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Dame Time To Leave Portland? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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June 19, 2023 9:14 pm

Dame Time To Leave Portland? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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June 19, 2023 9:14 pm

Onsides/Offsides l Frank Isola, SiriusXM NBA Radio l Calls on the U.S. Open

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Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
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Zach Gelb Show
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Zach Gelb Show
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Offer valid for a limited time, $10 minimum per order. Additional terms apply. Zach's taking on the most polarizing issues in sports. Which side of the line of scrimmage will he end up on? Offside, defense number 69.

It's onsides, offsides with Zach Gelb on CBS Sports Radio. All right, Hickster, what do we got? Z-Man, the Phoenix Suns have formed a super team as they have traded for Wizards star Bradley Beal over the weekend.

At least the agreement was put in place over the weekend. You consider that a super team? Yes, three stars. I don't. Does that have the same feeling of a super team? Like when the Boston Celtics had Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, or when the Heat had LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, or the Warriors with Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Steph Curry?

I don't know, it doesn't resonate to me as a super team. Because Kevin Durant, even though he's still a great player, later on in his career has dealt with some injuries. Bradley Beal the last few years has been dealt with some injuries as well. And I think Bradley Beal's a very, very, very good player.

Devin Booker is a heck of a player. But that just doesn't pop to me as a team that I look at as a super team. So continue the question, but when I hear the word super team for them, I don't know. It just wasn't about more of the concept than the actual like, yeah, are the Suns better than the Warriors? No, or the Heat? No, or even the Celtics from 15 years ago almost?

No. What I'm saying is I don't know if you have three great players on that team. Salary-wise, they absolutely do. Three max guys in Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and now Bradley Beal. They also had obviously in Don Drayton as well to form the most expensive foursome in the league. Now Vegas has taken notice they have made Phoenix fourth in terms of the best odds to win the championship next year behind the Nuggets, Celtics, and Bucks. Onsides or offsides, the Suns are your favorite to win the NBA Finals next year. I won't even look at the East. I'll just look at the West right now. Denver's still better. Nikola Jokic, you can't stop them.

You could only hope to contain them. And I haven't seen a team be able to contain them consistently yet. But Jamal Murray is now back and will only get better with more confidence. You then look at the rest of the roster with Michael Porter Jr.

If he could stay healthy. Gordon did a great job for them in the postseason, especially the NBA Finals. I just don't see how you look at the Suns. And we saw last year, right, Durant and Booker play great. But they didn't have this great rest of the roster.

Sure, you had Bradley Beal, who's a very, very, very good player. But how do you fill out the rest of the roster? And you're going to have so many salary cap constraints as there is. I don't think you have a deep enough team. You have some star power. But I don't think just because you have star power means, necessarily, that you'll definitely win a championship.

It's about a team concept. And I see a lot of guys that do the same thing on that team. And also, you have injury concerns with Durant and Bradley Beal. So, no, offside, the Suns, when you ask me, are my favorite to win the NBA Finals next year.

I will say no, offside. Offside, Draymond Green will test the free agent market this offseason after he opted out of his contract earlier today. Now, Green will reportedly still try to work at the Warriors to secure a long-term deal. But there are other teams interested, including the Lakers, Mavericks, and Suns. They are in the top five betting odds, according to DraftKings, that could land the former, or right now, at least, I guess, the current still warrior. Onsides or offsides, Draymond Green should, should return to the Warriors.

Offside. I think he should leave. I think he should go elsewhere. And I'll even double down on this and say it more importantly, I don't think the Warriors should want him back. The guy was a phenomenal player for them. The guy did things that they needed to go win championships.

And he will forever be remembered as a Golden State Warrior and an integral part of that dynasty that Golden State had. But if you want to win another championship with Steph Curry in his prime, you need a better roster. And I don't think it makes sense to give Draymond Green a long-term lucrative deal.

Because for him now, I don't think the juice is worth the squeeze anymore. I don't know if they have the heart to tell him though. You know, that's why Bob Myers probably knew that down deep, that they needed to get rid of Draymond. And maybe even Klay Thompson.

I don't think he had the guts to do so. And that's why I do believe he walked away from the organization. But if you want to win a championship again with Steph Curry, I think it's in the best interest to get the best version of Jordan Poole. And whatever money that would have been allocated to Draymond Green, you use it in other places. I don't believe at this stage of his career that you pay Draymond because of what he did for his past and all the past accolades. You pay for the future.

You pay for the future, and I really do believe that the Warriors are better off in the future without Draymond Green. Rory McIlroy came oh so close yesterday to capturing his first major victory in nine years, but did fall one shot short to Wyndham Clark at the US Open. I was shocked by this. And I know it's golf and it's nearly impossible to predict who's going to win a tournament. But after the first two rounds going into Saturday, I saw Rory was at like plus 330, plus 335, and I put a few dollars down on it. I really did think Rory McIlroy. When you looked at the leaderboard and clearly Sheffler was right there and you thought he was going to be a force, and that's what I thought was going to win this tournament going in. But when you saw guys like Wyndham Clark or I know Ricky Fowler, who was wearing normal pants, was having a really good tournament, I just thought those guys were going to fall back.

And a guy like Rory, who's been so close, but yet so far since 2014, was going to find a way. And he lost that tournament by one stroke. And you look back at it, his putting was just horrific.

But continue with the question. Putting did cost him. And now you look back, it's been a lot of missed opportunities for Rory, who does have four majors, but has not won one since 2014. The PGA Championship that has come close since then, 10 different times he has finished top five in a major since 2014. Obviously, that was not finished number one since. Onsides or offsides, Rory McIlroy will win another major in the next three years.

And we'll give you a bonus. We won't include the Open as part of the three years. So three years plus the Open Championship.

Gotcha. So pretty much starting from next year. So 13 majors in the next three years, including this one in a few weeks. Will he win one in the next three years?

I think so. I thought at first you were going to say, will he ever win a major championship again? And this would have been the easiest onsides ever. Because you look at a guy like Phil Mickelson, who we know how great Phil is, where he just won a major championship a little while back. And it was like, oh, wow, no one could have ever seen that coming. So you look at what Tiger did. And Tiger, it was a lot of different reasons why he wasn't able to contend in these majors or win another major championship. And then he won that Masters. And you look back at Phil, when Phil, his last major championship was 2013. And then he gets the PGA in 2021.

So that happens where you have a long layoff. I think we all know how great of a golfer Rory is. I really thought it would have been fitting if he would have won the US Open.

He did not. But I'm going to bet that in the next three years, when you have 12 or 13 cracks at it, that he'll find a way, even with how crazy it is that he hasn't had a major championship since 2014, that'll get the job done. And he's still looking for that Masters, because then that would get him the career grand slam, having won the PGA Championship twice in 2012 and 2014, the US Open back in 2011, and then the Open Championship back in 2014.

So I got to think, and I will bet that Rory, who I used to not like and now I like, that Rory will win another major in the next three years on sides. Damian Lillard's future is reportedly in the hands of the Portland Trail Blazers. According to Shams, if the Blazers trade the third overall pick for a player that can help the team win now, then Lillard will stay in Portland. But if the Blazers opt to draft for the future, the team could see their longtime star finally requesting a trade. On sides or off sides, the Blazers should keep the number three pick and trade Damian Lillard.

Who's the player that you think if you're Dame, who has given this organization the benefit of the doubt and has extreme loyalty to them, who is that player that is really out there that's going to make you say, okay, now I want to stay. I saw that report from Kevin O'Connor that Portland reportedly prefers Zion Williamson over Brandon Ingram. Is really Zion Williamson? Because that tells me that Dame wants Zion.

Does he really move the needle? I know Embiid missed all that time and it turned out to be a great player. The last four years, when you see Zion Williamson on the court, he's awesome. But the problem is he's never on the court. So if you're Dame and you have two to three more really great prime years left, how can you trust that Zion Williamson is not only going to be able to be on the court, but then that your team is going to be on a championship level? And I know you got some of the young pieces on that team. I'm just trying to find like if they got Bradley Beal with Damian Wood, okay.

You know, that's a nice move, but they didn't. Bradley Beal's now off to the Phoenix Suns. So I don't think there's a player out there that we keep like, you're gonna go gaga over Carl Anthony Townsend if you get him?

No. So you hear all these players that are throwing these trade-offers or that could be available, whether it's Kat or if you look at Zion Williamson, none of those guys move the needle for me if I'm Dame when the alternative is probably going to Miami. And you get to go play with Bam out of bio and then also Jimmy Butler and you've seen that group get to two championships with Jimmy Butler as the star.

And you'd be that missing piece to go get them over the hump. So you asked me the Trailblazers should keep the number three pick and trade Damian Lillard on sides. I know that you don't want to trade Dame because he's the face of your franchise and I get why there's some skepticism there, especially when he wants to stay there. But at this point, I think you need to be honest with yourself and realize even if you went out there and got a Brandon Ingram or you got Zion Williamson or you got Carl Anthony Townsend, you're not winning a championship with Dame. So get what you could get now. Don't just throw him away for nothing. Don't do what the Wizards did, but even more complicated because he's only playing the league Bradley Beal with a no trade clause. So don't trade him away for nothing. But I think it's best for both parties to find a way out of this. For both parties to finally say, all right, the end is near. We love you, Dame.

We know you love us. But for you to go have a shot to win a championship, it needs to be elsewhere. I think you get the best of both worlds there. That's what I would do. So you said to me that the Blazers should keep the number three pick and trade Damian Lillard.

Yeah, I would keep the number three pick and then trade Dame and you try to build a new young core and hope that you get them to stay in Portland. So on sides. And finally, Packers Pro Bowl corner Jair Alexander had some high praise for his new starting quarterback in Jordan Love. Take a listen and a recent media scrum. QB one man. Come on, man. Best QB in the league right here. What's up, John Money?

Now tell him stop trying, you know. Appreciate that, John. Best QB in the league. That's nice.

High praise for a guy who's made one start so far over his first two years. Hey, Hickey, by the way, you're the best producer here at CBS Sports Radio. The best. Clipping that for later. Thank you. The best.

No one I would rather want to have here at CBS. Take that to management. You hear that? That deserves a pay raise, I think.

Thank you very much. We'll see how far that goes. But high praise so far for a guy who will now make his right over his first first start. Now go back to when Aaron Rodgers made his first or was the first season as a full time starter back in 2008. Aaron Rodgers went six and ten on the season through 28 touchdowns, to 13 interceptions. That was a whole different era of football. That was.

That was. A lot less throwing. But six and ten, 28 touchdowns, 13 picks. Aaron Rodgers first full year as a starter back in 08.

Onsides or offsides? Jordan Love replicating those stats should be considered a success in 2023. You know, I'm curious. You said that was 2008, Rodgers? 2008. First year as a full time starter. Now Brady the year prior threw for 50 touchdowns. But I wonder, Aaron Rodgers throwing 28 touchdowns in 2008.

Where do you think he was most passing touchdowns in the league? If you had to take a guess. I would say fourth.

Did you know that? No, total guess. Yeah, it was fourth.

Wow, let's go. Your guy, Hayden Manning, only had 27 that year. 08.

I can't give you much about 08, but okay. Probably why. No, Brady was in the league. Well, he was in the league, but he got hurt. Game one, 20 ACL. Yeah, Bernard Pollard. Can you, can you, who do you think was the three people in front of Rodgers? Oh, this is a, this is, um... I'll give you a hint.

His son is joining us tomorrow. That's one of them. Kurt Warner. Oh, that was when the Cardinals went to the Super Bowl.

He had 30. Big Ben? He was third.

Nope. All right, so Kurt Warner was third. One of those guys you can't stand. He scared you a lot. And the other... Phil Brevers. Yes, he was tied for the, for the lead league with this other guy that we had. Not a dust up with him at the Super Bowl, but with his PR people because they weren't nice to us.

And they only gave us two minutes of this guy's time when they said they were going to give us a 10 minute interview. Drew Brees. What was the number? 34 for both of them. That's right.

Yeah. Now I'm just wondering, last year... Good times. Where does 28 touchdown passes put you?

From last year in the NFL. Real quickly. I would guess 14. Wow.

It would put you... There were six people in front. Mahomes, 41. Allen, 35.

Burrow, 35. Geno Smith, 30. Kurt Cousins, 29. Jared Goff, 29. Rogers actually only had 26 touchdowns last year. Aaron Rogers declining 8-5, 5-2-1-2-4 CBS.

Jetson's in trouble. Jordan Love replicating these stats should be considered a success. I'm going to say offside because the stats are irrelevant to me. As Belichick would say, stats are for losers. I just want to have the feeling that he could be the franchise guy. 28 touchdowns, 13 interceptions may do that for you, but I don't want to limit it to just impinging on myself just the stats and wins and losses. It's just a feeling, and I don't know how you put a statistic on those feelings. If you tell me 45 touchdowns and 6 interceptions, you're on sides. But I don't know if 28-13 really elicits that response. I don't think it's bad, but I just got to see the way that you feel about 28 touchdowns and 13 interceptions compared to it just being a stat thrown out there. You really got to watch the game.

This is what I'm going at. And that's what we do here on CBS Sports Radio Hickey. We watch the games. Not box score readers here, that's for sure. We have our eyeballs on the game. You wanted me to read box scores right there.

Shame on you. Even though I just said you were the best producer here at CBS Sports Radio. Best in the league. Best in the league. Hickey will clip that.

I'm sure he'll play it on his overnight show coming up this week. Right? I'm trying to think who said... I think someone else said like... About you? No, no, no. In general, like best... Oh, maybe it's just Tyreek Hill.

Okay, I was going to say, someone was very demonstrative recently. Patrick Mahomes, who? Tua Tunga Vailoa! The greatest quarterback ever! Frank Isolla joins us next. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio.

Let's head out to the guest line right now. Welcome in Frank Isolla. There's a great job. Sirius XM MBA Radio. You see him all the time around the horn and ESPN as well. Frank, how you been? Jack, what's going on?

I'm doing fantastic. So you've obviously been around the block for a long time. I'll just ask you, since 2000, we know the two most hyped prospects getting ready for the draft were LeBron James and Zion Williamson. The Victor Mbunyama hype is at like a different level. But does it exceed where the hype was for LeBron and Zion in your opinion?

No, I don't think so. You know, LeBron, even though he didn't play college basketball, everyone knew about LeBron. The idea was that he was going to be a transformative player. And then Zion, you know, really the freshman year that Zion had at Duke, even though they didn't win the national championship, didn't even go to the final four, all their games were on TV. And that like three or four month period there, Zion was as big as any athlete in the country.

It didn't matter if they were in the NHL or the NBA, I'm sorry, the NFL or the NBA. He was, you know, I mean, he had Barack Obama was showing at Cameron. He was like, I felt like that was something from like years earlier when it was Patrick Ewing coming out of the draft for Shaquille O'Neal and everyone knew they would be the number one pick and they were going to be a big deal. So I don't think Victor Mbunyama, I still think with international players, I still don't think it resonates as much, but he's accomplished a lot. I mean, he's already played professional basketball and he's going to be the number one pick on Thursday.

Well, that's what I was just going to say. Like this time of the year, everyone pretends to be an expert. We've seen most of us sign Williamson play. LeBron James, he was on a ton of TVs even when he was in high school and we know where the hype was for that. Everyone knew he was going to be the next great thing. For Mbunyama, everyone tells you he's going to be great. I think you watch YouTube pilots and things like that, but most of us haven't seen him play. Yeah, but he also is a guy from everything that you hear, very much committed to being a great player.

Like this is something that he really wants. And you know, the one thing about, if you look at basketball in France, they have had a lot of success. You know, obviously Tony Parker being a big name and Boris Di, you know, their national team is very good.

Rico Bear obviously as well, Evan 28. So he's got, you know, he is around, he understands the NBA culture and the environment. I think when you look at him, clearly the issue is going to be, he's never going to put on a ton of weight, but he's going to have to get strong. I saw one of the last games he played against Monaco and he's not afraid of contact by any stretch of the imagination. You just wonder if guys like that could stay durable. But I'll say this, you know, when Pau Gasol first came into league, now Pau Gasol isn't as big or I should say that as tall as Mbunyama, but he was awfully thin as well. And, you know, you know, after, you know, it took him some time, but he bulked up a lot and, you know, Pau Gasol, obviously he's going to go down as one of the better big men over the last 50 years in the league. So I think Mbunyama has a chance to be obviously a superstar.

But again, to me, the big question is going to be health because guys that size, we've seen it too many times, where they seem to be somewhat injury prone. And we've seen the comments from Steph Lebron and Giannis about Victor Mbunyama that even puts more hype onto the situation. Year one with San Antonio, what can you kind of expect out of him in the league? Well, you know, he is going to a perfect team because, A, they've gone through it before with guys like David Robinson and Tim Duncan. In the case of Tim Duncan, you know, from the U.S. Virgin Islands, who are getting a foreign-born player, even though he did play American-caused basketball at Wake Forest. So I think he's going to the right place, plus Tony Parker having had success there.

So Mbunyama is very familiar with San Antonio and Greg Popovich. And you know, the one thing about the Spurs, they're actually, they have so much cap space. And the word, the early word is that they're not looking to be in the lottery next season. They're looking to really make some moves. I think for them, a successful year would be at the very least getting into the play-in tournament.

So I think they're going to add some veteran players and try to be a team that could potentially be a playoff team in year one with Victor Mbunyama. But I would think if he plays 60 games, because now, I mean, we set the bar so low for some of the players now, I think 60 games would be successful. How much longer do you think Greg Popovich will end up coaching for, Frank Isola? Yeah, well, remember, Zach, when, you know, for the longest time ever, he said, oh, he'll probably retire when Tim Duncan plays his following game. Well, it's been a while since Tim Duncan has played his following game and Greg Popovich is, you know, he enjoys it. So the one thing about Greg Popovich, unlike most of the coaches in the NBA, for example, now, maybe it'll change this year, but I know like with the Vegas Summer League, Greg Popovich is never there.

He's at his, I think he has a summer home in Maine or something like that. So I think if he has the job down to a science, he knows all the restaurants on the road where they serve the best wine, and I think he still loves the teaching aspect of it. And I would think a guy like Mbunyama, he's going to make them feel young again.

I think for a lot of these guys, you know, you get to a certain age, you don't want to, if you, I think some of them feel like, well, if I walk away, what am I going to do next? And I think that that probably has something to do with it as well. Frank Isola here with us. What did you make of the Bradley Beal deal that's going to go down with him going to Phoenix? Yeah, I mean, the Phoenix Suns, you know, they already had Kevin Durant and Devin Booker clearly here going for it.

I thought it was very interesting. There were comments made by Chris Paul in the New York Times where he said, you know, he was surprised by the trade because he didn't really get a big time heads up on it. And he said, I guess Matt Ishpia and Isaiah Thomas, our old friend from the New York Knicks, he said, I guess Isaiah Thomas just wanted to go in a different direction.

So there's Chris Paul basically telling you that Isaiah Thomas has got something to do with the Phoenix Suns. For Bradley Beal, he fits in perfectly there as the third guy. He's not a number one guy.

I don't even think he's number two guy. Look at the Wizards record over the last, you know, five, six years. And he's only played 100 and I believe it's 150 games the last three years.

And he's only played an 11 playoff game since 2017. But I think for Bradley Beal, it's a great way for him to rejuvenate his career. His contract is terrible. His agent did a good job and he's got a great contract. But in terms of the team contract, it's not good. I think he's one of the top 10 highest paid athletes in the world. And that includes, you know, the NFL and Formula One racing golfers and, you know, the top soccer players like Lionel Messi and Ronaldo.

So he makes crazy money for a guy that really hasn't been in a lot of games in the last six years. Yeah, earlier I was saying I don't love it, but I don't hate it. I just don't view them as a super team. But I see a lot of people now saying, OK, this is the super team in the NBA. Do you think they're a super team right now?

Nah, I'm not buying that. I mean, first of all, Kevin Durant, anything that has him, the expectations are going to be championship or bust. And when Kevin Durant joined Phoenix last year, I think it was the eight or nine regular season games that he played and they didn't lose.

And then, you know, then they got to the plus, got knocked out in the second round. And the biggest issue with Kevin Durant is he has a hard time staying healthy. And he's had a lot of leg injuries the last four or five years, really going back to the Achilles injury that he suffered in the NBA finals in 2019. I don't necessarily think it's a super team, but they're going to be formidable.

There's no question about it. You know, Devin Booker is yet to win a championship. You know, Bradley Beal has never been to a conference finals.

Obviously, Kevin Durant is the one with the playoff resume. They're going to be tough. You know, they'll go in along with Denver as of right now before we know whatever else is going to happen in the Western Conference.

They'll go in as one of the favorites, but that doesn't guarantee anything. I just wonder how they're going to fill out the rest of that roster, because it seems like DeAndre Aiden is going to be on his way out. And we know last year, right, KD and Booker showed up in most of those postseason games and they didn't really have much else around them.

No, I think that's fair. But now they're going to have Bradley Beal. And there's a lot of teams that have a lot of OK players on their team that don't have stars. So, you know, Frank Vogel and the front office here in Phoenix and the owner, Matt Ishpia, they're in a good position where they have three stars and now they're just trying to fill out the rest of the roster. It's much easier to do it that way than to just have a team that doesn't have stars and try to find them, because that's what the NBA is all about. At least having one star, which is why what Jokic did was so impressive, because even though Jamal Murray is a terrific player, Jamal Murray has never been an All-Star. But Nicole Jokic won a championship without a teammate who had been an All-Star before. Frank Isola here with us.

Great job, Sirius XM. NBA writer. You, of course, see him all the time as well on PTIM with ESPN. By the end of the week, will Zion Williamson still be a member of the New Orleans Pelicans?

I think that's the $64,000 question. I know the story from Bill Simmons where he says he's got a good authority that he's going to be traded. I would think if the Pelicans are ready to move on from Zion Williamson, it must be because they don't feel like he puts in enough work to keep himself in shape. Because we all know that he's injury-prone, but maybe they look at it as he's not doing enough to work on his body and to be in a position where he's fit, he's ready to play. They did get rid of Teresa Weatherspoon, who was kind of his workout coach with the team.

So maybe that's somewhat telling as well. I would think for them, let's say, for example, they trade him to the Charlotte Hornets who have the number two pick and you can get another player. Maybe that's something that'll be a positive for the Hornets.

Because the guy's great. I mean, when he played, the last time he played, was it 29 points? He was averaging, he shoots 60% from the field. But he's played 29 games the last two years. He's played 114 games his four years in the NBA. He just doesn't play enough. Frank Isolla, I used to always admire the loyalty that Damian Lillard's had for Portland.

Now I just think it's insanity. You got a few prime years left. I would try to force my way to Miami. When it's all said and done and the season rolls around, do you think Dame will still be in Portland or will he be elsewhere? I think he'll be on the move. I think there's a chance he'll be in Miami, maybe Brooklyn, or maybe there's another team out there that will try to get him. The one thing with Damian Lillard, he doesn't have a no trade clause, but he has such a good relationship, not only with the organization, the city of Portland, I think they would try to do right by him to a certain degree. They're not just going to give him away to a team that he wants to go to.

They're going to want to get back something of value. And I think you're right about the loyalty. It does say a lot about Damian Lillard, but I always say Kevin Garnett was in a similar situation. He's incredibly loyal to the Minnesota Timberwolves, gave everything that he had even when they weren't putting a good team around him. He needed to be convinced that going to Boston was the best thing for him. He kind of went kicking and screaming, but he absolutely loved his time in Boston. The fans there, they still revere Kevin Garnett, who ended up going to Boston and really changed his career.

He had been an MVP before and was obviously recognized as a great player, but he won a championship in Boston and that was viewed a lot differently. If you were running Golden State, I know Draymond Wright has opted out of the contract, the $27.5 million player option. Would you give him a contract extension if you were running the Warriors? You know, I think when you get to these situations, business is still part of it, but maybe they feel an obligation with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson on the team to try to run it back. Draymond Green fits in perfectly with that team.

And even though Klay Thompson seemed to slow down a little bit and Draymond Green, I didn't think was great in the playoffs. Really what's hurt the Warriors is when they had a couple of those lean years and they got the number two overall pick on the draft and they got James Wiseman and it didn't work out. It's very similar to when Detroit many years ago had the number two pick on the draft and they could have drafted Dwyane Wade, they could have drafted Carmelo Anthony, they drafted Darko.

They won the championship that year. Darko didn't contribute, but that thing could have extended a lot longer if they had drafted Dwyane Wade or Carmelo Anthony. When you're drafting high and you miss, it is a major, major setback for you. And I think that's a major setback to the Golden State Warriors. But by the way, before we let you run, we know that you cover the Knicks for a long time. When you saw Carmelo Anthony be referred to as an all time great Nick and that elicited a lot of response from the Nick fan. I personally like Carmelo Anthony a lot. I think he'll get his number retired.

I don't have a big problem with that. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, You know, he's a sweet guy. He's a nice guy. He's also really cool the way that he carried himself, but come on now I mean he won one playoff space with the next I mean We're lowering the bar a little bit here, you know, Charles Oakley went to a finals John Starks went to a finals I would think if if Carmelo got in I think you're talking Starks Oakley and probably you might I mean Bernard King Would be a definite and then you might you know, Alan Houston might be up for debate as well I'm not I'm just not big on because I hate these kind of discussions because I'm not trying to say the guy wasn't a great great player But I think a I think it's a silly tradition and I just don't think he did enough in terms of team success To justify something like that Well, you know it and I know it my friend Charles Oakley could go find a cure for cancer The Knicks will never honor him again as long as that's fine. The real Nick fans know what Charles I meant to the organization. Yeah, the guy that gave go ask his teammates.

That's what he meant. I think ultimately that's all he cares Percent series XMBA radio's very own Frank. I solo Frank always appreciate the time. All right, Jack. Take care You're listening to the Zach Gelb show You can think of the auto parts where your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly auto parts eight five five two one two four CBS eight five two one two forty two twenty seven Let's go to David in Buffalo next up on CBS Sports Radio David with shaken Hey, Zach, how you doing tonight, man? Thanks for making my call. Yeah. Thanks for making it David.

What do you got? Yeah, why jumping and talk about the US Open? Unboiled win for Wyndham Clark a guy that you know for a lot of years has been Super underrated in the world of golf people thought you know, he had one of the best swings on tour It's great to see him break through, you know a couple times this year But I think the big storyline to me is the two guys who didn't win it off Shepler for sure the way he's hit the ball this year. He's got a historic season striking the ball He can't part at all. But how about Rory man? I mean Rory's been the face of the tour through this whole live thing this guy inside of a hundred yards at that level He stinks. I mean, let's be honest man I mean his wedge play for a PJ tour player of his caliber how long he drives it off the tee. It's terrible, man I mean Rory hasn't won a major almost a decade I mean, it's hard to believe and I just don't see him getting you know A major anytime soon until he gets better with the wedges and the putter and you look back at the other day and thanks To the phone call David. I know he had a few bogeys in the second and third round But you go to the last round if he just had one birdie on the back nine Hickey one birdie on the back nine We get a playoff between Winsome Clark and Roy McElroy. I know that it's tough to look back at it that way But all I'm at I'm not getting greedy there and I know as things that progress with the tournament Right, the scores stop being for the most part 62s and 63s I know you had one ridiculous score yesterday by Tommy Fleetwood at 63 But it wasn't like the first day of the tournament where you had Zander Shafley and then also Ricky Fowler shooting a 62 And and all the history there, but you look at Wyndham Clark He shot a 70 Roy McElroy shot a 70 Scotty Scheffler shot a 70 Rory for me is the most disappointing Because I really did think that if it wasn't gonna be Scotty After the first two rounds of the tournament that it would have been Roy McElroy And this is not to be disrespectful to Wyndham Clark or Ricky Fowler But when you saw what the leaderboard was and I think it happened in golf. I Really did think Roy McElroy is gonna be fine to find the way and why this one's so disappointing is once again Hickey You know, he opens things up with day, you know for the final day of the tournament with the birdie Then played par the rest of the day outside of hole 14 where he had a bogey if he just gets one birdie one He gets a ten under and and we're probably going to a playoff because that's what Wyndham Clark ended up doing I know it may change the strategy there for Wyndham Clark towards the end.

He had a great punt on On 18 to make sure that you were lining up for that par putt, which is an easy easy tap-in But yeah, there's no doubt about it. I was I was most disappointed in Roy, but that's the thing with Rory It's like, you know We're talking about it's like he's not come close in this nine year gap or this nine year drought that he's had with a major Directory. Yeah, he's got some ups and downs top five finishes.

Mm-hmm So he's knocking on the door almost as many times as he's not and it's just always something one thing or another He can't you know ever overcome and get over the hump. It's been for someone who's climbed the mountain now four times it is Confounding in a way that he's been able to do it so early on and now just can't get even one break with all these Chances he's had and we've seen that before in golf You look at a guy like Brooks Koepka that won a bunch and then injuries and right there Mentally as well if you go back and you watch a full swing Jordan Spieth as well, but for a guy like Rory where you know how great he is to not have a major since 2014 It's almost surreal. I was disappointed with Scheffler It's tough to rip Scheffler because he already won a major championship this year But you go back and and you look at Scottie Scheffler Hey, it's just it's almost stunning and you asked me this question the other day is Brooks Koepka the most feared player on tour Scottie Scheffler as great as he is. He's just not polarizing like Brooks could be polarizing. So I associate that with fear But he is the most consistent player on the tour And you look back at a guy like at Scottie Scheffler It's it's almost shocking When he doesn't win and you look at the other day To see him go out there and shoot par in the final day It was like huh, you would have thought that he would have done a whole lot better than that I'll tell you too, you know also I was surprised about Not that he didn't win because they didn't expect him to win But when you get the first two days of Rickie Fowler 62 and a 68 and then day three or or round three you get to a 70 which was par For Rickie to be five over on the final day It's weird because no one would have ever predicted Rickie Fowler would have won this tournament and there's been so many ups and downs Rickie Fowler hickey, but to see him just blow up on that final day and Go five over In a way he was so impressive early where it's like it's tough to say you were disappointed in him because no one thought he would be there but there was disappointment when you're looking for your first major and Everyone's kind of forgotten about you Or you've been known as guy right that used to be the guy that you thought was gonna get there And then the last years to be like I just look at his pants pretty much when he plays but when you right there for the taking and And this was right in front of you to shoot five over on the final day of the tournament That was tough to swallow and tough to watch It was frustrating and it kind of took the wind out of the sails early on where it felt like just Wyndham Clark and everyone Else like it was really Wyndham versus Rory, but you've was really hoping to see kind of Rickie pull it out I think a lot of people were rooting for Rickie yesterday, too With how many times he come close and he's falling off and now he's coming back It's it is frustrating and also unfortunate shows you how truly hard golf is and how quickly can humble you even you go from a course record in the US Open record on Thursday and then you have that final round as you did and the other thing too when you look back at this tournament and Then you get to to Wyndham Clark with with what happened on 15 and 16, I Thought we were starting to see him unfold and the moment get too big for him now, he knew what was in front of him and He knew what the task was at hand, but hickey when you were watching that unfold Yesterday and you see him go back to back bogey bogey on 15 16.

I Was convinced bare minimum. We were getting a playoff with Wyndham Clark and Rory McIlroy I thought for sure and I loved the the West Coast golfer at the LA Country Club Even though there was no energy in that place and the crowd was terrible until the end where everyone starts like running And that was the first time we really saw some life in the in the crowd But you go back and you look at the way that he was able to bounce back and just par par 1718 that was really impressive because I thought he was on the verge of crumbling big time stones big time stones to look down with all the pressure on you and again with Rory chasing you big names on the Leaderboard to hold that for your first major is very impressive. Let's go to Peter in Washington He wants to chime in on Maggie and Perloff destroying this Carson Wentz poster that I wasn't a big fan of Peter.

What's happening? Yeah, I missed hearing what you did with your little corner piece They say for you and I do also wish Rory handled 14 better of like come on guy Wait, what do you mean? They saved a piece of the Wentz poster for me? They they said that they saved you guys You and Hickey like a little corner that you got to destroy that didn't happen Oh Hickey's ha ha ha Thank you so much Peter. There is actually a piece of the Carson Wentz poster still around so I did not know. Oh Yeah, I thought that I actually thought I missed hearing how you got to destroy your portion of it and I was like man I better just call in and find out I probably missed it and maybe he'll tell a good tale Oh Peter stay tuned Stay tuned No, I did not get to do yet because I didn't even know they saved me a piece of the poster Did you know that Hickey?

Yes, and no they Maggie said it in passing. I guess it had to be Thursday. Yeah Thursday cuz I do the Bob's They're originally going to have me help destruct the poster on Friday.

I told them I wasn't gonna be here I didn't tell them I was gonna be on Thursday anything They were gonna move it for me and the next thing, you know, they accommodated me and moved it to Thursday But I wasn't here anyway, cuz I had to get up at like 4 30 in the morning on Friday So Maggie did say in passing it left a little piece now. It's like hiding in the corner of the studio It is I mean probably about one foot by three foot you get the left arm of Carson Wentz here It's still standing as his body's looking a while. That's true. And there you go. You can do with it what you will gotcha I will also say this not that I'm mr. Macho man But I think they could have used the muscle on Thursday because I did see a little video they put out It looked like they were struggling ripping up that once poster, but eventually they got the job done Hickey Teflon Carson tougher in the post and is in real life Zach Yelp shows CBS Sports Radio. Take a break. Come on back. John Fanta the legendary John Fanta next
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