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The Word on Words - Selected Proverbs

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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May 25, 2020 1:00 am

The Word on Words - Selected Proverbs

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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May 25, 2020 1:00 am

Language can serve as a force of good as well as a force of evil depending on how you use it, and Solomon gives us example after example of both kinds of uses. So join Stephen now as he brings us Solomon’s word . . . on words.

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Dr. Stephen Davey

There may be many areas of your life or you need help living wisely. One of the most important is probably your tongue. One of Solomon's favorite subjects in his collection of Proverbs is the top refers to a proud ally for first time an angry tone, and encouraging top a seductive tone a deceitful time soothing tone and instructive a flattering tone guarded crass listen.has a lot to say about what ways we all want to live wisely, but one area it's very difficult is our words. Have you ever been hurt by someone's words when you turn that around. When's the last time you said something you regretted words are powerful words can bring life and words can destroy. And that's our theme today here on wisdom for the heart. Stephen Devi is continuing through his series from Proverbs called the quest for hidden treasure. Today's lesson is called the word on words let's rejoin Stephen right now. One of the better-known jingles in the world of communications today is I heard it through what the grapevine which is odd because it replace the grapevine of their air you wouldn't hear anything right in order to understand where you got to go back in the American history: the abolition of slavery was beginning to pick up a momentum time when groups of runaway slaves from the S. Were Making Their Way N. along the underground railroad which was simply a reference to safehouses along the way. That would hide the runaway slaves and feed them in and care for them and help them on to the next safe location work travel back to the time in Cincinnati was a key location where runaway slaves would slip across the Ohio River and reflect freedom.

One of the ways, sympathetic people communicated with the slaves along the underground railroad was through the use of laundry strategically hung outdoors on the line one selection of clothing would communicate that it was unsafe to travel in that area to stay hidden another selection of clothing meant that it was now safe to move through the area, even identifying safehouses where food and rest could be found since rope was expensive. Grapevines were often substituted in this primitive system of communication actually became known as the grapevine telegraphs eventually were telegraph was dropped. The people simply referred to the grapevine.

We use the word grapevine today, though, don't we use it to refer to hearing the latest news. The newest bit of gossip. The latest tale.

Solomon wrote to those who will join him in his quest for wisdom, which is this hidden treasure of insight and discernment in maturity and grace. He writes life and death are in the power of the top not the hand, not the knife or the sword but the tongue people today are not emancipated by the grapevine. They are often imprisoned instead.

I have read that the average person has 700 opportunities to speak every day. The average person will speak some 12,000 sentences husband's breath is why we come home you find your wife wanting to talk you were talking to clients all day and she still has 10,000 sentences that are unused. She spent all day chasing around one-year-old around the house, and none of her sentences were complete so they didn't. The truth remains. We speak about 50,000 words a day.

Imagine at 50,000 words at the size of a small book.

I wonder how much of what we say would be worth writing down or even further with reading one or one of the most significant subjects to study in our quest for hidden treasure is the subject of our speech. One of Solomon's favorite subjects in his collection of Proverbs is the tongue. He refers to a proud time, a lying tongue, perverse tone and angry tone, and encouraging top a crafty time. A seductive tone a deceitful time soothing tone and instructive tone a flattering tone guarded tone client crass tone. Listen, God has a lot to say about what we say for the sake of tackling such an expensive subject.

I want to divide our study today into two sections. The first is positive. Second is negative. First has to do with our words can help.

Second, how are words can hurt. First, how words can help you be the principal first. For starters Solomon informs is number one, that are words can provide good counsel. He writes in Proverbs chapter 27 verse nine oil and perfume make the heart glad so a man's counsel is sweet to his friend towards the counsel of a companion is unparalleled in the life of someone that's why work with the guard who we allowed to counsel's godly friend teammate spouse, a coworker, a fellow student can impact you tremendously through their words, it can affect you. Paul wrote to the Colossians with the word of Christ richly dwell within you, and with all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another how with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God. Colossians 316 we literally reiterate through the lyrics. The truths that will help one another and we speak them as were around one another today teaching admonishing. So the question should be asked then that conversation that I just have didn't believe them more thankful to God, which was Paul's intention or less than one author made the interesting comment that our daily conversations are actually mutual counseling sessions whereby we exchange the reassurances and advice that helps us deal with the routine challenges of life three-way for the believer to view his conversations as a mutual counseling session for the betterment of both parties not only towards counsel. They can also confront second with this comes the idea of correction, not just the advice of a friend, but the accountability friend Solomon wrote earlier in Proverbs 17 verse 10 overview goes deeper into one who has understanding than 100 was into a fool. You challenge all wise believer that what they are doing or saying or how they are living is missing the mark of holy living or quiet surrender in some way or another, and they will deeply consider your words, your confrontation will get their attention for the good effect. We use the expression to this day.

A word to the wise is what sufficient comes from the implication of this proverb and others. A wise person will listen and learn from his mistakes.

He will accept the word of admonition, but not so a fool. Solomon writes in this text, even if he is beaten black and blue with 100 strokes of the rod.

He will go right back to his activity and his following. Thirdly, your words can counseling confront, but they can also comfort. Solomon writes in Proverbs 2511. The Bible says like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in right circumstance and I would agree with Charles Bridges he wrote in the mid-1800. He he says that that I would agree this is literal fruit golden apples served on silver trays good words and the right timing and how refreshing then are those words there like ripe fruit. They are served in the finest way possible date they satisfy both hunger and thirst at the same time they are entirely nourishing for words not only counseling, confront comfort, but they also along the same line cheer Solomon wrote in Proverbs 15 verse four soothing tongue is a tree of life, but perversion and it crushes the spirit. There is power in words of generally make a difference. Most likely you will play your best game when fans are cheering you on. That's why home field is synonymous with the word advantage as I study this Texan that thought, it occurred to me that all of the believers battles are away games far from home in the world.

Cheers, on the other side they want to see defeated, discouraged, despairing contests are away games. The only time you hear any encouragement for the most part is when you're in the huddle and away game right when you gather together your teammates.

That's when you hear so here we are. This is the huddle. This is when we pull away. Refining those away games we come in here and is why the writer of Hebrews said make sure you encourage one another when you assemble as you see the day approaching. What day is that the day the contest is over is the power of encouraging words.

One author wrote about entering what was called 1/2 Ironman triathlon. He was a pastor who just wanted to have this accomplishment in his bag.

He writes after the 1.2 mile swim of the 56 mile bike ride. They hardly had energy left for the 13.1 mile run either to the fellow jogging next to me.

I asked him how he was doing and soon regretted. He said man this stinks. This race is the dumbest decision I've ever made in my life I knew if I listen to long I start agreeing with them. So I spent up I basically caught up with the grandmother 66 years of it.

Her tone was just the opposite. She said to me, taught at least it's not raining. Don't forget to hydrate you'll finish the race.

She encouraged me. I ran next to hers. I couldn't keep up any longer. I wonder which runner represents me which runner represents you as we jive alongside one another in this contest is reflected in her words, your words counsel confront comfort to your filing to provide a construct forward to the Thessalonians. I go outside Proverbs for just a moment to build one another up just as you also are doing for Thessalonians 511, he went further in verse 14, we urge you, brother, and I literally begged you. You and the assembly encourage the fainthearted and in strengthening the we teach strength and buildup. Solomon put it this way, the lips of the righteous feed many words feed many Proverbs 1021 Chapter 15% of the lips of the wise, spread knowledge this is the edifying the building.

The strengthening effects of words provided by the winds construct counseling, confront comfort, she what you hanging out on the grapevine is elitist safety or sorrow words can help, but words can also hinder Solomon provides insight into several ways that words can hurt. Number one first words Kim C. One of my commentary friends pointed up what he called the primeval sin. It is these are the sins that we see evidence in Satan's nature early on pride and if he coveted the throne of God.

Isaiah 14 1217 and lying.

In fact, his first recorded words in human history was alive right to even if you eat this you will be as wise as God's ally, Solomon. It's no surprise then that he records in Proverbs chapter 6 that God literally despises seven things he hates seven activities and right in the middle. Our pride and lying what we do with our words. We evidenced pride in our behavior. Certainly the way we talk, we evidence lying in the way we speak.

No wonder Solomon had been quite a short prayer list because of the end of his collection in chapter 37 and he says here here's here's all I got my prayer list.

Two things two things I have asked of you, Lord, do not refuse me before I die here is keep deception and lies far from me. What is actually praying here is that he will be kept from the influence of Satan as well as a prayer that he will not imitate the great deceiver.

Secondly, words cannot only deceive they can destroy member that child's chant sticks and stones may break my bones but what words will never truly there is sticks and stones are easy compared words. I don't have many scars from sticks and stones. Do you rocks hurt for a while words hang on. They have the ability to tear down, destroy everything from friendships to marriages to workplaces to churches. Solomon wrote in this way. Proverbs 18 verse six, a fool's lips brings strife in his mouth, calls for blows, he's gonna start a fight.

He's gonna provoke some kind of controversy or argument where everybody loses somebody's reputation is ruined somebody's name is going to be dirtied somebody's spirit is going to be crushed. Words have that kind of power don't seminary I can remember we were told by one of our pastoral theology professor is a story that true story short, the ultimate nightmare is to scare all the pastors to be a pastor and his wife were barely squeaking by in their rural community church faithfully serve Christ. There was a successful businessman and his wife in the church who were of immense help. He and his wife volunteered. They serve the church in the pastors family occasion. The pastor was invited to preach in a meeting of the city several hours away enough money for plane ticket in his own car was a little too old to get you risk the drive so this businessman found out about it and told him he had the perfect solution had a business trip. The other Megan.

He would be flying out of town during that very same period of time. He told the pastor friendless and wanted to drive over to my home drop off your car take me to the airport in my card and take my car up to your meeting did you come back pick me up at the airport we get back same time. Sounded terrific is a win-win. Only problem was this pastor now had his vehicle parked overnight at this man's house. His car was gone. Neighbors jumped to conclusions and spread the word and better days that little community heard the news all the grapevine. He ended up resigning, unable to overcome the destruction to his own reputation.

Maybe you're there in a way you're finding it so difficult to overcome what people are hanging out on the grapevine.

Solomon wrote Proverbs 11 nine with his mouth. The godless man destroys his neighbor, they can receive these words, they can destroy. Thirdly, along the same line. Words have the ability to divide this person is more than happy to hang dirty laundry out in the open on whatever grapevine is available Proverbs as it this way. Chapter 16 verse 28 a slanderer separates intimate friend would startling to me about Solomon statement is in the distant acquaintances are separated or church members would hardly know each other no intimate friend divided by slander. It was such a serious problem in the early church that nearly every epistle deals with the power of the tongue. In fact, Paul bluntly told Titus to dismiss the divisive person from the assembly after the second warning kind of interesting is no traditional church discipline steps were witnesses are brought to bear. The congregation brought in the womb and warned the brother know Paul writes or we we read his writing to Titus reject literally removed from the assembly.

A factious man, a divisive man.

After a first and second warning. Titus 310.

Why because the church according to the will of God is to demonstrate unity in the spirit and the transforming power of the gospel of grace which produces love and good works, and the enemy can't really do a lot from the outside, let a lot away.

He really can't do much work from the inside out, and he uses a divisive person's words that handicap the churches ability to demonstrate unity and in love. It's a powerful tool. So the question remains, what are we to do about this incredible power. We walk around with an amounts in it is the power of life and death, let me suggest three things that we should do with our words. First of all, surround them. Solomon wrote he who guards his mouth guards his soul from trouble. Proverbs 21 verse 22 we did bring in ourselves, the only we say things we shouldn't say I had to laugh. I came across a story written down number years ago and her twin sons were in elementary school as a read this account again. I couldn't help but imagine the personal struggle.

This teacher was probably engaged in it was a try to maintain control of his words, and most of before homeschooling we had her boys for a couple of years in a in a magnet public school elementary school in Raleigh.

They were in the second grade. We are sitting down at the dinner table out one night when my son said, hey, that music teachers a Christian so greatly, the undersigned, pipes and dad that we we think is a Christian were pretty sure is a Christian man. My sons are evidencing such spiritual discernment at such an early age.

I asked him how you know what I'm said well you know we are all sort of up while acting up in class and he went over to the corner. We could tell he was praying he probably was. Here's what he might've been praying set a guard over Lord, over my mouth keep watch over the door of my lips surround my words.

Lord post a guard at the doorway of my lives.

In other words, don't let anything out without divine clearance were to fail every day. That's our mission setting. Secondly every possible chance not only surround your words would silence them. Solomon records he who restrains his lips is wise in the search for hidden treasure. The people who are finding wisdom are people who restrains her lips to very difficult.

My father's generation was known for restraint.

This generation is known for expression. Abraham Lincoln once wrote it this way. I have often regretted my speech never my silence. I memorized a few months ago, little saying to rollaround my heart of mine. I share with our staff. The chapel at the church.

It goes like this. My silence might be misinterpreted, it can never be misquoted to avoid certain conversation because it's really good to just be about stuff that won't help. It will only hurt baby together of all your sources and just delete them. Solomon wrote it this way. He said he who restrains his words has knowledge. In other words, one of the smartest things we can do as believers is by our tongue surround our words. Maybe silence our words. Thirdly, sweeten your words keep them sweet. Someone said you never know would have to either. Solomon wrote it this way. Chapter 16 verse 24 pleasant words are a honeycomb suite Ray Prichard in his devotional commentary that I just come across. He wrote about a study he had read that stated it takes 8 to 10 positive comments to offset one negative, in other words, 8 to 10 loving, careful, kind words are needed to erase the effects of just one, hurtful, unkind, unloving, careless word that has been written on the blackboard of our minds.

What are some pleasant words that I'm proud of you.

It is been a long time dad since you told your child those words is another sweet phrase.

I forgive you. Perhaps no more powerful words in the English language. Besides, I love you say that often as well and I forgive you their life-giving they are. They are, hope filled words, they are reconciling words that are fresh start. Words I forgive you men came up to me a few months ago. He said this and I took your advice, I contacted my estranged wife admitted to her I had been wrong and I asked her to forgive me and the tears streaming down his cheeks to get her to get out the next sentence he said to me and my wife said I forgive you one more set of words or simple yet profound. Thank you Lisa words to say your waitress to shocker these words to say to your dentist shocking to use a words that you say to the nursery worker when you pick up your child. It has been an absolute terror is a word you mouth to the parking lot attendant read another word you mouth sweet words. These are the required humility even if you thought about the fact that the thank somebody means that your expressing that you don't necessarily deserve it. You couldn't of done it without him or her you needed their assistance. This is humility. That's why hurtful words are words of pride and helpful words are words of humility husband. How long is it been since you said thank you to your wife or the myriad of things she does when the last time you think your wife supper.

Thank you that was delicious to be wise with her words.

I love the prayer someone once prayed Lord filled my mouth with worthwhile stuff and nudge me when I've said enough with the words, we can counsel and confront comfort in sheer instruct with our words.

We can see even destroy divine this is the daily surrender to the Spirit of God surround our words perhaps to silence our words. We must speak to sweeten our words practical lesson today from God's.

We've all experienced the power of words we've seen in our own lives, how words can build us up and words can tear us down the practical reminder today is that we use our words in ways that seek to edify others and bring honor to God you're listening to wisdom for the heart with Stephen Devi. Stephen is the pastor of colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina, and our daily Bible teacher here on this program the lesson you heard today is available on our website and on our smart phone app if you missed part of it. You can go back and get caught up on what you missed or it might be that you want to listen to this lesson again.

Maybe the next time you have a problem controlling your tongue, maybe you have children or a friend or another loved one who could benefit from this teaching.

If so, go to wisdom and you'll find this lesson posted there. Then you can share it with others who could benefit we were encouraged recently when we received this note from Shelley in Texas pastor Davey thank you for the effort in prayer you put into your teaching. The Lord is using you and your ministry in many ways the words of the Bible truly come alive and speak directly to where I find myself the Lord speaks through you and I praise him for using you to reach and teach me more about him. Please send me your newsletter. Thank you, thank you for sending that note, we do have a magazine called heart-to-heart and we'd be happy to send it to you if you're not already receiving call us at 86 648 Bible or email your complete name and mailing address to Thanks for listening today.

Join us tomorrow. Right here on wisdom

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