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The Real Apostles' Creed

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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October 6, 2022 12:00 am

The Real Apostles' Creed

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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October 6, 2022 12:00 am

The Gospel is so complex that it will take all of eternity for us to grasp the enormity of it, but it is also so simple that even a child can understand it. So the question is… do you believe it?

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Can I ask you question if you were trapped today inside the elevator of the burning building which would you prefer a fellow victim to walk over to you and say listen, I'm here with you. I understand you're going more firemen to break down the door and sings. What is the church become in the dilution of the gospel is become anything more or less than some organization it's as we understand you were here with you. I want that gospel and in doing so, they become nothing more than the club. They can't offer any real home. There is a better way. God's word provides a clear roadmap to salvation is also an exclusive roadmap, meaning that there's only one way today Stephen continues through a series entitled how to get to heaven from Earth.

Stay with us as we open God's word together in this message.

Called the real apostles Creed this past week I went to Smithfield barbecue for my spiritual devotion. I got a newspaper which I typically do before heading to the non-smoking session that's were I not be alone wasn't long before I was literally tearing newspaper articles out one after another. It was and I don't remember a time when there was so much alarming news of tragedy, sorrow and suffering as these days. If I year ago had walked up to somebody on the street and said you know Americans are in danger and they need to be saved, they would've looked at me like a doomsday prophet or something say that now and they would say your rights, we are in danger. We need to be saved now. What danger did you have in mind.

I believe the church, perhaps more than ever in our generation could mount a search and rescue operations for the gospel sake like never before.

Listen, I've read the end of this book. If you, I know it's going to happen. Talk about tragedies you talk about national disasters you want to talk about danger unheard of any can you imagine earthquakes so terrible that mountains and islands are literally displaced all that in one chapter and one chapter Revelation chapter 6 the planet is groaning for the day of redemption. In those things we see in nature are part of its echoed groaning about those things that we see in fallen humanity grown and make us grown for justice. Many along the sea. The earth settled on think they long to see the planet at peace governed and will advise some reasonable human being. Perhaps they long to see the earth improve. I have read the rest of the story. I long to see earth restored to some kind of peaceful tranquility. I long to see earth re-created high on the sea became on the throne in the kingdom this earth is on a collision course is God is designed for great judgment and we as a church do not hold out hope today for some skill that can teach you to avoid disaster some secret that guarantees a comfortable life. Some system that will somehow cause you to avoid all the troubles you know we offer hope beyond the burning collapsing universe we live in.

We offer you hope that the transient nature of the things that we may think give us security.

We offer you hope beyond the corruption and the terror filled world. How I know a judge. I know a divine judge who has eliminated my death sentence.

I know a divine fireman that has extinguished for me the fires of hell. I know a rescuer who is taken me and placed me in the arms of the great physician given a blood transfusion and brought me from the dead into the living. We recommend him to you today.

Anything less would not be what you needed. Can I ask a question if he were trapped today inside the elevator of the burning building which would you prefer a fellow victim to walk over you and say listen, I'm here with you. I understand what you're going through. I can feel your pain or fireman to break down the door and lead you to safety. What is the church become in the dilution of the gospel is become anything more or less than some organization it's as we understand you were here with you. I don't want that gospel. I want to be rescued we take in here right and given meaning while I am here. You wonder how you could be rescued. How you can be saved.

The word, as David mentioned is fallen and the ill repute simply because it's been abused by those who really are and say that it is a good word. It is a biblical word and we discover the definition once again of salvation as Paul particularly emphasizes two things in Romans chapter 10.

Our study today brings us to verse nine and I want you to look their Romans chapter 10 verse nine if you want to be rescued here it is.

If you want to be saved, here's how that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.

For with the heart man believes, resulting, or toward righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses to work toward salvation.

For the Scripture says whoever believes in him will not be disappointed or put to shame or brought to judgment.

So there's the promise the end of verse nine. You shall be saved. It's a future tense by the way, it indicates salvation, yet to come salvation from the wrath of God. There is salvation that deals with our past and our present and even this future which Paul references here rescued from this wrath to come, which would encompass an eternal hell. How can you be saved from that what you notice in these verses that Paul goes back and forth between the heart and the mouth confessing with the mouth and believing in the heart verse nine and he reverses the order and he talks about believing the heart sing with the mouth in verse 10, I was Paul developing some faith plus works system here. If you believe, but you don't confess, then you're not saved well. Who are you confessing to God or man. Paul doesn't even say in this text. Verse 11 that says whoever adjustably believes without any reference to confession whoever believes will be saved from shame a lot of confusion I believe could be avoided if we simply understand that these two phrases are not to be taken separately, but together.

One Greek scholar at this warning to separate these two clauses that is confessing with the mouth and believing with the heart and look for a list of independent meanings in each of them is a grave mistake a hard believing under righteousness in the mouth, making confession under salvation or not to think, but to side of the same thing she Paul wrote with that same idea to the Corinthian believers when he wrote I believe therefore I have spoken with that same spirit of faith we also believe and therefore speak in other words, Paul is not talking about salvation that is partial through believing in Christ and then completed in some public confession to Christ to teach that would add human works to salvation and thus transform salvation from a free gift into something that you must turn. I believe it would.

Paul is actually attempting to do here is show that salvation comes to a person who believes certain things in their heart that the Jews you need to understand believe that the heart was the hub of existing.

It was the core of the being they believed in Paul's day, that the soul the spirit.

The immaterial part of man would live on resided in the heart's why the Bible talks about the hard believing and effort people today say we know we should nest people as Jesus and other harlots actually very consistent with what Paul refers to as the heart, believing we simply are saying, Lord, we want you to dwell within the core. The hub of our existence represented by the heart and what the heart believes is revealed is in it by the mouth for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Matthew chapter 12 verse 34 what does the inner core of your being.

Believe which ultimately is confessed in a myriad of ways. But what do you believe that rescues you from the wrath and judgment of God to things we read them.

Let me give them to you wanted time number one Jesus is Lord, you must believe that Jesus is Lord, go back and reverse nine if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord.

The word as is supplied by the translator to try to make a little more sense a bit of fear made a little more confusing of anything personally try to bolster their particular definition of what they call Lordship salvation by misunderstanding this verse to mean something like this if I could expand it if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is your total Lord and Master, you will be saved. In other words, this becomes for them a verse that demands surrender to the mastery Jesus Christ and listen. There are a lot of verses that you can go to the challenge. The true believer to surrender to the mastery of Christ. But this is not one of them. Don't mess up this verse don't misuse it. In fact, that particular view trivializes the depth of the meaning of this text Paul is actually saying something more like this if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Jehovah Jesus as God, 20 saying you will see the surrender of man.

Here you see the sovereignty of God.

There in that phrase. The Greek word which of course they know we don't take time to explain it is Curry's sword that was used in the Septuagint over and over and over again to translate Yahweh transliterated Jehovah more than 6000 times in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Yahweh was translated Curry sore.

Lord Paul knew and he knew his audience would know exactly what he meant to confess Jesus as Curry cement you confessed him as God incarnate. Jews prayed that prayer every day in the Orthodox do to this day they still missed the meaning because of their unbelief in the relationship of that verse with Romans 10 nine but they pray from Deuteronomy 645 great Jewish prayer here oh Israel, the Lord Yahweh our God Elohim is one Lord, the Lord our God is one Lord, our Jehovah Elohim is one Jehovah Elohim is one Curry's one God three persons, father, son and Spirit each equally divine of the spirit is not mentioned in Romans chapter 10 it is in three but wanted is in one God plus one plus one equals three. God, it's 1×1×1 = 1.

God isn't it ironic that the cult known as the Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovah Yahweh Curry's Lord interesting to me that they take as their name, the one whose deity they deny. We just visited this week by a group of them became at the wrong time. Jehovah Curry's is tantamount to saying Jesus Christ our Messiah. He is our Jehovah is the expression of our Yahweh. What he means. This is the stumbling block. Of course, to the Jew go back in the context of this passage back a few verses in chapter 9 verse 32 and Paul said they stumbled over the stumbling stone. They stumbled over the fact that this carpenter could possibly be Yahweh incarnate say that what Paul would say to the Corinthians is only by means of the Holy Spirit that a person can say Jesus is Lord Jesus is Curry us and truly believe in the core of your being that he is in fact God incarnate. What was that when Jesus claimed his his claim, Paul mentions here, indeed, what people understood.

Oh yeah, let me read you one encounter from the Gospels for this cause. Therefore, the Jews were seeking all the more to kill him. They want to kill Jesus. Why because he was, not only breaking the Sabbath that is thumbing his nose at their traditions, but he was also calling God his own father. Notice making himself equal with God, the Jews got it even though they didn't believe in the unbelieving Jew knows more than the liberal Protestant today who tries to say isn't really one with the father, just a good man is a good teacher is a moral example is what they were trying to kill Jesus, for they knew his client was equation with God himself. By the way, Paul uses the term Lord some 40+ times in the book of Romans and innate verses. He uses that word to refer to God father uses it interchangeably for God the father and God the son, and for the Jew to confess that Jesus was Jehovah meant their religious world would be turned upside down. This carpenter is in fact God and they would say I can't say you want to be rescued.

You have to believe that the very core of your being that this carpenter is God in the flesh now if I can just change a little bit of talking with the Gentile who would read this text to use the name Curry's for Jesus would also be life-changing for them. In fact, they would eventually lose their lives because of it.

While the Jew came out of the world of monotheism just understanding. Three persons in this one got the Gentile came out of a pluralistic society where there were many gods and everybody was happy as long as you allow everybody to have whatever God wanted to have. But if you said not Jesus is God incarnate as exclusive claim the DNA all now you become hateful. Nero wrote in their public records that they killed the Christians because they hated humanity. Claudius would be deified.

This Emperor who live when Paul was a younger man is images his sculptures would show him as God. Jupiter incarnate state accepted this title is thereon claiming to be sans God. They are DNA themselves. Caligula another Emperor from the first century living during the time of the apostles believed he could converse with the planet gods and he would often be seen around the palace talking to the planets. I would've loved to see a little bit of that but he would have these conversations, we actually have the record of one occasion that I read this past week and a new book I got on the emperors of Rome.

It's really actually put down Caligula was supposedly conversing with the moon goddess talking in the moon and asked one of his servants standing nearby whether he could see the goddess for himself.

Caligula said could you see the guy has to and this young servant kept his eyes fixed on the ground and replied in a whisper. Only you, Lord, may behold another God only you Curry's may behold another Curry us. It would be the one that would say now that I follow Jesus alone as God incarnate. I will no longer offer incense to Caesar and call him Lord, I will never bow my affections to Caesar's their men God man I follow is God himself. Polycarp was one of those who get into trouble in the early part of the second century.

He was discipled by John the apostle can imagine that privilege, Polycarp had firm conviction about of course the person a deity of Jesus Christ and he was he was being taken to the arena where he would be burned to death in the crowd to gather by the tens of thousands and as he was being carried along or taken there. The chief of police challenged him to renounce his beliefs and save himself and Polycarp responded. How can I blaspheme my King and Savior. Then he went on to say here my confession.

I am a Christian and if you are willing to learn what Christianity is set a time in which you can hear me can you imagine her being led to your death and you say to these officials.

I'm a Christian and if you like to learn more about Alyssa make an appointment.

He was taken out as he said to them why the waiter hesitate. Bring on what you will. And as Polycarp was brought into the crowded arena where he would be executed.

Masses cried out. He is the father of the Christians. Note this, he is the destroyer of our God, he would dare destroy our God's Romans chapter 10 verse nine and 10 would become a creed fact, the medieval church began the myth of an apostle's Creed claiming that the apostles were somehow inspired.

We have no record of that.

Of course, but we do have these little tidbits in the Scriptures, written by the apostles themselves and this would become the early first and second century Creed anyone who would present themselves to be baptized would have to say that verse, I believe Jesus is Curry us, or Lord, my friends, if you want to be rescued. You have to confess his creed for yourself, believing in to the core of your being the Jesus Christ is Jehovah Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ is Lord, but furthermore, you must confess that Jesus is not only Lord but the Jesus Christ is living. That's the next part of these phrases. The Christian then you see is not only want to believe that Jesus lived his want to believe that Jesus live a crucified Savior is only a dead man. It will take all crucified Savior who will be risen from the dead to give our faith its foundation. That is why the resurrection become so pivotal as Jesus Christ conquers the grave. Why is the resurrection so critical. First, because it is the foundation of our faith.

Paul writes to the Corinthian believers. Now I make no new brother in the gospel which I preached to you, which also you received and which also you stand. By which also you are saved same word so that we find in Romans 10 nine that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures and of Christ is not been raised, verse 17, your faith is worthless and you are still in your sins and hours we have been rescued yet wearing this time explosion waiting to go off if the resurrection did not occur.

Not only is the foundation of our faith destroyed. So is the validation of Christ. Jesus told the religious leaders John to you destroy this temple, and I'll rebuild it in three days and they thought he was referring to the literal physical temple where he was referring affect was body, when therefore he was raised from the dead.

John 219. His disciples remembered this and they believe the Scripture and the word which Jesus had spoken resurrection is the validation of the claim of our Lord Jesus Christ. Third, the resurrection is the inspiration of the apostles. Further, first Corinthians, Paul writes that Jesus appeared to Peter, then to the 12. After that, he appeared to more than 500 brethren at one time, most of whom remain until now.

Then he appeared to James, then knew all the apostles and last of all is the one untimely born, he appeared to me also when you think that these cowards who ran in the face of the crucifixion will now the day of Pentecost stand with great courage and bravery. Even though there within a few hundred yards of the tomb. They know it's empty. They have seen him is alive.

So Paul shouts with victory at the end of this chapter and for screen is 15 death is swallowed up in victory.

So, according to the Scriptures five things.

In addition, our true Christ is still dead, with sort of turned the coin around number one without the resurrection.

Jesus is a false prophet to do without the resurrection. The apostles are false witnesses. Three.

Without the resurrection, the church is promoting false promises, for without the resurrection of believers under false assurances. Five. Without the resurrection. Heaven is a false hope that I get to slowly let me repeat it again without the resurrection. Jesus is a false prophet that is a liar is not a good man is not a good teacher. He's the worst of teachers to see is a liar claimed he would rise from the dead. All the Jews by the way, had to do is produce a body and Christianity would be over but they found the body without the resurrection. Secondly, the apostles are false witnesses are a bunch of liars to third.

The church is promoting false promises were just an organized ally and all were doing is promoting a line out 2000 years old. Without the resurrection. The believer is under false assurances were generally not going to be say you're not getting it rescued.

Go down to face the wrath of God without the resurrection.

Heaven is a false hope. Did not Jesus say that heaven would be given as a result of his ability to live rise from the dead.

He said I'm going to prepare a place for you to his disciples, and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am, there you may be also. John 14 23. Jesus doesn't go.

It is a rise up is negative able to prepare. It is in preparing has nothing to come back to get us four and we have nowhere to go.

This is all we get this. Is it this is all we have. Make the best of it. Make the most of it crumbling earth, a terror filled world of fearful existence. Disaster upon disaster injustice worldwide fleeting joy here and there a momentary success here or there but no future hope this is all you get. But there is more than this because Jesus did rise from the dead. Therefore, he did send therefore he did prepare therefore he will come back and therefore he will take us to this future place that awaits cold heaven will be rescued.

You will be saved from terror.

This world knows nothing of believe in the core of your being the Jesus in fact is Jehovah that he is the Lord and believe that he is conquered death and is alive today, Dale Moody, the great evangelist of the 1800s. I tell you, but every once in a while was surrounded by friends and family as he passed away.

He was lying there on his bed, his eyes closed and he began to talk.

He said earth is receding.

And heaven is at hand. I can see the children and his wife and had children die they thought he was dreaming of somebody.

Moody's bed remark is dreaming. Moody open his eyes and I'm not dreaming that a bit interesting. You want to say this is death is a sweet thing. There is no valley here is last words, God is calling me and I will go another dear saint of God, a famous pastor named Christmas Evans pastor for years in Wales. He was dying and he had his family and friends around his meds. I will hear a lot of the stories now because we dine hospitals and work hooked up to tubes in were typically drug beyond the ability to communicate well this one. Christmas Evans was dying his family and friends were called to be around him. He seemed to be sleeping. His breath now short labored within this dear man opened his eyes and waved to his friend in his last words as his arms felt at the bedside were dry drive. By the way, for those here in this auditorium today who know in the corridor being the Jesus Christ is Lord and that Jesus Christ is living. Maybe God will give us an opportunity to say something like that as we go from this troubling to everlasting life drive lives to rifle.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of being totally and completely assured of something that's the powerful message of the gospel. Those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ face eternity with 100% certainty, knowing that their salvation is safe and secure in Christ. Jesus Christ is Lord, and because of that we can trust him completely to keep everyone of his promises to us. I'm glad you joined us today. This is wisdom for the heart. The Bible teaching ministry of Stephen Davey Stephen pastors the shepherd's church in Cary, North Carolina. You can learn more about while you're there, take advantage of the resource that we have that explains the gospel in detail. It's called God's wisdom for your heart. It's also on the home screen of our smart phone will continue this series on our next broadcast so please join us here on wisdom

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