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Jim Irsay is a dope / Take 5 Wednesday (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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November 22, 2023 6:08 pm

Jim Irsay is a dope / Take 5 Wednesday (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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November 22, 2023 6:08 pm

More moronic comments from Jim Irsay stemming from his 2014 DUI | Take 5 Wednesday | Jon Jansen - Former Michigan Lineman & Host of "Necessary Roughness" with Lang and Jansen | Which favorite is most likely to lose on Thanksgiving?

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They feel breathable, luxuriously soft, and get even softer with every wash. So hurry to for 25% off everything with free shipping and extended returns. Shop today at Exclusions apply. See site for details. Here's your host, Zach Gelb. I first don't want to play for you before we get to take five, and I give you my top five teams in college football in the NFL. This is Andrea Kramer on Real Sports with Brian Gumbel talking to Colts owner Jim Irsay on his 2014 DUI arrest. Listen up. I am prejudiced against because I'm a rich white billionaire.

If I'm just the average guy down the block, they're not pulling me in. Of course not. Do you know what it's going to sound like if people hear you say they're prejudiced against a rich white billionaire? I don't care what it sounds like. It's the truth. I don't, you know, Andrea, I can give a damn what people think how anything sounds or sounds like. The truth is the truth, and I know the truth. Well, Jim Irsay is a fraud.

Here's why. Because you could give a damn what people think about you, but now you are going on a tweeting tirade and a rant about something that I guess Stephen A. Smith and Molly Karam and Kimberly Martin said today. You're freaking out, going nuts on Twitter.

I'll get to those tweets in just a second. But Jim Irsay was arrested. He pled guilty, too, to DUI. Now, he claims the reason why he failed the sobriety test was because he just had hip surgery and he couldn't walk. So even though he may look at this and say publicly, ah, it wasn't worth it, put it up with the legal fees and all that, you're worth so much money.

If you wanted to clear your name and you legitimately had hip surgery and that's why you couldn't walk, wouldn't you not plead guilty? So this is a joke. And let me say this, too, because tonight a lot of people go out and a lot of people do a lot of things. And then for some reason they get in the car and they drive. This is a very personal matter to me. My mother years ago, before I was even born, like when she was a teenager, got hit by a drunk driver who was driving under the influence. She got hit dead on. The driver is going down the wrong way of the street into oncoming traffic, hits my mother. My mother went through the windshield and landed up on his car.

My mother was lucky to still be alive. If you are intoxicated, if you are taking drugs, whatever you're doing out at a bar in your house, not my business. But you get in the car, it's not going to end well. You're either going to end up in jail. You're going to harm yourself or you're going to harm somebody else.

And guess what? If you get away with it and you don't get arrested, you don't harm yourself, you don't harm somebody else, you'll do it again and eventually it will catch up to you. So I don't want to hear Jim Irsay, who pled guilty to DUI, now say, yeah, it was because of my hip surgery. If that was the case, you shouldn't have been a dummy and you shouldn't have pled guilty then. That's ridiculous from Jim Irsay.

And now he's tweeting on just a tirade. First take, you're going to get your ass sued because there was no alcohol, no illegal drugs. $29,000 is low for me to be carrying in 2014 arrests.

I give away $2,000 to $10,000 to the homeless and needy on the streets all the time and pass it on, making the world better. Okay, then why'd you plead guilty? If you weren't under the influence, why'd you plead guilty, Jim?

And then he goes on to say a bunch of stuff that doesn't matter. My grandparents came from Ellis Island with just a shirt on their back, penniless and escaping Jewish concentration camps. I grew up in a horrible home where both my brother and sister died in a car crash in 1971. I worked for my living, bought 30% of the Colts on bank loan. What does any of this stuff mean?

It has nothing to do, and I say this as a Jewish man, it has nothing to do with you getting pulled over and you getting arrested and you pleading guilty. And this is where he goes to a new low. And on first take, the woman that preceded Stephen A, how dare you pretend to know me? I don't know your name and I don't care to.

Clearly you do because you're tweeting about her. If my black mother Dorothy was still alive, you'd be in some big hot water. You are mean and ugly.

You're a nothing burger. Jim Irsay now is allowed to say who's attractive in this world. Jim, have you looked into the mirror? Have you seen the way that you look? Yeah, give me a break.

And I guess he's talking about Molly Carimer or Kimberly Martin, but that's her. So you don't like someone's opinions, you go, Oh, you're ugly. Like, give me a break. This guy's such a loser. Roger Goodell, if you had any balls, would call Jim Irsay up right now and say, stop tweeting. Like, give me your X account.

We need to deactivate this. And then he tweets a photo of, I guess it's him and Edren James. And he says, Hey, Stephen A, my friend and buddy Edren James from Spain on vacation together say, get a life, fool. You ain't got a clue, fool. Now do me a favor, boy. Play me that clip one more time of Jim Irsay on his 2014 DUI arrest.

This is courtesy of, once again, Real Sports. I am prejudiced against because I'm a rich white billionaire. If I'm just the average guy down the block, they're not pulling me in. Of course not. Do you know what it's going to sound like if people hear you say they're prejudiced against a rich white billionaire? I don't care what it sounds like. It's the truth. I don't, you know, I could give a damn what people think how anything sounds or sounds like. The truth is the truth. And I know the truth. I could give a damn what people say about you. And why do you care what first take says about you?

That's what I would say to Jim. And him saying he got pulled over because he's a white billionaire. Well, if you have all this money, which we know you do, why did you plead guilty?

If you were innocent, why did you plead guilty? It's a joke from Jim Irsay. He's an embarrassment to the NFL. That's what he is. He's a constant clown. And the only good thing he ever did was speak his mind against Daniel Snyder.

That's the only good thing Jim Irsay's ever done for the NFL. He's a joke. He's a loser. And like, listen, I'm not going to be the grammar police here, but like these tweets, he's got commas in the wrong place. He's got commas in the wrong place. He's got like the wrong your. He said you're mean and ugly. Like he's talking like I mean, listen, I don't want to make any accusations, but it sounds like he's drunk or high or something like that.

I don't want to go there. Yeah, but the way he's he's telling you stupid. There's something there's something like he's his mind is just like out in the ether. It makes no sense what he's saying. The content makes no sense.

But the way he's typing, he clearly there's something going on. And don't get me wrong. There's sometimes when you're rich, you're successful, you're famous, you get treated the wrong way. People try to tear you down and people try to do things that are unfair to try to get some of your money and benefit off your fortune.

But don't tell me this nonsense. You got pulled over and profiled because you're a rich white billionaire. And then, oh, you failed the sobriety test because you had a hip replacement or you had hip surgery. And then, oh, yeah, you pled guilty because you just want it to go away. Once again, you have all this money.

Have all of it. Fight it. If that's true, if he if he's telling the truth that he failed the sobriety test, which is tough for me to believe because he couldn't walk because he had hip surgery. That's something easy that you could fight here. But that's not what he did.

He he pled guilty. Alrighty, let's go to Take 5 Wednesday. This is that Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio.

Only on the Zach Gelb show. Alrighty, let's start off in college football because I think it's easier. Ohio State, I've kept you out of my top five for the last few weeks. Welcome to the top five in at number five. Four, Oregon, big game this weekend against Oregon State.

A whole lot of fun. I think Oregon is one of the more complete teams in the country. Absolutely love Dan Lanning and their one loss on the year is to Washington, where the game didn't get to overtime because their kicker missed the field goal.

Number three, Washington. Washington had two weeks where they kind of didn't impress. But this team is undefeated and their defense was called into question. And their defense was phenomenal up against Oregon State where their offense got shut out in the second half.

And that's a tough environment and also bad weather conditions. So Washington in at three. Michigan's number two.

Outside of Georgia, who's number one, I believe Michigan's the second most complete team in the country. Even though their offensive line's not as strong as the last two years, they still have a good offensive line with some injuries. McCarthy, I think, will be good enough on Saturday to make a big play like the receiving corps. Blake Corum's a stud. Donovan Edwards is a stud. And there's some guys on that defense, Anstrell, Jenkins, etc.

that just make plays. So Michigan in at two and then Georgia is in at one. And we all know the SEC title game's gonna be hyped up in a big way coming up next week with Georgia and Alabama. So Ohio State five, Oregon four, Washington three, Michigan two, Georgia in the number one spot.

Speak now or hold your peace, Samter. It's about time you put Ohio State in your top five. They're ranked number one by the college playoff committee for a few weeks. So glad they're finally there.

Guess what? They're in my top five for one week. They lose to Michigan. Justice for Zach Gill. The well-deserved for all the takes I had to take from those Ohio State Buckeye fans. Could be fun.

Now the team they supplanted in your top five. Now if it goes the other way real quickly where Ohio State wins, man, I'm gonna have a lot of egg in my face. A lot of egg.

I'll bring the egg in and I'll be the one who helps supply it to your face. I got some vacation days still left on the calendar. Maybe I take all next week off. No, I wouldn't do that.

Go ahead. You know what, Zach? I wouldn't blame you if you did because the amount of heat you would get from Ohio State Buckeye fans would be through the roof. Now the team that Ohio State supplanted in your top five was Florida State. Do you think that Florida State falls out of your top five because you just don't think they're as good without Jordan Travis?

Or are you kind of like in a wait-and-see mode to see how important Jordan Travis was to that team? I think in national media I've been the most positive person about Florida State since before the start of the season where I predicted them to win the ACC. I love the Florida State program. I took them out of my top five even though there could still be a path for them to get to the college football playoff. They win. The next two games are undefeated.

We had this conversation earlier. It's gonna be a crazy debate. But I took them out of the top five just because of the Jordan Travis injury. And now there's an unknown at the quarterback spot. Now the other two teams that have been there and speak now for a little while is Bama and Texas. Do you legitimately think that Bama and Texas are outside of the top five as far as being not one of the five best teams in the country? Or that their resume for the college football playoff is outside the top five as far as college football playoff eligibility? So Texas, I don't think they are worthy right now to be in the top five.

I don't. For Alabama, I would say the same thing as well. But if you put Alabama on a field tomorrow against Washington or Florida State, even though I have great respect for Washington and Florida State, I truly don't know who's going to win that game. Texas I think would be close as well.

So you can make a case for why they should be in. But for Alabama, I won't fully get back on them, even though I've been positive about them the last few weeks, until they beat Georgia in the SEC Championship game. And it's tough right now to put Alabama in front of Texas, even though the committee may do that eventually, because Texas beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Alrighty, NFL.

This was tough. Finding the five teams wasn't tough. It was ordering the teams. In at number five, Kansas City Chiefs. Three weeks in a row, the offense didn't score in the second half. Defense is great. Offense has problems.

Wide receivers got to catch the ball. Number four, Dan Campbell's Detroit Lions. They're in at number four. They're eight and two. They're going to be nine and two after tomorrow when they take care of business up against the 49ers.

Number three. It is the 49ers. I was really close to putting the lines in front of the 49ers. I did think the injuries caught up to the 49ers during that three game losing streak. I said, Don't get crazy.

Don't freak out. Don't buy stock in the 49ers. They're still one of the best teams in football. You get Trent Williams back. You get Deebo Samuel back and look what happens.

Doc Purdy goes back to looking like he's a great quarterback. Number two, Baltimore Ravens. At home, I know they lost to the Browns two weeks ago. But at home, they blew out the Seahawks. They blew out the Lions. Baltimore has this phenomenal defense. Offensively, I still think they're finding their way.

And they're still eight and three. And Lamar's healthy. And they just need Lamar to be healthy. And they're as good as anybody in the AFC if number eight is healthy. Number one, the Philadelphia Eagles. Nine and one still haven't even played their best brand of football yet. Kind of slept walked through the first three halves. First three quarters in Kansas City and then came alive in the fourth quarter and found the way to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs. So five Chiefs, four Lions who beat the Chiefs, three 49ers, two Ravens, and one the Philadelphia Eagles.

Samter, speak now if you ever hold your peace. You know, there's actually a few teams that belong in here. Usually there's one or two, sometimes three. I got four teams that I think can make a case for that top five. Let's start with the Cleveland Browns. You've been all over them this week about how good that defense is and all they need is a quarterback.

Why don't they sneak into your top five? Here we go. Brownies. Here we go.

Very simple. I still don't trust the quarterback and their defense is phenomenal. But I think it helped when they were going up against an inept offense that couldn't put up points.

And you just need Dorian Thompson Robinson to do something at the end of the game. So that's why I don't put the Browns in the top five. Like, if I had to take the Browns and put them in, I'd take Kansas City out, I'll still trust Mahomes with a good defense. Then Dorian Thompson Robinson with a great defense and Mahomes still having no wide receivers. So I'll still trust more of the Chiefs there.

All right. And then they're rising. I mean, they've got a couple of wins in a row. Dak looks hot. The Dallas Cowboys. I mean, I know we have to see what happens in the playoffs, but the Cowboys look legit.

Can they beat somebody? And I'm not talking about the Giants twice. I'm not talking about the Jets and the Pats and the Chargers.

There's two biggest games of the season. They're a good team, not a great team. They lost to Philadelphia, but they gave a great effort. They still lost the game. And then they also lost and got destroyed, dominated by the San Francisco 49ers. So they're good. They're in the top 10, but they're not deserving of a top five right now.

All right. And then the Jacksonville Jaguars. We have no idea what the Jaguars are.

Just when we think that they're the best, they get smashed. Just when we think that they're not the team, they just rise back up again. Where's the Jaguars? So there's different levels here with the Dolphins, the Jaguars, and the Cowboys, who all have good records.

There's different levels of who you think are like the better team. But for the Dolphins, the Jaguars, and the Cowboys, in their biggest games of the year, they come up small. Jacksonville lost to Kansas City. Jacksonville got blown out by the 49ers. Dolphins lose to the Eagles, lose to the Bills, lose to the Chiefs. So I look at all three of those teams, the Cowboys, the Jaguars, and the Dolphins, all as teams that they're good, but they're not great, and they don't beat the marquee opponents.

All righty. That's a Take 5 Wednesday at the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. Ohio State in a 5, Oregon in a 4, Washington 3, Michigan 2, Georgia 1. And in the NFL, Chiefs 5, Lions 4, 49ers 3, Ravens 2, Eagles 1. You told me you were going to have another AFC South team, though, in the Top 5.

The Tennessee Titans. Here's the thing here, Boyle. You are filling in on the show.

Remember that. I see Jack Stern in the newsroom. Maybe Jack will... Maybe not.

Come on back. John Jansen will join us, and we will chat with the former Michigan offensive linemen, also played for the Detroit Lions and the Washington commanders. I'm going to go call my grandmother, get her wooden spoon, and I'll beat Boyle up.

We'll see if he survives the next 40 minutes of the show, but John Jansen will join us next. I'm Snoop Dogg, and I'm giving up smoke. I know what you're thinking. Snoop, smoke is kind of your whole thing, but I'm done with it. I'm done with the coffin and my clothes smelling all funky. I'm going smokeless. Solo Stove Fix 5. They took out the smoke. Now you can have a nice blaze without any clouds ruining your day. Go smokeless.

Go to Tell them Big Snoop Dogg sent you. I'm Tony Kornheiser, and this is my show. My friends come on, and you know them. We talk about the sports you care about. Football, and now basketball, too, though we don't really pay attention until later in the year, and the absurdity that is our lives. Line etiquette at your local pharmacy, the current phase of the moon, the importance of talking to a human being on the phone, and most importantly, the power of a box of that.

Listen on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. Ew. Gotta get rid of this old Backstreet Boys t-shirt. Tell me why. Because it stinks, boys. Tell me why. I've washed it so many times, but the odor won't come out.

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Find it wherever you buy laundry products. Alrighty, this is that Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We're gearing up for the game coming up on Saturday between Ohio State and Michigan. I'll be in Ann Arbor. Get in there early Friday morning. Going to the game on Saturday.

Can't wait for it. And now joining us is a former Michigan offense alignment, a part of the team's radio broadcast now, and he is the host of Necessary Roughness with Lang and Jansen. You can hear him on the ticket as well.

He's all over the place with Stoney Mornings 97-1, the ticket that is John Jansen. John, appreciate the time. How are you? Hey, good evening. It's great to hear from you, Zach. Yeah, I appreciate you coming on. So I don't want to bury the lead here.

We'll get to that game coming up on Saturday. But how about Dan Campbell on your show the other day saying that turkey's basically trash and what he does on Thanksgiving is just eat a lot of ham. I was shocked. Not only that, but he said he doesn't like stuffing or dressing.

I couldn't believe it. If there was anybody coaching in the game of football that I thought would be a turkey mashed potatoes dressing covered in gravy would have been Dan Campbell, but hey, to each their own. At least he went with another protein and went with some swine and the ham. Well, he better not be a fraud after the Lions go to 9-2 and take care of business against the Packers. If he's eating a turkey leg on the field on Thursday, I would think very lowly of Dan Campbell after what he said.

You know what? In the moment, if you're presented with that turkey leg, it's a tradition, it's a classic, and if they win, I mean, shoot, they haven't won since 2016. If he wants to take a turkey leg, if he wants to go vegan, I don't care.

Just win the damn game. But this is personal for me. So for years, I've kind of led this charge, has been known as the radio guy that has said, turkey's overrated, turkey's not good. My family, the main dish is lasagna on Thanksgiving, and I've had a lot of people reach out to me say, would you talk about turkey?

You're absolutely right. So I'm accepting of others that admit that turkey is not great. But for your Thanksgiving, John Jansen, what are some of your favorite food items?

Are you a traditional person? It's a good thing you told me after I was on the phone that you're not a turkey guy or else I would have hung up. Well, you would have been a dope. You would have been wrong.

It wouldn't have been the first time, John. Oh, my goodness, it seems very un-American that you wouldn't want to have turkey. I mean, obviously, we'll have turkey, and I'm a pretty basic dude. I've got turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, and then it's all obviously covered in as much gravy as my plate will hold. I find it funny you have a kid crying in the background the moment that you say that you're going to have turkey.

The kid doesn't even like turkey in the background right now. Oh, he's begging for it. That's what he wants. We're heading out to dinner right now, and he's jonesing for tomorrow's dinner already. All right, let's get to the game, John Jansen.

I won't keep you here forever because I know you got to get to dinner. Where is your confidence level in J.J. McCarthy entering the game on Saturday? Oh, it's high, and I tell you what, I think J.J., it really comes down to the protection. If he can be protected by this Michigan offensive line, he's going to be able to surgically pick apart the Ohio State defense, but the problem hasn't been J.J. and his ability to throw. He's even really good at getting outside the pocket. It's been since the Purdue game.

It was Purdue, it was Penn State, and then Maryland last week. We've struggled protecting J.J. At the end of the Penn State game, he took a hit, came up a little bit lame, and is going to be fine. I don't think there's anything going on with him anymore, but that's the main issue.

You got to find a way to protect him. If you give him time, he'll be very accurate, like he has been for the most part all season long. When you look at Ohio State, outside of their response and the Ryan Day and the Harbaugh stuff, I'm just talking about the team. How do you view this Ohio State team this go-around? Well, in terms of their wide receivers, it's classic Ohio State, right? They've got the best receivers in the country. They've got who I think is the most outstanding player in college football in Marvin Harrison Jr. You've got Julian Fleming, Amika Igbuka.

I mean, you've got talent here. The difference this year is you've got a healthy running back in Trevion Henderson. They are, if Ryan Day sticks with the game plan of being able to throw the ball, run the ball, and mix it up, they become very hard to defend. Offensive line-wise, I don't think they're as strong as they were the last couple of years, and Kyle McCord is definitely not Justin Fields, and he's not C.J.

Stroud. So that's really where their weakness is, and that's why, when you ask about J.J., he's got to be that guy that I described. If he is, Michigan will win this game, because Kyle McCord is just not that same type of quarterback that they've been used to having. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 no confidence, 10 all the confidence in the world, John Jansen, where's your confidence that Michigan wins this game? Well, I'd be an 8. I've got to be honest, I'm pretty confident, but you never go into this game overconfident.

If anybody goes in saying they're a 10, you're in for a beating. And this is going to be a physical matchup, and whether or not you believe Ryan Day is right, that his team is tough, I've never been one that you've got to proclaim it, you've got to see it on the field, and this is going to be the most physical game these guys will play all season long. It's going to be the toughest game, it's going to come down to who wants it more, who's willing to win inside the trenches. If your offensive line, your defensive line are going to be tough, they're going to be physical, that's what's going to give you the edge in this game. And I really do think as well, like the last few years, we've seen the way that Michigan has just dominated in the trenches, and last year, Michigan with McCarthy was able to make the big play. This Ohio defense is better than the ones the last two years. I think it comes down to, can Michigan go create a big play, and that's ultimately what I think will determine this game, John. Yeah, and it really comes down to being able to block JT off the edge and Jack Sawyer off the other edge. If you can find a way, whether it's tight end, it's running back chip, it's motion, it's personnel, whatever you can do to slow them down, that's going to give you a good opportunity, because they're good defensively, they're better in the secondary than they have been, and it is. It's a much better defense, and they're playing at a higher level.

They're playing connected with the secondary. They're playing really good football, so it's going to be a lot of fun, I can tell you that. Did I hear you're going to be in town? Yeah, I'm going to be in town. I get in Friday morning, and I'll be there Saturday for the game, obviously. All right, hey, we will be pulling in at 5.30 a.m. I expect you at our tailgate by 6 o'clock when the lot opens up. Send me the details. I never pass up free booze and free food as well.

I will definitely hit you up on those details. Before I let you run, just two more with John Jansen. Obviously, the Stallion stuff, the sign-stealing scandal has been a part of this. What do you say to an Ohio State fan that just says, John, the only reason Michigan beat Ohio State the last two years was because you had our signs? Well, then you're not listening to Ryan Day, because he said early on that they knew last year that Michigan had their signs. They changed things up. They went with the huddle. They did different things last year.

So if you don't believe Ryan Day, then I'm not sure what you're talking about, what you're thinking about. They already made their adjustments, and last year Michigan was able to beat them at their own game. And then finally, before we let you run, you're doing Morden Drive in Detroit. The Lions, they've been... I know this game is the story, but the Lions have really been the story this year that everyone could get behind. They haven't won a division title since 1993, haven't won a playoff game since 1991. They're 8-2.

They'll be 9-2 after tomorrow after taking care of Green Bay. How far do you think the Lions can really take this thing this year? I would love to say that they're a Super Bowl contender, and certainly that's in the cards.

It's a low percentage, and you've got to be dealt the right hand. But I think they definitely have the potential to get to an NFC championship game, home field advantage for the Lions. And if they win their division, you nailed it. They've got one playoff win in the last 60-plus years. They've got to host a playoff game. They need to be able to have that advantage at home because it's such a young team. Jared Goff... And we saw it on display last week. He didn't play great at the beginning of that game, but he's got that veteran presence that can bring you back. But there's so many young guys that have never... They don't understand what the tempo of playoffs is like, what the excitement, what the energy is like. So if they could have one, two, I mean, shoot, with only two losses right now.

I mean, the Eagles look great, but they're still in the running for home field advantage throughout. John, appreciate the time. Thanks so much. Enjoy dinner.

Thanks for doing this. Hope to link up with you this weekend. That sounds great. We'll see you Sunday, Saturday morning. You got it. There he is, John Jansen joining us on the Zach Geldt Show on CBS Sports Radio.

Always enjoying when we get to chat with him. All righty, let's do this. We'll take a break right now. We'll come on back.

I want to play you some of this Scott Mitchell audio after watching the Barry Sanders documentary. You know, isn't it funny? This is how I'm getting a little bit older. Not that I'm like an old, curmudgeon, you know, just a pain in the ass old man, but usually the night before Thanksgiving, you would go out, you would party, you would have fun. Tonight, I'm not doing anything. I'm going home, I'm eating some dinner, and I think I'm going to watch like three things on TV. I'm going to watch the Barry Sanders documentary because now I'm intrigued about it. I'm going to watch the Barstool Sports Advisors and see Stu Feiner like throw pies in his face and just go crazy.

Oh, I got the Rangers tonight, too, up against the Penguins. Those are the three things I'm going to do. I've like become a loser now the night before Thanksgiving.

Become? Oh, hey-o. It's all right. Come on. Like, Santa's just sitting there. I'll go get the hammer out. We'll whack a mole and say goodbye to Santa and that will be it.

It's fine. You guys do anything tonight? Like, Boyle, I know you're like a frat wannabe star, you know, you're a party rock star. Are you doing anything tonight? I'm not going nuts, and I'm not going home.

That's the thing. I was hosting yesterday after you, and I refuse to go home and have those awkward conversations with people that are within 10 years older or younger of me, and you don't want to talk to them, but then you run into them at a bar because you're home. The only reason that you would ever be there is to try to hook up with somebody that you missed out on in high school. So, no, I'm here tomorrow all day doing updates. I'm hosting locally in the Black Friday morning, so I will... So, what are you doing tonight?

I'll probably go to a bar, have a couple drinks, some basketball and hockey, but nothing crazy. Okay, and you already ate dinner, right? Uh, yes. I was going to say, you want to go get dinner after the show, but, uh, shucks.

Guess we can't do that. Well, it depends who's paying. You've got the host salary.

That's a fair point. Maybe I'll go have a meal with Boyle after the show. Balletti? They're off. Balletti ain't doing anything. You for real? By the time I get out of here, I'm going to wind up with... Balletti's just hoping the car works this time of the way home.

Let me get home. Let's see if the six-month-old is crying. Is it a three-year-old? Apparently, he's got a fever. Let's see if the nine-year-old doesn't want to go to sleep. Yeah.

I don't know why. I sometimes get intrigued by, like, other people's misfortunes, and, um... Oh, you want misery? Yeah, come here.

Yeah, I got it. So, you told me the other day that someone in your family got sick, and that's where you're supposed to go to for Thanksgiving. So, what are you doing now?

Uh, now all kinds of monkey rat. My sister got sick, so we were supposed to go there. Okay. And then we got this done. Then my mom was going to host, so apparently, she's now cooking a feast, pushing 80 years old because she can't have anybody do anything for her.

But now I did get a text about an hour ago. My daughter, my three-year-old, has got a fever. So, I don't know what the story is with her. We may not be able to go, because if she's sick, can't get old people sick, so... Yeah. Can you just do me a favor here?

Can you just run this line by your wife tonight? I really want to go to Thanksgiving. I haven't had a real Thanksgiving in a long time. How about you watch the kids all go to Thanksgiving?

Yeah. I think we might be ordering Chinese. I think that's what we might be doing. We'll give you a recorder, you'll walk in the house, and we'll see what happens there.

Marco's going to get hit by a wooden spoon or a shoe. I mean, honestly, come on. That's a solid plan, though.

Chinese food, if nothing else. I mean, that's what I'm saying. Like, if we can't, if we wind up, and I got the sick kids and whatever, and we're going to wind up being the... We've been in the house of disease, apparently, for the last three months.

Yeah, wait, hold on. Last three months? I feel like this has been, like, the last half year.

It's ongoing since September, I swear to you. It's disgusting. I mean, little kids... How old do you get kids? They're nasty.

They're Germans-fested. One's, like, four months. I got nine, three, and six months. Oh, geez. And the three-year-old and the six-month-old have been sick for two months. Now, every time your kids get sick, do you get sick? Oh, yeah. All the time? Uh, I mean, pretty much, yeah.

Okay. Because as much as you... You can't avoid them. What are we gonna do, say, like, oh, the three-year-old's sick.

Put her in her room. Like, I mean, you've got to take care of them, and usually after you hold them and they cough in your face and basically spit on you for a week, you're gonna get sick. I just have this, like, vision of Marco Belletti just in, like, a bathrobe, walking in, sitting down in, like, a small stool, reading a book, like, Goodnight Moon or something like that to your kids when they're sick. What am I, Hugh Hefner? What am I in a bathrobe sitting on a stool? I mean, like, Tony Soprano kind of, with the wife beater shirt on, too. I mean, I know I live in a crap shack. I sit on a stool. I got a couch. I just picture Marco never is out of the Yankee hat and a colored flannel.

Yeah, that's a good point, too. See, actually, the hat comes off the second I walk in the door. That's the first thing that comes off. And the sweatpants go right on.

Marco's closet, it's all just different colored flannels and different Yankee hats. You walk around your house in just boxers? No. Okay. No. Gotcha. Did I when I lived alone?

Sure. Yeah. You know, you got three kids. Just you and the wife before the kids came around? You just boxers? Um, sometimes. Sometimes.

Yeah, but, I mean, she hated me then, too, so it was pretty much, you know, put some clothes on. Yeah. All righty. It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. Well, come on back.

We'll preview the three games for tomorrow, and also got to play you some audio from this reaction to the Barry Sanders doc. Hey, this is Howie. And this is Nick. For the Foxy Boys. And you're listening to the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio.

And guess what? Zach is back. All right. He's live. He's nationwide on CBS Sports Radio. This is the Zach Gelb Show.

Oh, my God. We're back again. All righty.

This is Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. Maybe I'll go grab a drink with Boyle after the show. Maybe on my dime, too.

I got to eat some dinner, too. Westville, good, Boyle? You down to go right next to the building and go to Westville after the show?

I can do that. OK. Sam, do you down or you got obligations? I'm assuming Sam is very busy. Sam is a very busy guy. He's all business. Even during the holiday tomorrow, Sam is going to be dealing with some business. But I got to eventually watch today at some point this Barry Sanders doc on Amazon Prime.

I did see that former Lions quarterback Scott Mitchell. I guess he gets torn apart and is the reason to blame, let's just say, for Barry Sanders not get into a Super Bowl. Well, he posted on Facebook. Like last night, he watches the doc.

Then he posts on Facebook at 3 AM. I'm so tired of hearing how I was the reason that Barry Sanders never won a Super Bowl. I'm so tired of hearing how I was not a good QB. My only response is bleep you all.

This includes Eminem and Jeff Daniels. I love the fire. Because you could envision this.

You could definitely envision this. So you're the quarterback. You go to watch the Barry Sanders documentary.

You sit down. And I have not seen it yet, but I'm assuming he gets torn to pieces and shredded to pieces in the doc. And then you're watching this, and you're seeing all these people go after you.

And I guess Eminem's in the doc, and he's going after Scott Mitchell. That goes, as he's probably about to go to bed, yeah, I'm going to fire off a Facebook post. Bleep you all. I love that. There's nothing more that I like than an older guy on Facebook just shredding people to pieces. It's such a dad thing to do, an older guy thing to do. So Scott Mitchell sounded off.

He joined Boomer and Geo on WFAN, also via the CBS Sports Network, earlier this morning. And he commented on his Facebook post about the Barry Sanders doc. I just got kind of tired of hearing about how I was the problem with things in Detroit and that if Barry just had a quarterback, he would have been a Super Bowl winner, that it was kind of that missing piece. I just felt like I had to defend myself. I was a good player. I was a really good player.

I just didn't get enough time in that system and with that strategy to make it work. And I just wanted more time is really, I think, what I was frustrated with in my time in Detroit. And every time we won, there was this pristine picture of Barry Sanders on the front page.

And every time we lost, I'm getting ripped apart by five guys. And I was OK with that. I really was. And I understood the nature of it. I just wanted more time.

And that's really all it is. Now, I love Barry Sanders. And we know he's one of the more electrifying players in NFL history. I think I talked to Barry Sanders once a year at whatever event here and there for the last three or four years. I don't know if, though, I was very inclined to watch this doc. After hearing Scott Mitchell's reaction, I'm like, yeah, I'm going to fire that up tonight.

So Scott actually helps Barry Sanders maybe get more people to watch this documentary. I want to play Shaka smart. So last night, Marquette is a top five team in the nation.

Depending on what their outcome is going to be tonight, they could actually be the number one team. But last night, Shaka smart took down Kansas. And there was a little kerfuffle during the game between Shaka smart and Bill Self. And they were actually going at it, yelling at one another. This is Shaka smart via ESPN Milwaukee on his little spat with Bill Self.

I probably shouldn't have got so excited. But I tell you what, I said this in the postgame media. We're Marquette. We are Marquette. And we don't take a backseat to anyone.

So if someone wants to step up and challenge us, OK, we're going to challenge them right back. And Marquette right now is playing Purdue in this tournament. They are trailing Purdue 33 to 27.

The winner of this game will probably be the number one team in the country. I watched some of that. I didn't really get what the whole fight was about between Shaka smart and Bill Self. But I guess Shaka smart was annoyed with something. And then he tried to fire up his team and send a message as he's trying to get Marquette back. And they had a good season last year, a little bit disappointing in the tourney. But Shaka smart, right, one of the more lovable coaches with what he did with havoc at VCU and then also disappointing at Texas.

But then realized was going to work at Texas and goes to Marquette. I think that's a good fit for Shaka smart. And finally, I just want to play this before we get into the games coming up tomorrow. This is Tariq Woulin and Carson Wentz.

This is Tariq calling Carson Wentz after the Seahawks Rams game as Wentz is now a backup, a legend, this courtesy of Seahawks Twitter. Now you big as hell in person. Me? Hell yeah. I'm supposed to be. You ain't supposed to be.

I ain't even going to be a fan girl right now too, bro. No doubt, bro. You a legend too, bro. Hell yeah. Nice to meet you, man. I'm Tariq, bro. Hell yeah.

Nice to meet you. So it'd be one thing if there's some sort of college connection here because Carson Wentz played at North Dakota State and he ended up being the second overall pick in the draft. But can I just throw this theory out here?

And you guys just let me know if you think this has any legs. Do you think there was a chance Tariq Woulin thought that was Matthew Stafford? The Rams, like, they're playing the Rams. You see this big white guy, quarterback walking over. Do you think Tariq Woulin was like, hey, Matthew Stafford, you're a legend, just didn't say Matthew, and then it's Carson Wentz?

Because I kind of explored this. I don't see what the connection would be why Woulin would think Wentz is a legend here. I don't think, I don't think after playing the entire game against Stafford that he would then see Carson Wentz. I got helmets on, yeah. I just, it sounds stupid, but... Maybe he fell in love with the Philadelphia Eagles when he was in college, or when he was, I guess, in maybe even high school at that time, right?

Reeks only like 25, 26? Yeah, second year in the league, and Wentz, that was back in 2017, 2016, when he first got to Philly and had that great MVP season, or he should have won the MVP, and then he got hurt. So, man, that was wild. That just shows you, you have one great year, or you have one great, you're a legend, you're the GOAT. I forgot who was it, was Brandon Miller at the draft that said Paul George is his GOAT? There's a difference who your favorite player is, and then who's the greatest player of all time, or who we put in legendary status. Carson Wentz, yeah, no, not a legend. Finally, I hate to say it, I think all the teams that are expected to win tomorrow win.

And I know that's usually chalk, I know that's low-hanging fruit. The Lions against the Packers, I like the Lions. Jordan Love looked better than what he actually is because the Chargers' defense stinks a week ago. Cowboys, they'll beat the commanders, that's what the Cowboys do, they beat up on bad teams, the commanders are a bad team. 49ers, Seahawks, there's going to be an upset, there's potentially one, but I'm not going to bet against the San Francisco 49ers right now. So I think the 49ers win tomorrow, I think the Cowboys win tomorrow, and the Lions win tomorrow. If you don't want to go up against the spread, because the Lions are 7.5, Cowboys 12.5, the 49ers are 7. Moneyline parlay, you get it at minus 105 with those three teams. They did throw together a funky, it was like over plus 1,000 any time touchdown parlay.

It was Sam Laporta, Brian Robinson Jr., and then Christian McCaffrey, I think that was like plus 1,100 or plus 1,200 on a little parlay for any time touchdown. Alrighty everybody, that is the Zach Gelb show on a Wednesday, and that's the actual last show of the week. Not here tomorrow, not here on Friday, and no eye on football for yours truly on Sunday. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody, wonderful time of the year, food, family, football.

We'll be back on Monday at 3 p.m. Eastern, noon Pacific. Make sure you give me a follow, Twitter and Instagram. You'll see all the food tomorrow, my accounts at Zach Gelb, Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. You will not see a turkey. There's a little Zach Gelb show, PSA, Turkey, Thanksgiving.

You know, very overrated. And then I'll be in Ann Arbor Friday, Saturday. Follow along there, and then Sunday afternoon, I will be at Lincoln Financial Field for Eagles and Bills. Have a great Thanksgiving, everybody. I'm Zach Gelb, bye-bye. Discover, this is Daniella. We'll be right back.
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