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49ers QB Competition Questions (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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July 25, 2023 9:32 pm

49ers QB Competition Questions (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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July 25, 2023 9:32 pm

Brock Purdy cleared for training camp l News Brief l Will Jim Harbaugh make a return to the NFL?

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
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Yo, yo, hour number three of our radio program. That's right.

It is the Zach Geldt show on CBS Sports Radio. So in support of Jim Harbaugh, I just devoured an eight ounce burger on the air. Hickey challenged me to 90 seconds.

I did so in a minute and 11 seconds. But I will say Hickey, I think I'm going to get roasted for this because I don't think people are going to find it all that impressive on social media because the picture that you put out does not do justice. Where you look at the burger, that looks like a mini slider in my hand. Now, an eight ounce burger isn't a small burger. And I also got a side of broccoli that I didn't tell you about, which I have right in front of me right here.

And I'm just been picking on during the break and I'll continue to do so until I finish all the broccoli to get my greens in. But the photo that you posted on there, and I'm a large man, I understand that. That burger looks like the baseball that was in Victor Wambunyama's hands.

Or when like Shaquille O'Neal holds an iPhone. That burger, Hickey, looks very small in my hands. And I wonder how it looks when Cap had the video up and you were a little bit closer to my face.

I will say even being in person, yes, camera does not look great in person. I even asked you, are we sure it's eight ounces? I'm just going off the menu. Look, and I know I'm not accusing you of anything and I'm not saying you're lying. I'm just saying it definitely looks wise, not your traditional classic eight ounce burger, you'd assume kind of in your head.

Definitely looks a little bit on the smaller side. Now, I do like the way that that Michigan jersey looks on me. I will say that. I know you're not a big fan of the Michigan Wolverines, but had to pay some respect to my guy Leroy Hoard since he joins us so many times and we love Leroy and Leroy all the time will text me and say, hi, did Hickey like that Michigan win today? Or when they were crushing Penn State, I better get a phone call from Hot Take Hickey or I'll do an Oklahoma drill up against Hot Take Hickey. So I said, with how much Leroy supports our show and talks about our show, listens to our show, I was going to get a Michigan jersey because two of my best friends attended Michigan. We go to some games throughout the years.

We watch almost each and every Sunday together, myself and my two best friends. So I said, I got to get some Michigan swag to hang out with the Michigan crew. So I got an old school 33 Leroy Hoard jersey. I'm always skeptical about buying a white football jersey. Cause when usually watch football Hickey, you're eating, you're drinking, you're being kind of a pig or a slob and eating something like a burger. Well, this burger was dry, but usually that has juices flowing or you have some wings. I get very scared that there's going to be some stains on that shirt, but for the most part, at least I could tell the white Jersey has been in the clear.

Nothing wrong has happened with it. It's a very clean looking Michael Jordan white Michigan Jersey with the blue and yellow on the sleeves. And then you have the blue 33 on the chest. Well, that's one of the benefits of having a dry burger.

Not a lot of drips. You don't got to worry about staying in the white Jersey. I do like the fact that went to the throwbacks.

I think it was right when hardball got there. So 2015, it's a clean look. It's a lot better than their older uniforms that were kind of a little bit more on the mustard yellow side that did not look great. So the throwback is good, good Jersey. And like I said, it's clean and you crush the time.

So I would say all in all outside of the four game suspension and the reason why he did in the first place, all in all big time win. Now, two things I have to ask you one or both of them are observations and it will lead to a question. We all, we talked about this before. This even predates me being here in this time slot, going back to bill writer as well. Bill has discussed how you've rooted for Notre Dame football, and then you attended Penn state and you root for Penn state football and how you kind of dabble with both teams.

Now, ever since I've worked here, you've gone out of your way to make it known. I grew up as a Notre Dame fan. My family loves Notre Dame, but now I don't root for Notre Dame football anymore. And you are a hundred percent committed to your school, your alma mater, the Nittany Lions of Penn state. Now I'm very surprised because you, I haven't seen you really for the most part wear much Notre Dame gear.

And today you have a Notre Dame t-shirt on. So going into this season where the first time in a while, there's actually high expectations for Penn state. I know everyone's talking about Michigan. I know everyone's talking about Ohio state and you know me, I don't like to give Penn state compliments, but you look at this Penn state team and their schedule. And a lot of teams have this to be the case is the schedule where they should win every game on that schedule. And if there is as good as what people are saying this year, then bare minimum, they should be able to split with Michigan and Ohio state, who you both do play in the regular season. So if Michigan or if Penn state has the season that they're capable having at worse in the regular season, only one loss and it has to be either Michigan or Ohio state.

But with those expectations come apprehension. So you wearing the Notre Dame shirt today, is this you maybe buying some more stock in your fighting Irish and picking back up the Notre Dame fandom where Notre Dame is a team as well. I know it's tough for people to trust Notre Dame with how they fared in the college football playoff or the BCS national championship game up against Alabama all those years ago when Manti tale was on the team, but Notre Dame this year, there's some excitement Marcus Freeman, second year head coach. And now Sam Hartman, who I like a lot coming over from wake forest. Are you getting a little concerned with your Penn state football team where you made a lot of bold claims and now saying, okay, I'm going to bring back Notre Dame into the wardrobe mix.

Oh no, no, no. I got a lot of Notre Dame swag because again, I grew up a huge journey and my family is big Notre Dame fans. So I have a lot of swag. It's it was kind of a crappy day. I liked the t-shirt. I just threw it on more than that. So you wait for the 90 degree and sunny days in the city. Cause today we got a bunch of rain to wear the Penn state propaganda gear. Well, yeah, and I got plenty of Penn state shirts that you see me wear all the time. I just figured I'll change it up. It was about to thunderstorm when I was leaving, had the shirt on.

I said, I got to run out of here before the lightning comes, put a pants on and ran out. So let me ask you this in your fandom. And then we'll get to this Brock Purdy stuff with the 49ers. I know that you're Penn state first. Do you still pull though for Notre Dame because of the family connections or is it totally, you just don't care what happens with that university anymore? Not that I don't care.

The emotional connection is a million percent gone. So it's different. Like I root for them to win. They're this team, I guess I, you know, I'm most interested in second, if you will, in terms of seeing success behind Penn state, like if they won the national title, I wouldn't be moved. It wouldn't really impact me.

It wouldn't, I wouldn't feel any different. So like emotionally I'm dead there just cause it's such a different connection when you go to a school and root for that school compared to having no real connection to a school in Notre Dame, which outside of my family rooting for no one went there. I went once in my life to a game. Great. So it's a little different. Notre Dame connection versus Penn state connection.

That's why I'm all in on the knits as I like to say. Now, remember when you hammered the SEC for not adding an extra conference game moving forward. That's right.

2024. So, and I said, you're making a big deal really out of nothing. Let me just the Penn state schedule this year, West Virginia, Delaware, which you were going and then you backed out of.

Right now I'm going to West Virginia instead. Yes. Oh really? Are you missing that Friday at Labor Day weekend? Yeah. Oh geez.

Okay. I keep just taking off right before the first big college football. We're going to be honest. I might take off that Friday, make that a long weekend right before the, the gauntlet of the NFL season two. Then you have Illinois, Iowa, Northwestern, UMass, Ohio state. So there's no reason to get excited about Penn state football until October 21st. And then after that, Indiana, Maryland could put up some points with Talia Tungva-Viloa. You have Michigan on November 11th, enormous game. And that's a 12 PM Eastern time kick. Is that right? Big noon kickoff. They claimed it.

That sucks. Rutgers and Michigan state. Friday night. So legitimately, legitimately, and I know you go crazy for all these games because you're nuts and you're a fan. There's only two games to really get excited for on this schedule for Penn state. This is a crappy schedule. Now Notre Dame, I know there's that affiliation with the ACC, but they're not in a conference. Can I give you the Notre Dame schedule?

They got a good one. It is a monster of a schedule. Now I open up the year Navy, no more Kenny Amato Lolo in Ireland, Tennessee state, NC state, central Michigan. So none of those opponents you really are that worried about if Notre Dame supposed to be as good as they are. Now let's also remind everyone, last year Notre Dame lost to Marshall with Charles Huff, our good friend. Then September 23rd, this is where the hickey Phantom for Notre Dame gets renewed. They play Ohio state.

That's a 7 30 PM Eastern kick. I believe with Ian Eagle. I mean, no Eagle on NBC. Then they play Duke Louisville.

All right, whatever. USC on October 14th. Great game. That's another NBC game. What a win for NBC. Then after that they play Pittsburgh, then Clemson on ABC.

That'll probably be the Herbie and Fowler game, right? And then you play Wake Forest, which is intriguing this year. Cause it's the, the Sam Hartman connection and then Stanford. You don't usually get one, two, three big time games on a college football regular season schedule. And they have Ohio state, Notre Dame, they have Clemson and they also have USC. So there are some expectations and some people that think in a year where there's a lot of parody in college football, Georgia looking to three Pete, Alabama, people are wondering how vulnerable they are. LSU, a lot of people like in Brian Kelly, Michigan, really complete team, Ohio state.

They'll always be in the mix. Whoever finds a way to win the PAC 12, the question just will be how many losses do they have? Is that an Oregon?

Is that a USC? Washington, Utah, who's won it the last two years. And then last year, like who would have expected TCU to get in the big 12, but it's tough to really latch on to feel that confident in too many teams to make the college football playoff for the four that get in. And the Notre Dame, I've seen people saying like, that's a team that could get in. Hickey, with this schedule, if they get the two losses, it's going to be tough to make the case for them to get in. Now we've seen a two loss team make the playoffs before, but usually got to be right in that one loss, two max. This is a really tough schedule for a team that's supposed to take a big step this year. Yeah, I would say, I mean, two loss, I think would be a win for him, honestly.

There's some really tough games. But you probably won't get the college football playoff for two losses. No, and I think nor should you, for the most part, assuming we'll see how things go. Potentially this year you could, but if you have two losses, you would assume that two of those three losses against Ohio State, Clemson and USC. Obviously we'll see how things play out. They lose to Navy and let's say Tennessee State and you beat Ohio State, unlikely it is USC and Clemson, maybe a different story.

But yes, if you are saying you go one and two against those three powers from Marcus Freeman, I would say that's a win. So real quickly, because we're going to get to a news brief coming up in just a bit. Let me get to a little 49ers action here. According to Ari Mirov on my sports update, Brock Purdy has been cleared for the start of training camp and will have no restrictions after undergoing off season elbow surgery. He won't start in the public and Ari points out Purdy beat the timeline he was given and is ready to go. When Brock Purdy suffered that injury in the NFC championship game, the immediate thought was, you know, there was a timeline that lined up where he could get back on the field early and then they had some setbacks.

You weren't expecting to get out there right away. The fact that he's here right at the start of training camp is a major win for the 49ers. And I don't know what Brock Purdy is going to be, but he impressed down the stretch.

There's no question about that. And I would assume just with the way the 49ers have talked about him, it's his job to lose. So I'm anticipating Brock Purdy starting week one, but if maybe midnight strikes for Cinderella here and I don't know if Brock Purdy is Cinderella or not, maybe it turns out to be this great success story and is Mr.

Relevant and all that. But if he's not able to replicate or improve off what he did last year, I wonder how long the leash is for Brock Purdy for a team that has Super Bowl expectations. And you also take a glance at this 49ers team. They did use a lot of draft capital, move up to go get Trey Lance.

And everywhere you turn, even though I won't buy into it, Hickster, you have people left and right trying to make the case for Sam Darnold as well. Even how well he played in, was it eight starts, seven starts? I forget the exact number. It was a very small sample size in the regular season. Yeah.

Right. And then two playoff games or three playoff games. I just don't think with how Kyle Shanahan has handled the quarterback position, you can say it's a long leash because he has not been shy to pull guys. Now, again, you can look behind him and say if Trey Lance is up and down in the preseason and Sam Darnold is the Sam Darnold we've seen for 95% of his NFL career, you can say, well, okay, you can pull Brock Purdy, but there's nowhere else to go to.

He has been someone who is committed to no one. He has been someone who's not afraid to kind of shuffle the deck a little bit. Kyle Shanahan that is.

So, I mean, I can't sit here and tell you it's Brock Purdy's job. And as long as he's healthy, he's going to start 17 games just because we've seen Kyle Shanahan have less patience than maybe any other quarterback, any other head coach in the NFL when it comes to that position. And the last two years, so in 2021, they got off to that three and five start before finding a way to go 10 and seven on that season. And then they won two more playoff games before losing to the Rams in the NFC championship game. And then in 2022, last year, they started off three and four and they didn't lose another game until the NFC title game. And I just want to say they started off slowly in 2020 as well, the year that they got to the Super Bowl. Yeah, they were, or no, it was the year after that they got to the Super Bowl because they won six and 10. So that was a bad season. So going back to 2019, let's see how they started. Oh no, that back in that 2019 season, they started off the year eight and 0.

So last two years, Hickey, they've been kind of a slow starting around 500 type of team before then really starting to take off. Their schedule, I'll give it the first eight weeks of the season. Then they have a bye week and week nine. You're at Pittsburgh. You know, Pittsburgh could always give you a tough game. You're at the Rams. You expect the Rams to stink, but that's a divisional game.

You have a short week home. You're up against the Giants. Then you're the next week on a Sunday, your home against the Cardinals are going to stink. Then you play the Cowboys.

Then you're in Cleveland. You're in Minnesota and you have the Bengals. That's a good first eight games where there's only like two teams that are potentially stinkers and both of them are in your division. That's a pretty good schedule right out of the gate where it's tough for the 49ers and we're going to do a lot of evaluation of Brock Purdy. And after that, this is not an easy schedule.

Now it's a first place schedule, clearly. Coming off the bye, you play Jacksonville. Then they play Tampa Bay. You play Seattle. Philadelphia, Seattle.

Oh, what a brutal three weeks right there. Then Arizona, Baltimore, Monday Night Football at the commanders and the Rams. Will Brock Purdy make it the entire season, Hickey? If he's healthy. Let's just say if he's healthy, which no one in the 49ers has gotten a good bill of health at the quarterback position, whether it's Jimmy G or Trey Lance. And then we got to see what happened in the NFC title game of two quarterbacks getting injured. Are you buying that Brock Purdy is going to be the guy for the entirety of the season?

I am. I know I just said Kyle Shannon does not have a lot of patience for quarterbacks and he doesn't, but I think Brock Purdy is going to play well. I think it's more the system than anything else. I think it's hard to struggle as a quarterback with how QB friendly it is. So I think he'll come in, play well, stay healthy. And as long as he doesn't get hurt, like plenty of quarterbacks have, I think we'll see in the duration of the year. Now, Jimmy Garoppolo has done a good job managing his system. Trey Lance hasn't really been given much of an opportunity, but it's pretty clear they sour with him.

Brock Purdy did a nice job. So I think half of it is being able to stay healthy, but there's going to be a big magnifying glass on this 49ers team, because this is a team that has been so close to so many years. And you just wonder like kind of how a Liget doosable when he joined us a month ago, when he was talking about the bills, you just wonder when you keep on getting that close, but you don't get the job done.

When does this start to descend? And when do you start to not just always find a way to win double digit games and start to go make a run in the postseason? And there's a lot of guys that got paid. It's, you know, I know the quarterback position, there's no more Jimmy G salary. And you have three guys that are all pretty much cheap with Brock Purdy, Trey Lance and Sam Darnold. But I just wonder when we see that first quarterback change, if we do see a quarterback change. And I liked what I saw from Brock Purdy last year, but since I haven't seen it over an entirety of a season, I can't sit here and say, yes, without a doubt, he's going to make it through the entirety of the season. I kind of feel just with how chaotic this quarterback position has been and how many times it's been spun around on the wheel for the 49ers that we will see, whether it's injuries or just poor play more than one quarterback starting not legs, it's a blowout and you put someone else in or someone has to miss one start.

But I say significant time this season, we'll see more than one quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers this year. It is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll come on back with a news brief.

You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. All right, let's start it off with John Lynch, the 49ers GM, who says that Nick Bosa won't show up to training camp until he gets a new contract. I would expect he's not here to start off. We're working, we're having really good communication with Brian Araw. He's got good competent and, you know, people we have an immense amount of respect for, working for him. And we're working diligently to try to come to an agreement. I think the challenges you talking about a real special player, talking about one of the better players in the league, you could argue that could simplify things.

But I think at times, it's just finding that sweet spot and where the right spot and we're committed to working towards that. So here's an important thing to note that we've done so before. If you are Josh Jacobs, or before today, say, Quon Barkley, and you didn't see him today, say, Quon Barkley, and you didn't sign your franchise tag, you don't have a contract currently. So therefore, if you don't show up, which Josh Jacobs isn't going to do, and say, Quon Barkley altered his deal, and now he will show up. And they gave him a few incentives, like up to $900,000 that are tied to performance and also the team making the playoffs.

You wouldn't have got fined. But then you got guys like Nick Bosa. Also, you have Zach Martin, and then Chris Jones, who are all on the final year of their contract outside of Zach. I think Chris Jones on the final year of his contract, Nick Bosa is on the final year of his contract. And then I want to say Zach Martin has another year left on that deal after this one.

But correct me if I'm wrong. So those guys, since they have contracts, Hickey, are all going to get fined $50,000 a day. And that is not refundable. Like, oh, you eventually get a deal done, then it wipes away with the way that the CBA has put out there. So I'm surprised that none of those guys are holding in showing up and saying your back hurts, your leg hurts, or your toe hurts or something like that, because you're not going to be able to regain that money. Now in Nick Bosa's case, he's 25 years old. So Nick Bosa is someone that he's going to get this ridiculous contract. Who cares if you get fined $50,000 a day. Now, Chris Jones is looking to get 30 something million dollars a year, and I get it. I don't think he's going to get that number.

But if you make $27 million a year, let's say, if you're in that ballpark for the next three years, and with what you've already made in the NFL, yeah, you'll be able to survive clearly with the $50,000 per day. You know, Zach already got his big payday looking for another big payday. But I am still surprised with the approach, Hickey, that these three players in particular are all going to hold out and get fined here.

So one thing is a little different. I was a little confused with this in the press conference, and I just was able to confirm this. With Nick Bosa only. So Nick Bosa's on the fifth year option. Because it's the fifth year option, the 49ers actually have the ability to waive and release the fines.

How about that? Because Kyle Shannon was talking about today, he goes, well, he's on the fifth year option, because they were talking about fines. Are you going to fine him? And he said, oh, he's not subject to that, he's on the fifth year option.

I don't know what that meant. I'm like, did you have to sign the fifth year option? And Joel Corey does a great job with the cap at CBS Sports, was saying, the rookie fifth year option, teams have the ability if they want.

So the 49ers don't do this, but it seems like with the way Kyle Shannon and John Lynch are talking, they are going to do it. You're still getting fined $40,000 a day. Is it 40,000, not 50? Yes, for rookies, 40,000, vets, 50,000. So Nick Bosa's still gonna get fined $40,000 a day.

So if you're on your, let me just get this right. If you're getting, if this is your first contract, it's $40,000. But if you're on a second contract, then it's 50,000. You're a veteran player, $50,000, yes. But the 49ers have the ability to wipe those fines away because it's still a rookie contract versus if you're a veteran, like for example, Chris Jones, Chris Jones gets signed for $3 billion. Does that matter, those fines that he's going to incur every day still have to be paid out?

It's crazy how much you learn with this CBA. Because I remember, I just threw it out there. I remember we talked about this like a week and a half ago with the whole Saquon thing, a week ago when there was the July 17 deadline. I said, maybe he could wait. And is there a way that he could alter his contract in any way?

And that was the thing that I was wondering if there's a way to put incentives in there. And there was where everyone last week was telling you on July 17th, you can't get any like extension done. Now I know we didn't get more years tacked on, but they just sweetened a little bit. I don't even think there's a good deal for Saquon. The one year deal that he had to sign with the franchise tag.

So there's new things that you learn about the CBA every day, but I appreciate you giving me that nugget on that one. John Lynch says Brock Purdie, we're just talking about this as a full go for training camp. Brock's cleared and ready to go. He's been cleared. He's going to be without restrictions.

Now having said that, we're sticking and we're adhering to it, a plan that's been put in place for some time. So let's get to Kyle Shanahan now, who in most of the off season, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have been talking about how this is Brock Purdie's job to lose. Now we know Kyle Shanahan in the past doesn't like to speculate. And that's why I was surprised where he said that because a few years ago, when they're asking about his quarterback, she's like, I don't know, we could all be dead tomorrow.

I'll never forget that one. Here's Kyle Shanahan. This is the headline saying the QB battle is wide open. We've got three guys who can play and there's only one spot and we have a good team.

So I see it as a cool situation. Last year, we had some unknown. We believed in Trey, but he hadn't gone out and done it yet. And he lost that opportunity, which happens in football. And we had another guy come in. Brock got that opportunity.

So now we're in this situation and it's just, I get how everyone wants something set in stone, but it's not set in stone, but I love the options. And let's hear one more for Kyle Shanahan when he was asked straight up if Brock Purdie will be quarterback one. He will when he's out there. The throwing plan is a little different. We're never going to have him go three days in a row.

So in one answer, it's an open competition. And that answer when he's being QB one, even though it's not three days in a row, it's still set up for this is Brock Purdie's job to lose Hicks. Absolutely. And maybe Trey Lantz or Sam Darnold on the every third day when they're getting the QB one reps and Purdie's ice in his arm. And if they impress again, would you be surprised if Kyle Shanahan's kind of always looking at the other quarterback, but it seems like it's Brock Purdie's job to lose.

I think they were more honest in the off season. Then when you get closer to the start of the actual season with training camp, you have to go back into coach mode and it's up. This is training camp.

Everybody's got to earn their spot. That's what I think you kind of heard a little bit there in the clip two prior with with one Kyle Shanahan. Here is Mike Brown. This was rather interesting saying the Bengals can't pay Burrow Higgins and chase. We have some good players that need to be fed. You get a bag of corn and you have 10 hogs. Well, how are you going to put that out to them? Bags going to be gone empty and some of them aren't going to get it.

Well, that's too bad. And you prioritize the ones that you think are the ones that matter most. And I guess you guys have an idea who might be the number one guy there.

All righty. That's a rather interesting analogy when you're talking about three pretty significant players and basically calling most of your players hogs there. And how much corn can all these players eat?

That was a little cringy there, Hickey, if I'm being honest with you. Yeah, maybe not the best analogy. They are human beings at the end of the day and they are trying to, you know, help you make more money there, Mike, and maybe win a Super Bowl. Now, Mike is 87, so a little bit older school, you know, kind of like the Jerry Jones analogy there. Maybe we could leave those analogies to Jerry and you just stick to, hey, we got a lot of good players. We're going to try to pay them all. We leave the we leave the H word hogs out of it.

Don't treat them like cattle. When Jerry Jones talked about getting the Dak Prescott deal done and he went on that rant about how if you cut your hand open in the forest, there's sometimes you use your bachelor degree and your master's degree to sew the thing back up. And I'm like, what the heck is this guy talking about? That was very Jerry Jones-like.

Dexter Henry, what did you think of that Mike Brown comment? I mean, it's kind of on brand for him. He's known, he's known to be cheap. So, you know, I mean, this is kind of on brand. He probably has a lot of hogs.

Probably has a lot of hogs. Yeah. So that's all I'll say. Hickey's shaking his head, but he's known to be cheap. We know this. Yep. No, you're 100% right. Now with what Justin Herbert just got, 262 and a half million over five years and in total guarantees up to $250 million, you know, Joe Burrow's getting paid and you know, Joe Burrow, bare minimum is going to want Jamar Chase being paid. And also what makes that team so attractive is having T Higgins as well.

And they've been able to put a dent into Kansas city and they've beat them three times in the last two years. You better find the way to pay all three. You better find the way to do that. It's not the time to be cheap. You know who didn't want, Bengals fans didn't want to hear that.

They didn't want to hear this at all. And they finally just did some right things with the ring of honor and you have Chad Ochocinco and Boomer Esiason going into the ring of honor, which they didn't have forever. I would rather pay the money now front loaded and then figure out what you're going to do with everybody later. Cause you have a window here of at least three years, the next three years, where if you stay healthy, the Bengals are going to be right there competing for a Superbowl. Let's hear Deandre Hopkins on what led him to make his decision this NFL off season. Derek played a big factor in me coming here. I always wanted to be part of the offense that had a great run game.

I know that helps my job and I know that's going to help his job having someone like me out there. I think I obviously played with Arian Foster. I played with some great running backs, but Derek Henry is definitely by far one of the best running backs that I would be able to have a chance to play with.

And I think that not just help us, but the team as well. So, you know, Derek Henry being here played a very big part of me coming here. So I understand that from Deandre Hopkins and let's also be real here. They offered you the most money that also helps if Derek Henry wasn't there and they offered you that deal. I still think you would be there, but Derek Henry does not hurt having him on the roster. If I'm Derek Henry though, I'm kind of surprised he's still with that organization. Don't get me wrong, that organization has been good, but they're not a team that I look at that are a Superbowl contender.

I don't even feel good about them making the playoffs this year. And I'm surprised when AJ Brown got showed the door that Derek Henry didn't request a trade as well. Here is Bill Belichick.

Can I predict this here? I've not heard this yet. He was asked on why the Patriots didn't sign Deandre Hopkins. It's 10 seconds of audio. Now it is early in training camp, so maybe Bill's a little bit more amicable than normal.

I would say there's probably like three seconds. And then Bill said something on the lines of, well, there's a lot of good players in this league and there's a lot of good teams in this league. That's what I think Bill Belichick said, but let me hear this. We have so many roster spots. Some sign here, some sign somewhere else. When there's an agreement, there's an agreement.

When there's not, there's 31 other teams. So Hickey, because I do the ION football show, I don't get to really see much of Bill Belichick's post-game press conferences anymore, but I've listened to enough of Bill Belichick throughout the years. And with the team that I root for, obviously, I'm a huge fan of Bill Belichick.

I think we should do something like every Monday where you put a Bill Belichick clip in News Brief and I try to guess what Bill Belichick is actually saying to see how close I can get. Now I hit a home run right out of the gate. We'll see if I continue to put the ball over the track or at least in play bare minimum. And if I continue to swing a miss, then you can call me Daniel Vogelbach. And you can't spell, there is a Gelbin Vogelbach.

So maybe we're related in one way or another and we're both rather large human beings. And finally, Aaron Murray says if Caleb Williams, who's already won a Heisman Trophy, wins the national title, he will be the greatest QB of the last 20 years in college. If Caleb wins the nanny this year, regardless if he wins a Heisman or not, to me, he goes to number one, if not top two in that list. Wow.

How about that? So he already has the Heisman. Now, he could win another Heisman this year. So if that's two Heisman's in a national championship or just the Heisman in a national championship, he's in the running. But you had guys in the last 20 years like Tim Tebow, what Matt Leinart was able to do, Vince Young, Trevor Lawrence.

You had some Joe Burrow. I know it was only one dominant season, but that was one of the more dominant seasons that we've ever seen from a college quarterback. Yeah, he could be in the running of that conversation. I don't know, though, if he's won, Hickey. If he wins another Heisman and a nanny, then that's a different conversation. But if it's just the Heisman and a nanny, he's in the conversation.

I don't know if he's won or two. If he doesn't win the nanny, doesn't win the Heisman, if he wins the national title this year, I think I'll catapult him to one just because I'd argue this year, USC, of any legendary quarterbacks we're talking about in the last 20 years, USC is probably the worst team of them. Clemson was loaded. USC with Matt Leinart was loaded. If you want to include Carson Palmer in there, loaded. Florida with Tim Tebow. Who won a Heisman and two championships. Joe Burrow loaded. If you carry USC to a national title this year with that putrid defense. That's not going to happen. No Jordan Addison, no maybe elite running back.

I would do it. I'll put him on number one just because he's I think doing more with less than any other quarterback that we've seen in the last 25 years. Now the one difference between Tebow and Caleb Williams, and Tebow is one of the greatest college football players of all time. No one really expected him to be a stud in the NFL. Caleb Williams already is projected to be the number one overall pick. So I wonder how that factors into the conversation just because the feeling of what Caleb Williams could do at the next level. That's true. That's fair.

Yeah. Tim Tebow's pro prospect is never exactly on the tip of the tongue when it comes to talking about him and his dominance of Florida. More so move to tight ender or something like that.

Full back. And it took him a long time to realize that. All the way coming on back with Urban Meyer. He tried to go full circle there. Yeah what a wonderful move by one Urban Meyer. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio. So with this news that Jim Harbaugh is expected to get suspended four games by the NCAA for these minor bull crap infractions, more so that he lied about them. We heard about some of these infractions, especially the conversation we've had a lot of fun with about him buying recruits hamburgers back in January. And I remember we had John U. Bacon on Hickey who's very close to Jim Harbaugh and had incredible access and I think wrote a book either about the Michigan program or Jim Harbaugh.

I remember we had him on to promote the book and then also ended up bringing him back on when this whole thing was happening last year. And he was like thinking it was up in the air if Harbaugh was going to be back at Michigan because he was kind of fed up with this investigation and there was a chance if he was offered a job in the NFL he would have bolted. Now two off seasons ago you know he wanted the Minnesota Vikings job and they didn't offer him the job. I don't think you sit in an interview room for eight to ten hours and actually go through the entirety of that interview even though you could use it as leverage and actually fully commit to a full interview if you don't want the job. But last year it was weird no one I don't think anyone interviewed him last year and no one really no one wanted him. So I wonder where we sometimes talk about right other coordinators like an Eric B enemy I know it's totally different but with Eric B enemy his name was in the cycle and he just never got a head coaching job so until he gets a head coaching job you wouldn't expect it or when someone's out of the game for a while like Harbaugh even though he's coaching it's college football I don't know Gruden was away in the broadcasting booth for 10 years all it takes is one owner but I wonder now with how long Jim Harbaugh who's definitely deserving of another head coaching job in the NFL if he wants one because he was in San Francisco for four years made it to three NFC title games and one of those years got to the Super Bowl and he hasn't been an NFL head coach since 2014 I do wonder with him being at Michigan since 2015 if there's just NFL owners that go with how it ended in San Francisco with the fighting in the front office how much of a demand to control freak and that just coaches that he is and right up until last year or two that Michigan offense not really taking off I do wonder if what happened last year is more so the NFL not wanting him and I asked the question I'll ask this question you hear about this four game suspension potentially I wonder if that's him just saying I'll go run it back this year with this Michigan squad a chance to go win a national championship if it doesn't happen I'll go to the NFL but I wonder and I don't know the answer to this because one off season you had the Vikings interested last year he was like begging and couldn't get an interview I wonder if that was the NFL saying nope that's it for Jim Harbaugh I would be shocked if he's not coaching the NFL again I truly would he is desperate to leave Michigan he has tried now the last two years after two of the best years he's ever had in college football and he's still not enough to not have him look remember he talked to the Panthers they weren't interested in like he had I don't know if it was an interview technically but I think he did talk with the Broncos as well before they got into the Sean Payton sweepstakes so he's had interest right no one's pulled the trigger and no one's even come that close to hiring him but like you said before it takes one owner it takes one owner in a desperate situation that either likes what he's seeing in Michigan either likes what he saw at the 49ers now that at this point a decade ago and says you know what screw it let's go for it and I would again I think I would be floored shocked I'll leave it that was the heck was that I was gonna say flabbergasted but my god that doesn't really go too much I would be shocked if Michigan is Jim Harbaugh's last stop and he's not in the NFL again and let me just correct myself so you are correct that he had a conversation with David Tepper just a conversation the Broncos they did have their owner Greg Penner fly to meet with Jim Harbaugh but neither of those teams really off neither of them offered him the job so I just wonder as much as I kind of want to agree with you with how the last two years played out he's clearly interested and I do think he wants to go back to the NFL if the NFL interest would be there and we know one owner where I know he said he wouldn't hire him because he doesn't want to take him away from his school but if things end up going south with Mike McDaniel which so far there's no reason to believe that's going to be the case but who knows you have one great year and then who knows what happens after that if he really wants to make a return and he's about to get offered a job somewhere else there's always that thought that Stephen Ross would swoop in and then hire him at the Dolphins if their job ever gets open again I mean look Mark Davis if things go south with Joshua Daniels can I see Mark Davis saying you know what let's just give Jim the power he's had success and give it to him I would say yeah but people thought that was going to be the case two years ago and that didn't transpire I ended up going with Josh McDaniel did and you know what maybe now all of a sudden after that failed his mind will change would the commanders do it the new owners just going to mention as well new upbringing kind of get you know competency back again this guy with the winning track record everywhere he's gone Stanford 49ers Michigan it's like if you're the commanders and they have another what we predict to be on not a playoff team go make the move and then also you have to consider Buffalo if let's say they think Sean McDermott has run its course that's a team that's looking to get someone to get them to a Super Bowl I know he hasn't won it as a head coach but three out of four years in an NFC title game and a trip to a Super Bowl where he almost came back and beat his brother I wonder how seriously the Buffalo Bills would would be interested in Jim Harbaugh and you see Michigan style play ground and pound physicality built for Buffalo built for that division and the one area the Bills have consistently lacked in the last few years oh yeah I was gonna say I'm like Buffalo's not ground and pound like Josh Allen will run through a brick wall but I don't have much of the backfield and then if things don't go out all that well with the Mr. Salah this year with the Jets add to the circus imagine Harbaugh and Rogers oh that would actually be really fun just to watch Harbaugh and Rogers with both their personalities maybe maybe Hard Knocks should have waited a year run it back I mean you forced them to do it this year force them to do it next year Jim Rogers let's go sign me up baby they're about to run it back at the Lions run it back with the Jets run it back with the Jets it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we will take a break when we come on back who made the playoffs last year that won't this upcoming season we'll give you an answer to that when we return in five minutes
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