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NFL Cut Day Shockers (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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August 30, 2022 10:07 pm

NFL Cut Day Shockers (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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August 30, 2022 10:07 pm

NFL cut day surprises l Vernon Davis, former NFL tight end l Closing Bell


I'm Mandi Bell.

And I'm Sarah Langs. We're reporters for and our new podcast, Fielding Questions, will explain why baseball players are so superstitious, what separates the best ballparks from the rest, and all those other things you always wanted to know about baseball. You know, the greatest sport in the world.

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Rock, you can. Everyone makes a big deal at a cut-down day. Now, I'm not a player getting cut or trying to wait to see if I make the roster.

Cut-down day, a little bit overrated to me. And the reason why I say that is, yes, from time to time there's a major announcement or a big-time surprise cut. But usually the guys that get cut, here comes the earth-shattering analysis that they pay me to give you. But usually the guys that get cut deserve to get cut. And I'm not going to freak out because you fell in love with some guy that was fifth on the depth chart and he played a nice fourth quarter in a preseason game or Hard Knocks makes a big deal about it. I'm not going to sit here and go, oh, I can't believe this guy got cut or, oh, the franchise is ruined and the season's over and this is a move that I absolutely hate.

So I look at cut-down day today and I really see four moves that are going to elicit a response out of me. Alex Leatherwood, I know it's a new regime with David Zeigler and Josh McDaniels, and they're basically trying to just erase a lot that Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden did. Now there are also some pieces outside of the first-round picks that Mayock and Gruden elected to bring in or trade or draft that ended up working out for that team like Renfro and Max Crosby, but the Raiders' first-round picks have been just god-awful the last three years. Jonathan Abram, fifth-year option decline. Josh Jacobs, fifth-year option decline. Cleland Ferrell, fifth-year option decline.

2020, Damon Arnett already cut. Henry Ruggs, we know what happened with him off the field, no longer on the team cut. And Alex Leatherwood was cut today. An offensive lineman, Ryan, who was a first-round pick who should not have been picked as high as he was in the draft, but it's not his fault that an organization believed in him and elected to draft him and now this regime doesn't. But what the heck was he doing in practice or training camp where they cut a guy on a rookie deal after just one season and all this coaching staff got to see out of him was probably like OTA's training camp and the preseason. I wasn't actively watching Alex Leatherwood. I can't really give you a great analysis in terms of, oh wow, he did this wrong and this right, but after one year you would think you just keep him on the roster.

That means, I hate to assume here, maybe there's an attitude problem, maybe there was a commitment problem. That guy played at Alabama so he's been held accountable before, but that's kind of crazy. One year in the league, first-round pick at a position where what do we say about offensive linemen? They're like pitchers in baseball, you could never have enough and this guy's already off the team. Right, especially in a new scheme that's a different offense this year than it was last year and you think with the contract with being a first-round pick, worst case if he's not a starter, keep him as almost a developmental backup to see, okay, is there any sort of optimism or potential here that we can maybe squeeze him back into the lineup one day? I mean, I'm trying to rack my brain here.

I've been really thinking too long. Is this the earliest a first-round pick has gotten cut for a non-disciplinary reason? Yeah, like not something off the field or something like that.

I'm trying to think, this is insane. And not only that, it's one thing for the team to give up on you. 31 other teams for a former first-round pick of a year ago on the offensive line could have had an opportunity to trade for this guy. The ratings would have taken back his seventh-round pick if they're going to cut the guy and get nothing back. Sixth-round pick, fifth-round pick, not another team was going to go trade for this guy?

We really need Jay in Alaska to call in. And I know he's not going to speak kindly of Alex Leatherwood, but it was really that bad and that awful, where how many times do we see a crappy player get a second chance and a third chance and a fourth chance in the NFL because someone else thinks they could turn someone else's garbage into gold and it's the arrogance and it's the ego. And no one wanted to trade for Alex Leatherwood.

It's almost inconceivable. Like even look at Jalen Rager. He has sucked so far in the NFL. And supposedly there was a market for Jalen Rager today.

So it's like, and who knows, maybe some of that is not actually true. And who knows if the market's really heating up or that's just coming from the Eagles. But geez, it's kind of nuts that you see a guy who was a first-round pick and even if you didn't love him, the guy bare minimum is going to be a second-round pick at the absolute latest. And the next thing you know, not another team in the league wants to trade for him.

Man, I wonder what the reason is. Because there's one thing to just be a bad football player, but bad football players get other opportunities. There's God, and I hate to assume about someone's character that I don't know, but that's the only logical assumption that this guy just dogs it and that word traveled around the league very quickly. All right, let's get to Kellerman. Kellerman was a third-round pick a year ago at the quarterback position. And I know that Mike Zimmer was not a fan of Kellerman.

That was clear. With the new coaching staff, though, that's also innovative, young, offensive-oriented. I didn't even think that Kellerman's job was in jeopardy to be a second or third-string quarterback on the roster. And today, he was cut. Now, he joined us.

He was a phenomenal interview. And I know they just brought in Nick Mullins. I was a little bit surprised by that one today, Hatekeke. And it just shows you that Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer, I know they're both gone, did not agree. Spielman liked Mon. Zimmer hated the pick. And I guess this is a win today for Mike Zimmer. Not many wins last year for the Minnesota Vikings, but I guess even though he's not there today, this is a win for Mike Zimmer because the new coaching staff that is supposed to know everything about the quarterback and everything about offense looked at him and said, yeah, we got issues with Kellerman that he's not even going to make the roster.

And he was a third-round pick a year ago. I'm trying to remember. I forget the quote Mike Zimmer said late in the season, but they were saying about like, would you want to go to Kellerman there? And he just like, absolutely not like, oh, I've seen enough or something like that.

It was it was bad. But yeah, that's justification for Mike Zimmer that at least he got one thing right with the quarterback. And now is that Kellerman can't play. So I know that Mike Zimmer is working with Deion Sanders staff right now.

When asked if he wanted to get a look at Mond in the regular season finale against the Bears, Zimmer casually responded, not particularly. Yes. He then doubled down on that statement by saying, I see him every day. Thank you. That is that's even better than I remembered. I mean, that is one of the meanest things that you could ever say as a coach to a player without cursing them out.

Not particularly. I see him every day. So he was asked to clarify this. And this was at the end of the season. He said, I just meant Mond is the third team quarterback, said Zimmer. I mean, he's improved. He's improved throughout the year.

He's got a chance to be a good player, but he's third on the depth chart. So I kind of knew that you guys asked me those questions 10 minutes after the game, too. So that's part of that as well. Yeah, sure. Coach, whatever you say. You know, that'd be like if I was taking a week of vacation and I'm holding a press conference and someone goes to me. Hey, Zach, do you want to see how take Kiki get a few on air shifts this week? And I go, nope.

Any reason why? Not particularly. I see him every day. I hear him every day. I listen to his takes every day.

I'm good. He sucks. That's basically what Mike Zimmer just said. And now another coaching staff said, yeah, we agree that Kellerman's not an NFL quarterback. Josh Rosen.

I feel just compelled to bring him up. Where does Josh Rosen go from here? This was a guy that was a first round pick. Some people, not me, thought he was the best quarterback in that draft class. When you were looking at Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold. And now Josh Rosen has been cut by another team. And did it just see that Anderson post something last week that made it look optimistic that she was hearing noise or things about Josh Rosen?

Keep your eye on Josh Rosen. Now, he was never going to start for the Browns unless the Jacoby Brissette got hurt. But that gave an indication that he was least going to be on the roster. Maybe it was bad job us misinterpreting. Maybe she said keep an eye because he's terrible and we'll be cut.

Yeah, that's brutal. So Josh Rosen's been on the Cardinals, the Dolphins, the Bucks, the 49ers, the Falcons and the Browns. He's only been a league since twenty eighteen.

He's been on six teams. This has to be the end of the road. Now, I'm sorry. Let me ask you this. What are you apologizing for?

I don't disagree with you whatsoever. The guy is it's only. Wow. Twenty five.

Yeah. If I'm him. I hire a broadcasting agent. I go into broadcasting like now you wait a year.

You can wait a year. And then when people forget about you in a year from now, you go do games for like ESPN three. And then maybe you're good on TV and that elevates into doing college games.

At something other than ESPN three. There is one percent of me that hopes he stays in the league and like stays around to break Josh Johnson's record. Oh, yeah. Wasn't Josh Johnson out for like eight or nine years or something like that?

Oh, no. I say with the amount of teams he just got cut again. He is now looking for his fifteenth team in fifteen years.

Wow. No, but didn't Josh Johnson go some ridiculous length in starting games? Wasn't he with like the commanders? Oh, I think you're right in between starting games. But he's been in the league as a backup ball, you know, bouncing around the league.

Yeah. He's always got an opportunities. Fourteen teams in fifteen years. I mean, Josh Rose is already on a path where he'll be at fifteen teams in two years. Next month.

Josh Johnson. I just want to pull this up because I remember he started a few games for for the for the Washington football team, whatever they're called, the commanders now. So that was in twenty eighteen.

Yeah. So twenty thirteen was his last start or the last time he appeared in a game. And then twenty eighteen, all those years later, he finally saw a game. He played four games in twenty eighteen. Geez. I'd love for a chance to Josh Rose and be on every team.

All first guy, first guy in history, all thirty two. Yeah. I have at that point now he has some money from that rookie contract, not as lucrative as rookie contracts used to be. At this rate, I would I would like to see you have Jamarcus Russell money.

I think I'd retire at this rate. Can't beat out Josh Dobbs. Let's go. Yeah. I understand. OK. You respect someone that tries to persevere through adversity and has a chip on his shoulder. And that's what got him into a position of being a first round pick.

But at this point, I think it's you just acknowledge, OK, this NFL thing, it's just not going to work. And let me find and he's a smart guy. And remember, that was the knock on him and he's going to say he's too smart. He's not all locked in on football.

I would go start the next chapter of my life, whether that's being a broadcaster or using his intelligence to do something else in the world. Because being a starting quarterback or even a backup quarterback, even a third string quarterback can't even hold the clipboard, they're saying. So that's it for me with Josh Rosen.

He's too smart to hold the clipboard. And then finally, how about Josh Gordon? Now, I think the ship has sailed of Josh Gordon. He's one of the more talented players that like you've seen. Where the tangibles and all that, and we all know what happened off the field and and now there's just, you know, he could smoke as much marijuana as he wanted to.

If this was five years ago, what the policies are now, it wouldn't have been a big deal. It's kind of crazy that Josh Gordon's only 31. And I know that he was on a Super Bowl championship team. Well, he got cut by the Pats, but I think he's still got a ring.

But I look at him at this point. I respect his his journey and I respect the ride and what he did in Cleveland was unbelievable. Is he going to be brought in by another team? Didn't work out in Cleveland at the end. Didn't work out in New England. Didn't work out in Seattle. Didn't work out in Kansas City.

That's one of those careers that you're just going to look back on and say, man, what could have been? Because when he was in Cleveland, he was unbelievable. Do you have his age up in front of you? 31, I just said. Oh, OK. That's over the hill.

Yeah. And also at this rate. Maybe he needs that structure. And he needs that schedule. But I bet I would be thinking about hanging up football as well.

So it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. It's just wild, though, how the Raiders could be a playoff team. And they were a playoff team last year with everything, everything that happened off the field last year.

All the changes, all the swings and misses from the from the first round. And I still look at the like the Raiders have survived. They survived Gruden. They survived Mayock, all the terrible things that happened off the field last year. And it's a team that's going to be a good team this year with Derek Carr, Devante Adams, Darren Waller, Hunter Renfro, Crosby, Chandler Jones as well. I think they'll make the playoffs this year. The Las Vegas Raiders come on back.

Vernon Davis from NFL tight end will join us. I'm Mandy Bell and I'm Sarah Langs. We're reporters for MLB dot com and our new podcast Fielding Questions will explain why baseball players are so superstitious.

What separates the best ballparks from the rest and all those other things you always wanted to know about baseball. You know, the greatest sport in the world. You can subscribe now on Apple, Spotify, Odyssey or wherever you get your podcasts. I'm Mandy Bell and I'm Sarah Langs. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Last year Smirnoff touched down during the big game this year. The vodka for the people is turning things up as they recruit throughout the season for the cocktail coordinator, aka the best job in America. Smirnoff is here to fill the best job in America, the cocktail coordinator. If you have an unrivaled passion for the NFL, a match home getting skills and cocktail playbook to match, check out Smirnoff's Instagram next week to learn how to apply. This is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Now joining us on behalf of Smirnoff is a former NFL tight end, played with the 49ers, won a Super Bowl with the Broncos and ended his career back home in Washington.

He is a Super Bowl 50 champion, a two time pro baller, and that is Vernon Davis. Vernon, it's Zach Gelb. Appreciate the time. How are you? How are you guys? Thanks for having me. Well, I appreciate you coming on.

We'll talk about Smirnoff and what you're doing with the fine folks there in just a bit. But I got to start you off with the team that drafted you, the 49ers. They're now bringing Jimmy G back. They fixed his contract and he's going to be quarterback number two. What do you make about the 49ers keeping Jimmy G on the roster? I think the 49ers keeping Jimmy G on the roster is a smart move by them because look, you have two great quarterbacks, right? If one doesn't work, then the other one comes in. If he's not working, then you put the other one back in.

So now you have your taxes are high. You have something good going on. So them bringing him back was a smart move for sure. The only thing that I'm curious about is how long of a leash it will be on Trey Lance. Because they gave away a lot of draft picks to go get Trey Lance. And you've got a young quarterback that has only started two games in this league. I wonder if he struggles early on, how long they'll be patient with him throughout the season. It's okay because Jimmy G started his first two games. He only played two games before. Pretty much he was in the same situation that Trey is in now.

He's a veteran now and I think people are forgetting that. Every player has to start from somewhere. Eventually, Trey is going to have to be the starter if he's not the starter this year. But I think they're making a smart move by bringing Jimmy G back in as an insurance policy. And having Trey Lance run the show. And hopefully Trey is the man all season long and we won't need Jimmy G. But he's there in case anything happens.

So with Trey Lance starting, do you think just naturally he'll be looking over his shoulder knowing that Jimmy G, even though he hasn't been great for the 49ers, he's had success and they've had some deep playoff runs with him? I think as a player you don't really worry about the guy behind you. You know that someone's always going to be behind you. But the biggest thing, the most important thing that you can do is outwork everyone.

Hard work and dedication will get you the way you need to go. And Trey needs to understand that. He's done it all his life. He's always had someone behind him.

But he didn't think about that. Can't make it a bigger situation than it already is. It's just a part of competing, competition. So just play your game, do what you know you can do. Stay confident.

Believe in your ability to go out and be effective and help the team win. Talking to Vernon Davis right now, what type of year do you think Trey Lance will have? I think Trey Lance is going to have a great year. I like his outside. I think he's very athletic. He's tall. He can throw the ball. He can run. He has a lot of tremendous ability to make plays and I'm behind him.

I'm team Trey Lance. What's your message to the 49ers fan base? Because we know that's a passionate, loyal fan base.

But you know how fans are. We think it's all or nothing after one game. And whenever you have a young quarterback, there's going to be some good moments and there's going to be some bad moments. Yeah, I think my message to the 49ers fan base is just stay with whoever they're going with. You're with Trey and you're with Garoppolo.

You really go in with a positive attitude rooting for both of the quarterbacks. Whoever's going to be the starter, we're behind the 110th set. And for right now, we're with Trey Lance. That's what we're going with. We're putting everything up on him because he's the guy that's going to have to take us to where we need to go, which is the Super Bowl.

And we just rely and have faith and just know that he's going to get it done. I also wonder, and maybe you can be the player perspective on this, Vernon Davis. I'm sure you have some guys in the locker room that are Team Trey Lance and then some guys that are Team Jimmy Garoppolo because he's been an established quarterback in this league.

That dynamic in the locker room, how do you think that will play over? There's a lot of guys right now. I'm rocking with Trey. I'm rocking with Trey. Trey's a fan.

Trey's good. But then there's guys who have been friends with Garoppolo since he walked in, right? And they're still friends with him. Of course, they're going to be Team Garoppolo, right? But at the end of the day, what I think is even though there's some guys who are Trey Lance, Team Trey, Team Jimmy G, at the end of the day, whoever's in a quarterback, they're going to embrace the offensive linemen, the running backs. The wide receivers are going to embrace that guy even though they love Jimmy G because that's who they have to go with.

And they're going to forget about the experience that they had with Jimmy G until Jimmy G is back in there. That's what you have to do. It's part of having fun. It's part of being a football player. It's part of life. Right now, we're all about the moment.

We're living in this moment. We're going with what the coaches decide. And that's just what it is because they can't control it. It's out of their control.

They can't do anything about it. And the situation that Trey Lance has put in is also massive. I know we could be asking a lot for a matter of a young quarterback, but with the way that team's set up, with the running back room, and then you also have Deebo Samuel, who's a really good wide receiver, you also run the rock, too. You have Kittle, the tight end. It's like, don't you just kind of ask Trey Lance to manage the game this year and just play turnover-free football, I would imagine, right?

Trey Lance would go out and be the best football player he could possibly be. Don't think about it. Make a decision, go with it. Trust your gut and do what you've done. Do the things that got you here, right? That's why you tell him, though, you can't make him put his back up against the wall and just kind of tell him to play safe.

That's not a way to go. You make plays, you be a superhuman being that you've always been. That's what I'm telling Trey Lance if I'm his coach. Wrapping up with Vernon Davis right now on the Zach Gelb show.

Going to the last team you played for, Washington. Where's your belief level in Carson Wentz as he's now on his third team in his young career? I think Carson Wentz is a good quarterback. I think he's had a lot of ups and downs throughout his career. He started off amazing, you know, because I played against him during my time with the Washington Commanders. But I think Carson still has a lot of football left in him.

It's just about the timing. If this year is going to happen. But I think he's a tremendous asset. I also know that he's a tremendous asset for this team. He's a leader.

He's everything that they need. Now it's up to him to go out and be the Carson Wentz that we know he could be. When you go through some tough times in your career, how do you block that out and not let that eat at you and then overtake your career? Yeah, I think going through tough times you have to understand that you've always gone through tough times. Think back when you were a kid. When you first tried out for your Pop Warner, your Little League football team and you didn't make it. Or when you were in high school and you tried out for the basketball team, you didn't make it. Or maybe your position changed along the way. When you got to college, you had an injury which was looked at as a setback. But it was really a setup for your success. Think about all those things that you went through before getting to this point. You've always had setbacks. So now go into it knowing that you have nothing to lose.

You have everything to gain. And if Carson Wentz, if he's one of those guys, then I know he's going to do well. Let me take you to a team that you won a Super Bowl with, the Denver Broncos. Realistic expectations year one for Russell Wilson and Nathaniel Hackett with that new duo? Yeah, I think Russell is good with any quarterback. When you see them play, this guy, he just continues to impress me. And the one thing that we need to understand about Russell is the work that he does during the offseason. We see him with Sierra and going to red carpet events and all those things.

But he's working the whole time. He's a leader. He's everything that you want in a quarterback.

And his energy and camaraderie with any wide receiver is always outstanding. When I get to the AFC West, the Broncos, Raiders, you got the Chargers, the Chiefs, it's going to be a heck of a division. Who wins that division this year? I'm going to have to go put my money on the Chiefs.

You're not going to doubt them until someone takes them out, right? The Chiefs will do really well in the division. I'm going with them for sure. Okay, before we let you run, tell me about the fine work you're doing with the folks at Smirnoff today, Vernon Davis. Yeah, so right now we have the cocktail-coordinated contest, which is going to kick off on the 7th.

I'll be at the SoFi Stadium on the 8th. My favorite drink is the Cosmo Catch. It's all about making the perfect mix of drinks with the perfect mix of people.

And that's what we're doing. It's going to be amazing. You know what's in the Cosmo Catch? It's Smirnoff 21 with some OJ cranberry juice and an orange wedge to top it off. It's amazing. If you haven't tried it, you need to try it because it's the best drink you'll ever have in your life.

Well, it sounds delicious. We appreciate the time. Thanks so much for joining us for a few minutes today. You're welcome, sir.

Thanks for having us. Now, sir there. I think that's two sirs today. I think Christian Hackenberg also called me sir. Geez, that means I'm getting old here, hot take, Icky. People are now starting to call me sir.

That's a problem. I don't like being called sir. I'm too young to be called sir. Big 28. Wait, wait, wait. 27, you're a youngster.

28 year sir. Yeah, I don't like that. Free battery testing, free battery charging, replacement batteries that fit your needs.

That is what makes AutoZone America's number one battery destination. Get in the zone, AutoZone. Does that become a big problem in the locker room? Because there's going to be some guys that are ready to win now. And I don't think Trey Lance is ready to win now. And I think there's going to be an adjustment period of this season where there'll be some good, there'll be some bad. And you're going to have some veteran guys that go, OK, even though Jimmy Garoppolo may not be this team's franchise quarterback, even though he may not be a great quarterback, he's won a whole lot of games with this team.

And that's what I'm just fascinated to watch. The inner workings of the locker room. If they go through a four or five week stretch where it starts to get away from them, and then how many of those guys are going to say, let's go beat Tim, Team Jimmy, instead of thinking about what's best for the future and what this organization already called their shot with Team Trey Lance. I mean, it's inevitable, right? Like you think you lose a game, maybe you shouldn't or lose a tough win. You think, ah, Jimmy was there, maybe would have won that game if there's a rookie mistake or, you know, a young blunder by Trey Lance. But it's up to Kyle Shannon to kind of put to bed any of those doubts that Jimmy's Trey's hard guy and we're rolling with him and Jimmy's not coming to the rescue.

It's only natural, right? I would not bench Trey Lance this year if it's because of performance. The only way you sit him down is if he is hurt.

That's it. And I'm talking about a legit injury, not that his back is flaring up a little bit and he's not playing well. So we have an avenue and then we're going to take it to go sit him. I'm talking about a legitimate injury.

That's the only way I put his butt on the bench because you already called your shot. You already said Trey Lance is the guy and that Jimmy G can't win this team a Super Bowl. I don't think they thought, even though that team was a good team, but with the way they were playing for most of the last season, that they were going to be a fourth quarter choke job or a fourth quarter collapse up against the Rams away from going to a Super Bowl last year, even with how talented that roster is. But you know when this is going to happen?

I think it's going to happen pretty early on. Like, okay, the Bears, Seattle, you lose out of those two games, you're going to have some calls for Jimmy G. Denver Rams, no one really expects you to win those games. Carolina, Atlanta, you got to have bare minimum split.

But if there are some signs that he's not looking at all that, here's what you got on a four game stretch. Kansas City, the Rams, the Chargers, Arizona. That's when it could get ugly in that October into November stretch where there's a bye week factored in after the Rams game leading into the Chargers game where you may have some of the talk in the locker room be, okay, we're eight games into the season, don't really see this all working out. Maybe here comes Jimmy Garoppolo to save the day. And I know it worked where we were calling for Jimmy G to be bench last year and then he got back to being healthy and they ended up winning some games and salvaging their season. And we talked about this earlier, a lot of people forget that this organization doesn't believe in Jimmy Garoppolo. They could say they believe in Jimmy Garoppolo, but if they really did believe him, they would have never drafted Trey Lance and given up the capital they had to give up to go get Trey Lance.

So how many times are you going to keep on going back to the well thinking that Jimmy G is going to be the guy, even though he's won a lot of games, I do what is best for the future and that means you just ride this out the entire year with Trey Lance. It is Zach Gelb's show on CBS Sports Radio and we come on back, we'll tell you whose stock is booming, whose stock is dooming with the closing bell. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down. Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell.

Only on the Zach Gelb show. James McCann is not a good hitter. Missed an opportunity earlier, probably should have been given the opportunity. The Mets should have pitched it for him. Should have got someone else up there and then the Dodgers capitalize in the next inning. They're up 4-3 right now against the Mets in the bottom of the 7th. So Dodgers up 4-3 in the bottom of the 7th. But the other day Dodgers reliever Chris Martin saved Ellie's bacon on Monday night as he inherited a bases loaded one out jam in the bottom of the 10th inning and got out of it as the Dodgers beat the Marlins 3-2. The save was Martin's first in every year and he pitched to a 159 ERA since being acquired by Los Angeles and he is the defensive player of the week and it's sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union who proudly serves the armed forces, DoD veterans and their families. Their members are the mission.

Learn more at Give a stock up to Chris Martin. Let's get to some audio. I know the Yankees lost last night. Aaron Judge hit his 50th homer of the season. Let's listen up to Brendan Burke on the Yankees radio network.

It'll be a 1-1 to Judge. The pitch swung on and hit deep center field. Trout on the run. Aaron Judge number 50. Into the rock pile in center field in Anaheim. It's 4-3 Angels after home run number 50 for Aaron Judge. Nothing against Brendan Burke and he's a very fine broadcaster when he calls hockey and I haven't heard him enough in baseball to make a comment.

But doesn't that almost stink? Aaron Judge hits his 50th home run of the season and we don't get to hear, all rise, here comes the Judge and you don't get to hear the legendary John Sterling. I hope his schedule is clear the rest of the summer because Judge chases down Mantle, hits 62. He needs Sterling on the call.

Yeah, you do. Right? I mean, if you're upset about 50, you're going to be big time upset at 62 if he gets there.

Yeah, LaMaris, yeah. It's just one of those situations where I get it, he's older, he needs vacation. Final week of August, big vacation week. I feel like John should be back for the rest of the season, no?

I don't know if he goes, I don't know the Yankees schedule. I think this might be their last West Coast trip, but I think it's also probably the travel. That's what I think it is. I think it's a travel. So if this is it for them, you should be, but... Probably get John back in the booth. Not too sure.

Or cancel some of those vacation plans. But anyway, 50th home run of the year, we'll continue to see the chase, which I guess is a chase because a lot of people don't look at Maguire as the record holder and all that, but give a stock up to Aaron Judge. Albert Pujols hit his 694th home run of his career last night.

We mentioned this last night. Now let's listen up to the Cardinals Radio Network and hear it sounded. And the next pitch to Albert is hit high and deep to right field.

Backing up to the track, looking up, and it's gone! Home run Albert Pujols! Number 694! Month left in the season, is he gonna get 700? Is he gonna get six more? I hope so. I don't think so. I hope so.

So I remember when we first had this conversation about two weeks ago. The last five or six games of the year, they have back-to-back series to end the season up against Pittsburgh. Doesn't pool, send over some signed jerseys, some signed bats, some signed baseballs, and goes fellas.

Need some folly floaters right down the pipe. Need you to pull a Brett Favre here and fall down to Michael Shray and get the sack record. Well it's not as if this is going up against a team that is in the playoff chase and the playoff hunt. Going up against the Pirates, they suck! From a pride perspective, if you were a Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher, do you want to be known as the guy who gave up Albert's 700th home run?

Well that's the good question. Like if he's at 698, I think you're fine giving up 699. I don't know if you're just giving him a little meatball for 700.

He comes back for the next one. Alright coach, take me out. Let's go to the bullpen.

Does it really matter though? If you're the pitcher that gives up 700? I wouldn't want to be known as the guy. Do you think we really remember that? Oh yeah, that was the guy that gave up a 700 home run. To be fair, I don't know the Nationals pitcher who gave up Bond's 715th home run, so I can't sit here like that's a big deal, but... Now, if you give it up in controversial fashion, Brett Favre, Strahan, now I know Brett Favre's Hall of Famer, so it's completely different, but if you're some Joe Schmoe, do you want to just then be remembered? Oh, you gave him the home run instead of he just beat your brains in it and hit the home run. Like some controversy with Derek Jeter's final hit at Yankee Stadium. Some thought that it was grooved down the middle. Allow him to hit the walk-off home run and get that moment.

Or walk-off hit, I should say. You're really a bitter Mets fan. No, I'm just... Is that not the controversy out there? Is that not the rumor? I'm just saying what the people are saying.

I'm saying this is what I believe. I think you read too much into Twitter these days. Give a stock up to Albert Pujols' career home run 694 last time. Baker Mayfield. I love what he said today. What he said to Cynthia Freeland.

That he's going to bleep up the Browns. I got no problem with that. I'm fine. You got a chip on your shoulder. That's what made you great.

That's also been your biggest detriment. But what? Should we have Baker Mayfield tell Cynthia Freeland, oh yeah, I want to just play a nice game of patty cake with the Browns and I have no animosity towards them. That's not authentic Baker Mayfield. He wants to bleep up the Browns. And I don't blame him.

I like that he finally admitted it. Stock up to Baker Mayfield. Okay. 2019 first round draft picks for the Raiders. Jonathan Abram. Cleland Farrell. Josh Jacobs. All their fifth year options decline.

Pretty rough. Then 2020, Damon Arnett, Henry Ruggs. We know what happened with them.

2021, today. Alex Leatherwood got cut by the Raiders. I still don't know who was the point guy for those drafts. Was it Gruden?

Was it Mayock? Both of them though. What the heck are you reaching for in back to back to back years? Cleland Farrell with the fourth overall pick never made any sense. Henry Ruggs being the first wide receiver taken in that draft never made sense.

And Alex Leatherwood, everyone at the time set up. There's the Raiders reaching once again. The first rounds for the Raiders. I know Mayock isn't a GM anymore. And Gruden is speaking today at the Touchdown Club, the Little Rock Touchdown Club.

But geez, I don't ever want to consult them on my first round draft picks ever again. And it's a shame because Mike Mayock was really good on TV. Stock down to Mayock and Gruden. Let's also play a little John Gruden, Ryan.

This was John Gruden at the Little Rock Touchdown Club. That's what it's courtesy of. Says he is remorseful for what he said in leaked emails. I'm not going to say anything but honest things here. I'm ashamed about what has come about in these emails. And I'll make no excuses for it.

It's shameful. But I am a good person. I believe that. I go to church. I've been married for 31 years. I've got three great boys.

I still love football. I've made some mistakes. But I don't think anybody in here hasn't. And I just ask for forgiveness and hopefully I get another shot. There's certain ways to apologize.

I think you should have just stopped speaking after six or eight seconds in. Once you say but, I go to church. But, I've been married for 31 years. But, I've raised three great boys. But, I'm hummin' a hummin' a hummin' a hummin' a hummin' a hummin' a. Like, what are you doing? What does it matter with what you said in the emails if now you say, oh yeah, but I'm a great person because I went to church.

I've been married for 31 years and I'm a family man. Should have just stopped six or seven seconds in. I'm giving a stock down to John Gruden because he doesn't even know how to apologize anymore. Notre Dame, they're going to disrespect it.

Seventeen and a half point dogs. Maybe I'll be dead wrong when we walk in here on Tuesday because we're off Monday because it's Labor Day. Maybe I'll be dead wrong, but I have to think, even with a new head football coach, an offense that isn't great. And I know Ohio State is his force to be reckoned with for this upcoming season.

You would need to think that they're going to be able to cover 17 and a half. I'm not telling you that this isn't going to be Ohio State victory. I think it will be Ohio State victory.

They may win the thing by two touchdowns, but by 17 and a half points. I think there's a backdoor cover somewhere for Notre Dame, who's ranked the fifth best team in the country. I think they'll disrespect the Notre Dame. And I usually do disrespect Notre Dame because I tell you I don't think they're as great as what people make them out to be.

Seventeen and a half point dog. Yeah, I don't see that one. Stock down to the Notre Dame disrespect. I'll probably be up freezing cold takes right after that game on Saturday.

And finally, the commanders. Carson Wentz is your starting quarterback this year. Jason Wright, attention, please turn off the radio right now. You're not going to like these comments.

Ron Rare, please, attention, turn off the radio right now. You're not going to like these comments. If you guys are trusting Carson Wentz this year, you could add Jimmy Garoppolo. You could add Jimmy Garoppolo for a lot less than what you traded away to go get Carson Wentz.

I'm not telling you Jimmy Garoppolo is great. Personally, I wouldn't want Jimmy Garoppolo as a starting quarterback on my team. But when the option is Jimmy G or Carson Wentz. If they came to me and said, Zach, you got a choice, Jimmy G for a fifth round pick, fourth round pick, or Carson Wentz to swap twos, you get the lesser of the twos. Give up two threes, one that could turn into a two.

If you play 70 percent of the snaps, I would say yeah. I'll take my chances on Jimmy G than Carson Wentz. And that the third time is going to be a charm for Carson Wentz in the NFL. Stock down to the Washington commanders.

And then I got one more for you actually. Josh Hader. Ever since joining the Padres, he's a 25.71 ERA. Maybe the Brewers knew what they were doing. They got blasted for that trade. He's been terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible with the Padres. Stock down to Josh Hader.

And that's that guilt show on CBS Sports Radio. Big thanks to Vernon Davis. Big thanks to Christian Hackenberg for joining us as well.

And in addition to Byron Young of the Alabama football team. Be back tomorrow. How about this one? Aaron Donald is scheduled to join us. Can't wait for that conversation. We also got to cross off one more first and goal. Only two remain. I think we're going to try to target the Giants tomorrow. But you'll find out for sure at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. We'll talk to you then. JRNX, we out. Bye bye. Peace.
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