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Impressed With Heat or Disappointed With Celtics? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 30, 2023 8:24 pm

Impressed With Heat or Disappointed With Celtics? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 30, 2023 8:24 pm

When is it okay to discuss TV show finales? l Did the Heat impress or the Celtics disappoint in Game 7? l Bob Myers resigns as GM of the Warriors


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$10 minimum per order. Additional terms apply. Everyone talking about this show Succession, which people are calling one of the great TV shows of all time. I don't know how much in the moment that is, because whenever we're in the moment of things, right now we go, oh, is this the greatest of all time?

Is this person the best? And it goes on and on and on and on. Like, just look at the NBA the last four or five years.

Whoever wins a championship, we go, oh, that player's the best player in the sport right now. Hickey, you watch Succession, right? And last night was the finale, correct Amundo?

Two nights ago. I've not seen it, so please don't spoil it. I'm watching it tonight. Don't worry. I just said there was no spoilers.

I'm just making sure. And not only that, I've never seen the show. Do you consider this show, which, what, it's four or five seasons old? Four seasons.

Four seasons. Do you consider this one of the greatest TV shows you've ever watched? Which, I guess if you say yes, I have to take it with a grain of salt, because you are one of those guys that get caught up in the moment that this is the greatest thing as it was happening. I would say yes, but the caveat is I don't watch a lot of TV. So it's not like I can rip off 40 different TV shows I've seen throughout my entire life and put Succession in the top three or five. From what I have seen, which is little, I would say this is one of the best shows I've ever seen.

I love it. Now let me just ask you this, because the greatest show I've ever seen has been Sopranos. Does this top Sopranos, right? You've seen Sopranos, correct Amundo?

I have, yes. The fact that you even have to pause it, think about this. I like Sopranos. I thought it was a really good show. You didn't love it?

No, I thought it was pretty good. For me, I would probably put The Office as number one. That's my favorite show of all time.

Okay, but still a show that everybody knows. But no, Sopranos is really, I would probably say Sopranos is better than Succession, but I think it's close. So do you put The Office in front of Succession?

Yes, I think for me The Office is number one, by far. Now, without ruining anything, just give me the general premise of Succession, because I guess everyone's talking about this, where I kind of feel left out of the party. And all my friends, every Tuesday, Wednesday, whenever this thing comes out, we always get a text in our group and they go, did everyone see Succession? Can we talk about it now? I just feel so left out of the party.

It's been that way for the last few years. So sell me right now, other than the shows that you just compared it to on Succession, like give me like the elevator pitch, if we were riding an elevator together. It is about the owner of a massive media conglomerate, Logan Roy, and basically now he has three children and it's a fight to see who can take over when he does pass away. Who can own the company. So a lot of backstabbing.

And a lot of backstabbing. He is not someone that is going to give, no, going to give the company away to his kids, who doesn't even like his kids. So there's not only infighting of which sibling will get it, it's, well, actually, will dad give away the company? And will none of us get him?

Will we be kind of almost kicked out of the will and kicked out of any riches he would get? And how many episodes per season? In the four seasons around? I think it's ten. So ten episodes a season.

So I've got to watch forty episodes. And how long is an episode? About an hour. I think the finale is an hour and a half. I believe it's mostly an hour.

Which is normal, what you make towards the end. You have a few episodes. Well, it's like fifty-three minutes, you know, if you cut out some of the previews that they do and some of the end stuff. So let's say fifty minutes an episode, right?

Gotcha. Well, I do have a little bit of a layoff here, because Game 1 of the NBA Finals does not start until Thursday. We have Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final out until Saturday.

And once that happens, outside of baseball, you kind of really don't have much going on in the sports world. Here's what I would say is the greatest. I love their theme song.

The intro to the show, for me, greatest intro. Better than Sopranos? Yes.

Woke up this morning, got yourself a gun. Yes, the piano solo is outstanding. Okay.

Well, it's important, because I think Ted Lasso, are you a Ted Lasso fan? I've seen a few episodes. That comes to an end tonight, which I thought the first two seasons were really good. I was a really big fan to the start of Season 3, then they kind of lost me. Middle way of Season 3, I watched the entire thing.

I thought the second to last episode was the best episode of Season 3. And now that finale airs tonight or gets released tonight. But they extended, I don't know if they needed this, like I don't know what the heck was going on. But they extended the release time, they pushed it back, where usually I get home on Tuesday night, and I have a routine. I'll sit down, I'll watch Real Housewives of New Jersey, and then you have Ted Lasso release.

I think I'm right here, that they're pushing back the release time by three hours, so you will not get the finale of Ted Lasso tonight until on the East Coast, midnight on the East Coast. And they've been promoting it as 9 p.m. Pacific, to try to get you to not, if you're on the East Coast, to not pay attention that, oh, it's coming out at midnight. Which is obnoxious, because that's Apple TV. I'm just going to say this right off the top of the head, that's got to be the most popular Apple TV show.

Not that it's been around for that long ever, or one of the more popular ones. And to release that at midnight Eastern hickey, that just doesn't make any sense to me. What are they going for? What's the point of that? Stupid.

Yeah, I don't really get that. I don't know a lot of people on the East Coast on a work night that will stay up until midnight to see the release. Especially if the season's not been very good. You're not giving people an incentive to stay up late to watch it for whatever reason. And I'm up late, just through the nature of this job. I'll have my coffee later in the day.

I have my coffee today at 3.30 around-ish p.m. Eastern. And I'll be up probably, I was planning to go to bed by 1 a.m. tonight. But if I have to watch the first, I think there's two reunions, two episodes of the reunion from Rear Housewives of New Jersey, and supposedly that stuff just hit the fan. So I have to watch that tonight, and then I wonder once that's over with, because let's assume I'll walk home tonight, I'll get home at 10.30, nothing really on in the sports world tonight. So let's say by 11 I start Real Housewives of New Jersey, and that's about an hour reunion.

Then at 12, when it hits midnight, am I really going to be able to push off Ted Lasso until tomorrow? That's the big question. And I would imagine just knowing the way that I am with how I love to just quickly consume the content, I would think that I'm going to be watching both Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight and then also the Ted Lasso finale. What are you expecting the finale? Is it the championship game? Is it his future? Well, I'm not going to spoil it for people that are up to date.

Is there something to look forward to? Or is it just kind of like the last episode and that's really it? Yes, there is some speculation that maybe they're going to continue the show without Ted Lasso. Interesting. There is some speculation. I think this is it tonight. I really do.

But I've seen the last 24, 48 hours, some people are speculating, maybe since how they've highlighted so many other people other than Ted Lasso, that they're going to continue the show next year. And well, put it this way. I'll give you five seconds, everybody.

If you haven't watched Ted Lasso yet this season, if you're an episode or two behind, to turn off your radio and then join us back in like five minutes from now. Okay. Just so I can answer Hickey's question.

One, two, three, four, five. He's leaving the club. That's what's happening. He is leaving the club.

That is the way that they kind of left you on a cliffhanger at the end of last episode. So to answer your question, where he's going back to America. Now, what's going to happen after that?

Who knows? You get Nate back into the fold, yada, yada, yada. But if you're listening on the podcast or if you were just listening to us on the radio, hopefully we didn't spoil anything, but we gave you enough warning.

That's also the weird part. I had a talk show host ask this question the other day. How do you talk about shows in the moment as they're happening? Because you don't want to alienate anybody in your listening audience. I think you always just have to give a disclaimer. And then if the person keeps on listening, that's on them.

And I don't really feel any guilt about that, Hickey. But I'll tell you, there was another national radio host that got very mad at me last year when I was tweeting about Ted Lasso. Very mad at me. Where he threatened that he was going to mute me on Twitter, actually.

Upset about what? Well, last year, I think it was in the second. Yeah, it was in the second season, Samter and I weeks before we both predicted when talking in the newsroom what was going to happen. And we ended up being right. So when that happened, the next day, I saw a lot of conversation on Twitter about it because it was pretty big in the show that I tweeted Samter. See, we were right.

And I posted the text. And then Chris Carlin from ESPN Radio, who we know very well. We saw him at the at the draft. We had we were walking back with Chris Carlin and Canty, Chris Canty as well.

And Chris was, I guess, was not caught up in Ted Lasso. And he and he was not happy with me that I was posting that on Twitter. He told me he was going to mute me.

And I think he's unmuted me since because he has responded to me on Twitter before or has tweeted to me before. That is the one thing I'll say about binge watching and these all streaming services. I do miss the days where everyone was watching the same show at the same time. Now it's almost like you can't really talk about the show because can I tweet about succession as it's going on on Sunday night?

Maybe, but no, because people are not. Well, we tweet about it tonight. So if you haven't seen by this point, that's on you.

I have done a good job of avoiding spoilers. It's one of those things where it's frustrating. I want to talk about the show.

People are at all different spots. You get on late. You miss the episode that week. It's very frustrating that back in the day, there was no option. There's no DVR. There was no like, oh, I'll just watch it.

And on my app, it's the show's airing this at the time. Be there or be square. Let me ask you this. You said succession comes out each and every Sunday?

Yes. Sunday around what time? Sunday at 9 p.m. Sunday at 9 p.m. So you're telling me Monday, Tuesday, holiday weekend. I would think by tomorrow morning, you're in the clear where if you're that big of a fan of the show.

You'd already be caught up to date, but then you run the risk of of maybe like people like me that got a little bit of a late start. Blah, blah, blah. I think by tomorrow, you know what you should do?

I can't believe I'm going to advocate for this. Maybe you do a shower. No cap tomorrow morning on succession. That's the first way you publicly give your views on the ending because shower. No cap could use a little bit extra energy. We don't need another generic sports take. I think if you if you do a little take on succession and the ending and you give a quick take of this new segment that Hickey has created that he does on his own shower.

No cap. I think you keep people on your toes where they realize, oh, this is not just any other sports segment. You could get a bunch of other things. That would be my advice to you. Take it or leave it, though. I'm definitely on Twitter tonight. I don't know if I'm going to wait till tomorrow morning at this point. I'll see. We'll see what happens. See how dramatic if there is a dramatic ending or not, if it's kind of a OK ending. Not many finales are very good anyway. So we'll see. We'll see what the vibe is like. There's a passion out there for it.

I think I'll try to corner it. I will never forget, though, because I didn't watch all the Sopranos clearly when it was happening. I was too young. But I remember that last season I was older. I was starting to watch it with my parents and all that. And I'll never forget all of us.

It was me, my sister, my mom and my dad. We were all watching the last episode of Sopranos. And when it just fades to black and when they're in the diner and you don't stop believing, playing, we all thought that the cable went out. Like I thought the cable went out.

And a lot of people share that sentiment. Joe Ganascoli, who I've talked to a few times throughout the years, who plays Vito in the show, when he first saw it, he thought the same thing as well. And all of his buddies thought the same thing as well. But I'll never forget that where we were sitting in the house and we thought the cable just rebooted. And we missed what was going to be the ending to Sopranos.

And then the credits started to roll up. A buddy of mine actually was traveling with his girlfriend. They were moving a few things. They now live in Long Island, but they were going back to her place in New Jersey. They stopped off at that diner where they shot the the ending of Sopranos. And he was sending me that this weekend because he knows that I'm a big Sopranos fan.

So there's the history stuff. But I would expect to shower no cap coming up tomorrow on on Succession. But I'll give that a try because everyone I feel so left out of the party. Everyone is saying this is one of the the great shows. And it's I like when it's only four seasons. Yeah, I think that's a good number for a show.

It's definitely not dragged out. They are kind of you think they could do another season or two if they wanted to. Oh, easily.

It's very popular. They easily could have and people would have watched. But I think they're doing it at the right time where it's the old Bill Belichick. I'd rather get out a year too early than a year too late.

Yeah. Where everyone starts to go, oh, this is one of the great shows of all time. The last two years of of the Hall of Fame career weren't that great. And it kind of kind of like Russell Wilson right now where he had a great start, great middle. And now it's like, oh, where is this going to go? This may plummet and he may not be viewed as one of the great quarterbacks.

But if he's able to bring back the Denver Broncos and restore his play, then it could move in a total different direction. By the way, I forgot to ask you. I saw the video you were wearing. I was not expecting to see you. I'm a fan, a proponent of the bucket hat.

But I was not expecting to see you hot take Kiki in a bucket hat at the Penn State lacrosse game. How many beers did you end up drinking, by the way? It was a casual day, just a few. How many? Like it was like four. Four, like four. So that means you had like six beers. No, no, it was four, it was four. Sixteen ounces. It was a very light day. I was tired, had an hour and a half of sleep.

Look at the brag, but just four, four sixteen ounce beers, you know, very light day. You did sound a little bit drunk when you posted that video at first. I think I was tired. I would say more than anything else.

Tired, frustrated, disappointed, disgusted. I've noticed a trend with you. Anytime Penn State loses what you consider a big game, you always blame the officials. Indiana, you crush the officials. Rightfully so. You crush the officials. Rightfully so.

And everyone's in agreement. That's, I mean, it's egregious. Well, here's the thing. I don't crush the officials. Now, I'm not going to sit here like you and pretend that you're like this lacrosse expert. And I'm not a lacrosse expert, the farthest thing from it. My big takeaway and the only reason I gave a rat's ass about this is because you went to the game. And that's the only reason why this was on my radar.

And, you know, I wouldn't have mind actually seeing Penn State get to the championship game because I love their AD, Impact Craft, the athletic director with the Nittany Lions of Penn State. But with how quick pace the game is, the Duke player was in the crease like it did. I didn't see that right away. Now, it's not my job to see that right away. It is the official's job. I can't believe that that's not a reviewable play, though.

That's the stunning part to me. It's not that the referees missed a call. You watch, I guess, more lacrosse than I do.

But not that you're an expert either. But how the heck, like that not being a reviewable play is ridiculous. Sometimes there's too much replay.

But in that spot, you would think checks and balances. That was in overtime, right? That was in overtime. Of a Final Four game, you would think, you would think, just assume, and that's when you make an ass out of you and me, that that would be a reviewable play and it's not.

I mean, this is, we were in the center of the lacrosse world on Saturday. Everyone's watching that cares about the sport. How many fans there? Was it just the lower ball but the link? Lower ball, they announced the crowd yesterday at 30,000.

That seems high. 30.5-ish, so I would probably assume maybe a tiny bit less, 27,000 fans for Saturday. They didn't have the middle section open, those club-seating sections? On one side, they did.

Okay, because that's a good view. Yeah, on the right side of the field, they did. The left side, they did not. And where were you set, in the end zone? We were in the end zone, third row, which kind of stunk, actually. Tough to see. It was a tough angle. When the play was right by us, it's cool because you're literally right there. Other side, we were on the other side of the field when that goal scored, so we couldn't see anywhere near. So how long did it take you to realize that, in your words, Penn State got screwed? 30 seconds. They showed the replay right away, clear as day. And were you in a Penn State section?

Oh, yeah. Fans were freaking out, garbage thrown on the field in classic Philly fashion. It was, people were very upset.

So were you leading kind of the charge of Penn State got screwed? Because you had to be, crazy, I'm about to say this. You had to be one of the more famous people in the media that were there.

I would not go that far. Which isn't saying much, but like, come on, who else was there? They didn't exactly do a celebrity row camera sighting, so I couldn't tell you what celebs were in the house. Like, Marcus Freeman of Notre Dame was there. He's a big name. Dickie V was there. America, are you serious, baby? So congrats to Dickie V and his Irish yesterday. But 30 seconds.

We looked right up, easy as you could see, and the referees were nowhere to be found. From a Penn State standpoint, you may have been the biggest person there from the communication school at Penn State? I hope not.

It's not a great endorsement for the Penn State communications program right now. Well now, this makes me, so you post this video afterwards, where Hickey's in sunglasses and a bucket hat. Sun was strong. No sleep, bunch of beers in his system.

Straw hat. And you're just shredding the rest for like two minutes. How long after the game did it take, because there's a game after it, right?

Yep. How long after the game did it take for you to record this video? Five minutes. Five minutes?

Well then, this is why you need a producer with you. What the heck was going on? How do you not get the fans in the background going nuts, the Penn State fans? Well, they left in disgust. I need some of that emotion. Then get up with them.

Walk out the stadium when you're walking down those steps at Lincoln Financial Field. That's what you should have, you should have gave your take, and you should have just had people going crazy, booing in the background, Penn State got screwed, blah, blah, blah, and see all those obnoxious, cult Penn State alum. That's what we needed to see in that video.

That's what I thought was missing. I just thought, you know, about the kids, let's get a fair game here. I mean, that's also part of the reason why it was just me. It's not about me. The video was not about me. It's about those 60 kids that put in all the work.

You're putting out for content, it's about you. And they got screwed. Sorry, they got screwed. And I know that you didn't know many of the players on the Penn State lacrosse team when we talked about them last week. Like, the oldest kid on the Penn State team is what, 21?

Well, the best player, TJ Malone, has been there for a while. He's probably 23. And you're calling him a kid? He is. He's younger than me.

It's not like you're an old man, though. You're what? No, I'm just saying, like, you know, he's a hardworking kid. 28? I'm 28. He's a hardworking kid.

I'm probably, yeah. It's all about the kids. It's all about the kids.

13 years old. It's all about the kids. The NCAA is all about the kids, and here we go. That debacle happens.

Shame. Of course, by the way, it would never go the other way. It only goes Duke's way.

Oh, here we go again. Yeah, because there's so many people that actually care who wins the lacrosse game. The crowd was into it. The people were into it.

Great atmosphere. My girlfriend loved it. She's a fan now. Outside of Mike Golick Jr. and you, I saw no one tweeting about this stuff over the weekend.

Well, congrats to Mike Golick Jr. He's a lucky man. So your girlfriend went with you? She did. She's into it. First lacrosse game she's ever seen. Great sport. So now next year when Penn State has a big game on the road, I could be assuming that you're going to be taking a game off like you do for the football team.

You're going to be going and traveling. Well, I may wait for the playoffs. I'm a playoff guy. Yeah, you're fraudulent.

No, I'm not fraudulent. They play on Sunday nights. Am I going to travel down to Maryland to watch them beat the Terps? Why not?

On Sunday night, I can wait to see them in the playoffs. This is one of your more popular videos. People are upset about the referees. It's a niche crowd.

That's what it is. And there's not a lot of voices for Penn State lacrosse. You could become a big time voice for Penn State lacrosse and get a lot more followers, a lot more views on your video.

I think this is the way to go for you. Now I may call up Pat Kraft. We'll trade you to Penn State. You'll cover lacrosse and we'll see what we get back in return. Maybe a few sweatshirts or something. Come on, I'm more value than that. At least a jersey.

At least a jersey. By the way, I was I was furious with my mother on Saturday night. We were at a friend family barbecue like 50 people Saturday night in the Hamptons. Fantastic pizza oven. Oh, it was it was amazing. Great barbecue, too.

My best friend's mom made this ridiculous mac and cheese, which we all love. It was a tremendous night. You know, great backyard pool.

We played wiffle ball. All that stuff gets a little chilly. Gets a little bit chilly on Saturday night. I was fine, but a lot of people were getting chilly.

Now, maybe officially summer, but it's not officially summer yet. My mom goes to the car, gets a sweatshirt. She comes back with a Penn State sweatshirt. Laurie Gelb in a Penn State sweatshirt.

I said, Ma, I don't want you to freeze, but I'm just gonna let you know. When you go home, that sweatshirts getting burned. It's going in the fire pit. Where did she get that?

I have no clue. She didn't even know. She didn't even know where she got it. It was like an old looking Penn State sweatshirt. Now, her best friend, they're big Penn State people. So maybe they like left the sweatshirt at the house once. And you know how girls are. They share everything. So maybe she was just sharing that with her friend and it just was left in her car or house or something like that. But, ugh, I was mortified.

That's what I'm talking about. Mrs. Gelb, welcome. Welcome on in.

The water's warm here. No, she's a 74 No More person first. I have the biggest call in the history of Temple Athletics.

74 No More for the first time in 74 years. The Temple Owls have defeated the Nittany Lions of Penn State. And I threw in some, like, we are Temple and we have be Penn State.

Ah, love it. A lot of real estate that I owned in your cult. I mean, if that, I mean, that's the biggest moment in Temple football. Come on. It's not like we're this creme de la creme football program.

It kicked your ass, though. And James Franklin, oh, the footballs were deflated. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Loser.

Overrated coach. It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show.

It is Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. So I always think these questions are difficult to answer because if you choose one side, it seems like you're not giving the other side the credit and respect that it's due. But Hickey asked me this question before the start of the show and I was thinking about it for a while.

And I have my answer now. And the question was, are you more disappointed in the Celtics or impressed with the Miami Heat? And let me preface this by saying the Miami Heat are so impressive in the fact that they're even in the NBA Finals. When you look at this roster, this is not a great roster when you take a glance and you look from top to bottom.

Now, don't get me wrong. They do an incredible job in developing players and finding a way to squeeze out the most out of these players. And like Jimmy Butler has always been a very good player. He goes to Miami, though, and he gets to lead that culture. He gets to be the alpha dog that he's been looking to be for a while.

And when you get into these fights and he's been in other places, not like they're picking the side of someone else. So the fact that Butler and the Heat are off to the finals again is super duper impressive. And especially when Caleb Martin is the best player in a Game 7 and probably should have won the Easter Conference Finals MVP. But the story to me is more so the disappointment with the Boston Celtics because you look at Boston heading into the postseason. Either them or Milwaukee was everyone's pick to go to the NBA Finals out of the Easter Conference. Milwaukee goes down in the first round to Miami.

I get that. When that happens, though, everyone then started to say, oh, Boston's a shoo-in. Boston is a lock to go to the NBA Finals. And in the first round, Boston was not great. Boston was actually very lethargic up against the Atlanta Hawks when that series should have never gone to six games. And then in the second round, they had that just terrible, and I mean abysmal performance in Game 5 up against the Philadelphia 76ers where that puts them down 3-2. And it's like, uh-oh, Boston keeps on touching the stove.

Eventually they're going to get burned. Tatum wakes up in Game 6. Game 7 has the 51 heroic points most ever in a Game 7. And once that happened, it was like exhaled, and you said, okay, now they're going up against Miami. We know Miami's going to be a tough out. But that was probably the wake-up call for Boston. The next thing you know, Boston's down 3-0. 3-0 to the Miami Heat. And then the fact that Boston comes on back.

They get this to 3-3 to force a Game 7. You have just the ridiculousness with the tip-in right at the buzzer with Derek White, and then you no-show. It's not like you lose Game 7 where you gave a great effort and Miami just hit a shot at the end.

You got destroyed on your own home court when people finally said, all right, momentum has totally shifted back in favor to the Boston Celtics. And I know Tatum has the ankle injury in Game 7. Who knows if this series turns out differently in Game 7 if Tatum didn't roll his ankle right out of the gate. But Boston, they have more talent than the Miami Heat, where even if Tatum is on the court and being used more so as a decoy, as he grimaces in pain all throughout the game, Jalen Brown, who was on an all-NBA second team, has to step up, has to show why he could be a No. 1 on another team, and he showed you last night, while Jalen Brown is a very good player, he's not a No.

1 on another team, because whenever he went left, he turned over the basketball, had eight turnovers in the game last night, and he was just absolutely dreadful from the field, and he was horrific from three when that team lives and dies off the three-point shot. So for me, that's why even though what Miami did, how they were able to flick that switch from losing that crazy Game 6 and respond with what they did in Game 7, outside of Caleb Martin, it wasn't like this Heat team was ridiculous last night. Yeah, they played great defense. But to me, more of the story is Boston blowing an opportunity when they were on the verge of making history. And that Jalen Brown performance for me was the story of the game last night, and even though what Miami did was very impressive, when you ask me, Hickey, what's the answer? Are you more disappointed in Boston or more impressed with the Heat? That Jalen Brown image of him just being dreadful everywhere, it looked like he'd never even played basketball with how he played last night, that's the last image for me from that Game 7, so that's why I'm more disappointed in Boston than impressed with the Heat.

How do you answer that question? I would go impressed with the Heat for two reasons. Number one, you've got to factor in how Game 6 ended, where you are three seconds away from going to the finals. The game's over. Off a crazy comeback, too, which there shouldn't have been three seconds left on the clock, too.

Right. Now you still have to defend the white who made the inbounds pass. And Marcus Smart shoots in, you're like, okay, that's a win right there, misses it.

I was like, oh, game over. And Derek White, his credit slides right in and hits the shot, so it's like you go from literally being seconds away from going back to the finals and winning the series to now you're going back on a flight to Boston after they just made an improbable win to not only keep the series alive, but now you are, it feels like the momentum was they're going to be the first team ever to blow a 3-0 lead. So it's like to still have all that pressure on you to go back to Boston and even the first three minutes of the games, the Celtics were hitting everything it felt like.

I think it was four of the first six shots they hit. The building's alive, so it's like right away it's, oh boy, Boston's coming to play. And even when they cut it to six or seven, you never thought that they were going to find a way to win the game Boston.

And that's the thing. It's like the impressive part, too, is not only do they really take the lead and never give it up, there were spurts where they would cut it single digits a few times. Every single time Boston made a mini run, there was Miami, boom, with another answer. Quick 5-0 run, quick 7-0 run to kind of put the game back at the double-digit pace it was to just respond after just such a gut-wrenching, heartbreaking loss in that moment when you are so close to going to the finals and having it ripped away.

I think it's more impressive also, too, like yesterday... It's not even like Miami gave you your best effort in a game seven. As crazy as that sounds, when you win a game on the road in game seven, 103-84, the reason they won that game was Caleb Martin. That's the reason they won the game, and Tatum rolls his ankle, and no one else for Boston outside of Derek White shows up. And it wasn't like Derek White was great, but he was just playing better than what anyone gave you on Boston.

Like Marcus Smart, horrible in the game, Jalen Brown, horrible in the game, and Tatum was clearly playing on one ankle. If it wasn't for Martin, you know, Miami still probably wins the game, but then that is a very low-scoring, like 90s-style basketball game, early 90s basketball game, where it would have been a very low-scoring game. I texted my uncle, I was like, it felt like early, I think I said this to him at halftime, first one to 95 is going to win the game.

Or no, I said 85, excuse me, was going to win the game. And Boston didn't even get to 85. But that Boston performance, just three after three after three, miss after miss after miss, it reminded me a lot like Houston up against Golden State, where I think Houston at one point missed 22 straight three-pointers.

It was crazy how bad Boston was. But that's the thing, they're too talented to just rely on the three-point shot alone, but that's what they've done all year, and that's why it's not surprising when they're not going down. They can't figure out ways to win when the three-point shot's not going down. So you see early on, they're 0-10 in the first quarter, they started 0 for their first 12. It's kind of new right away, this team's not winning the game.

They can't win if they don't shoot efficiently from three, and they fold. The thing you said was exactly right, even though neither team shot the ball well right out of the gate, Boston early looked like, very early, the first three minutes looked like they were the better team, even with the Tatum injury. But once that Tatum injury happened, they realized that's going to play a factor in the game, it's almost as if Boston just packed it on up and said, we're done, we're going home. That's the way that at least the players looked on the court, because those players outside, you know, I'll give credit to Tatum for playing throughout the entire game, but outside of Derek White, the effort by Boston was just horrendous last night. And Robert Williams was fine too, I know he's battling a little illness. Robert Williams played a fine game, but outside of those guys that I just talked about, everyone else on Boston was just anemic.

It was laughable how bad they were. And that's a problem, the heat they figure out ways to win when they don't have their best stuff, and again, like you said, they weren't exactly lighting it up, shooting the ball in general, and they only scored 103 points, so it's not like they just shot the lights out and Boston never had a chance. They grinded out and figured out a way to win, and the Celtics, if they can't shoot the three, they don't know how to win, and it got them yet again. It's crazy, they're just showing the replay with like 8.29 to go in the first half. You had a three made, and it put Miami up 33-18.

And 33-18 is the farthest thing from being over in the NBA, but seeing how Boston was playing last night, it felt like the game was over, just at 33-18, with half a second quarter left, or a little more than half a second quarter left, and an entire second half to play as well. It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. Bob Myers has left the building. We will talk about the former president of the Golden State Warriors next. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio, so Bob Myers has finally done it. He is stepping down as the Golden State Warriors president and general manager, and he said it's just time.

Let me translate that for you, because I don't believe when you just hear, oh, it's just time, oh yeah, he just decided to move on, even though this has been speculated all throughout the season. Bob Myers didn't have it in him to tell Draymond Green or Klay Thompson that they're no longer wanted in the Bay Area. That's what this is, and I kind of get it, even though it's like, okay, that's your job, but these guys have won four championships together. Bob Myers has watched these guys developed into stars that have taken over the NBA, and he didn't want to be the bad guy. He didn't want to do his job and tell Draymond Green, who has a player option, or Klay Thompson, who's in the final year of his deal looking for an extension. Guys, yes, what you've done in the past was exceptional.

Yes, it was dynastic. But as a GM, if you're a good GM, you got to pay your players what they're going to do in the future and not just rest on their previous accolades. And if you watch the Golden State Warriors, they need a shakeup. They need to change the direction of this team to continue to win with Steph Curry, who's still elite, and Klay Thompson looks like he's way past his prime. Draymond Green, do you want to put up with his antics again, when throughout the last few years, that conversation, even though they added another championship, it has started to turn where you start to wonder the true value of Draymond Green, who's a player, where, yeah, you love him if he's on your team, but you can't stand him if he isn't on your team.

And then you have the whole Jordan Poole situation you already gave a big contract to, and it feels like either Jordan Poole has to go or Draymond Green has to go. So at the end of the day, Bob Myers could say whatever he wants. The fact is, he is resigning. He is moving on because he didn't have it in him to tell people that he probably views his family members not to get cheesy in the basketball world in either Klay Thompson or Draymond Green, that we can't pay you what you want, or it doesn't make sense for us to pay you what you want, and maybe you need to continue your basketball career somewhere else.

And I've thought that for a while because who leaves a job like this? But if you're Bob Myers and you're leaving, it's because he knows in the bottom of his heart that in order to get this team back to being a champion, he has to make some changes to the core, and when you're this close to these guys and have won so much, it's a tough thing to do, but that's his job, and he didn't want to do his job, so he said to himself, okay, I'm going to roll on out with my championships, with my titles, and we're going to figure out what he's going to do for the rest of his career. Hickey, what do you think about the Bob Myers news that he's resigning as the president and GM of the Golden State Warriors? I think this is the official start of the end of the Warriors dynasty. It was talked about after they lost to the Lakers' second round loss.

You had Steve Kurtz talking about this group maxing out, but a big linchpin, maybe, let's say, was Bob Myers in the sense that if he was coming back, it felt like this group would try to run it back with a championship contender next year. I would still say no, but they were going to try to run it back, and now I think you're right in the sense that he didn't want to be the one to break up the tremendous dynasty he built, but hard decisions now with the insane payroll of almost $500 million. If everyone comes back right now on their current deals that is facing the Warriors right now and impending changes to the CBA that's going to make the luxury tax insane, where basically it's going to be harder and harder and harder for teams to spend money going forward, hard decisions are going to have to be made. I think Draymond's out the door, Klay Thompson's out the door, and if it was the Warriors right now, we're just going to be unpacking a lot of their legacy players. Well, I'm not ready to say that the dynasty is dead just because of the landscape of the sport.

This is a dynamic duo sport right now. We're in the Western Conference, Joker and Jamal Murray are sensational. You still have Durant with Devin Booker, but what's the rest of that roster going to look like? I can't trust Kawhi or Paul George to ever be healthy and both be healthy at the same time. Assuming LeBron comes back, you have LeBron and Anthony Davis.

You know, Memphis, I can't trust Ja Morant. All right, yeah, sure, the Kings look like they're an emerging, young, up-and-coming team. Can they take that next step, or they can just be one of those teams that are just good, not great?

And let's not forget, the Warriors won a championship last year without playing their best brand of basketball. So I don't know, and assuming it's Mike Dunleavy Jr. who's going to be the next person that comes on in, I know that Bob Myers endorsed him today. Doesn't necessarily mean he's going to be the guy, but that's what's been speculated. I'm not ready to say that this dynasty's over just because I still know that Steph can win a championship if he has the right number two.

And that's the big piece. Who is going to be the number two? And if you're telling me Klay Thompson is out the door and Draymond Green is out the door, I don't think that's the end of the world. The question just is, who then emerges as that number two piece? Now, Jordan Poole, if Draymond Green is leaving, you think is going to be the third piece, not the second piece.

But who would that second piece be? And that's going to be the biggest thing on the new general manager, the new president, in finding a way to elongate the championship window for Steph by getting him that proper two. If they run this back next year and Draymond and Klay are both still on the roster and at times asked to be the second best player, then you're right. You win a series, you win maybe two series.

You could still do that. But you're not going to win a championship if Klay or Draymond are your second best player because Klay now looks old and it's the injuries that are catching up to him. Even though with how many three pointers he made this year, I get it. But he's been so inconsistent, especially in the postseason, you've seen it for the last two years. And Draymond's not a number two on a championship team. So I will give the Warriors the benefit of the doubt in this offseason to find that. But yes, you are right that if they enter with a very similar roster than last year and they don't get that number two piece in, then even in a very open NBA right now, yeah, the Warriors days of winning a championship are probably over. But it wasn't that long ago when we all sat here and said, Steph needs to go somewhere else to win a championship.

And he ended up winning a championship just a year ago. It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll break when we come on back. We will update you on some of the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio. We call that segment The News Brief. And Abby Chin, who covers the Celtics, is going to join us coming up at 8.20 p.m. Eastern, 5.20 p.m. Pacific. This is The Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio.
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