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How Many Sins Does It Take to Lose Your Salvation?

Words of Life / Salvation Army
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June 6, 2021 1:04 am

How Many Sins Does It Take to Lose Your Salvation?

Words of Life / Salvation Army

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June 6, 2021 1:04 am

Spoiler alert- Ken doesn’t give a number, but rather discusses the various theologies behind this topic.



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Hi this is breeding welcome to the Salvation Army's words of life well-known to nighttime sound. I Cheryl and I'm Bernie Dick you know where the last two episodes of the series skeptics welcome and were grateful to Ken for putting this incredible series together I think is a beautiful job of taking your questions and discussing them with some grace this weekend talks about salvation. The main part of this question is can you lose your salvation. And like we discussed last week. Many denominations feel very differently about this question yeah I have a Baptist friend who kinda holds onto the thought once saved always saved. I think certainly different denominations like we talked about last week have different viewpoints but the real question is no. Where did that come from right where is bubbling up from right the human that asked the question, do you know that God loves you in spite of anything you've done. He loves you why think that we understand that our adversary is the devil, he is the father of lies and he is constantly throwing lies addressed to say that were not good enough that God doesn't love us and so from that perspective I guess it's important for especially this person to know God loves you. You now and then, there's something else that kind of this kind of struck me when I was a young adult I had this thought because I know that I wasn't I was willfully sending and so I had to evaluate my own story yet that point when I see Jesus you are not and so you know, again, it comes back to the origin of that that question, where is it coming from within you, and you have to we have to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal that to us you know if I'm sitting Lord reveal it to me. If I'm not I accept fully the love of Christ and his acceptance in my life and stop me if you for this before, but we were at an event were one of the speakers Maj. Missy Rome exited the devil doesn't keep his deals in the Lord doesn't make deals he makes promises. There's only one thing you cannot do Lord cannot fail he loves us and his love won't let go.

No matter what we do. I think it's exciting for me having had such a relationship with transmission. For so long. There's a new album out. We talked about last week, and on the album is a song called faithful which is an arrangement of a song that two former generals of the Salvation Army had written together called. They need Christ talks about in the lyrics it mentions.

There are people hurting in the world out there, they need us, Christ and we hope that if you're listening to this episode. If you're within the sound of our voices and you need Christ or you're wondering about his love for you or your relationship with him reach out to us at the Salvation Army find someone locally get to a Christian church. Find someone you can talk to about the love of Jesus because it is unfailing. We hope that if you're nothing else you hear that hope today in Jesus name I will good morning again and welcome back to skeptics welcome. I hope you are wrestling with the Scriptures.

I hope that this is been somewhat of a challenge to you last week I referred to a difference between those who follow the teachings of John Calvin or Martin Luther and those who follow the teaching of John Wesley or James Arminius has to do with the concept of free will or what some might call eternal security. That is, once I accept Christ salvation. I cannot lose it for Tuesday give others who belong to the holiest branches of the Christian church believe that if I stopped walking in obedience that by that act of free will. I can actually forfeit or lose my salvation.

Now, as a kid, I lost my salvation every day, every week I was at the altar confessing my sin because I was afraid that if something would happen. I would go straight to hell, praying he would restore to me that salvation. Now there are some who have written in and asked the question how can you live with this stress and anxiety of trying to live a holy perfect life by avoiding and overcoming sin. I mean, that's a difficult task. In fact, I have good friends who now attend a Baptist church to say they feel now so free they been working so hard to prove to God that they were worthy of salvation that to just accept his grace filled with her filled their hearts with joy. I also have friends who say they are Christians, but I can't tell the difference between them and those who say they aren't. I mean even Jesus says the demons believe that mean they get saved. Then there's the parable of the sheep and the goats salvation that is entrance into heaven is dictated solely on if you need human need in Jesus's name. Those who failed to practice good works were actually banished into eternal damnation. James writes that without works. Our faith is dead yet. I am reminded that John 316 says if you believe you shall not perish but have eternal life. I think if were honest, we are caught in these two extremes, and the truth is somewhere in the middle which is more powerful.

God's sovereignty or human will. Do I have the power even to choose or is God simply mandating my choices. I think the answer to this is in the struggle to answer it. I wanted to call this week session how many sins does it take to lose your salvation. How does this thing called repentance or confession actually work. Do I request forgiven Staley do I request forgiveness weekly. Maybe at the altar to I request forgiveness immediately after each sin, nor do I sin, actually, with the knowledge that I'm going to confess or repent later forming this vicious cycle by which I am constantly sinning and repenting, doesn't that feel a whole lot like what Israel used to do. I mean, isn't repentance actually a change in behavior.

If I repent and keep going back to the same sin.

I'm not really repenting, Emma, and if I'm constantly self examining for sin.

How does this not keep me from costly dwelling on all my faults and shortcomings is a big deal, a recovering addict once asked me if Jesus can transform one way have to keep going to meetings and saying I'm an addict in recovery. At what point does God actually restore me or meetings a new way of life for me costly dwelling on my own sin addictive ways for me personally. I struggle with depression can God not take that depression away. Sure he can, however, I believe it to be what Paul considers maybe a thorn in the flesh for me, something that reminds me of my daily and hourly need for God's presence is a good reminder for others who are also struggling that God doesn't just take away all of our ailments and problems, but the struggle is part of the journey and it's okay to struggle. You see, we often meet God in these challenges and obstacles and questions. I actually like the fact that I'm speaking to skeptics right now because you know that there's something deeper to be explored. You're not just willing to take things it face value or what you've always been told, and I believe that it's in this exploring of this relationship with Jesus and the Scriptures. And through these momentary tests that will turn your life into a testimony, giving glory to God. So yes, self-examination is an hourly, daily, surrender to God and his spirit of constant reflection of living up to his holy standard, but it shouldn't be one that's filled with anxiety and fear. This constant regeneration of the Holy Spirit doesn't bring condemnation and shame, but peace and joy and with it, Wesley says you experience the assurance of the Holy Spirit's presence and relationship you do not have to teeter precariously over the precipice of hell every day. But remember that today your name is written in the book of life. If you believe, unless of course you choose to willingly abandon that relationship. Hebrews 6 gives us this terrible warning that once we have tasted salvation and willingly walk away. There is no sacrifice for sins left none in this verse absolutely terrified me. But I miss this one thing it says Jesus is that final sacrifice and it's through his blood, all can be redeemed is only one person that can't be redeemed and is the heart that stops listening the heart that stops carrying the heart that stops participating the heart that stops asking questions and walks away from God forever, but here this my friend even to the one who continues to harden your heart. God is still calling God is still after you.

He never gives up on us his love never stops chasing us. The hound of Heaven races you to your door and refuses to give up on you on us. He is relentless. So my friends it's okay three. The Holy Spirit is inside of you listen to it and there you will find your peace. God bless you and will see next to the Salvation Army's mission doing the most good means helping people with material and spiritual needs to become a part of this mission every time you give to the Salvation Army visit Salvation Army to offer your support and love to hear from you. Email us at or call 1-800-229-9965 colitis PO Box 29972, Atlanta, GA 30359 tell us how we can help share prayer request or share your testimony. Would love to use your story on the air. You can also subscribe to our show on iTunes favorite podcast store and surely give us a rating to search for the Salvation Army's words of life.

Follow us on social media for the latest episode extended interviews and more. And if you don't have a church home. We invite you to visit your local Salvation Army worship center will be glad to see you this spring. Join us next time for the Salvation Army's life

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