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Mike Pennel, Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Lineman

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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February 16, 2024 4:46 pm

Mike Pennel, Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Lineman

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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February 16, 2024 4:46 pm

Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Lineman  joins Zach Gelb

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Just use Instacart, Brian. A peanut butter M&M's production. In a world where Super Bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring, but the runners-up get nothing, one retired cop returns- That's one retired quarterback. Read the script.

Oh, sorry. One retired quarterback returns to claim what's his. Um, that's claim a ring with diamonds made from M&M's peanut butter.

But you're on a roll. The Ring of Comfort, coming soon to a Super Bowl new you. The Chiefs are Super Bowl champions once again. It is the Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. We were talking to Steve Spagnuolo yesterday and he gave a lot of praise to my next guest. And a lot of people are calling my next guest the unsung hero of the Super Bowl. And that is Mike Pannell, who's kind enough to join us right now. He was sensational for the Chiefs in Super Bowl 58 and pro football focus.

I saw they rated him the highest graded interior defensive lineman in the Super Bowl. So first off, Mike, appreciate the time. Thanks so much for doing this and congratulations. Thank you so much. You know, thank you for having me.

So I love your story. I know that you won a Super Bowl previously with Kansas City. You've bounced around the NFL in October.

You landed back in Kansas City. You played sparingly, you know, practice squad on the roster and active things like that. And I saw a tweet a little bit before the Super Bowl from Adam Schefter that you were activated off the practice squad when Joe Tooney couldn't give it a go. So kind of take us behind the scenes how you found out that you were going to be active and playing in Super Bowl 58. You know, during the entire playoffs, I was, you know, up and down during and having communication with the coaching staff. So I'm the game plan was always for me to play during the playoffs.

Unfortunately, you know, Derek, not be went down on the first playoff game, but with the confidence is fags and the coaching staff, you know, kind of his next man up mentality not making the most of the opportunity. So you definitely made the most of your opportunity. We all know the way that people have been talking about you since the Super Bowl on Sunday. How do you kind of look back at your performance in the big game?

Um, I mean, to be honest with you, I haven't watched the film. I've been seeing a lot of clips out there and everything like that, but I kind of let the coaches tell me what's good and what's bad about the game. And everybody said I had a pretty good game, but I still haven't watched the game. I'm still in the mode of, you know, I'm up in the clouds right now about being winning the second ring, you know, and with the guys that we did it with, you know, it was it really was historic.

So I'm just enjoying that right now. Well, one of my favorite plays was in the third quarter, and I didn't realize it in the moment. You know, I was at the stadium and you kind of get caught up in the game and then you go back and you watch things and you see things. But there's a viral clip now in the third quarter. We all know how great Trent Williams is.

You put him on his ass and then you tackle Christian McCaffrey. That was some play that you made appreciate. Yeah, that's the clip I've been seeing going around and just to run defense, you know, I mean, a lot of people are seeing me, but Mike Damon crushed George Kittle on that play, man. It was it was physical play all day, you know, I was just glad to be able to make the play. But yeah, that was a good play. It was a good one. Another good play and it was an underrated part in this game just because so much happens. You kind of forget what happens earlier in the game was the force fumble on Christian McCaffrey, which is a big turnover.

When you look back how close the game was kind of take us through how that ball got punched out and then we all know that George ended up making a great play to recover it. Yeah, I mean, shout out to Spags. We work this stuff all the time. You know, Kansas City and Coach Reed, Spags, I mean, they're real true professionals. So all these scenarios we work through all of them in practice. Spags had each one of the D linemen scooping up and grabbing fumbles and we're doing that every week.

So it's really just being prepared for the moment. And we always are. Talking to Mike Pannell right now, one of the unsung heroes of Super Bowl 58. We had your defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo on the other day. We all know that you guys in the locker room love them. I even see the smile on your face when I mentioned Spags and I'm sure you have your in Spags.

We trust T-shirt. Just what makes Steve such a special defensive minded coach for you guys in that Chiefs locker room? I just think it's just how multifaceted he is. I mean, everybody knows Spags is really a DB coach at heart and he really knows how to develop guys. And his defense is so complex and versatile that, you know, it's a lot of times built on trust with the coach and the players next to you.

We have a lot of adjustments and just being able to be a part of that. And the greatness is what Coach Spags is. I mean, you look at what he's done as a defensive coordinator. I mean, I don't I don't see anybody comparable. Maybe I'm biased, but I don't.

And here's the crazy part. You guys just won a Super Bowl and I texted Spags in week three and I said, man, you guys got a good defense this year. I know you joined the team later on in the season towards the end of October, but I don't think this defense still has got enough credit for what you guys have been able to do.

Do you still kind of sense that a little bit? I still always the underdog mentality with us. I mean, now that the playoffs are over, I can speak of it. I mean, just a lot of the defense we were playing with Baltimore and, you know, even with Sam Fran, where we're speaking on us speaking for it. So I'm thinking they're going to talk about the offense, but they're talking about our defense, how they're more physical and they're this and do that. And, you know, we talk with our pads. If you put on the tape, our DBs are coming down here, our linebackers, our defensive linemen are pursuing and tackling, running back. So we all of us as a whole defense take that personally. And I think us finishing that to that, that, that, that left a little stain on the heart.

So everybody knows that there's still more to go and, you know, you guys are going to get higher up. Mike Pannell here with us. I got to get you to the whole overtime thing.

It's wild. When you look back at it and you see how your sideline had structure, you knew what you guys were doing. The other sideline had no clue.

How did you kind of process it when you were watching it and then boom, they win the toss, the Niners, and then they elect to take the ball. I mean, like I said, we're prepared for all situations. I mean, we were surprised. I mean, once again, our defense and how we're set up, we took that as, you know, a challenge and everybody was excited and the magnitude of that game.

I don't think it was, it was hard for everybody not to exhaust themselves in that moment. So we were prepared, our coaching staff prepared us for it, but you know, like, you know, people were commenting about the fire alarms and the holding and this, I mean, there's just a lot of talking and excuses, man. At some point you got to put the film on and at some point the game is over with and, you know, just try again next year. Yeah. The excuses after this game, I see a lot about the holding on social media.

It's ridiculous. Like the Niners had every chance to win that game. They could have put you guys away and they kept on letting you guys hang around, hang around. And you knew eventually Mahomes was going to get going and you guys were going to find a way to win that game. Absolutely. I mean, and it's, I guess it's a new trend now in the NFL. Maybe I'm just too old to a veteran, but everybody's talking so much before the game. I thought that was more of a basketball thing, but now it's creeped its way into football.

So I guess that's just what we're dealing with with this new age and this new social media. But I just liked that how our guys respond to all the criticisms in the media and even being underdogs the entire playoffs. I mean, we know what we're capable of as defense.

And I mean, everybody should know who Patrick Mahomes is in those moments. And if you give them a chance, we're pretty confident. We give that guy a chance. So you felt like you were disrespected and this team was disrespected throughout this run? Oh, absolutely.

A hundred percent. I mean, I can't speak for anybody, but in the locker room, I know the defense really took it personally how, you know, how they were spoke so highly of the Ravens, you know, rushing, rushing offense, their offensive line. And if you look at the game and the NFL during the playoffs, it's one and loss in the trenches. If you look at the games that we played Buffalo, Miami Ravens and said, Fran, these are top running teams in the NFL. So where the comments came about physicality and how we couldn't stop the run. I mean, there were some leaky artists in the QB runs. Yes. You know, Buffalo game and even in the Baltimore game, but that's Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson. I mean, come on.

They're both elite at what they do. So we definitely took that personally. And I feel like you put on the tape, man.

We, we put up, we put it up. Now there's no doubt about that. Talking to Mike Pannell now a two time Superbowl champion. When you hear me refer to you as a two time Superbowl champion and your journey is something really special. You know, I know you, you had cancer when you were two years old, you had a few stops in college and you've been a journeyman in the, in the NFL, but knowing everything that you've gone through in life to get to this point, what does it mean to you to now hear you referred to as a two time Superbowl champ? I mean, to be honest, everything, like you said, my story was never on the straight road. They had a lot of bumps and potholes, but you know, the team I've had around me, my family, they've always just still confidence in me and, you know, always told me, you know, I can do what I put my mind to and just being in this position and being able to be a part of the NFL history is just nothing short of a blessing. You know, you gotta give all glory to the man upstairs and pretty able to put me in this position and being able to put in the work and be able to see your dreams and play with confetti with your children at the game.

I mean, that's, I mean, this is movie stuff that I'm living right now. Now when people call you an unsung hero, it means that they're not really familiar with you and they weren't expecting you to be this dominant of a force in the Superbowl. So it's a nice compliment, but it's marinated in a surprise factor. Obviously, you know, your story better than anybody.

What do you want people to know about Mike Pannell? I mean, it just adds a tip on my shoulder. I'm glad nobody's talking about it. I'm glad everybody thinks, you know, it's a one-off, but I've been in the NFL 10 years and the guys in the Kennedy Chiefs building and you know, the guys around the league who I've been around, you know, as you know, it's hard to be in the league 10 years. So, you know, there's something that's going on here that I kind of know what I'm doing.

So keep giving the doubt. I love the unsung hero, but the Kennedy Chiefs fans, they know who I am. And I feel like now being a two-time Superbowl champion, we got a little bit of league respect. Well, Chiefs fans also know who Chris Jones is. You being a teammate of his and this dude just keeps on elevating his gaming. And we all know he's a great player, but he shows up in the big moments and that was evident in the Super Bowl to get you guys the ball back and then Mahomes put the game away to McColl-Hardman. What stands out to you the most since you're a teammate and you've known Chris throughout the years? You know, for me, what stands out the most about Chris that, you know, the outside world doesn't understand is how literally hard working he is. That man is literally a legendary player that works at a level that, you know, that people don't comprehend. He's very motivated by, you know, the greats at what he does and he wants to be a great at what he does and he applies it every day. So being around that guy since Fexus, you know, the way he prepares, you know, the way he plays the game, you know, it's easy to rally around that guy, you know. I mean the plays that he's making in the game is crazy the outside world, but he does this on a daily.

So, you know, it's beautiful to see. Yeah, it's such a fun story that you have and when you've been in the league as long as you have and you don't start the year right on a roster, people start to wonder, you know, is this the end of the road to wind back up it in Kansas City and to get that opportunity again. How do you kind of just reflect because you can easily play it the other way if that didn't happen, you know, we're not talking about you today. We're not talking to you today and who knows if you would have got another opportunity.

Exactly, man. That's why you know, you got to keep your faith and I keep it works ethic man. I mean at through those times, you know, when it got to we gave me my team talked about it if it got, you know, week 10 or 11 we were going to, you know, review our options, but kept working look for the sign and you know, thankfully I was put an opportunity back with the Chiefs where I know I was going to be able to be used and whatever capacity that they were going to have me. I was just glad to be around the guys and glad to be playing it, you know, just to sit there and know that, you know, you can still do what you've done in your career at a level that you can do that thing.

There's nothing better relive the moment for me. So you guys make the stop on defense my homes getting the ball back everyone in America knows he's putting the ball in the end zone. But when he finally finds McColl-Hardman and it's right in that moment, you guys are rushing off that sideline. How do you kind of relive that knowing your world champs again, man is just you know, it's a feeling you can't describe man. It's just accumulation of all the work and how many weeks it takes and the guys and the injuries and the adversity and the doubt the media and everything and just everybody everybody's just so close in a locker room where you know, we all speak up on each other. We all motivate each other and we're all you know, like a brotherhood in there.

So you're really playing and winning with family. I mean, I know you see coach Reed and how you interact with the guys. It's more unique than any other coach in the NFL. So he really treats us, you know, like it's almost like we're a bunch of big guys and older dudes.

That's on a peewee team. Now we're playing for orange slices at halftime. It's too much fun, man. It's just and then we're sitting here with the greatness.

I mean in my humble opinion, I played with three first ballot Hall of Famers Pat Mahone's Travis Kelsey Chris Jones. I mean and to be able to have the opportunity to breathe that same air be on the field and make history with those guys. I mean, you can't beat it and the postgame party looked pretty damn good in Vegas after the game. I know there's always going to be cameras there.

But when Taylor Swift is rocking through which rolling through with Travis, we're going to see all the content with some years. We don't see the content of the postgame party, but that looked like it was a good time. Oh, yeah, it was a good time, man.

I mean, there's there's too many cameras going around now. I miss I miss the good old days where this was just rumors, you know what I'm saying? But it was a good time. Everybody had fun, you know, so it was good.

Have you become a big Taylor Swift fan during this football season? Tell us what's cool, man. You know, try out my boy makes travel happy. So that's what it is.

I mean, that works for me. I have to bring up the parade as Mike Pannell joins us right now. You know, it goes from a moment of euphoria.

You see, I was talking to spags yesterday, right? Willie Gay was like in the streets with a bottle of Henny with the shoes off Travis Kelsey's drunk as a skunk, you know, singing a singing a song and then instantly it changes to a moment of a tragedy. Just how did you kind of process the unfortunate events at the parade the other day?

Um, to be honest, I'm still processing it. Um, I'd like to take this moment to, you know, give a shout out to all the families that were affected on the Kansas City Chiefs, the NFL United where are partnering together for a foundation. So if you guys want to donate and support anything, no matter how small or how big, please go to CHFS dot me slash Casey strong.

And that is CHFS dot me at Casey strong. Um, it was just a real moment, man. Um, you're at the highest of your high and then you're, you're rushing to the back and making sure that, you know, everybody's kids and families are staying below or away from the windows and you're sitting on a bus and you're hearing all types of different information what's going on. But when you hear the final information, what's going on, it's a very sad time in America, you know, for something like that to be going on. And I know in America, there's a lot of that. And, um, I'm just hoping that, you know, through understanding and, you know, we just got to be better. We just got to be better. I don't, I don't even know the answer at this point, but, um, that's, that's for those children's lives to be affected like that.

And for that woman's life to be taken, um, it makes it a very dark spot on that day. No doubt about it. I really appreciate you saying what you said and also giving out the link as well. He's Mike Pinel, Kansas City Chiefs, two-time Super Bowl champion. Before we let you run, you know, I'm sure you want to get back to Kansas City, right? I'm sure that you want to play for this team once again next year. Now, it feels like you guys are going for that three-peat.

And if you guys get that three-peat, man, that would really be something. Um, that would be definitely be something I want to be a part of, you know, Casey is family. Um, but you know, being in the NFL a long time, we understand everything's a business, but to be a part of that, like you said, that would be, that'd be legendary. And, uh, you get to a certain point in your career where you want to be a part of history. You want to be able to play for, you know, something and you want to be able to, you know, be motivated to play in these games late in February, mid February and late in January.

So I would love that personally. I have to have some fun with you here because I knew you used to play for the Jets. Uh, my producer, uh, Michael Sampter used to be a long time jets fan. And then this year he said, I can't take the pain. The jets caused me anymore.

I'm rooting for the chiefs. Do you think, like, do you accept him into chief's kingdom? Is that okay? Or is it like, Hey, you got to pay your dues a little bit. It's tough, but we have to accept it. I just didn't understand. He had been through a lot of trauma. You know, I played there. There was a lot of switching around.

So, you know, we accepted with open arms. Come on, come on. You only get one. You only get one time.

You can't, you can't, you can't skip one. If you're coming with us, gotta be lifelong. We need a tattoo or something. Oh, a tattoo. Well, Mike, would you, would you be down or you don't hold on Mike Sampter? Mike Connell basically says you could be an actual chief's fan. If you get a tattoo, you know, let's get a Mike Pannell tattoo on you. You're down for that.

Uh, I don't do tattoos, but I would get a temporary tattoo of Mike 100%. I'll take that. I'll take that. I'll take that.

I'll even go lower back if you want it. No, I think we got to get a temporary face tattoo. Let's do it. Let's do it.

Let's do it. That's amazing. Well, Mike, once again, we're elated for you.

You had a heck of a Superbowl. Uh, thanks so much for jumping on board and enjoy this. All right. Perfect. Thank you so much for having me. You got it. There he is. Mike Pannell joining us on CBS sports radio.

I did not think when the show started, we were going to be talking about Jimmy G get him popped for PEDs and then Michael Sampter agreeing to get in a tramp stamp. And that's what Pannell said that you need to do temporary. Can you just go home to your wife tonight and just say, Hey, in order for me to be a chief's fan, a chief's player says that I need to get a tattoo hold off in the temporary part.

It eventually tell her it's temporary, but can you just run that past your wife tonight and let me know how that conversation goes. No, that'd be the last time. You'll never see me again. A peanut butter M&M's production in a world where Superbowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring, but the runners up get nothing. One retired cop return. That's one retired quarterback. Read the script.

Oh, sorry. One retired quarterback returns to claim what's his. Um, that's claim a ring with diamonds made from M&M's peanut butter.

But you're on a roll. The ring of comfort coming soon to a Super Bowl. Okay, picture this.

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