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Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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August 9, 2022 12:00 am

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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August 9, 2022 12:00 am

Has it ever occurred to you that what you believe determines how you behave? What you believe about God affects everything about you. The decisions you make as well as your attitude in life are impacted by your beliefs. They can be glorious or tragic, as we will discover in the life of Jephthah.

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By the manipulative believers. God now become someone that you can manipulate you can drive you can go are if you can give him another benefit package will be on your team that in the Bible. The Bible teaches that God is mean God is not for sale but it also means that God is so lovely trustworthy he will keep his word can't be encouraged to do what's right. Is it ever occur to you that what you believe determines how you behave. Your actions flow from your heart and mind to what you believe about God affects everything about you the decisions you make, as well as your attitude in life are impacted by your beliefs that can go two ways they can be glorious or tragic and will see that in the life of Stephen call today's lesson. Cross your heart and hope to God as it ever occurred to you with full impact that what you believe Herman how you behave something like that in the book of Proverbs when he said the man in his heart. That is what he believed the Lizzie that is that how he behaved. Let me illustrate that worrying about everything. I give them an illustration because none of the identified worries about that everything is in reality a person is a very small you got only the two together when he said stop worrying me for nothing. Why well, by prayer and supplication let your rays be made known to God is my and it should step deeper what you believe will eventually determine experience. The paladin fall out of the tent for the building and the path of the window down. You can hear him say it's okay. I'm doing wonderfully made. But eventually the road will catch up to his experience as a matter of fact.

Eventually the truth will shape his experience what you believe the truth in your heart shape your experience in your ad and what you believe about God. Determine how you live and how you act how you feel.

For the most part, the evils in our society. By the way the experiences that we are reading about anything or because they have abandoned the truth you have that as I'm sure, along with millions of other Americans did you have lot of the newscast of people killing and and stealing overturning property thievery. Never forget looking at a newspaper picture of three women in their mid-30s. It looked they were running down the sidewalk and they were holding onto so much clothing it took all three of them to carry the shocking thing was that all three of them were laughing right of one lady who was there in her car, she pulled up her entire family was in the store feeling reporter came up Thurman and knock on the life you will. And then he said you know what you doing you that will all my family and I get what they want any civil, she said, feeling nobody in the store already. Now we could give her a block about her experience. That is why it's wrong to steal thievery. Apparently, the problem is there's a room difficulty and the root problem is that she doesn't know the gods in the store if she understood that that truth would affect her experience bringing in a little closer. The problem is there. We got this in the church.

We are so busy focusing on Eric. Then we have abandoned our beliefs. The truth of who God is. We are chock-full of seminars and discussions and book that tells how have and how to be that and how to fix that and how to.

In the process. We then what we are to believe about God. Ultimately, that determines that the process we have forgotten who God is. We are people running around looking for the best kind of Kleenex to help our nose, because with the cold, we have forgotten that it takes an internal work to fix the cold, we need to spend less time exploring our experiences and more time exploring God ladies and gentlemen that book in your hand is intended by God to introduce you to himself, how he acts how he things how he responds what he does and when you and I come to know him that shapes the way we live so often God wraps deep truths into the lives of people and so often he teaches us how to do it right by showing a somebody who did it wrong so want to take you back to the story of a man who was about to make a decision because he does not understand God. He has great video but little understanding of the character of God judges chapter 11 verse 29. I'm going to read from verse 29 through to the end of chapter verse 29. Now the spirit of the Lord came upon Jephthah so that he passed through Gilead and Manasseh, and that he passed through Ms. above Gilead and from his foot Gilead. He went on to the sons of them and just made a vow to the Lord and said, if thou wilt indeed give the sons of Amon into my hand, then it shall be that whatever comes out of the doors of my house to meet me when I return in peace from the sons of Ammon, it shall be the Lord, and I will offer it up as a burnt offering, so Jephthah crossed over to the sons of Ammon to fight against them in the Lord gave him and was hand and he struck them with a very great slaughter from air air to the entrance of minutes.

20 cities and as far as a bell care mean to the sons of Ammon were subdued before the sons of Israel, Jephthah came to his house at Ms. bubble hold his daughter was coming up to meeting with tambourines and dancing now. She was his one and only child, besides her. He had neither son nor daughter and it came about when he saw her that he tore his clothes and said alas my daughter you have brought me very low and you are among those who troubled me. For I have given my word to the Lord and I cannot take it back. He said do it. My father, you have given your word to the Lord do to me as you said, the Lord is avenged you of your enemies, the sons of Ammon and she said were father let this thing be done to me.

Let me alone two months that I may go to the mountains and weep because of my virginity. I my companions another which is going to have a husband going to have children and he said go he sent her away for two months and she left with her companions and wept on the mountains because of her virginity and it came about at the end of two months that she returned to her father who did to her. According to the valve which he had made and she had no relations with a man also became a custom in Israel at the daughters of Israel went dearly to commemorate the daughter of Jeff, the Gilead light four days in the year before I dive into the valley itself and how it relates to his lack of understanding. I know you want me to answer this question.

Did Jephthah sacrifice his daughter to God and I know because you are a very demanding audience that you demand an answer and I want you to know you made my life miserable for the last few weeks.

I walked into my study and the first thing that hits me. Did Jephthah kill his daughter because I knew I had to face you we study the book of Judges, so here's the answer and you will write it down. You're going to take notes on this section.

Let me say right up front.

I do not believe the Jephthah sacrifice his daughter God.

I know some of you scholars are going to disagree. I read every commentary possible and you do have some good company and you are entitled to your opinion but for those of you who will believe with me the truth. Here's the first reason that he didn't number one God would have died.

Jephthah, for violating the law. Now I didn't say God would not have blessed them, because God blesses even when we sin, he will bless Samson lived an immoral life is the judge I said that God would have judged Jephthah for violating the law and the law was very clear you do not sacrifice humans with the pagan Canaanites will maybe just the didn't know the law. I granted that very fact he grew up in the kind all that intentionally was kicked out of the gang leader in the land of talk but during the two month delay while he is waiting for his daughter to come back some priest shortly some person surely would've said by the way Of law teaches you don't make human sacrifice second point the tragedy in this passage seems to be as you read it to be the law of future children, not the loss of Jephthah's daughter life. Verse 34 again when Jeff came to his house at Ms. behold his daughter was coming out to meet him with tambourines and with dancing now. She was his one and only child emphasize their by the author. Here's the point. She was his only hope of having grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In other words, when Jeff dies the influence of his's over this day and time. The plan was all-important the emphasis as well as the middle with the middle part of verse 37. Look, she said to her father.

Let this thing be done for me. Let me alone two months that I may go to the mountains and we about to die the week because my virginity third point the normal expression for human sacrifice is avoided in this passage when the time arrives for Jephthah to perform the sacrifice look with me again at that summary verse, verse 39 and it came about at the end of two months that she returned with her father, who did to her. According to the valve which he had made and she was burned as a sacrifice on no and she had no relations with a man the summer when commentator writes these words just because of valve that in case of victory. He would dedicate to God for tabernacle service. One member of his household. The fact that it turned out to be his daughter, rather than a servant tragic for him and probably a surprise. Indeed, she was his only child he could never expect to see grandchildren and he would sell them if ever see her again, to read these words. Nothing indicates the Jephthah literally sacrificed his daughter on the altar when it came time the origin of the Hebrew word hola burnt offering literally means to us send it actually refers more to the smoke ascending before God and it does the actual sacrifice in time it came to be used for vortex but there is nothing in the narrative to prevent us from concluding a spiritual sense of Jephthah's daughter went across the Jordan Valley and ascended the other side. The Shiloh, where she spent her life serving the Lord in the temple one more point and will leave this fascinating discussion forever before the daughters of Israel went dearly to visit with Jephthah's daughter all the discussion that I read most ignored. It seemed verse 40 look at that verse with me. It says in the daughters of Israel went dearly to commemorate the daughter of Jeff that the keyword in the Hebrew text is the word commemorate you can render that they went to they went to praise. They went to Weiner when every reason to believe then and women from her village every year, made a trip to Shiloh and they praised this woman for her dedication to the tabernacle and why she could keep the integrity of her father's problems. She was so honored.

Now nothing. Why, why make this kind of fallible so impact people submit to you that is because he didn't understand God very well and I will give you from this text to false assumptions than just the made in the process of making the wrong decision and I will apply to the lives of you and me because we often do things because we do not know what to expect. We don't know very well false assumption number one is when Jephthah made God cannot be trusted when under fire by the way this false assumption produces rebellion because in reality we don't trust God will be the ones abandoning him under fire. Let me pause here long enough to say this, our view of God on the psychological expert, but our view of God is shaped initially by those in authority over us especially father's. Perhaps the weightiest most critical concern of a father in shaping, by the way that you live talk Spohn and act their little view of the highest authority. God really say after saying that none of us have any excuse by the way, for not having a biblical advantage or vantage point of God.

All of us are told to go to the word independently of background. You and I can know God the father's can throw some obstacles in the way we have to get around in our pursuit of God.

I know my father was not a perfect man is not perfect today he wouldn't want to be using this as an example that something happened that marked me. It had created in my young mind and impression of God been very value how he responded under fire is one of those I could trust his character. I remember one time on the mission field within his mission field was the streets of downtown Norfolk is an older senior high school. We were passing out invitations. The fellows on the week and the come to the service and all while we were out on the street Friday night. This guy came up to my father and by appearances.

He was either a dealer of end of my father began talking to him about Christ and this guy without any warning, leaned back and select my father across his face as hard as he could and I'm thinking it's to the one my father stood there and looked at him and folded his arms and he said sir, do you feel better now and have never had in my mind an image of God, reacting when the second Jeff this father remember him, the upstanding man in the community. We study last session, Gillian's name for the tribal name.

His father had failed morally and had conceived Jeff out of wedlock with that harlot he had brought had enough character to bring Jesse into the home and raise him but he never stood up for the boy and so the brothers would hurl insults and made life impossible.

And one day the elders, the other spiritual authority came to visit and send Gillian that boy is and embarrass them away. Gilead responded to that kind of pressure and he did what was wrong under fire.

Jephthah looks at his father.

His father turned his back.

His mother abandons him the elders hate him and he leaves so he can have a difficult time understanding the God won't betray him when under pressure. When the heat is on, is God going to stick by you made the false assumption that God will so he comes out with his promise to please as I read it. Oh God, don't abandon me makes this foolish valve.

As a result.

Assumption number two, follows closely on the heels of that is this God can be coerced into keeping his word. Chapter 10 made it very clear that God would give the sons of Ammon to the Israelites and chapter 11 verse one. The very first phrase that the spirit of God came upon for power and leadership.

It was clear this was God's design because he couldn't trust them enough tries to bribe him. Look at verse 30 again in circle that in your mind now will didn't deviate know you gave your word Lord, if you will indeed give the sons of Ammon and the my hand, then it shall be that whatever comes out of the doors of my house to meet me when I return in peace from the sons of Ammon, it shall be yours.

Jeff is valve ladies and gentlemen was up with a shallow obligate God to keep his word.

I know you like sacrifices so if you keep your word. I'll give you a special you impressed this false assumption by the way, produces manipulative believers because God now become someone that you can manipulate you can bribe you can call our into doing what you know and he will respond.

If you can give him enough of a benefit package will be on your team.

Ladies and gentlemen. What this means is that God is for sale and his word can be bought by the person whose giving him back.

The most impressive benefit of the Bible teaches.

The Bible teaches that God is sovereign and means God is not for sale but it also means that God is so lovely trustworthy he will keep his word, he can't be encouraged to do what's right because it is character to do what's right or can he be coerced to do what's wrong and never was wrong you seen or heard little kids on the playground.

In fact I can remember doing myself in a you make a promise to assumption the kids and believe you should promise. I promise.

I promise you really, really, really do like I promised Cross my heart and I will in my eye. It does that by the way, that is a very profound contract because there is nothing worse than the thought of a needle in your life happening. One doesn't trust the other is there trying to get out of him some kind of obligation some type of promise. You and I act toward God with the way we give money with the way we have devotions with the way we represent him. Is it to impress him into giving us what we want. Ladies and gentlemen, I just say right now we need to be reintroduced to the character of God and we live in a society a Christian society that is so focused on the ask variance that they are abandoning the truth and the truth is what sets us free. All have the curiosity of a little kid all over again. You know some of you share with me things your kids and said what I have. We know the answers that no not really.

We quit asking the question, why, when were going there because we don't really recognize the fact that what happened there impact the way we live here. I was alone with one of my six-year-old boys. He was very close to his grandfather was now in heaven, and the just out of the blue he says that he is going to be paper in heaven. I knew that was a loaded question so I thought about five seconds I came back with well I'd like to think there's going to be paper in heaven. Why because Poppel was such a good roar. I get to heaven. I want to draw me some pictures to we colored in heaven. Would it make a difference with the way we color on earth, you better believe it because truth determines experience what you believe determines how you behave. This must've been my week for questions because one this twin brother there now said that God married. I responded this time with great theological certainty, and I said no son. God is not married. Why not dad Gloucester mother so I didn't say that I try to answer that question. Does that make a difference how we know and what we know shape my attitude today. It is majestic and often whatever comes along my path big enough to handle, I can trust me read you enclosing the words of an eight-year-old boy who wrote for Mendez theology fact he wrote some things that you and I need to rediscover all over again is what he writes rather humorous at times. Simplicity write these words, God's main job is making people makes these to put in place of the one the dice will be enough people to take care of the things are on earth grown up just babies.

I think that's because they're smaller and easier to make that way have to take of his valuable time teaching them the talking walking Dudley that the mom that you should always think of what God can do for you I think your God put me here and he can take me back anytime he wants.

And I think it works out pretty good. God sees everything here's everything and he's everywhere, which keeps you pretty busy. If you don't believe in God you will be very lonely because your parents can't go everywhere with you like to camp, God can. It's good to know he's around when you're scared of the dark or when you can't swim very good get thrown in the deep water by the big that's what I believe what your godlike God of the Bible sovereign and trustworthy and powerful, and loving, wise, struggling with discouragement, trying to avoid the penalty of some temptation going through the deep waters of some trial suggest something over the next week. Rather than focusing on the experience go back to this book and be reintroduced to God. Read passages that deal with his character with his sovereignty when his wisdom with this power is love bigger, your God, smaller your trial more majestic your God, the greater your security the deeper your joy. All we need to reacquaint ourselves. Ladies and gentlemen with God is, and that truth as it affects our experience will indeed set us free. Because the truth Christ said well satisfied.

Lesson was called brush your heart to die. It comes from Steven Davies, vintage wisdom series from judges. If Stephen sounded a little different to you. That's because he preached this series back in 1992.

But the truth of God's word is just as relevant and powerful today as ever. We have several more lessons to go in this series and will bring you those in the days ahead. In addition to equipping you with these daily Bible lessons. We also have a magazine that we publish. Stephen deals with a different topic each month and helps you better understand what the Bible says and how it applies directly to your life. For example, some past topics have included things such as advice for how fathers can leave a godly legacy what the Bible teaches about the coming rapture of the church and the tribulation. The magazine also includes a journal you can use to record your thoughts and prayers as you listen to the wisdom journey or wisdom for the hearts.

Each issue also includes a devotional guide for that month. Stephen son Seth rights devotionals that are theologically rich and filled with practical insight for your life. We call the magazine heart-to-heart and we'd like to send you the next three issues as our gift to you. You can sign up for or call us right now at 86 648 Bible join us back here next time.

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