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A WEAK Move by Kenny Pickett (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 15, 2024 4:09 pm

A WEAK Move by Kenny Pickett (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 15, 2024 4:09 pm

Kenny Pickett traded to Eagles I Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network Reporter I Patriots and Commanders draft decisions  

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Offers end soon. Call 562-314-4603 for details. Live from the place you'll get out over the ostentatious studios of CBS Sports Radio here in beautiful New York City, sitting on top of the 10th floor of 345 Hudson Street. Welcome on in to a Friday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all the great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, the free Odyssey app, and of course, streaming live on YouTube, slash CBS Sports Radio. 855-212 for CBS is numbered to jump on in. 855-212-4227. You could always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter at Zach Gelb.

That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. Daniel Jeremiah is going to join us from the NFL network coming up 20 minutes from now. I got Stuart Kovacs and Moist Mike rocking and rolling with me all the way up until 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 p.m. Pacific. Alrighty, I got to start the show praising a caller. And before I praise a caller, let me just say Kenny Pickett is incredibly weak, but I'll get to the Kenny Pickett stuff in just a second in terms of why Kenny Pickett is weak. But we had a caller. I forget his name.

I want to say his name was Chris, but on multiple occasions, this caller, I think he not only called us, but he called about every show on the network. And he said, I'm a big Kenny Pickett guy. I believe in Kenny Pickett. I think Kenny Pickett's getting slandered.

I don't think Kenny Pickett's getting a fair shot in Pittsburgh and he should go to Philadelphia and ultimately he'll be the quarterback with the Philadelphia Eagles. And when that was said on this show, I asked the caller a simple question. I went back to like January, the first time he called in, because it wasn't the first time that caller did ring the show at 855-212 for CBS.

And the first time he brought up that point, I said to him, are you related to Kenny Pickett? And he got so mad over that simple question, but it was such a bizarre phone call. And I know we don't take a ton of calls.

We always encourage you to call, but we usually give you opinions first and we always welcome your calls. But we got a good amount of calls and it's tough to remember everyone, but sometimes there are calls that are just so out there that you always remember. And I'm sitting in the newsroom about five minutes before the show starts today and Pat Boyle's like running around the newsroom like his head just got cut off or something like that, or there was like an emergency. And he's like, Kenny Pickett just got traded to Philadelphia. And my first reaction wasn't what does this mean for the Steelers? What does this mean for the Eagles? It was that caller.

I think his name was Chris. I could be wrong, but I go that caller who called up multiple times in the last two, three months to make a case for Kenny Pickett needing to be traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. So I commend that caller. And here are the details of the deal. These Steelers get pick number 98 in the draft and two 2025 seven round picks and the Eagles get Kenny Pickett and pick number 120. So there's a few reactions here. Let me just say this right out of the gate, though.

It's amazing. Kenny Pickett gets traded to be QB two. You've seen Sam Howell who gets traded to be QB two. You had Desmond Ritter already get traded to be QB two. Heck, Sam Darnold has even found a home. All these dominoes are falling for most of these cases for people to be backup quarterbacks.

And Justin Fields is still out there. And after today, when you find out early this morning that the Vikings are acquiring assets to go trade up in the draft and have more ammunition now with pick number 11 and pick number 23 to move not only into the top 10 but move into the top five. It's clear the Vikings plan is to go draft a young quarterback, whether that's Drake May, JJ McCarthy, Michael Pennix.

We'll get into that later and maybe have Sam Darnold start a little bit before you hand the baton over to that next QB. And I don't think Justin Fields is going to stay in Chicago. I think they're taking Caleb Williams so we could pause on this whole idea.

Should the Bears make a trade with the Vikings because they could get now even more draft capital with the extra draft capital that Minnesota did pick up. But that is so bizarre to me that Justin Fields went from being a hot name to no market and outside of the Raiders, probably. We're sitting in a scenario where Justin Fields is probably going to be a backup next year and all these other backups are getting traded or guys that used to start an hour are going to be backups and Justin Fields is still sitting out there waiting to see where he's going to land. But let me get back to the Eagles part with Kenny Pickett.

This is what Philadelphia does. Howie Roseman always gave a line of the quarterback factory and they brought in a lot of quarterbacks throughout the year, you know, throughout the years because this is a team that they maybe in out of any team in the NFL, they understand the importance of having a good backup quarterback. Remember Carson Wentz went down in a year where they were a one seed in the NFC in 2017-2018 and they still found a way to win a Super Bowl because he had BDN, Nick Foles, dominating and he was able to fill in and win a Super Bowl. So they've take these chances before on guys that have been cast off from another organization or other big name backup quarterbacks as an insurance policy.

I understand what the Eagles are doing. This is an insurance policy because Jalen Hurts, remember, he was drafted originally as an insurance policy and you needed him because Carson Wentz crapped the bed. Now Jalen Hurts had won MVP caliber season and then the following year got off to a ten and one start and then the entire team laid an egg down the stretch. There is questions and there are questions about Jalen Hurts entering this season, but I don't think as long as he's healthy that for this season Kenny Pickett is in any striking distance to actually usurp Jalen Hurts as the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles because Kenny Pickett, simply folks, is just not that good. Kenny Pickett, we've seen in the last two years, he has not given many tangible moments where you make sure that you say, wow, the Steelers have their franchise quarterback. Now he has upgraded situations even though he's not starting, like the Eagles are a better team on paper than what the Pittsburgh Steelers are. But let's say Hurts does get hurt or Jalen Hurts, I don't even want to go the struggle route, let's just say he gets hurt. Then Kenny Pickett goes into a golden opportunity with a team that's loaded with weapons in Saquon Barkley, A.J.

Brown, Dallas Goddard and Devante Smith. So it's clear in Pittsburgh, and I said this on the air, the moment that Russell Wilson signed, I talked to a source who guaranteed me that Russell Wilson is not only the day one starting quarterback, he's getting all the QB one reps in the offseason program and training camp, all that stuff, that he is the guy. And that source reiterated to me when I was exploring more information, he said, I don't even know if the team's going to announce it, if it's going to be a competition, but if they do, Russ is the guy he knows what he's getting into. And Russell Wilson has his introductory press conference today in Pittsburgh.

It was very cringe worthy. Let me just say, you know, Russ is starting to come off like a used car salesman at time. And any time I hear him speak, I'm like, hmm, is the product you're trying to sell me really that good? So I have my questions about Russell Wilson. But what we don't have a question about and I didn't have a question about it heading into this week was would Russell Wilson be the day one starter in Pittsburgh? Now you ultimately know and you definitely know that Russell Wilson will be the day one starter with the Pittsburgh Steelers. And here's where I think Kenny Pickett comes off week.

Kenny Pickett, according to Adam Schefter, said once Russell Wilson signed with Pittsburgh, Kenny Pickett preferred to move on. Like, that's what you're going to do. You're going to take your ball and you're going to go home and you're going to cry and you're going to say, well, the organization is basically giving up on me or the organization is telling me I'm not good enough and now I want to get traded.

Like, that's how this went down. That Kenny Pickett knew Russell Wilson was going to be the starter, so therefore he preferred to be a backup quarterback somewhere else. And once again, Philadelphia is a better team and is in a better situation for a quarterback.

But for this upcoming year, where is it more likely that you're going to play Kenny Pickett? As long as Jalen Hurts is healthy, even with after having a disappointing season in twenty twenty three, as long as that dude is able to get on the field, you're not playing in Philadelphia. In Pittsburgh, you could run the risk where you're going to be a QB two in either spot of Russell Wilson stinking up the joint. And then you go from being QB two and being basically ignored by the organization and moved into the corner to them potentially having the rabid Steelers fans going nuts and saying that they want Kenny Pickett back on the field. Because even though some Steelers fans right now are saying, here we go. Oh, it's Russell Wilson. Oh, they made an improvement at the quarterback. And I think Russ could be fine in Pittsburgh, but it's not a slam dunk.

So I do think it's incredibly weak by Kenny Pickett. Once he knows that Russell Wilson's coming in. Yeah, I prefer to move on. I prefer to say peace out Pittsburgh and I'll go be the backup in Philadelphia because I don't really see a great path for you getting on the field in Philadelphia, even though the organization, it feels like and deservedly so gave up on you and did the right thing right now in Pittsburgh. There is still a better road in Pittsburgh to get back onto the field for this upcoming season than in Philadelphia. So that's the latest on Russell Wilson and Kenny Pickett and the Pittsburgh Steelers with now Kenny Pickett going to the Philadelphia Eagles. Let me get to some Russell Wilson sound here. Russell Wilson made his first comments as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. What's up?

Still a nation just signed baby fired up to wear the black and gold. Here we go. Here we go.

That's the new term. And that goes back to the whole Steelers song. Here we go. Here we go.

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl. Here we go. So that's another song that I do like. It's not as good as the here we go. Brownies.

Here we go. There's some better chance and some better songs in the NFL, but Russell Wilson is already getting himself acclimated to the Pittsburgh Steelers culture. Here is Russell Wilson on the Steelers team. The reason why I wanted to come here because I wanted to be able to win championships with coach Tomlin and these guys in the locker room and, you know, we've got some amazing players, you know, guys like, you know, Cam Hayward. And then obviously, you know, Mr. TJ Watt himself, you know, guy who really should be defensive player. I don't know how many times, maybe his third, fourth time could have won it, but just a tremendous athlete, tremendous player, a tremendous competitor. And let's hear Russell Wilson when he was asked today and he kind of deflected this question every time it was asked.

It was asked multiple times in different ways. Now we know he's going to be the starter with Kenny Pickett being traded, but Russ, few hours ago at the press conference, you expect to be the starter. You come in here with the mindset that you are the starter. I come in the mindset just being the best version of me every day. You know, it's, I think that's always the plan. What we're trying to do is, you know, for me, you know, I want to help our football team win. I think that's the job of the quarterback, you know, role is to help, help, help the Pittsburgh Steelers win. And that's always been the goal every day.

And so, you know, the goal is to, you know, get more trophies and to do the, to do everything we can to win. So there you go. Basically Russell Wilson, you didn't get the moment at the podium. He knew Kenny Pickett was getting traded today. Like he had to have some inclination because it's so weird when you know, you're going to be the starter. And I know it was a delicate situation and you want to basically have the coach answer that question.

I thought it was fun how he was tiptoeing around that whole conversation during the press conference. Do we have the call by the way? So this was the, what, the second call, Santer? So actually I have both calls.

So here's the first call first. This was on Tuesday, January the 15th. Wow. Holy smokes.

The 16th. I'm sorry. So here's the first call. His name was Chris in California. That's right. It was Chris.

Go ahead. Chris in California. First up on CBS Sports Radio.

Chris, what's shaking? Howie Roseman messes this team up. By 2022, Howie Roseman met that draft up. Not once, but twice he passed up on this player.

Pittsburgh is taking full advantage of them, benching them, whatever. Jeffrey Lurie, go get Kenny Pickett. Go get him. So there you go. Go get Kenny Pickett.

Go get him. And then his line mysteriously dropped as soon as he said that the first time around. Oh really?

Is that true? Yeah. You're like, Hey, Chris, he's still there. And then he was gone. But he did call back a couple of days later and then he stayed on for a little bit longer.

Gotcha. Let's hear that second call. Chris in California. Next up. You need to go out and get a Kenny Pickett.

Bring them to Philadelphia. Like Chris, can I just ask you a question? Yeah, I'm still here. Is Kenny Pickett a relative of yours? Is he a relative of yours? No. Why does everybody ask that?

I call WIP. They argue with me. You guys don't know how to play football.

It's a dumb point. Mason Rudolph just played better than Kenny Pickett. Kenny Pickett can't hold Jalen Hurts as jock. And you're going to tell me Kenny Pickett, if Kenny Pickett is that great, what makes you think that the Steelers are then going to trade him to the Eagles? You know, I've been wrong about a lot of things that I predicted. Here's one thing that I won't be wrong about. Kenny Pickett will not have a better career than Jalen Hurts. Geez, Louise.

That's amazing. So do I have to apologize? Everyone apologizes these days.

Do I owe Chris an apology? Because his point was Kenny Pickett should be the starter over Jalen Hurts, right? Correct. Well, they said to trade him, get Jalen, Kenny Pickett, and then eventually he'll take over for Jalen Hurts.

She never actually said it, but that's what he was implying. Yeah. So I don't think you get to apologize until he gets the starting job from Hurts.

Gotcha. I actually hope Chris calls in today. What do you say? Chris in California? 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27.

Man, that's something. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Daniel Jeremiah from the NFL Network will join us next. We'll get his thoughts on Russell Wilson being QB 1 in Pittsburgh.

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Daniel appreciate the time as always thanks so much for it how are you? Well I'm doing great I wish the uh the NFL had some action this week it's pretty boring. Today was some day let me start you off with the Kenny Pickett news uh him going to Philadelphia in a trade uh no surprise there in terms of Russell Wilson's going to be QB1 for the Steelers but I was surprised even though Howie Roseman says they're a quarterback factory that they landed this deal for Kenny Pickett today. Yeah I mean Howie's always believed in it and they've always you know uh invested in it in terms of backup quarterbacks I remember from my time working with him um having a conversation at one point in time where he said it's it's baffling to me that the league uh spends so much money on backup interior offensive linemen and and pays such few attention to the backup quarterback uh and you're cooked if uh if things go wrong there so he's always believed in investing in that it's also another example of these teams I mean there's hey if the quarterback doesn't work out in the first round wash your hands and move on it's not it's not the death knell it once was back in the day. Yeah so I saw Adam Schefter said that once Russell Wilson was brought in Kenny Pickett preferred to move on do you fault at all Kenny for that decision making because you know the only way he's get on the field in Philadelphia is if Jalen Hurts gets hurt you know in Pittsburgh I don't know what Russell Wilson is anymore as a quarterback so if it's the quickest road to get back on the field in 2024 I thought Pittsburgh was better than Philadelphia.

Yeah but I think he just you know had a little bit of a sour taste in his mouth I don't want to speak for for Kenny but um I'm sure he feels like you know he didn't have what he needed from either from a coordinator standpoint or uh the pieces in in front of him but you know hey he didn't play great I understand why Pittsburgh did what they did but I also get from Kenny's side of things wanting a fresh start there's I mean the starting jobs are are all taken so there's nothing there for him in that regard he might as well go to some place where at least you're going to win uh and uh and hopefully that can help him for his next stop down the road. Talking to Daniel Jeremiah the also other fascinating part of this is that you see all these quarterbacks the last few days you know guys that were starters that are going to be backups getting traded Justin Fields is still out there what do you think ultimately happens with Fields because I think most of us believe that Caleb Williams is going to be the number one overall pick as do I you know I think Caleb will be that guy I've kind of been consistent through this just in terms of my belief I I think Caleb will be the pick and I also think it's it's it's not realistic to have a situation where the Justin Fields thing is not it's not taken care of before Caleb walks into the building here everybody in that whole organization their future is going to be tied to how well Caleb Williams acclimates to the NFL and how well he plays to invite him into a chaotic situation where you've got a popular quarterback an incumbent in the building that just seems like that would be a absolutely bonkers way to start that run. Yeah I agree with you and I'm starting to think of the destinations for Fields and you see a bunch of them are getting crossed off in the last few days I still think the Raiders could be a good landing spot for him but then you know everyone whenever I suggest that says well they don't know how great the relationship was with Luke Getzey and Justin Fields last year. Yeah I don't think that's going to happen so you know I would be very surprised if that was where he ended up landing so you know look at Baltimore is one that that you could throw out there just because of Lamar and wanting to you know want to be covered insurance wise if something happened to him and he were to miss a few games for a team that has championship aspirations you could make that case but I mean there's there's no clear there's no clear spot you know when you look at it there just isn't one so I don't know what this you know what does this compensation look like it you know I'm getting the longer this thing goes to think this is going to be maybe not to the degree that we just saw with the Kenny Pickett but this is going to be some type of a pick swap you know who knows we'll see how it all plays out but there's no there's no obvious landing spot here you mentioned the Ravens could you see the 49ers maybe kicking the tires for a backup option yeah I mean that that's definitely something to think about but I also think that you know you had Trey Lance there and it was like okay Kyle's gonna lean into more the athletic quarterback and then he realized no I just want a pure point guard that Brock Purdy type quarterback runs my offense beautifully that's what I need and I just don't think Justin Field stylistically kind of fits into what Kyle's done well with talking to Daniel Jeremiah right now okay so we know the Vikings get him back to the draft they made the move today with the Texans to pick up the 23rd pick they also have their own pick at 11 clearly they're stocking their ammunition together to move up inside that top five of the draft how high do you think ultimately the Vikings are good to swing for and where do you think they ultimately land up in the draft from a pick standpoint yeah my my guess from the outside of looking at this thing and again this is just you know having been around it for a while and just looking at it this feels to me like you have a for sure landing spot maybe that's assume that's four with the Cardinals so that's the floor you know and you say okay we're going to effort and try like crazy see if we can't get Washington or New England to bite but if we don't get them to bite we know that we have a deal at four so the worst case scenario we're getting the fourth quarterback we're ahead of the Giants from that standpoint and we have that locked in but you know I do believe the you know the connections with Drake may make a lot of sense but I think in order to do that you're talking about having to get all the way up there to number two so you think Drake may could still be in play for the the second pick of the draft because it just feels like with the way that people are projecting this and who knows that Daniels will end up going two to the commander so you think may still in play with the commanders I think he's in play there I do so you know I you know one of the things that was going to be interesting Drake may and Sam Howell were are literally best friends and some people would have looked at that said oh that would have made a lot of sense then if he goes and he's with Sam Howell and I don't think that was the case I don't think that was something where they wanted to be you know competing together there so when they traded Sam Howell that perked me up a little bit and thought okay maybe that does mean Drake may could be back and play there at number two do you lean more now that that it is made to over Daniels or are you still in on Daniels I mean I I think both those guys I wake up one day and I tell you one thing I wake up another day I tell you the next they both have totally different strengths and weaknesses so to me it's about trying to find the fit and that's why if I'm looking at teams like New England to me feels stuck like they are taking one everything that I've heard seems to be they are committed to staying at three they wanted an eight to ten million dollar quarterback they got that Jacoby Brissett and they're going to take the guy of the future there at three I think I believe that the that it's likely that Washington stays and takes one of those two guys but I would think Washington of the two would be more likely to at least listen because of what they need on that roster and where they are and when you have Washington there and you've got Cliff Kingsbury you could make the you know connection of hey you know Kingsbury last year in the bowl game they had Miller Mostrow for a bazillion yards right you go back and look at the history of quarterbacks that have played you know kind of in that air raid type system they talk about having a point guard he could say hey you know what you get back to 11 we make this trade with the Vikings you give me a huge haul of picks I can make it work with you know whether it's McCarthy whether it's it's it's Bo Nix or Penix like these guys are point guards and let's build up the rest of the roster so you know between those two from Washington to England it feels to me like Washington would be the one that maybe would at least listen to what these offers are. Talking to Daniel Jeremiah right now what's your evaluation of JJ McCarthy because it seems like his stock keeps on rising where if he's there at six the Giants will definitely take him I know the tough part in his evaluation I watch a ton of Michigan is they ran the ball so much they didn't really have him throw it that much this past year.

Yeah it's a long process to get comfortable with him on the evaluation because the volume just isn't there compared to some of these other guys but you know there's ways to do it I was just talking to our live feed this morning and we were talking about him and I said you know go watch the third and seven reel so when you go watch all of his throws of third and seven plus and you watch him one after another you see some really really good things there so I think he's fully capable he just wasn't necessarily asked to do what some of these other guys were but you got somebody who's really young who's got a live arm it's really athletic he's smart he's tough and the guy's won a zillion games so while the volume isn't there he's got a lot of things going for him. Wrapping up with Daniel Jeremiah from the NFL network getting into the receivers how do you rank I know it's tough to separate these guys yeah but Marvin Harrison Jr, Malik Nabors and then Roma Dunza. Yeah I think they're totally different flavors they're you know three outstanding guys who are very closely graded the way I stacked it is I had Marvin Harrison Jr. one I have Roma Dunza two and I have Malik Nabors three but again it's kind of you know what you're looking for the first two kind of gave me the power forward types that can play inside can play outside they're going to be great on third down in the red zone and then Nabors has just got a rocket strapped his back I mean he is a big time big time explosive play making guy so that's how I have him ordered but I think you know to answer that question precisely you kind of have to say what team do you have and what are you looking for because they're all going to be really really good players. When you get in the top 10 I saw you put out today that you think there's going to be four quarterbacks going in the top six so that takes away four of those picks inside the top 10. The wide receivers we know the three that are very talented like you just mentioned offense alignment loaded in this draft a lot of the conversation has been offense offense offense who do you think will be the first defensive player just wondering though off the board?

I think it'll be Dallas Turner just because the position he plays is a premier edge rusher he ran in the four fours he's got ridiculous lengths and he can bend so he's not he's not quite as quite as powerful or as explosive in terms of what we saw last year with Will Anderson but he's he's a talented guy and I think because the position he plays he's likely to be the first one off the board on that side of the ball. And the outlook for the Chargers just as a whole obviously the excitement there Daniel Jeremiah with bringing in Harbaugh they say goodbye to Mike Williams they said goodbye to Keenan Allen yesterday going to the Bears Austin Eckler's now with the commanders what's kind of your outlook and what you hope for them to address to maybe get this thing going back in the right direction with Harbaugh and Herbert? You know what's funny is if someone who calls their games and someone who lives down here in San Diego and has you know friends and family they're all lifelong die hard charger fans my phone is blown up who's going to catch the ball I'm like well it's not the season yet you've got a few months here they've got time to fill this thing out in a loaded wide receiver draft you know I would anticipate they'll get you know somebody on the free market free agent market to come in there and compete and then I think you know look you've got the fifth pick or even in the second round you've got a chance to get really really good wide receiver there and yeah they've got a lot of other needs they need to address but I do think having both those pass rushers back seem to be their focus seem to be be their priority and now they've got to figure out the offensive side of the ball. Last thing I'll ask you Daniel Jeremiah just because you're so well versed with all these names who are some names that you want to bring a little extra attention to that maybe aren't getting talked about a lot but when you do your research and your evaluation you're like hmm this is a better player and deserves a little bit more recognition if you want to give a few. Yeah there's a few of them I mean I could go on and on but you know Ricky Pearsall is a wide receiver from Florida who's you know ran the low four fours he was at Arizona State then went to Florida he was great at the senior bowl had a phenomenal workout at the combine. I think he's in that second round range right now as a really good player I know Ladd McConkie from Georgia started to get a lot more hype and buzz after he ran a 4-3-9 but he's a you know he's a really really intriguing player and then you know I always look at the other way some guys maybe didn't test as well which could lead to them you know falling a little bit and in my opinion being a tremendous value and that's why you know Ennis Rakesh draw the corner from Missouri I think the first round player but he ran 4-5-1 and and maybe there's a chance now you get a first round player in the second round so those are those are just a few but there's a million of them it's a good draft. He's Daniel Jeremiah an NFL network analyst and host of the Move the Sticks podcast NFL Networks provides coverage of USC's pro day next Wednesday March 20th at 8 p.m eastern.

Daniel always appreciate the time have a great weekend. All right you too later there you go Daniel Jeremiah joining us from the NFL network a lot of interesting things from there because I kind of felt like as we got on the air with the Vikings move that they're going to use 11 and 23 to move into the top five to jump the Giants who are at six I thought for sure and that still rings true after that conversation that Williams is going to go one but then at two I thought definitely the commanders will be taking one of those quarterbacks he thinks the commanders are more inclined to potentially trade back than the Patriots and the commanders right now are in front of the New England Patriots so let's react more to that on the other side plus Aaron Donald is retiring and that is unfortunate for the LA Rams because we were starting to get all back in on the LA Rams so how do we view Aaron Donald without the Rams now and we look at the LA Rams moving forward update time first here he is the act man Rich Ackerman. 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Radio at Zach Gelb using the hashtag ask the pros be listening later in the show when we might answer your question think of Riley Auto Parts for your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts so my biggest takeaway from the Daniel Jeremiah interview is okay everyone has the foregone conclusion right now that Caleb Williams will be the number one overall pick I know there could be differences in what you think should happen and what you think will happen I think 90 percent it's a pretty high number believe that Kenny Pick actually Kenny Pickett he was on my mind uh Caleb Williams will be the number one overall pick now when you get into the second pick of the draft I would have to think the commanders got to take a quarterback but according to Daniel Jeremiah he thinks they're more inclined to trade back to maybe where Minnesota is and take whoever's available after that and Minnesota's at 11 then New England would be and that's a little backwards to me because the commanders are two and the Patriots are three now he also didn't rule out and did not dismiss and it's kind of 50-50 in Drake May still being the second overall pick which Samter I know we've both have talked about the draft so far extensively and both of us find it I guess the word is interesting that's the right word here we found it interesting that Drake May was perceived to be the second quarterback in this draft for pretty much two years and even for a while for a little bit there was a conversation should may go in front of Caleb Williams but now it has felt like that Jayden Daniels has usurped Drake May and Drake May could be the third quarterback off the board if not maybe the fourth quarterback but Daniel Jeremiah is damn good at this draft stuff and he's not going to do that stuff and he knows what it's like to be in these front offices Daniel Jeremiah is well connected in the league and I know he said it's 50-50 but at least the way we have talked about it Mike it has not felt like it's 50-50 at this point with Drake May being the second pick and going in front of Jayden Daniels it seems like 75% I would say maybe that's a little bit too 65% anywhere in that range 65-75% that it's going to be Jayden Daniels and then the rest it would be Drake May it does feel though a lot of the people who have said Jayden Daniels over Drake May are giving their own personal opinions I'm not hearing I haven't really necessarily heard that the commanders particularly prefer uh Daniels over May in fact I've heard the opposite that Peters the new GM uh that he loves Drake May and when Daniel Jeremiah came out and one of the things that really stood out to me that he said was that because Sam Howell and Drake May both UNC guys they were best friends and people were like oh they'll be great to be playing on the same team together not to cut you off they were also at a basketball game not that long ago where you had Drake May standing next to Sam Howell and that kind of draw the interest of a lot of commanders fans because Drake May is so much bigger than Sam Howell so a lot of commanders fans are having fun saying okay this is why they should go Drake May because just look at the size of the two of them stand next to one another Drake May and Sam Howell and the thing that Jeremiah said which I thought was so interesting was that while you would think that because they're good friends they go to basketball games together they went to the same school together they were in the same Tar Heel QB room together that that would mean that they would want to play together but in fact it was the opposite yeah that they didn't want to compete against each other that they that they wouldn't have wanted to have that you know uh UNC best friend connection there that it was that once he actually got traded Sam Howell got traded to the Seahawks that actually kind of made Jeremiah think more that the commanders were interested in Drake May so I actually think that's really interesting that the Sam Howell trade to the Seahawks might actually be an indicator for the commanders as to who they're going to draft number two I'm going to just be fully transparent here I'm in like a mental pretzel right now with this NFL draft and it's only March 15th we gotta wait to the end of April like this is I have never been in this position as a football fan and Stu I could see Stu was already playing his small violin but I was in the penthouse for 20 freaking years I'm not used to my team picking in the top five in the top five of the draft I'm just not I don't know how to handle this like the best draft pick in my lifetime from a from an order in the draft of the Patriots had I think they were eight and the Jets took Vernon Golston and it shows you my draft analysis here as a youngster I was gutted because I thought Vernon Golston out of Ohio State was going to be a stud and he ended up being one of the biggest busts of all time he was a combine workout machine and otherwise he was not that good he showed flashes at Ohio State but not only that the Patriots moved back from where they were in the draft I forget where they were they were in the top 10 they moved back a few spots and they ended up getting Jerrod Mayo who is now the coach of the Patriots ironically but Jerrod Mayo had a very good NFL career by far and away better than Vernon Golston so now being at three I absolutely despised when my football team won games towards the end of the season when they won the game in Pittsburgh with Bailey Zappi happy for Zappi I wasn't happy when Chad Ryland had the redemption moment against the Broncos where he was missing those kicks and then hit the game winner I wasn't happy because yes they probably would have never got up to one because the Panthers were dreadful and the Bears have the Panthers pick but they should have been the second pick and they actually lost to the commanders and they finished with the same record but because of the way that the rules are designed up and the tiebreakers the commanders were in front of the Patriots so now not having that second overall pick is driving me nuts because I've made it clear because I've made it clear I want Jayden Daniels I still think Jayden Daniels is going to the commanders I also don't buy that the commanders are going to trade out of the pick because when you have a new GM and a new owner and then your coach even though Dan Quinn was not a bad hire I think the Dan Quinn hire was underwhelming from what the expectation was I don't think even though from a football sense you could get all these picks and set your team up for the future I don't think you could justify at two passing up on a quarterback especially when you just traded Sam Howe and who'd you bring Marcus Mariota like give me a break so I think you got to take a quarterback at two and that's a question of then who you take as the quarterback I still think they're gonna go Daniels I would be thrilled if they went Drake May because I want Jayden Daniels but the team to really watch I think is now the Patriots because you know Williams is going one and then if let's say Drake May does go to okay Patriots decision made you take a quarterback you take Daniels but if they go Daniels at two the commanders then I'm thinking from a fan standpoint I don't want Drake May so take Marvin Harrison Jr or you trade back and you get like three first round picks to have the Vikings come up from 11 so you get 11 you get 23 and then you get a future first round pick and then some and I'd be okay with that but Jeremiah not only does he say Drake May still in play at two Jeremiah then also said in that conversation at three he doesn't see any way that the Patriots trade out of that third spot so the Patriots I guess well I don't know what they're doing right now because Wolf is acting like the GM Jerrod Mayo has a lot of power there so I don't really have a lot of confidence in my team to get this right and I know there was that clip of Jerrod Mayo saying oh pretty much assuring that they're gonna take a quarterback right when he was introduced as the head coach but he even knows if he has the authority to do that so Samter and Stu I think you guys may need to coach me through this next month in like 10 days because I'm already I was so happy that the Vikings news broke when I was on the elliptical because I'm on that thing for an hour and I was just there scrolling on Twitter working out and I was thinking of all the different scenarios that could occur for my football team but mentally it has really messed me up right now because I want one person and then if they don't get that guy and now Jeremiah is telling me that there's a chance that I could get the guy that I want but if they don't get him they're gonna pick the other guy it seems like and I don't know that's the best thing listen you know what nobody really can evaluate these quarterbacks I know sympathy I know you want Jayden Daniels I'm just telling you I watched him at ASU for a while he sucked Drake May has been groomed to be the guy you should not be unhappy about Drake May I know you want Daniels but if you can get Drake May at three get Drake May and be happy I'm just telling you see don't beat this first here's the thing I love Marvin Harrison Jr. I think the gap between Marvin Harrison Jr. and the other receivers and the gap between top receivers and guys you can get in the second third round is much smaller than getting a top quarterback and the guys that you get in the second and third round so if you can get a franchise-changing quarterback at number three as much as I love Marvin Harrison Jr. you can still get a quality wide receiver later on in the draft and be fine here's the one reason why I think I may be okay or end up may being okay with Drake May is because I don't want him and I feel like whenever you don't want a quarterback it ends up working outside of everyone universally saying that they didn't want Daniel Jones with the Giants and that hasn't worked who did you not want Zach who did you not want Zach Wilson oh okay see I'm back in that mental pretzel once again now people are wondering if it's a hard pretzel or if it's a soft pretzel it's an anti-andy pretzel no it's a soft pretzel because my brain right now is a bunch is a bunch of mush well your brain's always a bunch of mush that's a whole different story well that's nice happy Friday to you too it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio Aaron Donald retiring so unfortunate for the Rams we'll explain on the other side outside of the obvious 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27. 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