort is gonna do now in year number two because you just made up a big point that's getting lost in this i know that the extension was given to kyla murray but it wasn't given to kyla murray under this regime so will monty asin fort feel like there's pressure to get the most around kyla murray this year and if that's the case you take marvin harrison jr and i've said this 9 000 times on this show i think marvin harrison jr pound for pound's the best player in the draft but if if if monty asin forts like i gotta set up the team for the next quarterback like the the vikings could call you and give you two additional first round picks in you know in addition to the the the the move from four to eleven that you'll fall back and he may be monty asin forts someone that comes to the patriot way kind of in that business of trying to acquire the most picks possible and you gotta remember right a year ago he traded out of that three spot and picked up an extra first round pick from the texans now little did we know the texans were actually going to be good but at the time everyone thought that was going to be an extra top five pick that you were going to get so i understand the cardinal fans saying i want to see what could happen with kyla murray because kyla murray before the injury was trending to be a good quarterback we don't know if he could be great and if that's the case and you want to put him in the best position to succeed for this year then you go get marvin harrison jr i just don't know if they're if where they're smoked there's a fly that the vikings are trying to get mccarthy or may they're going to pass up getting that boatload in return if the commanders and the patriots they put it two and three good points good points hey by the way before i go don't don't play pearl and uh dodgeball he's so fragile he'll end up breaking another bone you know he's got so many issues oh you know what thanks for taking my call matt appreciate it they poked the bear i was in hibernation there's many times i'm not trying to deliver haymakers there's many times i am trying to deliver haymakers but now it's in march we're getting close to april we're in the basketball season it's not football right now i know there's a bunch of stuff at the draft and off season but it's not when i'm going crazy like a maniac i'm not looking to to smack another show right now trust me there's many other months out of the year i'll be more than happy with a little friendly fire here in smackdown but sampter it was really ej who kind of poked the bear here and now i feel that we have to play them in dodgeball but madden arizona brings up a good point pearl off would be a perfect person on the jets he always gets hurt like big off-season acquisition then he gets hurt pearl off could walk into that dodgeball game feeling pretty damn good but he's gonna find a way to get hurt once again ever since peter at cbs sports radio he's had a finger injury now i think he has something with his achilles he was telling me about last time i saw him or he has an mcl injury something like that this dude's a walking wounded right now we play him in dodgeball and sampter you know we like starve sampter for a week get him some pent-up frustration sampter will be like uh you know bull will let him right out of the the uh the uh the pit and the next thing you know sampter is going to be throwing just dodgeball after dodgeball and andrew pearl off i really think all we need is sampter to win a game of dodgeball against the morning show i don't think i'm necessary i don't think ak is necessary i don't think stew's necessary i think sampter if we get enough enough rage cooking up with sampter could take down anyone at the network in a game of dodgeball and you've seen it there's a lot of rage inside of me yeah all we need to do is just have a pr person schedule about a guest and then two minutes before the interview cancel the guests and then sampter i would feel very confident him taking down any any host here any behind the scenes person here in a game of dodgeball now let me get to this ncaa tournament question which ncaa toward are you more interested in this year is it the men's or is it the women's right now eighty point seven percent of our poll questions say the men's over the women's i think brandon haywood made a great point the stars the way that we recognize players there's more star players in the women's tournament in the men's tournament you have katelyn clark you got angel reese you got page buckets just for starters there are more people that you could recognize from a player's standpoint that are big names in the women's game compared to the men's game the men's game right now doesn't have big recognizable stars like dalton connect he just he just won the sec player of the year he's the first team all american like in the sec anyone could tell you dalton connect is but if you go down the streets you know not in sec country and say do you know katelyn clark is or dalton connect i think there's a better chance people will connect and give you the answer on on katelyn clark connect haha yeah i did that on purpose um i don't even have to say no pun intended because that was pun intended i think it's same as with angel reese you know i think more people know angel reese's than dalton connect you know maybe some people remember amando bakat from the last unc run but there are not a lot of big recognizable names in men's college basketball and men's college basketball and really football for the most part is basically marketed off the faces being with the coaches so it is tougher to understand which men's stars there are and there's more stars in the women's game but with that being said i i don't think even though there's palpable buzz with this women's tournament i don't think the ratings are going to be better than the men's tournament like last year i'm reading this article in forbes march madness finals ratings set a record high for women record low for men so a record high for the women's game last year it averaged 9.92 million viewers that was the iowa lsu game and it peaked at 12.6 million now the men's final which was uconn over san diego state it was a record low it was still 14.69 million viewers so i still believe that the men's tournament is going to create more buzz than the women's tournament but santa you've been here since the inception of the network i'm sure there's been a ton of years probably more years than not that the women's tournament didn't really even get talked about that much until the final four the men's tournament gets talked about all throughout i still think that's going to be the case but even i will say and i have more interest in the men's sort of the women's tournament it's just the way that i'm gonna gonna watch i'll watch more of the men's right my entire life i watch more of the men's and the women's but the fact that this is even a conversation and someone like me i am intrigued by south carolina you know i love dawn staley can they find a way to be undefeated can they find a way to reach perfection i will go out of my way when iowa is playing to watch kaitlyn clark because she's basically the steph curry steph curry of of the women's game so there are names and there are storylines throughout the year that even someone that doesn't watch much college basketball women's college basketball will be familiar with and i saw that the bracket came out for the women's and they actually put iowa and lsu in the same region so you could see now lsu is a three seed this year um and iowa's a one but you could have them meeting up in the elite eight for a spot in the final four on the line i don't know about you is that the committee saying that they just don't believe lsu was going to get to the final four and they wanted that i they wanted a guarantee maybe of seeing iowa lsu because even though it's not guaranteed it's probably more likely that they would meet up in an elite eight if you have them in the same region rather than you put them on the opposite side of the bracket just hoping that they're going to get to the championship game or maybe you could have put them on the same like the right side of the bracket where they both of them avoid south carolina and have one on the top part of the bracket and one in the bottom part of the bracket i mean i guess that makes sense uh it's just it feels so weak to to to put the two biggest draws in the same region yeah at least put them on the same side of the bracket so they meet in the final four fine that still feels a little bit weak it's kaitlyn clark it's angel recess lsu the defending champs the storyline from last year it's all of that and they they met in that epic championship game like there was so much to get into it does feel a little bit uh anticlimactic but maybe we get a better chance of seeing that game here's my thing lsu is interesting angel reese is interesting kim mulkey is interesting but she she scares me kim mulkey yeah you said there is no coach in sports that intimidates me more than kim mulkey like if i like she has a lot of grandchildren i always they always show her grandchildren i believe if kim mulkey's mulkey was like yelling at me i would i would i would fear for my life i would absolutely feel for my life you're you you got to stop typing you got your microphone on i keep on hearing the typing it drives me crazy but go ahead continue the point that you were making but as scary as kim mulkey isn't as good as angel reese's i'm not watching a single women's tournament game that doesn't include kaitlyn clark i'm not i'm not watching south carolina i'll watch south carolina i'm watching kaitlyn clark and kaitlyn clark only that's it those are the only games i'm going to be watching and i think that for the majority of sports watching fans outside of like women's college basketball fans i would say that's the majority of people yes angel reese is interesting i don't care enough south carolina is great don staley's awesome i don't care enough kaitlyn clark drives the needle big draw i'm gonna watch kaitlyn clark and i'm gonna watch the men's tournament even though i barely know any of the top 10 players because the men's game and this is what we talk about guys are one and done the best players are one and done so just when they're getting good they're gone right the reason why we know angel reese was she was there last year in the championship we know kaitlyn clark she's been there for four years breaking records and dominating yeah right those old duke teams latiner hurley even the unlv teams and the and the uh the fab five they were there for two three four years depending on the player so you got to know the player they came back year after year we don't get that anymore so you don't know the players anymore it's all about the coaches that's why the men's game isn't as interesting so i will agree with you lsu is not as big of a draw this year unless they're up against iowa like i'm looking at this tournament on the women's side there's three things that are appealing to me number one is kaitlyn clark number two is seeing kaitlyn clark go up against angel reese for a spot for the final four on the line with it being lsu and then it being iowa and then third is dawn staley and seeing if she could get this undefeated run at south carolina but yeah i would still say like i will go out of my way to watch as many of the men's game as possible like on thursday i will change my schedule on friday change my schedule in the morning so right when that ball is is thrown up in the air i am there for the first game for the women's tournament those are the three ways that that i'm watching it but it's you know it just shows you the the growth of the sport and the popularity of it with how much we have talked about it and how much it's being brought up that this is even a conversation but it's not reflecting i know it's a small sample size but it's not reflecting in our polls but i will be curious what the the total ratings will end up being and right now which ncaa tournament you're more interested in 80.3 percent say the men's and 19.7 say the women's tournament all righty that concludes another edition of the zach yelp show on cbs sports radio i would recruit kim mulkey by the way to join our dodgeball team as she wants she would be very good in the dodgeball court i can guarantee you that very much a big thanks to chris s michael sampter as well christian latner for joining us brendan haywood and each and every one of you for participating whether it's in the chat or on the phones or just listening to us on the radio or on the odyssey app serious xm as well alrighty we out talk tomorrow everybody peace celebrate and save at ashley's anniversary sale with hot buys your choice of colors starting at just $3.99 ashley sleep mattresses starting at $2.50 plus receive a free adjustable base with select mattress purchases and shop top mattress brands like 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