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Belief In 2-2 NFL Teams (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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October 4, 2022 10:15 pm

Belief In 2-2 NFL Teams (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 4, 2022 10:15 pm

How many 2-2 teams have a chance to make the playoffs? l Aaron Judge hits homer #62 l Closing Bell


Yo yo what's happening? It's the Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. We're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there.

For home loan solutions that fit your life well, Rocket can. Got a poll question for you today at CBS Sports Radio at Zach Gelb on Twitter. Make sure you go follow both those accounts. Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B or at CBS Sports Radio. And the poll question is about the NFC West. Who's gonna win the NFC West this upcoming year?

All those teams are two and two after the first four games. Leading the way right now 57.4%. The San Francisco 49ers. I know they just had a big win up against the Rams, but I'm surprised it's at 57.4%. Rams at second place at 29.5%. The Seahawks still in third place barely at 7%. And then at 6.2% the Arizona Cardinals. So we have 15 hickey, two and two teams in the NFL through the first four weeks of the season. Basically half the league.

That's crazy. Give me a little NFL music and we're gonna find out which NFL teams that are two and two that I actually believe in for the rest of the way. The New York Jets. Not a playoff team. Good win for them come from behind up against the Steelers last week or actually they were in front.

And then the come from behind victory was against the Browns where the Browns gave the game away in the final 90 seconds when it was a 13-point lead. The Jets have some talent. They're not a playoff team. I'm intrigued by Zach Wilson back at the quarterback position.

Garrett Wilson looks like he's gonna be a stud. Elijah Moore is a good player, but no I can't take the Jets as seriously as a playoff team this year. If they finish third in this division this year then this would be a super successful season. That would kind of be my expectation for the Jet fan this year.

Try to finish third. Maybe the Pats have a really down year and they're the bottom feeder in this AFC East potentially. The Cleveland Browns. I don't think I vacillate on a team more from the start of the season to two weeks ago and then to what we saw on Sunday.

Before the season I said they won't be able to weather the storm at Jacoby-Bressett through the first 11 games. Then they had that performance on Thursday night football that makes you think okay maybe they can get the job done. It was against the Steelers.

You kind of see a common trend here. Anyone that plays the Steelers and the Pats look good against the Steelers. The Jets look good against the Steelers. The Browns look good against the Steelers. And then last week they lose to the Falcons. That's Steeler victory misleading.

That's the common denominator. Teams look good against the Steelers this year. Yeah I'm gonna say no in the playoffs.

The Cincinnati Bengals. Yes should be a playoff team and I think they could be a really damn strong contender as long as this offensive line starts to gel. Jamar Chase stud, T Higgins stud, Tyler Boyd really damn good wide receiver, Joe Burrow stud.

You have a solid defense, a defense that made plays last year in big-time spots but that line you're bringing Kappa, you're bringing Karis, you're bringing Collins, they have not gelled yet. Oh and we always forget Joe Mixon too. Joe Mixon put some respect on his name.

He's a heck of a football player. I'll say yes they should make the playoffs because he got to think that line will start to get their damn act together. The Baltimore Ravens. Yeah I think I saw something today that the Ravens have only trailed in like less than 20 seconds this year. Isn't that crazy and they're 2-2? Because you look at the two losses, they're 35 to 14, lost the game against the Dolphins and then this last week they were up 20 to 3 and then you had 20 unanswered points by Buffalo and they had that game winning kick right at the horn against you know from Tyler Bass. Yeah they'll make the playoffs as long as Lamar Jackson stays healthy they'll make the playoffs even though their defense has been a mess. The Jacksonville Jaguars.

Here's the actual stat. Let me just give you the stat of the Ravens then I'll go back to the Jaguars. From Jonas Schaefer, the Ravens have trailed for just 14 seconds of the hundred and twenty minutes they played in Baltimore this season and yet they're 0-2 at home.

That was the tweet that I saw today. Jacksonville, because of the division, they got a shot. I think last week was not a bad performance. Yeah you're up 14-0, you should win the game but you're going up against right now the best team in the league in the Philadelphia Eagles. They're undefeated.

A competent coach, you're seeing better play out of Trevor Lawrence. I still don't think that they should be a playoff team but because of how bad that division is it would not surprise me if they win eight games then win the AFC South. The Tennessee Titans.

Yeah they sent a little reminder last week, hey we're still here. We got off to a bad start. We blew a 13-0 lead to the to the Giants. Almost blew a game up against the Raiders. We have Derek Henry, Tannehill makes you hold your breath. Defense better than what people give him credit for.

Vrabel's a good coach. They should win that division, so yeah. Los Angeles Chargers. Here's my one concern about the Chargers. The injury bug for Shawn Slater done for the year. Corey Lindsey banged up on the offensive line. Joey Bosa gonna be out I think like two months if not more than that. That injury bug is starting to concern me. Keenan Allen in and out of the lineup. As long as that quarterback stays healthy and I know he's playing with a bunch of rib injuries right now they should make the playoffs. So I still expect them to make the playoffs. The Denver Broncos.

Can you play the the big voiceover guy one more time please? The Denver Broncos. Again? The Denver Broncos. Again? The Denver Broncos.

Hickey what do you think my answer is on this one? Because my take before the year was they're not a playoff team. They will not be in the playoffs. Not that they would be awful, not they would be a decrepit product, but they won't make the playoffs because Hackett, Russell Wilson, it won't look great to start off with adding in a new piece. Having a new coach is just too much new things in that organization for it to work this year. I would say your thought is absolutely this is a playoff team.

This is a sleeper Super Bowl team and everyone is gonna see at the end of the year why this team you should have believed in them earlier. You have sarcasm on your on your forehead. I think I'm a good mind reader. I think I was in your brain there perfectly.

Yeah no no no no. You know what I'm actually rooting for the Colts on Thursday. Thursday kind of got you a little bit of a pretzel. Yeah I think I may have said that I would like to see the Broncos win just because then that means that you're miserable, but I want you to get sucked back in thinking that your football team is actually a decent team because you think the world and you overate the Broncos. This would be the one time I root for the Colts and then also it leads up to the to the hickey vacuum kind of thing where you get sucked back in. You think you're gonna have a chance then you go to that game in week 17. Alright we'll beat the Giants. Then we'll have a meaningful game in week 18 and then you lose to the Giants. So I'll take the the Colts this week. I like the Colts. I want the Colts to win on Thursday. You are my short-term happiness my long-term misery.

Thank you. But yeah I'm not a believer in the Broncos. Wasn't a believer before.

Why would I be a believer now? And you know who should be? Someone that has his feet up right now and licking his chops. Sean Payton. The Chicago Bears. No stop. They don't trust Justin Fields. Justin Fields hasn't been good. Montgomery now out. Herbert's been good. Mooney's their best wide receiver. Like he's solid but not great. They should not be 2-2.

So the answer's no. The Temple Bay Buccaneers. Yeah they'll win that division. They'll be a double-digit win team that won that division. Brady will get going. The receivers are gonna hopefully get back healthy. Maybe he's already calling up Gronk. Gronk Giselle's leaving me.

I need you to come comfort me. I can't say you call up AB and invite him over the house these days. Do you know where that pool video by the way occurred? Did you see where it occurred? Was it overseas? Dubai.

I had a buddy text me who used to work in the NFL and I was asking about something else and he goes by the way I've been to Dubai before AB needs to get out of Dubai. This guy's such an idiot. Did you see the video? Yes. He's like very close to woman and throws the woman in the water. Looks like he's naked too. Yeah I think he puts his butt cheek near her I believe. Yeah. And then later on you see. Oh yeah there's no shorts on.

Yeah your friend's probably right. Don't mess it around overseas. They don't mess around over there. So a hundred percent and I don't think AB's got a good head on his shoulders. Let's just say it. I'll be saying it politely. He does a lot of things.

I'm like what the heck is he doing? You don't pay your hotel bill in Dubai. It won't end well for you AB. He doesn't pay a lot of things.

Gets services but don't end up paying for them. But anyway long story short here yeah Tampa's gonna be fine. The Atlanta Falcons.

It's actually weird. I kind of like the Falcons. Now Arthur Smith could be obnoxious. Dean Pease could be obnoxious.

But I like what I'm seeing from Drake London. I'm a fan of Kyle Pitts. AJ Terrell's a really good player in this league. I like Cordell Patterson but now he's out.

I can't believe in Marcus Mariota. There'll be a team that's gonna be scrappy but they won't win a lot of games. So no they won't make the playoffs. Los Angeles Rams. Bad loss last night but they should still win the division. The Arizona Cardinals.

No I'm not a believer. I know you're getting Hopkins back but that team honestly have they played a good game yet this season? Isn't that crazy that you could be two and two and you still haven't played a good game this season? Mahomes throws five touchdowns against you. Okay I could live with that. The Rams beat you.

Okay I could live with that. They had some improbable comeback against the Raiders where they get the game to overtime and if Renfro just hangs on to the ball they lose that game. And if you went up against any competent quarterback last weekend you would have lost that game because your offense was so bad and it still wasn't the worst offense on the field because of how incompetent Baker Mayfield is as a quarterback in this league. They play the Eagles this week. I know and Ricky Ricardo has told me this all week long the Spanish play-by-play voice for the Philadelphia Eagles that the Eagles struggle in Arizona. How don't you lay the five points with the Eagles this week? The Eagles have their damn act together. The Cardinals they only have their act together for a half and it's still incomplete at times or inconsistent if you even show up for that for that second half and they get off to a slow start. I can't trust that team so I don't think they'll be a playoff team. The San Francisco 49ers.

Hecky this is a good one. This actually could be the toughest one because that defense is legit. You have a great offensive player in Deebo Samuel. I still don't trust the quarterback. I'll throw them in the hopper of a team that could be a playoff team but if they lose either these next two games to Carolina or Atlanta with the stretch of Kansas City, LA then the Chargers so both LA teams, Arizona the Saints the Dolphins and Tampa and the Saints not great yeah the Cardinals not great but that's a tough stretch.

It's close very close I'll give them slightly slightly the benefit of the doubt but that could quickly go away if they lose one of these next two games. The Seattle Seahawks. Seahawks! Seahawks! Seahawks!

Throw the Skittles! Yeah they're not making a pass but I will say who would have ever thought Ryan that through four weeks Geno Smith would not only be playing out playing Russell Wilson he would lead the NFL in completion percentage. Did you see this one coming? Not even remotely close. And not only that I saw a stat today from CBS Sports that through the first four games of any NFL season Geno Smith has the highest completion percentage in NFL history through four games. You know off the top of your head what is he at like 73 or something like that? I think it was seventy seven point three let's see I could pull this up real quickly. Yeah seventy seven point three.

Would you want to take a go? You want to know who's in second? I'm guessing it's by that laugh not Drew Brees.

No no no sorry. Oh we're getting a lead this year. Just this year yeah it's not Drew Brees. Uh second place you're laughing I will say Mitch Trubisky. No no no where is Mitchell by the way on this list let's see.

Oh Trubisky's 28. Ryan Tannehill I think he's been efficient and I doesn't do much but I think he's always efficient. Ryan Tannehill is in the top ten he's at number ten. By the way you want to hear why completion percentage could be sometimes like a tad overrated?

Yes. You want to know who's number nine and is only one tenth better than Tannehill in completion percentage? Jamis Winston. Patrick Mahomes. Hmm. Well come on.

I guess you're right you're going the opposite way. Ryan's overrated. Yeah I would say it's a little bit more than one tenth of a gap between Ryan Tannehill and Patrick Mahomes. Now this guy has stunk so far this year. Baker Mayfield.

And has no line. Matthew Stafford. Completion percentage? Yes it's a seventy point seven percent. That's when you throw the ball to Cooper Cup like ninety five percent of the time. That's true you have no one else to throw the ball to. Like it is completed. It's either Cooper Cup or you're sacked. So now that's true.

Now it makes a lot of sense. Do you think you could guess the top ten players in completion percentage right now? You have Gino, you have Matthew Stafford. We have Mahomes at eight and Tannehill at nine. Trevor Lawrence. No he's at 13.

Interesting. Jalen Hurts. Yes he's at eight. So you were missing Kirk Cousins.

Three, four, five, six, and seven. No Kirk Cousins is not in the top ten. Where is Kirk on this list? So he's at 20th. Josh Allen.

Yes he's at six. Hmm. Come on. Not that difficult.

Not that difficult. Lamar Jackson. No Lamar is at 15.

Justin Herbert. Yes he's at seven. So you got three more to go here. Three more to go. This should be two or layups. Layups. Aaron Rogers.

Yes four. Which is actually kind of surprising. I figured it would be a little bit lower. Layup.

It's a layup. Tom Brady. Yes five. So what number I'm missing? You're missing number three.

Number three. You have Ryan Tannehill. He's the tenth in completion percentage. Mahomes nine.

Hurts eight. Herbert seven. Allen six. Brady five. Rogers four. Leave out three because you didn't guess it yet. Stafford two.

Gino Smith one. And by the way I don't think the Seahawks will be a playoff teenager. Did I guess Kirk Cousins already? Yes you already did. He's not. No no no. Now it's not Dak Prescott right? No. Okay.

One of those cheapy. I don't think yeah you have to be on pace for at least 200 passing attempts. Is it his replacement?

Oh. Cooper Rush. Where is he at? I think he's efficient. Cooper Rush is 27.

You have great instincts let me tell you. Hot take Kiki has great instincts when it comes to NFL completion percentage. Well it's got to be Cooper Rush. Third best completion percentage in the league. Yeah. Ryan Zach Gilpier. It's actually 27.

Third worst almost. That's a promo cut it off. Holy cow.

That's every join. Send it to Doug. Come on. NFC or AFC? AFC. Derek Carr. No. Can I give you a hint?

Sure. He's the most accurate quarterback maybe of all time according to one NFL wide receiver. Wow.

Current wide receiver. Shouldn't probably know that. Bad job by me too. Bad job. And you're the leader of the two of them. I know.

Out of sight out of mind. Or you're on the advisor board for the two. I want to tell you the leader. No no no no.

There are some crazies in there. You're like the. I'm just a fan. The treasurer. No no no. I'm nowhere near executive board.

I'm not in the C-suite. I'm just just a member. Is that just a guy who likes to watch too? That's already a defender.

Not even a 2-9 member. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll take a break.

When we come on back. One Seattle Seahawks player is very very very confident. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show.

It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. So Aaron Judge as you know by now hit his 62nd home run. He is now the all-time AL home run king and I'm sure that's a controversial statement by me saying it because there's probably some old guy out there saying. Oh yeah the most home runs ever because Barry Bonds is a cheater. Come on. It's in the record books.

I don't know what you want me to do that. So when the 61st home run was hit. What was it a bullpen catcher got it right? The bullpen coach of the Blue Jays.

The bullpen coach. Was the one who eventually got it yes. And his wife is Sarah Walsh right? Yes of the NFL Network.

Mm-hmm. There is another media person whose husband caught this baseball. Now the game is in Texas and there's a video I see of a Ranger security guard walking this guy away. His name is Corey. Do you have any idea how to say this last name?

Ryan the last name? Y-O-U-M-A-N-S. I'm gonna guess humans.

Yeah I don't think it would be. Yeomans? Yeomans? Yeomans?

I don't know. I looked at it too and I go humans right? Corey humans.

Let's go Corey humans. You man's? You man's?

Well he's the man now to catch this puppy. Who the man? You the man? Yeah I'm literally you man's. I don't know I could see be like you man it's not you man's. Are you man's? Who knows?

Regardless though. His wife has quote tweeted said this is my husband and I have no clue to say her name either. Bree Emeranthus. I'm gonna take a guess there.

Like we sound like Jack Stern right now trying to say names. Bree Emeranthus? That's probably what it is. She is a Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks reporter.

She's won an Emmy according to her Twitter page and she's also I guess an alumnus of the Bachelor. So how about that? How do you think you pronounce this gal's last name? I think you got it. Emeranthus? That sounds about right.

Okay don't want to be like Jack Stern and say Arc Manning. Did you hear that update this weekend? What? Oh you didn't hear this?

No. I heard it this morning on the DA show. Jack's doing an update and you know how Dak has called or I just messed it up that I have a friend named Dak. You know how Jack has called who was it?

It was Kirk Herbstrait and you know how he calls DA. I know his real name is Damon but no one calls him Damon. He calls him Damon and he would not say Mraz or Marash. It was just Razz. Seems like a problem with names. He calls him Razz?

Oh yeah he calls him Razz. Yeah pay attention to the network okay? Yeah listen. Yeah listen a little bit more. My brain hurts trying to process that. Okay. So he's had a few problems in saying the names correctly so I heard this audio today on the DA show where he's doing a an update this morning or it was over the weekend and I guess Arch Manning broke Peyton and Eli's or one of them's like high school record or something for most passing yards or passing touchdowns in a season whatever it was.

Okay makes sense. Personally like I don't care even though Arch Manning is a huge huge huge player in college football next year and he's going to Texas. I don't care about the stats of Arch Manning in high school.

I think the obsession a little bit of and talking about high school athletes to me has always been bizarre. So whatever it is. But he goes and Arch Manning broke his uncle's record.

Never told you which uncle was maybe it was both I don't know. And then like the music fades off. Do do do do do. But it was Arch Manning that DA brought up a great point because I thought okay you got to know who Arch Manning is. And I just thought okay the update anchors they write out these scripts. I don't know if he's handwriting his script.

I don't know the process of that but maybe he just couldn't read his handwriting and then new update anchor. Now I was going to give it the benefit of the doubt but Arch Manning Archie Manning like the father of quarterbacks is what he's named after. So to then say Arch Manning and Diego's what did he think Archie Manning was Archie man. When I heard that this morning and DA said that I was drinking some water and I literally almost spat out my water. I was drinking water eating a protein bar in the morning and I almost choked from our key man.

I have always appreciated a lie. Manning's you know great playoff performances in the Super Bowl. I can't say it because I say Peyton Manning as paid in Manning.

I just can't enunciate that day. But then what would it be for for the sheriff then. What would your made up name be there. Peyton Peyton. And congrats to Peyton Manning who is going into the Hall of Fame this weekend whose nephew is Ark Manning who built Noah's Ark.

He's the nephew of Noah. He's going to Texas. He's going to bring like two long horns and say okay let's let's board the ship here at Texas SARC. He probably goes SARC soccer something like that. But yeah.

Ark and SARC that goes well. I'd be a good Heisman slogan right there. And then there was some other in the Tulane game he he mispronounced the name of someone as well.

So it's a rough update for for Jack feel feel bad for him. But anyway this this girl or she's a reporter for the Cowboys and the Mavericks. Her husband was the one that caught the the Aaron Judge. Corey Youmans is our guest. Yeah well that's the husband.

Yes. Do we have any information about what he does. This is according to Darren Revelle. Reliable source on this matter.

Very reliable. He claims Corey Youmans is the vice president of Fisher Investments. Oh so he's wealthy he don't need the money. They manage Fisher Investments not Corey but the the firm manages. What is that hedge fund. Yes something like that. Oh okay.

Investment firm they manage $197 billion dollars worldwide. And he is the vice president. So this guy could actually keep the ball. He could keep the ball.

He don't need the money. Now Corey also Darren Revelle there is Memory Lane Inc. They have already put this on the record before the homeowners even hit. Whoever catches it they're offering right now $2 million dollars. Whoa.

Right for the ball. And who is that. That's Memory Lane it's like a memorabilia. Memorabilia. They're offering $2 million.

Boom. How much does it say that they think they could sell it for. If you're willing to pay $2 million you got to at least try to double that. But who the heck would pay $2 million dollars for that baseball. Who would pay. If you're paying two you're expecting double.

Yeah I would at bare minimum I think you're expecting four of that. Who's paying four or five mil for 62. It's not 700 or a rich guy.

74. A rich guy like Steve Cohen who spent $160,000 on a Picasso painting or statue. $160 million dollars.

I'm trying to see what what me I looked at it before what the potential resale could be. It's some big numbers. Yeah it's like tens of millions.

Wasn't the 60th home run ball because remember it was a college kid that just gave it back for nothing and they were saying that ball could have been worth anywhere. It was Ravel but it was $50,000 to like $500,000. Big range. Huge range. Can't be wrong. Anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000.

Isn't that funny. $60,000 was caught by some college student. $61,000 by the bullpen coach or whatever it was and then $62,000 some hedge fund.

Vice president of a hedge fund company. I wonder what he paid for that. Man that really went the wrong direction after 60. You would have thought like I would have loved if it was some single mother that ended up catching this baseball or a single father that has like five kids and you know could really help him out or something like that. This guy don't need the money. Now hey he caught it you know what could we do about it but it is what it is. I wonder what he paid for to sit there because you know like that's a left field.

It's a Rangers game and his wife is in the media probably nothing. But you have so. This place just sold out today.

It was it really? Yeah there's a big crowd. Oh yeah I guess that's a draw. But still I mean you're also on the road for a record that.

Show us that there's more national attention than them than what we think because a lot of people are bitching about Judge. If they have a sellout for this game for a team that's 66 and 94. Say I was there. So maybe okay maybe the ticket to sit in like I think it was in the first row too so he was primetime first row left field brought the glove. Oh he brought the glove? Brought the glove. Oh so he was looking to catch the ball? Oh yeah he was he was there for one reason. That greedy bastard. Credit to him he got the reason. Yeah I guess probably one yeah maybe not that much.

Would you? He also this I found this interesting. He walked out of there unscathed. Are you surprised by that? No he's a pretty big dude.

I mean everyone in that section is there for one reason. Yeah I get it. That's a bare minimum. What do you think you're gonna die trying to get the baseball?

Bare minimum two million dollar ball on his hand. I figure that'd be a little more wrestling jumping over the top. I saw the home run during one of the breaks but I did not see the uh the toppling. Was there like a pile? No there's no dog pile. He literally caught the ball standing up no one did anything.

And then all the secur- I saw the security walking him out. Yes. Oh how about that? But it's kind of like that's what I'm saying like it's kind of- You know what? Shame on our company for not sending us to Texas to do the to do a remote from left field.

How fun would that have been? Here comes the pitch. Ah here it comes!

We throw off the headsets. I got it! I got it!

I got it! And we try to fight the guy for the ball. That's what we should have done. Yeah that's nuts. Then you could have retired.

Yeah. Give the Fisher Investments guy the ball and say invest this for me. I think I still would go to work.

I would sell the baseball. I'd still work. I still want to do something. You know this is a fun job.

I'm not saying it's not. Maybe you have to rearrange the program schedule a little bit. Give yourself the five-time hours.

Or no no not even that. Just only have us do a two-hour show. Now I'll do six to eight every night. Hey when you're- not bad.

This has the perks. Yeah we should have been there. Be Zach Geldt from six to eight and then Hickey. I'm sure you'll be okay with going eight to ten. That's what we'll do. All right when we come on back we're gonna play you some audio from Will Disley of the Seattle Seahawks.

Very very very optimistic on this. Seahawks season. Lions fans not so much after an encounter that he had with the Lions fan over the weekend. We'll do the closing bell.

You're listening to the Zach Geldt Show. So I had Will Disley from the Seahawks on ION football this past weekend after the Seahawks beat the Detroit Lions. You can listen to ION football each and every Sunday in the NFL regular season for eight hours starting at noon eastern noon eastern Eastern time. So I'm going to go starting at noon eastern 9 a.m Pacific and this is what Will Disley had to say when I asked her the team has been motivated pretty much by everyone counting them out thinking that Geno Smith is just a stopgap quarterback and that Pete Carroll is really starting to lose something as an NFL head coach. It's so important when you guys are on the road to score first to try to quiet down that building. You got that 17-yard touchdown reception right out of the gate to make it 7-0.

Make me through your touchdown. Yeah shoot we were walking around on Saturday getting some food and we walked past a couple lines fans they said oh you'll win they always lose so it doesn't take quick for those fans to turn on their team I guess. I know the 12s would never say something like that but you know it's just we're just happy to get a win. I just you know got to shout out the whole line one more time they played a heck of a game getting Rashad on the ground and protecting Geno and putting points on the board.

Shout out to those guys. This team ever since Russell Wilson was traded has been counted out for you guys to be two and two. Do you kind of sense a chip on your shoulder this team trying to prove something this year to everyone that counted them out before the year started? I mean yeah there's always a chip you know we've been in Seattle we're not talked about we're all the way up there in the west coast corner yeah but we got our fans they're loyal to us and we know the work ethic we have in this locker room you know we got a coach that we believe in and a quarterback that we believe in and we're gonna go keep winning games. What is it like playing for coach P. Carroll? Shoot it's the best man I wouldn't trade it for the world I've been here for five years um this is an energetic guy cares about you wants you to be the best you and uh you know there's not much more you can ask for in a coach. It's weird to say it not that they believe in P. Carroll but this team also believes in Geno Smith and he's the highest completion percentage in the NFL this season through four games I don't think he's that good of a quarterback and through the first four games in any NFL season I think of minimum 125 passing attempts he has the highest completion percentage of history for the first four games of a season which is wild. I don't think the Seahawks are going to win the division but we had a poll question today off the Rams 49ers game last night who wins the NFC west and all those teams in that division are two and two here the final poll calculations 58% say the 49ers 29% go with the Rams 6.9% say the Seahawks and 6.1% go with the Cardinals I would order that still Rams 1 49ers 2 Cardinals 3 and the Seahawks 4 but how about that story too he's walking around the streets in Detroit and a fan just goes to him ah my team's gonna lose you guys are gonna win not like you had the 85 bears the early 2000 Ravens the 07 Patriots in town the Seattle team I mean those Lions fans either are just Debbie Downers and deservedly so or they just know something about the Seahawks that we don't let's get to the closing bell another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world it's time to find out who's up and who's down let's end the day right and hit the closing bell only on the Zach Gelb show the defensive play of the week is sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union who proudly serves the armed forces DoD veterans and their family their members are the mission learn more at 49er stud defensive end Nick Bosa lived up to the hype coming up Monday night sacking Matthew Stafford two times recording two tackles for loss in San Francisco's 24-9 win over Los Angeles as a whole the 49ers defense sacked Stafford seven times and caused two turnovers including a pick six give Nick Bosa stock up Kevin Harlan on Westwood one calling the Deebo Samuel touchdown let's hear it Aaron Donald lining up at three technique next the outside shoulder of Aaron Banks and the kibitz's side Jim throws it is caught by Deebo Samuel breaks a tackle 40 Deebo 35 30 25 20 breaks another tackle 15 10 5 touchdown San Francisco Greg Papa on the 49ers radio network give Deebo Samuel a stock up let's hear from Kevin Harlan though this is the play-by-play on the fan that was on the field last night this courtesy of Westwood one and here comes a stoppage in play because someone has run on the field with a smoke bomb that is pink and he's running up the sideline now a couple of rams come over there and make the tackle head first into the player who has taken the field and he's in a cloud of pink smoke so you can't see him and now on him are a couple of security guards Kevin I think this is becoming a thing we got the pink smoke coming again this is one of those gender reveals somebody at home's having a girl now well I thought maybe I thought maybe that the last one we saw was uh for some animal rights or something like that oh yeah I I don't know I just think hey you think about the way to reveal that you're having a girl I'm gonna run out on the field at the 49er game and get arrested just so I can let my honey at home know we're having a girl that guy is headed to the slammer and it will not be a good night that guy is headed to the slammer and it will not be a good night what a job there by Kevin Harlan and funny by Kurt Warner with the gender reveal stock up to both those two let's hear albert pulos last night hit career home run 703 and passes babe ruth for the second most rbi's mlb history of ollie sports midwest albert hits it down the left field line it's history rbi's number 2000 215 and 16 he's passed babe ruth second old time in history and runs batted in a historic blast number 703 let's play these two calls before we do that though give a stock up obviously and congratulations albert pulos we have the phillies going back to the playoffs for the first time since 2011 and we talked about this yesterday but we didn't get time to get to the audio this is the mariners going to the playoffs the first time in 21 years let's listen up back to back you can play whatever order you want scott france get the phillies radio network and then dave sims courtesy of seattle dubon waiting on the 12th pitch and here it is swung on popped up shallow center coming on marsh on the run and the phillies for the first time in 11 years we'll head back to the postseason that's a great call by dave sims so phillies fans congratulations mariners fans congratulations as well two stock ups thank you very much and a stock down i thought we were maybe going to get dak press got back this weekend then jared jones revealed he still can't grip a football so stock down the dak not coming back to the cowboys and the ram's offense he can't block stafford when he does get some protection throws interceptions fumbles the football other than cooper cup they got nothing right now i don't know what's happened to alan robinson the ram's offense just stinks stock down and that's the zach yelp show on cbs sports radio i am off tomorrow because of the holiday i will be back on thursday andy gresh will be filling in for yours truly tomorrow and then on thursday i'll be back at 6 p.m eastern 3 p.m pacific hope everyone has a good one i will chat to you on thursday make sure you're listening to gresh tomorrow in this time slot and a big thank you to jim kelly for joining us today and then also even though he's a braves fan he's a punk braves fan but he's a tremendous college football reporter i do appreciate barrett sally joining us on the zach yelp show alrighty boys and girls children of all ages i will talk to you on thursday at 6 p.m eastern 3 p.m we out bye-bye peace
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