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Is Redick Right for the Job (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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June 20, 2024 6:06 pm

Is Redick Right for the Job (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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June 20, 2024 6:06 pm

How should Lakers fans react to the JJ Redick news. What is Paul George’s future looking like? David Shepard voices his complaints with the JJ Redick hire.


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Get started at That's A-N-G-I or download the app today. Or download the TuneIn app to start listening. Alrighty, our number three of our radio program.

I think this could be a real low moment in my radio career, potentially. I see Samtor is scurrying to the phone right now. I think Shep is big-timing us. I think. Samtor reportedly, sources tell me, reached out to Shep to come on the show. And is Shep there or no?

Is he there, Samtor, or no? No, somebody was trying to buy my property on the corner of Elrond Street or something. Oh, okay. Yeah, I told them that I would take no less than 2.4 million.

They hung up on me. Oh, okay. How about a million?

Why don't we go with 2.4 million? Because it's all fake. Yeah. They're not calling some random number to offer for a house. I get these phone calls on my phone all the time.

Gotcha. So, was that a ding? Was that like a texting ding that just happened? That was an email ding.

Okay. So you're in communication with Shep? We can't get Shep on the show? Well, so I text Shep. He didn't answer. So then I called Shep.

He didn't answer. Then I get a text back from Shep. Shep, who's looking to break onto the scene as an on-air host who's hosting weekend shows. Shep does a very good job on the weekend. I've heard him on Sirius XMBA radio. And here we are, weekday drive time, with an opportunity to catch an audience that he would not normally catch in their cars during the week.

And his response is, hey, Samtor, I wish I'm on a train now. Would tomorrow work by chance? Tomorrow? Who cares about Shep's opinion tomorrow? You're not even here tomorrow.

You're not even here tomorrow. I understand that. But hold on. I don't know what Shep does during the week, to be fair, outside of radio.

But he did leave a full-time job to pursue an on-air career and get more shifts. Here we are. I know we're not paying him.

So he doesn't have to come on. But here we are. I did offer him money. What, five cents? I mean, I said that you were offering him money.

Oh, yeah. Well, we'll get to the lack of money I may now have coming up in the Zach Gelb Show PSA later on at the end of the hour. Because I had some incident this moment, this morning, where I rolled over in the middle of the night. I'm like, where the heck did all my money go? We will get into that a little bit later. I got a lot of alerts today for the day.

Maybe the person that called you, Santa, that was just trying to get your information was the same person that got all my information somehow and was using my credit card just all over the place. We've got a guest bedroom. Nice queen bed. Yeah. But you're telling me, Shep, who wants to be on the air more. Here we are, the afternoon drive time show on the East Coast Air National Show.

You know, so great hours on the West Coast. We're offering Shep a few minutes here where I actually want his basketball opinion about something. And Shep has said to me before, when you can invite me on the show, things like that.

And I'd love to have Shep on. But when we finally extend the olive branch, he's not available. What's he doing? Well, he did say this. Now he's hedging a little bit. He goes, I can't now, unfortunately, I can call in your last segment if that works. I don't want it for the last segment.

All right. Where did he say he was? On a train. He's on a train?

On a train in the rain, going to Spain. Now, hold on. And he's in pain.

I'm in pain right now. Did I not talk to you this morning when you were on a train? Um, yes, you did.

Right. I called you. You said you were on a train. Unless if you were lying to me. No, no, no.

Wouldn't shock me. I was on the train. However, you and I were just having a phone conversation. I wasn't on the air.

So Shep could have a conversation on the train. You know what? I'm doing this for the second time today. Uh oh. Uh oh. Here comes the phone. Here it comes.

Do you think Shep will pick up? No, because he, I called him twice. He didn't answer.

Really? And then he texted me back. He might be one of those like shy talkers who when he's on like a crowded train with those people around him. Shep's a lot of things. He's not shy. I'll tell you that. Yeah, he's kind of mellow.

Mellow. He's not shy though. Maybe not shy, but maybe he just doesn't want to like talk in front of other people on the train. But let's see what happens now that you're calling him. JJ Redick didn't pick up. Now let's see if David Shephard will pick up. A good Shephard, but you could listen to him Saturday and Sunday mornings, two to six a.m. Eastern time right here on the Infinity Sports Network. We're really getting big time here by Shep? He could be in the MTA subway.

Ah, don't make excuses, Bodger. Hi, you've reached David Shephard, 2-0-3. Oh, I don't want to give Shep's phone number out on the air.

He probably does it anyway. Yeah, but hold on a second. It's the good Shephard on the Infinity Sports Network. Here's my cell phone number. Make sure you give me a call anytime you want to talk about the greatness of the late, great Bill Russell, who was tweeting something out during the NBA Finals, but it was really his wife because Bill Russell passed away a few years ago. I'd be more than happy to talk about the legacy.

The unbelievable legacy of Bill Russell. Just give me a call. 855-212-4227. Is this the NPR radio whispering everything? Hold on, here's the real question. If you don't set up your voicemail and the automatic message lady says you've called blank, blank, blank, five, five, five, five, five, five.

I get that, right? That's just an automated thing. When you set up your own voicemail with your name and your voice, why the hell are you saying your phone number on your voicemail? They know your phone number, they just called you.

No, it's his voice. No, I'm talking about, okay, if it's the automated lady, that's just automatic. They say this number 5555 is not available right now. Fine, that's just how it's automatic. Okay, gotcha. But he did a personalized message and he's giving his phone number on his own voicemail. What are you doing, kid?

You got limited space. Just say your name, say where you're from, what you're doing, whatever, and say leave a message. You don't have to leave your phone number. They're calling you. They know your number. I'm kind of surprised when we called JJ Reddick earlier, his voicemail wasn't, hey, this is JJ, lose my number. Don't leave a message.

That's what I would have thought. You're going to get that text at some point. Well, I know a program director that's in the Bay Area who called JJ Reddick to ask him to come on a radio show and JJ was like, how do you have my number?

And like, you know, it's here in the media. It's very easy to get your number, JJ Reddick. And supposedly JJ response was like, it's so embarrassing that you would call me. Like, he was not thrilled that Jay, that, uh, Matt Hagen, the program director at 90, uh, 95, 70 game, uh, who hired me in Philadelphia was reaching out to him. So, well, maybe JJ knows he's the one who hired you in Philadelphia. It was like, I don't want to just a douche. Okay.

There's no other way. I just got a text from Shep. Hey, Gal, want to join, but I have to take care of something. Uh, if I can do something at five 40, I'm in, eh, I'm good. I want to talk to Shep at five o'clock at five Oh five on the East coast. That's like a, a big time for, for a radio spotlight back in the day.

Oh, you got to have a big five Oh five. Yes. We were trying to give you David Sheppard and Shep big time.

Does. I'm just disappointed. I'm not upset. I'm just disappointed with David Sheppard.

Just, just a disheartening moment in my career. It's a real low point. Do you think it's a lower point than the Lakers hiring JJ? No, no, but I like, seriously, this is a good spot for Shep. Shep has claimed he could beat Mike Tyson, this version of Mike Tyson in a fight. And then he also claimed that he would have been better than Darvin Ham. If you look at it from Shep's percentages here, Samter, Mike Tyson had a health incident and had to postpone the fight with Jake Paul.

And the Lakers just hired JJ Reddick, who's a broadcaster and a podcaster. You know, so this is a good spot for Shep. This is a moment where Shep can get on the air and can basically say, guys, maybe instead of making fun of me, you give me a little bit more credit. Shep's takes are actually aging somewhat decently. Don't you think, Samter?

Somewhat decently? No. No, you still think Tyson would kick his ass? It's not kick his ass. He would murder him. He would unalive him.

He would send him to the infirmary for three weeks and then he would never wake up. Who would be the, the better coach of the Lakers, Shep or JJ? I'm sure Shep knows a lot about the history of basketball, but his ability to coach professional athletes and draw up plays and understand the ins and outs of the NBA world. I love Shep. He could not connect in a locker room. That would be Shep's biggest problem. Like if we're questioning if JJ Reddick can relate to a locker room and connect in a locker room, I don't think with Shep being in the, in the pallet chair that he could actually find a way to get the best out of Lakers.

What do you want to say about you? He's too nice. He's not harsh enough to these players.

He would, he would be stepped on, you know, he would be a doormat as a coach and the NBA. I'm not saying high school, like JV, you know, I'm sure those guys respect them obviously. And, and they should, right.

And they should, right. But when you talk about the NBA, what was the name of that movie where they hired the kid to manage? I think it was the twins. Oh, Little Big League. Little Big League. Super underrated baseball movie. Very good. I love that movie.

Yeah. Big fan of that movie. I liked that more than Rookie of the Year. And that's another cool one with Henry Rowengardner. Oh yeah. Rowengardner.

Roozenfruiser. But when that reaction in Little Big League to when the kid first walks into the locker room, that would be the reaction to Shep first walking in the locker room. It'd be like, if you hired a 12 year old to coach you. Nothing against Shep, but that's how the NBA players would look at him. Ouch.

I did a little Stephen A. Smith right there. Nothing against Shep. I really like him. He's a dear friend, but basically a 12 year old.

It would basically be like hiring a 12 year old in there. So disappointed. Very disappointed. Very disappointed.

Hey, Botcher. They say in the YouTube chat that you could get Shep on the air. You know Shep's secrets.

I know his secrets? Yeah, I don't know what that means. What does that mean? I don't know. I just think what we learned today is Shep doesn't respect us as a show anymore.

He's on a train. I like how you said anymore as if he ever respected us. No, Shep and I have had a lot of long conversations. A lot of long talks. I've done a lot of listening.

I like Shep. Well, yeah, I come on the show and it's like... I booked Bruce Arians once after he won an NFC title game. The next day. We can't get David Shepherd who works here for us? Come on. You know, geez Louise.

Alrighty, anyway. JJ Reddick. What's the first thing that comes to mind? When this hire is made after, you know, we talked about this now for a while.

What is the prevailing thought about JJ Reddick getting hired by the Los Angeles Lakers? I'll start with Santa. Inexperienced, arrogant, blue devil. Wow, you're harsh. I think you need to be a little nicer to JJ. Listen, also very smart. High basketball IQ. Close with LeBron. Let's do it this way. I'm a Laker fan. I hate this hire, let's just say.

How do you... I'm going to do like Jordan Belfort. Sell me this pen. Sell me this J. This JJ. Sell me this JJ.

Ryan Botcher. Why should I believe that JJ Reddick is the next great coach for Los Angeles Lakers? It's not about JJ Reddick.

It's about keeping the core together. You can see that LeBron James... I would have already next to him by the way, but relax. He's on his way towards the end of his career. And you want to maintain this title hopes.

You could say it's on life support for the next at least one or two seasons. JJ Reddick does that. You can tell that he has the IQ. He's been on so many teams.

Been a veteran around the league. He has the IQ. Has the personality that you may not like it. That he'll stand up for himself. He won't get walked over. That the Lakers can maybe trust him to control the locker room. You also can hope that his connections around the league with being on so many teams. More players will respect him.

Come to join him. Anthony Irwin did mention Chris Paul. That could be another impact move there.

Oh yeah. Talk about championship culture you're trying to build. Chris Paul has all those rings.

Let me tell you. He's a real championship player. Veteran leadership is a very important thing. Because that's what that team needs. More veteran leadership. They don't have any leadership. You got LeBron. That's barely leadership. You got Anthony Davis. Barely leadership. And Chris Paul's gonna walk in and be a leader? Better than LeBron.

Eh, I don't know about that one. Ask Bill Reiter what he thinks about Chris Paul and his leadership skills. I do want to make one quick note.

I want to confirm what Anthony Irwin did say. JJ Redick's all-MBA first team vote. Bam Adebayo, Victor Wambunyama, Rudy Gobert, Alex Caruso, and Herbert Jones. How did you say that name?

What'd I say? Victor Wambunyama? No, no, no.

The first name. Bam Adebayo? Okay. That's not what you said.

I think you're kind of Kendrick Perkins. What did I say? I think you said Bam Adebayo. Oh.

That must have been a speech impediment of some sort. Yeah, I thought you were like Shaq just announcing everyone from Hellas. You first. JJ Redick's second all-defensive team. Jared Allen, Jalen Suggs, Derek White, Cantavius Caldwell-Pope, and Shaye Gilges-Alexander. So on his first, nor his second team, did Anthony Davis appear.

Anthony Davis, who finished fourth in Defensive Player of the Year voting, did not get a first or second team vote from Mr. JJ Redick, his new head coach. I smell drama. I smell schism. Schism. Schism? Schism. I smell schism.

Crap? Schism. Fire? Separation. Separation. A gap. Okay.

I smell trouble in Los Angeles. Okay. Now we'll see.

Someone makes a great point in the YouTube chat, too. So Shep is on a train and can text, but can't talk. What's Shep up to? Gotta be something good here.

There gotta be something. I think that there are some people who don't like to talk on the phone in crowded spaces, and I understand that, but you're also an on-air personality. Get your ass on the phone. Yeah.

Shep. I bet you, I think if other shows called, he would have picked up the phone. If Zach Gale calls you to be a guest last minute for breaking news, you could be one of the first voices in the country to react to JJ Redick. Yeah.

Getting hired by the Lakers. This is a missed opportunity for Mr. Shep. I totally, Rome is the franchise here. I totally get that, but you're telling me if Jim Rome called Shep at five o'clock and said, I need you on right now, I actually think Shep would have the cojones to say, I can't make it. I got something going on. I think Jim Rome has any idea who Shep is. Um, it's a good question.

Come on. I know you're trying to be nice to Shep, but I mean, come on. I think Rome has a very good understanding of what's going on around here. He does. He knew who I was. Well, that's because you're you. I mean, are you comparing yourself to Shep?

Please tell me that's not the case. Or we're all equal here. I don't view anyone above anybody besides Jim Rome.

He's he's all the way at the top here. Everybody else's is on the same plane. So you're saying that you, me and Shep are all on the same plane? Yes. Just because when I walk in, just because when I walk into that room, I hit the floor and then we're all in the bottom.

That's the way that I could answer that. It is the Zach Gilp Show on the Infinity Sports Network. We'll take a time out.

We'll come up. You're listening to the Zach Gilp Show. I will say it's rather interesting that Stuart Kovacs makes his triumphant return to the Zach Gilp Show on Monday. Santa, Stu has not been on this show throughout all this JJ Reddick stuff.

He is a Laker fan. It would have been awesome. No offense, Ryan, but it would have been awesome to have Stu here today to see him have a mental breakdown on the air because Stu can't be happy with his Lakers hiring JJ Reddick. If this came out of left field, he'd have a meltdown. But this has been something that we've been talking about for a month now. So he's probably been resigned to the idea that, hey, JJ Reddick can be my next head coach. So we don't know Stu's actual feelings on it. Like I have not, I don't think I've been able to ask Stu about JJ Reddick. He hasn't been here for like two weeks. Yeah, but we talked to him about JJ Reddick. Yeah, but we didn't know, like, we didn't know where he was at on JJ Reddick, in my opinion. I don't, I can't recall any reaction that Stu's had to JJ Reddick. Well, he did put out this, wow, he did put out this tweet.

Hard to imagine England beating the France, Spain, Germany's, Italy's of the world after these two matches. Yuck. So if that doesn't tell you how he feels about JJ, then I don't know what will.

Is that just the way that you're going to work soccer onto the show? No, that's just his most recent tweet. That was at 1 53 PM Eastern. Yeah, that's his most recent tweet. So he still has not responded yet. No, no. To the JJ Reddick news.

That's how you know it's bad. He's curled up in a ball, crying in the corner. He'll respond when he's ready. You can't see likes anymore either.

Do you cancel if he's angry? It's a good point. Yeah, why did they get rid of likes on Twitter? All the athletes. You mean X? X, sorry.

No, it's Twitter. It will never be X. Why didn't they, why did they get rid of likes on X? Like you still like it, but you can't see who people are liking. Is it just because there was so many famous people liking things that maybe they shouldn't have been liking or accidentally clicking something? It's like, I don't know. I just was clicking through stuff and I liked it. I didn't know what that video said that I watched 17 times. I will say the lamest. I, I got hacked kind of moment.

Cause everyone, when they, they get in one of those moments, like, Oh, I got hacked. Remember when Jay will, it was when Emei Adoka was announced as the head coach of the Celtics, which by the way, we haven't talked about Emei Adoka. Who's now the coach of the Rockets.

How crummy does that guy feel this week? Whatever went on with whoever he was sleeping with or whatever was going on on that front, whatever rumor you want to believe or whatever story you were told, you know, the Celtics won a championship. That was your team. And that was the team you were coaching. You would have been the guy and now you're stuck with the Houston Rockets where you could have just allegedly kept your zipper where it was supposed to be at that moment.

You would still be the coach of the Boston Celtics. And you used to be married to a smoke show. I don't think they were married. Weren't they just dating or dating, whatever time dating, whatever it was that they were doing.

Who was he dating again? Naya. Oh yeah. She's gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

Like everyone was saying, Oh, he, he, he fumbled the bag, right? As the kids would say, I forget what her, her name is. Naya Long. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

She's unbelievably gorgeous. But I was just going to make a point about, uh, Imea Doka. What, what were we just talking about that, that brought up this, uh, this conversation?

Do we have any clue? I got distracted. You put a beautiful woman in my mind that I have no clue what I was about to decide.

Here's how Imea Doka should be kicking himself for not keeping his zipper shot. Otherwise you would have won this title with the Celtics. Yeah, no, I forget what I was totally just going to say. All right. Yeah. With Imea Doka, that's, uh, that's my bad. But, um, I brought up Imea Doka.

What the heck was I just going to say? Talking about the Rockets. No, I had nothing to do with that. We were just talking about the Lakers, right? Cassell. Huh?

Sam Cassell? No, no, has nothing to do with that. I'll, I'll, I'll figure it out and, and we'll, we'll get going with it. But anyway, let's get back to the show here. Uh, here's news from, uh, Paul George, uh, on the Paul George front. The Philadelphia 76ers interest in pursuing Paul George has significantly waned in recent days and the franchise is expected to be aggressive elsewhere with its salary cap, uh, flexibility and draft capital leading into next week's NBA draft sources tell the athletic and stadium. Why would the Sixers interest change in Paul George?

Uh, maybe he's not interested in them. You know, maybe it's a done deal that he's going to be going back to the Clippers. I guess that's something that, that you could potentially assume.

Could it be a contract situation that they've talked to Paul George and his reps behind the scenes? I'm not going to rule it out. You know, I got sent a photo and this was, let me see what I got sent this photo.

By the way, while you're looking, I can remind you why you were talking about Imea Doka. Yeah. What was I saying? We're talking about why you can't have likes on Twitter anymore.

And then you're talking about like a situation where a guy likes a thing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That, that is a great producing job by you.

That's unbelievable. Man, my memory. That was a senior moment for me. I know I'm getting gray.

I know I'm about to turn 30. That was a big time senior moment, but going back to why they take away likes and all that stuff on Twitter. I remember when JWill tweeted out when Imea Doka got hired, congratulations to the Celtics for hiring their first ever black coach. And when that happened, I was like, what?

And not only do they have other black coaches before Doc Rivers, but Doc Rivers won a championship there. And JWill had the audacity to say or claim that he got hacked. Nothing against JWill.

I was never able to take JWill seriously after that. Like he's on all these shows. Used to do the radio show. He's on TV all the time.

I know he works college basketball. I could not take him serious after that. Like nothing would have happened to you if he would have just said, Oh, Hey, my bad. You know, I got this one wrong. You know, I, I didn't really know the history of the Boston Celtics.

What were you saying? I was saying Casey Jones, Bill Russell was a player coach. I think there's like, there was like six or seven black coaches for, for the Celtics. And Carl was like an interim coach for a little bit. But all I'm saying is it was Doc Rivers won a championship in 2008.

2008 won a championship. That's a bad luck. And it's terrible. So that was one of the worst moments I think ever on Twitter. Well, you know what? Uh, he may have took it flamed out for terrible, awful reasons. So therefore maybe, uh, we never got the full story there. We got enough of the story. Yeah.

I don't know if it was like terrible, awful. Like he, like there are stories out there about a line that he crossed and then there's other stories that, you know, people's think allegedly that he just slept with someone's wife in the organization that you're not allowed to, uh, sleep with. So there's multiple stuff.

But anyway, the Sixers, um, are not interested in pursuing or their interest is waned on pursuing Paul George and they're going to use their resources in other places. You know, I got a text and this was Friday of last week. This was late Friday of last week, or no, it's even, it's even before that.

Sorry. That's when it's starting to get out there. Hold on. Let's see when I exactly got this text. It was Thursday last week, Thursday evening, and it's a photo in the four seasons in Philadelphia, brand new four seasons, like a few years old. And I stayed there before I was at a wedding there and their dining room was on the top floor.

It's unbelievable. And at a table in the corner, the person that texted me this, who's not in the media whatsoever or in the sports world, they texted me this photo and in the photo it's LeBron James sitting at a table with Josh Harris, it's Nick nurse and it's Daryl Morey. And my first response was, that's a good Photoshop. And the person said, somebody knows, sent this to him and that was it. Now the next day, WIP somehow got the photo. My friend thought I, because we worked for the same company, thought I sent them.

I'm like, hate to break it to you. I would not send it to them. I would, if I thought it was legit, I would post it myself. I'm not going to send it to someone in our company, but I don't think it was legit. And I did not think this was a legitimate photo.

So they were talking about this photo on WIP. Now our old boss Spike Eskin claims that it's a Photoshop and that it was Elton Brand who was at the table and they just took Elton Brand out and they Photoshopped LeBron James in there. So I don't think this is an actual photo, but if Paul George is now no longer in the plans of the 76ers, could LeBron maybe get back in? Like, I still think LeBron is back with the Lakers next year. Bronnie's on that team.

And that's how I started the show today before this news started. I said, JJ Redick's going to be the coach. LeBron's going to be back with the Lakers. And Bronnie is going to get drafted by them in the second round on Thursday evening.

But I'm curious. And I will say this is the team I'm most fascinated by what they do this off season. Cause Joel Embiid still has a few elite years left. And you have Tyrese Maxey, who's a budding star. And he showed that at times this year.

And he showed that at times the last two years. I want to see if they could get that last piece in there to make like a big three kind of. And I thought it could have been Paul George. It should be LeBron, but I don't think LeBron's going to go there. But if it's not those two, it's like who they ended up going to get. Jimmy Butler.

I've talked about that before. I agree that should be a name they should be interested in, but are the heat where they got to get their deal done with Jimmy. And Jimmy's still under contract, but he's eligible for an extension. Are the heat really going to say Philadelphia? You guys let Jimmy Butler out. Now we're going to give you back Jimmy. I don't see Pat Riley trading Jimmy Butler to Philadelphia.

I don't. But it is a name that is definitely thought provoking. A name that I talked about right after the Sixers season did end.

So that's how I'm fascinating. Do the Sixers make a move this offseason that give us a belief that maybe they could find the way to get something? There's not a lot. I mean, obviously there's LeBron with the player option. Paul George player option. Tyrese Maxey is with them. James Harden. Siakam just inked a new deal with the Pacers. OG Ananobi with the Knicks, maybe, but he's not like a difference maker. He has a player option. OG Ananobi would be a good piece for them, actually.

Yeah, sure. But I mean, he's not a he's not like a difference maker to the point where he puts him over the top. I don't say they go win a championship, but they would have improved their team. Bring in OG Ananobi. Klay Thompson, Ovi Toppin, Emmanuel Quickly. I'm just going down the list of the top 30. You know, Malik Monk contagious Caldwell Pope, DeMar DeRozan, Isaiah Hartenstein. There's not a lot of names on here that.

Nah, you can stop. Yeah, exactly. But that's my point. So outside of LeBron and Paul George. Or Jimmy Trade. You never know who's going to become available. Like, I just saw that Josh Gitti got traded to the Bulls and who they send Caruso back to the Thunder. You know, Zach Levine become available now. I think a move for the 76ers.

Sure. He's a good player. I mean, you know, we talked Anthony Irwin was talking about how Chris Paul maybe to the Lakers because the Warriors are in cap hell. So maybe the Warriors unload somebody else, too. Who knows? But who the warrior, like the only person in the Warriors that that I would look at is Steph and they're not trading Steph.

No, but there's some young talent there that you can maybe move for. Who? I'm like the Warriors. The Warriors screwed themselves because they brought back Draymond when they could have got out of Draymond. And now they don't want to break up with Clay, but Clay wants a certain price and they can't pay him the price that Clay wants because it'd be stupid. So there's always a deal to be made in the end.

There's always one player that gets disgruntled and wants out. We'll just see who ends up emerging from that group. It is Zach Gilb Show, the Infinity Sports Network. Come on back. We will wrap up the show with a little Zach Gilb Show PSA. Update time first.

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For more details, request your appointment at You're listening to the Zach Gilb Show. Well, I missed a golden opportunity. Yesterday when we had Steve Schirripa on the show, his dog was with him, Willy, who has a very popular Instagram account. And I get mentioned by a dog today on Instagram, Willy the weenie of Wall Street. Now I didn't realize here, Sam, and maybe this is why Willy ran away from me when he was on the air sitting with Steve Schirripa. You know, Bobby Bacala from Sopranos fame, that there was a good Schirripa crew that was in the newsroom and they were watching the show while we were doing the interview with Steve. And unless Willy took this video, which I guess could be possible, they posted a video of me talking to Steve and Willy and it, I got mentioned by Willy the weenie of Wall Street saying, Hey, Zach Gelb, why didn't you let me talk? So we couldn't get Shep on the show today, but Willy the dog wanted a big time role in the Zach Gelb show, at least yesterday. Um, we do have reaction from David Shepherd.

We will get to that momentarily because Spencer pointed out in the YouTube chat and we appreciate very much so appreciate Spencer doing the investigative work. He said Shep did react to the hire, you know, we're asking Shep to come on. He posted a video of him reacting to JJ Reddick as the next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

So just let me know guys when we do have that. But that is crazy how Shep claims he was very, very, very, very, very busy and had no time to join us today when we had a few questions about him being the coach of the Lakers. And the next thing you know, David Shepherd was able to upload a video. And I think it was from over the weekend where it was like, if this happens, and just looking by it, he's in the studio. Shep came in the studio, we were on the air, but he had time to upload that from the train that he's on, by the way, but he had no time to join us right here on the Infinity Sports Network. So do we have that video or are we almost there?

Almost there. You still listening to it, making sure Shep doesn't curse? I don't think Shep knows how to curse.

Yeah, I'm sure he does. It just takes time. It's a two-minute video, so it just takes two minutes to get ready. So he was able to upload a two-minute video clip onto YouTube on a train, but no time to join us on the Infinity Sports Network. That's a little disappointing. By the way, this portion of the show is brought to you by Wesley Financial.

Stuck in a timeshare and want to contact Wesley Financial Group now and get a free timeshare exit information kit at David Shepherd once said that he would do a better job than Darvin Ham as the coach of the Lakers because he is, I guess, an infamous JV basketball coach. Oh, Shep is calling? I want to hear Shep's opinion.

Ah, you know what? Bring Shep on. Bring Shep on. I want to hear Shep calling in, finally had some time. I want to hear from David Shepherd his thoughts about being, about J.J. Reddick being the next coach of Los Angeles Lakers. It has taken us over an hour to get David Shepherd to join us. Now joining us is the host of the Good Shepherd show, The Good Shepherd on CBS Sports Radio, Saturday and Sunday morning from 2 to 6 a.m. Eastern time. You know, we have booked some pretty big names on this show and they never give us a tough time, but Shep of all people is creating a problem for us today and he was, I had to go through his agent, I had to go through his PR person. It was crazy to get Shep on. Shep, how are you my friend? Good, I'm doing well, man.

Thank you, buddy. Listen, I was on a train. The static would have been horrible. The background noise would have been horrible. I respect you, Samter, Infinity Sports Network way too much to put you guys in that position, man.

I don't know. I would have liked to have talked to you from a train. You know, if you want to be an NBA head coach one day, sometimes you got to do interviews from the train, Shep. Oh, I see what you're saying.

You got to deal with multiple distractions. The coaching in L.A. is not a distraction. You know, I had coaching experience, by the way. And a decent podcaster, may I say it best? A decent? Decent. Decent. So what's your reaction to this hire?

I could tell that you're against it. Well, I mean, listen, he wants to, you know, just stroke the ego of his best friend, his new BBFF and LeBron James. But the reality is, LeBron James is 40 years old. That's not the guy that you want to really make happy.

The guy you want to make happy is the Anthony Davis. And last time I checked, the guy that he has a relationship with just got fired two days ago in Monty Williams. That was the go-to hire, Gelp.

That made sense. But does Monty want the job? I know he was interested in Lakers a few years ago, and the Lakers are basically being cheap. Monty, you know, his wife, right, is sick, and he wasn't going to take the piston job and did take the piston job. Does Monty even want the job, though?

Like, maybe he just wants a year off. Oh, yeah, listen, Gelp, as a coach myself, speaking personally now, and I know you guys gave me a little bit of a hard time about this. A coach?

You know what? You have more qualifications than J.J. Riddick. I'll say that.

I appreciate that. So, Gelp, it's like what you do for a living. Being a talk show radio host is in your blood. You are going to do it until the day you croak.

That's not true. Let me tell you, if I'm 80 years old, chef, still doing a show, I will gladly fire myself. Okay, I mean, I see more about you, Gelp, than you even do realize. But the point is, Gelp, in all seriousness, like, somebody like yourself was born to do what you're doing five days a week and sometimes six days a week, depending on what football season we're in.

Now, if you are Monty Williams, you salivate over coaching. You live for this. It's what gives you juice. It's what gets you up in the morning. Yeah, he's a family man. He's got it.

I get all that. But what really, really makes him tick is coaching. You can't deny that. So you're against the Lakers' hire of J.J. Riddick outside of the fact that you thought you were more qualified to get the job. Why are you against the hire of J.J.?

I'm not for it, to be clear. Right. Because you have a 16-year assistant coach in Sam Cassell.

Thank you. As a three-time NBA champion, you have a guy in Phil Handy that was assistant coaching there onto the likes of Darvin Ham. There's so many other qualified people that understand not just the X's nose and schemes and how to defend the pick and roll and the pick and pop, but understanding what it means to truly command a locker room, understanding what it means to go on a back-to-back and have the scouting report the very next day. Just understand the intricacies of this.

And, Gellum, listen, you documented it very well on your platform. You had coaches outside of Steve Puig that had four years of experience as a general manager with the Phoenix Center. We're talking all-time great minds.

Steve Nash, D. Fish, the list goes on and on. Even even even a friend of yours, Vinny Del Negro. He's a friend of mine? Yeah, you know him, man. I've never talked to Vinny Del Negro in my life. You know, I was talking to Vinny Del Negro one time, and he said he couldn't do my show because he was doing the Zach Elph show. So your problem is you talk to so many people. No, I have never talked to him in my life.

We do have the same birthday, August 9th. I just did a quick... I know who he is, but I just did a quick Google search. I could have sworn he mentioned you as, again, came on your show, and that's why he couldn't do my show. Can I ask you a question? How did you get service on the train to upload this video of your Lakers take of JJ Reddick, but you didn't have service to join us at five o'clock? No, that wasn't on the train.

That was before the train. I had to pick up a medication, and I owe you too much to get on a train and sound like crap on your show. That's not fair to you. It's not fair to anybody, especially your audience, Michael. So in 30 seconds or less, because you just think this is a bad hire because they're catering to LeBron, and they should have hired somewhere else to kind of look forward to Anthony Davis and the future rather than just the present with LeBron. It's not a bad hire. It's a terrible hire. It's why they've had seven coaches since Phil Jacksonville. Well, they should have hired Ty Lou. They should have just gave him the fourth.

Well, of course. We know that they sure changed Ty Lou, and they wanted him to take three years instead of five. And that was the right hire back in 2019.

And what did he do? He hadn't taken the Clippers further than they've ever been at any point in franchise history. But Gil, this is going to be a terrible hire. It's a two-year window being the Lakers head coach. And I guarantee you and I will be having another conversation in two years from now about who the next head coach is going to be when LeBron leaves the Lakers high and dry and probably goes to play in Cleveland with Bronny.

And you finally get your shot at the NBA. Now, you know, I'll avoid the little jabs there at the end. But you've made some ludicrous claims here on the radio. You said you I just want to ask you this question. So let me finish asking the question before you answer here. But you have made some crazy claims that you would beat Mike Tyson in a fight.

And you know, Mike Tyson and Jake Paul did get delayed because Mike Tyson had a medical issue. And now the Lakers, who you said before JG Redick was even a candidate, that you would be better coach of the Lakers than Darvin Ham was the former coach. And now the Lakers just hired a former basketball player who's a broadcaster now. Do you don't feel vindicated at all? Do you feel like your takes are maybe aging better that you'd be able to beat Mike Tyson, you'd be able to coach the Lakers better than JJ Redick?

Gil, I felt vindicated when those thoughts and sentiments came out of my mouth. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that I could beat a 60-year-old if they don't train in a fight. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that five years is called coaching JB, including some very prominent people's kids, that I wouldn't do well as a better than Darvin Ham, who was a superstar, was blowing them up and, you know, raking them over the coals after game two of that series. Can I ask, you coach JV, right? I coach a very competitive JV program.

If you are the best JV coach, when are you getting the varsity gig? Well, Gil, I don't have the kind of time where I can commit to varsity. What do you mean you don't have the time?

Well, because I take what we do so seriously, that it's unfair to kids if I invest in a varsity program, also knowing that I want to do what we do on a full-time basis. I can't do both. I'm going to burn both ends of the candle there, Gil.

I can't do that. Okay. Well, I appreciate the time today. I appreciate you fitting us in to your very diligent schedule.

Gil, I would never be a big-time fan. I love you too much. Thank you so much. This portion of the show is brought to you by the new Hyundai Tucson, available with complimentary class-leading Blue Link Plus.

Now it's easy to use your phone to control your Tucson. I may need to bring Shep on more often. I have no clue what his point was, but outside, he doesn't like JJ Riddick like me. But all these compliments, that was very nice by David Shepherd.

All right, we have no time for the Zach Gelb Show PSA. I will say, though, I woke up this morning at 6 a.m., rolled over, went to the bathroom. I look at my phone, my bank, did you spend $2,000 or try to spend $2,000? And I was like, no.

And then there was also other text messages. It was $2,000 at Wright-Honda, and then $400 twice at Ford Customs. So I guess someone got my info and was trying to go on a car spending spree, but nothing happened because the bank flagged it and it never went through.

So now I'm in that awkward stage where I don't have my credit card right now. So I'll see how I'll get home. That's going to be fun. Anyway, big thanks to Lance Leipold. Big thanks to Anthony Irwin. Big thanks to David Shepherd. Sam, do we ever bring them back on?

Sure. Big thanks to Ryan Bodger, Sam, and each and every one of you. I'll be back on Monday. I'm off tomorrow having a little summer Friday.

It is the Zach Gelb Show on the Infinity Sports Network. Be well, everybody. We out. Bye-bye. Peace TuneIn is the audio platform with something for everyone. News in order to secure convictions in a court of law.

It is essential that we conclusively sports the step back. Three music and even podcasts. Whatever you love, hear it right here on TuneIn.

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