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Samford Screwjob (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 22, 2024 5:11 pm

Samford Screwjob (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 22, 2024 5:11 pm

Samford got screwed vs Kansas I Kevin Keatts, NC State Men’s Basketball Coach I News Brief

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That's BetterHelp H-E-L-P dot com slash grow. Alrighty, our number two of our radio program. It is the Zach Yelp show on CBS Sports Radio. NC State head coach Kevin Keats going to stop by 20 minutes from now. His team won five games in five days to get into the NCAA tournament, winning the ACC tournament. And last night, as at 11, they did take care of business up against number six, Texas Tech. And we got Oakland and NC State coming up tomorrow evening.

Who would have thought that? By the way, the head coach of Oakland, after their great upset against John Calipari in Kentucky, Greg Campi is going to join us an hour from now at 5 p.m. Eastern, 2 p.m. Pacific. Earlier today, Northwestern came back after blowing the game, after having the lead, then they had to come back. They got the game to overtime. And in overtime, they took care of business against Dusty Mays, FAU squad. Ryan Langborg, who was of Princeton last year and made it all the way to the Sweet 16, he is now on that Northwestern basketball team.

He had 27 points in the game. And they did take care of business against the Owls of FAU by a score of 77 to 65. Scott Drewes, Baylor Bears dominated Colgate today, 92 to 67. San Diego State, we just had a final, got a little scary up against UAB in a 5-12 game. But San Diego State, it was in the championship game a year ago. They advanced the round to 32, taking care of UAB by a final score of 69 to 65.

And we have three other games in play. Marquette, we told you they trailed at halftime, 43 to 36. Tyler Kolok back for them, 18 points, 6 rebounds, 10 assists. They have pulled away Marquette from Western Kentucky with 2 of 4 remaining. Marquette's up 84 to 67. So we'll see Shaka Smart's squad advancing to the next round. Clemson and New Mexico.

New Mexico, coached by Richard Patino, the Lobos, they were a very trendy, upset pick. You got 90 seconds left here in the first half. Clemson is up by 10.

They were up by a lot more earlier. So maybe you have a little life here and a little momentum carryover into half number two for New Mexico, if not, Clemson will advance to the round to 32. And oh my, UConn and Stetson.

Now we all knew this was going to be ugly. And I've compared UConn to, I want to say it was the 2017 Villanova team, whatever was the second Villanova team that ended up winning a national championship, their third in the program, but second under Jay Wright, where it was just a question of regardless of what the draw was, would there ever be a close game? And when you look back at that second Villanova team, 87 to 61 against Radford, they beat Alabama 81 to 58. They beat West Virginia 90 to 78. They beat Texas Tech 71 to 59.

They beat Kansas 95 to 79 and they beat Michigan 79 to 62. I think UConn is going to go on one of those runs where they just bludgeoned everybody in this NCAA tournament. And you take a look back at UConn right now, can we just throw in the towel here?

I understand, right? It's a dream to play in March Madness. But right now this is 46 to 13. UConn is up 46 to 13 to get Stetson with 237 to go.

Now here's the one positive that I could give Stetson. Virginia the other night in the playing game only had 14 points at half. You go get another bucket, at least you won't be Virginia with Tony Bennett's squad. So that just once again encapsulates how bad of an effort and how lethargic Virginia was the other night.

But you feel bad. Like if I'm Danny Hurley at halftime, I say we're putting in all the backups. I don't want to risk anyone getting hurt in this one versus 16 game. Later today you have Auburn and Yale, Bruce Pearl squad. You have Florida and Colorado, A&M Nebraska, where Trev Alberts who used to play for the Nebraska football team was their AD like a week ago.

And now he's the AD of the Aggies of A&M. You have Vermont and Duke, Purdue, Grambling, as we're all going to wait to see if Purdue could do what Virginia did after losing to a 16 seed. And they went on to win a national championship. We know Purdue lost last year to a 16 seed in Fairleigh Dickinson.

You have Alabama, Charleston, Houston, Longwood, Wisconsin against JMU, Utah State, TCU, St. Mary's, Grand Canyon. That is the rest of today's college basketball slate. That Villanova team, by the way, that in 2017 won a championship, I always thought that was the year that they played Buddy Heald. That was actually the first championship where they just smoked Oklahoma 95 to 51. But that Nova team was just so dominant in the 2017-2018 season.

And you look at those margin of victories once again, 87 to 61, 81 to 58, 90 to 78, 71 to 59, 95 to 79, and then 79 to 62. So you don't want to get delirious over just blowing out a 16 seed. Up until the last few years, you never really thought the 16 seed was ever going to win. But for UConn, the question just becomes, when do they get a game? And assuming UConn doesn't have the biggest choke job maybe of all time, they're in the round to 32. They'll go up against Northwestern. As much as Northwestern had a good performance today, I don't think UConn is losing to Northwestern. You have the possibility of the winner of, if Auburn takes care of business, if you get over San Diego State, Auburn-UConn could be a fun game.

You know, Iowa State will get some love, maybe Illinois as well. But I do believe that UConn is going to breeze through this East region, even with how tough this East region is. Like I thought I had all the one seeds, UConn got the toughest draw. They said, okay, you get the location, but we'll give you a tough draw where you have the SEC champion of Auburn in that region, you have the Big Ten champion of Illinois, and we know what Iowa State has been able to do this year as well. So that's extremely, an extremely on paper tough road, but I don't think it matters with the UConn Huskies. But then yet again, I also thought Kentucky, what an idiot I was, was going to the final form, was going to go to the championship game before UConn kicked their ass in the championship game in Kentucky last night.

That is as bad of a way that you could lose a game, I think, to kind of draw it up. Because it's one thing when you're up by a whole lot of points and then you choke the game away and you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. But for Kentucky, you just had an Oakland team that played better than you. And still, with all that being said, in the final five minutes, the game was right there for the taking.

And how many opportunities or how many moments, because with 10 minutes left, you felt like, all right, Oakland's got a chance here. You know, I even tweeted out, this is danger time for Kentucky because I've been at these games before when it's a neutral site. And obviously, Kentucky is going to travel well because they have the big brand. But when you get into one of these buildings, like I was there when Florida Gulf Coast beat Georgetown and Florida Gulf Coast, when you're up and like a fan base feels it or a building feels it, we have a lot of people that are neutral. When you get to the second half, that whole building starts to pull for Cinderella. And then the top dog feels like they're the hated team.

And then they make mistakes and they do things that are under uncharacteristic. And that's what you saw last night from Kentucky, getting stuffed by the rim, dribbling the ball off your shoe, passing the ball out of bounds. And that's just a miserable way to lose.

And tip of the cap to Oakland. Greg Campy, their coach, going to join us coming up in about 50 minutes. But to lose that game for Kentucky, when you're big bad Kentucky and this is David and Goliath and you simply just couldn't dunk a basketball, you couldn't dribble the basketball, you couldn't pass the basketball. It's almost like a spell was cast on your team. And that's just really, really frustrating because there was a belief growing that Kentucky had a legit dominant team this year.

And here they go. I think it's in the last four years they've won NCAA tournament win. They didn't make it to Torney, lose to St. Peters, get to around 32.

And then last night, you lose to Oakland. And also, let me get to the Kansas game too, Kansas-Sanford. So Kansas-Sanford, a lot of people trendy pick, let me pick Sanford. Kansas had their leading scorer, McCullar Jr. out for the year. So people are like, all right, let me go Kansas, let me go Sanford, let me go Sanford. And I was like, no, I'm going to still pick Kansas. I took Kansas in the game last night and Kansas early was just dominating then.

And then you have this great potential comeback of Sanford. And late in the game, you have a Kansas player driving and it was a great, and I mean a great chase down block. And the referees called a foul. And when that happened, I'm like, all right, let me see the replay. And when you see the replay, AJ Statham-McRae of Sanford made a unbelievable hustle play. Like I'm not directly comparing it to Tayshaun Prince, I'm not comparing it to Block by James.

I'm not doing that. But when you just look at the play without knowing like any of the moment of the magnitude, that AJ Statham-McRae block was phenomenal. And Kansas at the time was up by one. They're up by one. So you make the block there, they call it a foul, you go to the free throw line, and it makes it difficult to come on back, especially how late in the game was.

And here's the crazy part. How many times did you watch a college basketball game? And this is not a how many times to reference the past. Let's just do last night with Kansas and Sanford. How many pointless, unnecessary, slow reviews do they give you in college basketball? You know, when I watch the NBA, when I watch college basketball, it is infuriating. As a consumer of the product, how many pointless reviews there are.

And it's one thing to have a pointless review, but it's another thing to have a pointless review that takes three hours to give us an outcome. And the one time we want a review to overturn a call of an egregious foul call that should not have been called and it was a block, Sanford can't do it. And I give credit to John Fanta, who I think is one of the best people covering college basketball today. He is phenomenal. We'll get him on at some point next week. Fanta always joins us during this time of the year, not only one time, multiple times during the NCAA tournament.

And Fanta tweeted this out. He said, we have to have a coach's challenge in college basketball. And he's spot on.

You need the checks and balances there. I'm not even slamming the officials, right? It's a bad call. It's brutal. It's putrid. But it's so bang bang.

And yes, I get it. That's their profession. You should be in the NCAA tournament at the top of your profession and you shouldn't make a mistake like that.

You should have. But when you do make a mistake like that, I need a checks and balance system in place. And I'm not saying review every foul.

I'm not saying review every controversial call. But give a coach the ability to have one challenge. And if you win the challenge, you get to keep the challenge. And you could keep on keeping that challenge until you lose a challenge.

That's how I do it. And if the Samford coach last night had an ability to challenge that horse crap call, gets overturned, Sam forgets the ball back, and maybe they end up winning the game. Or maybe Kansas still retains the basketball because it's a block and it's off Samford and it goes out of bounds. But still, that's got to get reversed. That's got to get changed. Because to put that kid on the charity stripe last night, it just stinks. I'm not going to sit here and say all the fix is in.

Oh, it's the big brand of Kansas. I'm not one of those people. I'm not. Never have.

Never will be. But it is just unfortunate when you had a game that was a blowout and then it gets good and then it gets close. And then you want the kids to determine the game. And I'm not saying don't call things when they're legitimately called. But when you call a foul, that was a all hustle, great block. And the replay doesn't give you any wiggle room. Like when you look at the replay, I was watching this game last night, I'm on my couch.

And at first, like, okay, you see it and I go, okay, was there contact? I didn't know, to be fair. And then when they show the replay, I like jumped off my couch. I'm like, oh, no. Because you just hate to see a game impacted by the zebras. And you hate this. And I love hustle plays like that. And you hate to see a great hustle play. And you make the play, you execute, you make a great block. And then it's up. There was a foul.

Up. It was a foul. No, no, it wasn't a foul. And that just drove me bonkers last night. So instead of just screaming, bitching and complaining, you got to advocate for change and give the coach a challenge. And if he uses the challenge earlier, and he loses it, and he didn't have it last night, then so be it that happens. And you SOL, but man, that's just really unfortunate. That's the word.

That's really unfortunate. When you have this time of the year, you have so much emotion, so much fun, and Sanford may not still have won the game. Remember, they were down by one at that point. But to have that game significantly impacted by the zebras on a great hustle play made me sick last night. Made me sick last night, Sam, where sometimes you watch a game, and I had no dog in the fight.

Like, I don't give a rat's ass, honestly, if Kansas wins or if Sanford wins. But there's some games that just keep you up. And that delayed my bedtime last night, because I'm sitting there, I was all jacked up. My blood pressure was going 1,000 miles an hour.

My heart was racing because I go, oh, you just hate to see highway robbery like that. I didn't get to bed last night till like 2.30 in the morning. I was watching all these games, having fun. It was great. You know, last night, got out of work. What I had for dinner last night, I'm trying to remember. I don't even remember what I had for dinner. But I ended up getting, oh, I had grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. It was really, really good.

Got it from a local diner. You know, poured myself a little cocktail as well. And I was watching the games, really enjoying myself, you know, just me, the couch, TV, and the basketball.

And I was in heaven last night. But I couldn't go to sleep because of the fact of the way that that game ended. Because it just, it drives me nuts. As Emmett Smith said with us, makes me hot, made me hot to see the referees just impact a game like that. It's so tough to do replay of fouls because then you're going down the slippery slope.

I mean, that was so, so obvious, right? That's why one challenge. One replay, you're just like, I get it.

I'm not saying everything. Just give the coach a challenge. Because if we then start reviewing every foul, it becomes mundane and it's just so stupid. And I feel like, you know, under X amount of time left in game, like there should just be automatic reviews, right? Like with like a minute or two minutes left in the game, there should just be automatic reviews. Kind of like the NFL does.

Where you can buzz in. Yeah. Forget about the coaches. It's just like, it's, if there's an obvious play that needs to be reviewed, whether it's an out of bounds play or foul or like something that's not necessarily a subjective decision. You know, if the guy's feet was outside of the circle, so clearly it was a charge versus not whatever it is.

That's why I review everything. That's why it's like, it sucks when that's not reviewable. Attractive plays are tough to call, but like that was so obvious that that was clearly not a foul, but I don't even think it should be up to the coaches. I think that we have replay.

If we can see it at home, then the ref should be able to see it as well. It is Zach Gelb show on CBS sports radio. Kevin Keats, his team didn't get screwed last night. His team was awesome from start to finish NC state taking care of Texas Tech. Not only that, before that they won the ACC tournament. They were not going to be an NCAA tournament team. You win five games in five days and you're dancing on to the big dance. And now you're going to play for a spot in the sweet 16 tomorrow evening up against Oakland. Just that we all drew it up, right? NC state in Oakland, right?

Everyone had that. You know, you want to know something? I know we got to get to the coach and we'll take a break. You want to know the one person here at CBS sports radio that had Oakland, one person had them go into the elite eight. It was no other than hot take Hickey, finally a blind squirrel found a nut because he's wrong on everything, everything Purdue fans have been dragging him.

Bill's fans have been dragging him. Everyone's been dragging him and Hickey last night, I saw his bracket had Oakland in the elite eight. He also picked McNeese to go to the final four.

So let's, let's not give him too much praise, but hey, it's better than this. Dope. That ended up picking Kentucky to go to the championship game. Kevin Keats, head coach of the Wolfpack of NC state joins us next. It's right here.

Zach Guilp show, CBS sports radio. Hey, Mel, Brian here. Got to work from home today because the whole family caught a nasty, Hey, Mikey. If you're going to puke, find the popcorn bowl, but my availability is 110% coincidentally.

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That's better help h e l p dot com slash grow. We continue this is at Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. The great story of the NC State Wolfpack will continue into the round of 32 the ACC champions last night did take care of business up against Texas Tech.

And coming up tomorrow evening, they have a matchup just like we all predicted up against Oakland. Their head coach NC State is, of course, Kevin Keats, and he's kind enough to join us right now. Coach, congratulations.

I would ask you how you're doing, but I think I know the answer to that one. So thanks so much for coming on. Well, thanks for having me on. And man, I'm excited. I mean, there's no, you know, this is March Madness. You get a chance to play against a good, really good Texas Tech team and you win and you survive in advance. So I'm in a really good mood today.

Yeah, I could only imagine. You know, I'll start you off with a very simple question. We know that you guys were 17 and 14 before the ACC tournament. You win five games in five days. And then last night as an 11 seed, you take down six ranked Texas Tech in that tourney. Just what the heck has got it into you guys lately because this has been a magical run. Well, I think we woke up and here's our biggest thing is when we went through our ACC schedule, we finished nine and 11, nine and 11 in the conference and did some really good things. But we felt like the games that we didn't win was more about what we didn't do opposed to what, you know, the other team did. So we started, you know, one of the things we started off when we went to the ACC tournament was, hey, let's see if we can limit our mistakes.

Let's clean up some things we didn't do well. And that formula has really paid off for us. Our guys have been really locked into scouting reports, both offensively and defensively. And it's helped us play really well down the stretch. It's one thing to think that you guys can play better, but to see it actually speak it into existence and have it be replicated onto the court and see those improvements. Is it just really satisfying to you individually knowing that you guys thought you were capable of playing this way?

And with your backs up against the wall with everyone counting out, you guys were able to display that? Well, I think that's part of our deal is, you know, we completely locked in and, you know, it becomes a point in every every season that a team has to decide which direction they wanted to go. And, you know, we got towards the end of February, beginning of March, and we wanted to keep playing and we wanted to play meaningful basketball. And I think our our veteran guys, you know, took over in the locker room, started leading some of the younger guys. And, you know, one thing led up to another and we started playing well together. And all of our previous games, we would have one or two guys play well and never have three or four. And lately we've been able to stack it where we've got three or four guys playing really good basketball. And that's that's really helped us win games.

Coach Kevin Keats here with us. They're off to the round of thirty to the head coach of the NC State Wolfpack. You know, when you win five games in five days and you go through that gauntlet and you win the ACC, people were wondering how much legs your guys would have left. Why was your team not only ready for the challenge last night, but really played a well rounded game for all 40 minutes?

You know, that's a great question. You know, and everybody kept saying, at what point, and this I'm talking about the ACC tournament, well, we're going to run out of energy. And it's weird because even those five games and then you had the Texas Tech game, we got stronger in the second half. And I think that's a lot to do with our conditioning program early on in the year. You know, we're a pressing and running team. And, you know, I know a lot of people talk about March, but our team's in great shape.

And that's a lot of credit to those guys. Hey, when your team's hot, you guys are hot and it gives you a new sense of confidence. I saw your tweet after the ACC championship game that you guys won, that you knew your guys were ready to go when you looked them in their eyes right before the game. Does this team just look different to you? Do you feel that this group has a newfound confidence? Well, we look, feel and sound like a connected bunch. And I think that's one of the things that's really been special about these group of guys.

Like I've, I've seen them grow throughout the entire year. I've seen the leadership become a very important part of who they are. You know, I've seen them play really good basketball and it's no more, you know, when you take some transfers at the beginning, it's more about an individual playing well opposed to a group. And we're at the point where everybody's happy for everyone's success. This time of the year, coach Kevin Keats, I love big personalities and I love to see players get their shine. To see that building last night really support DJ Burns and him become a fan favorite overnight.

What did that mean to you personally? Well, it's funny because everybody in Raleigh and North Carolina knows about DJ Burns and he grew up in South Carolina, so they know about him. I think, you know, last night the national audience had a chance to really, you know, learn about him. He's talented. He can score the basketball. He can pass the basketball. Really a tough matchup and I think one of the things that make him special, he's got a tremendous personality and I think that spreads through our entire team and he showed great leadership through this run and, you know, he's just, he's a fun guy to coach. He makes me look good now.

Hey, I'm like a throwback coach now, I will throw that ball inside to him and he can score that basket. How did this ice cream tradition start? I saw on the broadcast last night, Evan Washburn from CBS was saying that after every win, the group gets some ice cream and the big fellas eating some ice cream last night? Well, it's only road wins, so, you know, I'll try to make this quick as I can. When I took over UNCW, UNC Wilmington about 10 years ago, they hadn't won a road game in so long and the first time we won our road game in my first year, they were all looking around and didn't know what to do and I started a tradition that on every road win, neutral or at a road site and we win, we get ice cream and I kind of took it from UNC Wilmington to NC State and it's become a big thing then for us.

Everyone loves a good bowl of ice cream, so I absolutely love that story. Kevin Keats here with us for a few more minutes on the Zach Geld show on CBS Sports Radio, NC State, ACC Champs and we know they did get a victory last night up against Texas Tech, beating them by double digits, they'll have Oakland coming up tomorrow evening. Getting back to DJ though, he's a transfer, we know how big the transfer portal's been, he came to you guys a few years ago coming over Winthrop, what do you remember the first time you got a chance to meet DJ Burns? Well, I just remember a great personality, someone, a young man who wanted to display his skills at the highest level, he'd done pretty much all he could do in the Big South, he was player of the year, but he also wanted to prove to himself and everyone else that he could play in the ACC and have the same type of impact that he had at the major level and he was hungry and I think it's paid off for him and he's put the work in and I'm just so happy to see him play well because he's proved a lot of people wrong, people can't move, he's not good enough, can't do this, not athletic enough and he's become one of the better post guys in the country. Let me ask you about Ben Middlebrooks, he was on fire last night with 21 points, average is just under 6 points a game, did you know he was capable of that performance last night and when you walk off the court and you know what he did, just how did you process that performance?

Well, I'm happy for Ben because this is a Ben that we've been waiting on, can shoot it outside, can put the ball on the floor, I think last night we needed him and he played with tremendous confidence and yeah, he's a guy that can do a little bit of everything and we've been waiting, he's shown flashes of this and every now and then he would have a good game but nothing like last night, I think it was his career high, he was tremendous, it was even hard to keep him off the floor last night. So just as we predicted, right, NC State up against Oakland, when you do the early scouting reports and you take a look at this Oakland team and the great story last night taking down Kentucky, just what's your first thought about the way that they play basketball? Well, they're good and if the first time that you've seen an Oakland team well coached, they're good and they've always been good, you look back throughout the years, they've had some big time wins and everything else and you know, I know what stands out as a young man was 10 from 20 from 3 and he had an incredible night but there's so much more than just him, they got a complete team, they got inside, they got outside, it's a really good basketball and I think one of the mistakes people make when they're playing teams like Oakland, they look at the name, they look at the conference and when you get to March Madness, doesn't matter what your name is, doesn't matter what conference you play because they're really good players at every school. Last thing I'll ask you coach Kevin Keats, when you go on a run like this, I know coaches are so wired where it's from game to game and you got to get ready for the next opponent, you don't want to get too high, you don't want to get too low, when you take a deep breath and just look back at what this last week has been, just how do you kind of process it and describe it? Well, it's unbelievable and I told the guys today that I've become a fan and the growth for this team and the maturity of the team and every coach wants to be playing well at the end and this team really has, if you think about, you know, I don't know that anybody in a long, long time will ever, you know, go into the ACC tournament and start on Tuesday and finish up on Saturday winning five in a row and we've been able to take that momentum into the NCAA tournament and it's been a very refreshing thing for me. I love our group, I love their dedication, how hard they work and it's been fun to watch. Well, coach, it's been a heck of a story, congratulations and good luck coming up tomorrow evening, appreciate you giving us a few minutes today.

Hey man, thanks for having me on. Old Man Winter here. If I had it my way, it would stay winter all year long, short days, wind chill, black ice and a good polar vortex, heaven. Wait, is it getting warm in here? Your cold snap is over, Old Man Winter, spring has arrived.

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Baseball lives right here on the free Odyssey app. Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports, and reconnaissance from the day in sports. All right, let's start things off with college football analyst, Joel Klatt. He was hosting his own show, the Joel Klatt Show, and he talked about potentially the Dolphins drafting a quarterback and moving on from Tua Tonga Bailoa who's in the final year of his contract. Tua does not have a deal and to me that's telling. The way I view Tua and Mike McDaniel's offense is that it's not the right offense for him. This is not an indictment on Tua in the NFL as much as it is fit. I keep saying that and when you watch Miami, what they really do, what they need is a guy that throws on time with great leverage and accuracy down the field and there just so happens to be a guy that that is his best attribute sitting there available and that's Michael Pennix. I'm not saying Klatt is wrong because I don't believe he is wrong, but I don't think the Dolphins end up doing it and here is why. This regime with Mike McDaniel, which also incorporates and includes Chris Greer, the general manager, they're going to live and die with Tua Tonga Bailoa and they have been so loyal the last two years to Tua because Brian Flores didn't like Tua Tonga Bailoa.

So you're sitting there at 21 in the draft. Even if Pennix is there at 21, I don't think the Dolphins are going to take him and Pennix with the Dolphins, man, seeing what he did with those two wide receivers at Washington and you get Tyree killed and you also get Jalen Waddle and you know the deep ball accuracy that Pennix has, I understand the point. I would just be legitimately shocked if in the first round of the draft, the Dolphins end up taking a quarterback because it would go against everything that they've done to support Tua. Tua was good last year. Tua was fine.

I don't think he was great. I don't think you win a Super Bowl with Tua Tonga Bailoa, but I'd be very surprised if that's what they end up doing. Let's go to Dan Orlovsky. We go from Tua in the final year of his deal to Dak Prescott in the final year of his deal. Dan Orlovsky at ESPN said the Cowboys should have moved on from Dak after the playoff performance against the Green Bay Packers. I said the day after the Green Bay game, I would have moved on from everyone though.

I mean, at some point you realize this version is as good as we are going to be. And part of it was knowing what was down the line financially. Part of it was knowing, understanding the $60 million cap hit. And in sitting there going, okay, well, he's a good quarterback. He's had moments of really good quarterback play. But we, for some reason, as a team, can't get past who we have to get past to achieve the ultimate goal. If they were serious about winning Super Bowls, is there a way where they could have moved on from Mike McCarthy, traded Dak Prescott, regained assets, and built the football team up and maybe got a different player at quarterback that did different things in different situations? I think that's the reality of who the Cowboys are.

They've, in many ways, piqued this version. Once again, I don't think Dan Orlovsky's wrong, just like I don't think Joel Klatt is wrong. And we've talked about this before.

I've said it. The Cowboys should let this year ride out with Dak Prescott. The Dolphins should let this year ride out with Tua Tonga-Viloa and then go make that decision. So we haven't had a new contract issued to Tua. We haven't had a new contract issued yet to Dak.

I know that they've restructured it slightly and it's saved them $4 million in cap space this year. But I think both teams would be making a mistake given those extensions now. Go make them prove it this year because both these teams have talented rosters. And don't double down. Don't triple down on your guy and make that evaluation after this season.

And if you don't feel comfortable with them, then don't give them the contract and go find somebody else. Here's John Calipari, the head coach of Kentucky, last four years, right? Not on the tourney, you lose to St. Peters, you only get to the round of 32. And then last night, they end up losing to Oakland. Here is Coach Cal and the heartbreaking loss.

You go through this and I've been the ups and downs of this sport. But this one, I'm really hurting for them. Because there's other years, your team, you max out and you lose a game and you're like, jeez, this team I really felt could have done so much more.

He's not wrong, right? Everyone thought that this team was going to do a lot. Everyone thought this team or a lot of people thought this team was poised to go make an Elite Eight Final Four run, get to a championship game, especially what they were playing.

But their freshmen, the two freshmen didn't show up last night. And even with all the mistakes that they made, they were still right in that game of five minutes left. And Oakland's coach actually, Greg Camp, he's going to join us coming up in about 18 minutes from now or 12 minutes from now, excuse me.

And even with how his team shot the ball early, that game was right there in the balance late. And Kentucky dribbled the ball out of bounds, got stuffed at the rim, threw the ball out of bounds, just inexcusable. And I would go as far to say this, and I love Coach Cal. I'm a huge fan of John Calipari, always have, always will. I think his time should be up at Kentucky.

I do. I think it's time to bring a new voice. I don't think he's winning another national championship at Kentucky. I think you start a new era, but it's going to cost you, it's going to cost you $34 million. Don't tell me the buyout though, because I'm not saying Jimbo Fisher had success at A&M, but we just saw what Jimbo Fisher got paid to not coach the team. We've seen what Ed Orgeron has got paid to not coach the team. I know it's a different sport, but it's in the same conference as other big brands of those programs. Here is Coach Cal and the change of system that may need to be to Kentucky. A lot of one and dones, now college basketball, get a little bit older with NIL. Does he have to change his ways to continue to maybe find some golden days still with this Kentucky program?

It's a good question. Like I've done this with young teams my whole career, and it's going to be hard for me to change that because we've helped so many young people and their families that I don't see myself just saying, okay, we're not going to recruit freshmen. So I'll look at other ways that we can do stuff. He's not going to change. Like we've seen how many coaches, I'm not saying Cal's resisted NIL and transfer portal, but we've seen how many older coaches or coaches that have had so much success refuse to change and go into retirement because they don't like NIL and the transfer portal. I think now he has got to this point where the one and dones and be able to go in and deliver them and say, you come to me, you go to the NBA, you've got two, three contracts, all that stuff.

You're one year in college. It makes sense to start to change that, but when you're so used to a well-oiled machine, and I know now the machine has some leaks in it and some cracks in it, but I don't think he's going to do a full fix. I think he's going to try to put a bandaid or maybe find a way to stop things from leaking shortly.

I think it will be a half-assed fix and that's why I think it's just better to fully get rid of him, even though he'll still have some good years left in the sport. And you go find a new guy to work the next decade, two decades of Kentucky basketball and try to get this school back to being a championship contender. Here's Charles Barkley on CBS after the game on Kentucky and John Calipari. At some point, they got to make a deep run. They can't keep getting upset. I mean, they're the University of Kentucky.

They're one of the greatest programs in history and Cal is a terrific coach and a good friend. But at some point, he can't keep living off what happened during the Anthony Davis era. He got to go deep in this tournament at some point.

He's exactly right. Take the COVID year out of it because no one was in the NCAA tournament and you look at this team and they would have been in it that year, they were 25 and 6. But then after that, they didn't make the NCAA tournament, then you lose to St. Peters in the first round of 215. You get to the second round last year, big whoop. And then last year or this year, you lose the other night to Oakland.

So it's unacceptable. Here is Bucky McMillan, the head coach of Samford, who his team got screwed at the end of the game. Kansas up by one and one of their players made a great chase down, run down block, except the refs ended up calling a foul and it put Kansas at the line.

I have seen the play. I thought AJ made an incredible play on it. You know what I'm saying? I'm not faulting a call. You know, some people could see it different ways.

And at the end of the day, you know, AJ's recovery there, if there is no whistle, I'm not blaming whistle, but there's no whistle. We're going to have a numbers advantage going the other way to advance to round two. That's how close the game was. You know, it is what it is. It's a bad call.

And I've talked about this earlier. I would have a coach's challenge there, at least one coach's challenge. So you have a checks and balance system to overturn it.

They did not and they review everything, but that's not reviewable with the current rules. Here's Paul Pierce on FS1 and he had something interesting to say about Steph Curry. Steph's influence on the three in the NBA, there's been more 20 point comebacks in the league because teams are shooting the ball more from three. They're drafting players, they're signing players who, bigs who can shoot the three, and that's the influence that Steph has had on the game. Steph influence, and hear me out, Steph's influence on the game of basketball, he's influenced NBA more than LeBron won, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant, because now I go to the gym.

I go to the gym, I watched the Celtics game last night. I think the first 10 shots were three pointers. They think they can be Steph. All the kids now around America believe they can be Steph. If you can shoot the three and you're about 6'2", 6'3", they know they can't be Jordan. They can't be LeBron. They can't be Kobe. They believe he's given his influence and so you can believe you can become Steph and make it if you can knock down and catch fire from three. That's partially right. I'm not saying that Steph's better than all the guys that he just listed.

That's what he's saying. He has more influence. If you want to say Steph has more influence in the game than LeBron, I can give you that. If you want to say Steph has more influence in the game than Kobe, I can give you that. Growing up as a kid, everyone would shoot, crumble the paper ball into the trash can and say Kobe. Michael Jordan, I can't go there. I just can't. With the shoes and that impact and him being the greatest basketball player of all time, I can't go there with MJ.

But to Paul Pierce's point to something that all of us have said, the influence on the game and you go into gyms now and everyone thinks they can stand 10 feet behind a three-point line and it doesn't matter if you're 6'11 or if you're 5'6", people think they could go ball on a basketball court because of the smaller size of Steph Curry and the video game acrobatic style and the long distance range that he does have. Alrighty, we're coming on back. Oakland so far, the story of the NCAA tournament, taking care of Blue Blood Kentucky last night.

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