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Fields Frenzy ( Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 23, 2024 6:02 pm

Fields Frenzy ( Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 23, 2024 6:02 pm

What do the Steelers do with the quarterback situation this year? Jerome Bettis joins in hour two.


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That's slash odyssey. All right, here we go. Hour number two of our radio program.

That's right, it is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. We will be joined by the Pro Football Hall of Famer, the great running back in Jerome Bettis coming up 20 minutes from now. I want to get into a little bit about the Steelers here, though, to start this hour to set us up for Jerome Bettis. And you know, you hear the other day that this is a quarterback competition between Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. Now, let me be clear because I was told something the day Russell Wilson, and I've shared Russell Wilson, and I've shared this before, but I'll share it again. The day Russell Wilson elected to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers, I was told by a source that is in the know that Russell Wilson was going to be the starting quarterback. And not only was Russell Wilson going to be the starting quarterback in Pittsburgh, they may not even make this a competition.

And even if they say it's a competition, it won't be a competition. But at the time, we didn't know Justin Fields was going to get thrown into the fire. That's when Kenny Pickett was there. So the Steelers, they signed Russell Wilson, and that was them saying the Kenny Pickett era is over, and Russell Wilson was going to be the starter, and there was not going to be a competition. And ultimately, that ended up being true because Kenny Pickett then got traded to the Philadelphia Eagles.

But then the Steelers did something, which I actually think was savvy, and it was very smart, and where they basically gave up nothing in draft capital to go get Justin Fields. Because Russell Wilson's at the point of his career where he's trying to win back people's trust. Russell Wilson is far from the days of being that very good quarterback in Seattle. Year one in Denver was a disaster. Year two in Denver, he played better. The way I would say it, he's a fine quarterback. He was a fine quarterback last year in Denver. But him and Sean Payton clashed heads.

That was never going to be a marriage that was going to continue. And since Russ didn't even have that new extension kick in yet in Denver, and you're getting all that guaranteed money, he's actually the guy that took the minimum, took less, because he wanted to go to the right situation. And I just wonder if I was a fly on the wall where it was guaranteed to Russ from what I was told, that he was going to be the starter over Kenny Pickett when he signed there. I wonder how the conversation did go down when Omar Khan or you had Mike Tomlin call up Russell Wilson and say, hey, you know, we traded Kenny Pickett, but now we're trading for Justin Fields.

Because Kenny Pickett is at a point of his career only two years in, the guy hasn't been able to stay healthy. You know, he was a first round pick, but he wasn't a top ten pick. Well, he was 19th or 20th, Colton, 20th. So he was 20th in the draft. You know, you could take a quarterback 20th overall, and if it doesn't work out, it doesn't derail your franchise. Like if nine times out of 10 outside the Niners, you're picking in the top five and that quarterback in the top five does not succeed. That sets your franchise back.

But when you're picking at 20th and the quarterback falls to you didn't have to move up to get him and it doesn't work out, it won't ruin your franchise. And the Steelers still have a good roster, right? You got one of the more underrated defensive players in the league and Alex Highsmith, who's a stud. You got TJ Watt on the offense side of the ball.

I like the one two punch of Najee Harris and Jalen Warren. You have Pickens as a wide receiver. They have attempted to improve this offensive line, which has been a problem. I think it's going to be successful this year, but you never know.

And now it's like. Is there a quarterback competition and they're presenting this as a quarterback competition and you look at it like Russell Wilson's at the stage of his career. Where no one's expecting him to be the long term guy in Pittsburgh. Like, could he go maybe have a three year run? I guess it's possible, but it's Ross ever going to return to a point where you're looking at him as a top seven quarterback in this league? No. Is there a chance he could look like a top ten quarterback?

I guess. But how many great quarterbacks there are in this league? It's unlikely that Russ is a top ten quarterback in this league again, but he has all the pieces in Pittsburgh this year. To continue to do what the Steelers have become. And that's be a team that can make the playoffs and maybe at best you look at them and you go, OK, they can win a playoff. Because the Steelers, it's kind of sad what has happened. Like, trust me, there's a lot of organizations that would love to be the Steelers. The Steelers are never bad. The Steelers have had a standard for so many years of being great. But like Colton, when was the last time the Steelers had legitimate Super Bowl or bust expectations? This is an organization where they have never had their season go down the drain. This has never been a team where you're looking at them and you go, they suck. They're putrid.

They're awful. I'm talking in normal people's standards, normal football fan standards. But when you hear the Steelers haven't won a playoff game since the 2016 season, that's like, yo, that's a low point for the Steelers. And the goal should be when you're a Steeler fan to go into a year, say, in Super Bowl or bust. And it's not easy once Big Ben walks out the door. But for a lot of times at the end of Big Ben's career, the defense was ready to go and the offense wasn't, because Big Ben did decline, you know, and suffered a bunch of injuries. And ever when you had the killer bees, right, with Bell and Brown and Ben, the defense wasn't there. So the defense and the offense, one has always been good enough to get you to 9, 10 wins, but the other is preventing you from getting over the top and having Super Bowl or bust expectations. You follow this team more than anybody.

You are a terrible towel, honk. When was the last time you legitimately, not like one day you're drinking the Kool-Aid and you're caught up in like a stupid win in September and then you think something's going to be special and new. But when was the last time you entered a season with Super Bowl or bust expectations for the Steelers? Had to be the last year with Le'Veon Bell before he left for free agency. I think that had to be the last season. That was the year you guys lost to the Pats in the AFC Championship game, right? I believe so, yeah.

Yeah. And he didn't play. That was the thing. We got hurt. We never saw the three of those guys together.

That was very unfortunate. You never saw those guys. They never played one playoff game together.

Yeah, but here's the thing. With the team that they were going up against that year, I'm not saying that you're wrong with those Super Bowl or bust expectations for that year, but really that defense, which was terrible in that AFC Championship, like even if Bell and Brown were fully healthy and bad, it wouldn't have mattered. Like you maybe would have kept the game closer, but Brady did what he had all the time. They ran a flea-flicker in that game for a touchdown. Patriots in a trick play against the Steelers? Guaranteed.

Yeah. I always laugh at my dad. I'm like, oh my gosh, where's the trick play? And then it comes and then no one else sees it coming.

I'm like, what are we doing? You know what really changed the Steelers? And I forget what year this was. Oh no, it was the year of the JAG. It was Super Bowl LII that year. They lost to the Jaguars in the regular season.

They were home. So this was 2017? Yeah. So that's right after the year they lose the AFC Championship game.

So you're spot on. But that team, they were so worried about their revenge against the Patriots, they forgot to show up early because that game got close at the end. But they, and they got blown out early, but they forgot to show up early against the Jags. Yeah. Who beat them earlier.

Sure did. And you've never seen that team since recover. Now I'm not saying it's easy because once Big Ben retires, you know, you miss on quarterbacks. Like the Patriots missed on Mac Jones.

You guys missed on Kenny Pickett. And now it's okay. The Patriots were like, I hate being in the middle.

I hate being in the middle being in the middle. And the Patriots were that for a little bit when they made the playoffs, that one year with Mac Jones. And you knew that team wasn't going anywhere. And then the next year they slowly took a step back and then they plummeted the year after that.

The Steelers are never going to plummet. Like they're not going to be bad enough, even in a loaded division or loaded conference where they're like five wins because they got a damn good roster. This team probably this year, what, nine and eight, 10 and seven. That's where I'm at again.

I think the bookmakers have them eight and a half. I'm gladly going to hammer it again. And they're going to hit again.

They're going to get another nine, 10 wins again, because they're going to have better quarterback play, whether it be Russ, whether it be fields. And that's kind of why I hate that one. Let me ask you this. I've been hating that we're in the middle. You've heard it over the years.

I've been here. I've kind of chewed your ear out. I'm tired of being in the middle and that's kind of where the Steelers are at.

And I'm so frustrated and I'm over it as a steamer. I put a gun to your head right now and I say, Colton, your life is on the line. Do the Steelers win a playoff game this year? What do you say? Oh, gosh, life on the line. Since it's been 2016, I'm going to say no. Right? You have to say no.

Yeah. Now it's not inconce... Like, I'm not saying you would feel comfortable throughout the year with your life being on the line. It's not inconceivable for the Steelers to win a playoff game, but no one's picking the... Forget Super Bowl. No one's picking the Steelers to go to the AFC Championship game this year. They have a good team.

And you know what stinks? I think they're in a better place than they've been in years. Yeah, they have. I think they're in a better place than they've been in years. Because the line looks like it's coming together. Yes.

Right? There's actually some optimism on that offensive line. So I'll ask you this, because if Kenny was still there, this was not a quarterback competition.

Now it seems like it's quarterback competition, but is it really a quarterback competition? I would be very surprised, shocked. You know, he has got to be healthy. Like, he'd suffer an injury. But I would put my life on the line, right?

Reverse the situation here. I'd put my life on the line and say, Russell Wilson started week one in Atlanta. Two thousand percent. Yeah. I'm hoping to God it's not, because I think Justin Fields is the future quarterback of the Steelers.

I'm hoping... You do! That's what I'm hoping the Steelers play this out. Again, I think Russ could be good. Like, if you had the numbers from Russ last season on the Steelers last season, Steelers are probably in the AFC Championship game. They kept it close with Mason Rudolph against Buffalo in Buffalo. I think they beat Buffalo with Russ last season. So if you get that quarterback play, they probably win a playoff game, they probably beat Buffalo, and I think they have an opportunity to go to the AFC Championship game. So again, I... Will they beat Buffalo in the first round? Sorry, they lost to Buffalo in the first round. Would they have played Kansas City then after that?

I believe so, yeah. Let me not be in Kansas City. See, I wasn't scared. Oh, come on! Come on, we saw how bad Kansas City was. But still! I'm not picking against them.

I'm just like as a standard pick. Again, I think they had a shot against Kansas City. It was Mason Rudolph for his quarterback?

I hear you. Well, they also played great. One year they got blown out by Kansas City. They kept the first half close, and they just didn't do anything offensive.

I'm like, oh, this is... This offense is going to crumble, and it did in the second half, and they got embarrassed. So let me ask you this before we just hear you have a meltdown about this. You asked for this talking steals, man. I know, but let me just ask you this. They didn't pick up Fields' fifth year option. I understand why you wouldn't do that. So he's a free agent after this year.

I guess he could be franchise tagged as well. So you always have that out, so it's fine. But here's what I'll say. If Fields doesn't get on the field this year, because Russ is just good enough... Is Justin Fields really re-signing with the Steelers?

No, absolutely not. I wouldn't blame him. Because if Russ is just good enough, where they're 10-7, they lose in the playoffs once again, Russ is going to be the quarterback there next year.

Sure is. And then it would benefit Justin. See, Justin Fields actually not playing this year could be the best thing for Justin Fields, and here's why. Because then people will sell you off the hope and the potential of Justin Fields. And then next year, when teams swing and miss on people in the draft, or they don't get the person via trade a free agency, then people will be like, ooh, here's this shiny car in the driveway that got like a tire taken off. But we could get the tire back on, and we could fix Justin Fields in whatever other destination. And at that point, get him at a discount.

Get him at a bargain on like a one or a two-year deal with some guaranteed money in it. So it actually may behoove Fields to not get on the field this year. But also, if he gets on the field, he's in a much better spot now in Pittsburgh than he ever was in Chicago. And Chicago now, like he was there this year in Chicago, he could be 9-8, 10-7 quarterback, do what the Steelers probably could do this year.

You're funny, and that's totally true. And I guess that's why I hope to see him. I hope, I think, again, life on the line, I think it's Russ starting week one. But I'm hoping that Fields blows their mind. And the thing is, Tomlin love Fields coming out of Ohio State. So I'm hoping that in the back of my mind is what Tomlin does, things future, and goes with Justin Fields and see what you got. Because hey, he's younger than Kenny Pickett, so you got a younger quarterback with actual NFL experience.

So I hope it's Justin Fields. But again, life on the line, I think it's Russ starting week one. And probably, there won't be a potential for Fields to get on the field if everyone's healthy until December, like when that schedule really does pick up. Because early on, Atlanta's a good team, Denver stinks, Chargers solid, Colts solid. You know what, they actually schedule a little bit tough out of the gate. You get the Cowboys, then you get the Raiders, the Jets, and the Giants.

I think after the first four games of the season, as long as they are two and two, Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, and Indianapolis, Russ still going to be the guy, even if they are one and three. No, no shot. But are you going to put Fields on the field against Dallas? Yes, you have to.

What else you got to lose? If he ends up stinking and it flops, you don't have to keep him. So you got to play him.

If you're one and three, you play him. The earliest Fields will get an opportunity, I would say, is October 13th against these Raiders. That's the earliest if really Bleep hits the fan here. But I don't think Bleep's going to hit the fan for the Steelers. Okay, quarterback competitions and who will win them? Steelers, Russ. Atlanta, it's not a competition, but it's going to be Kirk Cousins. Patriots, I think Jacoby Percette will beat out Drake May and the Patriots by design will not put Drake May on the field early. Minshew and O'Connell Stu, I think it's going to be Minshew. Do you think it will as well? Just wonder.

I do. I think it's Minshew's job to lose. I think they brought him in to be the starter. And then the Broncos and the Vikings both need to play.

They're young guys. Bo Nix needs to start week one. Can't put Zach Wilson on the field and the Vikings. It can't be Sam Darmold. It should be JJ McCarthy. We'll talk to the bus. Jerome Betis next.

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They're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Courtney, Kim, Chloe, Kendall and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television.

The all new season of the Kardashians is now streaming on Hulu. You're listening to the Infinity Sports Network. The weather is nice and summertime is around the corner for football fans.

That means only one thing. We are that much closer to the 2024 season. The real and fantasy as of 2022 29.2 million Americans played fantasy football, making it the largest fantasy sport in the country. Fantasy drafts will be kicking off soon, and we have a great guest for you. That, of course, is the Pro Football Hall of Famer. And that is Jerome Bettis, who joins us to talk hot picks and the personal health struggle he shares with many Americans that nearly kept him out of football.

And we welcome in the boss as he makes a stop on the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. Jerome, thanks so much for doing this. How are you? I am great. Thanks for having me.

Appreciate it. Well, we'll talk about air serve in just a bit, but let me start you off with the little Steelers. Najee Harris. So far, three years into the NFL, 3269 yards, 22 rushing touchdowns. When you look at his career so far, what stands out to you? Because it's interesting to me. How many people are split on their opinions with the Steelers running back? Yeah, I don't know.

You know how you can be split. You have to look at a running back. And you also have to look at its offensive line, right? Because his first year, the offensive line was awful. His second year, they were bad. And this last year, they were maybe a touch below average. So he's been running behind a group that hasn't been playing up to their potential.

They've kind of made a resurgence. They've got some draft picks. They've put some thought into the offensive line, right?

And the resources. And now, I believe he'll be running behind the best offensive line he will have had all of his years in Pittsburgh. So you've got to look at his success with a grain of salt and say, hey, yeah, it could have been much better. It really could have. But it's not because he wasn't trying.

It's because some of the opportunities weren't there. You know how criticism works. Sometimes it's fair. Sometimes it's unfair. So what you're saying is you think the criticism of Najee Harris has been unfair up until this point?

Absolutely. Jerome Bettis here with us, the Pro Football Hall of Famer. Then how about the organization's decision to decline the fifth-year option that came out a few weeks ago? So if I was him, I would be happy because you now have an opportunity to go out and prove and bet on yourself, prove to everyone that, hey, I'm going to quality run it back. And guess what? I'm a free agent, people.

So now you have an opportunity to go out there and write your own story the way you want to write it. So I just think it's a blessing in disguise for him. Now, I think it could backfire against the Steelers, but I think it's a great opportunity for Najee. And to be clear, I like Najee Harris. I also like Jalen Warren as well.

Give me your view on what you've seen on the early career of Jalen Warren. I mean, he's spectacular. I mean, I love his energy, his quickness. He's downhill. He's like a one-cut guy.

So he's really good too. And I think probably that has something to factor in. Obviously, you got another running back that you really like as well. So do I commit those resources or do I let it play out? And I think that's what the Steelers decided.

We're not going to overcommit the resources. We're going to let it play out. And if he proves that he's the guy that we got to get, then you resign him.

And if that's not the case, then you allow him to go out and find a new home. But I think it's up to him because I think he's going to have plenty of opportunities along with Jalen Warren. The Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis is here with us. The quarterback situation in Pittsburgh has been an interesting one this offseason. You know, they sign Russell Wilson and they say goodbye to Kenny Pickett.

They trade him to Philly and then boom, they trade for Justin Fields. How have you processed what the Steelers have done at the QB spot this year? Well, I just think it's masterful what they've done because what they have now done is ensured that they're going to get a high level of quarterback play. That's the one thing that that has eluded them that ever since Ben Roethlisberger left, right? They haven't had a high level quarterback play. And so now you've got two veteran quarterbacks who say, you know, I want to be the guy and they're going to bust their butts.

So every day you're going to have the competition that does nothing but make both of these guys much better. And ultimately the team benefits from that. And I think you're going to get a high level quarterback play, which can be the difference between going to the playoffs and losing in the first round and making a deep run. You know, it's kind of crazy with the Steelers because for so many years it was Super Bowl or bust. They haven't had a Super Bowl or bust feeling like you were alluding to in a long time. This is an organization that they haven't won a playoff game since the 2016 season.

You being a great stealer and winning a Super Bowl, how disappointing is that to see how far away they've been from that standard of Super Bowl or bust? Yeah, it's been tough because they've been just good enough to be average, right? Not bad enough where they can go out and get a player in the draft that can make a significant difference, right?

They drafted in the mid-20s, you know, high 18-night. You're not getting that impact player. And so that's been the problem. And so now this is a really good opportunity to get a quality quarterback. And I think that is the missing piece. You got the receivers. You got the running backs. You got the tight end. You got an amazing defense that's going out busting their butt.

You got everything in place. You got offensive line revamped. Now the one piece was the quarterback playing. Now you got two guys that can give you an opportunity.

And now the potential is one of these guys win the job, but also wins an opportunity for a long-term play in Pittsburgh. Yeah, I think Russell Wilson is going to win the job. I'd be surprised if he doesn't.

How about yourself? Would it surprise you if Russ isn't starting week one in Atlanta against the Falcons? It would surprise me. I think he's definitely the polished guy. You saw what he was doing last year in Denver. He didn't leave Denver because of his play.

I can promise you that. So I believe he'll be the starter week one. Now the question is Justin Fields.

He's the, you know, that joker because you don't know what you're going to get. You love his skill set, what he's capable of. Can he put it all together, right? And will he develop to the next step? And if he does that, he can be a 10-year solution at quarterback as well. You know, just curious if you were in that locker room, like I don't think Russ could be a great quarterback again. I still think he could be good for Justin Fields.

It's that untapped potential where maybe he could be a really good quarterback one day. Who would you prefer to start if you were in that locker room seeing this competition play out? Well, I would say I want to bet the guy give me the best chance of winning, right? And so I'm looking at it daily saying, hey, who's stepping up today, right? Because at the end of the day, if you put, you know, multiple days together, then as a teammate, that's the guy I want, right? I want the guy that is consistently going out there busting his butt, being the best he could be because that's what I'm doing, right? I'm going out there to be the best version of myself.

So I want a guy who I can look at and say, you know what? I'll follow you, right? Because I'm doing it and I know that you're doing it.

I see you doing it. So now, because that's what you got to think. These guys have to lead the team. So if they're not busting their butt every single day in practice, the guys see it, right? And they know it. And I think, you know, Coach Tomlin, he's going to know it. So that's why I think this is a good opportunity because both of these guys are going to be busting their butt.

I'll talk to you about air serve in just a second. Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis is here with us. We talked about how the Steelers have just been average, above average. They've been good. They haven't been horrific, but they haven't been great in a long time, not winning a playoff game since that 2016 season. I have to ask you, where's your belief level that Mike Tomlin is still the right guy to coach the Steelers?

Oh, it's extremely high. I think this is a championship feel to it. If you go back and you look at this team, the one thing that was missing was a high level of quarterback play. Hadn't gotten it. Ben, at the end of his career, wasn't able physically to do all the things that he could do.

So you wasn't able to get the mobile, Ben, that was moving. So the latter part of these years have been tough from a high level quarterback play, right? So now you got an opportunity to get high level quarterback play.

I think it changes the entire dynamic. Now you've got a championship caliber football team with the championship caliber defense that they had last year already. So now this offense catches up with the defense.

This could be a very, very, very dangerous football team. I know you want to discuss your personal story going back to when you were a kid and also what you're doing, getting people ready for the football season in a fun way. So the platform is your my friend. Well, I just want to just tell you about how I came to partner with AirServe, a neighborly company. And really, when I was 14, I went out for football and passed out, taken to the doctor, found out I was asthmatic. And through that, I understood what I needed to do to make sure that I was able to control and manage the asthma. I was able to play, you know, 13 years in the NFL, have a Hall of Fame career.

And when I retired, I started to have children. And I quickly realized that home was a critical area for me in terms of the quality of the air. And so I was able to partner with AirServe and we were able to then create a program for myself. And so now it's all about, you know, that information and education because we want to raise awareness about air quality. And you have to understand that you have a company that's one of the leading HVAC and indoor air quality service providers. They're able to do so much. So I'm able to use my platform to show everyone, hey, you need to be thinking about the air quality in your home.

And so we were able to come together and really and really push that message to help a lot of people. And now we're pivoting, you know, getting into football season with the excitement that's going on. And now we're going to present the AirServe Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Party. It's going to be August the 10th in Nashville, Tennessee. And to register, all anyone needs to do is go to slash fantasy draft to register. But you got to register by June the 30th to have an opportunity to come to Nashville and party with me at the draft. That's going to be a whole lot of fun.

And of course, it's great information and appreciate you sharing that with us today. I got to ask you, who are some of your favorite running backs right now in the NFL? Oh man, Jonathan Taylor obviously is a monster, but I'm a huge fan of Saquon Barkley.

And so I think he's going to have a huge year this year. King Henry, obviously he's a stud, but those are the guys that kind of are at the top of the list. But then you got, you know, some other ones, Williams in LA, Byron, I'm a fan of his, he's a Notre Dame guy. So you've got quite a bit of different types of running backs out there. McCaffrey is a superstar and I'm a fan of his as well. So you got quite a bit of running backs to choose from in terms of, from a fantasy perspective. And then you got your quarterbacks, you got a ton of, then your wide receivers.

So this is, this will be a fun draft because you got so many talented players that you can choose from. Last thing I'll ask you, and obviously you're a household name in the NFL, like growing up on Long Island, Philly kids would always have Jetson and Giants jerseys, but there would always be Jerome Bettis, 36 jerseys, LaDainian Tomlinson as well, Ray Lewis, some of those players, Tony Gonzalez. When you look back at your career, we know where you sit, your football, you know, hall of Famer and had a great career, ended it with the championship. What are you most proud about when you look back at your career? That I was a great teammate, that I showed up to play every single week in my teammates economy and get the production that I was able to provide for those guys. And to this day, when they call me and, Hey, they need me for a golf tournament. They need me here. You know, I'm on that plane supporting them.

And I think that's what, that's what, you know, being a great teammate is all about. Alrighty. I know the bus has to depart.

We always enjoy when you take a stop with us. Thanks so much, Jerome Bettis. You're the best. Thank you.

Appreciate it. There he is. Jerome Bettis joining us on the Zach Gelb show on the infinity sports network. We'll take a break.

It is a Thursday. So when we come on back, we got to do a Zach Gelb show PSA update time. First though, here he is the act man, rich Ackerman. Good sound selection.

Good music choice there. Colton, Colton, what a douche. He tips his cap.

He takes a bows too. That was good. Oh man.

I've been impressed with Colton today. You know, it's almost like we had to torture him 43 minutes ago, bringing up his Steelers and just the blast state his team's in where they're not great. They don't suck. They're just there. So that's the Pittsburgh Steelers right now. Here we go.

Yes, though. Could be the Raiders. Could be, could be, but I think what Colton saying is he'd rather be the Raiders for just like two years, you know, bar being the Raiders for two years.

So you can get some more capital and you can get some some high profile younger players that are difference makers. See the Raiders quarterback. See the Raiders get that capital and they do nothing with it. Yeah, well, that's a difference, but the Steelers are at least a well run organization. The Steelers are respected organization, not the Raiders. People give the Steelers the benefit of the doubt. We just give the, the doubt to the Raiders that they're going to find the way to mess it up, right? Lots of doubt. Yeah. There's a lot of doubt. It's like doom and gloom. Just doubt, doubt, doubt.

All right. It is a Thursday. So it is time for a Zach Gelb show PSA. It's a Thursday. What do you have to say?

It's the weekly Zach Gelb show PSA. Who's with me? Let's go.

Come on. So I have not shared this story with stew with Colton or anybody here. The only time I shared this story was when I was doing my weekly spot yesterday on five 60 WQM.

Cause it had to do with Florida. So last week I visited my grandmother flew in late Thursday night. She lives in Boca. My aunt and uncle, they live like 20 minutes away from my grandmother. So we all be for dinner on Friday. I'm driving my grandmother. I'm standing at her house. My uncle's driving, obviously his wife, my aunt, we pull up to the restaurant at the same time. I pulled up a little bit too far. I was going to drop my grandmother up off.

She's 92 years old. So she could just walk right in. I guess my uncle was just being generous and wanted to drop my aunt off as well. So I realized I pulled up a little bit too far because the restaurant is adjacent to a mall. So it's one of those like circles where I saw the restaurant and didn't realize that you couldn't walk through to the right side of the restaurant.

I thought they would like connected kind of, but it didn't. So I said, all right, my uncle didn't realize I was in front of him because I'm in a rental car. I'll let my uncle drop off my aunt and then I'll just like back up for a second. So my uncle then turns, doesn't realize on there.

I start to back up and let my grandmother out. It takes her like five minutes to get out of the car. So out of the corner of my eye, I didn't realize it was my uncle, but I see there's like a commotion because my uncle was driving to go park his car. And I guess there was another car coming straight at him and the car just didn't go to the right. So that car, which I didn't know at the time was in a standoff with my uncle and there was seven or eight cars starting to slowly pile up, trying to get out as well. So my uncle gets out of his car and just says to the guy, Hey, like, you need to go this way, just go around. So he could go park his car and that guy can get out of the parking lot.

So I didn't think much of this. So once again, this restaurant is adjacent to a mall. It's a Friday night. So I go to park my car and I just see that, you know, what I saw. So I go to park my car. I had to park all the way down.

It was impossible to find the spot. I come back. My 92 year old grandmother is in the middle of the parking lot screaming, get that man's license plate.

And I just see this from afar. And I go, grandma, you're 92 years old, get the heck inside the restaurant. So my uncle comes up to me, remembers the license plate.

He goes, write this down. I'm like, what the heck happened? So the five to eight minutes it took for me to park my car. Once my uncle got out of the car to show the guy how to just go around him. The other guy with, let me tell you, I guess his wife and a, and there was like a baby gets out of the car. This is where it gets crazy and starts yelling like bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep at my uncle. The guy then pulls out a knife.

Yeah. Stu just looked up. Colton just looked up. He pulled out a knife and my uncle swatted the knife out of his hand and goes back into his car. Cause it's some crazy person that's having road rage. Once my uncle gets back in the car, I guess that wasn't good enough for this guy. My uncle just bought a new car a week ago.

The guy picks up the knife and slashes his tire. So at first, without knowing all of this, I'm like, was my uncle on the right? Was he in the wrong? I didn't realize cause I just told my grandmother in the street when I got up to the scene, there's 20 other people that are watching this. And this couple comes up to us. They go, they point to my uncle. This man got assaulted by some whack job. So I was like, oh, good for you, uncle. Guess you didn't do anything wrong this time.

And there was videos of it. The police ended up having to come. My oh my, the reservation was for six, six 30, I think. No, six o'clock.

Yeah. My uncle didn't get back in until seven. So eventually we all went in. So we're eating like all these appetizers and stuff and we had to wait for him. And then he all said to call a triple A's and they come tow his car and all that. But here's my PSA long story short, don't have road rage.

There's no need for it. Like just because this jackass didn't want to go around and he was annoyed he couldn't go straight through. You pull out a knife and who knows? Like my, I said to my uncle, you're lucky. I could have stabbed you.

Thankfully just stabbed you tired. But man, people have road rage just wild. And that's my PSA on this Thursday. Don't have road rage. Told you guys were going to be shocked by this story. Yeah.

I don't think mine or Colton's can be topped, but I'll try, I guess. So mine is basically about the start times of these games. Now playoff hockey, playoff NBA. Now it's not necessarily like how late in terms of like, okay, we're on the East coast. If it's a West coast game, nine o'clock, 10 o'clock, that doesn't matter to me as much. My problem is these networks that say eight o'clock, eight o'clock Eastern time. Last night I'm home getting ready, put the Rangers game on with one of my, one of my TVs. I'm like, okay, just about eight o'clock ready for some hockey. And then I see countdown to a face off 20 minutes.

I'm like, oh great. So now it's not eight o'clock. It's not eight Oh five, which I get if it's like eight Oh five, eight Oh seven. It's eight 20. What how wasn't this your PSA last week? No, I think mine last week was, I don't know what mine was last week.

Actually. I don't, I feel like maybe you just had this rant. I might've had this, I might've had this ramp before, but I'm just like, I'm sitting there. I'm like, well, why, why does this have to be 15 or 20 minutes after the star? So here's what you're going to do moving forward. You should know not to prepare that game to start at the earliest eight 10, but then there will be a time you do that.

And then it's going to start right. Like I think the basketball game last night was like eight 37 or 35, which was fine. This will be eight 30. So it was like five or seven. That's fine. I don't care about five or seven minutes, like whatever.

It says top of the hour, even the count that in the stadium, you know, that's not starting to at least like eight 15 or eight 16. So that's your PSA. Start these things when it's good as a knife getting pulled out in road rage. It's a lot safer. I'll tell you that that is true. No one was harmed in your PSA.

People are only almost harmed in my PS. I might've yelled a few curse words. That was the only, yeah, no way you were having TV rage. Yeah, exactly. All right.

He called him. What do you got for me today? Well, again, I'm not topping yours, but you know, it really grinds my gears with my PSA is when people get me going on my Pittsburgh Steelers and the off season this early into it. So my PSA is please do not get me going on the series as I will go on a 20 minute tangent on this disaster of a football team that it's been the last seven, eight years of my life. So that was my PSA. It was going to be pineapple on pizza. Please stop with that.

But this quickly changed after grinding my gears on the Pittsburgh Steelers this early into the off season. I don't like pineapple on pizza. There's no place for it. Yeah. So are you a pineapple pizza guy?

I think I've said this on the show before. Only if it's from like, like a Domino's or something like that. But if it's like a rancid, if it's like a regular New York pizza place, like no, no, no, you cannot put pie. Are you getting endorsed by Pepto Bismol? You have pineapple from Domino's on a pizza. I've had to, I've had their pineapple pepperoni and I that's like my favorite thing to get from there when I do indulge in Domino's, which isn't too often.

I was not, I was not expecting that. It's good. I think it's good.

I think it's good. But again, on a regular pizza, you put bacon on bacon, pineapple. That sounds decent.

That sounds good. I've never tried that, but I thought bacon and pineapple. And I was going shopping the other day. There's a chicken sausages that have like a bacon pineapple feel to them. And I was like, huh?

Seems summary, right? You go to like a barbecue and you have one of those like skewers kind of you have a pineapple bacon and like chicken on a stick. That's not bad. I could do that. Alrighty.

So Zach Gelb show PSA on a Thursday. Colton, man, I'm really under his skin about the Steelers. This is like taking candy from a baby. You know, how about you try to be like a Patriot fan and actually have to go through a tough season. I know my team's won six Super Bowls. Bistu.

All I'm going to say is Bistu. And you've owned my team. So any big moment, I already knew what was happening. Thank you, Zach. Colton, I am your father. I'm not a Star Wars guy. We will take time out on the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network when we do come on back. I think you guys took me off the screen there for a second. Oh, now I'm back.

Alrighty. When we do return, we will get into what we learned the most from game one of the conference finals. We had the Indiana Pacers gagged a game away up against the Boston Celtics. And last night, you had the Dallas Mavericks have Kyrie Irving be very successful in the first half. 24 of his 30 points in the first half and Luka Doncic was the finisher last night as the Mavs do go up 1-0. So Mavs up 1-0, Celtics up 1-0.

What do we learn from those game ones as we get set for game two? Take a time out. Come on back.

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