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Panthers Are Allergic To Talent (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 11, 2024 6:38 pm

Panthers Are Allergic To Talent (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 11, 2024 6:38 pm

Quarterback Movement I News Brief I Steelers a Playoff team with Russ?

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Void where prohibited. All righty, this is that Yelp show on CBS Sports Radio, our number two of our radio program. I think we have the numbers now on the Josh Jacobs deal landing with the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Jones has been released. So according to Jordan Schultz, it's a four year deal worth $48 million. Now, all you cap nerds originally are going to be like, oh, that's an overpay for Josh Jacobs. If you're going to pay him about $12 million a year. I'm at a point where I don't even care what the total value of the deal is. I just want to see what the guaranteed is. And I don't see a guaranteed number from Jordan Schultz necessarily. But Dov Kleiman, the aggregator, he says it's only twelve and a half million guaranteed.

Now, I don't know. Maybe Dov is right. Maybe the information he got is is good. And he just gets information, I guess, from what everyone else basically posts.

But he has a good job putting that information out there. Twelve and a half million dollars to if that's accurate, only being guaranteed. That seems low like that doesn't pass the smell test right away. You would think Josh Jacobs would get more. So that's true that this is a four year deal. Forty eight million and only twelve and a half is guaranteed. Yeah, I think that you should have had that matched by the Las Vegas Raiders. But once again, I don't know if the guaranteed number.

I haven't seen that anywhere else yet. So if we get more from that, we will definitely update you throughout the show. So here are the big moves so far. And I think we've got them pretty much all is that Christian Wilkins gets a massive deal from the Raiders. Four for 110, 84.75, guaranteed. Josh Jacobs goes from the Raiders to the Packers.

We just gave you what we think the numbers are. Russell Wilson, veteran minimum to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kirk Cousins, four years, 180 million, 100 guaranteed to the Atlanta Falcons. You have Tony Pollard going to Tennessee and you have Saquon Barkley landing with the Eagles in a three year, thirty seven and a half million dollar deal could be worth up to forty six point seventy five million with twenty six fully guaranteed.

Some other names that have gone down here. You have Xavier McKinney going from the Giants to the Green Bay Packers. And you have Gus Edwards, who just reached a two year agreement with the Chargers.

So he goes from John Harbaugh to Jim Harbaugh. Gus Edwards off and running to the Los Angeles Chargers and the Colts. They already retained and gave a new deal to Michael Pittman Junior. Now they have resigned defensive tackle Grover Stewart to a three year, thirty nine million dollar deal. Devin Singletary goes from the Texans to the Giants.

So there is the attempted replacement for Saquon Barkley, who is off to Philadelphia. And the big offensive lineman signing of the day is Robert Hunt, formerly of the Miami Dolphins. He's on one hundred million dollar contract to the Carolina Panthers. And you did also have Bilal Nichols, formerly of the Bears and the Raiders. He is now on a fourteen point four million dollar guaranteed deal.

Three years, twenty one million is the total. And that's with the Arizona Cardinals. So I think the things to still monitor here, Samter, Justin Fields, as we talked about, Gardner Minshew is signing with the Raiders. But Vic Tafer says maybe you still keep an eye on Justin Fields to the Las Vegas Raiders. But the Fields thing is not going to happen until sometime in April. Like that may be the week of the draft or you get to the actual draft night in that first round. And after the first round, when you get ready to kick off round number two and round three on day two of the draft, which would be that Friday, the last Friday in April, then maybe you do get a deal done for Justin Fields.

So that's something that we'll continue to talk about and the market. And we've thrown teams out there. I don't believe we'll be the commanders. Could Stu's Raiders get involved? Can Minnesota get involved? Can my Patriots get involved? Like Minnesota, maybe what you could do here, like I'm trying to think of a way that Minnesota can get a deal done because the Bears preference probably is not to trade him in division to the Minnesota Vikings in case of the Bears do the most bear thing ever. And they finally get a franchise quarterback. They trade and they take Caleb Williams. Williams goes on to be a bus and then Justin Fields goes on to have a successful career in division and just torment you for the foreseeable future with the Minnesota Vikings. I wonder, Sam, because right now, a little while ago, we thought probably a second round pick.

Now seeing Mac Jones and the stock of Fields is in a better spot than Mac Jones is. But after Mac only goes for a six round pick, I think you're trending closer to like third or fourth round pick for Justin Fields. And I don't believe the Bears are going to keep Justin Fields on the roster.

I don't think this is one of those things where someone could call up at 855-212-4CBS, 855-212-4227 and make a same football point of look how many times quarterbacks get hurt. If it's just going to be for a fourth round pick, maybe you're just better off keeping Justin Fields. Like I understand that argument, but I don't think the Bears will actually do that because I think they're going to try to do somewhat right by Justin Fields and give him an opportunity where he could go to play. But a team like the Vikings, who now have a quarterback need, and I do think their preference is going to try to trade up in the draft and they're sitting there at 11 or maybe they want him a cart if he falls there at 11 or Michael Pennix Jr. Who knows? But I could see the Vikings either trading up or staying at 11 and taking a quarterback. But let's say if they don't fall in love with anyone here in the draft and they still go through this process and now you said goodbye to Kirk Cousins and Justin Fields is still there, like a second round pick I would have to think gets the job done right now for Justin Fields easily.

Like what gets the Bears to say yes tomorrow. That's how I think the Vikings could end up making a deal with one of their divisional rivals if they just get to the table first and they make a serious offer. Not one of these games of negotiation grab ass where it's like, oh, I'm going to start off with the four and you know that the Vikings and the Bears are never going to get a deal done for Justin Fields on a fourth round pick. I think the Vikings, they come seriously to the table to the Bears, and I'm talking about just offering a second round pick straight up, no conditions, none of that, then I think that's the way that we could get those two to tango.

Yeah, I mean, obviously, interdivision is never fun, so they'd probably have to overpay a little bit. But yeah, I mean, I guess the second round pick makes sense. And if I'm the Vikings, why am I waiting another six weeks for the draft before I have my quarterback situation resolved? I kind of want to know the answer now. I guess if I'm the Vikings, if there's like two or three of those guys that you think might be available at eleven, like J.J. McCarthy or Pennix or Bo Nix or whatever that you're really high on, maybe you say, you know what, like, we can wait.

Well, here's the thing. I think Pennix or McCarthy, one of those two guys will be available at eleven. I'm not going to say both, but I do think one of those two guys will be available because right now, let's just assume this. Even if we have quarterbacks go one, two and three, where we have Williams one just for my mental sanity, Drake may two to the commanders, then Jaden Daniels three, you know, let someone live a little bit like the Cardinals aren't taking a quarterback. The Chargers aren't taking a quarterback. The Giants could. Tennessee's not. Atlanta's now not. Tennessee could.

I know that they like Levis, but I don't think they're sold enough. They benched him twice during the season. But but here's the thing. Your team stinks right now and you don't just take a quarterback to take a quarterback. Will Levis did enough last year to suggest to me that he has a chance to play in this league and also you're bringing in a brand new coaching staff. So anything that Mike Vrabel did, I'm not carrying that over here to Callahan. I don't I would be stunned with all the good players that are to be available there and players that would be better than what the quarterbacks are if Tennessee takes a quarterback.

So I'm going through this. Bears taking Williams commanders probably taking a quarterback. Patriots, even though I think there's ways they could trade out of it.

Probably taking a quarterback. After that, Cardinals don't need to. Chargers don't need to.

The Giants could. Tennessee won't. Atlanta won't. Chicago won't. And the Jets won't.

So let's say the Giants take McCarthy. Pentax is sitting there at 11. It's actually not the worst thing for the Vikings to take Pentax at 11. And it's not a bad landing spot for Michael Pentax Jr. because you have Justin Jefferson and you have also Jordan Addison.

So here's what I would do. And here's what I would think is going to be the new prediction on Minnesota. Since Russell Wilson's now off the board and Justin Fields is probably has some complications with him being on the Bears. The next point here and the next place to pivot with now Kirk leaving for Minnesota is to go get someone in the draft. And I got to think that right now either JJ McCarthy or Michael Pentax Jr. is going to be the next quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. And I think people are going to try to go move up for McCarthy. So I'll just say that Minnesota stays put and they end up landing Michael Pentax Jr. in a number 11. The only thing that I would throw a wrench in that, because I think that's not a terrible idea, is when we had your boy J Jetta as Justin Jefferson on the show on Radio Row.

Fair point. You mentioned to him guys like Russ Wilson and Kirk Cousins. He seemed way more intrigued with the idea of a veteran quarterback who's been there than the idea of rebelling completely with a rookie quarterback.

I mean, he might be one of those guys that, like, you know, you bring in a stopgap guy. Joe Flacco? Maybe a Flacco. Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe.

Who's still out there right now? Ryan Tannehill, Jacoby Brissett, James Winston, Tyra Taylor, Sam Darnold. So like maybe one of those guys as a stopgap. Well, Darnold's been a name that's been rumored to me. Maybe one of those guys is a stopgap band aid until you can get a real quarterback. I don't think that he wants to bring in a rookie because, listen, every year it seems like there's another veteran quarterback that you wasn't that you weren't expecting to be available. Yeah, but any of those guys that you just mentioned. Jameis Winston would be fun, but I don't think you get excited as a player.

Like, you know what? Justin Jefferson would be excited about Jameis because Jameis, listen, he'll throw a lot of picks, but he's gonna throw a lot of touchdowns too. We've been far removed from the 30-30 year for Jameis Winston. Jameis Winston has been in New Orleans where they haven't had a quarterback and he's done nothing.

All right. There's not a lot of names on here that are interesting to me. Drew Locke, Tyler Huntley, Josh Dobbs, Mason Rudolph, maybe?

How about that? I mean, he was a dominant force for the Steelers to end the year. Stop. Brissett's actually not a bad name to weather the storm if you need to weather the storm. Yeah, but you know, similar to the Jameis Winston, it's been kind of a gap since Brissett was like a quality guy. No, but he's been solid. Brissett's been more solid recently than Jameis Winston has been. Jameis just hasn't played because they've had other quarterbacks in front of him.

But when he has played, he's been okay. But Brissett in Cleveland was solid. He was with the Cleveland Browns.

But how long? Wasn't it like three years ago? No, it was two years ago. Jacoby Brissett in Cleveland? That was in the aftermath of the Baker and when waiting for Deshaun Watson to come on back. I'm pretty sure that was two years ago. Yeah, 12 touchdowns, six picks.

It's all right. You're just a big stat guy. Like, you just look at the stats and then you're like, oh, this guy sucks. The feel of the moment was Brissett did a good job for them considering the circumstances. No, I remember Brissett, the last time Brissett was like a legitimate starting quarterback was with the Colts in 2019.

3,000 yards, 18 touchdowns, six picks. You know, that time in Cleveland, he was fine. He came in, he did a fine job, but I mean, he didn't show me anything that I was like, man, like he needs to be somewhere, but no one is saying, wow, that's the move that I need to go get the guy. But you're giving me out of those names.

Yeah, there's not a lot out there. You're basically, you're basically saying I have a pig. What pig are you going to put lipstick on to make them a little bit more attractive and try to sell to my team? Honestly, with what's with what's remaining, you might as well just go with Michael Penix or JJ McCarthy or something like that, because there's really there's nothing that's even really serviceable. Ryan Tannehill? God, no. Ryan Tannehill.

Maybe three years ago, fine. But the biggest mistake Tennessee made was giving that guy a new contract when they could have maybe got Tom Brady. Remember when Brady was FaceTiming courtside in Syracuse with that big booster and you had Julian Edelman right next to him and they were on the phone with Mike Vrabel? How the heck did Tennessee say, oh, yeah, right before re-agency starts, we had to give Ryan Tannehill a four-year deal? Do they continue on with Nick Mullins or Jaron Hall? No, no, no, no, no. Just God forbid. What about Jimmy G after his two-game suspension?

You know what? We haven't even talked about a landing spot for Jimmy G. That's a great point. And O'Connell, right, is friendly with Shanahan. Do they ever work together with the commanders?

Do they work together? I forget, but could you want Jimmy G? Yeah, he's serviceable. Yeah, but that dude, you know, that dude's body is made of glass. Maybe that's why he was taking the HGH, trying to build up a little extra toughness in that body. Also, I know it was probably for recovery, but Jimmy G has a body where you don't need to be taking any HGH. I've never looked at Jimmy G and said, oh, that guy needs to be stronger.

You know what, though, man? There's like model body and there's football body. He's got the body that like, you know, he'll get the ladies, but I don't know if he has the body that will stick up to a 270-pound linebacker. So the Bengals, by the way, are signing Geno Stone to a two-year contract, $15 million deal with a $6 million signing bonus. That's a good signing. Geno Stone made a lot of plays to the Ravens this past year, and the Bengals lost Jesse Bates to the Falcons, who had a very good season. Jesse Bates is a good player. I like that signing of Geno Stone to the Cincinnati Bengals. Alrighty, Zach Gelb's show, CBS Sports Radio. Where do you think Justin Fields is ultimately going to land?

8-5-5, 2-1-2 for CBS, 8-5-5, 2-1-2, 42-27. For me, that's the biggest talking point from now until the NFL draft, where Fields is going to land. Two other talking points, Derrick Henry and now also Aaron Jones. And I think one of them will land with the Dallas Cowboys and the other will land with the Baltimore Ravens. Like you tell me Derrick Henry's with the Cowboys and Aaron Jones with the Ravens, fine. You tell me Derrick Henry's with the Ravens and Aaron Jones with the Cowboys, fine by me. But I think both those teams need a running back, and both those teams are going to be in for now the big names, the unexpected name of Aaron Jones becoming available with Josh Jacobs off to the Packers, and now Derrick Henry's still out there.

That's kind of crazy. But you go through all the running backs that have deals today, whether it was Tony Pollard, Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs, and Derrick Henry, it's only a few hours into the legal tampering window, but we don't have any clarity on where Derrick Henry's going to go. I kind of feel as if Derrick Henry's winding up with the Baltimore Ravens, and then Aaron Jones goes to the Dallas Cowboys. Those will be some of the added predictions that we will give to you with how the way that things are playing on out. All right, Zach Gilp show CBS Sports Radio. We will take a break. We'll come on back. We'll update you some of the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio. We get to the news brief when we return in five minutes. 30 minutes. Press two to keep working.

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Heaven. Wait, is it getting warm in here? Your cold snap is over, Old Man Winter. Spring has arrived.

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Call 562-314-4603 for details. OK, we have some breaking news here. We don't have a lot of details on it, but Sheena Quick, who covers the Carolina Panthers for 1340 AM Fox Sports, and I'm familiar with her work, barring a last minute, complete breakdown in negotiations. Brian Burns will be a New York giant per source, according to Sheena Quick. I'll update after proposed compensation is confirmed. I hate to just continue to punch down on the Carolina Panthers, but I'm going to do so. And I'm going to do so in a very mild manner way right now, because I don't know what the compensation is going to be via trade. But it wasn't that long ago that the Carolina Panthers reportedly could have got two first round picks from the Los Angeles Rams when less need was in F those picks mode. And they didn't do that deal. Now you don't get a long term deal done with Brian Burns. And I would be very surprised if you are getting two first round picks here. I got to think for Brian Burns, you're getting one first round pick. And hey, if you couldn't get a long term deal done with the very young, successful pass rusher, you rather get a first round pick. And it's coming from the Giants who are not going to be good this year, assuming that you do get a first round pick.

So, OK, that's probably the best that you could do. But when you could have got two first round picks and then I'm just assuming you're only going to get one here, man, it's like another one of those moments where what are the Panthers doing? And look how much talent they've had.

You know, D.J. Moore no longer there. Christian McCaffrey no longer there. And now it appears that the Brian Burns era in Carolina is coming to a close. But this got to be full rebuild with Morgan and now Canales. And you just hope that David Tepper stands out of the way. But you're kind of back into this mode with Carolina where year one, it's a wash. Year two, you got to improve it.

Then your number three, you got to be a playoff contender. But my ultimate question comes, when do they pull the plug on Bryce Young? And how much time are they going to give Bryce Young? You know, this year, Bryce Young's their starting quarterback. If it looks like last year, you know how quickly teams move on, I don't think it's crazy to say that Bryce Young is done than entering the 2025 NFL season. But in all likelihood, probably Bryce Young has some redemption this year. And then since he's on a rookie contract, you'll probably see the next two years of Bryce Young. And, you know, 2024 and 2025.

You know, it's not I know that sounds like Santa premature conversation, but you even said it earlier. Look how many times guys go in the first round a little bit different your first overall pick, but then they move on from quarterbacks like, heck, Baker Mayfield had the Browns in the playoffs, then gets hurt, regresses. And the next thing you know, they give up all this future draft capital in a fully guaranteed contract for Deshaun Watson. And not that I personally know David Tepper, but knowing people that know David Tepper, I don't think David Tepper is going to be one to sit and wait, even though the philosophy of continuously meddling, the people that you hire to run things from a football standpoint and having your hand in the cookie jar for a lot of things hasn't worked.

Like maybe you could hold him off or try to hold him off for a few months. But if you're number one does not look good for the Carolina Panthers, like we see them fire Frank Reich. They didn't even give him a full season. I'm not saying they're going to fire this new regime after one year. You can't be firing coaches in back to back to back seasons. But I don't think Tepper really has a timeline.

Tepper's just trying to jump to the front of the line. And we've seen another aggressive owner in sports, right? Steve Cohen with the Mets had that aggressive timeline. And then this kind of feels like it's the retool year. This is the retool season for the Carolina Panthers.

And you're probably going to have to tack on an additional season to that. But I think the evaluation of Bryce Young moving forward is going to be a fascinating topic. And it just it bothers me when you draft a quarterback that high and you just have no plan and you empty the cupboards around him. Bryce Young may be a very good quarterback.

We don't know yet. He didn't show to be fantastic his first year. But when you're setting him up for failure, when you're bringing in, when you're getting rid of all the talent on offense and defense, you're applying so much pressure on that quarterback's shoulders. And they're very narrow shoulders for Bryce Young. Just size wise, there's no way he can succeed unless he's Superman, unless he's Peyton Manning, unless he's Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, which he's not.

You have to you have to surround him with talent. So maybe the Brian Burns move is that that they're going to get draft assets, open up some of the salaries so they can add offensive draft capital to help out Bryce Young. But so far, they haven't been doing that. Well, here's the other thing, too, is now I don't know if they're getting a first round pick back. I'm just assuming.

Is that a future first? Because, like, let's just say they get a first round. I'm not giving up the sixth pick for Brian Burns. Well, that's what I'm that's what I was just going to, because if you're the Panthers, you could get the six pick for sure. Then you get a Roma Dunes, a you get a Malik neighbor, Joe Altford, offensive tackle if you want to help out to protect your quarterback.

And they just signed a guard today. So then, OK, I could see that. But I would be surprised.

And we don't know what the compensation is. So this is all speculation. If you're the giant, you give up the sixth pick for Brian Burns. Yikes.

Now, Diana Rossini just put this out there. So this is a conflicting kind of report. The Panthers and the Giants have been discussing a trade for Brian Burns for a while, per sources.

I'm told at this point it's not complete, but there is hope they can get there. We'll see if it could be finalized. I don't think the Giants could trade the six overall pick for Brian Burns, especially when a lot of people there were reports last week after coming out of the combine from Rich Eisen or two weeks ago that they're done with Daniel Jones. So you need to keep that six pick in striking distance for a quarterback. But then this is probably a future first round pick. It's probably a twenty twenty five first round pick. Man, I know you're getting a player like Brian Burns. I know it's tough to predict the speculation of where that picks going to be like. Look, everyone crushed the the Texans for trading a future one to Arizona to go get Will Anderson Jr. And that pick ended up being in the 20s. But the Giants twenty twenty five first round pick, if it is in fact going to be that for Brian Burns, that could be a top three pick. Heck, that could be the number one pick in the draft. The Giants suck. The loss, Xavier McKinney, loss, Saquon Barkley. Like you have Daniel Jones who may not even be ready week one.

And even if he is, so what? This team stinks. You have Dexter Lawrence. You have Kavon Thibodeau outside like you had Brian Burns. You got a good pass rush and a good defense. But what are you going to do on the offensive side of the ball?

I mean, what, are you going to just be the Patriots of last year where you only allow 14, but you're your offense can't even get to 15? So, man, oh, man, I'm curious to see if this deal does get done, what the compensation factor is going to be and what the Giants actually have to give up. Alrighty, let's update some of the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio. We get to a news brief. Time for your daily news brief.

We get you caught up on the rumors, reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. Then David Bakhtiari has been released by the Packers. He gave his emotional goodbye today. Aaron Rodgers moments ago just quote tweeted it and quoted the video with a heart.

I don't think you even need sources for this, but I'm going to be very surprised if David Bakhtiari is not back with Aaron Rodgers. A little reunion with the JTS Jets, Jets, Jets. Listen up to Ricky Williams. He was on the Momentum podcast and he says he could be a better college football coach than Coach Prime Deion Sanders. All right, let's listen up. You think you could coach? Hell yeah.

That'd be sick. That's a stretch. Even if it's a small, it'd be bigger than Deion effect. Even if a smaller school offered me when I say better than Deion or different than Deion is because I'm an astrologer. And so when I'm coaching these kids, I'm not just looking at what I see with my eyes.

I'm looking at something deeper and I'll be able to access and tap into deeper levels of motivation and skill development than others because I have that added level of clarity. I'm going to say something that I usually make fun of people for saying things in the way that they do it. I like Ricky Williams. I like when Ricky Williams comes on this show. I don't think Ricky Williams would be a good college football coach. I don't think he'd be a good NFL football coach. Because if you're going to go through this deeper thinking kind of thing and all that, like eventually a college kid is going to be like, Coach, what the heck are you talking about? And I think the name of Ricky Williams is like, wow, I'm getting coached by Ricky Williams.

But then if he's giving you all this stuff, I don't know how much that's going to be a turn on for a young college athlete. So also on the Momentum podcast, former college quarterback Mohasan said the mob offered him money to fix games. Okay, let's listen up.

I was approached at Jason Aldean's bar in Nashville by the Italian mob to fix football games. I don't be honest, this sounds like a story that I need to be a part of. I want to get drinks. And so I'm alone right now.

I'm not with my friend group. He comes up to me. He offered me $300,000. Offered you $300,000 for a game.

The Italian mob offered you 300K to do what? Stop saying that. He said we regularly talk to guys in your position about fixing games. He said he named guys in the SEC who I don't want to say their names because they're in the NFL right now. And that's a bad deal. It's a bad deal. But University of Alabama, I will tell you that.

Holy crap. He said almost every game in the SEC is rigged too much for me. You know, when you hear former players say things and you're like, Hmm, just kind of seems like something crazy. Like, I'm not saying that it's impossible for the mob to approach a college kid and offer them money.

But why are you approaching that guy? And he was at Vanderbilt. He was at USC. His career numbers, 11 completions, 17 attempts, 158 yards and a touchdown. So if the mob is going to someone to offer them money, that would be to try to impact the game, right?

What position was this guy in to impact the game? Like, none. So I don't really I call BS.

As the kids would say, I call cap on this story. I don't I think there's some fabrication sampter of this story with Mo. Well, I think also, I mean, there's you can bet on everything over unders and lines. This guy wasn't playing, though. But there's there's ways that you can impact the game.

There are ways. I mean, if you're if you're a quarterback and you're not playing, it's a little bit different in this way. And this is not to disparage anyone around here. You know, Chris Hess was training with us last week. He's not on the show, but he's in the building. That would be like the mob calling up Chris has. I want you to sabotage the Zach Gelb show and you just you're not getting any microphone time.

Sure. But he could waste. He could hop in here. He could, you know, pull a plug. He can take your mic off. He could screw up the tricaster. I'm sure he can unplug something or like trip over something.

Yeah, there's ways to do it. What do you think? Mo is going to be running onto the sideline. USC was about to score and he tackles someone in USC? Listen, the reality is, if if if what he's saying is true and he was getting off for two hundred and fifty thousand to three hundred thousand dollars as the backup quarterback for Vanderbilt, then if what he's saying is true and guys at Alabama and other SEC, maybe like, you know, the starting running back for Alabama or whatever is getting a million dollars to throw a game or to go for the under or whatever you ever as a kid, play that game telephone when you're in a circle and you you whisper a word and it goes around the circle and you see if the words the same once it gets to the person that was right next to the person that started.

Of course, that's what this game this feels like. It was a game of college football telephone where there was a story where probably there was some initial initial truth and then it just gets slowly passed around college football and everyone starts inserting them in the conversation and saying, oh, I got hit up by that guy, too. I don't think Mohasan has any credibility here. Like, seriously, what would be the point of hitting him up three hundred thousand dollars? Dude wasn't even playing. Yanasan to the Kumpo on his now teammate, Patrick Beverley is one of those guys that sort of from a language that you said is a whole when he plays on your team, like that's my whole, you know, and I love so sort of my life. He's 100 percent right. Patrick Beverley is one of those guys where if he's on your team, you love him. But if you have to go up against him, you absolutely hate his guts. Let's go to Kim Mulkey on the fight at the end of the LSU South Carolina game.

Multiple players in each team got ejected. It's ugly. It's not good. No one wants to be a part of that. No one wants to see that ugliness.

But I can tell you this. I wish she would have pushed Angel Reese. Don't push a kid that you six eight. Don't push somebody that little. That was uncalled for, in my opinion.

Let those two girls that were jawing, let them go at it. Kim Mulkey scares the living crap out of me. I think out of all coaches, male, female, doesn't matter. If I was in a room with Kim Mulkey, I would be so afraid of Kim Mulkey.

I heard a story from some of the people that I know that used to coach at Baylor that the football coaches would use to play on their basketball court, the women's basketball court, like just in the summer, like run a game between the coaches. And Kim Mulkey would come out from her office and start yelling at the coaches, if you guys don't start playing defense, you're getting kicked off the court. Kim Mulkey is a very, very, very scary woman. She intimidates the crap out of me. I would not want to be one of her players and do something wrong.

I don't think I'd be able to play for her because I think I would have to transfer out because I just could not take how scary Kim Mulkey is. Here's Dawn Staley, though, on the entire incident with LSU. You know, I just want to apologize to the basketball community. You know, when you're playing a championship games like this in our league, things get heated. No bad intentions. They just tried their emotions got so far ahead of them that sometimes these things happen. So I want to apologize for for us playing a part in that because that's not who we are.

That's not what we're about. That's a big difference from Kim Mulkey to Dawn Staley. Dawn Staley is like, oh, I'm just going to apologize. Kim Mulkey is basically going to say, I wish that this player shoved another player so then we could even have more violence. But at the end of the day, you know, I watched that whole thing. I think there was a lot more outrage in what there needed to be. I didn't really think anything was like so far out of line. The shove was big, but I've seen worse shoves.

And it's not as if I need to sit here and then advocate for suspensions. And then finally, Kayla Arde, who was the coach at Utah State, her team loses in their conference tournament. And she announces, which basically just dropped the mic in the press conference, not in a good way, that right before getting up to the podium, she found it out. She found out that she was fired as the head coach. How do you plan to rebuild for next season? I'm not going to be rebuilding.

I just coached my last game at Utah State and I spoke with Diana and they're going in a different direction and I respect her decision and I hope they get a really good coach in. I'm assuming that's going to be the last question. Awkward. All right. Okay. Thank you.

Thank you, coach. Yeah, that's awkward. Um, they couldn't just wait until after the press conference? Like, was that a big pressing story that someone was going to break it until after the press conference?

Man, that's really awkward. Alrighty, that's the news brief. Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio. We'll come on back and we'll update you on all the mayhem that's been going on throughout the day in the NFL with the legal tampering period underway. Update time first.

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You expected someone else? So what exactly is the show about? I don't know. It's a sports show nominally. Football's over, but we're finally at a point where things matter in college basketball and baseball season is on deck.

Greatest three words in the English language, pitchers and catchers. We have some of the best voices come on and explain what matters and what makes an upset like Ryan does. Nine over eight. No, that's not an upset.

No, yeah, it is, Bob. And if you're lucky, I might just tell you about my search for discounted sleep dance or my worries about what my dog just ate. Listen on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. All right, this is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. It's time to answer. Ask the pros question of the day, and it's brought to you by O'Reilly Auto Parts. Will in Pittsburgh says, Zach, what do you think about the Steelers signing Russell Wilson?

Will they make the playoffs this year? You could submit a question by tweeting at CBS Sports Radio at Zach Gelb using the hashtag ask the pros think O'Reilly Auto Parts are your car care needs guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. It's actually our poll question today, and you could find it or similar to our poll question today at Zach Gelb at CBS Sports Radio.

And the poll question is very simply this. The Russell Wilson led Pittsburgh Steelers in 2024 will make the Super Bowl when the AFC North be a wildcard team and miss the playoffs, let me just be abundantly clear here on what I was told. A source told me that Russell Wilson is going to get the QB one reps and Russell Wilson will be the week one starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I know they may put it out there that there is a competition.

I think it's one of those things and I'll say this in air quotes that it's a competition wink wink because that's what football is about. But I don't see a way unless there is an injury that Kenny Pickett is starting over Russell Wilson come week one. So it's safe to assume that Russell Wilson is going to be the starting quarterback for the Steelers in 2024 and it comes at a 1.2 million dollar price tag with what he was making from the Denver Broncos. I think the Steelers gonna miss the playoffs and that's not me saying that I believe the Steelers are going to be a bad team, but I think it's just a logjam of how many teams are on the AFC that are going to be good. So four teams automatically make the playoffs out of the seven from winning their division. The Steelers aren't going to win their division. In all likelihood, that's probably going to be the Cincinnati Bengals, maybe the Baltimore Ravens. So let's just say for starters, the Bills win the AFC East, then the Bengals win the North, let's go the Texans win the South, and then the Chiefs win the West.

So then you got three spots left. I think the Ravens are a stronger team than the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think the Dolphins are a stronger team than the Pittsburgh Steelers. You got to remember the Jets are getting Aaron Rodgers back. The Cleveland Browns are in the same level right now with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Jaguars, they go get Gabe Davis today to add to their plethora of options and weapons that they have for Trevor Lawrence. And Trevor Lawrence needs to bounce back here.

Is there a big boost? I think so with Jim Harbaugh going to the Chargers, even with those changes. So the way I look at it is that the Steelers are going to be anywhere in that nine to 10 win range, and it's all going to come down to tiebreakers. But when you're basically saying this team or the field for three spots, I'm going to take the field most of the times. So the way that I would rank this in the poll question, miss the playoffs be number one, and I know it'd be a regression because they made the playoffs last year with not as good quarterback play, then be a wildcard team would be two, win the AFC North would be three, and then make the Super Bowl would be four. And the results of the poll question sort of falls in line with what I was saying, except there was a swap one and two. The majority 48.7% say be a wildcard team, 41.5% say miss the playoffs, then 7.2% say win the AFC North, and then 2.5% say make the Super Bowl.

So you probably could have just done. Will the Steelers be a wildcard team or will they miss the playoffs? Stu, what do you think right now? Steelers, Russell Wilson, who improved last year, you couldn't get any worse from where you are. He's going to Pittsburgh, they had no quarterback play there last year with Mason Rudolph and Kenny Pickett. You got George Pickens, you got Deontay Johnson for now, you got Jalen Warren, you also have Najee Harrison on defense. You got TJ Watt and Alex Highsmith just for starters on what is a very talented defense that just needs to stay healthy. I know what you're saying about all the teams in the AFC, which makes it tough because of it being a numbers game, but with as strong of a defense that they have, a great head coach, and now you improve the quarterback situation by, I think, a good amount. I don't think Russell Wilson's like a top five quarterback anymore.

I don't think anyone really thinks that, but I think you put him in a better situation with a great coach and a great defense. I think it's a wildcard team. Yeah, and it's not inconceivable to say they're a wildcard team, but it's funny that the conversations just, will they miss the playoffs or will they be a wildcard team? And my answer, I fully admit, is not a great answer on saying why they're going to miss the playoffs, but I'm just playing the odds game here. But yeah, you would think you improve the quarterback position.

You were 10 and 7 last year. Tomlin, even when he doesn't have a quarterback, usually finds a way to hover right around 9 or 10 wins and make the playoffs. You would think now with Russ, there would be a little bit of an improvement.

Maybe they get to 11 wins, but just in that division, that division, it's tough. The Browns over the weekend get Jerry Judy, who I don't think Jerry Judy's number one wide receiver, but for a fifth and a sixth, that's a good move. And you saw the Mari Cooper. You saw Elijah Moore, David and Joke, who's a solid tight end. You know, the Bengals are getting Joe Burrow back.

I still think T Higgins is going to be there, even though he requested a trade today. And you have Jamar Chase and the Ravens got Lamar Jackson has won two MVPs. That is a brutal division.

An app. That's the best division in football. It's not even close. Like there's not a bad team in that division. You look at the AFC East, at least the Patriots stink. You know, the AFC West, they have Kansas City. But you know, there's you know, there's other teams. You don't feel great about the Broncos. You don't feel great about the Chargers. Let's see what they do in the Raiders of the Raiders.

That's the aim now. Well, that's just the truth. The AFC North right now, like what's the second best division in football? The AFC North is the best division in football. I didn't think it turns into a conversation with where the teams are constructed right now, the NFC West or the NFC North.

And I'm not going to say it's a North because the Bears are going to be starting a rookie quarterback, and we don't even know the Vikings quarterback is. I think you have to go with the AFC West because you know the Cardinals are going to bounce back with Kyler. The Seahawks are always going to kind of be around that 500 level. The Rams, we think, are going to make that big jump, especially with all that young talent they have there.

And the Niners of the Nine. I think the West is second, maybe even the AFC West after that. But the AFC West third after the NFC West, it's the Chiefs.

All those other threes or three teams are gambles right now. I would say the AFC East right now, in terms of from top to bottom, is a better division than the AFC West. They don't have the Giants. The Giants are going to be terrible.

The commanders we don't know. AFC East, yeah, because you have three reasonable teams and one terrible team. The Dolphins are a playoff team. The Jets could be a playoff team. And the Bills.

I can see them being the third best. The Bills the last few years have either been the second or third best team in the AFC. And surprisingly, maybe even the AFC South, right? Because the Texans, we know they're going to be good. The Jaguars were really good before they fell short.

You get Anthony Richardson back for the Colts. The Titans are going to be a train wreck. But still, but still. But no, the best.

Still, what are you laughing about? The train wreck just made me laugh. They are a train wreck. No, you're not wrong.

It's like true no, honestly. AFC North, best division in football. And then after that, I would say the NFC West would be the second.

So anyway, that's where it concludes the Zach Gelb show. Falcons fans, congratulations. You already won the NFC South.

I'm already saying you won the NFC South. I'll put money on that with you. You know, let's for content, just let that marinate a little bit. Maybe we revisit that in July.

I mean, we bet some dinner or something like that. Arthur Smith gone. Raheem Morrison. Yeah, Kirk Cousins. Heck, imagine if they had Belichick. We're bringing in Kirk Cousins.

There'd be some buzz, some serious buzz with the Atlanta Falcons. Big thanks to Evan Washburn. Big thanks to each and every one of you. We'll be back tomorrow at 3 p.m. Eastern, noon Pacific. We out.

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