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Mary of Nazareth

Words of Life / Salvation Army
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August 7, 2022 1:59 am

Mary of Nazareth

Words of Life / Salvation Army

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August 7, 2022 1:59 am

The mother of the Savior of the world. Mary of Nazareth needs little introduction. In today’s episode, Lt. Colonel Helen Starrett shares the humanity and “ordinariness” of this young girl God chose to change the world.

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Hi this is breathing welcome to the Salvation Army's words of life in their native all sayings, there may great furlough of the rose is the time and in devious ways yet sure is a way of your duties.

A things that she hired three guys can snow K and being in the long run your time on Monday. Jesus needed, say, removing the line welcome back the words of life, everybody. We are glad you're here on Bernie Dick Gillam met this week we are continuing the series with the Col. I would start studying incredible women in the Bible today. She discusses probably the most well-known woman in the Bible.

Mary as Helen continues to share the stories of these women. It's as if their stories were modern movies. The challenges she shares that Mary went through would still be troubling today. I mean if you're teenage daughter came to you and told you that she was pregnant. I mean I wish you think that there was a relationship that must've taken place right. This was not that now and then she says now that's not the case. And also I mean yeah it was scandalous right so Mary is an ordinary teenager and a minor in business gets visited by this angel and is told she is to be the mother of the Messiah, Jesus the Savior. So God uses ordinary young woman to do an extraordinary thing in this world to source the Savior of the world and I just can't imagine the weight of the world that was on her shoulders and yet we see throughout the Scripture, although obviously we don't have like that.

He said that movie view of it. We see just this piece that kinda rests on her because when God does extraordinary things for ordinary people. There's just this piece yeah Joseph please no small part of that but were really focusing on the women of the Bible series Odyssey coming into the series like as we look through the Scripture, there are two or three characters that I couldn't tell you many things about. It's pretty timely that you have someone who's got such a passion for storytelling and teaching like Helen to just share some perspective with this absolute deep dive into the word absolutely were so thankful for men what you put in is what you get out pretty simple principle we want to encourage you from here from words of life to get into the word.

It's so important and try to identify with characters that will help you associate yourself with what God's trying to tell you, or maybe even open up yourself to a word that God has for you through the stories I think I think one thing that is highlighted out of this whole series is not just God using ordinary people to do extraordinary things. He loves women. Women have, you know, our rightful place in the kingdom of God, doing his work and I think over and over again, especially Jesus points to that and he uses women not just because he wants to use an extra day ways I think I think but it's also showing the importance of women in the kingdom of God and so I think that I am so grateful for Helen again to deep dive and to show us that point important as well. This is greatest story using ordinary and extraordinary. We hope to be encouraged by welcome there's no better way to begin our look at today's woman. To begin with one of my favorite books. This book begins with the mother rocking a newborn baby saying I'll love you forever I'll like you for always as long as I'm living my baby you'll be. The book progresses and ends with a young man cradling the mother I'll love you forever I'll like you for always as long as I'm living my mommy you'll be Mary story is recorded in Matthew Luke John and ask Mary of Nazareth is the most significant in the lineage of Christ because she is his earthly mother Mary gave birth to a baby and watched him die as her Savior. What an awesome responsibility for a teenager.

God uses ordinary people for his kingdom. God did not choose Mary because she was unique.

Mary was unique because God chose her.

He knew her heart, her trusting nature her faith. We all know, the greatest story ever told how an angel appeared and told Mary she would carry a baby and he would be the son of God. She didn't ask the angel to intercede on her behalf.

She trusted God with the consequences of this miraculous birth. Mary needed encouragement and went to visit her aunt Elizabeth. Both women instantly recognize their babies would have significant importance. Mary may have wanted to pour an extra cup of tea for this discussion.

Here are just a few of the topics that might've been discussed around that tea table Joseph not understanding and thinking the worst. Joseph breaking their engagement. Mary's family. Not understanding the public stigma and scandal of an unwed pregnancy gossip on the part of the people in our town, a public stoning.

She must have been in constant prayer with God the father to find strength to handle any of these questions and doubts. Mary returned home and found that Joseph was prepared to stand by her. What follows is the most extraordinary miracle of the Bible and of the world. We are told that Mary treasured all these things in her heart. Jesus was raised in the Jewish tradition, along with his brothers and sisters, as was tradition. The family traveled each year to go to the temple to make sacrifices for the festival of Passover. When the family was returning. They realize that Jesus was not with them.

Panic no cell phones, no social media, but don't be too hard on the family. Jesus was at an age when he would have fit in with the women and the children or with the men so it was an easy mistake to assume that he was traveling with one or the other groups. After three days they find him in the temple with the teachers we can feel a bit of Mary's anxiety son, why have you treated us like this, we've been searching for you. Jesus response was simply I must be about my father's business.

Why do you worry this was a turning point. Jesus was on a mission. Mary could not get in his way. The years between this temple, adventure, and Jesus adulthood have not been recorded. The next time we see Mary Sheehan Jesus are invited to a wedding they are attending a family wedding in Cana.

The wine runs out and Mary assesses the situation and assert yourself. She tells Jesus what's happening. She doesn't try to fix the problem on her own Jesus and Mary interact. Jesus said woman. What do you want me to do.

It's not my time.

Mary is aware of Jesus power and she instructs the servants to do just as Jesus instructs this is Jesus first miracle the most extraordinary event to ever take place was witnessed by ordinary people. Was this the first step in Jesus stepping away and Mary learning to let go of her son and welcoming a Savior. Mary continue to watch, worry and worship for the next three years. She understood danger was coming and had no way to protect Jesus. The events that follow are hard to imagine as a mother they must have been unbearable. Mary can only watch as her son is bruised, beaten and crucified as a common criminal. Mary never sat down, never turned away.

She stood with her son as only a mother could again we recognize Mary as a mother totally devoted to Christ.

We can only hope she was able to cling to.

All she had treasured in her heart. The relationship between Mary and Jesus is revealed on the cross. Not only was Jesus her Savior. He recognized the need to care for his mother as long as I'm living my mommy you'll be to continue to care for Mary after his death was a sacred decision entrusting Mary to John, Jesus speaks from the cross and he says to Mary, this is your son and to John this is your mother planning for her as he hung on the cross. John would take care of Mary. They would support each other and help assuage each other's grief as their physical relationship changed forever. Their eternal one had just begun. Mary was the only person present with Jesus at both his birth and his death, Mary believed God would take and manage all he promise trusted his son to care for her and in doing so became an extraordinary example of God's love this week. May God show you the extraordinary in the ordinary. God bless you today, the Salvation Army mission doing the most good means helping people with material and spiritual needs become a part of this mission every time you give to the Salvation Army visit Salvation Army to offer your support and love to hear from you. Call 1-800-229-9965 email us radio at USS.Salvation Army ductwork tell us how we can help share prayer requests per share your testimony. Would love to use your story on their can also subscribe to our show on iTunes or your favorite podcast work and be sure to give us a rating search for the Salvation Army's words of life, both on social media for the latest episodes extended and if you don't have a church home invite will be glad to see this is Bernie Dick join us next time for the Salvation Army's life

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